Coping: Monday’s Quest for Enlightenment

I keep looking at books like The Maker’s Diet: The 40-Day Health Experience that will Change Your Life Forever and wondering if I would benefit from going on a 40-day fast.  No doubt it would clean out all kinds of accumulated stuff and drop some pounds.

The reason I mention this is a first-hand report of someone who has done it and how it changed them.  Check out this from reader George E:

“Hello George:)

42 days in desert, south of Winnemucca. Life-changing. For instance, while walking eastward along US 95 on the north side of the “Forty Mile Desert” (dry lake bottom), I said, “This sure is a lot of nothing.” In response, somebody said, “I made it.” Somebody also changed my eye-sight so that I saw the dust as multi-colored sparkling dots of light in the wind. Somebody also changed my emotions so that I felt a lust for it. Although I was returned to ordinary in less than a second; you have to know that I have not been as-before ever again even though 26 years have passed.

What can I tell you that I have learned in those 26 years? This solar system will become a black hole in order that an additional universe can emerge from the white hole which will be on the other side of it. Endless series: black hole entrances; white hole exits. All imagined by the same entity, no matter how many entities it pretends to be.

Later, George E”

I had one of those “drop of water absorbs the Ocean” moments in my mid 40’s – and its something you don’t ever forget.  But yes, it would be nice to go back and do that again. 

It’s not an overwhelming feeling of bliss, exactly.  More like a profound “seeing how it all works” and then (“zing!”) you’re back in Now and all that lingers is a feeling of awe.  It’s like the “wow factor” breaks the moment…

(kinda like “Aw shit…that is cool…wait!  Where’s it go? Why’d it end so quick?”

When you have one of those experiences, it becomes an inseparable part of your core being and you vow “Next time I’m not going to be so taken aback by it, so I can stay longer in that place.”

Of course, confronting Universe isn’t something you do without being taken aback.  The result is haunting memories of this…..larger….whatever it is angle to reality.

Book Review: Calendar-Jack Coming?

This may seem odd, but wha5t else is new?  Part of the weekend was spent reading Brad Vornholt and Chris Tyreman’s latest book “The Destruction of Sabbath.” The book is all about what?  Hijacking Time.

Chris, you’re remember, is the head of which is slowly, but surely, working it’s way through decoding ancient versions of the Bible using an “error correction” system they found in ancient Hebrew.

The book is a discussion of how the “sun calendar” crowd suppressed the “moon calendar” crowd.

If you’ve missed the importance of this, it’s because how well you can “connect” with Creator/Universe/Source depends on when you do the seventh day (of rest, meditation, consecration, and so forth).

March of this year is an amazing coincidence, though, since the calendar reset day (the new Moon) happened to fall on a Sunday.  However, it begins to get slightly off kilter for the rest of the year.

Regardless of your religious/philosophical bent, the Big Learning for me this weekend was that the New World Order promoters have plans to launch a World Calendar (which would fit in nicely with their World Environment Tax, and other megalomaniacal plans to “Rule the World.”

The World Calendar is already working its way into human consciousness via places like Wikipedia:

The World Calendar is a 12-month, perennial calendar with equal quarters. It is perennial, or perpetual, because it remains the same every year.[1]

Each quarter begins on Sunday, ends on Saturday. The quarters are equal: each has exactly 91 days, 13 weeks or 3 months. The three months have 31, 30, 30 days respectively. Each quarter begins with the 31-day months of January, April, July, or October.

The World Calendar also has the following two additional days to maintain the same new year days as the Gregorian calendar.


The last day of the year following Saturday 30 December. This additional day is dated “W”, which equals 31 December, and named Worldsday, a year-end world holiday. It is followed by Sunday, 1 January in the new year.

Leapyear Day

This day is similarly added at the end of the second quarter in leap years. It is also dated “W”, which equals 31 June, and named Leapyear Day. It is followed by Sunday, 1 July within the same year.

I’ll keep you posted on the book’s release date…but the main thing to consider is that he who  controls time claims providence over all.  And the last thing we need, seems to me, is yet another calendar hijacking when the sky is full of the obvious.

NWOers versus First People worldwide is in replay.  Best quote in the book, so far?

“One must real­ize that just because we have accepted the belief in something, that does not make it truth. Truth and belief are not synonymous.”

Except in the halls of power, where such fine acuity is heretical. Or terrorism, subversive, and so on.  We only give lip-service to liberty when comes down to it.

There’s a reason Big Ben is so important to the Brits…as is Greenwich.  It means at a subcutaneous level they still lay claim to “owning time.”  We expect the next “prime meridian” will run through China.

Statistical Sunday: The Gambler

Besides “Everything’s a Business Model”  I’m also guided by “Everything’s a wager,” too. Crossing a street, nth tick of the heart, all that kind of stuff…

When I wasn’t reading about how to hijack a calendar and “get people off proper days of rest” I was researching how to beat the casino, again.  Here’s one I found on YouTube that’s very much in tune with how I play Blackjacks:

The problem with all of these money management approaches is you need to realize that you can only increase your bet so many times and then the roof caves in.  Still, when it works, it works.

I might have mentioned this last week, but since Panama will be her guarding the home front, and we have a nice weather window, we’re heading to Arizona  Thursday morning by way of Amarillo and I-40.  Google Maps puts it at 16-hours of driving, so we break in Amarillo or Albuquerque.

I spend Sunday brushing up on gambling systems…so if you have one (preferably that works) please send it along for our upcoming statistical field work expedition,.

Every night I go to sleep trying to wrap my head around a new insight into investing in chaos…and the answer remains elusive; just out of grasp.  So I revert to normal distributions and then argue whether in blackjack, the right thing is to use the “average” card size (6.85) or the median card size (7.5) in figuring how to beat the dealer.

It’s a quick way to go to sleep.

Monday WoWW

In our pile of World of Woo-Woo reports, we have a fine one from Mrs. Dr. Chip.  She says Woo-Woo is alive and well…

……just one example of much highly strange weirdness lately: l went shopping and one of my purchases was a bag of potpourri at a cute boutique store-to put in a bowl in my kitchen….it was very expensive, so l only purchased one bag. when l got home, l poured the potpourri in the bowl_- not enough. l decided that l would get another bag the next time l was in this town. The next morning, in the very middle of the kitchen counter l saw-you guessed it!-an unopened bag of the exact scented potpourri laying there-tied at the top with a ribbon. …..the store where l purchased this bag is 35 miles away(one way) so l don’t think my husband ran over and bought another one as a surprise for me…..he was as bowled over as l was when l called for him to come and see my ” gift”…..this sort of “gifting” happens at least twice a month….

Try it with hundred dollar bills and mail me a few, please?  Ours just disappear….

Bitcoins Don’t Save Posture

At least that’s what Bob K was thinking when he read the article “David Suchet: I stuck coin in buttocks to walk around like Poirot.”

Says Bob “One good thing about digital coins is that kids can’t put them in their mouths..”

Uh…yeah and, oh, keep the change.  Unless you know of a money laundry.

Odd Dreams Dept.

I had an unusually good sleep last night, but we must be approaching the quarter of the moon, since according to my dream logging, first and last quarters of the mood are when dreams tend to peak, lately.

In this one, a commercial jet makes a slightly long landing, and because of the unusual cold, goes sliding off the end of the runway by a hundred feet, or two.

No one is injured, but the “vibe” on the plane (as viewed from the cockpit) wasn’t that the plane was so much skidding on extra ice, but that the brake system had failed.

Mind you, Sunday I  was thinking about going down and shooting some landings on the (nice and icy) runway here and maybe that’s what caused the dream.  But if a passenger jet (two engines) with about 146 people aboard makes a safe landing after a brake failure, remember where you read it first….If it doesn’t happen in the next 72-hours, it was just “dream noise.”

Dr. Rob’s Reading List

Our friend Dr. Rob ought to put this one on his list, since he’s our consulting expert in biophotonics:  That’s the medicinal impacts of light; good and bad.   “The light theory of mental illness:  Is there a relationship between sunspot number and mental disorders?”

Notes reader Michael: There are other papers out and about that may peg some relationship to incoming cosmic rays, as well.

Since the body makes vitamin D when exposed to sunshine, I think I’ll just wander off in that direction.  Bot not until it warms us about 50-degrees from this morning’s lows.

Is this Progress?

I happened to be reading the December 1935 National Geographic this morning in my matutinal events and I happened to see the ad (full page, black and white) for the “All New 1939 Plymouth” which claims to get gas mileage between 18 and 23 miles per gallon.

I sat there a good while pondering whether an average gas mileage increase  and wondered how a mid-sixed Chrysler of today was doing?  A look here showed the Chrysler 200 was running 21-30 miles per gallon.

This, in 79-years, in-town gas mileage is up 16.6% (thereabouts) while the price of the car is up 30-times and the price of gas?   Well, it was running about 10-cents a gallon then and today the Triple A reports the price of regular is $3.459 cents a gallon, so that’s up

Progress definition:  When you’re willing to swallow a 16.6% increase in fuel economy, a 30-times increase in car prices and a 35-times increase in gas prices and call it “Progress.”

And that’s before wiping out the “full service” functions of filling stations of the time.  What was lost in the deal was “Check your times?  Air?  Water?  And can I get those windows for you?”

Except in Oregon, where they will fill your car and still do the windows.  That that’s lumber industry got them to admit to the reality of the Second Depression.

OK, more study (and some work) so write when you break even…