Coping: With High “Personal Noise Levels”

I suppose you’re wondering what a high “personal noise level” is?

Let’s take it from the top:  Although it might be more enjoyable for some, the world we live in (more or less together) is a 100% analog place.  To make matters more confusing, we’re trying to pretend that it’s a partly digital place.

As a result, we’re completely hosed-up.  We’re so confused (did I mention gullible, too?) that we don’t know even the simplest analog details like whether we’re plumbed for external use or internal use, if you know what I mean.  Dissonance at every turn and we add to the clutter with food, drink, drugs, and other inputs that muddy the water even more…

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Because schools don’t teach bedrock values any more (the 10 Commandments don’t seem to be at odds with any peaceful religion, collection plate aside), today’s youth are simple “contextual processors.

If it were as simple as context processors that were clocked to something as stable as the quartz crystal of  bedrock values.

But they aren’t.

Instead, the young of today (which let’s just call under 40) are free-running noise generators.  The free-running is programmed, but only after a fashion, by free-running late night hosts, twits, facebookers, tinder tinder, and whatever else.

The “personal noise” results from having a set of core values and having to measure so much against them.

Yesterday, I was pissed that no one has moved to censure congressdope Maxine Waters for suggesting a violent act against the sitting President.

But sometime after noon, Monday I calmed down.  Maxine Waters would not likely win office in Texas.  Sure, in California, different story.

Perhaps that’s because people in California are not well educated.  Even a cursory look at their state budget oughta put that question to rest.  Besides, maybe, since Maxine is 79, this is how decline works in old age.  I should cut her some slack.

I hung up the phone, deciding not to call a conservative talk show and raise the question with Snerdly.

Personal noise is like that;

Events are being constantly tossed, like big rocks, into the otherwise calm pond of mind.

They start as little ripples in the middle of an issue, but then they work their way out.  They get traction, and from traction to distraction, and God forbid from distraction to action – which is why I’m pissed at Waters.

We scan a huge number of sources with our toolkit.  The website where we look at RSS news feeds from a few interesting sources.  And then the Nostracodeus software runs.  Toss in the daily “news budget” ginned up from a dozen “event calendars” for the day, and a scan of sites like Drudge, the northeast power-minion papers, and it does get to be a bit much.

So I made a little pact with myself.

  1.  Turn off all news content after I’m  done writing until the next morning.
  2. Don’t engage in writing social media content. The “jam-it-up Ure’s” of the social media business model is that they have hoaxed us – the public – into creating their content.  It’s like getting in on the ground floor of “Mob starting.”  I don’t think it ends well.
  3. I don’t listen to talk radio often.  I’ve suggested to Elaine (who will catch a Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, or Savage from time-to-time, that she give it up.  “Look, darling, the world is nuts.  Can we keep it at bay from breakfast until about 5 AM tomorrow?”
  4. There is a ton of alternative content. Amazon’s Alexa plays all kinds of interesting music on demand.  (Still pissed Google has spat on PC users by not rolling out a Google Home asp for us, BTW.  It’s not the $50 bucks, its the presumptiveness that phones are all that matters…)
  5. Then there are Ted Talks and the Ted-X series, as well.
  6. Over lunch Monday, we were amazed just to watch a few birds.  One in particular was smaller than a child’s hand and I swear it was louder than a home invasion alarm.

Do You Have any “thinking time?”

Cal Newport’s previously recommended book “Deep Work” makes it abundantly clear.  We need to spend time every day working not on the “noise” issues, but on the “deep” issues.

If you’ve noticed a shift in my columns lately, it’s because I’m trying to stay focused on what is really important in life.  What of our seven major systems (food, shelter, communications, energy, environment, finance, and transportation) REALLY matter or REALLY have a deliverable associated with them that’s not optional?

Other than the non-optionals, where’s your life going?  Who’s doing the programming?

If you’re not spending at least an hour a day with a planner of some kind, I bet you’re not really in charge.  It just seems like it.

In my half-hour of quiet planning time, here’s what my list of upcoming “Coping Section” articles looked like.  If you think of something you’d like to see added, send me a note.  Pleased to do it.  We’re here to entertain (and maybe inform) you.

On the Peoplenomics side, I’m working on a subscriber workbook.  It’s being written to fill in the knowledge gaps for those (new subscribers) who haven’t been trading stocks since 1970, like this old guy I saw in the mirror this morning.

The quiet time list has me finishing Dimensions Next Door.  The main proofing was done this week, and if you’re a proof-reading volunteer, it should be in your hands by this time next week as a PDF.

More exciting, though, our quest for the grand unified theory of UFOs and time warps and foo fighters, Philadelphia Experiment and more, seems to be on a new track…

Point is, you can’t drive distracted, so why FB in the car?  It’s a testament to stupid.

What I’m getting to is that Distracted Living is an even bigger crime.  But the only victims are ourselves.

Maybe, because modern life has become such a context-only, free-running circus, anymore, it doesn’t matter to most folks.

But it does matter around here.  When the clock on your life runs faster (as I assure you it does as we age) you’ll despise every moment wasted on pointless (read: zero payoff) returns on effort.

So our bottom line?

Waste not a minute, want not a Life.

Report from Old Man Labs

Attention Chronicle Project!  We may have found another mistranslation in modern Bibles to look into.  The idea arises because we have been running the data on Acacia species (as use to build the Ark) and “Hello Saskatchewan, we have a problem.”  Something doesn’t make sense.

By way of background:  We began working on the problem Monday, but it is a concept that is hard to describe.

If you’ve been following our progress hints, though, let’s just say that there may be a specific set of conditions under which a new phenomenon might be hiding.  Strangely, it has to do with relative humidity, acoustical impedance, and Acacia wood.

If you’ve ever walked across the carpet on a cold day and zapped the bejeezus out of yourself from static build-up due to leather or rubber soles, it may be that local relative humidity may control a vast array of phenomenon.  Everything from UFO’s to foo fighters, to the Ark of the Covenant.

So how many references are there to Acacia in the Bible?  Depends on which version you select.  29.  Bible Gateway shows this New International Version entry which relates to our research:

“[ The Ark ] “Have them make an ark of acacia wood—two and a half cubits long, a cubit and a half wide, and a cubit and a half high.”

No problem?  Wrong.  A cubit (sacred) is a bit over 25-modern inches in length.  So a cubit and a half wide would be how wide?  37-1/2 inches.

Now the problem:  It seems odd to us (since most Acacias are native to Australia) that a tree which is generally short, scruffy, and hard to get a 6-by-6 out of, would be called out in the real specifications.

So we have to “send up the question” about Exodus 25:10 because while Acacia for the carrying poles would be a piece of cake, we need to know the right acacia.  Remember, the larger African Acacias are thorny and such.  Who was hauling around slabs of acacia in Biblical times?

Or, who has monkeyed with the description of the Ark because while there may be some compelling science to be found here, what would have been doing in joinery or glue to build such an Ark?

Damn missing details – or trickery/obfuscation, if you ask us.

Also of interest?  If you burn the toast this morning, it’s OK.  That’s the smell of the finest burnt gain offering you’re likely to find.  From what our research is turning up, the Almighty likes the smell of burned wheat.

It’s not a trivial issue because the acoustic transmission speed of wood is all over the place and it would be nice to know which acacia (nilotica?) is being referenced.

Gosh, research can be tedious.  Would more burned toast to curry favor help, I’m wondering?

Write when you get rich,

31 thoughts on “Coping: With High “Personal Noise Levels””

  1. I drive all day. I wear ear plugs and hardly ever turn on the tunes. Maybe for an hour a day, morning show, a little adtenew talk radio. Gives me time to think.

      • Drime, blinders won’t work. Ears open to peaceful blissful harmonious silence, eyes open to all the beauty in the world, spirit open to God’s kindnesses manifested through human kind, and heart open with love. That’s how it is.

    • Just delivered a load of scrap at Pac Iron this morning. Great job on that rebuild of 4th South! Glad I don’t live there anymore!

  2. The amount of adverts on the shows is increasing and even the show host is trying to sell stuff. How many minutes in an hour is actually devoted to takable subject matter ? Tee Vee isn’t any better and they even repeat adverts during the same break. Usually when the adverts come on, I get up and walk away for a break, often forgetting to return. Most likely just me ….

  3. “Even a cursory look at their state budget oughta put that question to rest.”

    Lol lol I use to read the bills before congress that they refuse to read and the national budget.. Because all of it was as entertaining as Winnie the pooh books.
    Brings to question the intelligence of our leaders.

  4. George,
    What would you have done different 10 years ago? Less land? Land takes allot of time, but does have health benefits. Saw a 97 year old neighbor down the road hand digging fence posts.
    Love the morning shows alternate between Maria, Becky, WBAP 820 and Bo and Jim. Everything else is crap. Love 2hr plus you tube concerts, have music playing in shop. Now is a good time to go fishing too!

  5. Hi, George,

    I wonder if protecting your estate from guardianship firms, the ones that “help” those who need assistance in managing their affairs and accounts, might be considered as a relevant addition to your new list of coping articles. I have read horror stories about these guardianship firms that operate under the blessing of the state but do not adhere to the accounting rules of the state. These firms rob and empty the accounts of those they are hired to competently manage and, so far, the state has yet to pursue any recourse against them. Thanks.

    • Hi George,

      I have to agree with Nancy. Guardianship abuse is one of the worst corruptions of our time and it never gets press. There’s often an unholy alliance between insider lawyers, their “Guardianship” firms, and judges in the relevant court systems. Hospitals and nursing homes are involved, and if they think a patient is unhappy with “care” and might refuse to pay, they have been known to get psychiatrists to declare the patient “incompetent”(failure to know things such as day of week or month can be indications??!). If someone is in a hospital in a dazed condition for months on end, that person will certainly be less than aware of the current day. Courts have been known to set aside family guardianship in favor of these firms, and I’ve actually seen that happen. I don’t think it’s limited to any state or region. I also don’t know any way around it other than to leave the country or hide your assets. Courts can even review trust arrangements and change them to their liking.

  6. I grew up in a noisy household. When I moved out on my own, I immediately enjoyed silence. The car radio is rarely turned on, and my cat and I generally live in stillness. It recharges me and helps balance the world’s insanity and incessant sensory assault.

  7. Regarding your problem with the wood used to build ‘the Ark’ (which may be just an interesting story), whether it holds all of the species of Earth or is a communication device with God – I see some problems – 1. whatever translation you use from the actual written word may be wrong. 2. the type of wood that you reference, may be extinct or is now called by a different name. 3. The distribution of said wood could have changed over the years as the place where the Ark was said to originate from has changed climate. The one ‘bright spot’ is that it may be possible to research who were the traders in the region at that time and where they were trading goods.

    • The Hebrew word ??????? (G P R) (there are no vowel in Hebrew) is transliterated as goper or gopher.
      Noun. rare – pinewood (wood of the pine); biblical – gopher wood. Tee itsellesi arkki honkapuista, … Make for yourself an ark of gopher wood, … (Genesis 6:14)

      I had a pastor once explain that pitch was used as a binder and water proofing agent.
      Is this what gopher wood is.. Who knows.
      I do like the thought that here’s a man.. I know his kids helped him just to keep him from hounding them.. My kids do that to me. Everyone in the high plains seen it.. I a

      • I am fairly confident that while he was building it.. people would walk by and ask.. Hows it going NOAH.. then laugh as they would talk about him at the local coffee shop.. hey does he know where hes living LOL LOL.. build a boat in the middle of the plains miles away from any water.. LOL LOL LOL..
        I wonder how many people today have true foresight.. in the Mormon church they talk about it almost every meeting.. yet there is what an estimated fifteen percent that actually take heed.. most of them see it as the huge endeavor that needs to be done at one time.. I have always said.. its one can.. just one can..
        Years ago I was pretty down huge medical bills very few people worked the kind of hours I did it all seemed useless.. then one day I was talking to an old friend.. I said.. god I feel like the dumb squirrel in the cage running on that wheel.. I just don’t know how these people do it.. the friend said.. do you put your change in a jar.. no.. he said then. I am willing to bet they do it isn’t the dollars you start with but the pennies..
        there was one man I was exceptionally jealous of.. I guess because I know deep down I am not a real box of rocks.. but he knew the secret. then came working off the hospital bill for a year I worked three full time jobs and a part time job.. roughly 140 to 160 hours a week.. about killed me.. at the end the hospital gave me the opportunity to keep my position with benefits and I quit.. the man I was jealous of applied for it.. I peeked my curiosity had the best of me.. I had to know.. he actually was making two dollars an hour less than I did.. the difference was in perspective.
        A young lady was talking to me last night she is almost like a grand daughter to me.. she was considering pursuing a career without the sheet of paper on the wall. I told her hun I dumbed myself down in high school to fit in and came from moderate income family. I couldn’t get into college at all because I did that.. don’t do it.. the only college paper I got was when I had to have two years of college in and challenged the tests at george washington university just so I could go to a class I wanted to take ( that was a hoot to. the guy gave me this your an idiot speech because I was going to challenge it without even cracking a book and after wards gave me the I have never seen anyone do that before talk LOL)( now you can get any of those classes online from just about every college a couple of really good schools in india) . so young lady go to school get that piece of paper land yourself a good job.. the paper itself isn’t worth much except for what you have learned and the corporations understand that you had the tenacity to hang tough to get it..most companies after you are hired on teach you the job needed. don’t quit school till you have the degree.. if you take a year off the odds are great life will hit you hard and you won’t ever go back..

  8. Concentrate on the little ripples as you say and that’ll make it easier every day to see things as they form

    Wow sinsations are connected with the body, emotions add the reactions of the mine. Feeling is a term popularly denoting what is felt weather through the body or by the Mind alone, and includes both sensation and emotion.

    A sense is an Organ or faculty of sensation or of perception.

    Most of the time this is learned as a small Lion or Lana when you’re very young and other times Its when a form of terrorism enters your life

    A window in the atmosphere opens up and people who know you think you have theramic fever.

    Some people will just say hey go take an Advil and chill out.

      • That little bit of exercise of digging that post hole is what keeps him alive compared to the people who are what’s the word sedentary and don’t do anything

        Hey George I’ll give you $40 for a subscription if you’ll help this little psychic lady out that’s 40 years old has some kids and is really good
        And if you don’t think she’s really good after your pleasantries
        Let us know
        I believe this is where the future lies or I should say doesn’t lie so that we can experience some of the truth that are being held back from us

  9. Wrong on cubit length – a “short” cubit was about 18″ but a “long” cubit was about 22″. It was the length of the forearm to the middle finger. Cubits were a typical form of measure before standardized measurements. It is thought cubits were the “perfect” form of measurement in ancient times.

  10. George

    In answer to “Do You Have any “thinking time?”” I say I do!

    For example it has bothered me that scientist say we can observe with telescopes the early universe after the Big Bang no matter what direction you look.

    Say What!!

    Let do a little thinking and perform a mind experiment on the Big Bang. In theory the universe started as a ultra condensed speck of energy stuff. For some reason this speck exploded in every direction to form the universe. So now you have a spherical bunch of Stuff hurling outward at some speed probably greater than Warp one and leaving nothing at it’s original origin point. So at some point this sphere of stuff cools down and Matter forms and Light is released. All this matter and light is traveling outward and away from the origin point in a huge sphere and also leaving a huge void in it’s wake. So how can we see back in time to observe the very early universe if nothing is there?? In my youth I was involved in amateur astronomy and believed in the Big Bang. Not any more!

  11. Here’s one for you let’s say that your system is putting out 4260 volts but you only got 11 watch coming out of all the clouds and you got it mttp now what would happen if you take another mttp and put it in on the 11 watch that are coming in will that reproduce and make it better you know more watts and then if we take another mmttpa and put that in line after the second one hey do we have something going on here what I’m going to try that a 30 amp TTP for 70 bucks on Amazon or is it eBay I don’t remember okay y’all have a good day bye

  12. If you want to get a better handle on the Chronicle Project, you might want to have a peek at the source material.

    You can rejigger the Hebrew all you like, but until you read the Sumerian Texts and Tablets, you will still get mistranslations.

  13. I’m glad you mentioned the quickening of time passage this morning George. I vividly remember looking at the oncoming new year – 2017 – and feeling a bit overwhelmed at working through it. Now here we are ¾ of the way through it. The past weeks of windmill repair, installing new lights and wires in the old ranch house, roof and car repair and other things getting ready for the hunters to show up on the ranch in a week or so have really filled the days to the point careful scheduling needs to be done each morning to get at least one job completed each day.

    I miss The Chronicle Project’s periodic
    newsletters. I hope Chris starts producing them again, or, if he has he lets me know where he’s published them. They’d be worth a subscription price.

    I don’t know if I read it in Chris’ writings or some other source but an interesting thing about burnt offerings being so enticing to Yahweh, especially barbeque, was that this odor was very similar to that produced by the air systems on the E.T. space craft, something to do with the air regeneration/purification process. I suppose if you were used to that odor and were spending a lot of time on a very backward planet full of malodorous sources such things would bring back a certain nostalgia for lonesome star travelers.

    Off topic here, I don’t know if you, George, have an active input for the Google ad line up that displays at the middle and bottom of your daily articles but, the inclusion of the link to your article on Haters reminded me of a submission by another commenter I enjoy reading, EcuadorExpat, in which he suggested that a previous commenter to that article may not have known about certain events leading up to Pearl Harbor and WWII. EE’s main point is a valid one: Everyone’s heroes die eventually. But I can certify that the previous writer did, indeed, know about certain facts the Roosevelt Administration withheld from the public prior to the famous attack. Given the atrocities already committed by the Japanese being a harbinger of things to come if active engagement wasn’t initiated soon America’s tree had to be rattled out of its isolationist stance. Governments do this as did Churchill with the sacrifice of the Lusitania so We, The People, always need to be aware of our cannon fodder position. Another source for exposing America’s legends is over here at James Corbett’s video with James Perlof – Apparently Adams, Revere and others were past masters at subterfuge and rabble-rousing. Even the recent AMC series “Turn” brought out the fact that Nathan Hale’s famous last words “I only regret that I have but one life…” was a bit of propaganda from the American side. Hale died with honor and composure according to one British diary entry but the quote is in doubt.

    • Oh, also, the presence of “arks” in ancient Egypt was something Moses would have been very aware of since he received the education of an Egyptian prince. Whether or not the function of a communication device was a modification instructed by Yahweh or a continuation of Egyptian priestly tech we’ll probably never know until Christ comes back and sets things straight.

  14. On the next coping section I will show you or maybe tell you about how to make a quantum tool rack off of your wall

  15. Ahhh, good old Acacia.

    Being a Mason, and an esoterically minded one at that, I’ll shine a little light on that particular tree. you can do plenty of research yourself, it’s all out there, but the Acacia tree holds some significance to the story of Hiram Abiff in Masonry.

    He was found dead near a sprig of acacia. In modern masonry, this alludes to many things, but us esoterically minded Masons think that the tree held some rather alternative significances in biblical times. For instance, did you know that quite a few acacia species have hallucinogenic properties when prepared correctly? Usually The Roots…

    So… Was he building an actual ark, or was he building an ark of the mind with Acacia?

    Many Christians (I am not one, but that doesn’t matter) take the Bible quite literally, but that’s just foolish. it is, however, a very wise and powerful book if allegory is used as a way to interpret it.

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