Yeah, sure, we wrote the book on bugging out.  Who else do you know who was ready at the time of Y2L to unplug the power from the dock and was ready to head out to see the world with a few gold coins and a paid-for 40-foot sailboat – fully stocked for the occasion?

That, my friend is paranoid.  And yet, the evidence continues to build (especially with the false flag evidence mounting in the Las Vegas story) they really are out to get us….And this being “tricky-dick-phobia day?”

Of course, calamity may NOT happen in our lifetimes.  Can’t speak for yours, but our lifetimes ARE getting shorter by the day.  ONE thing that’s damn near a sure bet:  Sometime in the next 10-20 years, either Elaine or I will be taking a ride in a medic box to a hospital.  And therein lies a special kind of prepping contingency to talk about…

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Take Thursday, for example:  Friends of ours went to the hospital in a Big City where the husband-unit had a cataract replaced with a fancy new implant.  I told him not to count on more than 25-30 years on his, based on my (rather sorry) experience.

So they had lots of time to get ready:  Plan the weather, plan the paperwork in advance, and all the rest of it.

But, now just supposing, what if it had not been a “routine” ride in the family automo-bill?

Instead, let’s pretend that I wake up at 1:45 AM screaming in pain and I beg Elaine to get me to the hospital.

Are we/she/or me ready to go?

Gets to be an interesting problem because I take three meds in  the form of pills every day and one or two eye drops.

With me screaming, and her dragging the oxygen bottle over from the office and talking to the EMS folks on the phone, would she remember everything?  Hmmm…

So with this in mind, I am planning what I call the “Senior Grab and Go Bag.”

Here’s what’s in it:

  1.  A written copy (Xerox) of the social card and the additional medical insurance plan.  Open enrollment is just ahead, so we can have that rag another morning.  Somehow, I don’t think the EMT’s are going to refuse to transport without a copy…but with a little “thinking ahead” it would be easy enough to have everything ready.
  2. Now come a couple of pill boxes.    One for E and one for me:  $8 bucks a pop:  14 Compartments Pill Organizer Box, Medicine Remainder with Snap Lids| 7-day AM/PM for Pills, Vitamins. (14 Compartment) by Inspirations.  In mine go seven days of mandatories and seven days of vitamins.  Another long discussion on of these first mornings…  Elaine will get morning and afternoon vits.
  3. What about the eye gear?  We both wear glasses for reading.  I use the Adlens Adjustables Frame Glasses, Black -6D to +3D diopters adjustable glasses so a pair of them ought to be in the kit.  Elaine likes dime store readers, but these cover both of us with one item.
  4. Contact lens crap.  OMG – NO ONE would remember this just “in the event of an actual emergency:”  Lens case, cleaning solution, disinfecting storage solution, sterile saline solutions (a quart) and let’s toss in the ultrasonic cleaning machine maybe…
  5. Toothbrush kit.  Who could forget that?  Tongue scraper?  Sure.  Floss?  Why not?
  6. Simple painkillers.  I have a baby aspirin per day now, but what about some ibuprofen or Tylenol?  When I had my appendix out, the Burbank hospital I was in was nailing us for $18 bucks a PILL for something that $18-bucks worth of would be 200 pills at Safeway.  So, yeah…
  7. Asthma inhaler?  Sure.
  8. Small bottle of mouthwash?  Hell yes.
  9. One of our old Pre-Fire Kindles (with charger)?  With a few books preloaded?  Why not.  Surely one of us would use it…
  10. List of numbers of the kids and relatives?  Absolutely.  I have been on the receiving end of “So and so is in the hospital screaming and carrying on so I thought you’d like to know…” calls.  Oh, sure I wanted to know since I wasn’t doing anything EXCEPT SLEEPING at the time…
  11. Elaine will not go for this, but a couple of Hormel no-refrigeration needed meals sounds like a winner to me.  Second toothbrush kit, three small “airline bottles” of Scotch might be useful.
  12. A small book (or Bible).  I’ve found people are much more interested in getting ready to “meet their Maker” when the meeting could be close at hand.  Otherwise, a software programming book or something to put you to sleep.
  13. Benadryl (check with the doc for med interactions though) because diphenhydramine hydrochloride is marvelous stuff to ‘take the edge of’ and you should know it was the main ingredient in COMPOZ – that’s c-o-m, p-o-z…COMPOZ.  In wrapping so you don’t seem (so much) like a drug dealer.
  14. Spare charger for your cell phone – people always forget those.
  15. And remind your partner where your “dead letter” is.  (See 2014 Peoplenomics: Beyond the Will:  A To-Do List item about writing a “dead letter” to ease the work of passing.)

There’s a lot more that could be put in:  Space blanket, slippers, blow-up pillow, ice pack, one of those 1-quart disposable O2 bottles we used flying when we were at high altitudes.  I like to keep Boost Oxygen 22oz Natural (6-pack) around for emergencies. $57 buck, so emergencies only.  But come on, what’s an emergency? Why, one bottle of O2 and a half gallon of Gatorade and 16 ounces of coffee and know one would know I was beat-up by Italian Vitamins last night…  The O2 works miracles for nausea, too.  Mostly for waking up quickly….

Speaking of nausea, turning off political speeches helps.  And in our sailing period, we always kept a supply of ginger – like Yankeetraders Brand, Crystallized Ginger Slices, Imported Dried Fruit, 2 Lbs – on the boat.  In a storm, suck on some ginger and keep your eyes on the horizon and no worries.  Also,  a teaspoon-sized hunk of the sugared ginger in hot water is a great no-shakes pick-me up.

Still seems like I’m forgetting something…

Oh yeah! Two packs of gum, some wintergreen lifesavers and two or three bags of Folgers Singles so you can make something better than the gawdawful hospital coffee machine stuff.  I swear, those are another source of patients…  Got a microwave mug in that bag?  Popcorn?

OK…all set to go?  (Grim reminder song about reality of hospital visits here. Or, relevant is this one )  Might toss in some headphones, too.

Now, like all great grab and go bags, spend AT LEAST as much time avoiding having to use it.  But we all (statistically) are likely to head for a hospital at some point.  Might as well prep now, rather than under pressure.  Under pressure….hmmm….

Say, that reminds me of the David Bowie tune (with Queen)…so I’ll go rock out while we wait for more coffee, trading data and the rest of this morning’s diatribe to drip out of my fingers…

More for Peoplenomics readers tomorrow, otherwise, ya’ll come back Monday and bring 12,000 of your closest friends…

Write when you get rich (or even)…