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Our long-term reader/contributor G.A. Stewart (which he’s not off being a techie) is one of the world’s leading Nostradamus thinkers.  His website over at is where he sells a thoughtful book on how modern times are fulfilling many of the prophecies of M. Nostradamus, whose history you can catch up on at Wikipedia.


Since I like to keep you abreast of things – preferably before they happen – we have an interesting discussion of how some hints of things to come may be coming along over the next year, or so:




Got to thinking…   1260 DAYS AND TWO WITNESSES FROM THE BOOK: May 23, 2013: “One thousand two hundred and threescore days” from December 10,2009 and Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.


I think the two witnesses have flown under the radar in the countless riots that have erupted in the United States and Europe. Nondescript, they are fighting the good fight and they will probably appear somewhere around May 23, 2013.


MAY 20, 2013 Edward Snowden… leaked details of several top-secret U.S. and British government mass surveillance programs to the press. Snowden left Hawaii for Hong Kong on May 20, 2013…

MAY 23, 2013 Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin Interrupts Obama Speech The Code Pink activist confronted the President on drones, Gitmo  


Also take a look at this, maybe you can work with it on your bench.  


Nostradamus Sixain XXVII

Fire from space from the Western side,

From the mid heaven, running to the East,

Worms half dead without finding a root.

Third Age of Mars the warlike,

One will see fires shining from the Carbuncles,

The age of the Carbuncle will bring famine in the end.


The “Third age of Mars” appears several times in the Quatrains and Sixains. It is an obvious reference to World War III…


Fires shining from the Carbuncles” is a reference to laser weaponry. Interestingly enough, a carbuncle is anyone of the scarlet and crimson varieties of garnet where the stone is cut with a convex face.


There is an ancient legend that Noah used such stones to illuminate the ark. This arcane bit of myth shows just how fine the weave is to Nostradamus’ tapestry regarding the future and the past…    






Revelation 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in sight of men.


Nostradamus Quatrain V-81

The royal bird [Eagle] over the city of the sun [Rome, Italy] ,

Seven months in advance it delivers a nocturnal omen:

The wall of the Orient [China] will fall lightning and thunder,

Seven Days the enemies directly to the gates.




Kindest Regards,



Neat stuff to think about.  But it highlights one of the great problems of trying to discern the future, namely, that most all the things in our immediate future have already happened before to some degree, or another. 


In other words, War – just to name one – is a fairly universal thing.  Hence, since we have 193 countries (plus or minus the Vatican, Kosovo, and how your score Monaco and others) it seems hard to come up with an exact number….but they don’t all see eye-to-eye, so it’s a reasonably safe bet to forecast a war breaking out almost any old time, for example.


Stu’s work is not the final word on Nostradamus, so in addition to his you may wish to follow John Hogue’s work where he gets into one of my pet curiosities:  Is Ray Mabus the MABUS of Nostradamus fame?


Not to put our “ghoul on” but in Nosty’s Century 2 Quatrain 52, Hogue’s translation of the Mabus quatrain goes like this:


“Mabus very soon then will die, [then] will come,

A horrible undoing of people and animals,

At once one will see vengeance,

One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass…”


Which leaves us with some mighty uncomfortable twitching’s as Comet ISON is due to be putting on a spectacular show late this year.  We’d suggest plenty of check-ups for the Navy Secretary between now and then while we ponder what an undoing of people and animals would be like.


In the meantime, our “grow food or die” advice seems common sensical, especially since a trip to the story will about kill your savings, anymore.


Dollars to Carringtons

One of my local ham radio buddies reminded me this week to be sure and copy of the Voice of America Radiogram Sunday, so as soon as I checked in to the Texas state RACES net* on 40-meters I was off to copy of the VOA Radiogram.


I really like the Radiograms for a simple reason:  IF the internet ever went down, as it would in the event of either EMP, terrorism, or another Carrington-type massive solar event, in the aftermath one of the few ways of getting news and official information might be to take that old laptop out of the (*Faraday shielding) garbage can, along with that shortwave radio, and hook them up so you can get news (and some grainy pictures, too) without relying on the grid or Internet necessarily being around.  A 12-volt battery and some solar panels would be useful, however.  Digital modes, times, and frequencies may be found over here.


No, my discussing this isn’t to try and sell you on Ham Radio as a hobby, not that it would be a bad thing, mind you.


Instead I want to focus on one of the stories which sort of slid under our radar last week called “Major Solar Storm Could Be Heading For Earth.”


There are two-and-a-half reasons for drawing this to your attention.  The “half” is background you should already have picked up, namely a purported report that NSA leaker Edward Snowden has [purportedly]  outed a remote viewing outlook that calls for a massive solar event this fall.  Mind you, I’m not sold on remote viewing’s accuracy for much except present-moment work, but that does make Carrington stories worth tracking.


Which gets me to noting that VOA is a more, or less, official US government news operation and so when they decide to mention solar flares, I hit my story & source counter and think “Hmmm…yes it is interesting, but it is meaningful?  Is there some motivation for this discussion?   We could speculate all week on this one, and in the end, be nowhere further than where we are right now.  We’ll know by next January.  Nevertheless, so noted.


The second point is that this is the first time I have seen someone in the MSM (what could be more msm than a govt. news operation?) put a dollars and cost figure to some future Carrington. 


Salient quote: ““We are estimating that 20-40 million people might be without power from anywhere up to one, even two years,” he said. “That has to do with the critical issue of replacement transformers. That number of people without power could result in an economic cost somewhere between $0.6 trillion to $2.6 trillion.”  


So that adds up to 2½ reasons to be watching for large space-weather events this fall. 

* You did read this part on the RACES page? “Activated by local, county and state jurisdictions and are the only Amateur Radio operators authorized to transmit during declared emergencies when the President of the United States specifically invokes the War Powers Act.


Doug’s Complaint

We’ve been talking a good bit about movies, reports how movies are reported as flops, although they seem to end up making money, and such.  Well, reader Doug has a pretty good insight into this stuff:


“Hi George,  


I love going to amusement park ride movies like The Lone Ranger, but has it occurred to the prophets of doom that most folks have big screen tv, surround sound and some combination of cable and rentals? 


Three of us saw the Ranger, one of those was a kid, and we got matinee prices, but still left the theater $50 plus lighter in the wallet, after snacks, $4 water, etc.  The Blu Ray will cost less than that, and we could see it anytime. 


So the case for going to the movies is weakening, while I suspect the movies are getting more eye time.  Just not in theaters.  That likely means trimming the famously bloated costs in Hollywood, as feature films can now be made on a shoestring – outside heavily controlled Hollywood.  Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was filmed in, essentially, a warehouse in Houston.


Plus, more money is spent on both video games, and porn, now, than feature film viewing.  So the eye time is getting pulled away, and special effects are in the dang video games now.  Still, the so called flops do mighty well, in the end.  But theaters have stiff competition from flat screens, as far as I can see.  




What he doesn’t mention is that there’s no pause button at the movie if I want to get up and pee, or freshen a drink, answer a phone call, or whatever.  Then there’s the public health risks that run the gamut from getting a cold to MRSA to Aurora…. So yeah, I’m not particularly keen on going to much of any large gatherings, myself. 


Is that a sign I’m turning into a recluse?  Oh, I suppose that’s one way to look at it, although the Scottish heritage or just being rational are others…


Reader Alert

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