Circus! Circus! America Appalled, Jellyfish Party Waivers

Everyone run from street!  America is nuts!

We have new-found respect for Senator Lindsey Graham, who pretty-much nailed it in his questioning of judge Brett Kavanaugh in the wake of the Christine Ford testimony at the “Sink-the-Kavanaugh Circus” on Thursday:

We have to concur with Graham.  The whole process has been a joke.

But the real answer will come later this morning how many once-upon-a-time Constitutionalists of the Party of Lincoln have gone off the rails and joined the Jellyfish Party.  Should be a revealing day.

Meantime, I looked up the go-funds for Christine Ford and it’s more than half a million bucks…  Who’s policing that the money-raised will actually get to her?

Personal Income Data Out

The irrational markets, so far, are reacting to the monthly “heartbeat of the market” we identified a while back for our readers, more than the Washington side-show  There is, after all, a typical end-of-month decline, and as soon as the Kavanaugh deal is done, there’s a chance of a larger upside rally.  After which, the matter of mid-term elections (vote to lock-up American politics, really) comes along next.

In the meantime, we entertain ourselves with data reports just out – like this one:

“Personal income increased $60.3 billion (0.3 percent) in August according to estimates released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Disposable personal income (DPI) increased $51.4 billion (0.3 percent) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) increased $46.4 billion (0.3 percent).

Real DPI increased 0.2 percent in August and Real PCE increased 0.2 percent. The PCE price index increased 0.1 percent. Excluding food and energy, the PCE price index increased less than 0.1 percent.

We assume you saw where U.S.-China trade war triggers seafood supply chain shake-up.  Something fishy about all this trade talk, perhaps?  What would a trade war net is coming into focus, lol.

Meantime, in addition to stock buy-backs to boost earnings, Global funds raise U.S. stock holdings to three-and-a-half-year high.

And it looks like Musk’s ox has been gored as an SEC lawsuit sends Tesla shares tumbling.  We wonder if Tesla shares could be the poster-child comparison to the end the run in 1929? A 2004 BIS paper offers some insight:

“Credit fueled a real estate boom in 1925, a Wall Street boom in 1928-9, and a consumer durables spending spree spanning the second half of the 1920s. That these booms developed under the fixed exchange rates of the gold standard meant that they generated little inflationary pressure at home and that their effects were transmitted to the rest of the world. Absent overt signs of inflation, the Fed had no reason to raise the official short-term rate.

Eventually, however, the Fed and other central banks grew increasingly restive over what they perceived as speculative excesses in financial markets and with a growing incidence of malfeasance and graft, evident in the activities of Charles Ponzi in Florida, Clarence Hatry in London, and Ivar Kreuger in Stockholm. This concern with the effects of asset-price inflation on the economy led them finally to tighten.”

See details in BIS Working Papers No 137  “The Great Depression as a credit boom gone wrong by Barry Eichengreen* and Kris Mitchener**)

An emerging paradigm around here is that the recovery from the 2009 Housing Bubble bottom may be little more than a slower-running replay of the Florida Land Boom aftermath and the eventual tightening that cause the 1929 stock market collapse.  Remember, by late summer of 1929, private money rates in NYC were up to the 6-percent area.  Another Fed hike this year ought to put us over the edge, though (depending on mid-term elections) perhaps not until next spring (April May 2019 is our current track). Between now and then?

We still have a blow-off top to contend with…all made more difficult to forecast because of the setting-in of what Zeus the Cat refers to as Human Alaska Mountain Syndrome (HAMS).

“No, you stupid Cat,” I scold him.  “It’s not Denali you idiot, it’s Denial!”

Rude human…you promised me THAT was in Egypt!”

Never, ever, trust a Cat – particularly a   lexdysxic  one – for financial advice.

Quips and Quotes

Much colder air moving into the Northern Plains, watching Hurricane Rosa bring possible flooding to the Southwest.

Grist for my next novel (Grav) just showed up.  Turns out there may have been ancient pyramids in CHINA.  Thanks to Super-Lawyer Jeff for the heads-up.

Houston reader LB notes there’s a big uptick in mentions of an October crash in the wings.  We don’t like the odds, but we’re still taking bets on whether the Demoncrats will hold massive national demonstrations if the Jellyfish actually vote…  Exceptional (and irrational) times… unless you’re in Denali, lol.

On the lighter side, here’s a great one for your CIS 101 class:  ‘Body’ turns out to be sex doll, police say.  NSS?

Florida woman allegedly hit husband with vacuum cleaner part: report.  Reminds me of Pappy’s guidance:  Never buy a woman a vacuum-cleaner for her birthday.

And from our Megalomaniac Watch (Brussel’s Sprouts) file we read how Belgium to sue Google for not blurring images of defense sites.  Say, this gives us a dandy new science career.  Let’s call it EU Satellite Dimagery.  It isn’t like the Russians don’t have better…who are these people in Belgium who thing the rest of the world is as stupid as them?  You wonder why you’ll live to see the collapse of the EU?  Here’s you go….

Camera-shy?  Tourist, 49, trampled to death by elephant in Zimbabwe after leaving car to take picture of it.

Mad science advice.  As we read how UMD scientists awarded $1 million to generate single photons for quantum research, it struck use they should look at Tinder – isn’t that where single anything can be found? (rim-shot).

And our Useless News award for the weak goes to CNN for reporting What Bill Cosby will eat behind bars.  More third-place network bologna, huh?

Side of Woo-Wood?  Trust in Andy

In-depth readers of Urban will know that we take the woo-woo side of life very damn seriously. So, we’re happy from a science standpoint, but not so much from a displaced people side, to once-again credit  regular reader-poster Andy who was spot-on with his prediction last week in the Comments section calling a big late-week earthquake this week:

And, as long as we’re “on the woo” side, I did mention my next book is available for pre-order for digital devices on Amazon, right?

In the book, I get into how at least some of us get to the “source layer” of feeling the future.  When I’m awake, that is.

Last night I literally crashed about 5 PM.  I usually get the “earthquake tireds” before big one, and the lead-in to  today’s was real short and sharp…great call by Andy.

Lemme see….stock futures down 100…Jellyfish swarm due today…and…oh yeah…

Time to warn the pigs while you go chasing the other kind of links.  Ya’ll come back tomorrow and bring 310-million of Ure closest friends….Free coffee…free Angela…free Bobby….oops…musta missed my meds, lol…

64 thoughts on “Circus! Circus! America Appalled, Jellyfish Party Waivers”

  1. Hi, George,

    I watched the entire Senate session on Ford and Kavanaugh yesterday. There were so many holes in Ford’s story, as well as so many strange connections to her, her lawyer, her parents, and Feinstein. The manner in which Feinstein handled Ford’s letter made this all an obvious hit against Kavanaugh. Since when is an accusation without evidence worthy of any credibility? And, what was in that envelope passed from Sheila Jackson Lee to Ford’s lawyer during a break session?

    • Holes in Ford’s story? She was 100000% solid! I believe her. I also believe Kavanaugh wasn’t lying either…many feel he didn’t remember this happening because he was too drunk. This is why he did not want to agree to an FBI investigation. Someone out there knows the truth and he is afraid what he might hear. I am certain he is guilty of this sexual encounter by Ford. It was displayed for all to see by his nervousness and deflection every time someone brought up the FBI investigation.

      Plus, I am a huge supporter of #metoo. I have a very close friend that was a victim of sexual harassment. A message needs to be sent to these victims of abuse.

      My Take is that the Real Kavanaugh came through yesterday. It was an emotional, partisan, political, privileged frat boy. He was a spoiled, rich prep elitist that went too far. Haven’t we had enough of these punks in power? I am sure the Federalist Society can find a replacement. Just make sure he or isn’t from Georgetown Prep. Maybe a woman?

      • I agree with your take – that the ‘real’ Kavanaugh came through yesterday – an angry, upset, raising his voice and
        getting shrill, ranting and whining and calling out political
        parties (so much for being non-partisan) – this is
        NOT the behavior of a supreme court judge (I don’t recall Clarence Thomas engaged in this behavior when he was in hearings prior to his nomination). Enough with the old school old white men nudge-nudge-wink-wink I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine old boys club in power. It is time for a change and this guy is not the change that we need to start going forward. We can’t change everything, but we can start with one small step.

      • The FBI request was a stall that even if done would yield no results beyond what was already known. Why did they not have Dr. Ford. have the Maryland police dept. Start an investigation?

      • Mark.. I totally agree with you on your assessment.. I believed her to, she seemed very credible.. and I also think he acted like a spoiled rich frat boy.. my only concern is why now when there is a great deal of money involved.. he built a pretty impressive career in almost forty years why not bring it up to be investigated sometime along the way. If it is true he sure didn’t deserve the impressive positions he has had no matter what schooling he had. there again laws are very different between the social classes. if he had been from a poor family he probably would have done serious jail time instead.
        I know several that have been sexually abused.. each one brought up that they were abused to their friends but terrified to turn it in to authorities because in the past women that have been raped or abused were made to look like they were the ones to be blamed for the abuse.

      • the Real Kavanaugh was on display because the continued assault against him , was directed at his FAMILY…..and any REAL MAN will defend his family from attack with all his might…and since he was among those that ‘spear headed’ the attacks…he responded…and I think he should have reminded those scumbag senators that he is of equal value as the senators since he is a sitting FEDERAL JUDGE and he deserves respect just as they do…and since they were showing him none he In my opinion was restrained in his defense of his family….next time he might not treat them so kindly….

    • I agree, Kavanaugh is a spoiled rich frat boy who got caught. He is NOT Supreme Court material and proved it yesterday. I believe Dr. Ford. The Republicans are anxious to get Kavanaugh on the SC so they can repeal Roe vs Wade. This will insure that an entire generation of women will never vote Republican again.

      • Gosh we will destroy a man & family so we can continue to screw around & destroy any unintended consequences? And we say men are the problem. I’m sicken by what our country has become.

      • Not one person Ms.Ford put forth as a witness corroborated her story – a DA would have thrown this aside immediately then and now – had it been in a court of Law she would have been eviscerated – on so many levels. This guy is a veritable boy scout. The FBI will find nothing. This gives Flake, Murkowski and Collins cover to vote for Kavanaugh as well as a couple of Democrats once the votes are certain. This delay is about nothing but preparing the marches, demonstrations and riots following his elevation to the court.

  2. “I looked up the go-funds for Christine Ford and it’s more than half a million bucks… Who’s policing that the money-raised will actually get to her?”

    The only question I have is… WHY NOW…having worked in the healthcare field as one of my many hats. Sexual abuse is pretty predominantly around everywhere. The statistics are one in guess is its more like one in two. I think sexual abuse is despicable and should be stopped. If a per soon wants sex there are a lot of willing partners everywhere.when I was young I knew a guy would walk up to every woman and ask. It didn’t matter who she was. He got lucky about every thirtieth lady. I followed behind him to apologize for his actions and had better results statistically.
    But this circus has me wondering why now..why at this point..if a drunkin college party was so catastrophic why not bring it up yeears before.. Not what thirty or forty years later.
    He has had himself a pretty good career if it was so bad why not try to stop it then. Instead wait till there’s money offered. Really the go fund me is one point is there more funds involved .

    • The answer to your question as to why now –
      because the guy is being considered for one of the top legal positions in our country – a Supreme Court judge – and one who is in there for a lifetime term, and one whose decisions will impact not just a few people but our entire country.

      Many women, including myself, have been in a situation like Ford but kept quiet. Over the years, the memories of what happened never ever ever go away. But one can manage to live with them. But when the person/people who committed those acts are being considered for a position that will affect not only one person or a few people but our entire population and our country, one finds the courage to speak up.
      And why not speak up sooner? From my personal life – I didn’t speak up because it would have been my world against older white men in positions of power. Who would believe me, a young (attractive back then) woman whose job(s) and employment were dependent upon those men?

      I DID speak up once when I worked for a law firm as a paralegal. And what happened? Well, it was the early 80’s – absolutely nothing happened to him, but I got demoted to the stenopool and even there, was ‘punished’ when noone would give me any work to do. After a week, I ended up quitting. But he had put the word out about me- and no local lawfirm would hire me. I ended up having to take any job that I could until I could move to another city in a different state. THAT is what happened when women spoke out back then. THEY were punished, not the guy. Does one really think that in the future, if a similar situation would have happened to me, that I would speak up? Answer – no, I wouldn’t because I had to support myself. Can’t support yourself if you can’t work. And not everyone has the luxury of calling mom/dad for a loan or help.

      • Best post of the year…from the heart! Thank you so much Pepper D! I can’t imagine the pain you have suffered over the years. This kind of stuff just angers me to no end. There is nothing worse than sexual harassment in the workplace. The men that “punished” you are the worst kind of cowards. It seems Trump has been assembling his own frat of undesirables during his tenure…many of which have already quit or were let go. Sad!

      • Oh pepper.. I am so so sorry that you had that happen to you no one deserves that kind of treatment and those responsible should be held accountable this man if he did it should never have been able to hold the prestigious positions he has held.. I totally despise people that rape abuse or bully others..
        I get into deep debates all the time when someone that is self righteous ass puts down someone that is gay.( I have heard the same story over and over. One that I will share that has similar stories everywhere is a young boy dad died. His mom had a boyfriend. he raped him one night when he was very little from his recount his mom seen it happen and didn’t do a thing.. years later he was in the locker room the other boys would tease him about his small stature and gentle restrained ways and the rough housing and teasing got away and they made him perform sex acts on them.. the coach knew and didn’t do a thing..Later he found comfort in the arms of another man that had a similar back ground both being abused it was all they knew.. so if I was an angel who would I give a pass to.. the mutt that abused him first, his mother, the good christian boys whose rough housing got away with them or the coach that knew.. in my opinion they all should rot in hell). I would love to think that people aren’t that low unfortunately they are and the laws are so different from one class to another and I would like to think that as these men grew in fortune and fame with the luxury of the prestigious positions they have gotten that someone would have mentioned it.
        I spend a great deal of my time trying to help others.. what surprises me is how easy it is to spot but most miss it.. it always saddens me deeply.. there are a few times that it was right in my face and I missed all the signs.. those are the ones that haunt me..
        someone very close to me got married a few years ago.. he was tossed to the curb two times before by two previous wives.. and of course she didn’t check any of them out to see why they wanted to escape him.. she got pregnant a few months into the marriage.. he didn’t want kids.. he beat her then restrained her while going for milk and decided he was going to do away with the child and her.. what he told her was he was going to cut the baby out chop it up and burn it and then do the same thing with her.( he had a kill kit in the car I believe he was totally going to do it. knives duct tape gasoline it was all in there and no one even checked the car after he was caught ).He kept trying to knock her out with a tool of some kind.. she was able to keep conscious and finally got her arm loose and got him to loose control of the car, just long enough for her to jump from the car where her foot got caught and dragged her for a bit before she could get it loose, while jumping he had grabbed her top as she was jumping from the car moving 80 miles an hour which she slipped out of.. got up and started to run down the interstate naked from the waste up in a heavy snow.. ( he took her through three state lines) a lady seen this and picked her up he had regained control and was starting after her.. they of course called the police and an ambulance was called.. because he was trying to knock her out they did a cat scan only to discover she had an orange size tumor on her brain that they wouldn’t have ever known about till it was to late if this hadn’t happened where they sent her by emergency ambulance.( what is the good news and what is the bad news here still stumps me). they caught him.. but because it was a he said she said thing and he had taken a bottle of pills and his parents have money he didn’t even get a ticket for reckless driving or destroying the only car she owned. ( yup it was her car ) I eventually found out who the officer was through the tow truck driver.. I was so frustraited and read barney the riot act.. told him I sure in the hell hope they didn’t give him a gun and he should keep the damned bullet in his pocket so he didn’t shoost himself in the foot..grr.. I get riled every time I think about this..
        today she is terrified to even leave the apartment she has to walk next door buried in medical bills from the medical problems she had… the funny thing.. from what the other wives of his told her after all this happened.. He tried that with them one told her what he did to her the other one doesn’t want him to even know where she is and wouldn’t say what he did to her.. each time not even a slap on the hand or a report filed.. now he is going to get married to number 4.. she of course was called by number 4 and she let number 4 know what he tried to do to her and told her to call the other two and to stay far away from him and his explosive temper.( has his temperament changed only time will tell with number 4 plans are full steam ahead ).
        when I was young a situation regarding the school happened and my father was blamed.. because of that I was the one that the children of the parents relentlessly bullied me living in a small community everyone was pretty much related even the teachers… one time the good older boys picked me up and threw me over the banister down two flights of stairs how I didn’t break anything is way beyond me.. the teacher seen this and while they were doing it walked calmly back into the room.. I was terrified after that and would wait till the boys had to go home.. I threw myself into reading to escape the reality of the situation I was in.. back then two books a day.. now about twenty a month fifteen to twenty.. give or take this time just because I love to read not because I am trying to escape the time it was my only escape along with a darkroom that I totally loved processing photos.. I was lucky through and was able to put it all behind me.. yet today I have a passion to help those that are abused or I can relate..
        what is funny is the teacher that watched as the boys tossed me over the Bannister.. she was in hospice and I was taking care of her.. she would wake up late at night from a nightmare she had over and over.. I asked her one night as she was in tears what was wrong.. she recounted the story of those kids throwing me over the banister and said to me I can never forgive myself because I let that happen to that little boy.. but at the time I was worried that I would loose my job and angry and blamed them for the loss of my job.. (I didn’t tell her it was me but I did comfort her and said that I think he understands what you were going through at that time and has long forgiven you for that situation.)
        the only scar it did make is I am sociable to everyone and can talk your ears off but I am not a social person.. except for family and close friends I don’t go out for big hullabaloos or large crowds content to sit with my books and coffee..
        I probably could have done better with the hats that I have had.. but where I truly found my calling was working in a job where I could be a help to others at their weakest..if a person is ejected from a car and wakes up from a coma.. my ugly mug is the one you want to see..because I do care and will do everything in my power to be of help. even today we keep a room and our hearts open for a boarder.

    • 30 or 40 years ago was a different time.

      Time travel back to 1978 and watch the movie “Animal House”. You’ll notice there are jokes about rape on the campus in the movie.

      • but that is what is on display now with Kavanaugh- something that happened like 30 years ago. And I was addressing the ‘why she didn’t say something sooner’…..because things WERE DIFFERENT 30 YEARS AGO.

      • Pepper D – yes, I think I’m agreeing with you.

        Things were even more different in the 1950’s. And in the 1850’s women were snatched from wagon trains and traded like baseball cards. 1750’s, routinely hung for witchcraft. 1430’s, burned at the stake for simple heresy (Joan of Arc).

        “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby” – Virginia Slims

        Respectfully, and standard disclaimers.

    • Why now? Because George Soros dedicated $5mln as a bounty to defeat Kavanaugh. Why her? Because she was already a Soros “volunteer activist” — one of the individuals, in fact, who tried to find or buy sex-related dirt on Gorsuch (Her attorney is actually on Soros’ payroll, through two different of his shell companies.) The “assault” described is, or was in our day, called “an advance” and if the female said “no” or moved to stop the male’s “roamin’ hands,” and he stopped, he was, what was called a “gentleman.”

      The element which wishes the United States to go away always, if possible, employs a salacious sex attack against male candidates (whether elected or appointed) considered likely to thwart their agenda or help maintain the U.S. as a viable autonomous socioeconomic, geopolitical entity. They always, if possible, employ a family or association attack against female candidates. If other attacks are necessary, the attacks go (in no particular order): Job qualifications or academic pedigree, financial dealings or associates, personal dealings or associates, business dealings or associates, mental acuity or capacity. The attacks may have no basis in true fact, but, to quote Harry Reid WRT the (non-existent) “Romney tax scandal:” “Worked, didn’t it…?” Bork, Gonzales, Palin, and Cain were all targeted because of their status within a specific demographic, and [were] all unjustly destroyed by this process.

      I personally didn’t care whether Kavanaugh was confirmed — He’d have been neither my first, nor second choice. However, it has now become necessary for his confirmation to go through, lest any stereotypically masculine action a person might make in public, become grounds for a sex-related felony charge, with a side-effect of radically diminishing the importance of charges from people who’ve legitimately been sexually assaulted.

      Politicians, especially (but not confined to) Democrats, NEVER see the ways the Law of Unintended Consequences will play out, until it does…

  3. I didn’t see anything exceptional about Kavanaugh yesterday. He surely isn’t like any of the high priced, polished and sharp lawyers I’ve met. He’s lucky he had rich and powerful parents, was born white, was gifted athletically and is a hard worker. He’s being rewarded for being a republican partisan hack. That’s not the way to pick justices for the SCOTUS. Sorry folks.

      • How do you define alpha and beta in this context? I don’t want jurists making laws. I want them eliminating unconstitutional laws made by congress and “case law”, and affirming those that are constitutional. The court is primarily a check on the other two branches of government and a resolution of conflicting or ambiguous laws. It should be boring most of the time, like the appellate courts.

        While the demons are making a big deal about reversing RvWade(unlikely and somewhat irrelevant since safe DIY abortions are quite doable), the more important fact is that a lefty court can preserve the deep state against President Trump’s efforts to dismantle it.

    • I am sure you said the same thing about Clarence Thomas, except he was a Black Uncle Tom (which was a term used during that process in an attempt to further degrade a fine man) to replace White. Both men are very capable, hard working, have common sense, & deserving of being a Judge on the SOCTUS.

  4. So the woo-woo skeptic would point out that using USGS 2000-2016 data, on average there were 157.7 strong earthquakes a year (strong defined as Mag 6+). The probability of any single week having at least one strong earthquake is 95.182%. It goes down only to 26.153% probability for Mag 7+. Still pretty decent odds.

  5. Since the 60’s our culture has been sexualized. Heck if you weren’t sleeping around & monogamous you were considered a freak. And now we want to claw it all back? Don’t get me wrong abusing ANYONE sexually is wrong. However as a country we are morally bankrupt & until we change our national culture it will wring hollow. Yesterday was a sad day for our country. I believe Ford was hurt & I don’t believe Kavanagh wasn’t who did it. However you can not have a slush fund for the Capital pay off of sexual harassment claims & then try to overthrow a nomination of a supreme judge you are afraid may overthrow Roe vs Wade. Heck does anyone else see the irony in that? We’ve got alot of work to do as a nation.

      • And can’t5 remember how she got there or how she got to her home 6 miles distant? Ahem…just sayin selective memory and as foreclosure on her family by Kav’s mom as the judge…well, stinks to high heavens…

      • I read somewhere that the story about Kav”s mother being the judge on the foreclosure case was not true. But Dr. Savage stated yesterday that Blasey-Ford’s father owned a building and two of the tenants were front companies for the CIA and that her brother worked for one of the companies that later became Fusion GPS. Also, she teaches a course at some University for up and coming CIA agents. Just coincidences I guess.

    • IMHO, anything less than actual murder or treason that’s over 10 years old is best ignored by the legal system, and by extension, the political system(in a legitimate world). There’s no place for emotion in business or politics. Chrissy got hugged tightly by an unknown person on a bed while fully clothed. BFD. Far more happens on the dance floor and in the bathrooms of most clubs.

      What she felt is immaterial. What happened was either a crime or not, and if the former, she should have reported it to police immediately. She’s wasted the taxpayers time and money, and should pay for that. Of course, the idiots in the senate are complicit in allowing this nonsense.

  6. The neat thing about the Kavanaugh proceeding is: The “offense” described is neither sexual assault, nor sexual harassment, but “coming on to” or “making an advance.”. If the Kavanaugh nomination is halted because of Ford’s “testimony,” it will cause a de facto redefinition of “sexual assault” to mean anything a gal wants it to, up to, and including holding hands or the ever-popular yawn into an arm around a gal’s shoulders — Literally all the advances common among preteen and young teen boys will become felonies. I can hardly wait until every male between the ages of toddler and death, can be charged with a felony at any time, for behaving like a human.

    Please, let he (or she) who’s never touched a person for whom they’ve felt an amorous or sexual attraction, feel free to cast the first stone…

    • This idiocy of criminalizing any kind of sexual advance or casual touching is seriously interfering with my life! It’s hard enough to find a female sexual companion later in life, and almost all women require a sexual advance to be receptive. Most will not make an advance themselves and expect the guy to do all of that work. They’re completely turned off if a guy fails to do so, and now they have the power of the criminal courts and #metoo if they don’t like him as a sex object.

      • Yeah. I thinks it’s pretty clear why you are single. If you’re not using hyperbole about your behavior, then it’s also pretty impressive that you aren’t in jail or no one has put a bullet in you yet.

      • ?????..Mike..I am not sure what your doing wrong..never play the meat market game let the game play instead.
        Women can sense if your after sex and will always make you make the first move. Instead don’t make the first move no matter how much you want it don’t instead become friends enjoy each others company first the physical components will follow and be more rewarding. Let the woman make the first move when she’s ready be playful but not demanding..I think you’ll see a great improvement.
        I’m an old man happily married man and get propositions pretty regular considering..
        they could be just teasing me to boost an old mans ego..Really what would someone half my age want with an old man..change my diapers in a few short years lol lol

    • Yes, this easily fits the description of sexual assault. Either you didn’t read or watch her account, or somehow you think what was done to her was okay. I sure hope it’s the former…

      • Yes, THAT does. However, what she said and the way she said it easily also fits the description of “fabrication” or psychotic “derangement.” Add in the facts she’s a Democrat activist, canvassed for Soros to try to find a “sex angle” by which to disqualify Gorsuch in the lead-up to his nomination. Then cap it with the fact she (and the other “accusers”) came out of the woodwork after the end of the “investigatory period” with claims which could be neither investigated nor proven, but at a point in time in which plenty of public noise could be made.

        Sorry… This doesn’t have the smell of an overdose of high-school hormones. It has the stench of a political frame-up. I’ve seen this exact frame-up too many times over the past ~40 years to not recognize it for what it is.

  7. I don’t really care about what he said or she said! What bothers me, we are supposed to be an “evidence based” society. What happened? Innuendos now are paraded as evidence! Communist stalin was a master at this. Any innuendo against anyone was an immediate death sentence for them! Do we want to live in a society like that? Well, if we keep going the way we are, won’t be long before we get there.

    So Christine Ford’s innuendo, “I believed I was going to be raped!” Instead, would it not be more accurate if she said, “I was forcibly confined against my will!” A bit less dramatic than the first statement, more truthful, but would not illicit the media hype the first statement did. It was well coached!

    OK, she took a lie detector test and passed! Wow! Does that really mean something given many people have beaten lie detector tests. I would find a psychiatric evaluation of both more meaningful than a lie detector test. For example evaluate Christine Ford if she has delusional tendencies and evaluate Kavanaugh if he has a tendency to be a pathological liar. Results would be more interesting than a lie detector test.

    Sorry folks, the way things are going with our best intentions to have a just and politically correct society, with all those good wholesome intentions we are paving a superhighway to hell!

    • No, it wouldn’t be more accurate if she said she was confined against her will. She was pushed from behind into a bedroom. Thrown onto the bed. The boy jumped on top of her, held her down, was grinding his hips into her, tried to remove her clothes (but ran into a problem because she was wearing a 1-piece bathing suit under her shorts/shirt), groped her breasts & genitals, and covered her mouth so forcefully when she started screaming that she had difficulty breathing and thought she might be asphyxiated. All this while his friend mostly cheered him on. It only ended when his friend jumped onto the bed knocking all 3 to the floor and creating an opportunity for her to escape.

      So yeah. Attempted rape sounds pretty accurate to me.

  8. Were Kavanaugh to withdraw,Budweiser would give him a $100 million endorsement contract tomorrow.They’d make a billion in increased sales.Those not supporting the Judge mostly use other intoxicants.

  9. The Democrats have unleashed another Tiger that will bite them on the ass when they try to elect one of theirs, Just like it bit them when they eliminated the 60% majority for conformations.

  10. It’s NOT about judge Brett Kavanaugh!! The issue is against (white-skinned European origin!!) males. Most of you arguing otherwise are partially deluded, IMHO!
    P.S. It takes some thinking ;-(


    Predatory sexuality is the monster under the bed. Our inner adult tries to tell our inner child that it doesn’t exist. It happens to other people – bad people. It doesn’t happen in our neighborhood, our religion, our culture. She must have done something to ‘deserve it’. Nothing happens to anyone unless they attract it with their vibration don’t ya know. (New Age truism for those out of the loop).

    I don’t talk about my numerous experiences of almost being a victim of abduction, assault, rape, and worse to my male friends. I almost never bring it up with my female friends either. It is one of those things that still carries a leprous stigma. Refer to preceding paragraph.

    Here are my stories, told briefly.

    During the first incident I was an infant on the family farm. A drifter came by looking for a day’s work for a little money and food – a common thing in that time and place. The large family dog, normally a very friendly beast, wanted to tear this guy apart for no apparent reason. Mom, barely able to control the dog, told the man to leave because she could not protect him from the dog much longer. Six weeks later this drifter’s photo was in the local paper. He had been arrested as a serial killer of farm families.

    Next, at the age of six, I was at a trade show with my father and went to the bathroom alone. A man tried to lure me away with him with a promise of candy. I decided against it. The man did not use physical force.

    At age twelve I was walking to a nearby Quik-Mart type store with a girlfriend, and two men stopped their car and tried to get us to go with them. We did not. It was a busy road and the men did not get out of the car.

    In my teens I had several experiences of adult men following me, talking dirty to me, at local shopping centers. This continued into my twenties, only they stopped talking and were stalking me from a little distance. I would get that feeling that someone was staring at me, and look around and gradually identify that a man was pacing/stalking me. I had to go through evasive maneuvers to lose the guy and then immediately go home.

    In college I briefly had a stalker. He never said anything, he just followed me at about 5-10 yards distance frequently. One day I mustered the courage to confront him. I just stopped, did an about face and walked up to him, and told him to quit following me. He did quit. He never followed me again. This is the only sexual predation episode where I ever had the power to make a lasting change.


    I had two really dangerous episodes of being followed on the expressway in my twenties and thirties. These happened on long stretches between small towns. In each, a man in a pickup truck pulled up beside my old truck, and motioned me to pull off the road. I kept driving. The men then pulled in right behind me, tailing me very closely.

    In the first incident, a State Patrol car zoomed by and went over the next hill so fast I could not signal him, and I sure could not catch up with him. However, after another minute or so, the guy on my tail thought better of his plan, and pulled around me and took off.

    In the second incident, after being tailed for some 20 miles, I decided to pull a risky, last-possible-moment exit on two wheels at an off-ramp. As the highway stalker passed by, unable to make the exit, I caught a glimpse of him angrily shaking his fist at me.

    In my mid-twenties I had a job where I had to go to work for half a day on weekends on a rotating basis to run some tests. Few people were around, but it never felt threatening until – I was standing at a counter and suddenly had my arms pinned at my sides by a man grabbing me from behind and slobberingly kissing me on the neck. I had had some Tae Kwon Do lessons a couple of years earlier and body memory kicked in. My heel to his kneecap broke his grip, and the heel of my palm under his chin put him across the room on the floor. And that is the point I felt TERROR. I had just decked the manager’s drunk flunky sidekick. My first thought was fear of being fired! Monday morning everyone laughed it off and I became the ‘Karate Kid’. But I can tell you that if that sort of thing happens to a woman on the job, she may as well haul out the resume and start looking immediately. She will never advance on the job where that happened.

    There was another incident with this company, when I was out alone on a country road doing a simple check on a piece of equipment. A van pulled up about 10 yards ahead of me and two men hopped out. They did not look friendly. When they were about half the distance to me, another company van pulled up behind me, and my very large male co-worker got out. The two strangers quickly retreated back to their van and left. My co-worker just happened to be in the area on a different project, spotted the situation from down the road and stopped to see what was going on. I thanked him (and my guardian angels).


    Now I come to the episode that really sickens me. In my late thirties I pulled my car into a parking space at a local shopping center. Very quickly a highly polished 4×4 pulls into the space to my left, which I thought odd since there were lots of open spaces. As I get out of the car, I glance at the 4×4 occupant, who is staring straight ahead with his erect penis sticking out of his jeans. I pretended not to notice, and calmly walked into the store and asked to borrow a phone to call the police. (This was years before cellphones). The store manager would not comply. The guy was still out there in his gleaming white 4×4 for several minutes. Finally the manager called the police after the 4×4 left. After about 15-20 minutes a porky motorcycle cop showed up. He made light of the situation and refused to take a report. He said: “Those guys never cause any problem. They never hurt anyone”.

    Please understand, this was no blurry, half-assed description of the man and his truck by an hysterical woman. I was calm (but getting angry). I could give make, model and color of his vehicle, plus aftermarket add-ons. I could describe the man’s build, clothing, hair and extremely distinctive profile. (I’ve never seen another nose like it).

    So…. nothing came of that incident at the time, and I let it go. When I saw a man masturbating in public at a different shopping center a year later, I just ignored him.

    About three years after the 4×4 incident I was walking into the living room of my elderly mother one evening. She had the news on the TV. A tall, lanky, handcuffed man with a very unique nose was being escorted into a courtroom. I froze in my tracks. My blood ran cold. There was the man from the gleaming white 4×4, being sentenced in an adjoining state for being a SERIAL KILLER. I sat down in shock and cried. How many lives might have been saved if that cop had taken my report seriously?

    This is a lot of sexual predation stories for one old white woman, especially with no drugs or alcohol involved on my part, and living in lower middle class circumstances (not ‘the projects’, the ‘wrong side of the tracks’, or ‘the underworld’). This isn’t even all of my stories, but includes the most memorable or representative ones where there is no ‘he said-she said’. I have just one of those – with a medical professional. He tried to seduce me by trying to make me think it was my idea to seduce him. What a mindf__k! When I got clarity on what he was doing I walked out and never went back. And no I never screwed him.


    As a young woman it was painful in the extreme to realize that no matter how good I was at a job, or at school, most men could not, WOULD NOT relate to me as an intelligent human being. They had to take ‘me down a few notches’ and ‘put me in my place’. When it was not done with simple shunning, just ‘not hearing’ me, it was done with various forms of fear via slurs, rumors, and anonymous sexual harassment. There were the phone calls with dirty talk or just heavy breathing. At the job where I was called the ‘Karate Kid’, I eventually linked a long series of these harassing calls to a lower level manager.

    All the slurs, denigration, harassment and predation made me wish I could just rip the reproductive organs right out of my body and cut off my breasts, if that is what it took to be valued for my abilities and end the emotional pain. But I knew that such an act of surgical violence on my body would just make me a freak that no one would hire.

    A problem with no solution, at least not in this lifetime.

    If you have read this far and you are male – thank you.

    I place no expectation on you to DO anything about what you have read.

    That you were willing to read it at all is enough for now.

    • As the moderator so this-here site, I’d point out that my wife has been pursued by unwanted men most of her life, as well.
      That said, however, (since all men are dogs) there are good breeds and bad.
      The problem with ending values based education and manufacturing a false consensus is that the “bad dogs” are not trapped out of the system, and with the continuing assault on males heads of households, including predatory divorce (e.g. divorcing for dollars), the number of “good dog” role models is declining and the number of “bad dogs” is increasing.
      That aside, the Senate today demonstrated again why I hold them in contempt. When the democrats want just one more week, it’s so one more victim can be manufactured. A two question polygraph is a joke.
      Elaine says that upland Arizona senator indeed lived up to his name: Flake.
      Yes, it’s possible to support women and still be against Stalinesque character-assassination efforts.

      So this is the nation’s dilemma: Sanity or…whatever happens next week.

      • Do any of those unwanted men have a law degree? Maybe they can be put up for the next Supreme Court opening.

        There are plenty of conservatives in the woodpile. Chose another. Kavanaugh is In no way exceptional, other than being a partisan, which should be a disqualifier.

        Based on the testimony and his temperament one can easily see him doing what he accused of. If evidence is found he should be removed from the bench entirely, but even without more there is more than enough there to just say no.

      • AMEN….

        How does that saying go..

        The good guys finish last!!!!

        we the male population similar to the women at first pursue the dominant male’s of our society to do the leading. the cro-magnom trait is the sign of male dominance and the image we inherently see as the survival of the species. eventually now that there is education we learn that this age old trait is a false one it is the thinkers that provide us with the resources needed for survival.. in other countries education of the female population is prohibited to keep male dominance and a submissive female population.

  15. I am sure the self-identifying morally superior Democrats will initiate immediate impeachment proceedings against Kavanaugh as soon as he is not voted in by the full Senate. I mean, if he is guilty as they charge, and as he already has a lifetime appointment on the D.C. Circuit, he is surely unfit for that current Judgeship and must be immediately removed. You either have principles or you don’t, in which case you are a hypocrite. C’mon Dems, please do not disappoint me!

    • It’s easy to see the Dems as morally superior in this instance. A credible complaint has been made. The Repub response has been to block any investigation, to not call any witnesses other than the accuser and accused. To quietly push alternative theories. The question is clear – should this guy be put on the Supreme Court? This isn’t a trial. There is no criminal proceeding here (yet). But absolutely, a full investigation should be done, and I think one is likely, eventually. And if more is found, he may find himself off the bench entirely, and even punished. If Ford is found to be a liar or creating a false narrative she’ll face consequences too.

      • You mean block the complaint after it was held for how long by the dems? After 36 years there had been no complaint, or after the 6 fbi probes of Kav so far? Come on…bring it…CIA training classes anyone?

      • George, why not just go to your final argument – it doesn’t matter if he did try to rape her ‘cause he’s likely to interpret laws the way you want them interpreted and that’s all that really matters to you. There is nothing exceptional about Kav. He’s no great legal scholar. Trump has a list of ten more ideologs that can take his place.
        Or you can fight it out. Most of the country finds her more credible, and why wouldn’t they? He’s lied about the drinking age, and it strains the imagination the explanations he has put forward about the drinking, his yearbook comments, etc (hey, side note, you can find pedo behavior regarding pizza toppings but no prob accepting Kav’s comments on boofing, Devil’s Triangle, etc???).
        Either way there’s going to be an investigation – probably a fairly thorough one at some point. You’ve got about a 1 in 20 chance she’s lying… and probably a really good shot that her credibility will be shored up. Then they’ll Impeach the guy for lying, which I’m sure they’ll slow walk for maximum advantage, and potentially a Dem president will appoint his replacement.

      • Why do the millions surprise you? If a Kardashian can become an overnight billionaire on lip gloss and makeup, I’m sure there is gold in a story that resonates with so many women.

        BTW, your wife has experiences. She report them all to the police? If one of the worst of those perps were up for high office (and a dem), would she keep her mouth shut or come forward?

      • It’s being reported that the White House is limiting who the FBI can interview. So not only is there a time limitation, but also now severely limiting scope / who. What does that tell you?

  16. As i say, if his mother was widowed when he was 15 and he in his formative years was informed of jackass rapists needing fighting off, and the political status and quid pro quid attitude of the some powerful, he would today not seem like a statist moronic child..

  17. Circufied? I thought you really meant crucified.
    Well now think of Jesus and Barabus- who was the real guilty person at that trial and whose followers screamed the loudest?
    I think those screamers are reincarnated Soros funded activists. Bk is definitely being crucified and if they get away with it- who is next?
    It could be YOU or ME Oor the everyday person. Scary stuff.
    $$ $$ $$ $$ $$
    Lets ‘follow the money’ here-
    There is an awful lot of campaign fundraising off this debacle-
    # GoFundMe for the victims (incentives to rat?)
    # And how about the behind-the-scenes high stakes betting taking place on who wins — either- A) Bk gets the vote B) the demorats win and power takes over the new socialist quasi-Venezuelan police state.

    Disgusting- all of it.

    I know who I am voting for in November.

    • I find it funny.. we quote biblical law as christians saying it is in the bible.. yet.. Christ was put to death by those laws because he wasn’t following the laws in the books.. at birth he should have been battered on a rock and mary stoned to death publicly..
      even today women that are raped are the ones that are punished not the man.. this is one reason I am against having millions of refugee’s come to the usa before they are ready to follow our laws and customs.. countries that have have all regretted it..

  18. “What about ACLU report highlighting Kavanaughs past decisions on surveillance, free speech,and presidential and congressional war powers,and as a result the over reaching iron fist of government that few care to challenge.” Quote from an article in the anti media website.

    • You left out the ‘Dark Money’ issue (untraceable political donations), I’d provide link but am on a mobile, just Google it…

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