China Moves to North Korea?

Words out of Asia verge on alarming at this hour as a machine translation off the Korean news agency Chosun uncovers this:

“As the United States announced its independent North Korean behavior and moved the United States Navy’s nuclear-powered [Vinson] (CVN-70) carrier class to Singapore, the Chinese army has deployed about 150,000 troops in two groups to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. “The report said.

It is because of the prospect of taking “military options”, such as preemptive attacks on North Korea, just as the United States has launched an air raid on Syria.

Japan’s Sankei Shimbun reported on the 9th that the Syrian missile strike in the United States shocked China, suggesting that the People’s Liberation Army forces are moving toward the Yalu River, .”

Source URL  via Google Translate

So toss in the Yellen speech and the California school shooting reports and the last hour may not be so bright.

We closed out our long ETF position at the mid morning high when the spidey sense started ticking of bells..

More tomorrow AM…

5 thoughts on “China Moves to North Korea?”

  1. We thought we would use the sword of china to take out Kim, turns out we’re gonna take out Kim, give the country to China and Trump gets to close a trade deal. Jobs jobs jobs

    Those Troops on the border, well someones gotta police this thing on the ground and well the US public isn’t going to go for a ground war.

    We thought it was just a dinner Trump an Xi were having. Turns out fat boy was the course. mmm mm good, tater tots anyone?

    The HVAC guy “currently being reassigned to the Artic”- fml

    • interesting..that the chess pieces are lining up..
      I think it was a shock that trump took a stand.

  2. I’m not much on infowars but they do have an interesting story about sub hunting aircraft of the cali coast. I remember a few years back a what really looked like a missile launch was spotted off the cali coast. I think the cover story was it was a strange cloud formation. yeah right. I at the time thought it was a warning from china that we better not screw em on money. I don’t think the Nkoreans could hide from us but China may have some tech that could.

    Makes me wonder a bit about our current situation.

    • And the launch off the Gulf coast as well some time after that. Nothing to see here … move along …

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