Code-Head Notes

When we cleaned up the site back in July, we didn’t realize that some mobile users would not be able to find the “root” directory on small (cheap) smartphones like mine.  Which I discovered my own “GomerPhone” couldn’t read my own site, I decided to fix the site in the root directory.  The Bonus is we may be a little less arcane and not so hard to find on the net.

For long-term users, the extra click (and bookmark) of the new page should be our “final resting place” for a while, but best laid plans and all that.  That said, the site should be stable for a while.  At least till we get a new hair up ()#$%^Y) and try to keep up with technology….

But to move UrbanSurvival and Peoplenomics with no down time to speak of…well, a libation may be in order.  ‘nog?

So thanks for your patience and on to the turkey!

~~ the old gobbler hisself