Coping: Hypno-peripheral What?

Oh, boy…this will be complicated, but follow along.

As you may know, I have been working on increasing my PK ability in order to do a little better at gambling.

And this led to this really interesting book about gaming and learning how to rock the house.


But where the book got interesting was when I came across a mention of something called Hypno Peripheral Programming.

Remember last week when we were talking about that “moment of knowing” which way a bet would go as soon as the decision was made?

A fellow named Lloyd Glauberman came up with a method about 15-years ago to retrain the brain and mind to work better…and the way he did this was to (essentially) play different stereo sounds into the right and left ear.

There might be a story in the left ear about the wild west and a fairytale going on in the right eat at the same time.

This forces the mind to…well, go read that gambling book I think I gave you the title of.

Then, if you want to try it out, order the CD from Amazon called “Personal Ecology: The Complete Self-Esteem Program.”

It will set you back $25 bucks,

A bit more background now:

I was sitting here thinking (last week) after reading up on how hypno peripheral programming (HPP) works, and it struck me that must be one of the reasons that my brain works a little (OK, as LOT) differently than most peoples.

So I happened to be listening to some music by Walt Wagner (hell of a story which I will get to in a minute) and suddenly IT CLICKED.

If you really want to advance, try HPP C Ds.  If you want to encourage someone to advance, play them some classical music.

But not just any music.

It should (*after Glauberman’s work) be music heard on at least two levels.

When you can follow music on two levels (main melody and a counter-melody) and track each instrument, I believe it changes something in your brain.

Now a story from the Olde Newsman.

When I was news director of KOL in Seattle, a new building went up called the Rainer Bank Building.  Unusual piece of architecture.

A buddy of mine (Pete D who still owns a highly successful PR firm in Seattle) called me up and said “Need a voiceover – want to do one for Rainer Bank?”

“Oh sure…”

“You’ll be working with this great – incredible musician…a guy named Walt Wagner…ever hear of him?”

If it wasn’t the Stones or Beatles or some of the jazz Sonny Buxton featured on his Jazz Unlimited shows on Sundays at KYAC back in the day, I would never have had a clue.

Nonetheless, I showed up at the recording studio chosen, walked in, laid down the voice track and listened to Walt Wagner make up, totally on the fly it seemed, a mind-boggling EXTRAORDINARY PIECE OF MUSIC.

All 22 -minutes worth.

It was one of those voice-over sessions where I should have paid for the privilege of being there.

Wagner is a genius of mixing jazz and classical composition. I wish I could find his Sun Valley jazz album…

And so this morning, a very short discussion.  Instead of the usual verbosity, we will do homework this morning.

Go listen to The Miracle – 4th Movement (Vivo) , Fulfillment by the aforementioned Walt Wagner with Gerard Schwarz and the Seattle Symphony Orchestra.  It’s on YouTube here:

The assignment is simple.

Listen twice.  Once for main melody and then once for counter-melodies. Third time to figure out how one piano player can be that good…

And so, I think anyway, I may have found a “bridge concept” between superb music and an advanced form of mind-improvement which hypno peripheral programming seems to be.

Oh, and it’s OK to find more music like this.  And ponder if the gap between generations might be accentuated by the lack of multi-level thematics in contemporary music?

Write when you get rich,

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  1. “A fellow named Lloyd Glauberman came up with a method about 15-years ago to retrain the brain and mind to work better…and the way he did this was to (essentially) play different stereo sounds into the right and left ear.

    There might be a story in the left ear about the wild west and a fairytale going on in the right eat at the same time.

    This forces the mind to…”

    Now I have to read the book.. I have been doing that for years.. I was a work aholic and didn’t have time to carry a book so I would put one player in one ear and one on the car stereo or another player and play the book.. ( this is hard to believe but as a bar trick when I was a kid I would bet a drink that I could write with one hand and draw with the other LOL ( I might add this is really hard you really have to have your mind empty or you cannot do it the moment you think about doing it you cannot.. like moving your hands one going one direction one the other.. same thing.. if you think about it at all both hands will move in the same direction) or my favorite and easier stand an egg on end or resuscitate a drowned fly a real money maker and drink taker LOL LOL ) One book playing in one ear and another one playing in the other.. I still do that but will be reading and listening..

    • when I started going blind I had all kinds of people offer to read for me.. they never would understand how I read though and would drive them absolutely nuts.. I will start a book then read a chapter or a page etc. then research that information even on I maybe have twenty web pages open checking every angle. .. some books up to twenty before I am satisfied at the content.. it drives everyone including the librarians nuts.. but that is how I read..

      similar to what happened yesterday.. a gentleman at the local coffee spot started to comment on solar.. I gave him my viewpoint.. and said the power companies are basically begging for everyone to do it..
      years ago they had a round table on a local news station and mentioned that the three biggest electric power companies in the region would have to raise rates five hundred percent in twentyfive years no matter if there was an increase in consumption or not..
      he said that wasn’t a for sure figure.. well that is the figure they have in their mind.. this years increase.. amounted to seven cents an hour or about one percent of the average laborers income.. if a small company has ten employees with their increase and the increase in the utilities of the company their monthly expenditure will be about two grand a month a little more or less just an average if they gave the ten employees and themselves the one percent increase to compensate.. now.. everyone they do business with has had the same increase.. what most companies do is like boiling frogs.. they see the minor increase in the company expenses and the decrease in sales.. and instead of giving the employees a one percent increase and increasing the prices of their goods to compensate will cut hours.. this standing from another perspective goes in different directions as well.. eventually the price differences will have to be increased.. and the price change will be dramatic.. and hyper inflation.. for me I love to stand and read the one view.. but stand back and look at the same issue from different perspectives and outcomes.. by reading material that move at the same issue from another angle..
      What I am really waiting for is for congress to realize some of this crap that was written in some of the bills that they passed without reading LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL boy are they going to be shocked and excited.. I just hope some news media camera man is there with a camera to share that moment with the people LOL .. I am curious how many bought a KY Jelly to help them adjust during those times of mental awareness of their sheer stupidity and arogance during the days of the macarena when the lobbyists are being so nice to them LOL LOL..

      • That’s similar to how I read. First chapter, last chapter, index, bibliography. If it hooks my interest, I read the whole thing. If not, go on to another book. Why waste your time on something you might not be interested in?

      • That’s how I read and learn too, 20 plus pages open at the same time, reading 4 or 5 books at a time, quickly know when to move on, looking for the details that pop out over time, they stand up like sentinals of wisdom once you know what you are doing.

  2. As a youngster, I could sit in a crowded room and pick out individual voices. I would listen to one then tune them out and listen to another. Now, as I age a bit, I can’t stand to be in a crowd. Not only can I not pick out the individuals now, but it all blurs together. It’s hell to get old.

    • And I like to do something different in the same situation – I try to NOT hear the words people are speaking but simply hear the sounds they are making. That is, uncouple the sound-to-word/meaning association.

  3. Many thanks for the Walt Wagner suggestion. Listening now. Went back to I.
    There are also Johann Sebastian Bach’s pieces. An hour or so of following his ‘3-D’, melody/countermelody compositions settles my internal gyroscope. Seems most any classical music tends to be grounding. Some more than others–Bach and Richard Wagner are a couple of my favorites for this.

  4. I think Bach was doing this with 4 organs with the listener sitting in the middle. I am not sure about the distance to the listener or the variations in the organs. It did alter the listener’s perception of reality

  5. static and dynamic with sacs of Intriguement
    Where is Bach ,Beethoven an Sebastian ,
    Did they all desert me for Walt Wagner? Lol

  6. Western music appears to have come from Hermetic principles that became a part of the general consciousness during the renaissance when they solved the Pythagoras Comma unifying the natural harmonic sequence. This led to music becoming a contrapuntal experience – i.e., multiple independent musical lines functioning simultaneously.

    Then there’s the Monroe Institutes HemiSync program that functions on a more basic set of frequencies that came out over 20 years ago.

  7. Check out the Monroe Institute and their work on “Hemi-Sync” tm technology. You might want to invest in one of their on-campus courses, or lay down $100 for one of their CD series.

  8. Hi George, I always wanted to ask, since you’re a recording and radio guy: WHY do so many commercials on the radio have some moronic “music”, often as little as alternating between two highly harmonic tones, as someone drones on rapidly in a monotone voice about some product or service. The combination of the annoying “music” and whatever the guy is talking about is so distracting to my driving that I have to turn off the radio! I rarely even remember the name of the product or what it does, which completely defeats the point of a commercial.

    Why do a voice-over when it requires full concentration to eliminate the “music” so you can understand what they’re even saying?

    • The most irritating shit has the highest recall and the idea is to get highest recall in four or five exposures to the same (shitty) ads.

      • George:

        You’re absolutely correct. From copy writing to studio production, everything is calculated to seep those audio ads as deeply into the listen’s brain as possible.

        Back when I was doing V.O.’s in a major market [some 33 years ago] I preferred to write my own copy [I had an advertising b/g and began as a Copywriter] but rarely enjoyed that luxury. Instead, some hot-shot AE in an agency cubicle did that and frequently their skills peaked during the conceptualization phase. As “talent” it was my job to make sense out of the garbage they wrote and squeeze 30-sec of copy into a 15-sec spot while struggling to make it something worth listening to.

        I’d always cringe when I saw a “Production Assistant” hovering around a studio when I worked because I knew it would be a battle. My long-standing policy was to prepare only four different readings for a spot and make them fight for anything else. And, I’m proud today that I would usually nail a spot in only a couple of takes. Trouble is, during post-production they could easily butcher even the best copy/reading with crappy editing -or worse- layering in some tacky tune bought from a cheap jingle house.

        The best spots are those that not only make you listen but also smile a little – because those are the reactions that translate into product revenue. But, the simple truth is that few V.O.’s are memorable for the voice alone [unless you’re an instantly-recognizable James Earl Jones] – it’s usually the background track of a really catchy original tune or [more commonly] an old standard that has been reworked to trigger nostalgic memories in the listener.

        I’m GLAD I exited that industry long ago, but at least it left me understanding why there is so much crap on the air today… and how it gets there.

      • The “ding – dong” “music” sticks in my mind, but it’s so painful and distracting that I immediately turn off the radio, and often forget to turn it back on for 1/2 hour or so. It’s irritating, but I can’t remember a word of whatever products they’re trying to sell. I do seem to recall that there are at least two products or services using the same horrible noise as background, but have no idea what they are. I would think most people would turn off a radio when encountering horrible noise(even that awful CONELRAD screech:), and certainly anything with a siren or engine type noise on it. Driving requires attention and I won’t listen to that crap even at home.

  9. Training both halves of the brain… independently. Left-Handed people are generally better at this. My HS buddy is an EEG tech who has done lifetime brain studies. ‘Lefties’ are more likely to be ambidextrous. Studies have shown we have a larger inter-cortical nerve bundle connecting the two halves of the brain, so are better able to translate the ‘dreaming’ half into the physical reality/motor half. We score better on IQ tests because of this. But it takes training and concentration to utilize this. Left untrained, in extreme, one is ‘dyslexic’ and has difficulty sorting right/left. Dyslexic people who have been trained to adapt to their (perceived) “handicap” turn out to be highly intelligent and adaptable.

    The most extreme ambidextrous individual I ever knew like this could sign his name in script on a check… backwards. (Hold it to a mirror to see signature) The REAL trick was… he could do this with either hand! But he really had to pay attention to his left/right symmetry. I used to call him “Doctor Dyslexia”. He would wire a terminal block of color-coded wires exactly in reverse order and not recognize he did this until I pointed it out to him. Whereupon he shrugs and says… “But they’re in the right order!”

    Point is… each half of the brain can be trained independently, and when they communicate, the total effect is far beyond what the ‘average’ (right-handed-ony) person can do.

  10. Hey George, Robert Monroe has an institute that uses this method, which he called Hemi Sync, which was really pioneered in the thirties called “Frequency Following Response”. There is also a musician named Aleksi Perälä that created The Colundi Sequence. The music incorporates all of the above. Note, it has taken me about three years of nightly practice to focus my consciousness with this method. Well worth it.

  11. Oh, so you want multiple inputs do you?

    Take a look at Passive Brain Fitness. The originator, Jeffrey Gignac, has a free trial offer going on right now for his latest product — the link below will only be up for a few days, perhaps the end of June. He is doing video with binaural beats (like Monroe), isochronic tones, and the video is synchronized to the audio so you get the visual cortex activated as in light goggles, AND you get eye tracking which is like EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and on and on and on. This guy has layered so much into his videos you can feel the effect quickly.


    ……and no, I have no financial stake in this — darn it!

    If this were Sci***ology or a major name ‘guru’ this work would cost you thousands. Tens of thousands. This man is not fleecing you. He is empowering you to make a better life.

  12. Coming soon… Lol lol it’s refreshing to know im not the only one that does that.. I have been reading my whole life like that.. And your spotin to..when reading fifty news stories about the same issue the true story just pops out at you.. When I was ten or eleven I would have to write it down..

  13. I guess there was a run on the Hypno CD, as there is now just one used copy available, for $746.98..

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