Coping: Friday at the Wujo

Before we left for the Pacific Northwest, Elaine and I has a “shared Wujo” moment about two weeks back that I’ve been meaning to mention to you.  It started simply enough:  As you’ll remember, I have gotten seriously into sour dough bread-making of late and I’d done a starter off Alaska sourdough which is really, really, 10-pounds on it you don’t watch it, good.

Where’s the flour?” was what I asked and I’d been looking through the pantry in the kitchen for about 3-4 minutes. 

It should be on the third shelf…” came Elaine’s answer.  So I kept on looking, but (*no surprise here) to no avail.  “You sure?”

So Elaine who’d been working on her book came over and looked, too.  We both knew it was a five pound sack, in a plastic bag, so we methodically looked on each shelf, top to bottom.  It was nowhere to be seen.

Just write it down on my list and I’ll pick some up tomorrow when I go into town.  I have to go in for my chiropractor appointment, anyway,” she suggested, knowing the sourdough starter could go another day without feeding, but also perplexed since we knew there was a half a sack of flour left…

Just then I thought to myself: “Hold it G…I wonder if this is one of those wujo moments that people are describing all the time?”

Sure enough, after telling myself it might be, I did a couple of affirmations (telling Universe I got the joke) and giving permission for the flour to reappear. 

And sonovabitch if I didn’t open the pantry to find the flour – neatly in its bag on the top shelf – where both of us had studiously looked (and I mean through everything) not two minutes earlier!

I made a note to tell you about it because this wasn’t just one of us…this was two of us, 11 AM, both of us well-rested, unmedicated (one glass of wine the previous evening) and both somewhat perplexed as to where the flour had wandered off to. Both in the middle of work days and it was just…well…damn strange, for sure!

Ours is not the only case as this emailed report from reader Scott this week reminds us:

Morning George,

I’ve been reading your column for several years now and really appreciate your views. Helps me make a little more sense out of this senseless world.
I’ve got some wujo for you. I have small things happen quite often, keys move from where you lay them down, missing pen turn up a few days later, etc. I’ve had several ‘events’ over the years that stand out and have been meaning to share them with you. Had a couple new ones in the last few day and finally had a few moments to write.

Case # 1 disappearing semi truck
Approx 8 years ago the family and I were traveling from North central KS to visit the in-laws who live in Tyler, TX. It was late night/early morning as we didn’t get away until after work. We were on the Indian Nation Turnpike and there wasn’t much traffic at that hour. We had been following the same semi since Tulsa, both traveling at the same speed. I remember him having a pike pass as he only slowed down for the toll gates.

We had gone a couple miles past the McDonald’s rest stop and toll gate at Hwy 3 and he was 1/4 mile or so ahead of us as we had to stop to pay with cash. It’s low rolling hills in that area. Just enough up and down to lose sight of the semi for a few seconds at a time.

The wife and I were talking listening to the radio when we came over the top of a hill and the semi was no longer there!

The wife and I both noticed at the same time, it was just gone – vanished. There are no exits, no pullouts, no rest areas, it hadn’t pulled over, no way he sped up enough to get out of our sight. If it’s lights had gone out he would of pulled over or slowed down and we would have seen him. I even sped up some and watched for him until the TX state line. Nothing.

Case #2 disappearing bicycle
Since the time of disappearing semi I went thru a divorce and moved to another small town. A couple years ago it’s the middle of the day on a weekend, sun shining beautiful day.

A couple friends and I were in my truck going over to another friends house for a BBQ. We are going down a city street following a guy (late teen/early 20’s) on a bicycle.

We are the only ones on the street. He’s riding at a good clip and is several car lengths in front of us. All of a sudden he turns left and crosses a yard and goes behind a garage. He’s out of our site maybe 1/2 a second. But he’s completely gone, not there. It’s the back side of the garage, only building on the lot, no doors on that side, a fence attached on the other side dividing yards.

My friend in the front seat notices and asked where he’s gone. The street has a high curb and my friend in the back seat says that he rode THRU the curb as if it wasn’t there. It clicks with us that yes he did seam to do that, no bump, no slowing down, just smooth traveling like up a drive – that’s not there. We drove around the block twice looking for where he could have gone. He was just no longer there.

I’ve had 2 in the last week.

First my oldest son lives with me, wife, and step-son and is always tinkering on something in his room and has tools around. 

He got laid off his job last Wednesday and left last Thursday around noon to go visit his mother for a few days.

Friday morning I noticed a small Allen wrench laying in the kitchen floor in front of the refrigerator. I assumed it fell out of his pocket when he was leaving. Why the other 3 of us didn’t noticed it Thursday night, fixing dinner, getting drinks, etc I have no idea.

Anyway I was getting ready for work so just picked it up and put it on top of the microwave. It stayed there all weekend. When I come home from work one of the first things I do is go in the living room and feed my fish.

Monday I go to feed them and the Allen wrench is in the fish tank partially buried standing up at about a 45 degree angle. I remember seeing it on the microwave that morning while getting my lunch ready. And yes there is a cover on my tank.

Next we have several decorative candles around the house.

One of the larger ones weighs a couple pounds, in a metal ‘shadow’can and sits next to the TV on the stand.

The wife and I watched a movie Monday night everything was in order and in place when we went to bed. Tuesday morning we get up to go to work and the candle is sitting in the center of the living room floor.

My wife, step son and I are all baffled by these 2 events.

Thanks for posting these types of stories. Lets us know we aren’t losing our minds, or if we are we aren’t alone in doing so.
Scott “

And thanks to Scott for the report..

We had a couple of other wujo-like experiences while driving up here.  Not the least of which is passing the same truck – twice – which even Elaine, who’s not big on wujo-spotting – mentioned as a “Hey!  Didn’t we pass that truck a while back?

I didn’t make a big deal about it, but it was odd as hell.  The truck had some distinctive markings on it, including the placement and angle of one of those “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you” stickers.

I didn’t make a big deal about it, but quietly, even relaxed about the whole thing, I am quietly watching such things.  Another suspect was the same C.R. Englander truck, but I didn’t make note of the license plates.

A lot of these events, I think, come down to the idea that two things are going on.  The first is that like an imperfect video game, Universe, which we know to be a complex wave function, is constantly creating and recreating itself trillions of times per second.  It may have something to do with why terahertz waves work the way they do, and if may also have something to do with Dean Radin’s work which shows people perceive the future at a physical level, some number of seconds before it even gets here.

So one aspect of living is that quantum physics tells us that such deviations from everything happening on schedule is possible although we’re not taught to consciously see the oddities coming along like they do.

And the second point has to do with how our minds have been molded by television and contemporary cultural boundaries to reject – turn away from – what may be millions of small-scale discontinuities of the time-space continuum.  Yet, it seems highly probable (to me, anyway) that it is this is the land where higher beings, shamans, and other advanced realities live.  There may be something of a borderland that we’re just not aware of.

Somehow, this is all a life and death matter, too.  Since the consciousness that inhabits the bag of skin and bones has to live in concert with a collection of laws that govern how Universe really works, whether we fully comprehend them, or not.  And so, seems to me, what’s needed is a kind of non-denominational toolkit which would not only address the structure of the arriving wave front that collides into what we take to be “reality” but also some much more refined tools to modify the arriving events somewhat to our own liking a bit more.

Yes, I understand that is what a lot of religions attempt to do, but most of them impose toll booths along the way, and keep much of the material hidden – no matter what the price – and even then, only a few Adepts within any spiritual practice really seem to hold the kind of power we’re talking about here.  And although they claim to be sharing it, it’s often cloaked with so much dogma that it’s hard seeing through the smoke and ritual part to get right to the manipulation of the underlying physics part.

So if you have such a practice worked out, let me know.  One of the best I’ve come across so far in our consulting astrologer’s “Miracle Money Technique” which I wrote up a while back.  That seems to work fine, but even that one doesn’t give me “How much do I want Universe to deliver to my bank account this week?”  Instead, it’s a matter of gratitude, expectation, and some thanks, but I’m not sure exactly on how the mix works.  Maybe she could enlighten us more on these points.

I seem to recall that works for non-money things, too, but as a recovering reductionist, I keep looking for the clearance priced heavy power tools from the Harbor Freight of Universe.  Clue welcome, but not involved religious practices.  This is about finding the power tools and the socket set to go with it.

Dream Center

Been a while since I have mentioned our National Dream Center project, but it’s alive and kicking, thank you.  The most interesting dream to come in is one about a kind of rolling into sink holes in Europe which is curious, but we will be looking for sink holes on the far side of the pond in coming weeks and months, it seems.

And a reader sent in this note about an app that’s looking for funding to help develop a new program to help people note of and remember their dreams…  Anyway, thanks to Walt and Susan for finding this crowd funding effort and sending it along.

Oh…don’t forget that there is a delay of a day or two before dreams are posted.  We manually/humanely review them.  But if I get another southern California car dealer spamming the site with fake postings, Ures truly is on wander-about right now so I could drop by for an ass-kicking or confessional about why the bullshit/sleazy marketing.  In fact, I may add a list of Crummy Merchants who Spam this Site just to show who’s spamming. 

Say…another million dollar idea there: a National Spam Hall of Shame which lists unsolicited spammers and could be offered as a plugin of sites to avoid… just saying…

Reader Rob Who “Gets It”

Another week, another awakened human:

Hello George,

Sitting here this morning on my second cup of coffee reading your column it all became clear!

Our War Years or Follow The Money-

Bush2/Cheney & the Republicans took control of the government & the first thing they did was rollback the taxes on the wealthy & corporations. Not long after that we were attacked in NYC & DC by a handful of Saudis, in answer to that we made a major shift in personal liberty and invaded both Iraq & Afghanistan.

The wars were financed with borrowed money, borrowed money is good as everyone gets a piece as it flows through their hands and the interest is pure profit.

This leads me to a series of questions…. How much money was spent on those two wars (let’s ignore the money spent tightening the grip on the American liberties)? Why invade those countries? Where did that money go?

I’m not even going to try & total up the dollar amount over the last

12+ years, I can’t count that high but it has been a lot.

Iraq was about loot.

Oil is the obvious one but there were other riches to be had. Think of it as corporations going Viking (think of ‘viking’ as a verb, raiding after the spring crops are planted, gathering loot & slaves then returning for the harvest & winter).

They went into Iraq and made money. Lot’s & lot’s of money. It wasn’t just the Iraq loot & oil, it was all the trucks & bombs & bullets & shoes & air conditioners & generators & oil and everything that can be bought from a corporation. Even labor in the mess halls and as ‘contractors’ (we can’t talk of Iraq without mentioning Halliburton & Blackwater).


Afghanistan is known for three things. It has never been conquered.

It is still in the 15th century, an area controlled by tribal warlords. It’s drugs (opium & hashish) are known world wide.

Alexander The Great tried, the British Empire tried, the Soviet Union tried and we are still there. Afghanistan is still a tribal area with no central control but a local religious group did control the area enough to force one religion on the people and stop the growing of the opium.

This brings us to ‘why’ Afghanistan? There is the same corporate profit motive from strong borrowing to pay for the war plus we pushed the Taliban out and allowed the poppies to start growing again.

There is a LOT of money in the illegal drug trade & not on just one side of the fence! There is enough money to finance the takeover of Mexico and greatly expand the law enforcement (liberty curtailment) in the US.

From the kid selling dope on the street corner in any American city to the guy unloading pallets of baloney & mayonnaise on any prison warehouse dock, from the DEA guy paying for his kids college education to the Coastie making enough off ‘per diem’ for a down payment on a new truck everybody profits from keeping the drugs flowing or ‘trying’ to stop the flow.

On one of my first drug patrols in 1978 the pilot said “we are going out to do our part to keep the price of drugs up on the street”, it has not changed since then.

Follow The Money.

The money! I’ll bet that if you could trace those borrowed dollars that have been flowing freely since 2001 you would find most of them pouring into corporate pockets. My guess is those pockets will be closely associated with the “Interlocking directorships” you mentioned on the 19th of September.

The only two major points to ponder (as a kind of final tuning here) would be that according to this year’s UN Assessment on Afghanistan Opium, the short-term end of poppy cultivation may have been more marketing that reality because this year’s report says in part…

“The findings of the 2013 Opium Risk Assessment in the Southern, Eastern, Western and Central regions points to a worrying situation. The assessment suggests that poppy cultivation is not only expected to expand in areas where it already existed in 2012, e.g. in the area north of the Boghra canal in Hilmand province or in Bawka district in Farah province but also in new areas or in areas where poppy cultivation was stopped. In eastern Afghanistan, in Nangarhar province, farmers resumed cultivation even in districts where poppy has not been present for the last four years. In the Northern and Northeastern region, the provinces of Balkh and Takhar which were poppy-free for many years are at risk of resuming poppy cultivation.”  (From Executive Summary, page 1 here – G)

So basically, all the warring has bought is some short-term talking points and so look for Fearless Leader to hurry up and make the most of reduced opium production quick-like before it comes back again, which per the UN report, it’s coming…

Even showing up in the NY Times. except the liberalistas who’ve swung over to the dark side/war making side, are slow to acknowledge and correct the new reality of “It’s back….”
because it really begins to reveal how intercine influence of the Narcodollar cartels run things from the back room  – by campaign contributions many-times washed!

So once again, as another week passes astern, we’re not much comforted by our observation again that in ‘Merica, it’s not that “You can’t handle the truth…”  so much as it is “You can’t find the truth…

But, it’s out there somewhere…I hope.

More tomorrow for Peoplenomics readers.… as we look at wide-spectrum survival gardening. And more here Monday as the roadies head south on Tuesday…

Write when you break even, are overcome with penetrating insights, or want to tell me you’re giving my the Publisher’s Clearinghouse winning ticket…