Peoplenomics: Blame the Future on ERP

Can commercial real estate implode?  We began Wednesday looking at the Star Trek economy and wondered if Bitcoins might be one step on the path to that kind of idyllic world.  As far as I know, Star Trek hasn’t yet had a banker or investment advisor in a script yet and the reason’s pretty simple:  Accounting is (and ever-increasingly trends to) a background task that can (in most businesses) be totally automated.  This morning a short course in how this and the field of ERP (enterprise resource planning) with integrated accounting has been changing business models for the past 15 years and where it leads in the future.  Possible serious declines in demand for commercial real estate…  First, however, some headlines and we’ll try to sort out how the stock market managed to blow though a 100-point gain in the final hour of trading on Cowardly Friday…

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