Click Baiting Ukraine and AI – Powell on Deck Tuesday

Adventures in Data:  Let’s begin with a couple of “news searches” on a reliable interface to the Google platform.  Like DuckDuckGo.

We notice an odd thing when comes to “reposting news” and thereby finding monetization of “hot” button stories.

Do the simple search like [Ukraine] today and we see three of the stories are reposts of content from (more original) sources provided by MSN.  A further pair are from the NY Times which show a sucker-splash and then put up the paywall to entice you to pony up:  Can the West Stop Russia From Invading Ukraine? Here’s What You Need to Know, for example.  Or an even more alarmist “U.S.-Russia Talks on Ukraine: Live Updates – The New York Times.

Other outfits (like the Wall St. Journal) give you a bit over one paragraph of “news” before tossing up the “subscribe for more.”

If your news scanning tools aren’t using rule-outs of pay-walling sources and content reposters, your view of the world may be skewed.

All of which gets us to the most important question of all:  What (or whom) is deciding on the keyword and story subjects that get “noticed and reposted” by the MSN “news generator?”

All about hearts, minds, and money (like it isn’t always?), I’m afraid.

Digital Citizen Test

This all gets us to a wildly different way of reading news:  Because if the content is being manipulated (via frequency of impressions from reposted and ‘syndicated’ material) then who’s to say whether the actual search results, as well, aren’t contrived?

The idea being that we can begin to scale that by running comparative news search results by arriving in the “search provider’s website” by one of four avenues.

  • One is the “Joe Schmoe” mode.  No VPN, just like you would gleefully go surfing.
  • Mode #2 is VPN and also, once on the VPN, then doing DNS cache refresh.
  • Mode #3 is actually a test set of users (OK, spoofing an IP address) from (as examples) residents in China, Japan, India, Middle East, Africa, and South America.
  • Mode #4 tests are same as above, but via spoofed VPN.

See, I think it would be dandy (sure some work and all) to have an icon on your task bar so you could compare how the digital manipulators are
controlling your thoughts – by controlling your search results – both by country but also by party and age/gender/and-all-that-other-shit to better understand how the newest of the UrbanSurvival Axioms has evolved.

The first, of course, is “Everything’s a Business Model.”  Our newest release candidate is “BMIDC:  Big Money In Digital Conflict.”  Goes right before “You can only spend it once.”

Maybe the world’s not as “f*cked up” as we’re being fed.  Maybe it’s search targeting.  (Like it ain’t, duh…_)

Back on Crisis

With the “DNDSM’s) [digital news directors of search media] properly discounted, then, we can roll through what seems to be going on over in Ukraine (and Geneva).

US News (but sourced from Reuters) states the “rot-roh” (thanks, Scooby) Residents Question Ukraine’s Absence From Talks About Its Future. Picture the U.S. and Russia having talks over Cuba and leaving them out…

If that’s not enough fun, the Houston Chronicle has US, Russia meet for talks amid tensions linked to Ukraine ( up for consideration, mainly sourced from the Associated Press.

While the Digital Journal rolls out US, Russia hold high-stakes talks on Ukraine – Digital Journal which is in turn sourced from AFP (Agence France-Presse.)

After an assortment of sources, we then get into opinions.  Still, some reasonable views are to be found.  Such as If America Doesn’t Protect Ukraine, Then America Will … Die? | The New Republic.

Point is, you really need to be careful of what your sources are – and look for telltales like related source disclosures.  With luck, you’ll find a non-paywalled story like FirstFT: Russia warns west to back down over Ukraine | Financial Times.  Which sets up the flavor of the week.

Financial Prospects

Our Elliott wave view of things is tempered.  Which is not to say that we couldn’t go higher right now.  It’s just that when we look at the set-up offered in early futures today, it doesn’t look too promising since one of our trend lines (lower, white, ascending) looks like it will fail at the open today:

Three ways this can evolve from there (step up to the betting window):

  • There could be progress in Russia talks and we could rally up, well over that broken trend line and scream higher this spring.  I figure those odds are 15%.
  • Second option is we go down to the lower red support channel and then rally upward.
  • Third (and sadly the most likely in our view) is that that shit will hit the fan, Russia goes gloves off, takes Ukraine east of the Dnieper River, and the European Union is then set up for a cold winter and collapse of the megalomaniac’s house of clowns.

Fair assessment?  30% good, 70 percent not so much.  But that’s OK.  I have a small downside wager in place.  More important, though, is the 70% bet means I win a fish and chips dinner at Ivars in Seattle (“Five pieces of fish please, and the biggest Dungeness crab cocktail you have, please…”) if the stuff hits the fan by my birthday in February.  Daughter will buy.

The Other Takeaway

Besides going to bed dreaming of fish and chips, the main takeaway from this morning’s reality check is that while the world is a Big Place, the number of actual sources hasn’t gotten too much bigger.  If you have 10-film crews, a scattered radio reporter, and half a dozen print journos,  that’s about the number of “real” sources.

Get much past that and you’re into press release rewriters and reposters and syndicators.  While you may not appreciate outfits like Al Jazeera and RT a lot, they at least manage to keep teams in the field.  If you’re living in a smaller media market than top 20, the odds of someone actually personally going and having a look at Ukraine is about zero.  Which won’t stop the opinions (and in turn the monetization’s).

But understanding this “news funnel” and the rewriting machine is what got Donald Trump so hated by the major media companies, who previously had enjoyed a stranglehold on all things presidential.  When he took the presidency “consumer-direct” it was a slap at the revenue which – of course – is a no-no.

Media still hasn’t recovered.

Short Takes

As we watch the markets (“slimmin and grimmin”) we look to tomorrow’s sermon on economics from fed boss J. Powell.  A couple of tone-setters include Powell’s tough message for lawmakers: Party’s over – POLITICO and Powell Faces Vetting on Fed’s Tightening Plans, Climate Change – Bloomberg.

On this last, the idea of questioning the Fed chief on climate change is about the stupidest thing out of Washington since the FDA OK’ed government racism in Covid treatment. Which dovetails with NYC’s return to overt racism.

Climate jitters are as stupid as liberal hype gets.  When the economy crashes – which our money is on, since we’re actually ready out here in the woods – we will have no more climate worries than people had during the Black Plague.  From 1346 to 1353 AD there was no worry about carbon, aerosols and so forth…

In fact, did you catch over the weekend there has already been a drop in lightning because of Covid?  Yeah – no shit – Why was there less lightning during COVID lockdowns? – ABC News (  Spoiler:  Fewer aerosols.  People hanging around the house and working from home is climate friendly, so all we need are a few more variant drops to keep everyone living in fear for a few years…

What we really need, though, is a “new more frightening variant!”  Tah-dah!  Cyprus reportedly discovers a Covid variant that combines omicron and delta (

Passings:  Comedian Bob Saget Dead at 65, Found in Orlando Hotel Room (  Who?  Sorry, but Elaine and I live out in the boonies and most of our humor comes from Brandon press releases, the front pages, and loontards.  Our bad.  Take two bitcoins (nothing) and call me in the morning.

Speaking of nothing (or Bitturd):  Under $41,000 now.  Bet those people who bought in at the recent top will remain true believers all the way to the bottom.  Happened in the South Seas Bubble, Tulipomania, the Depression stock crash, so why does everyone think they’re brighter now?  ‘Cuz you got an iPhone?  GMAFB.


Hell of a turkey and dressing dinner last night.  With a periodic health checkup due, I held-off on seconds.  Until 7 AM today when I hit the fridge and then the microwave.  Nothing like leftover turkey, dressing, smothered in gravy with a glass of milk and 73 supplements for breakfast…

Eye doc for a few minutes today.  Swapping out the left contact for something chopped, channeled, and lowered.  Don’t think the candy-apple came in, though.

Plans call for the Grow Room siding to go on this week.  Then all that remains will be the wiring for the swamp cooler and the seed heater mats (and the rain water collection, small solar for that, small 12 volt drip system and such).  With luck we should have it done before the pending border crossings from Canada dry up and truckers stop bringing in another 5-10 percent of everything we need because we’re not self-sufficient as a nation, anymore. (Hat tip to Wm)

Can you imagine how pissed people will be?  When they figure out the corporate bought-and-paid for elected officials not only squandered energy independence, a massive lead in computers and weapons, but also American manufacturing all in two decades worth of liberal stupidity?

Sad Trute:  Just send ’em gender-checking and marketing racism and cop-hating.  They’ll completely miss the “trute.”

Write when the blood pressure drops,

73 thoughts on “Click Baiting Ukraine and AI – Powell on Deck Tuesday”

  1. “Can you imagine how pissed people will be? When they figure out the corporate bought-and-paid for elected officials not only squandered energy independence, a massive lead in computers and weapons, but also American manufacturing all in two decades worth of liberal stupidity?”

    They’ll really be pissed when they find out that it wasn’t stupidity, but that it was on purpose.

    The illusion is falling apart at the seams. They’re now waking up to the fact that the media (all of it) lies about damned near everything. It’s not there to inform you. It’s purpose is to control you.

    Two party politics? Pfffft. That’s one of the biggest scams of all time. They pretend to be adversaries on TV, but behind closed doors they’re all buddies. When one party is in ‘power’ the other fulfills the role of the exhibition team that plays the Harlem Globetrotters. They fight hard, but in the end they always lose. The big stars of each party talk and talk, but in the end they don’t do anything of substance. This is especially true of the ‘republicans’. They’ve got all these big name personalities like Ted Cruz, Dan Crenshaw, etc, etc. These people are all bullshit artists to keep the sheep thinking that someone is ‘fighting the evil dems on their behalf’. None of it is true. It’s made for TV drama just like everything else.

    There’s only one party is this country and it’s the ‘Money Party’.

    White Supremacy? Sure, go ahead and believe that, suckers. There’s only one color that has any power on this planet and that color is GREEN.

    Just like the other George said: “It’s a great big club and you ain’t in it”.

    So, keep watching the CNN/MSNBC/FOXNEWS/NYTIMES complex. Go ahead and feel more ‘informed’ than the poor stupid, idiots in flyover/east coast/west coast country that watch the ‘other side’s’ news broadcast. You’re superior because of your choice to take in without question everything that CNN/MSNBC/FOXNEWS/NYTIMES says. You’re smarter and better than those ‘others’ and don’t forget to drink your Ovaltine….after all, it’s for your safety.

    • Faucis “art of the deal” produced and forced remidisver usage “rules” into all killing feild hospitals nearly worldwide..?????? a government pension of nearly 400,000$

    • Wait just one chicken-pickin’ minute. Wasn’t the exhibition team that played the Globetrotters called the “WASHINGTON Generals”?!?
      Coincidence? YOU be the judge.

      BTW, the killer was Hillary in the bedroom with a garter belt. I saw it on YouTube.

  2. Comrades,

    Just to take the edge off any worries in the community, RT describes the Russian and allies troop presence in Kazakhstan as peacekeepers…

  3. I don’t know George, blaming the companies for moving overseas, might feel good to blame them, but it is us consumers that want to pay the lowest prices, and you just cannot lower prices using US labor. You yourself talk of all the equipment you purchase knowing it is assembled in China. So easy to blame others, when we choose to go this route ourselves. There are few companies left that even attempt to tout their “made in America” status, because US consumers don’t seem to care. If we won’t pay higher prices for US manufactured goods, how do blame manufacturers for trying to remain competitive by using outside manufacturing.

    • Our nation has punishing taxes(including inflation) and regulations about every miniscule nonsense thing! I refuse to even consider starting a company subject to all of that today. If I “make” 100k in value and give half of it away, I’m only making 50k and subjecting myself to all the risk involved. It’s just not worth it anymore. It’s better to live on 20k and spend the extra time doing stuff for myself(including sleeping and meditating).

      If I knew I could keep 80-90% of what I created and had few regulations(no more than one page) to worry about, I’d seriously consider starting an operation that I might enjoy, producing some specialty item. That will never happen – not even in Texas. Not until the entire system goes back to its roots, at least.

    • The price of American made 14″ Chan-nel-lock multiple slip-joint pliers was $11 in 2000.
      The price of American made 14″ Chan-nel-lock multiple slip-joint pliers is $17 today.

      The price of American made 10″ Vice-Grips pliers was $7 in 2000.
      The price of Chinese made 10″ Vice-Grips pliers is $17 today, and the quality of the steel with which they’re made, is nonexistent.

      Unless I’m buying a throw-away tool that’s going to visit my grinder &or welder, I ALWAYS “buy American” when possible, and German, Swedish, Swiss, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean, in that order, when I can’t. Chinese and Pakistani crap is a non-starter unless there’s no other choice.

      I don’t hate Chinese goods. I hate paying American goods prices for Chinese goods. FWIW the Chinese do a few things really well. They spin the best silk and make the best china (whodathunk?) on the planet, and their LED tech is absolutely top-shelf. Everything else they make (and this goes for GM, VW, Tesla, and every other American and Urepeein manufacturer who’s producing stuff in China and foisting it on the ROW) is junk, if for no other reason than their raw materials suck…

    • Who pushed legislation for the massive tax breaks and other considerations covering the costs of moving all that equipment overseas? The same folks that passed laws that make it especially expensive [regulatory and taxes] to do business domestically in the US.

      The apparatchiks that Trump seeked to quash with executive orders on regulations.

      These would be POL’s from both sides of the isle that did this with generous corp contributions, and made up jobs [10% for the Big Guy for hiring family].

      • “Who pushed legislation for the massive tax breaks and other considerations covering the costs of moving all that equipment overseas? ”

        Who pushed it? The solidly Democratic Congress between 1969 and 1992.

        Who signed it? Messrs. Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, although stuff may have been “presented” to them in such a manner that this stream of regs seemed necessary, to get the Pres’ programs passed, or at least heard. TBH Slick Willie didn’t sign much though, because by the time he got elected, voters were so pissed they gave Republicans control of Congress for the first time in two generations. This was back when the Republican Party was still mostly conservative and honestly pushed Newt’s “Contract With America,” which was genuinely good for the Nation.

        Funny though, how from that 1992 Election on, the Repugs steadily “forgot” what got them there, as their stay in Congress lengthened. A body’d almost think there were people whose goal in life was to buy Congresscritters, regardless of their party affiliation…

      • This all started with the treasonous assassination of JFK and the ascension of LBJ to Presidency.
        After a delay of several years, Kissinger (CFR) was sent to China to meet with Mao (a Yale graduate and Bonesman – that’s right, Yale had a satellite college in Red China).
        In 1970, future CFR president Winston Lord and his well-connected Chinese wife were in the middle of these deals.
        Conditions were met, Nixon (CFR) was sent to ‘seal the deal’.. How many know that Nixon was at the meeting at oilman Murchison’s house in Texas the evening before JFK was killed?
        Twenty years of manipulations developing ‘trade agreements’ to hide and expand the plan led to Klinton awarding China with the ‘Most Favored Nation’ trade status.
        Klinton, the CFR, the TLC and a whole bunch of greedy people and businesses shafted the USA and its citizens and are allied with the NWO (WEF) crowd.
        They know that they cannot control 8-9 Billion people and they need to reduce world population by about 94% per the Georgia Guidestones.
        Enter the fake “pandemic”.
        What’s next, mass starvation when all the truckers quit?
        We’re in an existential war for our survival and we are sleepwalking!

  4. ” Can the West Stop Russia From Invading Ukraine? Here’s What You Need to Know, for example. Or an even more alarmist “U.S.-Russia Talks on Ukraine: Live Updates – The New York Times.”

    MY QUESTION… is all of the bill shizt..or just most of it..
    Putin has been pretty open that his main concern revolves around the USA’s buildup of arms. Missiles, bombers, nato keeps messing with their borders..
    Almost as if we are trying to get them to jump the border..
    My suggestion..Don’t back him in a corner…don’t back Xi in a corner..

    • Neocons live for war and they’re getting an orgasm over starting one with Russia. We(Americans) don’t have much control over that. They don’t even seem to notice that they will lose. At this point, about all people can do is get out of the way.

      • They don’t even seem to notice that they will lose…..

        Yes! The concept of ‘win or lose’ is no longer relevant. In fact, most of the military has not figured that out yet!! Truly amazing. The ‘game’ is about money, profits, and control. The US military is just a pawn to be used as temporary labor until the profit potential of a war is diminished.

        Let us consider:

        –Korean War – lost the war, the Chinese Army that McArthur wanted to destroy slipped back into China and the US is still blowing money there today!
        –Vietnam – lost the war – the few Americans left the scene in a panic via Marine helicopters.
        –Iraq – nothing accomplished – the US is still there today hanging on to an Embassy and a few air bases. They will eventually be kicked out.
        Afghanistan – lost the war and like Vietnam had to leave in a panicked withdrawal.
        Syria – still there with a small presence – no strategy or tactics – just hanging on to a piece of desert to secure what is actually a miniscule amount of oil.

        There you go – a history of failure – no thought of ‘winning’ in any classical sense.

      • ALL Leftists, not just neocons.

        Look back over the past Century or so, and look at actions (votes), not words. The only Democrats who were not warmongers were those who served and saw combat (like Kennedy) and those who were true moderates or conservatives (“blue dogs.”) Republican warmongers in both Houses are typically between 3-5% of everyone elected. In the current climate of RINOs and neocons though, there’s no real limit on Fools of either Corporate Party who’re willing to send other people’s kids to die…

    • Ditto. The storms that ripped through MO/IL/KY/IN a few weeks back were notable for their lightning strikes. That ridiculous tornado that ripped up the South (and its dozens of accompanying storms)? Tornado damage aside, the most-notable meteorological trait of those waves of storm cells was the amazing number of lightning strikes, across their entire swath.

      “Why was there less lightning during COVID lockdowns?”

      I’m one of the 0.0003% of people in this country who actually looks at lightning strikes — both real-time and historically. That article is fantasy filler and exists only because none of the Kardashians has done anything gossip-worthy this week…

      If a tree falls in the woods…

  5. Same here. Son #2 mentioned it last night while we watched a football game. I said Bob who? I got an earful. Apparently, this guy was some kind of Mr nice guy with some kids on a tv show while in his off tv life he was a stand-up comic who had a real potty mouth in his act. I always miss the TV trivia questions.
    Years ago at the time I was working PMs thus not home for evening TV shows, back in dial-up days, I was getting ready to go to work and Son #1 had something on the computer. I heard “Bob Saget!” and he started laughing his butt off. Ended up being from a series of videos called the Tourettes Guy. This guy with Tourettes would use Bob Saget instead of God Dammit. I didn’t think it was that funny.

    • He was one of the funniest stand-up comics ever. He was a true comic, not a comedian, and like Cosby, could make people laugh ’till they lost their breath without uttering a single swear word. He didn’t have the rubber face like Carlin, but had a natural lilt to his voice which made even the mundane, humorous, and like the old comics, wrote his own material. His club routine was very Carlin/Pryor/Foxx ish, but the dude was stupid funny without the four-letter shock comedy. They were simply an added bonus…

  6. is this a normal rotation of troops (military police unit) in a place where we have been holding terrorists from the middle east. How come the article says 16 months in preparation? Orange man (with respect, to President Trump) was still in office then. Could be just a nothing burger but it catches my attention when it is in my (pretend to be a local) rag, but I linked to another source in S.D.

    Humor, “Who Killed Roger Rabbit” what killed Bob Saget? We don””t know, he just up and died. Do we not normally find a cause of death,, especially in situations like this one, hotel room, sudden unexpected death. Dirty Daddy?
    just don’t blame the Rona Stopper

    SPXS ,,Dippity Do Da, Dippity Day,, buy the dip or keep the shorts?

  7. A lifetime ago, Edward R. Murrow, a prominent Left-leaning journalist openly confronted Senator Joe McCarthy’s anti-Communist political purge. Many accused Murrow of being a ‘Commie sympathizer,’ particularly after he took down McCarthy using his show to do so. Perhaps Murrow was pro-Communist, but he also sharply criticized his own industry for dumbing-down radio and television with sponsor-funded feel good pablum, ignoring the contentious real-life issues facing the nation. One of Murrow’s more piercing quotes still resonates today:

    “We will not walk in fear, one of another. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason, if we dig deep in our own history and our doctrine and remember that we are not descended from fearful men. Not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate, and to defend causes that were, for the moment, unpopular…. There is no way for a citizen of the Republic to abdicate his responsibility.”
    ? Edward R. Murrow

    However, the unseen forces George mentions in today’s column steers the direction of much of our media, to include many online sources which censor discussion, deftly leading citizens toward the pastures of orchestrated mindless compliance.

    Two other Murrow quotes seems quite appropriate: “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves;” and “we cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.” Biased media, obnoxious politicians and and vainglorious business magnates appear to now be working in concert to shape the greatest nation in the modern era into a giant herd of mindless, penned sheep fed a steady diet of duplicitous hogwash. Sheep generally end up fleeced for their wool, on the dinner table, or both. Is it just me, or is it getting a lot colder lately? No worries. Say! What’s for dinner?

  8. Bring the collapse. The only angry people will be the unviables.

    Amtrak, as example has been subsidized for over 50 years. The median U.S. age is 38.1. Inter-generational dole.

    Amtrak staff can argue with Boeing, GM or Capital One staff over checks.

  9. I don’t know why but, I’m on this thought about weights, balances and friction.

    How much does Manhattan weigh? Is there a counter weight?

    How much resistance/friction do skyscrapers cause? – as the planet rotates.

    Almost everything we build is square, as opposed to the old designs of teepees, igloos, pyramids and mounds which are much more aerodynamic.

    We pump oil out, and if the earth needs that to reduce natural friction as any engine does, perhaps that’s part of the increase in volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and weather changes.

    Guess those are questions for the Illuminati and Masons.

    Woke up being a little concerned about all that this morning. Kind’a odd.

    Euler’s Disk …

    • “How much does Manhattan weigh?”

      Beats me.

      D.C. weighs about 3 billion tons, but only 6-8 pounds after the congresscritters go home…

  10. Mano mano shevitz R U hairy Humans easily distracted…distracted by the study of distractions/distractors and the agencies actively promoting them, to the malogens (Mal Genes) doing the actual distractions…What happened to concentration skills in you Humans ? Oh my Goodness.

    Stop – FullSTOP!

    focus – move your awareness into the inside of Ure head…just think about the inside of your head..colors, patterns, whatever..

    Think arche types – in this Battle for Our Souls, and the SOUL of this Planet, the Heavens..

    Ancient times – 4 cycles ago – besides climate change “weapons” being deployed on Us/Civilization, “they” learned early on about weaponizing accident – wild ass Humans breaking into the “gardens/fields” that they Slaved on, and stealing fruits and grains, during which raids infecting the “fallen” “quarantined” reptilians in city/town “Karsag” at base of Turkish mtns.
    An, Ansar – MARS, Tiamat- Uras/Earth, Mulge/1st Venus, Enki/Ea,
    Enil-Setes-Zeus) it was/is this last evil POS that was/is known by many names – one being the lord of air – the wellas the great Satam/Overseer.
    Developed, airborne spread – infect and MANipulate Human populations – then give Cure(data/info/plan) to most Incompetent Leader (puppet)they/annuna had on “payroll” sound familiar – so he would completely F- up the recovery.
    Evil bastards’ blood HATRED of Mankind – thats our Nemesis- The Adversary of ALL Mankind. ,

    Secret US funded biolab in recently FFed stans??? wait for… it.. U will. new pathogen “injected” has been into the World..

    * No Worries – Z-Stack, Tollovid, VitD3 wit Magnesium, Lots VitC, C60 Creatine 5g/day, + Curcumin when in da jungle = Bullet Proof & BA..Lets Go!

    ** Do not forget – to CUT OFF the head of any/all “dead” reptilians. Must Decapitate – fckrs regenerate…what gene (s) was down expressed in Humans to prevent regeneration Imortality ? Grays- minanu – bury, burn immediately – nothing smells quite like it – carrion pits not even close…

    Peace! Get on da Train, We bee waiting 4 Ya..

    • Consider adding Chlorine Dioxide to your pantry and/or preventative repertoire. It’s been shown tens of thousands of times to kill malaria within 2-4 hours with one dose. (Seems Ebola also, but don’t have time right now to verify where I read this.)

  11. Yo BTCH-er – you be cherry picking wit the bes.. unh – Worst of em! $60K BTC yabbitayabbityyabbity.

    What about Ure BITCOINZ call AT $28,400 ??? what about dat , Homeskillets?

    Public school edumacated – but – I can still do the basics on my phone calculator..allow me..

    $41,000 minus $28,400 = $12,600 or a eyepopping 30% return ($12,600/$41,000) on Ure money!

    Cant shake a stick at those kinda returns..lunch money-MY Ass!

    If you are not Buying The DIP in BTC – You are WRONG! imnsho.. cept for G who may be nappy, headed from his needed Gnappy.

    BuyBuyBuyBTC – the only way forward..

  12. Good Morning, soaking the creative juices I see George. This is why one of my many nick names for you is, Optimist Prime. Always looking on the bright side of things. nobody gets George Down. When ya get to the emerald city, hit me up. We could get some Busquets and gravy at the Chelan Cafe… if Im still in town. I never know where THE DUDE is going to put me next. but im sure it will be good.

    ya know it occurred to me yesterday after find a big box of old pictures… I may have stumbled across the boarder into the land of Old as f. Try to get out more and I went hung out with some friends, one who used to be my cleaning lady when she was 13, at the first house I ever bought. Her soon to be 18 year old daughter asked me for a job working events. I thought, My GOD! I may be old now, I best schedule a colonoscopy, put some polyester pants, jam them up my ass crack and shake my Cain while screaming, “you damn kids get off my lawn!” you know, old people stuff.

    Then I remember, nah.. I was bench pressing 420lbs 4 months ago. last may doing 450 sets of 12’s on shrugs.. not as much Atlas, but not exactly polyester material.

    Not married since my last ramble, but I wouldn’t put it past me to do so at some point. been to the alter 4 times. Married 2 of them, one ran off in the middle of the wedding to taco bell (that is a long story) and the other we quickly annulled the next day after a wonderful black out upon discovering jello shooters at the China Club in Manhattan on my 22cnd birthday. Wonder what the future holds.

    I was talking to a young lady this morning and she asked how she could help me….. because I have been thinking a lot about 2 things, #1. “What is my definition of Success? my personal definition. not what others think it is. and #2. How do I get my money to make me money when I sleep? What vehicles are readily available for me to do so? How much time can I a lot to propelling those vehicles towards my definition of Success? How far will each vehicle take me, how to get them to work like a band of sorts? Drums, Base, lead and rythem guitar, sax, lead singer and throw in a KEY board…. ding ding da ding winner winner we have a winner.

    my reply was, something that G2 taught me in our short discussions. everyone is a muse and inspiration, when you truly listen to them… so I said to her, “You already are, just being you. Everyone teaches me something. Thank you for the offer. I appreciate you and will let you know. Right now, I’m thinking about things. I think long and hard about things, then submit my ideas to THE DUDE and wait.. Then, take what ever Inspiration that the DUDE provides, then put that in action. When I do that? Whatever I set out to do, flows like music. <- that last line is something G2 taught me, namaste, thank you.

    when reading todays latest U.S. news and commentary, this springs to the mind, KJV, Proverbs 3:33 (surely a coincidence that my number has the same sequence). Thank The DUDE, and HIS every present ways that remind me, I'm just andy.

    watched a peculure movie last night. and old one that was set in the future. everyone was wearing masks.. what happend was, the enviroment changed and mutated everyones DNA, into these super bad ass ninja, super strong and super smart beings, big pharma coupled with the Catholics came to the rescue, having prior knowledge and said there was a virus, pandemic and everyone needed to the cure they had put out. but some did not and their DNA got altered by some stuff from space and those people were hunted by the establishment until they had enough of that shit and burned the estiblishment down and started a new thing. the trippy part was.. everyone was wearing make shift masks like they do now. hmmmmmmmmmm

    and you know, i dont watch much TV and am not on the web much or watch many movies except in the winter time. i finally watched Batman Verses's Superman, then The Justice league. Favorite line in the Movie The Justice League is when Flash asks Batman, hey what is your super power? Batman replies. I fucking rich! hahahahahahahahah

    way way better than that new stupid matrix movie. how the hell can you make a matrix movie like that? Especially leaving out Laurence Fishburne. brilliant! thank God it was free on Hbomax. Spoiler Alert: so Trinity and Neo take over the virtual world, rule it and leave everyone in it, to be leached off in the loosh farm by sentient beings and create unicorns and rainbows? What the fucking point is in that? yay! go the one and his bride! everyone stays slaves to a virtual reality, but hey! that is really great you can fly and shit and you got hot girl. Stupid!

    be at the Tool concert, sober, tomorrow night, meet the band and protect everyone from themselves, being themselves.

    I am Truly Blessed and Highly Fortunate! it is my hope, you are as well.

    In memory of Drunvalo Melchizedek and his crack pot theory. not to be confused with the King Salem mind you. Different dude, The King of Salem is really Legit.

    Cue: ~ 46 & 2 ~


      • he will. I’m sure of it. as you know, I specialize in altering peoples destinies. per my other posts… Vanguard springs to the mind… a topic we discussed a while back. and ECM championed their honor while on the witness stand.

        one has to ponder, how many are not going to take the jab and cash out their 401k’s which i as ECM put it, Vanguard is the largest holder of we the peoples retirement funding. pay the 50% tax penalty (if memory serves) and set up the stock market for Really Really big Rally to the downside in may…. as the old adage you often quote goes, “Sell in may and go a way.”

        you don’t have to be a web bot to see this potential future unfolding, you dont have to be a Great Prophet of Olden times or even an amature Seer to see this one coming, you don’t even be on the internet to know what is going on. you can feel it in the air all around you.

        in the end its all just dots and dashes, right George.

        and elon was on babylon bee.. saw that too. maybe one day we will go to mars. total recall.

        later dude. I got do something besides tell everyone the obvious and articulate it like I’m a gifted Seer on the internet. I am reminded that being Guru in the lunatic asylum aka Earth doesn’t get you any respect from the nurses. LOL

      • but dont worry, I’m reminded Miracles still happen everyday. i seen one just a moment ago, lady turned her whole life around after i gave her an opportunity at a second chance. she took it, changed her whole outlook on life. love that!

        and constantly reminded, There is 3 clocks running in this world. one, ~we are right on schedule ~ may not be according to chronus.. but most of us run our race according to the the woo woo clock. aka Clock number 2: Karios time.

        G2 is right where he is supposed to be. he will be there, right when he is, not a moment before and not a moment later….

        you are not waiting on him to figure it out and neither is he.

        at Ure age Mister! you should know by now, most of the time, we fellas are already ready, on point at the appointed time… and then we wait while she changes her outfit 2 dozen times, puts on 45 differnt pairs of shoes, changes her hair, and ends up back in what she originally was wearing…. i spent most of my life as im sure you have, waiting on a woman. why would you expect it to be any different for G2. LOL

        she will be along when she is along, I’m not wise enough to know, there is no formula in existence to, estimate “women time.” aka Clock number 3.

        am sure she will be a wonderful addition to the family. of that I’m certain.

        later dude. i have markers to cross and new goals to set.

  13. So good down here in the penal colony oztralia . A good man the judge freed the joker . Dokovic. Our ayatollah prime minister and the muftis in government got whacked . Of course all the vegetated Ozzie zombies were outraged . I had extra beer to celebrate. Suck sheet slime oz government

  14. Old salty moriarty only got half right . Called joe Brandon a demented old fool who belongs in a home . Tick bob . But called hot Kamala a hooker . No bob that’s not nice . She’s hot . Nice to look at . Cheeky smile .cross bob

  15. I’m surprised George you didn’t mention of the Supreme Courts decision is supposed to be out today with regards to the Future of many good American citizens in these here United States of America. and its propellant towards the demise of many small businesses and alot of biggins too.

    We are at nail biting moment in history, where we find shortly after much deliberation, just who of the United States Supreme Court, are in bed with Big Pharma and sold its citizens for stock gains. very exciting times!

    On the Docket, as it is now, any company that has over 100 employee’s will be forced to provide documentation of Vaccination of said employees or suffer a $17,000 odd dollar (whos counting anyway) fine per day, per employee!!!!! for not following OSHA guides in providing a safe work environment. All non vaccinated employees must be Covid tested every 7 days and wear a mask at all times, or be terminated. Sorry mam, i know you are raising your kids without a father, but you dont get the jab? You can not work! therefore you and your kids wont have a place to live soon, be able to eat and well we set up places like San Fran Cisco and others to accomidate you while you live in a tent under an over pass..

    In the case any company with over 100 employees can not show accurately documented proof of Vaccination and material documented Proof of Covid test every 7 days (for employees who refuse to get the vaccine) to OSHA at any time OSHA deems it necessary to stop by, or spontaious audit and ask for it, said fine will be initiated against any company not in compliance, within 90s of Supreme court decision out, TODAY!

    and if an employee calls in sick and wants to use sick leave, they must produce documentation of a negative covid test, in order to recieve their sick pay, going forward.

    maybe we are all doomed after all. one can certainly hope. Guess we will clearly see who on the Supreme Court is in the pocket of Big Pharma soon.

    If one poses as George often itterates, “Everything is a business model.” how the fuck do you think that is going to go over in the US for everything from Manufacturing jobs at say Boeing or Ford to Longo Toyota in LA, the Largest Toyota dealership in the world, to McDonalds frie guys? has to be more than 100 frie guys in these here United States of America. etc. etc.

    One certainly has to ponder, when the space stuf is going to make those who haven’t taken Big Pharma (silent partner the Vatican) Rna sequence, nano bot jelly “Cure” and turn into Bad ass Ninja, Super Strong, Super smart, highly advance second Gen Nephilim aka “Legends of Old” and burn the establisment to the ground and start a new thing? should history repeat itself …….. like in the movies.

    very exciting times. hope the bad ass ninja, space modified DNA, nephalim 2.0 deal is real. wouldnt that be nice for a change.

    • All a charade. We’re simply in the awkward change from highwaymen to hospitalmen. From drug dealers to experimental drug retailers. From a Constutional Republic to a shit show.
      OH, maybe we done that awready….

      • ya spose… ure right. i mean, who the f is going to fault Elon. Cue Richard Dawson, the survey says! bleet bleet bleet sell your shares of tesla bleet bleet bleet. okay okay okay says the wolf. fine i will sell my shares… bleet bleet bleet good boy. bleet bleet and Dick Dawson says, ding ding ding That is the number one answer. bleet bleet bleet.

        after doing so many shows, and all the stuff you learn back stage, that most never see… well it gives ya new perspective on things. that much is for certain.

        the difference between the Highwaymen and the Hospital men is i spose the placement of the rope. and at least you knew where you stood with the Highwaymen.

        see ya around old dude… maybe… and maybe i will never come back. could happen, one these days it just may.

      • and for the record George, I don’t fault Elon at all. I think that was a fucking brilliant move! i appreciate that kind of skill to a great degree.

        and im grateful to be aware that i can witness moves such as these. like i said, smooth like fonzi. right there. that was sooooo smooth.

        like i said when we first met, many many moons ago. “skill is the mother of all trade.”

        you do know the day before he put that tweet out about sales, was the day i saw him in the elevator.. a “coincidence” i assure you.


        perhaps telepathy is a real thing… hmmmmm


        okay okay okay.. time be serious! this is serious business!

        bleet bleet bleet.


    • “I’m surprised George you didn’t mention of the Supreme Courts decision is supposed to be out today with regards to the Future of many good American citizens in these here United States of America. and its propellant towards the demise of many small businesses and alot of biggins too. ”

      Andy, the issue isn’t whether businesses get burned.

      The issue is the answer to the question: Can the government FORCE people to put foreign substances into their body?

      If the answer is “yes,” we just became chattel (or cattle) and no longer have any freedom of self-determination.

  16. you missed that key US Supreme Court decision that is happening George. that is big big big economic indicator.

    could be a game changer… if it passes, you will never be able to grow your small buisness past 99 people until the law changes… brilliant, stunt the growth of small business, fire everyone who disagrees that works for big buisness, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer until someone throws a match on all that gasoline and timber.

    i am praying for the space junk to activate us asap. paying for the Supreme court to say, hell nah! those who vote yes to pass it… well its like our Moto when I was a casino regulator, “In God we Trust, everyone else is suspect.”

    now, here in the saftey and security buisness, our moto is a little bit different, “Fuck around and find out.” similar but different.

    THE DUDE is well, hmmmmmm… I’m sure everything is going to eventually be ok sugar pea. like i said, i am moving rapidly into a new direction. lets hope we all are.

    3 comments a day, them the rules…. and well, i think i will think about things for a while. i encourage everyone i meet to do the same.

    later dude

    just Andy

  17. Saget wasn’t quite the nobody. For 9 years he played the dad on a series(Full House) that was kind of popular. Shortly into that stint he landed the host spot for America’s funniest home videos and that ran for a number of years starting in the early 90’s. Then he was the narrator for the show “How I met your mother” which ran for a number of seasons( more than it should have). He parlayed his warm and fuzzy character persona from Full House into what I would have to guess was a lucrative run. Anyone thinking that the tv persona was really him was in for a rude shock if the saw one of his on stage comedy shows.

  18. Faucis “art of the deal” produced and forced remidisver usage “rules” into all killing feild hospitals nearly worldwide..?????? a government pension of nearly 400,000$

  19. That was funny george !! Good reply to me . You are batting big numbers today and hitting everything out of the park . Yep turkey and beer that’s the trick . Breakfast of champions as well with mayonnaise and hot sour dough . Fark I’m getting hungry

  20. “Write when the blood pressure drops,”

    Do you honestly want a day without comments…?


    NEWS: The U.S. gets its “news” from 3 main sources. We get 90% from AP, 90% of the remainder from Reuters, and the remainder from AFP, the BBC, and others. AP and Reuters have their own “writers” who source stuff from CONUS dailies and “write” their “byline” on them, editing or “paring” the originals “for size” (which means content.) Mind you, this is on top of the paring the daily’s news or opinion editor does before the article initially goes to print.

    With that said, a seeker can search whatever the NYT or WaPo gives us as an article teaser, by putting a dozen words of it in quotes and dropping it into a search engine. Googoo is probably the best engine for this search, provided you’re searching anything mainstream, because it is the most-immediate. For actual meaningful data I prefer Dogpile, because it uses Webcrawler instead of Google, and generates its own search catalogue.

    Generally speaking, for any news article in, of, or relating to the U.S., there will be a maximum of THREE news writeups. ANY “source” returned in any search engine which samples Google’s results will return thousands of identical iterations of these three stories, some of which will proffer the entire paywalled story “free and clear…”

    One tends to get much better American news from foreign dailies (and much worse opinion.) Places like Russia Today simply snag their “English page” content from AP and Reuters. The secret to sites like RT is they are very good at presenting stuff we would consider “foreign policy” in a manner that is predictably and consistently biased, and much less propagandized than the crap we get from either Washington or the Wires — PROVIDED one goes to the native Russian pages and views them through a translator. The same applies for dailies in Oslo, or Minsk, or Cairo, or friggin’ Sao Paulo.

    To read a NYT article, search in quotes.
    To find out what’s going on in the world, go to world dailies.
    To find out what’s going on here, or what other peoples believe is going on here, go to those same world dailies, but hit their native-language pages, with a translator program (BTW Google is very good, but it’s not the best…)

    BTW I’ve recently added Kyoto and Taipei to the Aussie, Brit, and Indian pubs in my virtual stack of dailies…

  21. Comrades,

    With arguably a goat player released, we take leave of the Australian Open and take you now to Canada to address a spat in a current love-love situation. Quiet, please, the players are entering the court.

    Looks like the parties have reviewed their bankroll and are placing their bets. The CBC is reporting that three nurses with the protest group Canadian Frontline Nurses against covid vaccine policies and lockdowns are sueing four Canadian entities and individuals for defamation. The group is associated with the USA Iraqi Vet-founded Global Frontline Nurses. I don’t know what Zeus thinks, but I wouldn’t fancy raising the ire of a mostly female group who can handle sharps.

  22. Covid is ROARING thru the island petri dish here. 4,500+ cases statewide yesterday alone. We have container shipping companies that supply the islands from the mainland, and another local barge company that serves interisland from Honolulu. The interisland shipping containers are now on an ‘interrupted’ schedule as Covid gallops through the mariners and harbor workers that keep our supplies moving. Went shopping yesterday and could not find bananas (!) at local stores, and many bare spots on the shelves out here at the end of the two-hop shipping chain.

    Everyone seems so tired of this pandemic they are extremely sloppy in their safeguards and social isolation, and seem to think that if they are vaxxed it is OK to go out and party in crowds. And especially the tourists, coming in by the thousands, thinking they are safe or something.

    Still isolating in the jungles of the Big Island, tending my garden.

    • “Everyone seems so tired of this pandemic they are extremely sloppy in their safeguards and social isolation”


      I eat out several times a week — same few restaurants, selected because I know their hygiene routines. My arrival times are carefully selected to eat in nearly empty establishments. When I arrive, I go directly to the restroom, where I wash my hands, using the paper towel to open the door when I leave the room. When I leave the restaurant, my change goes in the door pocket (where it will set for several days) and I hit the sanitizer before touching anything, including my keys.

      If anyone in the restaurant coughs, I leave.

      I never sit down in a waiting room.

      I never do a #2 in a public restroom.

      I pull-open doors using the left-hand door, from the bottom of the handle; I push-open doors by pushing the top rail — i.e. places where others are unlikely to have touched the doors. THEN I do my vehicle sanitize routine when I get to it. When I pump gas, I sanitize after handling the pump, and never touch my car with the hand that handles the pump.

      If anyone in the gas station or cstore coughs, I leave, or sit into my car until they leave.

      I never wear a mask unless I’m in a “mask-only” establishment. I have a stock of medical disposables, which live under a UV-C lamp when they’re not in the car. I also carry a contagion kit which contains 3 P-100 masks, 3-pairs of nitrile gloves, 4oz of Everclear, 16oz of 98% denatured alcohol + 2% of 7% H2O2, goggles, garbage bags, sterile rags, etc., in a big Ziploc bag.

      Reportedly, the virus can’t be passed by touch. Reportedly, vaccines prevent infection… ’nuff said?

      This stuff isn’t difficult. Like many things in life though, stupid, cocky, or lazy can get you dead…

  23. I mean shit George, Elon puts out a text about what everyone thinks about him selling his stock in Tesla on twitter what about 2 months or so ago, goes on Babylon Bee and says, I paid more taxes than anyone in US history, Im a good Samaritan. I sold a billion dollars of my shares in Tesla.

    wait for it. wait for it… Tesla recalls almost half a million electric cars over safety issues, on Reuters last week.

    huh. the timing of such things. Elon is just one lucky bastard. probably because he is such a good citizen and all.. and nobodys going to question any kinda of insider trading on a guy, who paid shit load of taxes, and is all around great fella, wants us all to go to masssssss as Arnold swartensenahager put it in….. what was the name of that movie? oh yeah, Total recall.

    welcome to earth, this is life, and lifes not fair, it rewards those with great marketing skills and who know when to get while the getting’s good. here on earth, we call that rocket science.

    no a fucking peep from anyone about it… not a peep from gnat. LOL

    that is smooth like Fonzie form happy days smooth.

    cool dude. road in the elevator with him once. he got lots of money.. and i got lots of other stuff. who knows, i could be rich like that too. Same DUDE put him in the elevator with me as me with him.

  24. After eight straight hours of talks in Genieva, Russia and the U.S. finally decided on where to go for dinner. Nothing else was accomplished. Nothing else was expected, either.

  25. Comrades,

    Rumours of an early dragon roar to the Chinese New Year are premature? Why did Chinese msm last week repeat their 5/28/21 news release? It was the one about successfully operating an “artificial sun for 101 seconds at a plasma temperature of 120 million degrees celcius”? Let the Olympic flame shine forth!

    Meanwhile, over breakfast in Geneva, things are getting down to the nitty-gritty in the gravy, generally speaking. Someone fishing for a donny-in-a-bass side dish?

  26. George,

    Are you at all anticipating the great vaccinated die off to begin sometime soon? Because I keep seeing a new meme the anti-vaxxers are putting out, that many so called vaccine injections are only saline solution, so they don’t spook the herd by having a big die off.

    I don’t know how so many people can be wrong for a year, then move the goal posts once again, and expect anyone to believe their nonsense yet again.

    So on one hand, we should rejoice that many will not die because they got saline, but on the other hand we should be afraid that many will die because they did not. I’ve never seen such clever having-it-both-ways, all said with a straight face.

    I’ll say again, any problem that is “just over the horizon” is not a problem, and never arrives. AGW, global cooling, population bomb, nuclear war, ozone hole, bad weather, it never ends. I’ll shut up when someone produces one example. Everyone wants to be the one saying “I saw it coming”.

  27. Hi Mr. Ure,

    It absolutely amazes me that we are now testing, counting, and fearmongering how many people on the planet have a fairly severe cold, with the moniker of Covid 19, omicron variant.

    Hell, not more than 10-15 years ago my doctor would say: “Kamp, you’ve got a fairly severe cold. Here is a script for some Sudafed, Flonase, Mucinex and cough suppressant. We are trying to dry up your sinuses, and lower the coughing level, and expel the phlegm from your lungs, No antibiotics or steroid or antiviral for you at this time, bucko.

    Now low and behold, in less than 2 years because of the “pandemic” we might eventually have an actual cold inoculation, a rapid corona virus cold test, possibly a corona virus antiviral medication. Not to mention the freedom to prescribe HCQ and IVMTN, for the common cold.

    Aren’t pandemics great ?

    To my way of thinking, we as a country and a world have invested trillions of dollars so far, damaged our country and the whole world, but may be on the verge of curing the common cold ! Just not with Mrna technology.

    Of course, I am probably totally full of scheisse as I have not been vaccinated, have not been sick since January 2020, and according to my doctor, I have no covid 19 antigens after a Quest Diagnostics test this past Sept. 2021.

    Quick side quip….. HR sends out the OSHA memo today by email about the vaccine mandate first thing this AM. By 10AM there is a 2nd email sent basically saying “stand down, this may have been a little premature, we are doing more due diligence. There will be no retaliation for voicing your opinions. Please come to HR or your manager with ANY concerns you may have.

    Our company is a major entertainment equipment manufacturer and distributor out here in flyover country, YMMV.

    • Wrong. I teach community college and in 9 months my students go earn 20 bucks an hour. I went through the same program at the same college 20 years ago and I make about 3 times that now. And what does Tony Robbins know about technology? Tell me when one of his predictions about technology comes true. I’ll buy you dinner.

    • Really? The last time the economy shit itself hard, back in the ’70s, I took my last few Drachmas and enrolled in the local CC on a welding curriculum (as a “just in case” backup plan), then graduated with certs in two semesters.

      I taught my daughter how to gas weld over 20 years ago — pretty sure I got skillz from that CC…

  28. How ’bout a “news 5-fer?”

    All COVID, just for Another George:

    I should’ve gotten it in my arm, but I got it in my butt

    Recent Podcast Shows Bob Saget Telling Fan: “I went to the pharmacy the other day and I got my booster shot”

    On December 13, the comedian posted an interesting conversation with a guest calling into his podcast. In the clip he posted to Instagram, Saget tells the fan he just got the [COVID] booster. In the description of his December 13 podcast episode on Instagram, he explains how

    he’s trying to give fans some “solace” over the divisive COVID topic by injecting some humor into their lives.

    Funny, that’s what Hank Aaron was trying to do with his (very public) vaxx. A few days later he was dead. Saget got boosted on December 13th. 10 days later he got COVID.

    I suspect the Orange County Coroner will find Saget had a heart attack…

    “Thank You Joe Biden for Bringing on a Premature Death of a Life not Fully Lived”

    Derek Andrew McIntosh passed away unexpectedly in the early morning hours on January 4th, 2022, due to complications from blood clots sending him into cardiac arrest after receiving his Covid 19 vaccine. Derek was born in Robbinsdale, MN, to parents Jeff and Sue McIntosh. He grew up and went to school in Brooklyn Park and graduated from Park Center High School in 1998. He spent two and a half years at St. Cloud State University, until realizing all college was, is a bunch of professors, imposing their liberal and Godless views on the young minds of our nation.

    Media, CDC Quietly Admit 3 COVID Truths After 2 Years Of Lies. Did They Think We Wouldn’t Notice?

    The COVID bureaucracy has spent two years now preaching lies, censoring anyone who challenges the lies, and eventually coming around to admit the same truths they previously denounced. In the case of masks and vaccines, the flip-flop was even more elaborate: They insisted masks didn’t work (when they were scarce) and that the vaccine was suspicious (under Trump), only to spin around and tout both. And now that neither works effectively against the omicron variant, the narrative is falling apart again.


    A major Chinese city near Beijing has placed its 14 million residents on partial lockdown after 40 children and adults tested positive for COVID-19, including at least two with the omicron variant. It’s hard to say what the motivation is here other than fear and panic the masses into blind obedience to their rulers. The real issue with Tianjin being locked down is that it’s a major port in China.

    BREAKDOWN: Basic Services And Supply Chains Are Rapidly Breaking Down All Over The Globe

    I warned you that things would get even worse in 2022, and that is exactly what is happening. Throughout the latter stages of 2021, I documented how basic services were breaking down all across the country, but this was a trend that was largely ignored by the mainstream media until now. Fear of the Omicron variant has taken things to an entirely new level

  29. Disgraced FBI No. 2 Andrew McCabe Calls For Feds To Treat ‘Mainstream’ Conservatives Like Domestic Terrorists

    1. Conservatives Are in The Same Category As Islamic Terrorists
    2. Parents at School Board Meetings Pose A ‘Threat To National Security’
    3. McCabe Wants More Surveillance of ‘Mainstream’ Conservatives
    4. McCabe Believes No One Is Above The Law (Except Himself)

    So, why is McCabe not some incarcerated mob-enforcer’s girlfriend?

  30. Ron Johnson says he is running for reelection because of ‘destructive’ Dem governance: ‘I can’t walk away’

    EXCLUSIVE: Republican Sen. Ron Johnson said it was his “intention” to complete his second term in the Senate and return home to Wisconsin, but told Fox News in an exclusive interview Monday that Democrats are governing in a “very divisive and destructive manner” and he “can’t walk away” when he feels he can “make a real difference.”


  31. Jimmy Cramer crack corn and I don’t care !!!jimmmmmmmyyyu whipping the futures !!! Come on ride that market boy !!! Jimmy boy

  32. Well, the grandkid we take care of came home with a fever and headache (sound familiar?) this weekend. Letting the fever run (101 or so and below) and watching her. Down to normal this morning. Doesn’t seem to be slowing her down at all and about 6 to 8 cases in the school are being reported this week. The wife’s been coughing her head off all weekend, too, until we found some old cough suppressant with codeine in it in the cabinet. Tried the horse paste on her (I have to apologize to the makers – it DOES taste like apples) and it relieved some symptoms and put her on a road to recovery but the cough syrup did the rest. Me? Nuttin.

    I ran across this article in a comments section yesterday and today it pops up in JS Mineset’s webpage –
    “We Have Less Than Two Weeks to Finalize Preparation”
    It’s from Canada mostly but what affects the neighbors comes to us eventually. Trucking shut down in the supply chain.

  33. Oh yeah. They said the airplane guy and the Cigar guy would live to over 100 years old. They think very well about the airplane guy and the cigar guy. They are good. I only know a few airplane guys. Made me think of you George. I have no idea who the Cigar guy is.

    The Owls came to see me because I am The Owl. That is what they said.

    And so the journey begins.

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