Oh, boy…this will be complicated, but follow along.

As you may know, I have been working on increasing my PK ability in order to do a little better at gambling.

And this led to this really interesting book about gaming and learning how to rock the house.


But where the book got interesting was when I came across a mention of something called Hypno Peripheral Programming.

Remember last week when we were talking about that “moment of knowing” which way a bet would go as soon as the decision was made?

A fellow named Lloyd Glauberman came up with a method about 15-years ago to retrain the brain and mind to work better…and the way he did this was to (essentially) play different stereo sounds into the right and left ear.

There might be a story in the left ear about the wild west and a fairytale going on in the right eat at the same time.

This forces the mind to…well, go read that gambling book I think I gave you the title of.

Then, if you want to try it out, order the CD from Amazon called “Personal Ecology: The Complete Self-Esteem Program.”

It will set you back $25 bucks,

A bit more background now:

I was sitting here thinking (last week) after reading up on how hypno peripheral programming (HPP) works, and it struck me that must be one of the reasons that my brain works a little (OK, as LOT) differently than most peoples.

So I happened to be listening to some music by Walt Wagner (hell of a story which I will get to in a minute) and suddenly IT CLICKED.

If you really want to advance, try HPP C Ds.  If you want to encourage someone to advance, play them some classical music.

But not just any music.

It should (*after Glauberman’s work) be music heard on at least two levels.

When you can follow music on two levels (main melody and a counter-melody) and track each instrument, I believe it changes something in your brain.

Now a story from the Olde Newsman.

When I was news director of KOL in Seattle, a new building went up called the Rainer Bank Building.  Unusual piece of architecture.

A buddy of mine (Pete D who still owns a highly successful PR firm in Seattle) called me up and said “Need a voiceover – want to do one for Rainer Bank?”

“Oh sure…”

“You’ll be working with this great – incredible musician…a guy named Walt Wagner…ever hear of him?”

If it wasn’t the Stones or Beatles or some of the jazz Sonny Buxton featured on his Jazz Unlimited shows on Sundays at KYAC back in the day, I would never have had a clue.

Nonetheless, I showed up at the recording studio chosen, walked in, laid down the voice track and listened to Walt Wagner make up, totally on the fly it seemed, a mind-boggling EXTRAORDINARY PIECE OF MUSIC.

All 22 -minutes worth.

It was one of those voice-over sessions where I should have paid for the privilege of being there.

Wagner is a genius of mixing jazz and classical composition. I wish I could find his Sun Valley jazz album…

And so this morning, a very short discussion.  Instead of the usual verbosity, we will do homework this morning.

Go listen to The Miracle – 4th Movement (Vivo) , Fulfillment by the aforementioned Walt Wagner with Gerard Schwarz and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.  It’s on YouTube here:

The assignment is simple.

Listen twice.  Once for main melody and then once for counter-melodies. Third time to figure out how one piano player can be that good…

And so, I think anyway, I may have found a “bridge concept” between superb music and an advanced form of mind-improvement which hypno peripheral programming seems to be.

Oh, and it’s OK to find more music like this.  And ponder if the gap between generations might be accentuated by the lack of multi-level thematics in contemporary music?

Write when you get rich,