With me focused on a new way of looking at statistics, and applying it at the gaming tables (remember that odd symbol in the dream world a while back?) I can’t think of a better discussion than the little matter of the evolving merger between physics and the world of religion slash belief sets.

What makes this so much fun to watch is that a fellow by the name of Gary Zukav wrote a book a long time back in which he explained to the slow and those missing perspective how this merger would be coming down the pike,  His book?

Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics.

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So that’s the Big Picture.

Funny thing is, as we move closer to the merger there are fundamentalists on both sides of the equation (e.g. the “science” and the “religion”) who are having one hell of a time letting go of what they previously believed.

And that’s one of the big trip wires to change:  In order to go with the change you need to be open to change.  So whether you are a strict Reductionist in Science, or a Fundamentalist in whatever Religion, you become a partisan.

And if there’s a sure-fire way to have your soul kicked off the way Forward it is to be a partisan in either camp.

All of which leads into a savory email from frequent contributor Warhammer, who as a brother of the oak leaves in dotmill lands, has some very solid takes on the very unsolid (and mostly empty) space we mistake for present:

“Reading your column Monday morning about the apparent correlation between solar and Juglar cycles reminded me of this article (below) which I read earlier on the NBCNews website:


You might want to run with this a bit  in one of your Wu columns.

What pops out at me is how quantum and molecular science are moving closer and closer to the fundamental tenets of Tao and Buddhism to explain what data is increasingly showing.

The scientists cited in the article believe it feasible for stars, planets and/or other celestial objects (or groups of  objects) to exist in a different kind of state of consciousness.

The premise is essentially that consciousness somehow originates in the minute quantum foam between subatomic particles.  Consciousness is a quantum effect.  Organic molecular structures, while convenient to our current level of understanding, may not be necessary for consciousness to arise.  The article describes a conscious being as one that can learn from its past experiences and influence its own future.

Let me wax theoretical for a moment – quantum physics shows that one can measure either a particle’s position or its energy, but not both.  As the article notes, at the quantum level, the simple act of observing is, from a certain point of view, an act of creation.  When we choose to measure a quantum particle in space/time (e.g. is the electron a wave, or a particle?), that choice is expressed in the ‘creation’ of the wave or particle out of the quantum foam.

Can this demonstrated scientific process be extrapolated to our macro world?  Taoists and Zen masters say “yes!”  Scientists may be on the cusp of agreeing with the masters.

Taking this all one giant step further, the Book of Genesis and numerous other stories of creation fit the quantum measurement/creation model at the macro scale, assuming that there was some conscious being outside of our known universe which was able to influence our universe’s ‘big bang’ through thought/observation/measurement alone.

Such a grand theory of conscious creation allows for consciousness to scale from a tiny one-celled creature up to something beyond the scope of our known universe – ‘learning from its past and influencing its future.”  Problematically, the theory fans the flames of ‘creationism, tangentially validating countless creation ‘myths’ as well as the presence of an all-knowing, creative consciousness many call God.

What this all means with regard to any and all objects in the solar system, living or not, remains to be seen.  How our Sun interacts with the planets, let alone with other suns, a galaxy, or the whole enchilada we call the universe might ultimately, dramatically impact the fate of conscious lifeforms on our planet Earth (any your stock portfolio).”

Very nicely said, indeed.  Those are the kinds of thoughts that I remember having back in about 1983, or so, when living in the Cayman Islands, when Dr. Fred Alan Wolf sent me a galley print of his (then) forthcoming book Star Wave: Mind, Consciousness and Quantum Physics.

While it is still a difficult read (in that it’s not like a book you can be watching something on YouTube in the background…it takes a focused mind to absorb some of it) the core tenets are excellent.

For something more contemporary,  Fred’s The Yoga of Time Travel: How the Mind Can Defeat Time may offer some useful insights if you’re a scientific reductionist at heart and just don’t see how science can let this out of body experience stuff, which bumps into dreams and remote viewing and religious experience become objectively real, then it’s a solid read.

But not while in/ id-focused.

The one mental construct worth passing along that has helped me visualize where the boundaries of modern science are going may be built by thinking as follows:

  1.  Imagine that every dimension we have is not a “solid” but rather everything is a wave function.
  2. Thus, we have dimensions that include height, width, depth, time (or duration) and even less tangibles like heat, density, and so forth.
  3. It then becomes clear how Crazy George, here at Nutjob Labs in the Outback, can seriously begin to look at things like running wave-interference research to ascertain where we might be on each of this “collapsing wavefronts” of these different types.

Surfing the Physics of IT All

Easiest, perhaps to imagine one of those 1960’s beach party movies where the girls were on the beach and the young dudes were out riding the surf.

Consider that everything we are doing is “riding an exact” front on this continuously breaking rolling wave that goes on forever.

It works…but more importantly, we see in this analogy how it is that millions, nay, billions of other universes could be riding the same wavefront…just offset from our position on the wave by the tiniest amount.

Now we get into the wu-wu part.

Once you accept that there is a vibration (consisting of a wave-interference patterns that is unique for each location on the wavefront) then teleportation, remote viewing past and future, and even the legendary “star gate” stuff all fades into view as perhaps not so unreal after all.

In a 55-year period of reading gobs of physics, science fiction, quantum physics books, and the borderland stuff – UFOs and time travel and what-not, it becomes clear that humanity has become infatuated with the simplistic.

There’s a belief – set out in Occams Razor – that if there are multiple choices for event drivers, then the simplest of these will oftentimes be more likely to be correct.

But alas, Occam was a simple reductionist, himself.  And he was far from a man of science, but more a man of the cloth at a time long before the slow-motion merger began.

William of Ockham (/??k?m/; also Occam, from Latin: Gulielmus Occamus;[1][2] c. 1287 – 1347) was an English Franciscan friar and scholastic philosopher and theologian, who is believed to have been born in Ockham, a small village in Surrey.[3] He is considered to be one of the major figures of medieval thought and was at the centre of the major intellectual and political controversies of the fourteenth century. He is commonly known for Occam’s razor, the methodological principle that bears his name, and also produced significant works on logic, physics, and theology. In the Church of England, his day of commemoration is 10 April.”

Though simplistic, Occam’s approach is still adhered to by lots of so-called climatologists who say global warming is real.

It is, of course.  But the man-caused portion is infinitesimally small while the natural drivers are huge in comparison.

But men, being what they are (and in this case women don’t want to demand equality) pigheaded ignorance is a tribal quality.  The Puritans of Science and the Fundamentalists of Religion.

Out here on the leading edge of thinking, however, we continue to make pertinent observations.

My favorite so far is that in stories about dimensional portals or time travel, or antigravity effects, there is the usual presence of multiple wave generators.  A point few remark on.

Yet however much the data suggests that there are massive physical effects to be found within the confines of multiple wave front replacers, we instead work on building massive colliders (think CERN) where we are like apes trying to extract the secrets of the universe by merely hitting the rocks harder.

There is another way.

We can sing to the rocks.

Not literally, of course.  Although examples of acoustical levitation are easily found so those 64 monks blowing long horns to raise massive stones may be more than just folk lore.

No, I’m suggesting a Thomas Edition-like diligent process of multi-field wave-interferometry.  Where you would have literally focused energies from D.C. to daylight, and look for the anomalies resulting at various field densities.

My work on the mapping of such anomalies is done…so now it’s just a matter of counting the fields, setting parameters and running the tests.

You can get an idea of how it could work from the legends/stories around the Philadelphia Experiment or the stories about the Montauk Project.

In each, there was a strong magnetic field, a strong ultraviolet light source (high voltage mercury vapor rectifiers on the USS Eldridge), a microwave transmitter in the 200 MHz class (Eldridge) to 900 MHz (SAGE radar range at Montauk) and possibly HF radio signals or, perhaps, an AM radio transmitter nearby.

If you want a good project, find me estimated field strength readings for AM and commercial radio stations near the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, during the time of the purported events.

Yet there is lies, like a nugget of gold at Sutter’s Mill awaiting to be discovered by a worthy soul with the right taste for inquiry and a comprehensive plan backed by lots of computational horsepower and enough background in RF engineering to build the equipment necessary to measure down into the noise floor of reality.

For now, I’ve down in the 1-part in 18-million range, which I think ought to be close enough to begin the work.

Is it a fools quest?

Oh…I don’t think any more so that a bunch of apes hitting rocks hard and expecting God to come out.

As always, I put my money on myself…but unlike others, I’m putting a lot of this stuff out there in advance so that others may follow.

A structured research into physical anomalies generated by a wide range of wave generators is something no one has done so far.

But perhaps it’s because we lack the capacity to effectively generalize and learn from out lack of progress in other areas.

I’m guessing three – maybe four – wave front over-riding signals ought to do it.  But I admit to dragging my feet just a bit.  Not sure about power levels so I want to have more fun in life before I settle into the quest too deeply.

Besides, the first of the fallout from the research along the way will show up this weekend on Peoplenomics.

Remember that column “Math in the Afterlife” back in May?

Out of this:  has come?  A new way to play poker!

Who would have thought?

Write when you break even, win the Lotto, or teleport,