Coping: Friday at the WuJo — Preppers as Precogs

The more I study the reports of people’s WuJo events, the more they seem to be consistent with multiple Universes winding back and forth across each other’s path, as was described in the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum Mechanics.

While the Wikipedia entry picture of a “split” in the Multiverse illustrates one portion of how the MWI divides itself, we need to “mirror” it to show how after an “excursion” the MWI comes back to a different kind of itself.

Unfortunately, along the way, many “little things” can go wrong (Universe is a BIG place, after all) such that the comings and goings are subject to various “join errors” as tiny flaws which may (or may not) be noted by passengers of “current reality”.

You’ll see that the symbols on the “frames” of reality are related to the Schrödinger’s cat experiment, which we’ll assume you’ve read, but if not, it’s over here and is suggested before continuing.

With that as a bit of mental foreplay, we can evolve what may (perhaps) be a workable model of how the MWI changes over time and thus, is prone to tiny errors and inconsistencies:


So, How Many Axes?

In the above illustration, we can see a single-axis model of the MWI and how it plays out.  You might think of it as the classical Western/Christian/Judeo Good versus Evil, or, it may be vastly more complicated than that.

However, since the join errors  seem to be increasing in obviousness and frequency, we might consider that a MASSIVE EVENT/SHIFT is coming down the road towards us.  In fact, maybe this weekend, the Israelis really do launch an attack that wipes out their intended target but leads to a regional nuclear conflict which has blow back over many generations to come.

Part of an in-house note from G.A. Stewart of the Age of Desolation website is directly on point:

“I’ll tell you, I have this theory now about every time I turn my attention to the Dark Side by working on the site and doing an update, just bad stuff starts to happen. Do you guys see an uptick in bad WuJo as the bad Jinn dip into your lives as you follow through with your own work in exposing their plans?

So, yeah, it looks like the game is on this weekend. If it goes with Israel and Iran, expect it to get real bad very quickly.

Rearranging events on my timeline:
1) Israeli/NATO attack on Iran/Syria
2) Iran sinks 5th Fleet
3) 6th Fleet Holds its own with Russia
4) Nuclear event on the West Bank Balata al-Balad
5) Mass UFO Sightings Before or After the first Nuclear Event
6) Nuclear Event in Italy in early December that drives the Pope from the Vatican
7) Pope Francis captured in France by terrorists
8) Former-Pope Benedict XVI arranges the False Peace
Kindest Regards,”

Ah, but perhaps by simply becoming aware of the potential rip in events is enough to cause it NOT to happen, since these things may not be intended for humans to see directly, and yet we persist in trying.  Good on one side, bad Jinn on the other, and yes, this would fit with many of the world’s religious models, but each frames it differently, just as you can drive around a mountain and come up with unlimited numbers of panoramas which all tell exact truth and yet, paradoxical not entire truth.

So Back to Some Join Errors

If it seems like a fascination with the WuJo is out of place, I hope this explains why it is specifically NOT out of place and may be considered a simple, logical extension into how the future arrives, fought-over perhaps by forces of Good and Evil.  Where these, in turn, arise from, is a different problem, indeed. 

For now, the main thing in this WuJo work is to capture as many reported examples as we can solicit and see how they could all fit into a kind of mechanistic interpretation of something that’s infinitely bigger and more “squishy.”

Like this report from Linda S…


I have had 3 weird incidents with the oven in my stove. This is so strange I feel a bit crazy telling you about it. Only because  I have read similar things on your WUJO have I gathered my courage. This is the most recent incident. Here goes.

My oven does not cook evenly, so when I cook biscuits I put the timer on half the time required. Then I check them to be sure one group is not burning while the other group is raw. I warmed my oven to the required temperature setting, put the biscuits in and set the timer to 7 minutes, half the time required.

Then I went to my kitchen cabinet, got a glass out and went to the sink to get a drink of water. (a distance of about 10 feet.) As I was drinking the water the timer went off. I thought I must have set the timer wrong but when I looked in the oven the biscuits were half done!! I just stood and stared into the oven and felt the blood drain out of my head. I actually got weak in the knees. I set the timer for the rest of the cook time and the biscuits came out fine. If it had not been for reading your site I would be worrying about my sanity.

There is something seriously goofy going on in our world, George. The scariest part is that if I tell anyone in my family about what happened, they may try to have me locked up. So except for you and the other WUJU victims, mum’s the word.

God bless you, George.”

What makes the study of WuJo so critically important becomes apparent when we look at people around us and start asking questions about the future.

One of the most common answers I get from a wildly diverse spectrum of people is a kind of universal “Feeling of Dread” about what’s to come.

And, as we would anticipate, given the model described above, the closer we get to the blow-up or global catastrophe, the more people engaged in prepping in some mighty serious ways.

Which gets me to a very curious point:  Have you noticed how an almost disproportionate number of “prepper” people are what might be described as “good” people?  While there are a lot of atheists in the prepper community, to be sure, what begins to strike me is that they are reacting to this model shown above.

Which is to say they used to be “normal” and at some level they are feeling the precognitive twitchings (like the feeling of dread) and they are reacting to  the BIG EVENT SHIFT to come realizing at some preconscious level that the way to survive whatever comes will be to recognize and adapt most quickly as the survivable path into the New Normal.

So the model begins to make sense in several ways:  At the highest level view is seems to be in what Gary Zukav described in his classic book The Dancing Wu Li Masters which was an introduction to the odd world of quantum physics written back in 1976, or so.  And in it, you can read about how Wu Li is really a kind of “patterns or organic energy” which means (hate to say this) but all that Orgone work of Wilhelm Reich and the insights of Tesla, all controlled and stolen from humans at large  by what we presume to be dark forces seeking to control and exploit us humans.  T

Not that they are alone, mind you.  Many others  may have offered some real gems to help us all do a better job of dot-connecting.  Study up on Philo Farnsworth, sometime. Are there still many secrets to be yielded from the Farnsworth-Hirsch Fusor?  I wouldn’t bet too much against it, nor would I bet against a more intricately (or differentially) geometrified version of the Polywell Reactor, either.

Which gets us back to Friday at the WuJo – collecting dribs and drabs of evidence and piling it on such that we may begin to see patterns in human events.

Odd patterns, like this report from reader Mary, who insists “My purse is my Portal…”

Hi George
These are silly:

1.  Tuesday morning I went to my usual class, the last session.  I brought French brie (a splurge) and macadamia nuts to share with the group.  After class, we noshed and visited.  While cleaning up, I noticed a good portion of brie was left, so I found a ziploc bag and put the cheese in my purse, along with the macadamia nuts that were left, and zipped it.  I came directly home, no stops.  Went into the house, fed the kitties and then remembered to put the brie and nuts in the refrigerator.  Opened my purse; the brie was gone.  I searched the car, everywhere, under the seats, etc.  Gone.  Oh well, maybe I had a brain glitch and left it at class, after all.  Yesterday, I went out to the car in preparation for a gas up and car wash, and the brie was laying on the front passenger seat.  I laughed, put it in the refrigerator (24 hours in a cool garage should be okay). 

2.  And then, this morning’s MAJOR recovery:  Last Wednesday, I went to my usual mid-week Faith Lift.  It was a meditation service with a labyrinth meditation at the end.  I brought my pink crystal for an extra boost (lookin’ for love) — I know, I know, but I’ll take whatever help I can get.  After the service was over, I put the pink crystal in my purse, zipped it, and then helped put the sanctuary in order.  When I got home, I unzipped the compartment to put the crystal back in its place . . . surprise, it was GONE. 

It is good sized, comfortably fits in a closed hand (and I have big hands).  I went through all the possibilities, searched, emptied out my purse, checked at church . . . nada.  After my shower this morning, I grabbed the heavy robe (because it was cold, and so was I — at that time of life when there are multiple weights of certain items to cope with temperature fluctuations  ;-) ), and as I was putting it on, I felt a heavy weight in one pocket.  Yes, it was the crystal.  I laughed and said “thank you.”  I think I’ve learned to enjoy my belongings being “borrowed” for awhile — but I do appreciate their return.

Re E-Squared:

I bought the book awhile ago, and tried the first experiment.  I had lost a cherished bracelet — cherished only because (a) it was pretty, and (b) it was a little present I allowed me to have — something frivolous, but not outrageous. Anyway, it disappeared.  Again, I searched everywhere, called every place I had been and, again, it was just . . . gone.  I was a little sick about it, but what can you do but get over it?  It’s only a “thing.”  It was about 11p when I finished the section of the book that gave the instructions for the first experiment.  I chose the bracelet — I expected its return within 48 hours. 

The next afternoon @3p, I was walking out of my bedroom, past a little table that has one drawer, which is seldom opened — hadn’t been opened in months.  Something tickled my brain (check the drawer) — I did, and there was the bracelet!  Yippee!  (and thank you). 
Just for the record, I don’t lose things, I know where they are, and can generally put my hands on anything I need in my house, even if it is seldom used.  I always put things back where they belong, take off jewelry and put it away.  I don’t like messiness.  I’m organized but not a fanatic (just lazy, organized is easier).

As I said earlier, I’m having fun with it.  Any good fortune is welcome here.  These are all small stories, but they tickled me.

All of which is a way of getting us to this morning’s (and this weekend’s) Big Thought to roll around in the back of the mind while carrying on with the mundane of Life:

If we could take all of these “join-errors” in the MWI and project them, somehow, would they point to our pending Big Event?

It’s hard telling.  But assuming by simply looking directly at the “battle waged in secret” we can all begin to more actively participate in its outcome.

It’s curious to me that sincere preppers I’ve met so far, without except to date, meaning those who aren’t bullshitting themselves (or anyone else) seem to be almost…well…precognitive at some level.  They seem to be sensing a very large series of join-errors to come (and some are experiencing the leading edges of it now) and with good reason they seem to be self-selecting the “Side of Good” and are preparing for recognition and adaptation to some very big changes.

Write when you break even…

Oh, and  remember subscribing to Peoplenomics is what makes our odd research in directions like this possible, so a special thank you to those who subscribe as it benefits a lot of people and seems to be in harmony with (care to guess which side?)…


PPS!  That Personal Wu piece I posted this week about “earthquake tired” may have been filled by the 6.6 off Chile this morning.  But an even bigger quake is possible in the next few days…we shall see.  I would have thought 7.1 or larger, but who knows how the detail-level works?