Circularly-Referenced Dumb People

A lot of the news media, are showing their bias against president Trump AND at the same time, carrying the water for the Digital Uprising – which moves us closer than ever to Digital Mob Rule.

A short exposition of the headlines – the facts – and how to apply logic and 20-seconds of research to confirm how “foxtrot uniformed” America has become.

Here’s the Big Lie du jure from the <MainStremaMedia> to rally stupid people in the new year and get ’em to empty their pockets into left wing causes.

Hint:  Average American IQ’s didn’t magically improve when (dare I write this?) the balls dropped, lol.


Now, because we have better things to do than parrot stupidity, let’s put on the  mental acuity hat,  (or a light crown) and take off the dunce caps, shall we?

Research Matters

We begin with the assumption that people are not conscious of how they get whipped up into Trump-hating, but it’s a HUGE industry.  Yet, we give benefit of the doubt here as to why a) the media parroting this and b) who’s calling this kind of piss-poor “journalism” in from the sidelines to lazy-haters?

There’s a line, in the story on the American Progress website (“Caring for U.S. Veterans: A Plan for 2020“) that lays out how the left wing (uprising/digital mob) takes a “half-Truth” and turns it into anexiety.  The article on  American Progress focuses on the facts – not Trump-hating – and what a mess the Veterans Administration was in the 2012 period.  It continues…

“This scandal led Congress to pass and then-President Obama to sign the Veterans Choice Act of 2014. Four years later, Congress passed and President Trump signed the VA Mission Act of 2018, which superseded the Choice Act.”

Got that?  Trump didn’t like…your “free press” loaded with Trump-haters did.  (You listening, Rachel?)

The Trump-Haters are up to the standard trickery of Digital Insurgents – burying the facts (bill that superceded) and calling Trump a liar – when yes, Obama helped veterans and yes, Trump helped veterans, too.

Astounding, Isn’t it?

What I’ve just laid out is precisely how propgandists and Deep Staters, still trying to undo the 2016 election, continue to promote idiodic half-truths.  People see the “Trump Lied” part and leave their dunce caps in place.

Crazy as the news is, there is generally a grain of truth to be found.  But, especially when the MSM  is curating content (and views) of the digital radical element, mental acuity falls at the feed of ad revenue.

Why, were we a “together Nation” once again, where would be the financialization opportunity in that?

Which is what drives me to my work – including a new project for 2020 that will be unveiled Saturday with both an article and a podcast for our subscribers.

Even if you don’t have a clear vision, yet, of where the world is going, it’s better to be an “uncommited, open-minded Seeker” than to fall into the abyss of radicalized air-heads.

As Ben Franklin said of the democratic republic idea, words to the effect “Greatest thing ever, if you can keep it…”

Gotta wonder how old Ben would deal with half-truth, retweets, and “manufactured online consensus.  Would the Framers have written something a little different?

Limits to say the size of digital assembly?

I’d sure love to see how much contact ex-Obama appointees and staffer are still having with the complicit left-wing media.  One of those “obviousness” questions no one seems to be asking.

Maybe I ought to put Valerie Jarrett’s book (Finding My Voice: My Journey to the West Wing and the Path Forward) on  my reading list.  Trumps “way forward” seems to be a lot different exsperientially than Obama’s…

But as always, give it time.  Excessive financialization always ends the same:  Back at the bottom.

Learn from Frogs

Reminds me of an old trick from the Great Depression.  You know 5-gallon square metal cans were common back then, right?

To catch frog, people would cut the top and the bottoms off these cans and would go frog-catching. Dropped over a frog, they were trapped.  Because the frog’s take-off angle when jumping is down around 45-degrees, or so.  As result, they could never back-up far enough anywhere in the 5-gallon oil can to jump out of it.

That’s how financialization works.  It’s the frog take-off angle.  For a while, the frog figures he’s got a chance.  But, upon jumping, discovers the side of the oil can is in-his-face.  He collapses in a heap.

Notwithstanding the round of Trump-Hate Spin rolling around, we will attack 2020 events with the same gusto and search for “How did presumptively semi-rational people come to believe that?”

For one, they don’t read widely.  Opinion based on one or two articles that have been “fitted” to a mindset by propagandists is dangerous behavior.

Are we dunces, frogs, or both?  You should be able to make the call by mid-summer.  And that gets us to?

Nasty Nancy’s New Year

Here’s another one the <MainStream> doesn’t have right.

For this lesson, open your hymnals to Bloomberg’s “Pelosi and McConnell Begin 2020 in Standoff Over Trump Impeachment Trial.

That’s another wrong-headed, pseudo-journo view, if there ever was one, as we see it.

Remember, I’ve been a “Use Case” whiz who ground-out algorithms…so PROCESS and OBSTACLES are the stuff I live and breathe.

Simple Process Map

  • Obama insider sees a way to “get Trump”
  • Goes to Adam Schiff’s staff, is coached into whistle-blowing.
  • Schiff whangles a kangaroo court-like selection of half-life to the House
  • House approves two Articles of Impeachment
  • Speaker of the House is to send to Senate.

That’s where the “process halted.”

There’s nothing in Law or Constitution that gives the House a damn thing to do, OTHER than send over what they’ve passed.  For all the Law and Constitition say, Mitch McConnell can fly off to the Caribbean.  He shouldn’t even take a meeting or even talk to the House.

Tell ’em to do their (gd) jobs and let the Senate do its job which is (if they choose lto) have a trial.  Or, not.

Nasty Nancy is trying to hornswoggle the Senate into doing things her way.  Meaning, unable to find anything tangible in the House (other than the president exercising perfectly  legal exectuvie priviledge ) they want to go fishing again.

The longer the fishing expedition this time, the more members of the Senate will be tied up in DC and the less able they will be to head or their home districts, where the digital mobsters are expecting a lack of candidate presence to allow them to scam a takeover of the Senate.

It’s a freaking disaster.

Markets On Fire

Dow futures were up 170 and S&P futures up almost 19.  What’s driving itg? China is making up money!!!!  Good piece ion ZeroHedge explains Futures Blast Off On First Day Of 2020 As Markets Cheer Chinese Liquidity Injection.

Like we told you recently, the typical rally from a washout low (like last years Slaughter of the Evles over Christmas) runs 67 to 70, or so, weeks.  But no, this is not financial advice, and neither is this chart:

After the close today, the Money Supply will be out from the Fed.  (Fed Minutes tomorrow, if you GAS). [give a -what?-]

Main other data will be BTC’s at $7,130  (Yes, I still think under $4,000 by the end of this year) and Gold which was nibbling its way up toward $1,525.

Gold’s only real prayer is for hyperinflation – because it can be useful as a hedge against long-term government watering down the money supply,.

But, in Zimbabwe-like fashington, financialization of THAT continues.  The Fed Repo Depot did how much this morning in repo’s?

$56.738-billion is a lotta gas for this market.  Dear NY Fed, Please! Print up a million for us and we’ll stop writing, thanks.

I think we can chill and watch the markets rally until late spring when Macron tries to get the EU to financialize all the government debts in the EU – which will drive Germans crazy and may lead to the break-up of the EU over…what?

Other than “other women” don’t most divorces have a money and assets angle to ’em?  Why should the EU escape unharmed?

Headlines to Ponder

AI’s displacement will hit the upper end of society, not just the worker bees.  Example? Google’s DeepMind A.I. beats doctors in breast cancer screening trial/.

While thumbing through Latest photos of the devastating Australian bushfires, ask yourself if these plus the Amazon burnings will increase Earth’s albedo (reflected sunlight) enough to cause some additional short-term cooling?  While we don’t support burning Australia and Amazonia on the alter of “climate change” these fires may actually have more effect that all the hjyperbole in the scare-mongering press, to date.

We call it the Republik of Kalifornia sometimes for a reason: California labor law meant to protect gig-economy workers under fire, might be one of ’em.

Do you care about the 4.0 quake in Los Angeles (just offshore west)?  Naw..only if its a prequel.  Then  that would matter.

Speaking of shaking…time to shake the hashbrowns Elaine’s got on the stove.  So, barring left-field events, enjoy the ride today.  Song by the Fifth Dimension comes to mind.

Thank China, and remember MUM‘s the word (Making Up Money!).  Only ones who are onto it are a few gold bugs.  The rest are frogs…

Write when you get rich,

41 thoughts on “Circularly-Referenced Dumb People”

  1. “Australian bushfires”

    On a different website I read a conspiracy nut has the Australian fires narrowed down to arsonists. He believes there are private airline companies dropping incendiary devices out of small airplanes. He’s matched the fires up to flight data.

    Nobody wants to push the Koalas out, but if they’re torched by “natural causes”, the land can then be redeveloped.

    The land is being cleared for mining and farming.

  2. “people are not conscious of how they get whipped up into Trump-hating, but it’s a HUGE industry.”

    The Basic Rules to Marketing..

    they forgot the biggest one of all.. REPEAT….. People will eventually beleive the narative.. I use to use some pretty big sources known for letting people know the facts.. only to discover that all of these resources even though they opposed sources of their other research centers.. were all interconnected.. sort of like when I got bored about a subject in the news and was tired of hearing their scope on it and decided to argue with myself in the letters to the editor section…. it drew in supporters from both sides and the letter went on for several months.. I finally shut up when I started getting Hate mail for starting the thread.. LOL that is all the Demoralcraps are doing.. MSM states both sides.. arguing with themselves then putting the slant towards their own agenda.. the working class people are to busy trying to make a living that they don’t have time to do the extensive research that it would take to dig out the real news from credible sources

    Rule #1: Make Yourself Known
    People are only going to do business with people they trust. For that reason, any business that is trying to market itself to the public needs to make itself known. The marketer will have to present the business’ most genuine side in an effort to find a common ground with their audience.

    The individuals that are being marketed to will not need to know everything about the business — they will need to know enough to determine whether it can be trusted.

    Rule #2: Taking The Competition Seriously
    It’s tempting for a marketer to believe that their product or service is the best in the world. The reality of the situation is that the public has many different options for the same product.

    Your customers have the option to go wherever they want — and as a marketer, you must respect their freedom. The competition has to be taken seriously, and the marketer must always make an effort to stand out.

    Rule #3: Relate To Your Audience
    Not everyone will have the same level of expertise as you. To overcome this obstacle, the marketer needs to find a way to get their message across to people of any experience level. This means that all forms of jargon should be eliminated.

    All marketing messages should be presented in a language that’s universally understandable. Catering to one segment of an audience will limit the marketer’s chance to turn their product or service into a success.

    Rule #4: Progress At The Speed Of The Audience
    Since the professional life of the marketer is so fast moving, they tend to apply this hectic way of doing business to their interactions with their audience. It’s crucial for the marketer to understand the speed of their audience and operate at that level. Moving too quickly through the process has the potential to be off-putting.

    The relationships that businesses have with their clients are more important than anything else. They have to be maintained at all costs.

    Rule #5: Making Your Customers Happy
    We have all heard the old saying, “The customer is always right.” Some marketers write off this concept, but that’s the worst possible thing to do. The marketer must strive to exceed the expectations of their audience at all times.

    You need to make your customers so happy that they will stay loyal — and ideally, spread the word about your business’ excellence.

  3. George,

    I spend a fair amount of time thinking about much of the media topics in the first half of this morning’s column. If I had to sum up my gut feeling about all of this I think it would be that, yes, the media is powerful, but it’s only very influential on people at the back end of the bell curve. As you move up and over the curve towards the front media effectiveness declines in inverse proportion.

    Yes, Twitter is effective if you look at it. Once you quit looking at it it’s effect on you and your life ceases. I had a Twitter account for several years, but it has increasingly become a dumpster fire of propaganda and foolishness of all kinds. I deleted the account and waited the 30 days for it to become permanent. I think I can honestly say that my life has improved without it.

    So, overall media lives in its own echo chamber. It’s very difficult for them to gauge their effectiveness on the world at large because there’s no information stream that isn’t manipulated or skewed somehow. Except for one: The Ballot Box. I suspect that in some places the votes are manipulated but not on a large scale.

    Case in point, the 2016 election. Every media outlet, poll and television personality believed and parroted what the illusionists were saying. Even the illusionists believed their own BS. We all know what happened after that. We the People in the real world spoke with the only real voice that we’ve ever had. Our vote. This year will be no different. No matter what fairy tale the illusionists create, in November those of us on the front 3/4 of the bell curve will remind them that we know what they are and we’re not falling for it.

    Happy New Year.

    • And as you see the vote really fails to mean much,for no matter who you vote for things aren’t going to change, that’s why half the population says screw it I’m going to save the gas,all you have to do is look at the budget its so full of pork that it may put the hog farmers out of business,and the most pork goes to the party that holds the oval office.

      The social platforms like twitter and face book have simply took over from those that use to gossip over the back fence, only now they can do it on a national level,while the two tribes in Washington picks their pockets. While the people wait and wait for the big chief to keep his campaign promises,and in four years when the dog and pony rolls around again you will get another set of promises from both tribes, which they have no intention of keeping.2020 will be little different from 2019 the rich will get richer and the working class will get poorer due to inflation, taxes and fees.!!

      • “And as you see the vote really fails to mean much,for no matter who you vote for things aren’t going to change, that’s why half the population says screw it I’m going to save the gas,all you have to do is look at the budget its so full of pork that it may put the hog farmers out of business,and the most pork goes to the party that holds the oval office.”

        You are right on there.. the big problem lies in that the average person is working multiple jobs trying to make a living.. the days were mom and dad sat around the kitchen table and visited about what was going on in the world is gone.. the other thing is.. they made it legal to influence congress by donations gifts..I knew a guy that had lobbyists .. he told me once that they had to know right off if they had to wine dine or get them laid or just make a substantial donation to their favorite cause.. ( them ) .. when they were trying to limit how much they could give to a congressman. that was stopped and now it is open market..
        only a fraction of new people will enter.. that gives the firms with the gifts several years and the influence of those already on the take..

        just about every avenue of academic studies has a report on the issues in the US Govt.. its sad.. billions are spent every year.. heck I would be swayed.. change my opinion and flow with the others.. and it wouldn’t cost near as much..

        the changes that will be made won’t happen until our country falls like rome.. and another takes over..

        the paralells are staggering.. and we know it.. there are studies done and articles by the hundreds.. yet for some reason everyone thinks we can keep from entering that phase.. you and I can’t make the changes.. they have to be made from the top down..

        of course that is just my opinion.. and what I see coming would make everyone blush..

  4. I certainly see the advantages of having an “quick” review of scans like this from “AI”. Seems like a business opportunity for more “scan” clinics, where a person get a full body scan and then “AI” reviews the results. Similar to dental xrays, where setting up the scan is not a highly skilled role. Then positive or “close” to positive results would be reviewed by a specialist that would not have to waste time with 90% of “normal” scans. Would displace some “lower” level radiologists sure, but perhaps they would redirected to focus on direct care of the patients.

    My daughter had a scan of her daughter in utero by a private company that specialized in scanning for family, came out with amazing detailed video and pictures. Nice environment with large monitors and comfortable seating, much better then her doctors “normal” scanning. Cost less then 200$ if I recall, more the 1/2 less then the doctors regular scan. The facility was clear these were not scans for medical purposes because, they would then be tied up with medical regulations. But would have been much better to get and transfer these more detailed scans to an AI and to her doctor for review then to spend more money and doctors time actually getting the images.

  5. yep silenced everywhere in these rigged markets.. that will do me for a while .. stay short .. everything .. gold included .. I was told 25 years ago how it would end .. but guess what .. its worse .. go to any site especially the gold sites and read the pysopsed staged madness .. good luck to all .. not defeated just had enough garbage for 2 long .. au revoir .. away we go to the outback. cheers George and crew

  6. The stories about Trump taking credit form veterans choice are not unfair..because Trump himself tweeted…

    One of my greatest honors was to have gotten CHOICE approved for our great Veterans. Others have tried for decades, and failed!

    He didn’t get Choice approved. Obama, McCain and Bernie Sanders did…That act laid the groundwork for a follow up for Congress and the Trump administration to sign the VA Mission Act… So, his tweet was very misleading and therefore added to the long list of lies the media consistently catches him in.

    Don’t blame the messengers George. They are right in this case. Trump bends the truth so much for his own benefit and the media isn’t falling for it…Never has. You may want to call it Trump bias, but it’s really calling Trump out on his constant BS.

      • I am not defending anyone. The facts are in plain sight. He said he had “Choice” approved. He did not. Why did he not say he had “Mission” approved for vets? That would have been accurate. These fibs he tells are so numerous, that everything that comes out if his mouth is subject to scrutiny. He did that himself. Not the media.

        Plus, I am a Republican…I would love to defend that party except for one doofus we have as a President.

      • Hey RINO Mark,,He is Mr. President to you, you are the doofus.
        I go see my 70 yr old veteran sniper friend every week, and he is way way better off the last 2 years under President Trump, than the past 12 years I have known him. Better care and doesn’t have to travel 150 to 300 miles to a VA horsepiltal
        Somebody had to fix the bill from obama era
        By the way, how are the lower interest rates treating the real estate business? ya, I know “orange man bad”

    • Every Prez from Truman on acknowledged or affirmed that Jerusalem was the Capitol of Israel, yet for 70 years none even attempted to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

      There is a huge difference between enacting a piece of legislation which says something, and implementing a piece of legislation which actually DOES something.

      Do you know any combat vets? Just ask them about VA…

      The Veterans Choice Act of 2014 sounded nice, but did absolutely nothing to separate the VA from either its corruption or its gross managerial ineptness, and did not provide veterans with reimbursement for seeking help outside the VA system. The VA Mission Act of 2018 DOES provide veterans the fundinf for seeking medical or psychiatric care elsewhere, when VA won’t or can’t satisfy their needs.

      Trump deserves credit for accomplishing this, and has every right to claim it as an accomplishment…

      • Other brother Darrell,

        I am way more Republican than most of the people on this site. My income is one of the reasons why. And you are right…I shouldn’t call Trump a Doofus…Doofus is not a strong enough word for Trump. He is so much worse. Sorry for all the Doofus’s I offended by putting you all in the category of this terrible human being.

      • “The VA Mission Act of 2018 DOES provide veterans the fundinf for seeking medical or psychiatric care elsewhere, when VA won’t or can’t satisfy their needs.”

        We use to refer to the VA employees as working for the gravy train or the golden goat.
        They get every holiday off a decent wage and in many cases their school loans forgiven..the patient will get in to a specialist faster through the VA than through any other hospital or clinic.yes you do get to get medical treatment outside the VA with their recommendation.. you get three visits then it’s up to you.
        When you die all outside expenses that the VA would normally be paid for by the VA is left to the estate to pay off..
        Many think that everyone going there gets FREE healthcare.. nope.. fifty a pop for visits.. Up to 130 for name brands pharmacy and ten dollars for generic but the generic has to be on their list. One med I was prescribed from the private sector was 1250.00 a month for seizures it wasnt on their list..and the nearest place for generic was in canada where name brand was well below 200 and generic way below that.
        Their collection company is the IRS and they go to your bank and take the money. It doesnt matter that theres nothing in the bank the bank has the same opinion I do.. I am not going to argue with them and gives it to them.. to the tune of just shy a grand a month. The bank in turn charges you all the fees associated with insufficient funds.
        We had no income..for a year.. they took their due out monthly. They like everywhere else associated that you own a car you can sell it pay off the bank and use the remaining balance as livable income the s azz me with a house or camper..
        What is good is rather than being sent to ER for basic treatment you can see a doctor in the clinic.the meds.. well before they started to package them themselves would come from pharmaceutical companies outside the borders of the usa. I have gotten them from India, the UK and elsewhere.. because they can negotiate for price and are not bound the same way everyone else is.
        Employees are able to retain the wonderful health benefits that the vast majority of us are not able to get
        The bad part is if you miss a clinic visit you still are charged for it. If theres a med change the just send it. Even if you have excess.
        If an emergency happens you call an ambulance and are taken to any other hospital and are liable for the charges associated with the care
        For regular health management it’s great and I get better healthcare through them than at any other clinic. I personally know the medical director for the one here and several others that took jobs there..he took the job like many I know for the school loans and the fact that he and his family would have the healthcare package after he retires..
        Getting a job there is hard. Like most govt. Jobs theres a lineup to get them and hiring depends on the national appropriation given by congress

  7. In the 80s, many inflation cautious investment newsletters (e.g. Howard Ruff) advised putting funds in small town real estate, bonds and precious metals. Flash market trading and the Fed Money pumping have altered that tried and true equation. And as George has noted in past posts, the U.S. government already knows who legally purchased gold and silver how much they have. If the financial fecal matter ever hits the rapidly rotating blades, official agents could come knocking for one’s gold and silver. The price provided for these suddenly illegal precious metals will be determined solely by Uncle Sam, as history has shown. I’m becoming a fan of modestly stocking-up on barter goods – firearms, ammo, long term food and seed for storage, hygienic and medical supplies, tools, etc. I still invest, but only in those things I can pull the trigger on relatively quickly. I most worry about runs on banks, but I don’t want to stuff mattresses with potentially useless paper money. Best plan for anything, fully realizing we can’t totally seal ourselves off from daily chaos and that things may only get moderately chaotic in the next few years.

    • “When they kick at your front door
      How you gonna come?
      With hands on your head
      Or the trigger of your gun” – The Clash/ Guns of Brixton

      When they come for PM’s or Guns at the Deplorable homestead – best they stand on plastic sheet – put out for just such occasions…makes clean up of “greasy” fluids way easier!

    • Your on the right track. Don’t forget to have a way to generate your own electrical power. Solar is a good choice even with it’s limitations. There are other methods but I’L refrain from any lectures on that as I previously had my say on that and will say no more. With electrical power you can do a lot – like survive!

      Good to hear from you again Mr. Warhammer!

    • OK guys, I am going to repeat a question to the brain trust, hoping one of you has that elusive epiphany:

      How will you pay property taxes in a barter economy?

      I’m going to declare any variation of “there won’t be any tax collectors left” to be a wrong answer. Anything involving firearms goes in the “suicide by ____” folder.

      Any takers?

      • I feel froggie this morning so I’ll Jump at your question..Now.. I definately don’t have the knoweledge or expertise that some of the viewers have.. I am probably lower on the totem pole than anyone here in the economic sector.. and I can only give my point of view from what I have read someplace..
        at this point.. with four out of five in financial decay and one in two getting food assistance which says to me that we are in serious trouble. and with our national debt at well over 17 trillion and the true figure five to ten times that height.. you and I will live long enough to see the changes it will make..Our congress has built our country on a Ponzi Scheme and the only thing they can do is keep increasing our debt accordingly to keep the economy alive.
        People think that because the stock market is soaring that that is a sign that we are ok..but as George has pointed out time and again before the crash of 1929 that plunged us into the Great Depression the stock market took off and went to new heights.four out of every five Americans are struggling with joblessness, poverty, or a reliance on welfare to sustain their lifestyle.
        In the past during the last depression..taxes still had to be paid.. the assessments at first contined to increase people didn’t have the finances to afford the taxes and just like my friend that moved in lost his farm lost everything he had aquired during his life.. his livestock sold off or given away…. the debt has to be paid.. they had poor farms where unemployed could move to to live and farm the money made off of those farms went towards their debts.. or debters prison.. big banks took over the properties and sold them off to the highest bidder.. those are the odd’s..
        during ww2 Hitler was brought into power to change germany around from the weimer depression.. his goal was to get control.. posing as the poor mans friend he tossed all the afluent people in prison.. since the vast majority of those were jewish they were the ones targeted and their fortunes acquired in the pose for the people.. we all know how that turned out..
        if we look at the books.. we see the same patterns happening now.. will it go the same way.. all of us will probably loose our homes.. the big thing is since congress allowed our lands to be taken and acquired by foreign people.. and the vast majority of the mortgages bought off of local banks to a financial firm with those ties.. can and will they occupy the properties..
        for my grandma.. they made four hundred dollars a year.. during the crash just shy four hundred.. they luckily paid off their homes.. so all they had to get was taxes.. they grew their own food.. so they kept their home.. the big churches if they were smart would buy up the parish’s mortgages..

      • I’m not, until I can do so with the accepted “coin of the Realm.” I will claim I’ve paid my assessments, 10 years into the future, and leave the onus on the Treasurer or Assessor to prove I haven’t. Eventually, a localized currency will become available and accessible. It may not be able to be used as an exchange medium in another State, or even County, but as long as it, and I, are mutually-located, it will function…

      • Good comments.

        Liquidation of all debt- good, bad and everything in between is a hallmark of the credit deflation associated with depressions. Don’t expect the easy-go protections which characterize credit expansion to remain the law of the land in a depression. Debt slaves take it in the end in a depression.

        Debt-free land owners must still pay property taxes as an economy collapses around them, regardless of the cause of the collapse. Paying property taxes in a barter economy is the worst case, last line of defense in a collapse. That is why I periodically throw that out for comment. An economy with no property taxes is a zombie apocalypse scenario level event.

        Ray’s comment gets to the heart of the matter; there must be some exchange media for even a barter economy to function. In one place, not so long ago, candy bars and nylons were reported to have been the medium of exchange, not that they would have been accepted down at the property tax office. Likewise, PM’s in the form of bullion coins of the realm might well be accepted as a medium of exchange in some quarters, but not necessarily at a government office. OK, maybe laying hens might work if food supplies are really tight. Collectibles become near worthless as a short-term store of value in a real collapse.

        Barter economies tend to be driven by social need. Rumor has it that Beans and Bullets (B&B) is another popular meme in LOOB’s neck of the woods; however if everyone has their bunker stuffed with B&B, where will the demand for exchange B&B come from ? Keeping thinking about it fellows.

  8. George,
    I’ve been with you since at least 2004, and we all evolve, and that’s OK. But every time I come here in the last few years, it’s Liberals this, media haters that. I have to wade through all this partisan stuff, just to get to something on economics. Best, Mike.

  9. For those who forgot, our only other option besides Donald Trump for president in 2016 was the old bag lady who violated national security and invaded Libya. Let’s not forget Benghazi.

    We’ve not started a new war for the duration of the Trump presidency to date. The economy is much better than it likely would have been under the other candidate, though I have less profit from chaos investments due to that. If congress had done their job instead of fighting constantly with the Administration, we might have done much better. As usual, both congress and the Administration have done things I don’t like, but they would have done that either way.

    Nothing in this world is perfect, but we’re doing rather well considering what might have been.

    • Welp, we just punched an Iranian general’s ticket at the Baghdad airport according to Drudge just now in retaliation for the embassy assault and a few other things. I guess you can say this is just a continuation of the never-ending war over there so it’s not a “new” war. I can just see the defense stocks hiking their prices now while the Futures are saying it’ll be a down day tomorrow at the moment. Holidays are over, time to get back to work.

    • “… but we’re doing rather well considering what might have been.”

      Truer words were never spoken given what The Wicked Witch of the East would have unleashed on us. Her proxies may yet do it anyway.

      This may be coming to an end, however. Given what’s going on across the Rio Grande in Nuevo Laredo it sounds like old movies of Viet Nam. See the links to the Tweets from down there in the ZH article here – How long before it bleeds over to our side?

      • “Nasty Nancy is trying to hornswoggle the Senate into doing things her way. Meaning, unable to find anything tangible in the House (other than the president exercising perfectly legal exectuvie priviledge ) they want to go fishing again.”

        could nasty Nancy’s and the Houses whole plan be to just keep it tied up?

        They aren’t that stupid or maybe they are.. but.. by keeping it in a state of limbo just like the abortion issue.. it can be brought back to life like all the DC dead horse issues.. and during campaign season.. DJT holds the title of IMPEACHED.. even though logic says that it would fly out the door the minute it hit the senate.. there isn’t any proof of any wrong doing.. they started their attachs before he took office..
        My guess is they are holding onto the papers because they know he would be exhonorated from all the charges.. the other thing is.. the people are so tied up trying to make a living that they truly don’t care.. or they have just given up to the fact that DC is one of the most corrupted cities in the world.. NOW…
        are they so fed up.. that they go a hundred paces in the opposite direction and vote for Bernie?
        Heck I am so fed up I would vote for anyone that could put a monkey wrench in the Den of snakes.. Its bad enough in DC now.. I have to wonder.. Are they learning to play the VIOLIN ??

      • “by keeping it in a state of limbo just like the abortion issue.. it can be brought back to life like all the DC dead horse issues.. and during campaign season.. DJT holds the title of IMPEACHED.. ”

        Mr. Trump has NOT been impeached, until Articles are DELIVERED to the Senate.

        Delays in doing so sort of put the lie to the “need to act swiftly,” now don’t they?

        Pelosi is gambling her Articles can be held over Trump’s head like a Sword of Damocles, and used to bully both the Senate and the Executive. Again, Trump is not a politician. He is a construction worker, from Queens, with money, and people who grew up in Queens don’t bully worth a damn’…

      • “Mr. Trump has NOT been impeached”

        You are absolutely right on the money Ray…

        unfortunately MSM paints it differently even though he hasn’t been impeached officially he will still carry that stigma in MSM as being impeached…and since the average citizen and what they have to do to make a living doesn’t have time to actually check things out.. they will believe the narrative that is set before them..
        Its the same old story.. the salem witch trials..
        The witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people wrongly accused of practicing witchcraft and false testimony from witnesses.. those accused were convicted without any proof that they were witches – these resulted in the execution of nineteen men and women, one man being crushed to death and seven others dying in a prison. Dark times indeed.the trials have set the perfect example of the dangers of mass hysteria and scapegoating.
        I think that the whole Trump issue is just to get people to remember that he was impeached even though he hasn’t been MSM paints him as being impeached.. my guess is they will hold on to the papers long enough so that it cannot be brought up for a vote.seriously with a congress that spends less than a month at work.. and hasn’t gotten anything done at all in decades do you actually think they will get this dead horse issue finished before the election. if you do then you have a whole lot more faith in them then I do.. LOL….. and I think that while the campaigns roll on they will use things of a more sensitive nature that attracts voters .. such as abortion.. or border control.. social program supports.. since the vast majority are dependent on them they hold more value to them.. if they take over the senate then they can finish the trial of impeachment even though he hasn’t done anything but try to turn the titanic away from the ice berg.

  10. George

    ” Only ones who are onto it are a few gold bugs. The rest are frogs…”

    I spin the dial on the radio a lot and on the weekends all you hear is the Financial Planners hacking their plan to make you financially secure. Their really after your retirement money!

    Recently the local guy’s in Nawlin’s were talking about gold. It was amazing to hear how they considered gold an archaic relic. In particular one guy could not believe why any one would invest in prepping activities and own gold.

    These financial snake oil salesmen are all over the country hawing a false dream that the stock market is the only place to be and that they have a plan that will protect you from market down turns.

    How many people have been financially damaged by these guys?
    Does their activity also damage the country?

    They call themselves Financial Planners but their really Financial Scammers!

  11. Yo G – have U bot any tripled levered Bullish ETF’s lately ? How come/why not?
    U should “paper trade” one of those badboys right here on UrbSurv. – Set it up with real world price entry today – and follow along as G racks up the winnings – this game is easy – FED prints – Market goes Up.
    The 10 year Bond looks like it is waaay over bought – but it still has room to go higher and prolly will. With everything UP at same time one has to wonder..what the _____ ,over?

    Coot has switched from being a fully invested bear, to a fully hedged bull..buybuybuiy.. what can possibly go wrong when U got helicopter money raining down?

    See you at the sail up bar..Ill be the guy counting de money!

  12. WAKE UP George!!! you still short? The new sheriff don’t cotton to no school yard bullies. some of our, bought and paid for, politicians will need a new shipment of Depends
    anyway lets watch the market visit 26,800 neighborhood, then go up to 34,000 before the big one ALICE

  13. Stop bitching about the “status quo” but think about what could I do to improve the current situation. Perhaps handing out 20, 50, 100 bills to needy fellow citizen? Think — how could I make another person happy. In my opinion, it’s rather easy, but you have to consider what needs to be done. It will not solve the problem, but it may well make “donor and receipient” a happier person, JMHO.

    • “think about what could I do to improve the current situation. ”


      You know you did right almost instantly..the truly sad part is I see it everywhere..and I am a relatively poor person s I’m limited on who I can help.
      The ones that bother me are the ones I miss.. they usually are kids..twice that I know of.
      For the general help I give great tips to waitresses and waiters and I make sure the dish washer gets something to they are usually single mothers and college kids.
      A young.lady that came into our lives when she was eleven..she was booted out of her home and homeless..she was a friend to one of my grandchildren and that how I discovered she was in the boat she was in..anyway that was years as go she graduated and decided to moved to a big city and is presently working at a upper scale restaurant. They of course assume that they’re patrons tip .. this last weekend I was visiting with her and she s hmm owed me her two week paycheck.. it was six cents..luckily shes doing ok.. but because of that and having worked those jobs as some of my hats.. I know how it is for them. Counting the coins to see if they should buy milk or get diapers..or will they have enough to put gas in the car..

  14. I just wonder when will the AMERICAN PEOPLE connect the dots and figure out that all those pesky countries in the ME, one by one, attack us, so we can bomb them to bits. Do you think that there is a correlation or rather what are the chances, statistics anyone? Let’s see, where were we: Egypt, Palestine, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, now Iran….have I left anyone out? …one by one, perfectly planned leaders that want to kill their innocent citizens and end up on the dust heap of history. This surely must be just a big coincidence how America’s and Israeli’s values align so perfectly. I mean this blog has basically itemized the spiritual, economic, educational, population reduction and replacement planned take down of the United States for the last 35 years (rough and hard) thanks to all those demon elected leaders that have held us for for ransom and sale via their never ever term limits…you know the rascals: feinstein, schumer, pelosi, (both sides) et al. I know you have been predicting a war for a while now so that wave can lift all ships, but it won’t….just a deeper decline in the USA and more of our soldiers dying for what? China and Russia, Russia and China keeps bouncing around in my head. Round and round it goes, where it stops, nobody is saying.

    • The military of the United States is deployed in more than 150 countries around the world,

      YEP you left our a couple….

      I say we quit invading and leave the other people alone.. how long can a country afford to remain in active battle.. even when we are the worlds biggest arms dealer.. seriously which blue colar laborer really cares about some foreign big bucks billy getting more..

      unfortunately though the working class can’t do it.. what will happen since some of those countries that the usa is trying to upset are our military manufacturers.. they will just stop or make it so that none of our stuff works right.. where we will find we are in trouble is we have quite a few people that our congress says let them in even if they are trying to invade our country by jumping the borders.. even when those armies have said openly on camera that that was how they would invade posed as sheep the wolf will come to slaughter. A childs story book tells it all.

      Oh Ben Franklin said make yourselves sheep and the wolves will eat you..

  15. for Just Sayin 3 January 2020: Regarding the one-by one attacks by those ‘pesky countries’ in the Middle East. We bomb them to dust, they calm down a bit and then we rebuild the destroyed rubble into modern, Universal Building Code compliant structures at today’s prices and costs.
    It has been years but way back I read a story titled, “The Mouse That Roared.” The gist of the story was that a 3rd world s—hole could jimmie up an offense by the U.S.A. so as to justify declaring war on the U.S.A. The U.S.A. was expected to blow the place up, their government would finally “surrender” and become reasonable in order for their country (the Mouse) to be rebuilt and thoroughly modernized at the expense of the U.S.A.
    Perhaps it is only my imagination that the current situation is life imitating art- at our expense.
    Back then, the story was funny. The reality version of today lacks any humor.

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