Bitcoin Booms + Producer Prices

With Bitcoins going on to new – record – highs today, $5,179 and change, we will be updating our projections on the Peoplenomics side of the house Saturday.

No point to getting too carried away with things just yet:  We want to see the new highs hold for a couple of days.  But if they do, as expected, we will use one of our “trusty trading tools” – the BrainAmp spreadsheet to answer “How far is up?”.

The BrainAmp is a simple spreadsheet that allows us to measure an Elliott wave 1 move and from there, the BrainAmp runs out what waves 2,3,4, and 5 should be, in keeping with well-established Elliott rules.  Note the markets may not follow the rules, however.

(Continues below)


It’s important to note, however, that just because the BrainAmp runs give us an idea what to expect, there are further tweaks to this kind of financial futuring that make it interesting as a “second profession” or profitable hobby.

For example, there is trend channel analysis.

For those interested, I may get around to writing “The Peoplenomics Handbook” so newbies on the grown-up side will be able to “follow along,” better.  If there’s a problem with Peoplenomics, it’s that it does take a bit of study to understand some of the charts and what they’re saying.

Speaking of which:  If you have a Peoplenomics account, we are planning to begin sending out the newsletter by email in addition to the online version.  A couple of reasons for this, but the main one is the charts will be crisper and it’s a lot more convenient to have it come into your email inbox than log onto the site.  More about this Saturday.


Ah, the ever-popular Producer Prices/Final Demand is out from Labor just now:

The Producer Price Index for final demand advanced 0.4 percent in September, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices moved up 0.2 percent in August and edged down 0.1 percent in July. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the final demand index increased 2.6 percent for the 12 months ended in September, the largest rise since an advance of 2.8 percent for the 12 months ended February 2012.

Within final demand in September, prices for final demand services rose 0.4 percent, and the index for final demand goods climbed 0.7 percent.

Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services increased 0.2 percent in September, the same as in August. For the 12 months ended in September, the index for final demand less
foods, energy, and trade services advanced 2.1 percent.

The main thing to know about producer prices is that they’re a kind of sneak-peek at what inflation is in the pipeline.  More coming.

Stock futures are down 20 on the Dow…a trifling given we’re in record territory.  More tax cut hype and new records should follow.

The Harvey Distraction

Have we learned anything from the Harvey Weinstein story so far?  I mean anything we didn’t already know?

Like high-powered people in HWood are trying to bed anything on two legs and when it goes bad, the liberal Hollywoodians (if I can abuse the term) quickly sacrifice their own.

Why just now I was reading how Hillary Clinton  is ‘appalled’ by Weinstein allegations, will donate his contributions.  Gee, any foundation in particular come to mind?

The Weinstein story demonstrates how The Network‘s minions are engaged in puffery to touch people’s “hot buttons” – keep them stirred up emotionally so the brighter members of the human herd don’t have time to question the general crookedness of the way the world is really operating…

Sick, entertaining, but hardly useful gruel for the mind.  In fact, I would argue there are more long-term carry values (impacts) to be found in how Pornhub is using artificial intelligence to identify, tag porn stars than this pant load of ka-ka.

The real question?  Who are the powerbrokers and king-makers in the shadows behind Harvey and what does HW think about their sacrificing his career for their ends, and what might those be?  That’d be an interesting question to hear answered when HW gets out of rehab in Arizona.

Nothing Left to Buy

A follow-up to Peoplenomics yesterday:  We noted then that Goldman has a special unit being set up to dig deeper for M&A candidates.  This follows out analysis recently where we proposed we’ve enter strange financial badlands where there’s “Nothing Left to Buy?

And sure enough, lookie here: Another outfit is facing the same issue as JPMorgan gets boost from lending as trading slumps.

Greater Fool Theory

If Ure scratching Ure head (as I often do) the state of the world this week comes down to this:

Markets and Bitcoins are going up like there’s no tomorrow.  Yet there seems little -or no – basis for higher valuations So we conclude we are in one of those odd historical moments when markets are simply looking for Greater Fools to pay ever-higher prices.

I questioned my thinking on this.  But then?  I looked at some of the content coming from Fox (“Alec Baldwin reportedly spotted having a meltdown in NYC streets“) and CNN’s report that “Putin gets a new puppy for his birthday” along with BBC’s “How to control your television with any object”  (we hammers work…) and there arose our reluctant conclusion:

If the market’s ultimate high is dependent on the number of fuzzy-thinking people available to fill the Greater Fool role (buying at the top) then the market could go much, much higher for this simple reason:

The data suggests the supply of Greater Fools is now, essentially, unlimited!

That’s reassuring, ain’t it?

The Network’s Block for Brexit

Please pay close attention to this story: EU’s Barnier: no major progress in Brexit talks, stuck on money.  Hardly surprising, though.

Sadly, it’s more than that.  Here’s the real-deal – near as we can figure it – for Brexit:

  1. The people of the UK want the hell out.
  2. The leaders of the UK, being bought and paid-for minions of The Network don’t want them to leave.  So they are throwing up every cockamamie scheme they can to stop them.
  3. The power piglets of Brussels also know that if you control a nation’s money, you have ’em by the nuts.  They learned from the hijacking of banking in America (thanks, Woodrow Wilson) when coupled with an income tax (thank Wilson, again) that you can steal the public blind by  continuously watering-down the purchasing power of the people’s money.

The one US dollar of 1913 will now buy 3.9-cents worth of real goods.  It’s how steak dinners went from $1 in 1913 to $27 now.  Prices didn’t go UP – that’s the Big Lie.


This – mark my words – if the real battle in Brexit.  The Network and it’s minions want to keep the power to “make up money” and thus remain an unrepresentative super government.

The hip-shot will be to foster the illusion that Brexit has worked and the People have their say, but it’s not going to happen.

It’s like the public financing of massive sports complexes in America.  Many would never have been built, you know, because people said
“No!  We don’t want taxpayer-underwritten bonding spent to subsidized the rich boy’s club’s toys.””

But what happens?  End runs by the minions around the voter’s will and that’s the end of the “public’s role.”  We is disposables, bubba.

Europe is about to get a taste of the same thing.

The dimly alert will have noticed already that something’s amiss in Catalonia.  The people there want out from under Spainish domination, but is Spain listening?  No.

In background we read in the LA Times overnight how Spain gives Catalan separatists deadline to back down on independence or face deposing of regional government.

Our money is still on Second Spanish Revolution.  Inquisitors II versus the Freemen.

Spain pretends to be trying to “negotiate” is the headline (minion-spin).  But these global attacks on sovereign peoples aren’t anywhere near a negotiation.

What they are, in fact doing, is trying to cobble an agreement on AN ILLUSION that can be packaged and sold to the dumb folks – the Greater Fools of unlimited numbers who get their news from social media, which is like getting a ham sandwich from a urinal…

Ah, but so goes the world.

Our forecast is that the mental fog will intensify until we’re all broke.  Then clear thinking will make it’s painful reappearance.

Because humans really are stupid and live to the rule:  Semper Obliviscar! They “always forget.”

As goes the world, so goes we for coffee.  Mor’on the Morrow!  ViseGrips, anyone?

42 thoughts on “Bitcoin Booms + Producer Prices”

  1. HW being on “suicide watch” by none other than the FBI is a sign that says “you better do as we say and go quietly”.

    This is just like 1984. He now sits in the gin bar, waiting on his trial, or just waiting out life. The party is done with him.

  2. George, I say the Bitcoin price is headed much higher, as the big banks, sovereign nations, central banks, are now all trading in Bitcoin behind the scenes. Fiat money is dead and the world has yet to see it. When they do, it will be $20,000 dollar Bitcoin, then $50,000 Bitcoin. After China makes some new rules this month…the game changes for the better of Bitcoin. What better way to crush the US dollar hegemony ??

  3. George, yes, am with you. If they want a new NFL stadium with luxury sky-boxes, great, pay for it themselves. Like Dallas.

    I know that Trump got elected by fanning the flames of racial divide to the angry, but this NFL thing is getting dangerous. Dallas has a bye, but there will be a huge confrontation when the ‘Hey, can’t you cops stop shooting black guys so incompetently’ crowd refuses to back down.

    And why? All because a failing president needed a diversion. So sad. As if he ever cared about the Flag as he was avoiding Vietnam. But re-branding an issue to patriotism is nothing new. We all recall how Support the Troops was so instrumental in distracting us into our greatest foreign policy disaster of the past 50 years.

    Lost in all this is that the cops themselves, you know, the people that have to go into the field and actually get stuff done, are getting the message, and are becoming more strict in screening and training. Mike

    • Jeez, you been slamming shots before lunch? You be swigging on Guilt juice?
      My comment wasn’t about Trump – you’re a gd lefty trying to turn everything into anti-Trump bullshit.
      So knock it off before you get banned like the former Jon…

      • oh no jon got banned? He musta really gone off. I enjoyed seeing both views on one site. Silly left, middle of da road, and some far ass right stuff. All here for my viewing pleasures.
        I come n go. Neat to follow along

        nearing 5800 range on btc looking for a drop down to the 4000 range soonish

      • George, yeah, the other George, how convenient. Jon didn’t show the ‘other view’ he was disgusting, rotten, mean, insolent, disrespectful and right on liberal loon. There was no perspective, no learning from his posts, excuse me, diatribes. If you want to take over for Jon, go right ahead, craft your own ‘both views’ and we will be the judge!

  4. The awake among us seem to be drifting away from Alleigence to Authority. I think this is because a host of cyclical trends are converging on a big fail of the powers that were. Harvey W. Is only one of the sacrificial goats they will send away to distract the sheep from the clustercluck the PTB have made of our civilization and its vast resources.

    With interest rates at 4000 year lows for a decade, underfunded pensions and governments, demographic apocalypses, naked fraud and theft everywhere there is Authority, young people who couldn’t boil an egg to save their lives, deliberately dumbed down populations in the formerly civilized World, cultural Marxism mainstreamed by the likes of the big 5 media companies, etc., it seems obvious that money will flee the clutches of Big Looting, in all its manifestations.

    So sure, crypto currencies seem bizarre, and stocks seem odd, but where else to stash fake money?

    As one commentator observed, if an individual in a restrictive country transacts in bitcoins (illegally) they could conceivably memorize the code for a crypto wallet, or otherwise secrete it, fly to someplace like, say, Australia or Texas, go to an Internet cafe, enter the code, and transact millions in whatever equivalent currency, with little chance of detection. No banksters, looters, or other governmental parasites. But I repeat myself. No hidden piles of cash or metals. No skimming by people who are rich because they were born rich. Or became politicians.

    It’s like burying money in the backyard, but having it be as portable as a postage stamp at the same time. Of course there will be a boom in any such ways to elude the Looters.

  5. Carbon C-60 have you had any thought about it. I know that both of us follow a pretty serious food, vitamin, rest and exercise protocol. Aging is very serious business! I’ve seen Cliff and others talk about C-60 and I started doing some research and was wondering if you (or any of us) had any concrete ideas of it’s usefulness? Or do you think this is just snake oil? Please let us know what you are thinking.

  6. what to have when Bitcoin and the Federal Reserve crashes of course which I know none of the above will happen but just in case it does these are the things that you might want to have

    A totem pole ,about 25 – 30 feet tall

    We’re going to put a windmill on that thing yeah on the top of that totem pole that way you know in the middle of the night or during a storm when your solar panels don’t work in the electricity is cut off because a tree fell on a line where you got that good old wind power going and it don’t happen that often but it’s good to have it on top of your totem pole and make it about a 48 volt system so you know it’ll run down the line really easy and go as far as it needs to get to your house or isn’t going to your controller yeah and then try to have a 48 volt battery system so that the controller don’t have to work so hard and then have a 48 volt inverter and that way it’ll go over pretty easy

    Nick’s near that pole will actually on the pole we’re going to put a big old good long old one of those big old Gates you know them country rule Gates and or going to attach it to the pole and we’re going to make that gate so it’ll swing around all the way around you know from the East side all the way to the West Side so it can swing and then we’re going to put a bunch of solar panels on there as much as possible and you know you only have to move it once during the day or you can put an automatic system where you can put a little teeny string on there tilted at an angle not the pole but the the insertions of the gate so that the gate will automatically flow and go downhill from north to south and when it’s in the South position it’ll actually be showing the face of the solar panels will be West so and when the solar panels are facing south the backside of the panels will be will be facing north that way you’re getting maximum gain out of your solar panels

    Next ,,,, under the gate that swings around we’re going to put a hole about 4 ft maybe six feet deep by about 4 foot wide and we’re going to cover up with PEX sea glass of some type inside that hole we’re going to have black one inch tubing about two to three hundred feet of it and that’ll go to our house one end of it which we can route it to a hot water tank if we want or we can ride it bypass and then the other end comes for my water source weather is the spring Orwell

    So we have three systems that run off of this totem pole when’s the windmill to the solars panels that are put on a gate that swing and three down in the ground will have to 300 feet of black pipe with a piece of plexiglass or some other kind of glass over top and as the sun heats it up well it only takes a few hours and then you have hot water so we’re not connected to the Grid or you can be if you want but when the storm comes in the middle of the night there’s no sun but that’s when the wind power comes in that’s when you’re able to pull in power from your wind turbine in the middle of the night because when storms happen when happens and then that’s when you’re able to light up your house run your refrigerator make Communications through your CB or your ham radio and then the other part is the regular solar panels and then the other part is the hot water from the Sun

    May all beings be loving me for feel so be it

    • I guess as in George’s instance you could probably put your radio antenna on top of that 30 20 to 30 foot pole hey that’s four uses from that big old totem Pole

  7. Experimenting around with your solar system put a cutoff switch from your solar panels to your controller and why are your paddles up for 12 volt in parallel and run some heavy stuff off of it and watch that switch get hot so to remedy that what we do is to take the solar panels and wire them in series which creates a higher voltage and then at that cut off switch it becomes cool even with lots of watts and amps coming through it hint hint hint HIGHER voltage means less Heat

    • The problem I want to fix is line voltage difference during power company equipment failure.
      Three times one was a transformer sent a spike..knocking out a computer and a refrigerator.. another was one leg going out from the line in taking out the computer and the furnace fan and a freezer.. each time when line voltage spiked it dropped the inverter has a safety cut off switch.
      But because there’s incoming voltage backup won’t take over.
      What I would like to find is an automatic shut off similar to what’s built in the inverter as a safety switch to put between the grid and the house to shut the grid off allowing the backup to take over till the grid equipment problems are corrected.
      Lightning, power equipment from the grid, or voltage spiked from peak demand fluctuations..

      • Remove the master fuse.and unhook from the power pole
        Lol . Sorry i havent had that problem yet but iam sure yahoo and google and youtube have.

  8. “Like high-powered people in HWood are trying to bed anything on two legs and when it goes bad, the liberal Hollywoodians (if I can abuse the term) quickly sacrifice their own.”

    I guess I just can’t get all excited about any of this story and I don’t feel pity for the ladies or guys that got on the casting couch..
    Is there anyone that hadn’t heard the cliche the casting couch BJ or the Hollywood bj..
    I once had a pretty good govt. job when pay was relatively low they paid a living wage.. the rumor was that any young woman that was willing to give the boss a little extra could get any job she wanted if she would pay a little extra attention to the bosses needs.. I blew off the rumors as rumors till one day going into the break-room to get a cup of coffee caught one young lady doing just that and I quit.. It was one of my worse mistakes in life quitting that job and I should have just accepted it and walked on..
    Then you look at Young college kids wanting a good education going to a prestigious school young ladies and young men.. the costs are so expensive it is hard to imagine. Heck at a lower cost school many of them have to make five to ten dollars an hour just to make the payment for the loans they will have to take out to attend.
    Not to mention the living expenses so.. notoriously around huge or prestigious colleges and government installations where there are a lot of high paid government officials.. even military bases. you will find a great deal of young women and men willing to deal to get enough money to survive school expenses or make a living.
    many head to government installations because where you have high rolling government positions you have money.
    the same thing with corporate leaders etc. money is power and there are people trying to survive the days of employers that actually are concerned about the people that work for them are long gone. instead you have corporate heads today that want more.. and unfortunately there isn’t more enough to feed that hunger..
    where the older employers were a lot different.. they built a strong base because they knew that if they took a little less more and provided for their employees basic needs they would grow and have dedicated employees that would trade their souls to stay with them.
    instead many corporations would rather spend countless dollars training new employees by hiring new hire without benefits than to keep those trained and dedicated.

    A friend of mine when his grand mother died we were talking about a garage he told me how much he paid for his and my first response was.. hey do you have hand prints on your shoulders cause I think someone just took advantage of you.. then he said something that really got me thinking.. he said oh I had to spend a million to keep a million.. and yes he spent as much as he said on his garage.. but if he had invested that money to his employees he wouldn’t have had the employee turnover and employees that would rather die than leave and still had access to the money..
    so Harvey and his casting couch.. those actresses and actors well they knew what the scope was when they walked through the door.. if I heard those stories when I was a teenager.. ( at least a couple years ago LOL ) they did to.. they were willing to trade that for the fame and fortune they were seeking.. the same thing with the young ladies and men that attend college. or hover around government buildings.. they know .. they have a decision they make inside.. do I better myself.. or do I take fate possibly find a great position or borrow that money to spend that money on a great education and not find a lucrative position and live in poverty or struggle the rest of my life..

    I am curious why all of a sudden it became so important that they decided to toss Harvey under the bus now at this point in time.. this has been going on for decades.. so what is the inside story on this. I think if we ever find that out that will be a more interesting story than Harvey and his casting couch.

    • IMO, Weinstein was a sacrificial lamb, tossed out to allow the deplorables to feed. He already had a questionable reputation, and the incident with his watering of potted plants was typical, not something new. He made himself more of a liability than an asset.

      If they take Weinstein to the mat and he gets a bit of a jail sentence, it doesn’t hurt him much, as he has millions in the bank already. He just does his time, oozes out the back door of the jail quietly and has enough cash to play his pervy games with lots of hookers willing to play the appropriate parts for a fee. Now, if there were civil suits…but then, likely the ladies concerned all signed that away to play.

      Meanwhile, the media shifts to other things quickly and then back to business as usual for PervyWood. I mean, honestly, for tens of thousands of years there have been women selling themselves to power, and men as well.

      Everyone needs to watch for the long practiced “limited hang out” operation, where a partial truth is told wrapped in myriad lies. Or where a small sacrifice is made to give the illusion that the problem has been dealt with. Congress is REALLY good at this latter type of hangout solution.

      Take a look at the F-35 headlines and stories used over the last 20 years. Started in 1997, delivered in 2006 and STILL not working?

      The stories they actually released were limited hangouts, designed to get the focus off of the real problem – that one-size-fits-all will simply never beat specialized designs in any technical market.

      And “looking out of his box”, you got my respect for walking away from that work environment. Next thing may have been you by that water cooler, busily compromising.

      Nobody drains the swamp by swimming in it…

      I left it to George to find the financial angle – he’s just that way…LOL

    • They haven’t sacrificed Harvey, he’s taking a much needed break from his predatorship. He’s going to be running the show at the rehab facility and all the while plotting his come back. He can’t be retrained, his brain is trained on one station, the my way or the highway station. Someone like him never hangs up his skates, he just changes them to roller blades. He’ll be protected and coddled and will never see a day in the slammer, just like Mushroom Cloud Georgie Bushie the 2nd, or Billy Boy Rapista Clinton, or Open the Borders and Transform the Nation Obama, or Wipe That Servier (sic) Hilliary (sic)! When you run with the big boys and gals you already got your get out of jail free card.

  9. To maximize your solar panels on your totem pole would be to have however far your gate is to the east side and however far you would add an extra gate to the West Side so you have panels that are going out 180° so as you swing your panels around from east or west you’re getting double the amount if you just put one gate but you can put two gates on there and it’s all at the top of your Dome and they can be as big and wide to maximize your solar panels on your totem pole would be to have however far your gate is to the east side and however far you would had an extra gate to the west side so you have panels that are going out 180 degrees so as you swing your pants around for me store West you’re getting double the amount as if you just put one gate but you can put two gates on there and it’s all at the top of your done and they can be as big as wide as you permit it to be and then of course if you have high winds you can have a slip mechanism that will unable it to cut into the wind

  10. George, in relation to your staetment “The data suggests the supply of Greater Fools is now, essentially, unlimited!” I suggest the “supply of fools” has always been unlimited and as proof I offer Jan20 8 years ago.

  11. IMO,seems like the Powers that Were are getting very nervous. Harvey is the sacrifice to keep the public distracted,from the works of German DVD w/Google’s military arm, the Jigsaw group. If the Fumbling Bumbling Idiots are involved,in front of ATF, you can be certain German DVD sanctioned the “Harvest” in Las Vegas.Thats what those fine folks do, cover up crimes…always have, always will.Forget Bitcoin, when the SHTF its the Purina Sheep chow that will be so valuable..stock up!baaahbaaahahaha

  12. Apocalypse: 1125-75; Middle English < Late Latin apocalypsis < Greek apokálypsis revelation, equivalent to apokalýp(tein) to uncover, reveal (apo- apo- + kalýptein to cover, conceal) + -sis

    It's kinda hard to deny we have been living in 'interesting' (revealing) times, isn't it?

    ANY currency that is being bought with the massive fiat fund available to the banks (financial network) will be manipulated by them when they have acquired enough of a control position.

    While it is true that George and others (Oilman2) may have a very few precious metal coins, they are just as manipulable as fiat. What's more, with the physical gold positions of Russia, China and India – gold (and silver by association) currently appear even more susceptible.

    What banks and governments do not have the desire or resources to manipulate are physical assets, yet these are what physical wars take care of – hence all wars are bankers wars.

    The corollary to this is axiomatic – All politicians are bankers politicians. Go to and look at which politicians have accepted contributions regularly from banks or financial institutions that deal with government REQUIRED expenditures (i.e. mandated taxation to corporations-insurance required by government).

    This is a club, perhaps the largest one in the world, yet exclusive as hell compared to population – you only get into it by selling your soul and seeking money above all else. The "casting couch" is just one example of selling your moral compass for money that everyone is familiar with.

    The terrible thing is that friendship, trust, honor, love and most other things of non-financial value are destroyed in the wake of deciding to "play the game". They are the price of admission to the club. They are what must be left as tribute for club admission.

    Those are also the things that money cannot buy – hence why they are the price for admission.

    A clever system; a self-regulating system; a literal 'helluva' system. And why George only 'plays' a little…

    War Games quote from WOPR computer: "A strange game. The only winning move is not to play."

    • Right On OM2
      I love reading yours and warhammers responses.. always on the money and insightful

    • a totally different set of rules.. we had some really good family friends that joined an exclusive club only the very wealthy could be members.. the wife was at one of the parties and went to put sugar in her coffee and her husband said.. honey that isn’t sugar.. that is when she realized those weren’t candies in the bowl and other things.. I personally know guys that get huge tips from ladies at the exclusive clubs for helping them out..
      Yet.. I had the pleasure of knowing two very rich very powerful individuals.. both worked hard for what they earned both down to earth.. the families not so much.. one passed on a week later you could see the family walking around in jewels and so much perfume on you chocked.. The other so very much alive I am fairly confident would offer me a cup of coffee if I walked through his business doors and get it himself.. he once stopped to say hello on the way to a meeting and ended up helping me install a couple of garage doors and have a couple of brews.. so not all of them end up playing the game.. the vast majority in my opinion.. you definately don’t want to deliver those neighborhoods if you work for tips.. you’ll die before you make enough to even pay gas expenses. Ask any waitress at any restaurant she’ll tell you the game players is usually all flash just for themselves LOL

  13. Saw a mention of some days back on the “Gangsters Out” blog pointing out that the Edmonton terror attack from a couple of weeks back apparently coincided with an anti-terror conference in the city. An attendee quoted shares the same name as a former head of the UK government police anti-terror organization.

    Perhaps you’ll recall the media images of the U-Haul truck on its side at the intersection of 100 Ave. and 107th St. where the police ended the chase steps from The Matrix Hotel?

  14. George
    Great idea to receive Peoplenomics in email.
    I would like to do the same with the Daily if it were possible.
    Chemical Plants aren’t always in the best neighborhoods, and sometimes are far enough out of town they don’t have reliable cell service. Plants don’t want their employees using the plant WiFi to surf, so they sure don’t want engineering contractors using to surf, and they don’t want you using their ethernet for it either. But they don’t mind personal email for people from out of town, if you keep it to lunch or break time.
    I am in a hotel room getting ready to go to a plant site in the boonies of Georgia. There is no cell and I can’t use the plant Ethernet.
    That’s why I am reading yesterdays Urban today.
    So what is the best way to get the Urban Survival sent to email?

  15. A wee comment from Scotland. Nationalists are usually a minority like the SNP losers were in Scotland. The numbers voting in Catalonia for Indy also a minority.It was a regional opinion poll. Hitler got in on a PR system with a minority and look what happened
    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or of the one.

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