Coping: A EQ Note from Tehachapi

You remember my deflationist pal Jas Jain?  The fellow who went long bonds from the late 1990’s and has done very well as the Long Wave has done well for him?

Well, he looks at things a little differently than most – perhaps because as a multiple-patent holder in DSP, you have to think new and innovative thoughts.

Regardless, he sent me a note about Earthquakes.  And since Elaine still remembers the 1952 Tehachapi earthquake, a bit of a heads up is in order:

(Continues below)


If you were not yet in California in ’52, here’s a summary of what happened:

The 1952 Kern County earthquake occurred on July 21 in the southern San Joaquin Valley and measured 7.3 on the moment magnitude scale. The main shock occurred at 4:52 am Pacific Daylight Time (11:52 UTC), killed 12 people and injured hundreds, and caused an estimated $60 million in property damage. A small sector of damage near Bealville corresponded to a maximum Mercalli intensity of XI (Extreme), though this intensity rating was not representative of the majority of damage. The earthquake occurred on the White Wolf Fault near the community of Wheeler Ridge and was the strongest to occur in California since the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.”

OK… so this note from Jas pops in:

There are Four Seasons In California

Drought (Check)

Floods (Check)

Fires (Check)


According to the experts the Big One is long overdue. The infrastructure built since the last BIG ONE has never been subjected to the stress of a big earthquake. Two HUGE pipelines that pump water up over Tehachapi Mountains (one on the West, California Aqueduct serving San Diego, and one on the East, Los Angeles Aqueduct), with gigantic pump stations, might be damaged and we might have big flood problems. Try to prepare as best as you can because it is a known threat as was the case in Puerto Rico. It is only a matter of when.

Here’s what the cut up Tehachapi Pass looked like back when we were still flying our plane around.  Here, going up the pass enroute North Las Vegas…

Beautiful country.  But given a large to Great Quake, what will the landslides do to SoCal, water supplies, and all that?

I’ve learned when someone sends my “I-Ching Inbox” (acts like an email box presenting commentaries on the Ten Wings) a note like this, it’s like a message from the Universe to “Get Ready, Set…..”  Just in case.

So check the stocks of food, water, and bug-out plans accordingly.  Prepping is one of those “zero-downside” endeavors in Life.  If you’re better prepared because of it, and a quake cometh, thank Jas.

Meanwhile, at 10:19 AM this morning, the city of Santa Clara, CA is holding a Great Shakeout Earthquake Drill.  Wonder if Jas cc’ed em?

So, You Don’t Read Peoplenomics?

As a voter, pay attention to the bottom line from our Wednesday report this week which I summed up this way in reply to a subscriber note:

“Yeah – lots of people buy the “Perfect Reagan, bring on tax cuts story.”

But when you study 1981 and the following 7 years on the basis of Real (e.g. inflation-adjusted) GDP growth and what you find is an ugly nonpartisan fact: Reagan indeed tabled a 28% growth rate of GDP for the period.

But look at Clinton – 1993 to 2000: 31.9% growth in a comparable 7-year period. Yet the Right tends to take things out of context.

See the data here:

As I think I correctly asserted in Wednesday’s PN, the data support the notion that economic growth of the real sort is more attributable to the quality and breadth of life/business-changing technology presently in diffusion, not tax policies except to a minor extent.

It makes the Right – AND Left – uncomfortable because the real drivers of human progress are changes in technology, not some BS magic bullet economic policy crap, except at extremes.
Give me tech and innovation over a worthless crowd of lying fools in Washington, any day.”

Ergo, to put it in golf terms:  The long ball strikers will be in the club house long before the 100-yard weakling,  no matter who good the weakling puts.

Technology is the “long ball” that America needs to focus on, not the weaklings (who seem to be everywhere, especially in the press though) are trying to put Trump out of office.

Speaking of Tech: Woo-Woo

Some woo-woo:  Had a dream a couple of nights back in which I was some kind of government offishul (sic) and maybe a member of Congress.

I was present as Elon Musk and Donald Trump announced some kind of federal co-development program for a radio-frequency excited spark plug!

I’m sure you know about the late John Kanzius’ famous demonstrations where he broke down salt water into Brown’s Gas and burned it.

But in the dream, Musk’s researcher’s had come up with a special RF waveform that doubled the mileage of cars because the vaporization/combustion was so complete.

Oh, sure, we all know the super-spark from an MDS ignition system (like I had on my 930) works something like that.  But this was pulsed RF into the contained gas that did something nearly magical.

Coming to a world near us?  The texture of the dream was vague…maybe next year sometime…,

OK, off to see how nutty the markets will be.

Write when you get rich,

23 thoughts on “Coping: A EQ Note from Tehachapi”

  1. My late husband was totally freaked out about the idea of earthquakes in California, and when we had the chance to travel through that state – he wanted to hurry as quick as possible. (But on the other hand, since he had experience with hurricanes as he was from ‘the South’ – they were no big deal.)

    When we finally experienced a minor quake (it felt like one of our cats jumped on the bed) – he was disappointed.

    Now with the expected ‘big one’I wonder what he would have thought. (However with most wood built houses – simple clips to attach the body of the house to the foundation will prevent most major damage to the structure.)

    Just depends on what you are used to . . .

  2. Getting hit with THE BIG ONE just might put the dampers on that Cali independence vote……. then again, maybe Mexico and Guatemala will fill the aid gap for resources to rebuild!

  3. God , George.. I have been talking to this power woman (34) via a dating site. She was in playboy, has a PhD from MIT and Stanford. Multi- millionare etc. Etc. She starts confessing her whole life to me.. then tells me we aren’t a match. Lmao but out of the 10’s of thousands of suitors, she messages me daily.

    Then she asks me for financial advice. I’m a dump truck driver. Ha ha ha so I linked her ure site and sent her along.

    Little pull back today as everyone takes their puts off the green.

    Anyway, figured I would give ya a heads up incase she comments. Super highly intelligent, powerful woman.

    Now you have 13 readers. :)


    • Elaine’s age is classified. Majestic and higher. However, she was living with relative in Mojave Desert in 1952 – She even remembers the rows of Quonset huts, too and yeah she still looks 20 years younger than the owner’s manual says lol
      Earliest thing I can remember was a logging show at the old Seattle Armory – and that was in ’53 or 54.
      Elaine’s a testament to working out, staying fit, eating right, not smoking and yada yada. Most people figure both of us in early-mid 50’s and they are WAY off…
      We meet people younger’n us and say things like “Gawd…Hope I don’t look like that…”

      • Elaine must have a memory like mine.. I remember way back. my mom rocking me and the taste of the milk while breast feeding the tune she sang..what’s really scary is When I have surgery I remember parts of the surgery the conversations of those present scary.. I always tell them to smoke me good I do not want to hear about going to lunch or what they are doing and would be terrified to hear the word oops.
        Sucks big time..

      • I spent four four years at sunny Edwards AFB in the E. Mojave Desert, just up the street from Palmdale, CA where the San Andreas fault is the sleeping dragon next door. In fact, driving north up Hwy 14 from LA, one passes directly thru the fault when just within sight of Palmdale, with bent swirls of bedrock evidenced where the road was cut thru the terrain. Not far to the SE of Palmdale near Valymero is the Devil’s Punchbowl, an awesome park site with trails that loop straight down into the belly of the beast. I was stationed at Edwards during the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, some 340-odd miles away. My wife and I could feel our house shake. I was watching the world series (ironically Oakland A’s and San Fran Giants) and the TV went to black. That quake was ‘only’ a 6.9 on the Richter Scale.

      • RE: early memories

        Mine is age 2.5 and going with Mom, aunt and cousins to a park located Dewey for President rally. Also recall hearing of Babe Ruth’s passing, and getting our first refrigerator around age 3.

  4. “Had a dream a couple of nights back in which I was some kind of government offishul (sic) and maybe a member of Congress.”

    OOOPS.. that wouldn’t be a dream for me.. I call them NIGHTMARES lol lol lol lol

    • Naw – there were percs including special seats in the hearing room I went to after the Trump-Musk press conference dream…

  5. I was in Bogota for a mag 5.5, living on the 7th floor of an apartment hi-rise. When the shaking stopped, I had a crack through the cement ceiling about 3 inches wide. I was looking up through it as my upper neighbor was looking down at me.

    “Hora de correr” – time to run – was all he said. I rented a single story building, which subsequently had all the windows blown out by a nearby bomb…LOL

    Sometimes, in spite of doing your best, there is nowhere to stay except in the frying pan.

  6. Hi, George and Elaine,

    Elaine is relating to us that age is just a number. I would be interested in reading her account of the earthquake, what she remembers. I also would like to read about Elaine’s “wilderness” experience, the one that she always refers to whenever you suggest that the two of you should consider camping sometime.

    • I have sent Ure request to the Mrs.
      We’d like to know what camp sites have room service and wifi?

  7. “Musk’s researcher’s had come up with a special RF waveform that doubled the mileage of cars because the vaporization/combustion was so complete.”

    Already been done and documented by every television network in the usa… in 1978.. a gentleman drove across the USA in his ford sat in front of congress ( in carter days ) and explained to them how he did it.. he did the whole trip covered by every MSM source on ten gallons of gas.. his mileage was somewhere in the hundreds of miles per gallon.

    shell actually wrote a book about it and in the past a lot of European cars were using a carburetor that used pre vapor designs.. these carburetors were and still aren’t allowed in the usa.

    1959 opel 376 miles per gallon..

    you can still get the shell oil book fuel economy of the gasoline engine at the library of congress..

    If elon musk did do any research he would only be re discovering what Standard Oil and Shell oil and everyone else.. the story I heard about the man that drove across the country getting hundreds of miles a gallon followed by every MSM and televised was arrested shortly after leaving the floor of congress and having his car confiscated.
    I understand why to. The dollar is known as the petro dollar its value depends on the oil backing it any disruption or devaluation of oil in my opinion would cause an implosion of the dollar and spin our country into chaos.
    If a person looks at this from other directions you can see the logic to burying this information and not allowing these discoveries to be sold in the usa. Like other things. it took years for Our congress to allow small individual inverters to be added to solar panels. which is common and has been for years in europe. things like magnetic motors, vaporized carburetors, hydrogen gas, and many many more in my opinion will be discouraged and even stopped as long as our whole economy and society depends on its value.
    I think that in the future that the petro dollar will be replaced. the oil companies will finally decide that the federal reserve is printing so voraciously and our economy is at the point where the interest on the deficit is greater than our annual budget and will adopt a more stable currency backed by some tangible commodity like gold or silver even wheat or corn.. and the dollar will need to find another source of value. In my perspective I am thinking Water will be that commodity and our dollar will become the aqua dollar instead of the petro dollar.

    I am probably wrong and all of this is truly useless to anyone. My wife says I know more useless information than anyone she has ever met LOL..
    oh Germany did something like this as well but used alcohol water and hydrogen vapor.. Most of the auto companies have patents on vapor carburetors and injection systems already..

    • my thought was to use ultra low frequency to vaporize and use as fuel. My thought was to do it with a couple of double aa batteries to show it can be done simply and efficiently. energy is everywhere in everything. just have to slap it together cook some eggs bacon maybe some country grilled toast make a video to show my friend then disassemble it and toss it away

    • I know of two people that improved fuel consumption here in Canada and both of them have discretely threatened – one by gvt and the other anonymously (phone). This last person is now dead for; as far as I have been told for an unknown medical condition.

  8. If I may, this post is in regards to the clothing discussion from last week. I agree that Duluth Traders sells some very tough clothing, and that Carhartt does the same. My husband loves his pants from Carhartt.

    Back in the early 1970’s, during my caving and backpacking days, our group would shop the army/navy surplus stores for wool clothing items. We knew that “cotton kills”, that wearing cotton clothing when getting wet or wearing them during the winter can lead to death by hypothermia. During the mountain rescue days for my husband and I, the rescuers all wore “plastic” clothing, the clothing made with synthetic fibers, along with Goretex jackets, polarguard vests, and cordura pants. There are several outdoor clothing manufacturers in the US that offer the latest items in clothing suitable for mountaineering, skiing, and caving. And, if you ever visit the Palmer State Fair in Alaska during the summer, the clothing manufacturers up there offer some amazing clothes for the Iditarod. Just wanted to add to that original discussion. Thanks.

    • You ever go to the races up in palmer? I grew up in Alaska. My step Dad raced Sprint car’s for years.

      You forgot to mention bunny boots. Lol

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