Cause Economics

Two remarkable events are tabled this morning. Our BrainAmp spreadsheet projected Wave 2 Fibonacci high was hit at Tuesday’s close (within a point).  And in the other, we are increasingly concerned that non-banker socioeconomic tools are wresting control of our economic future away from those entrusted to manage it.

Pretty serious stuff.

Plus, we’ll look at some of the factors behind the coming collapse of the Commercial Office Space bubble and consider how that will become an [additive driver] to the Second Depression.

Now toss in the FOMC decision this afternoon and it’s a joyful day ahead, no doubt.

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53 thoughts on “Cause Economics”

  1. hey man,
    can we clear something up here that is really bugging the shit out me lately ? Ures’ lazy ass use of the term “woke” is helping contribute to our overall Slide into to the darkness.

    Stop kidding yourselves/ourselve – WOKE = DEGENERACY

    If Ure woke – your a Degenerate -adjective..”Morally corrupt or given to vice.” – WHO does that sound like ?

    ..this administration, this congress, this senate, state dept ect = DEGENERATE !

    Go ahead and review past 6 Presidents/Presidential Administrations and attendant bureaucracies (state,cia,justice,fbi,pentgon,dia..) and show this useful genius that they were not acting against the better interests of the Citizens of this United States..All the way back to first “bush the evil” GHB,C, Lilbush, o,useful idiot rump,pedojo.. All DS owned and controlled..ALL .

    ..the “SILENCE” approaches, its getting quieter, for Men like Mr. Pooteeen/Christians, know this as the long night of the SOUL…a looong sad and sorrowful “journey”, successful, will emerge like a demi god, others will just simply go nutz from hear.

    We all wait for it, unkowingly, because we know deep down that after the Silence has past, The Quickening begins..slowly at 1st, then All of a Sudden.


  2. Wordslinger: add in the encouraging PPI. That’s the best news in two years for business (who will probably fail to pass along savings but might reduce sales prices to maintain mkt share). Other: I know a guy who is very connected with Toyota mfgring. They think EVs are nonsense but have a serious ongoing dev. pipeline aiming at fuel cells. Interesting hey? Egor

    ps – sell the news? Thx for Fib confirm

  3. “raising taxes while curtailing services”

    Detroit is the template. Probably unintentional.

    The old pension agreements consume current tax base. The pensioners, former managers of the disaster if you will, flee to Florida exporting their loot. They live securely in The Villages. The last thing on their mind is me watching some Detroit COP getting jacked in a gas station or a pedestrian bridge giving way underneath a pedestrian. What kind of person walks in Detroit anyway?

    It’s like an old cowboy picture but nobody is coming to help.

    Baltimore, MD is another one. Hire a COP w/car or pay a pension to a pensioner who moved to FL.

    The American Rescue plan rescued a bunch of folks last December. Yesterday I noticed the 16 oz loaves of $WMT unsliced bakery bread are now 14 ounces and the price went up from $1.25 to $1.47.

    I got the opposite of rescued.

    Communist revolution inbound.

    • OoWS,

      You do realize all those pensioners whom you refer, PAID ( in wages not taken home) their entire working lives – every single month/paycheck. . As far as the GM pensioners are concerned – See auto workers union – nuff said .
      Why lavish terms applied to pension systems – Only way to attract talent into working for “the man”. That was my sole reason & desire when I started an conservation LE career after long career in corp sales. How I was able to retire early, FIRE, one private pension and one public pension. Sayz here corporates are bigger crooks than govmint, same wit united auto workers. Its a big club, and UrbanSurvivalites aint in it.

      Cops aint coming – they know the nogoodniks will never serve time – “sorassed” right out the back door..when the Degenerates got more support/backup than the Law, there aint no law anymore, just degenerates .


      • I’m not saying workers didn’t contribute. Workers got ripped off and stuck us with the bills.

        It’s all on the PBGC site:



        There’s many including Enron:

        “As you are aware, the PBGC has been and is a key player in some of the largest and most complex corporate restructurings and bankruptcy matters in our nation’s history-United, Enron, Delphi, Delta, Northwest, Kaiser Aluminum, Bethlehem Steel, to name just a few. In fact, we currently have pending more than 300 bankruptcy cases.”

        • the wage earners weren’t the ones sticking you with the lol
          it’s the politicians that said your my friend see my smile now bend over and spread your checks I have a surprise foryou.. notice how they never do anything that would affect their finafinances.. let’s send another few billion to awar.. screw the American infrastrucin.. a broken medical system leaving us with outrageous expenses..

      • “You do realize all those pensioners whom you refer, PAID ( in wages not taken home) their entire working lives – every single month/paycheck. ”

        the family lecture I give to all the kids is..invest in the poor man’s investment …savings bonds.. IF… I had the choice to direct what was taken out for social security from my paycheck and designated where it would be retirement savings..just from my part of the ss deductions would be around 50 million..I tell all the kids and grandkids to consider isn’t the a mount you save but the compounding periods.. a kid 21 puts 2500.00 away then keeps reinvesting it..would have around a million .. then as you age the compounding periods are less so more has to be invested.. instead we let congress spend that on wars so someone else can profit from it and retired wage earners can be called leaches on society .

  4. Couple of days ago in the comments Bill wrote:
    “… Warriors come home, start families, have a wide variety of goals and desires to pursue, a couple generations of spoiled kids pop out and all is forgotten before two guys get together and write “The 4th Turning”….”

    Howe has an update to “The 4th Turning” coming out July 18th (Stauss died unfortunately). He is already starting to hit the talk show circuit, I think it was Bloomberg where I briefly saw him so you might want to check out their video archives. Anyway for those of us who agreed with Strauss & Howe and their theories the new book is a Summer MUST READ. (leaving on vacation the next day so going to have to get the Kindle version first for my vacation reading assignment, will get the print copy later)

    btw … I much prefer books published on paper, but I will say my Kindle “Paper White” is excellent. In fact for vacation reading it is easier to read when out in the sun than a real book is since the contrast is MUCH better in the sun than with a paper book.

    My problem with a Kindle? I haven’t used it enough to really learn all of it’s power, everytime I pick it up to read another book I find out more quirks about it that make it even more powerful and useful. IF you do get a Kindle be sure to get a B&W “Paper White” one if you are going to be using it for reading books. The color tablets while great and can do many more things are SHITTY for actually reading a book imo.

    (Black Friday sale at Best Buy was about $90 for a two year old model when I bought mine, newer models are 2x to 3x that price last time I checked … oh and I found a cover for it that also serves as a stand so it will sit on a desk/table at the correct angle for reading, saving the need to hold it by hand when reading, open the cover and it turns on the Kindle automatically, close the cover and it turns it off)

    • It seems I’m the odd man out regarding paper vs ebooks! I vastly prefer ebooks – preferably in pdf format. I read them on a large monitor – minimum 24″, and I just scroll through at whatever speed fits. I have no interest in reading on a beach or outside anywhere. If I did, I’d wear a blanket over my head and the device. Paper books require page turning, and that breaks the flow to the point I may have to go back and forth to re-establish it.

      Paper was good for the ancients, and perhaps necessary in our future, but right now, ebooks and large devices are the way to go.

      • “…Paper was good for the ancients,…”

        Well my kids, now adults, never tire at informing me that under our state’s laws I am now officially of the age to be an “Historical Artifact” … so I guess I qualify as an “Ancient”, LOL

        Paper is still my preferred for reading (though for work I am mostly attached to my computer monitor – damn you Bill Gates!) … and btw I am so old that I CAN write in cursive, read it too, something that apparently baffles much of the younger generation!!

      • The advantage to paper is once it’s printed upon, it is really difficult to edit the printing without the alterations being very obvious.

    • “btw … I much prefer books published on paper, but I will say my Kindle ” ….. Rocks…..

      I love paper books wood I love the smell of the ink and paper the feel of a page being turned.. but my wife wants to park in the garage. so ebooks and audio books are the way..
      whenever I get a new page book.. I have to hide it from the lol
      I am trying to sell an old old old friend on the ebook path she reads 1.5 books a day.. yet.. met her in the stacks of the LOC .. she’s stuck in the scripts of the dark ages right now..she sews and loves to garden..she was as successful as I was.

  5. My wife was in Uganda about 15 years ago and told me about going to one of the malls there. Beautiful place with lots of nice stores but plenty of armed security. Parking lots were double fenced (7’chain link with razor wire) and patrolled by guys in watch caps carrying AKs. You had to show ID to enter. No shop lifting, no mugging, no hijacking – coming soon to a city near you.

  6. George … fwiw: ure web page type on Peoplenomics comes in VERY SMALL, I always have to increase the point size in my browser in order to read it on my screen (generally go to 125%). Not sure why it is so much smaller than the front end screen before I log in to read it, but it is.

    Not a big deal since it is no problem for my to change the size via my browser adjustment but wasn’t sure if you were aware that it comes in MUCH smaller type than any other web page I call up.

  7. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on Greg Hunter’s site –

    Trump’s indictment isn’t about any rules or laws he broke, it’s all about punishing anyone that goes against the ruling establishment. “You can NOT represent “The People”, you have to do what WE say!”

    There is no more freedom, democracy, “rule of Law”, or accountability, there is no more Constitution. We are living in a de facto tyranny. Truth has been criminalized and The People are impotent.

    “It’s not just people they’re murdering (with The Jab) they’re also murdering the Western achievement of Liberty and accountable government, they’re murdering the Constitution …”

    PCR – “I don’t think the United States is capable of conducting a war (other than nuclear)”.

    And much more.

    • Bill,
      Soros’ guy told the world that his organization, WEF, had done their calculations and have decided that there is NO need for roughly 60% of the current world population.
      Said it plain as day. In your face. This was AFTER the Covid took out so many oldsters.
      Kinda clears up all these vaxx injuries, huh? They’re still at it.
      Takes the pressure off the vaxx developers when the second wave gets started, but only after a couple of years pass to calm the victims first.

      • There’s GOT to be something in the water for an entire “enlightened” World to put up with this in-your-face tyranny. Even though there was a majority of people that didn’t participate in America’s Revolutionary War enough did so to make a difference. If that many would rise up and chuck this generation of wanna-be potentates into the oceans of the World things would never have gotten this far.

      • hmm.. interesting said by someone that depends on everyone for the position they currently are in.. hmm..

        • when it comes to the old NAZI theory on worthless eaters..

          you have to question.. who is a worthless eater.. is it the one doing the job that needs to be done.. or the one that says hey that is the job that needs to be done.. sitting at a desk..
          I worked in a cabinet shop.. the boss was smart.. but he couldn’t build anything.. most employers today have no clue on what the job is.. most don’t even know the name of the person that is emptying their trash..
          or the one that is making them the profits that allow them the luxuries that they are accustomed to.. Stations in life do not measure up to the value of those people.. most have a hard time getting free from their social bindings..
          once in a social status.. they will remain there most of their life..

        • there was a show on the going green discovery channel called thirty days.. anyway it took someone successful out of their comfort zone and placed them in a city where they couldn’t use the contacts they had or their financial backings.. they had to survive for thirty days starting and working just like everyone .. I only seen six shows.. ( they pulled it after the first season here ) and of those six only one did it.. most of them failed the very first day..
          they shove the poorest at the head of the lines in wars.. just because they see no value in those people..
          But in a real world situation.. they are totally dependent on those people they see as having no value.. for the very luxuries they enjoy..

    • I strongly suspect that many of those ‘classified’ documents Trump possessed were the proof he was going to use to drain the swamp. That would explain the extreme urgency to get the documents back and get Trump behind bars.

      • he didn’t play by the rules of deep state ..
        threatened to overturn their system..
        instead they are doing it themselves

  8. “The Fed” paused interest rate hikes…
    It was probably the most math-complicated options spread I have ever done. It worked.
    – Last month when everyone was awaiting The Fed announcement on rate increase I thought that there had to be a way to cash in on this “SinglePoint” market mover. The market will move, up or down because of anticipated news.
    – So.., my “Choas” buddy and I started working on it, came up with an options spread based on a lot of math.., and we both entered yesterday., playing this bet.
    – I got out when the DJIA went hit 300 down.
    – Stopped out on two – down 2.23 %
    – Up on two – up 21.2 %
    – Total Return on ‘Bet’ – 18.93%
    – Yep – it worked., but I am not sure I will do it again – all that math hurt my head.
    …, DJIA is now down 234

  9. Re: “social misbehavior”
    feat. they want what we have


    Paragraph 5 in the “Daily Mail” lead story about today’s tragic triple homicide in Nottingham, UK, reports a black-clad assailant. Paragraph 24 advises the alleged perp is understood to be a migrant of 10 years in good standing from West Africa. Known to authorities from drug dealings, the man has no criminal record. The recent convert to islam is said not to have been driven to murder by terror motives.

    On a more joyful note, the ‘Mail noted Tuesday’s pre-birthday celebration of President Trump held at the Versailles Restaurant in Little Havana promoted to Ivanka’s 7.5 million social media followers. Thrilled diners in the Hispanic republican area sang “Happy Birthday”. Birthday Wednesday featured excursion with extended family at Bedminster, NJ, chartered by King George II in 1748. Group family photographs upon golf course greenery centred about a piece of John Deere Americana conveyance.

    Let us now return to Washington, site of last night’s speech by Mr. Biden to an environmental group with $15+ million democrat-leaning 2016 election spending. Apparently the new Alaska North Slope drilling plan did not digest well.

    Oh, Deere.

  10. Here’s a couple of goodies up on deck next. G may turn out to be right and we’ll be Internet-less for awhile.

    Russia now has free hand to destroy undersea communications cables – Putin ally

    “A close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday there was no reason for Moscow not to destroy its enemies’ undersea communication cables given what he said was Western complicity in the Nord Stream pipeline blasts.”

    The US is sending depleted-uranium ammo to Ukraine capable of piercing Russian tank armour, report says

    “The US is sending depleted-uranium shells to Ukraine that are capable of penetrating Russian tank armor, the Wall Street Journal reported. “

  11. Trump is clear in the 6/13 post-indictment speech, Commies. Transcript below.

    Some folk think Trump meant something profound with this ditty, “But the seal is now broken.” Persecution inbound.

    “If the communists get away with this, it won’t stop with me. They will not hesitate to ramp up their persecution of Christians, pro-life activists, parents attending school board meetings, and even future Republican candidates, which they do. We must end it permanently and we must end it immediately. Now that the seal, so important, is broken, the seal is broken by what they’ve done. They should never have done this. This was an unwritten rule. You just don’t, unless it’s really bad; but you just don’t. But the seal is now broken.”

  12. “There is an upper limit, above which, taxes may no longer be raised. When this condition is met, there is only one alternative: The number of people (working) must be increased, or insolvency will arise.”

    You DO know, that at one time in the 1990s, income taxes in Norway topped out at 104% of earned income, right? The number of people working is irrelevant. It is the number who’re paying a significant amount into the pot that’s important. Also, beyond a certain point, “makework” initiatives don’t work. Laborers and management have to actually produce a good or service for which there is an outside demand, then sell it at a profit to people who’re not within its national tax base.

    This, BTW, is one of the major fallacies of socialism. Without a conspicuous consumer (like the United States has been for the past 90-some years), even “limited socialism” (Britain, France, Germany, Israel, and damn’ near every other nation) fails miserably, and within a short period of time. The petit socialist state HAS to have (comparatively) massive infusions from outside its economy — infusions it cannot get from other socialist states, because they need their own external infusions. This is why, when we fail, the expats will feel it as hard or harder than we — They just won’t feel it as soon…

    • With income taxes at 104%, why would anyone in their right mind continue to earn income? Many/most of us have far more valuable things to do with our time, like relax, sleep, meditate, make love, or even just take a walk in the woods. I’d probably work on all the equipment I don’t have time to maintain.

      • “Normal tax rate” was around only 80-87% IIRC. I can’t remember the circumstances by which earners were taxed more than their gross — had a HS friend who became a petroleum engineer — Lived in Trondheim and worked the North Sea for many years. Tried to not pay attention when he whined about taxes…

        I can’t remember if Norwegians receive 4-weeks or 8-weeks of vacation time per year, but they are required to spend half of it out of the country (on the State’s dime) and they get a bunch of other neosocialist perks — Stuff the Norse can do because the country has a very small and highly regulated population, and makes an oil profit like the Saudi princes (remember the small, regulated population thing, the next time Bernie spouts off…)

        Norway is one of very few governing jurisdictions in the world, in which the government itself sells a product and makes a profit (the only other one I can think of is the U.S. State of Alaska). Because of that, they are a total outlier and don’t really follow any rules of finance or economics. Whenever someone cites “Norway” or “life in Norway” and compares it to anywhere else, they are bullshitting their audience.

      • Oh, and they worked because unless you were crippled — literally disabled to the point your body could not function in a normal fashion, you worked or you got none of the State gravy…

  13. “And toward this, the recent increases in gender and racial division may be part of the “re-tribalization” that demographic clusters are congealing around.”

    OR it might just be Marx’ followers using Alinsky’s tactics to divide and pigeonhole us as many ways as possible, to ensure that no matter what the Constitution says or people do, their acts will but be the futile gesture of the hopelessly outnumbered…

  14. “We maintain this deficit by liquidating stocks of ecological resources and accumulating waste, primarily carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. ”

    Since I KNOW carbon dioxide is neither waste, nor in any way bad for the atmosphere. Whenever I read or hear a statement by an organization, which derides CO2 as damaging or undesirable, I consider the source to be unreliable and discount anything further they say on any topic.

    Our lives are too short to permit charlatans to run them…

  15. “Take Lithium, for example. Critical to everyone…

    And this doesn’t even begin to delve into the rare earths critical to keeping technology rolling…”

    Y’all are familiar with the concept of “conservation of matter.”

    Minus a minuscule amount that’s currently zinging off into other solar systems, the amount of lithium, titanium, gallium, nickel, palladium, and every other non-decaying (radioactive) element on Earth, rare or not, has not changed since the last major asteroid impact. Certainly none have diminished.

    All of them have merely changed state or molecular compounding…

    We are a lazy animal. We invent stuff which uses or utilizes elements and compounds, but we don’t finish the job and invent stuff by which to reclaim those elements and compounds.

    I’m sure that that 600,000 pound pile of dead, incredibly environmentally-damaging solar cells hasn’t gotten smaller in the last two years. The city-sized islands of plastic trash, floating in the oceans certainly haven’t shrunk.


    Because we’re lazy and haven’t finished the job.

    I’m not a Chem-E. I do not know how to turn spent gallium arsenide back into gallium, arsenic, or unspent GaAs. I’m pretty sure there’s a way, and I’m pretty sure that once it’s found, we could use the Sun’s energy to perform whatever physical or chemical action would be required to facilitate such a conversion. I’m also pretty sure we could find a way to disappear hundreds of square miles of plastics that’re mucking up our oceans and likely eliminating more fish than any single nation’s fishing fleet.

    • AMEN… Ray.. AMEN
      Nothing at all is ever gone .. it changes shape and consistency.. electrical charge comes from all angles.. we have more electrical charge going through our bodies now than ever.. and Congress did pass a law about people harvesting those free random atoms..
      take the kelvin thunderbold.. simple makes sense.. and in a way collects some of those free random electrical ions.. turning a can into an electrical charge.. Tesla had come up with a way for all people to benefit from this.. by building towers..on a grid fashion.. oh wait.. aren’t the pyramids in grid fashion and at one time the tops were gold .. hmm maybe we will never know.. we take different materials .. ( we seem to like rare earth materials.. ) but refuse to look at the simple cost effective materials.. like salt or rhubarb.. all it is in an exchange of ions.. Hydrogen .. that is what I find funny for thousands of years the ancients built great big airwells.. and cisterns.. today we whine and fuss because there is no water.. hmm.. who stole it.. oops no one it is right where it always has been.. all around us.. ready to be collected and put back to use.. finish the job.. our grid.. same thing.. we as a country don’t have any real concerns about national security.. the only thing we seem to be concerned with is .. filling big buck billies pockets with hey a number.. or a sheet of paper.. LOL LOL LOL
      so they can do the rich man frug LOL LOL
      I love this short film.. it kind of relfects on ideals that I once had.. that I could change my station in life unfortunately it is harder to do than what one thinks it can be….on a company wide contest to help the company make money by doing things more efficiently.. I figured that if I won enough that I would be noticed by going to lunch with the boss at the country club every month.. after the first seven years or so I realized it didn’t have anything at all to do with changing a position then it became a game.. find the stupidest things to change that would save the company money.. LOL LOL lol when in reality if I had been paying attention all I would have had to do is join what management found important in life and bought a gun and learned to shoot skeet.. who would have thought.. the grade school drop out got it.. LOL LOL..

  16. “As a result, in our research, we used the search term “woke” to see when “woke” was injected into the public mind. The results are interesting.

    The data only suggests that wokeness was something deliberately foisted onto the world about a month before the bioweapon went off in Wuhan.”


    The Marxist Left has a habit of appropriating a common, neutral word and injecting a new meaning into it.

    “Woke” is what you do when you’re done sleeping.
    “Wokeism” is what you do when your intellect goes back to sleep.

    IMO you are correct in your assertion that the term came along at about the same time the world was attacked. However, it was applied to a movement that had been pushed since about 2000s, and first physically metastasized in a bill which passed the California “legislature” and went into effect in about 2014 (at that time, I commented that if I were a Cali schoolkid, I would have gone to my principal the very next day, and claimed I was a “misgendered lesbian.” “Go ahead. Put me in the girls’ shower room after gym class. I’ll bring the towel holder…”

  17. “But unlike the conventional notion of “white extremists” as being the driver, we think Cause Economics is now widely in play”

    There is a little — very little “White extremism” in the U.S., Canada, Western Ureup, or downunder. The “White extremists” in the U.S. are almost exclusively Democrats, and tend to also be radical WRT other political delineations.

    If you are an aware person and listen to the communist and Leftist pols and pundits, you will feel the dissonance. Virtually EVERYTHING they say is TRUE. Their only falsehood is attribution of blame. In today’s world, Leftists are to blame for society’s ills, over 90% of the time.

    The commies have moved on to that 600-level Bernays course. The peasants are becoming smart enough to figure out there’s “something wrong.” Instead of denying it (except in complex systems like economics, where the layman, and sometimes even the professional, are incapable of comprehension) they admit that there’s a problem, AND THEN ATTRIBUTE BOTH THE PROBLEM AND ITS CAUSE TO REPUBLICANS and CONSERVATIVES, even though they caused it.

    They’ve done this occasionally, since Reconstruction, when Southern White Democrats pulled vile shit on Blacks and blamed it on the carpetbaggers.

    ‘Thing is, now they’re all doing it consistently, and on a daily basis. It is, by far, the most blatant display of narcissistic projection in the known history of our species.

    …And Republicans and conservatives are stupid, because they spend all their time refuting — something or other. Sometimes they argue the issue’s existence or its result (which makes them sound really dumb, because people with “half a brain” can see the issue exists, and can often see its result.) Sometimes they argue the blame (I know you are, but what am I?) AT LENGTH and in a thoroughly childish manner.

    In no case, do they address the issue, because their political adversary and the pundits keep them playing defense. Accordingly, there’s only one side talking “issues” and the proles & peasants tend to believe that one side. That’s how Black, former slaves, went from being 100% republican in 1865, to being 2% republican, 70 years later, in spite of burnings, lynchings, Jim Crow and the Klan — ALL 100% Democrat, but the Dems were the only ones talking issues, therefore the only ones driving the narrative. Once the “slave generation” began to die off, Blacks “followed the narrative.” Humans do that — sometimes to our detriment…

  18. BTW, the watch word for the week is:


    Its meaning should be self-evident.

    This is what the radically-violent (violently-radical?) trannies and their jockstraps (supporters) have begun calling themselves..

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