Coping: Effects of George-rograde

I am pleased to report, first off, that Elaine is almost back to her normal self.  So, too, is the computer which had lost its power supply…so most things are back to whatever it is that passes for normal, anymore.

Thanks to the readers who sent in explanations of WHY everything seemed to be hitting the fan, all at once.  Reader Pat for one:

DON’T travel (or buy anything) during Mercury Retrograde….I keep tellin’ ya.  Oh well, hope the rest of your trip is good.

Well, funny you’d bring THAT up.  And what morning would be complete without a note from Bruce:

Typical mercury in retrograde for us. We clear the calendar of any new projects while mercury is in retrograde. Good time to finish stuff up tho.

Also should have asked at the desk for a power supply. Most hotels have a box full left behind by travelers. If there is a large hotel close, ask there too.

Well, sadly, my portable is a Samsung and they use an odd-ball power connector size, so I picked up a Rocketfish- Universal AC Laptop Power Adapter 8 Tips MOST COMPUTERS RF-AC9023 which worked fine, except for the $65 hole in the wallet. Woin’t leave home without it, now.

When we arrived up here, the weather was perfect and even today, Branson is looking at beautiful, clear skies after getting a pretty solid freeze last night.  But we’ll probably take off early this morning and head south, since the weather is about to change on us.

IMG_5930Coming down into Branson, if you look closely, you can see just to the right of the vertical card compass there is a freeway visible, and then a hill, and then you can land on the airport (those stripes for the threshold area).  Normally I’d have been more properly lined up, but there was a bit of wind sheer – a northwesterly above, and nothing down low, so a gentle roll left to line up “on the numbers.”

That gray patch is really a 20-40 foot hill so you really, really, really don’t want to land short. 

I hate like hell to be a weather-chicken, but if you’re a long-time reader, you’ll remember that the last time I didn’t listen to my gut on weather, we got socked in up in the Northeast for an extra week.  I didn’t mind the 31,000 Hilton Honors points, …it was the money paying for the hotel nights that earned them that stuck.  Besides, there’s too much going on in real life to mess about. Vee vill keep to zie skedule, jahvohl?
[Aspiring writers note:  The correct German grammar is closer to “Wir werden, um den Zeitplan zu halten.” but the average America doesn’t know what a Zeitplan is, and unless I explain how it means the Fed is not giving Germany back its gold that we’re holding in “safe keeping” (my butt, right?) no one would care.  So we write in a kind of Sergeant Schultz broken German way so people won’t have to think too much, which is why we don’t have more Libertarians, but we seem to have gotten off the track a bit.  It’s a cheap pseudo-lingo for  lazy ‘Mericans.]

So, more’n likely (barring a weather forecast change) we’ll be southbound this morning with a slight tailwind at the get-go with clear skies instead of 20 knots on the nose with rainy and showery condition (maybe with a bonus thunderstorm cell)  and marginal IFR later on this weekend. 

But that’s how life is sometimes:  You shave the odds in your favor – and besides, it gives us a chance to do it again in the future.

Not Harry Reid

So as we were walking into the local computer emporium in pursuit of the aforementioned power supply, I chanced to notice that the fellow at the front door bore something of a resemblance to Harry Reid.

I mentioned this fact to him…and he didn’t seem any much please by the remark.  I told him it wasn’t meet in a mean-spirited way, or anything.  Robin Landry, who I’ve been meeting with on market outlooks (more for Peoplenomics readers tomorrow on that) noticed the distinctive chill, too.  “George, I don’t thing he particularly liked that…”

I was running on fumes from lack of sleep and mentioned it again on the way out. 

Robin Landry gently  suggested I work on my people-skills a bit and then launched into a reminder about the dangers of flying cash registers. But I assured him no offense was intended. Which got me around to seeing people don’t hear intensions, too well.

I made a note to apologize next time I buy computer parts in Branson.

The people up here in Branson are just as helpful and friendly as ever.  The server at dinner last night was an art major at the College of the Ozarks, which is a pretty good school to consider, since the school places a big emphasis on mixing the “doing” with the “learning.”  Since so many students work, a lot of them graduate with zero – none – of that awful finance aid albatross around their necks.

Why more schools don’t do this is beyond me, but maybe it’s because college students used to be the ones doing so many of those “jobs Americans don’t want to do”.”  And, since so many are NOT working, it drives the immigration agenda, perhaps, but we don’t have any hard data to confirm that.

It just looks that way, sometimes.

And, in keeping with its fine tradition of making fun of me, my I-Ching Inbox decided with Elaine being down for the count for a day due to iffy lump crab, to send a constant stream of specials on seafood delivered overnight.

Touching, how Universe rubs our faces in stuff, now and then…payback for my Harry remark, I’m sure.

The Weekend Reader

With the onset of Fall weather in a few places, it’s time to consider putting something into your head besides the next episode of Elementary, which is a lot of fun, if you’re not hooked on enough of the boob tube already.

Reader Zero has a suggestion:

I got this book: E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality (Hay House Insights) by Grout, Pam (1/28/2013)  (About $11-bucks, Amazon – G)

someone like me… but i figured i would read it to find out whats between the lines.. you know in the mezzanines.  I spend quite a bit of time there thinking about things.

You ever run into someone you hadn’t seen in 20 years? Only to find out how much different your lives are? Like wow! that guy made a lot of money but has absolutely no life skills.. his marriage is a mess and his whole world is a facade.

Yikes! Money is good and i like money, but if it means living a life like that. No thanks.. and i thought to myself as we parted ways.. i hope in the next 20 years, life goes better for him. I am grateful, for mine. I spend 2-3 hours a day in prayer in meditation and have for years… he spent 2-3 hours a day every day for years, making money.. His wife cheats on him all the time, his childeren hate him, sure he is driving a big fat 100,000 car.. and has 3 houses. Still, i would rather have one decent house then 3 houses that are full of loneliness.  Sad people…

I miss the lunatics over at glp and the web bot forum… but f@ck, i don’t have the free moments for that shit anymore… at least for the next couple years.

They don’t listen anyway.
well, if you have one foot in yesterday and one foot in tomorrow, your pissing on today!  with that
anyway, I said it before and i will say it again.
Health Wellness and Prosperity to you and ures!
This e-mail has expired.

A bit of good advice in there, and I sense another book-read coming on.  Seems to be my kind of material – experiments on self being always great fun.

Now, reader Douglas, spied this little note over on SlashDot about “How Science Goes Wrong.” 

What’s the old saying?  You can always tell and engineer, but you can’t tell ‘em much?

One other reader note:  Seems that some actual live/breathing authors read this site now and then.  I suspect they’re looking for new ways to abuse the English Anguish,  misspell and mis-punctuate, in which case I’m sure to never disappoint…but read on:


     I’ve been a follower of urbansurvival for at least ten years.

     I have seen you champion issues of public interest many times during that period.

     “Fatal Dose” is an ebook published earlier this year that I believe needs to be brought to peoples attention.

     Your site can do that. The following is from my blog and pretty much tells the story:

Counterfeit prescription drugs are being distributed in every American city, killing thousands. Behind this pandemic is a cartel run by mob boss Marco Vennuti. When the FBI sets up a Pharmaceutical Drug Squad of Special Agents to shut down the cartel’s operations, the members are immediately in danger as Vennuti takes drastic measures to protect the cartel from the deepening FBI probe.Special Agent Mark Matthews is assigned to the squad and is teamed up with Special Agent Wendy Farrell to stop the cartel’s ever-tightening grip.

As if going up against the mob wasn’t intimidating enough for Matthews, the danger is amplified when Mel Tarkington, responsible for the death of Mark’s former lover, Susan Harrigan, comes out of hiding. And he’s hell-bent on killing Mark.

Book Reviews:

“Fatal Dose” won’t kill you, but it will make your adrenaline shoot through the roof… KJ Janssen’s thriller is a rollercoaster ride of intrigue and twists that cause heart palpitations. Take a deep breath, and enjoy the thrills of this follow up to Blood Money…” By Jack King, Amazon

“Anyone that loves action, intrigue, murder and mayhem with a bit of hot romance thrown in–and who doesn’t–really needs to get K.J. Janssen’s Fatal Dose. Because from page one, the narrative draws you in and won’t let go… I know Mark Matthews fans will love this one as much as they loved Mr. Janssen’s first Mark Matthews mystery, Blood Money. Maybe even more. Once you pick it up, you can’t put it down.” By Marc Simon Writer, Amazon

“K. J. Janssen has done it again … It is an exciting book from cover to cover. The novel was “ripped from the headlines” about a growing problem in America with counterfeit prescription drugs. Fatal Dose is one you don’t want to miss.” Walt Manning, Amazon

George, if there is any way you can mention this book. I will greatly appreciate it. The link to the publisher, Untreed Reads is

My very best to you,

Kenneth J. Janssen

Normally, I don’t mention other writers,  but maybe, if/when I ever get around to finishing up my novel, I’ll lean on Kenneth to return the mention or at least who to talk to at his publisher… 

Fatal Dose (A Mark Matthews Mystery)is available for Kindle and there is free Kindle reader software for PCs…

OK, too much for now, so off to see if the weather pushes us out the door this morning, but for now, that looks like it will be the case…damn it.

More tomorrow for subscribers and be sure to write when you break even/