Coping: Breaking the Public Mirror

T’other day I mentioned that there is an ugly tendency for the MSM to seriously censor what comments are allowed to make it through filters on major news story comments – especially when they don’t swallow the MSM corporatist pap which is being shoved down our throats by an awakening public.  An email from reader Tom expands on the point:


I have noticed a definite decrease in the availability of comments sections after most MSM online articles. Because I truly am a troll and love to piss off the majority of stupid, bigoted, irrational commentators, I just assumed it was because that is exactly the essence of the preponderance of comments, from my observations.

But truer indeed, I feel, is your take that commenting is another way to homogenously spread the truth among those wise enough to perceive it. Can’t have that!  Ya hit the nail on the head again! I wonder what’s next? Blinding people chemically so they can’t read? Slowly drugging them so they no longer give a sh!T? ( already happening I fear)

Or maybe the next logical step is creating a catastrophic societal failure that would be a perfect excuse to just off everyone except the goofballs running the whole thing. I would actually appreciate this one, since it would negate the necessity and responsibility of self-elimination, thus serving to most easily remove my consciousness from the present mess and insert it into a higher, more sane ( I hope) reality.



Well, Tom, I have to say, the conspiracy students will have a dandy opportunity to come up with another boatload of evidence around next Tuesday.

That’s because October 8 (plus or minus two days) is when we should see the next mass murder/outrage attack in the event that the 147-148-day murder cycle plays out.

If (when?)  it happens, it will likely spin several news stories all at once in a supposedly “spontaneous and unpredictable” way.

  • It will divert attention from the still continuing shut down of governmment (or 15% of it anyway)_ story
  • It will amp up the federal gun grab agenda (although that’s some superfulous due to the ammo grab which was pulled off under the public’s noses)
  • It will add emergency, emergency, everyone rujn from street! emphasis to John Kerry’s trying to get through the UN Small Arms Treaty…

So yes, come next week’s [possible, but it sure would be interestingly timed] “outrage” attack, we will likely be treated to heavily censored public comments at well.

And you know what?  I’d be willing to bet at some point the PTB through their minions have made a few passes at major poling organizations to “shade” their numbers this way, or that.  Call me skeptical or most polls especially when they deal with rights issues.

Was it The Wife or the Wujo?

We had a fun discussion earlier this week about how a reader was having problems with dryer repairs and it led us into some speculation about how the larger Reality works.  The article “Tuesday at the WuJo – Remedial Jim School” is  here.

Not so fat, cautions reader Don in Dallas…there are plenty of alternative explanations which could explain all the events noted:

George, I thoroughly enjoyed your comments about “rejoin points” and “MWI Timecode” in answer to Jim’s conundrum about who turned off the gas. I have several common answers for Jim (and possibly you) that often go overlooked in our quest for more knowledge of the universe:

1. Assume Jim’s list of events was predicated by a comment from Jim’s wife: “I got tired of the old dryer and knew that Jim would never replaced it if I asked for a new one, so I asked the neighbor to shut the gas off for me since I thought I smelled gas the other day in the house. I promised that I would have someone out to check it out and knew, of course, Jim would eventually call someone out to check the dryer and eventually turn the gas back on.” I am prepared to repeat this activity as often as is necessary until I get my new dryer.

(Been there…done that.)

2. When Jim did finally get to checking out the dryer (which he admitted was after too many trips to the Laundromat), and later told the wife that he couldn’t find anything wrong with it, this would confirm in the wife’s mind that she had made the right choice: Jim would not replace the dryer if she simply asked for a new one if he couldn’t find anything wrong with the existing one.

3. If Jim, after checking out the dryer, found out that the gas had been turned off, the wife would have responded: “Jim, dear, I am really beginning to be concerned about your short term memory…don’t you remember that you told me this morning that you were going to turn off the gas when checking out the dryer? You know they sell some herbal drugs now that would help you with your memory…”

Now, Jim is beginning to wonder about his memory, especially since he glanced at the clock as he passed by the dryer on his way outside to turn the gas back on and the time was 11:11. He turns the gas back on and the dryer works, so she is off the hook for a while…but she has other scenarios to get the new dryer…(for example, she would later put the batteries back in the clock and reset it when Jim was at work) 4. If Jim did not discover that the gas was off by himself, and called a technician, as she expected, the technician would do all the regular diagnostics and would find nothing wrong with the dryer, but knowing that he had to put something on his ticket to get paid, he decided to turn off the gas outside and then ask Jim who turned off the gas? Jim would turn the gas back on or more likely, would inform the tech that he didn’t turn it off, how it came to be off was a great mystery of universal scale, and then ask the tech to turn it back on. The tech turns on the gas, all is well, and he gets paid.

5. Meanwhile, Jim now has a mystery that must be solved, since (thanks to the wife) he has to deal with the possibility that he might be suffering from early dementia. He explains the mystery to his wife, indicating that he couldn’t have turned the gas off because he hasn’t been able to find the necessary large crescent wrench for two weeks. Jim then heads to the office where he intends to send an email asking for help from one of the sages of our time, George Ure.

6. Meanwhile, the wife had made a mental note that she should go and get the missing wrench from under the kitchen sink where she had left it a couple of weeks ago, when she tried to fix a leak in the drain trap. Of course, she would leave it in the tool box, providing further proof of her contention that Jim was losing his marbles. When she returns, she tunes in an episode of “Ancient Aliens” where there is discussion going on of why the aliens are targeting specific people and creating mysterious happenings in their homes, (like turning their gas off and on for some unknown reason). This will be very useful in the future, she thinks as she makes a mental note that she should pick just the right time to share this info with Jim, perhaps to further her quest to obtain a new dryer.

So, any or all of the above could also easily explain the mysterious events with Jim’s dryer…or as my wife would say: “You have a great mind, but stop thinking so hard…you are going to hurt yourself!” Have you ever heard that from your wife, George? Keep up the good writing…this is the most entertaining stuff available these days! I have to go now, as my 24 hour clock tells me that it is 13:13 and time to urgently head to that other universe down the hall…

Don (Dallas)

Hopefully, reader Jim will interview his wife and see if he can get a confession out of her.  But me?  I doubt there is one to be had.

Life with an I-Ching Inbox

A couple of readers asked me recently if my “I-Ching Inbox” was a software application that people could buy, or what the deal was.

No, it’s not.  It’s just looking at emails as they come in and sensing the ongoing irony which Universe seems to bitch-slap me with every morning while I’m trying to write a serious column.  It’s almost like my inbox is possessed, somehow.

Here is an example with actual screen snags from Outlook, complete with times.


Followed shortly thereafter by…


This is not a particularly striking example, but it demonstrates my point that the arrival of items in your inbox may offer….well, I’m not sure what.

Remember reading how Native Americans/first peoples got to be very good at “reading” their surroundings, such that a bird flying this way mean something, and even here in Texas it’s a sworn fact that to see a turtle crossing the road means rain within three days…

But when it occurs in my Inbox I go look at headlines to see what I’ve been missing in coverage. 

Sure enough, more remains have been found from the Costa Concordia.  The partial government shutdown doesn’t impact cruises, we find.

Then there’s coverage of the fellow who sailed a boat right into a waterspout off Florida just to see what it would be like.  And the guy whose boat what shot full of holes in the Boston Marathon bombing pursuit got a new boat.

The I-Ching inbox could also be reminding me to follow up on the Denver flood situation, where the (partial) government shutdown is having negative impacts.

But none of these struck me (gut or soul-level) as being what the I-Ching inbox was trying to goad me into writing about.

Then it struck me!

Oh yes, now I remember:  On our trip, I had a thoroughly interesting conversation with one of our primo news sources/contacts up in the Pacific Northwest. 

This fellow is a doctor(MD, specialist) and while we were sitting around chatting about his collection of ancient swords (going back to the1600’s) as well as 1800’s French revolvers) I noticed a rather odd book in his study:

The Fourth Phases of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor  ($34, Amazon)

Oh, that’s a really good book to read because it explains how the chemistry of water is different (and more healing) if you drink water that has just transitioned from frozen to liquid and that’s why mountain glacier water tastes better and is better for you than water that has just been sitting around for a few days.  It’s more than oxygenation, too…you really ought to read it…

And so that  (gut-check) feels like what I’m supposed to have picked up from the I-Ching Inbox cluster this morning…no telling for sure, just a probability off in that direction…

The New World Order is Losing

At least that’s the contention on Dave Hodges Common Sense site if you read the article

Brzezinski’s Words Point to the Coming Apocalypse.”

While there may be some hopeful signs now and then, we’re still quite confident that the ruling paradigm will stop at literally nothing in order to maintain yesterday’s status quo even in an emerging world where it won’t apply.

Which means the dawn of some new Golden Age won’t happen until long after Ure’s truly is dead and planted. 

Speaking of Software, Paradigms and such…

Reader David sent in an interesting email:  “Got a roach infestation?” and he was referring to places like Austin and Washington…

the solution is simple: use your (non) open source voting machine to vote in the other roaches (like you have a real choice to begin with), uretopia ranch is saved!

that’s some mighty high level thinking there tex, definitely pulitzer worthy. vote early and often!

Of course, we haven’t heard much discussion on the net about how open-source fares in the NSA surveillance arena, but it would make an interesting article for CNET, PCWorld, Wired, or DigitalJournal to discuss.  Interesting, that is, if they could get anyone in an official position to talk on the record, and that assumes candor and transparency in government and that….well, THAT ain’t gonna happen this week, anyway.