Coping: Let’s Talk About this Halloween

You may remember a good while back (and it might have been on the site) that we did a fair-sized discussion about the Taurid Meteor Shower and the very first Halloween some 15,560 years ago (approximately).

This morning from remarks from another brother of the Oak Leafs, warhammer, who is similarly concerned about “what there lurks and we roll into the fall.

When the designated smart people I know begin to collectively sing the same tune, it may be time to pay closer attention…



So warhammer watches the NASA remarks on additional potentially hazardoius asteroids and such and here comes the thinking cap:

“Several media outlets were reporting this week that NASA has seen an uptick in comet and asteroid activity.  Perhaps this is because more high tech stuff is looking.  Perhaps something unusual really is being observed.

The Czech Academy of Science is warning that a risk lurks within the annual Taurid meteor shower, remnants of the tail of Comet Encke.  This year, the Taurids peak in the Northern hemisphere from November 10th thru the 11th.

Adding to the curiosity, Forbes (one of the more reputable publishers out there covering such things) published an article detailing various doomsday maps of how Earth would look after a major planetary shift and relating that to the recent spate of Billionaire survival bunkers located in exotic, remote places.

Forbes covering the doomsday connection is most interesting.  The disaster meme is unusually strong for something happening, perhaps an event originating from the sky.  One can legitimately ask why billionaires, people who are not prone to wasting millions of pounds, dollars, yen, Euros, etc. on whimsical acquisitions, begin showing a keen interest in survival strategies.  Are they simply hedging their bets, or has their insider positioning given them access to information that the rest of us are shielded from.

Getting a bit more wu-wu, and preceding this year’s Taurid event, much hullabaloo is being made of a once in 7000 year celestial alignment predicted to occur on the 23rd of September of this year that astrologically matches a description in Revelation 12.  This link addresses the alignment from more of a scientific point of view rather than a prophetic one, but again, it is interesting that such an alignment is coinciding with the ones noted above:

Add to these the fact that the continental U.S. will experience a total solar eclipse from Seattle to Charleston, S.C. on August 21st.   Total eclipses have always connoted bad times throughout human history.  The blood moon lunar tetrads of 2014 and 2015 have yet to yield any doomsday-like occurrences, however, Donald Trump was elected in 2016!  To many die hard liberals, that development alone WAS the first trumpet of a political Armageddon that could lead to the end of pseudo-socialist life as we know it.

Still – things are not what I would call normal.  The memes in the movies, the media, and in relatively reputable publications not known as ‘fake news,’ attention is being drawn to the sky:  Planet 9, Taurids, Earth changes, doomsday bunkers and seed vaults, comets and asteroids.  It makes one wonder if Chicken Little was ahead of his time. “

To be sure, the events of the Taurids (which as Capt. Midnight wrote earlier about) may not be the only thing that is driving the elder versions of Richie Rich to seek survivable hideouts.

As we’ve been tracking on the side, the Threat Board for this fall gets to be pretty impressive.

For one, the stock market might be ready on our estimated date this year (August 21) to put in a new all-time high.  No better time to “take the money (and food, and water, and meds, and a small harem and…) and head for parts not equipped with conventional addresses.

Next we have the problems of Asia.

Yes, Pakistan and Indian could still go to war over anything and nothing with less than an hour’s notice.  No, we don’t want that, but crazy is as crazy does over Kashmimr.

Then we have our cell phone and electronics supplier b uilding islands in the East China Sea…and they are now arming those.

On their Agenda long term is the reunification of Taiwan with the Mainland and of course there’s Kid Korea and the nuclear, chemical and financial nightmare up the road from Seoul’s ville.

Toss in the mad mullahs who are plotting to wipe as many of us deplorables and infidels as possible (they seem to share an agenda with some…) and we see how it would only take a few airliners being popped for the US to become a very insular country.

We do have most of what it takes to go self-sufficient.

Now toss in a calamity from the skies, at the same time there’s a massive hack taking down the internet and the public switched telephone network (PTSN) and that leaves a world where ham radio types like us will own the communications world..

Splendid prospects for the Techno Prepper in Chief?

Well, no, not presactly.

But it is Friday, after all, (he says  switching to  his best Raymond Reddington voice).  Let’s all have fun and enjoy a fine weekend.

The problems will be here Monday, and if things are too bad, we still have Mr. Kaplan on speed dial.

Damn Smart Birds?  Uh….

Odd event:

Elaine goes out shopping about once a week to top of things.  Went to Krogers this week and was cheerfully shopping.

Noticed something a bit odd in the pet food aisle.  A bird was busily trying to get into the dray cat food bags.

Smart bird, right?

No.  Elaine points out the bird food was on the opposite side of the aisle.  And Thus we learn a bit more about bird’s brains.  Not only do the cat pictures on all that hoity-toity gourmet cat food sucker in consumers, but they don’t scare the birds off.

She suggested we might find a part-time birding job for Zeus the Cat this summer.  I’m sick of his usual summer excuse for not finishing his GRE prep courses…we may have to put him to work.  Real work.

Next time I give him a story to proofread about how the Sky is Falling, I’m going to fire him for spelling it meater instead of meteor.  Been that kind of a week around here.

Write when you get rich,

10 thoughts on “Coping: Let’s Talk About this Halloween”

  1. George,

    While I totally agree with your assessments regarding this Fall’s threat levels, I think there may be a more simple explanation for all those Billionaire-bunkers: a person’s wealth is in direct proportion to their ego – this is why they accumulated their holdings in the first place and those who drive oversized pickup trucks laden with double-extra chrome aren’t the only ones who seek bragging-rights [“You think your yacht’s big? Well, mine has a ballroom AND heli-port!”].

    Methinks there’s also a sound reason for that bird pecking away at the catfood in the grocery aisle. Far more people put out food for cats than they do for birds. Birds eat the catfood [since that’s what’s readily available] and gravitate towards same… even at Kroger’s! Nature adapts!

    In a similar role-reversal, during a particularly harsh winter I once adopted a starving stray cat that was desperately eating birdseed I had scattered outside. Broke my heart to see it, but I gained a new loving companion and she stayed cozily inside with me for another 8 years!

    BTW: hope your lawnmower project was a whirling success!

  2. billionaires not wasting millions on whimsical acquisitions? What world is that? But then, this is the guy yesterday getting confused about owner/nonowner conflicts and brown nosers tying to call themselves a new class in the middle. It’s not lib/cons ideals, that is just a distraction. W.ham isn’t going to pass the finals.

  3. I’ll admit I’m writing this before reading George’s article today but just want to get a word out to all the beginning preppers that Horror Freight has dropped the price of their solar panel kits to a C-note! I haven’t seen a price like this from them since the early 2000s! Hope this doesn’t violate any advertising agreements for your site George.

  4. Ok, read the post and this is what I’ve been seeing and saying for over a year now to those I talk to. When all the doom-porn stuff from he-who-shall-not-be-mentioned-on-George’s-site, and all the others starts bleeding over to the MSM then it’s all but a slam-dunk that something’s up. Great mi-… no, nope. Not gonna insult W. Hammer and George like that.

    About the birds. Never let it be denied that behind those precious faces exists the Reptilian mind that made this planet a most of a billion year horror show. They aren’t looking at you because you have food in your hand but “how do I go about eating YOU if you don’t come across with the hand-outs”. Basically what the welfare state has created in the urban mind today. I think a little blood shot out of my eyes when I saw the Tx. Parks & Wildlife article on how turkey vultures are such “misunderstood creatures” quoting a woman from Austin, I think, who feeds them regularly. If seed eaters are starting to go after the high protein cat food perhaps we ought to take another look at Hitchcock’s “The Birds” one more time … he said running off down the street with his hair on fire…

  5. Even birds will choose a high-density, protein rich food over a food that takes more energy to eat than it provides.

  6. Yep, being a longtime cat companion I can verify that wild birds love cat kibble. After all, it is high in protein, and, a creature that eats lots of insects, doesn’t necessarily have gourmet taste buds. If you ever try to rescue a young abandoned bird, feed it wet cat food, but I don’t recommend trying a save. it requires round the clock attention worse than a human baby.

    • Tried it when I was 14, broke my heart when it didn’t live. It and a newborn puppy are hard to save.

  7. Back during the presidential elections I made a joke about Trump/Pence… Say Trump and Pence together as one word…. And you’ll get your Trumpences…. (along the lines of one’s comeuppance) and if he wins he’ll be blowing his trumpets. Never dreaming he’d win.
    I feed dry cat food to a stray cat. The Robins around my house eat it as quickly as the cat.

    • Why don’t you just call them a “Trumpanzee” since they both are swinging like crazy trying to swat off the demoncrap flies.

  8. And the media puts on a TV show in July about a killer comet that will strike the earth in 186 days.

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