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  1. In lieu of a short PN today, I have a push for a stock to go long on…A few of your readers like to bash this company and it’s product, like they do the incredibly rich and beautiful Bay Area and my entire state. And, every day, we all prove you wrong.

    The stock is Tesla. New Street Research analyst and Tesla bull Pierre Ferragu raised his Tesla price target to $800 a share, the highest on Wall Street. And he sees a path to more than $1,100 a share over the next few years. Currently, it is at a mind blowing $584…6 months ago it was in the $170’s. I have been holding and adding substantial amounts of Tesla for two years now. This is part of why I live and work and am extremely happy in the Bay Area…open minds…open opportunities.

    That would give the electric vehicle pioneer a market value approaching $200 billion. It would also value Tesla more than GM and Ford combined. Tesla is already the world’s highest valued car company, and they have done so without a dime of advertising, no middlemen car dealerships and franchises, and as a result, have delivered a car superior to anything on the market today. They are the ultimate disrupters.

    So, that gives the Bay Area, the place with fake videos and pictures of poop on the street that you all like to talk about to make yourselves feel better about where you live, the worlds top valued car company the world’s 1st and fourth TRILLION dollar company…Apple and Alphabet/Google…as well as a 30,000 local workforce for the second and third TRILLION dollar companies, Amazon and Microsoft. Job postings are at all time highs and our unemployment in the core Silicon Valley is 1.8%…which is statistically FULL employment, since there are always at least 1.5% of those with illnesses and other issues that are unemployable in any market at any given time.

    So the next time you want to make fun of my hate for Trump and then add to that your mocking of my home town…please realize that I am on the front lines of pretty much everything that happens here. I am an early adopter of tech, change, disruption, social issues, unprecedented growth, wealth, and it all starts here…not in Knoxville…not in Branson, not in Gulfport…it starts HERE!

    You may not like it now…you may not understand it now…but you will eventually adopt it because it will make sense to. We are your Guinea pigs for a better world. We are on the front lines of change. Much like the migration to America whose founders created the greatest nation on earth…People migrated to California seeking change and create the nation’s most powerful state on planet earth… one that is the 5th largest economy in the world…supporting 40 million people and another 50 million tourists, plus an astounding $30 billion budget surplus…

    And…along with New York, we both molded this country into what it represents today. In California, All technology, a majority of bio-tech, a majority of produce, all movie, TV, streaming entertainment, all environmental sciences, iconic retail brands, the nation’s most creative advertising agencies, the most award winning restaurants, the most beautiful national parks, gorgeous coastlines and beach’s, most concentrated and world class skiing venues, most top rated universities to name a few. Add New York’s strength in everything Finance, advertising, retail, legal, and more and it’s funny how the more successful we both become, the higher the critics complain. Sour grapes.

    Listen, I don’t claim to be right all the time, but I don’t write anything in George’s great site with the intentions of purposefully being wrong either. We have a President that does that…but that’s not me. Sorry for the rant…but it’s time for some truth building here and most of you are living in the FOX bubble and it’s time to get woke and realize that there is a really exciting, changing and disruptive world out there that tingles the senses and gives me at least, hope for the future.

    • Thanks Mark. So I guess it was the IT Department at Fox News that rolled out the ‘Snapcrap’ app back in 2018 so that citizens could take a pic of poop they came across in your streets and report it to the sanitation department? And then it was nefarious Fox agents that infiltrated the Sacramento Bee to report it on their website? Those fell forces then moved on to your ABC 7 to report last March a survey that 44% of San Francisco’s residents want to leave? Maybe it was Sean Hannity and Laura Ingrahm themselves who traveled to your city and disguised themselves as Meth Heads, stole a car, and side swiped you in your Tesla to get you to post your travails on this site? Finally it must have been Fox out there a few months back turning the power off for days at a time to the Bay Area. Poor Mark and San Francisco constantly being victimized by the dark forces of Fox News.

      • Pretty much. You nailed it. Or you are so ignorant, you were trying to be sarcastic….and it didn’t work…You don’t live here and don’t see the influx of talented engineers still fighting to get here and make their millions. So ignorant. The truth is you all just hate the fact that a liberal city and and state is so damn powerful…so you all. Make stuff up to make you feel better about yourselves. Sad.

    • Shut the doors on the fine china cabinet, I feel like I just drank a case of Red Bull. Invigorating! Is this like the ambiance at a Trump rally when the hecklers get tossed?

      A minor concern is mention of the $30 billion surplus. Firstly, my understanding is that was a January 2018 estimate and the funds are not readily accessible. Secondly, nearly half of that surplus amount, $14 billion (?), was in fact “spendable deficit”.

      I’m plugging in and I want to believe but the lights are flickering. Perhaps in Governor- speak I may be suffering from a Brown-out?

    • Nice try Mark.

      How many times do you have to tell yourself something before you actually believe it ?

      Long time Bay Area resident here.

      You may b.s. people who haven’t been here but not this guy.

      Ask London Breed what she thinks about your comments. Your beloved SFGate “news” site even publishes articles continually about your nirvana. Read the recent article about her little tour of the city. Safeway ( Marina District ? ) , homeless guy pulls his pants down in the middle of an aisle and defecates. Didn’t even have the common sense enough to do it in the TP aisle. Shooting up every where. BART escalators shut down because of so much feces in the gears. Please tell Georges readers that I’m a liar. Oh , you owe Warhammer an apology after you jumped on him about his SF comments.

      How did Trump manage to convince all of the conventions to leave ? Some pretty big ones Mark. Who was the last big one to leave Mark ?

      I have numerous friends who live in the City and all tell the exact same story , which , differs greatly from your version.

      It’s not just SF either.

      Let’s have lunch at the Spinnaker in Sausalito ! Recent Kings Tide washed up too many to count used needles. Also too many to count were women’s used tampons. Common knowledge from all concerned about where the debris came from. I guess Trump must’ve planted them there to make Nancy Pelosi look bad.

      Stop reading Morford and get over yourself. Your schtick is getting really old.

      • Dave,
        I doubt if you are a Bay Area resident. Most of what you said was so out of context. It was a playbook from a Fox News article. Nice try. Meanwhile, I have a bunch of $2 million homes to sell….because you know how much the wealthy like being around needles and poop. You all make me laugh and scared of the future of this country all at the same time,

    • Bay area was once beautiful…until liberal dems ruined it. Visitors are appalled at the needles, trash, human waste littering sidewalks and gutters. Remember – this is Nancy Pelosi’s district.
      Does she care? Sadly, no. Her focus is a desperate search to find any valid crime for the impeachment of our awesome, dynamic President Trump.

      • I would buy tesla stock NC.. just because of the Cool factor LOL… and I like the product he is selling..

    • I keep waiting for the quote to come up again over at Jesse’s Cafe Americain so I can get the exact wording but it goes something like this – “It’s very difficult to get a person to recognize a wrong when their income depends on it.”

      • that was sinclair that said that… I think he used it in a slogan or something..

        “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

        and I personally think that it is true.. you have noticed how really imporant issues get tossed out and forgotten the more important the men and women are that are involved in it.. they totally dissapear..I think members of an investigation that have a guilty conscience release information to media just so that they can clear their conscience… its hard to go after the people you rely on for your living..


        A guy could bury everyone with reading material.. but it wouldn’t make any differences anyway.. it has been like that for years.. our legislators go in sincere and are met with vast corruption.. how do you oppose those that pay your way through life..

  2. Gotta be careful of them “unimportant” witnesses.

    I’m old, so my memory resembles that of Maurice Chevalier in the musical (film) “Gigi,” who sang, “Ah, yes…. I remember it well.”

    But I do remember it well.

    It was well into the grinding part of the Nixon impeachment. And I believe it was Senator Sam — the plain ole country law-ya– who introduced Alexander Butterworth, the next witness. All the SooperStar witnesses had played their numbers, and the Press was bored at whoever this D-list Assistant To The Deputy Associate Undersecretary of Administrative Bomfoggery was, and they (The Press) were quietly and slowly packing up and decamping for the day. No red meat here, they no doubt thought.

    And then Sen Sam asked The Question of Butterworth — who was a Big Wheel with the FAA, as I recall.

    “Mr, Butterworth, are you aware of an audio-taping system installed at the White House Oval Office?” (Or words to that essential affect.)

    Later it would turn out the FAA carried this bucket of water because they were administratively uncoupled with any of the law-enforcement or intel departments. I surmise it was thought easier to keep the thing compartmentalized under an unrelated wildcard agency.

    And Betterworth replied, “Yes.”

    ..and the rest is History.

    – 73 –

    • It will be back then. Occasionally, I just run out of bandwidth to do all things for all people.
      But yes, it will be back. Visiting McCleary and I have been talking up a storm and very interesting fellow (with a book in process, I might add) so some excerpts if we can get into the studio today. Two recording sessions to come: Remaster the lead track for a guitar piece he wrote (7 tracks into that presently, lol) and do some interviewing. Along with…well, more in this AM’s column…

  3. The CDC has info on coronavirus, including the latest outbreak:


    There seems to be a lot of variance in the severity of different strains, ranging from sniffles to 40% lethal. Early reports of 2019-nCoV are sketchy, but it doesn’t appear to be a Captain Trips candidate. It still a good idea to pay attention.

  4. what sought of cowboy money manager says cash is trash.. someone who believes in lots of cannabis .. god bless 60s hippies ..

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