A lot of the news media, are showing their bias against president Trump AND at the same time, carrying the water for the Digital Uprising – which moves us closer than ever to Digital Mob Rule.

A short exposition of the headlines – the facts – and how to apply logic and 20-seconds of research to confirm how “foxtrot uniformed” America has become.

Here’s the Big Lie du jure from the <MainStremaMedia> to rally stupid people in the new year and get ’em to empty their pockets into left wing causes.

Hint:  Average American IQ’s didn’t magically improve when (dare I write this?) the balls dropped, lol.


Now, because we have better things to do than parrot stupidity, let’s put on the  mental acuity hat,  (or a light crown) and take off the dunce caps, shall we?

Research Matters

We begin with the assumption that people are not conscious of how they get whipped up into Trump-hating, but it’s a HUGE industry.  Yet, we give benefit of the doubt here as to why a) the media parroting this and b) who’s calling this kind of piss-poor “journalism” in from the sidelines to lazy-haters?

There’s a line, in the story on the American Progress website (“Caring for U.S. Veterans: A Plan for 2020“) that lays out how the left wing (uprising/digital mob) takes a “half-Truth” and turns it into anexiety.  The article on  American Progress focuses on the facts – not Trump-hating – and what a mess the Veterans Administration was in the 2012 period.  It continues…

“This scandal led Congress to pass and then-President Obama to sign the Veterans Choice Act of 2014. Four years later, Congress passed and President Trump signed the VA Mission Act of 2018, which superseded the Choice Act.”

Got that?  Trump didn’t like…your “free press” loaded with Trump-haters did.  (You listening, Rachel?)

The Trump-Haters are up to the standard trickery of Digital Insurgents – burying the facts (bill that superceded) and calling Trump a liar – when yes, Obama helped veterans and yes, Trump helped veterans, too.

Astounding, Isn’t it?

What I’ve just laid out is precisely how propgandists and Deep Staters, still trying to undo the 2016 election, continue to promote idiodic half-truths.  People see the “Trump Lied” part and leave their dunce caps in place.

Crazy as the news is, there is generally a grain of truth to be found.  But, especially when the MSM  is curating content (and views) of the digital radical element, mental acuity falls at the feed of ad revenue.

Why, were we a “together Nation” once again, where would be the financialization opportunity in that?

Which is what drives me to my work – including a new project for 2020 that will be unveiled Saturday with both an article and a podcast for our Peoplenomics.com subscribers.

Even if you don’t have a clear vision, yet, of where the world is going, it’s better to be an “uncommited, open-minded Seeker” than to fall into the abyss of radicalized air-heads.

As Ben Franklin said of the democratic republic idea, words to the effect “Greatest thing ever, if you can keep it…”

Gotta wonder how old Ben would deal with half-truth, retweets, and “manufactured online consensus.  Would the Framers have written something a little different?

Limits to say the size of digital assembly?

I’d sure love to see how much contact ex-Obama appointees and staffer are still having with the complicit left-wing media.  One of those “obviousness” questions no one seems to be asking.

Maybe I ought to put Valerie Jarrett’s book (Finding My Voice: My Journey to the West Wing and the Path Forward) on  my reading list.  Trumps “way forward” seems to be a lot different exsperientially than Obama’s…

But as always, give it time.  Excessive financialization always ends the same:  Back at the bottom.

Learn from Frogs

Reminds me of an old trick from the Great Depression.  You know 5-gallon square metal cans were common back then, right?

To catch frog, people would cut the top and the bottoms off these cans and would go frog-catching. Dropped over a frog, they were trapped.  Because the frog’s take-off angle when jumping is down around 45-degrees, or so.  As result, they could never back-up far enough anywhere in the 5-gallon oil can to jump out of it.

That’s how financialization works.  It’s the frog take-off angle.  For a while, the frog figures he’s got a chance.  But, upon jumping, discovers the side of the oil can is in-his-face.  He collapses in a heap.

Notwithstanding the round of Trump-Hate Spin rolling around, we will attack 2020 events with the same gusto and search for “How did presumptively semi-rational people come to believe that?”

For one, they don’t read widely.  Opinion based on one or two articles that have been “fitted” to a mindset by propagandists is dangerous behavior.

Are we dunces, frogs, or both?  You should be able to make the call by mid-summer.  And that gets us to?

Nasty Nancy’s New Year

Here’s another one the <MainStream> doesn’t have right.

For this lesson, open your hymnals to Bloomberg’s “Pelosi and McConnell Begin 2020 in Standoff Over Trump Impeachment Trial.

That’s another wrong-headed, pseudo-journo view, if there ever was one, as we see it.

Remember, I’ve been a “Use Case” whiz who ground-out algorithms…so PROCESS and OBSTACLES are the stuff I live and breathe.

Simple Process Map

  • Obama insider sees a way to “get Trump”
  • Goes to Adam Schiff’s staff, is coached into whistle-blowing.
  • Schiff whangles a kangaroo court-like selection of half-life to the House
  • House approves two Articles of Impeachment
  • Speaker of the House is to send to Senate.

That’s where the “process halted.”

There’s nothing in Law or Constitution that gives the House a damn thing to do, OTHER than send over what they’ve passed.  For all the Law and Constitition say, Mitch McConnell can fly off to the Caribbean.  He shouldn’t even take a meeting or even talk to the House.

Tell ’em to do their (gd) jobs and let the Senate do its job which is (if they choose lto) have a trial.  Or, not.

Nasty Nancy is trying to hornswoggle the Senate into doing things her way.  Meaning, unable to find anything tangible in the House (other than the president exercising perfectly  legal exectuvie priviledge ) they want to go fishing again.

The longer the fishing expedition this time, the more members of the Senate will be tied up in DC and the less able they will be to head or their home districts, where the digital mobsters are expecting a lack of candidate presence to allow them to scam a takeover of the Senate.

It’s a freaking disaster.

Markets On Fire

Dow futures were up 170 and S&P futures up almost 19.  What’s driving itg? China is making up money!!!!  Good piece ion ZeroHedge explains Futures Blast Off On First Day Of 2020 As Markets Cheer Chinese Liquidity Injection.

Like we told you recently, the typical rally from a washout low (like last years Slaughter of the Evles over Christmas) runs 67 to 70, or so, weeks.  But no, this is not financial advice, and neither is this chart:

After the close today, the Money Supply will be out from the Fed.  (Fed Minutes tomorrow, if you GAS). [give a -what?-]

Main other data will be BTC’s at $7,130  (Yes, I still think under $4,000 by the end of this year) and Gold which was nibbling its way up toward $1,525.

Gold’s only real prayer is for hyperinflation – because it can be useful as a hedge against long-term government watering down the money supply,.

But, in Zimbabwe-like fashington, financialization of THAT continues.  The Fed Repo Depot did how much this morning in repo’s?

$56.738-billion is a lotta gas for this market.  Dear NY Fed, Please! Print up a million for us and we’ll stop writing, thanks.

I think we can chill and watch the markets rally until late spring when Macron tries to get the EU to financialize all the government debts in the EU – which will drive Germans crazy and may lead to the break-up of the EU over…what?

Other than “other women” don’t most divorces have a money and assets angle to ’em?  Why should the EU escape unharmed?

Headlines to Ponder

AI’s displacement will hit the upper end of society, not just the worker bees.  Example? Google’s DeepMind A.I. beats doctors in breast cancer screening trial/.

While thumbing through Latest photos of the devastating Australian bushfires, ask yourself if these plus the Amazon burnings will increase Earth’s albedo (reflected sunlight) enough to cause some additional short-term cooling?  While we don’t support burning Australia and Amazonia on the alter of “climate change” these fires may actually have more effect that all the hjyperbole in the scare-mongering press, to date.

We call it the Republik of Kalifornia sometimes for a reason: California labor law meant to protect gig-economy workers under fire, might be one of ’em.

Do you care about the 4.0 quake in Los Angeles (just offshore west)?  Naw..only if its a prequel.  Then  that would matter.

Speaking of shaking…time to shake the hashbrowns Elaine’s got on the stove.  So, barring left-field events, enjoy the ride today.  Song by the Fifth Dimension comes to mind.

Thank China, and remember MUM‘s the word (Making Up Money!).  Only ones who are onto it are a few gold bugs.  The rest are frogs…

Write when you get rich,


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