Coping: Life & Death — Past the Dream State

imageIf you’ve been around any length of time, you know I am as fascinated with dreams as predictors of future events – as I am with the ability of software to pick up coagulation areas in language and infer something about the future from that.

So let’s rewind to our vivid dream about an April earthquake – which hasn’t happened yet – and see if there there is anything to be learned.

The original “An Odd Earthquake Dream” was posted January 13th back here.

At the time, part of the quake was the description of a 0+ quake, West Coast, and in April.

Well, thankfully, the hot date for April has blown on by.  But not before leaving us a gift to ponder..

The premise of the dream was that there was a series of quakes up in the  Lakeview Oregon area and that when the 5.5 follow-on quake came, it would point to where the epicenter of this massive quake would be.

Well, here’s the interesting part:  On April 23 we had a 5.5 earthquake.  And this, was interpreted in the hours after my odd earthquake dream back in January, this way:

“One (and they are possibly a pairs) are in the 5.3 and 5.6 category and they connect with “Thursday” or “Friday” and after this, people who are involved will be going back to the city (this happens east of San Francisco).”

Well, there it was – April 23 – and a Thursday, so that leads me to draw some lines on the map and they point to the area 200 miles north of San Francisco.

One of the returning news crews will be stopping (on the way back to the city) to have something that’s like an apple fritter or apple scone – as a place somewhere in the area that is famous for those.

There were other oddities about the story too:  Lot’s of dog references, a kind of map of a state or national park area (it was shown as a kind of green glass layer under the area.

Obviously, the news crews and pie doesn’t make sense (now/yet, though perhaps in the future).  The dog reference is still “out there” too.  As to the maps of state parks, the line from the Lakeview area quakes through this one (on the 23rd, on a Thursday) gives us several.

First this is the Sinkyone Wilderness State Park, Humboldt-Redwoods State Park, and the Trinity National Forest all in the area described in the dream (lining up the quake swarm in Oregon with the 5.5).

All of which draws out focus to Cape Mendocino, but honestly do I expect a 9+ quake over the next 7-days in that area?

Statistically, No.  But the dream still haunts, so what was it about?

That’s a tough one to answer because it gets us off into the spiritual/metaphysical realms. 

Anyone who had studied the Electronic Voice Phenomena, would have good reason to believe that there is a possibility of some kind of communications with the “other side of the veil” of what we call life.  Seers know it, and so do we parents who have had “remote knowing” experiences with our children.  Vivid, undeniable knowing when it is possible no other way than through some undocumented communications channel.  And that channel may transcend death.

On the evidentiary side, we also have to look at data starting with Ray Moody’s book “Life After Life” that came out back in 1976, I think it was.

And let’s not overlook religions (as a group) because so many of them are predicated on some kind of afterlife (bardo, etc) and on the idea of reincarnation.  There’s also a “rewards program” that covers the waterfront from passing out virgins to eternal bliss, immortal pleasures and you know that list.

Yet there are a lot of interesting groups that have shown an interest in (to use the electronic voice phenomena as an example) contacting the “other side.”  Here’s a Wikipedia note on groups focused strictly on the EVP approach to what I refer to as “the veil…”

The Association TransCommunication (ATransC), formerly the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP),[57] and the International Ghost Hunters Society conduct ongoing investigations of EVP and ITC including collecting examples of purported EVP available over the internet.[58] The Rorschach Audio Project, initiated by sound artist Joe Banks,[39][40][59][60] which presents EVP as a product of radio interference combined with auditory pareidolia and the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Biopsychocybernetics Research, a non-profit organization dedicated to studying anomalous phenomena related to neurophysiological conditions.[61] According to the AA-EVP it is “the only organized group of researchers we know of specializing in the study of ITC”.[62]

Parapsychologists and Spiritualists have an ongoing interest in EVP.[63] Many Spiritualists experiment with a variety of techniques for spirit communication which they believe provide evidence of the continuation of life.[64] According to the National Spiritualist Association of Churches, “An important modern day development in mediumship is spirit communications via an electronic device. This is most commonly known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)”.[65] An informal survey by the organization’s Department Of Phenomenal Evidence cites that 1/3 of churches conduct sessions in which participants seek to communicate with spirit entities using EVP.[66]

The James Randi Educational Foundation offers a million dollars for proof that any phenomena, including EVP,[51] are caused paranormally…

The oddity that jumps out at me as a real IN YOUR FACE lack of focus is that humans as a group/species have not done a very good job – at all – of looking at the death barrier and figuring out how to get more effective communication going between this side and that.

Some efforts have been made, of course.  Like the project, but in the not too distant future, I will be having a conversation with Chris McCleary about a “second half” if you will – to the Dream Center project.

Here’s my thinking:

We seem to get intermittent good results in attempts to reach out and “touch” some aspects of the future from a broad combination of EVP, dreams, linguistic shift, seeing, scrying, and even shamanism. 

BUT what we haven’t done is ask people (who are about to die) to work on specific targets for “back communication.”

Think of it this way:  At the Macro level, the different “seeing” arts (including ecstatic religious visions) are all very much akin to setting up “receivers and receiving antennas.”

But what about the transmissions from the OTHER SIDE?  Where are they supposed to come from?  We do ZERO TRAINING and as a result, get little back. 

No focus there, at all!

My supposition is that when people die, if they had even a modest amount of training, they might be able to (singly or as a group) provide a huge improvement in humankind’s ability to sense our collective futures and do something about it!

A letter/training invitation might go something like this.

Dear so-and-so

We are very sad to hear that you have been diagnosed and have been informed on your coming transition.

Normally, people are afraid to die.  It’s an understandable fear.

Yet today, we would like to extend you an invitation to participate in a scientific project that could help humanity more than any project ever undertaken in history.

We want you to consider working with us to establish communication from after death back to this lifetime.

Think of it this way:

Presently, we have well-documented cases of communication from the after death realms.  These have come in a wide range of religious experience, as well as from various seers and prophets.

We believe these have been mostly “chance” occurrences because humans have never made a wide-scale effort to coordinate communications attempts on both sides.

To be sure, humans on this side of death, the Veil, the Hereafter, or however you describe it, have put considerable efforts into mediumship, religious contemplation, dream work, and even attempting to understand how language use changes prior to major events.

We know they do.

So in this sense, we have set up a large, but uncoordinated network of “receivers” on this side.

When you die, we would like you to attempt to become a “transmitter” of information from the Other Side back to this side.

Intuitively, you may have some preference as to how to participate:  You may wish to be assigned to one particular contact, perhaps a loved one.  Or, you may wish to attempt to contact a group.

Please consider participation.  If you indicate interest, we will provide suggestions for helping us establish this communications.

By participating, you will be helping expand and extend humankind’s understand of what happens beyond Life.  And, to the extent we can evolve a statistically valid and meaningful result, we may be able to help all humans move forward to new levels of self-fulfillment, learning, and spiritual growth.

Thank you for considering this invitation.

The Veil Group.

Considering all the money we have thrown into space, the very small cost of inviting people on the edge of dying to participate would be trivial.

Yet, I believe, a scientifically valid statistical result from such a project would be more meaningful than even the exploration of deep space.

We have, perhaps, made a fundamental mistake by trying to look UP rather than introspectively considering the benefits of looking IN.

I propose that groups of thousands of people could participate in this.  There’s no cost other than some printing.

And for those who believe Life has no point, I think this project – call it the Veil Project – could bring the greatest revelations in knowledge and wisdom ever.

If initial work provides meaningful results, future Death Explorers could focus on specialty areas and work with people on this side in preparation for working with them from the Other.

Wild idea, I thought you’d agree.

Quake on the West Coast may not happen, but the arrival of an idea like this one doesn’t happen every day.  And with it, a chance for give people a purpose in death – EXPLORATION – and the benefits from this could dwarf all we have done before.

Something to think about, I’m guessing…  It will take the fear out of death, give purpose to life, and is non-denominational science of the highest order and perhaps greatest importance.

Write when you break-even,


17 thoughts on “Coping: Life & Death — Past the Dream State”

  1. Have friend who set up code word with passing dad . It was effiel tower . Friends wife visited new hair salon never before been to . As she was sitting there something ?
    Told her to look on the wall in other room . It was pic of Paris and the tower. True story.

  2. Was it not the famous magic man, Houdie(sp?), who said he would try to make contact after his death, every year at a set time and date … never heard of any results.

  3. Contact with people on the other side was accomplished years ago by Robert Monroe. The Monroe institute continues his programs on how to get out of body using his hemi-sync sound technology. After Monroe’s wife died he found her in the astral. He stopped his astral exploration for a few month because the temptation to join her was so great, but he realized that he was not finished on this side yet.

    Seems for the dead the living do not hold much interest. Much like a highly advanced extra-terrestrial would find the human race. Self centered sentient beings controlled by concepts of limitation and an imaginary concept called time.

    And for more, check out Bruce Moen’s series. A Monroe Protege who became a real life ghostbuster. Some of the best ghost stories ever written.

    • As an NDE survivor I can attest that once the spirit crosses the boundary (or starts to, as in my case), interest in “this side” decreases since “all” is revealed. When I crossed over, all the “answers” were given to me. When I was revived it was all taken away, except the idea that I had received “all the answers” to how the universe works, AND (very important) love is what we’re supposed to learn in this incarnation.

  4. George, I have to comment on the above due to the unique situation I have experienced over the last three months. My wife was diagnosed with multiple myeloma five years ago. She went through seven different chemo treatments over the years (they all worked to a certain degree and then stopped working) before she said enough is enough. She stopped all treatments in Dec 2014 and entered into hospice. We had many tough conversations about her death. One important note about my wife was that she was a Spiritist, core belief of re-incarnation, learning lessons from one life to the next. I told her that after death she needed to let me know that she was ok. She passed away on a Saturday, the following Tuesday night I had a vivid dream in which she came to me, twenty years younger, and told me that she was ok and that everything was fine. She also stated that I had to take care of my daughters. I woke with a start and burned this into my mind. I truly believe that her spirit came to me as we had agreed. Also, my older daughter felt her spiritual presence in the house, she passed away at home. Her presence was felt for about a week and then my daughter stated one day that her spirit was gone. Just my two cents worth….R/Mark

  5. George,
    6.1 on the west coast of Canada. Not your big one (obviously) but they are moving clockwise around the ring of fire…
    My hubby is in Seattle this week on business, and the rest of my family is in NorCal. Still hoping you are wrong.

    • Oh, yeah, grew up near that CA quake. My mom and cousins are right there. Mom’s tsunami escape route is up the hill to the Fortuna airport. So, in the event of a tsunami, I would appreciate if you could fly up there and pick her up for me ;)

  6. Big news here (Eastern Washington/North Idaho): 3 earthquakes last night between 4.0 and 5.0 in an area where quakes are pretty rare. I was driving so didn’t feel it but my land partner said it was like an explosion – the whole house shook.

    Psychic connections: I had one very impressive experience about 30 years ago when we were camped out in a VW bus 100 miles from home. I woke up at about midnight, sat up and said with absolute certainty “the house is being broken into”. Upon our return – sure enough.

  7. I too felt your quake dream was imminent. Hard to put it into a timeline though when in ‘no time/space’ realm of inner vision. I see a series of quakes coming rattling the volcano string in NW area as a result of Yellowstone rumbling like a pressure release. Put it in an NDC dream for the Dallas project.
    Saw in a dream t’other night a tsunami-like event where a life long friend who passed over this year was warning me of taking cover and being prepared- soon! She is in ‘no time/space’ so did not give me a day/hour/month. I have to figure that out for myself.
    Connecting the dots here- I suggested to her on her deathbed to take a certain action so that she doesn’t get ‘trapped’ in the grid/spell of a false heaven-light that keeps us in a reincarnation loop and astral limbo much like Robert Monroe. see
    And- YES there is a place that trains people to traverse dimensions while still consciously alive, and much more. They haven’t connected with NDC yet or perhaps some have.

  8. re: Earthquake dream stuff.

    Just some points to ponder
    Green Glass = Trinitite = Trinity

    Or maybe just a distraction….

  9. Frank DeMarco’s blog at features interdimensional communications between Frank and the woman he used to work with,Rita,at the Monroe Institute. Their conversations these days are about what it’s like on her side of the veil, though they don’t use that term.

  10. Never afraid of being ‘dead’ – it’s just the dying part that bothers me. It will be interesting to see if there is a ‘new continuing’ life after death. I’ve no interest in reincarnation – none at all – at least not to this earth we currently inhabit.

    The Veil project does interests me – keep in touch.

  11. Hey George- where do I sign up to be an afterlife transmitter? I’m not on the verge of passing yet, don’t worry. But when the time comes, I’ll sign all my transmissions with my call sign and “/PP”… That stands for “Paranormal Portable”.
    73 & Cheers!

  12. Interesting- we are conditioned to believe everything on TV but regarding the other side (or another side)….. it’s all rubbish or at least ‘they’ say so.


  13. So is the earthquake in Nepal of 7.8 a fit for your dream, or is that too far away and too strong. It seems like the plates have gotten active…

    Recent earthquakes
    Time Magnitude Location
    Yesterday 6.1 Queen Charlotte Islands, Canada region Map
    2 days ago 5.5 Off the coast of Northern California Map
    2 days ago 5.4 Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska Map

    Volcanic Eruption in Chile

    and Costa Rica

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