“Can I Beat the Algo’s?”

Can we simple humans out trade the machines (made in our own image), anymore?  It’s far from a theoretical question in markets like these.

By many measures (rational ones, like price to book and prices to dividends) markets are at “lifetime extremes.”  But, you wouldn’t know it.  Sadly, as we’ll see in charts this morning, no sign of the fever breaking.

Even in such outcomes, however, we are able to discern “usable information.”

But, before we get to those two hot topics, we’re going to “break the mold a bit” from our usual structure.

You see,  Woo-Woo is back.

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43 thoughts on ““Can I Beat the Algo’s?””

  1. “In order to see Future, you need a really “quiet mind.” You know when you’re out camping and you wake up and can see a perfect reflection of everything because the lake is so calm? ”

    When I was a young man .. I would as a bar trick to get a free drink.. ( the best one was to resuscitate a drowned fly..) was to balance an egg on end.( I will send you a picture.. i actually was able to balance on on the small end.. I never thought I could do that one but I did it once..). and the favorite one.. write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time.. but you can’t do it if you have any thoughts going through your mind at all.. sort of like talking and writing a check.. pretty soon your writing what your saying.. LOL…
    thats what I love about meditating.. I sometimes feel like I am floating…amazing feeling

  2. Yea Woo Woo – it’s the time of the season.

    Earth tilts just so, cosmic rays and all manner of energies come on in.
    “ Energy” as BCN senses it, is at elevated levels – whatever that means..? To BCN when I do “Closing” Exercise (s) lately.
    – I am getting small Burn Blisters on my palms after just 3-4 back and forth “handrubbings”. – Scheisse is hot, and getting Hotta!

    Emotions must be eliminated . Rules based is mandatory – taking a loss On Schedule as the Math Dictates – Take the Loss,be grateful it wasn’t worse and Move On .

    Humans are by Nature – due to the Prisoner/PrisonCamp Mentality that has been Imprinted/Implanted via Trauma/Instilled into/onto Our DNA aeons ago – Programed to Forgive and Give In.

    The “hard system” is long gone -see Zeus, now it is Strictly Mental. Yogi Berra said it best – 98% of the Game is in Ure head, the other 2 % is Mental. See karma = Prison Mentality -such a JOKE – Cosmic!

    If karma were actually a REAL Thing – Do U really Believe Hildog,Podesta Bro’s, obumma, Usmma brenan, dirty toilet clapper,howdy coney,bushie jr,bibi,turd turdigon et al would all be living large, for ALL these Years – laughing it up at The god fearing types expense?

    So yeah Set Ure Alarm Clock, I’m S Ure JUST-US IS Alive and Very WELL! Hahhaha suckas – BOHICA!

    No BTC for Suckas & Losers..just take a knee.

    • “Humans are by Nature – due to the Prisoner/PrisonCamp Mentality that has been Imprinted/Implanted via Trauma/Instilled into/onto Our DNA aeons ago – Programed to Forgive and Give In.”

      No. What your describing is not Humans. You are describing Clockwork Oranges.

      Humans by nature are Wonderful and Fierce Creative beings, a mix of Fire, water and whirling elements and atoms. Full of Living Energy and have a Capacity to Create and Do Great works full of Miraculous Beauty. Even the Angels are jelouse of Humans.

      What you are discribing is Clockwork Oranges. Not Humans. There is Both in this world. The Human population has been greatly reduced but there is still some among the C.O’.s. but it’s becoming fewer and far between. 99% of those in Positions of Power accross the Globe are C.O.’s.

      Know this tho. Of The Humans that remain, we have just about had enough of the C.O’s bullshit. I for one have.

      • Humans have the capacity to be the most powerful Creations in the Universe. Why do you think all these Alien civilizations pay attention to us? All these spirit and Jin influences??? All this massive concentratede and organised effort???

        If Humans weren’t a big deal. No different than just a gnat? Do you Honestly think there would be this much effort over a gnat? Would you treat a gnat like it was a wasp? An African Killer Bee? A great white shark in your swimming pool with your kids? If Humanity was just a gnat? There wouldn’t be this much effort. No doubt about that.

  3. Hi, George,

    I also have watched Randall Carlson videos with great interest, especially the one describing the 26,000-year calendar of “events”. I found them to be quite compelling, as was the explanation for the dry, tall rocky cataracts in the northwest.

  4. this guys videos mess with my Darryl brain fractals and patterns,,repeating and non-repeating
    Elliot wave kind of stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48sCx-wBs34

    but I am just the other brother;,,, Bob Newhart meets the brothers Larry, Darryl and Darryl https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yyB06HvAjI
    have fun, enjoy life, it is a movie, Ole Yeller dies and so does this body I am experiencing, yet the life cycles(noun) continue like fractal patterns

  5. Some are saying 10/13/2020 is a doom date. A few random posts made on Reddit that were taken down, some very old glp threads resurfacing, and some other old and odd articles net printed back as far as 1999.

    Hmmmm…. I don’t know. I know I need to evacuate from the internet. Could Happen. I guess we will all see on Monday. Today has enough Joy and pleasure of its own.

    You ever notice George, Pleasure has Please and ure in it.

    Interesting combo Very peculiar indeed. Off to the gym and see what The Creator has in store for the day.
    Like digging to the bottom of that Cracker Jack Box to get the prize. I always like the tattoos the best.
    Hopefullyyy Moneyyy. :)

    Serendipitous fo sho.

    Wii shall si.

  6. On 10/10/2020 (UTC) I contacted Australia… at 5:05 local HST… on 10 meters USB. Is that a Woo-harmonic?

    Sent you an email about the Scientific American article(s) on nonlinear crystals. Best I could do for now.

  7. I have been soooo tempted to buy Carlson’s videos or whatever he sells. I won’t join Google so I can’t subscribe to his channel but I will certainly listen with rapt attention when I have time to listen to his Joe Rogan interviews or the lessons he put out for the general public. Between he and Ben’s publishings on Suspicious 0bservers, plus others, it’s past being obvious that our early history is anything but what we’re taught in school. No wonder people are leaving the Church in droves.

    In the Woo-Woo department I tend to lean toward Pastor Dana Coverstone’s early dreams and impressions that he put out to begin with. The more he puts out the more he seems to sound like the “Me-too-ers” out there that magically popped up once his videos took off regardless of how much he says he doesn’t want to have the visions or dreams. The high emotional content of his dreams can have a strong tendency to take on a life of their own. The image of the fist knocking November to pieces tends to ring true, however, so I’ll make my preps for that fairly obvious eventuality even though we’re *almost* as rural as you can get.

  8. I think you are more then likely to come up with a human response edge to market investing vs a computational one. Like you said these investment firms and financial whizzes have practically unlimited computational resources available along with a steady run of fresh perspectives with the latest grad hires. If you really want to go that route, likely could be more efficient to lease resources through AWS, Azure and leverage some of their recent AI neural acceleration offerings.

    Hard to justify a machine build like that for your ranch. Just supplying power to such a beast is not a trivial action and they sound like a jet engine when running all out.

  9. One things for sure. There is a lot of language about the next president not lasting very long. The feds warning across board about the long 6 months debate to give a stimulus provision. How Government is not working for you the little guy. How the Rich are taking care of the Rich on wall street while main street is held hostage by Nanci Pelosi. There is enough blame to go around while main street sits and waits. Everyone here knows we have a complete Distopia between wall street and These Here People of the United States of America.

    Their stalling for a a reason.

    A parable for you,

    If you unplug the refrigerator when you open it up, everything looks fine. You open it a few times today. Everything is fresh still. Eggs, bacon, milk, Sweet Baby Rays Spicy BBQ sauce is still tasty. All the lettuce green and leafy. Open it up the next day, same thing everything is good. In a week, well the strawberry’s are getting a little wilted and the milk is starting to have a white ring on the surface. Cremer is a little chunky but still taste good. In a month everthing is rotten. The eggs stink, the lettuce is a pile of green goo. Another month when you open it up there is enough stench to gag matter.

    How you can hire a Lineman, a Mathematician, a Quantum Physitist, A Horticulture Scientist,. Priest, Reiki Master and a Snap On Tool Truck Driver. Have all them all come over and Shout Electrical theory, Math Equations, Quantum Physics Theory, Genetics of Plants, Pray Blessings and quote scripture, do metetphysical poses and mantras, talk to the fridge about every tool man can buy. All at the same time until they blue in the face.

    But until someone plugs the refrigerator in to the power source. The refrigerator won’t do what it’s designed to do. No matter howuch knowledge is hurled at it.

    A 2 year old who’s intelligence is high enough to decided she wants to grow up to be a kitty, can walk up and plug it in.

    Knowledge isn’t power. Power is Power. The shit in the fridge is rotting every day, it gets worse and worse as our leaders shout knowledge and blame, the priest is yelling at the Quantum Physitist about his lame attempts, the tool man is arguainy with the Lineman, the Mathematician is trying to through the Rikie Master under the Bus while everyone who is watching the ordeal is picking sides arguing on social media that the Scientist are crazy or the Mathematicians are the ones messing it all up. Or it’s the priests fault!
    because people need to join a cause, pick a side. Root therr person standing there screaming knowledge and doing impressive power point presentations.

    Stand up for what’s right.!!!! The food is all rotting! We need a scapegoat for our feelings of hunger and dismay.

    And nobody,

    nobody is plugging it in to the power source.

    Eventually, it will all have to be tossed out and throughly sanitised. Then plugged in and new stuff place it. It’s happened before and it will happen again.

    I bid you all,

    Good day Lady’s and Gentlemen. I’m already late to my digital detox. Lol.

    • Trump has an eye on you,
      You may be only feeling like 89%,
      But you are like stucco,
      Like a raven of legends at the round table,
      With direction like a weathervane,

      • Thank you for your Kind words. I’m just andy.

        Tell Trump, “Show me the Money.”

        I need to switch from the 300 to a 3/4 ton 4 wheel drive Diesel truck. I need a 100 gallon fuel tank for the back of it. I need the funds to do so. So tell him send me the check. They know where I’m at. I ain’t foolish enough to think they don’t know where I am at. I switched every thing to get rid of prying eyes that were not acceptable to me. Change is also good.

        Tell him to throw in a sexy fit girl to be ride or die and a couple cartons of Marlboro Reds while he is at it.

        The big delemma is if they do another gigantic stimulus is, the will Crater the dollar. Which will tail spin the (world) economy in to a complete default. We are as it is, looking at best case of a MadMax senerio for 2021.

        No matter who wins the election, both sides are ready to deploy chaos, confusion and violence.

        I can not proceed further along my path with out the funds to do so. Which is fine by me, because I’m quite frankly tired of being in motion. We all have our part to play. Lol

        There is a very limited amount of time left to return the corner stone to the Hopi prophecy tablet to complete it. as it is, the prophacy is incomplete until I do so. The 5 world will not take hold until the corner stone is returned to the the prophacy tablet. It is the clasp that marks the end of the 4th world. Marking the completion of the Prophacy. Until it is joined to the prophacy tablet both the doors to the 4th and 5th world remain open.

        I know exactly where it is at. I placed it in a safe place. Nobody would know what it was by looking at it. Only them and me. And they are restricted from retrieving it themselves. Because that would nullify the prophacy. Only the trusted white brother can return it. I not even making this shit up. Lol. I don’t care if ya believe me or not.

        I totally thought this all a bunch of horse shit. So I placed the cornerstone to the tablet in a safe place. Walked away. I still question it all.

        How the Hell I became a player in a 5000 year old prophacy is completely beyond me. I struggle with the whole concept and question my own sanity at times about it.

        But when you are at the gas pump at 330am in Palm Desert California, the day they place “shelter in place restrictions” because of covid 19, and a Voice says, Go to the Hopi Indian Reservation and go now. You look it up on gps and it is 939 miles away and you get in the car, roll down the window, throw out your sanity, light up a smoke and drive 939 miles through death Valley and show up at the Hopi Indian Rez Gift shop at the EXACT same time as a Shaman dude (you have never met in your life) who heard the same fricken thing while standing at a gas pump in Minisota and drove all night and day no stop to show up there at the exact same time as you Then a Hopi elder shows up to try to sell ya a Kachina Doll and you decline because your completely sober but Tripping Balls and don’t know why your there. Then give him a hamd shake not a normal on the secret one and he say, Welcome back “Zero” when it is an online name you used for 14 years. We have waited a long time for your return.

        Trust me. The truth is stranger than fiction.

        I was going to stay in Alaska, however The Creator said, “what fun would that be?” So, I need funds to proceed. I will wait for them until I receive them.

        Last thing,

        If you have never read the book titled , ” 2 Seconds after? I highly highly recommend you do.

        Off to the gym and to finish the Tiberian Book of the Dead. Which for some reason I have never heard of until last night.

        Later dude. Lol

  10. Perhaps not pertinent to today’s report but something that has been bothering me. No where in the media is anyone talking about our voting system being by secret ballot. I thought that was a basic concept of our system. When you vote by mail what about an 18 year old that has a domineering parent? or a wife with a domineering husband? Does no one care about this aspect of our voting system? M

  11. There is no beating the algos, or unlimited funds, in the markets. Decades back I traded commodities. Wild rides. Drought in the midwest and I saw corn dying in the fields in many states. Yup, I made a paper profit buying corn contracts. $50k at one point. That weekend a monster firm sat hard on the market and gapped it down. Monday morning I went from a $50k profit to a $50k margin call! Haven’t traded anything paper since then.

      • It was a case of not understanding “margins.”

        When one trades on 2-5 percent “own money”
        them are the risks ;-((.

      • Bolshevic I was not on margin… all my own money. Had stop-loss instructions in place also. The huge gap down blew thru the stops so when the market opened, I had been liquidated, and the brokerage was calling me for another $50k… of my own money. Same effect as a true ‘margin call’, but I was not on margin.

      • Program stops on trades are no insurance against a loss. A flash crash will wipe you out. Exchange traded funds are notorious for that sort of action.

  12. Yesterday was good; Monday may be better. I’m out of debt and have cash flow. I wish all Ure readers well.

    I got diesel on a good pair of slacks and a shirt. Tried several things to kill the smell, but nothing was working. Last try was Woolite detergent and machine dry. That worked well.

    I need to top off the diesel cans. I won’t be wearing the good slacks.

    • Hell, we were all hoping you’d be the best-dressed tractor boss in the county…dang. There goes our drive tro resurrect fashion – one of the most useless of human endeavors…

  13. The game is staked against us and always has been.

    HFT mans they know before we do. We can’t beat being “in the know”.

    Back during early America, say, 1500s… great wealth in trees and fur were found. These finds would crash the prices in Europe. To profit one only needed a ship that could travel faster than the messenger ship by one day over a six +/- week journey. Beat the messenger position the trade.

    The cost for a ship that could travel cross ocean was reserved for the already monied.

    Today it’s laser networks competing for a millionth of a second advantage.

    We look at information. They create information.

    Look at the bailout/no bailout oscillations.

    Twitter uses Google Cloud. The super-admin can see anything on their disks. Anyone within the Google Group could put a monitor on Trump’s Twitter account. Would Trump know if the Tweet was delayed by 1 second? I doubt it.

  14. Looks like the Pope is reading the comments section of Urban Survival again, George.

    “Science tells us, every day with more precision.”

    “We just have a few years.”

    “in fact, the earth must be taken care of, cultivated and protected; we cannot continue to squeeze it like an orange.”


    Don’t ya get it? tick tock, tick talk, tik tok, Get it?

    “Clock work, orange”?

    A little Human Joke. I’m sure the C.O.’$ don’t think it’s funny.


    Speaking of “Time” now for some strawberry pie. And a digital detox.

    Ya paying attention now, Pepper D?

    When I’m coming and going in making movement, creating motion to propell. So to speak.

  15. Kind of like junk mail..
    They do a mailing its tracked to see where they get the best results.. for a while they were putting gps trackers in clothing to see who was buying their merchandise..
    It’s all simple logistics..

  16. Dam.. I just heard theres an aluminum can shortage…

    I was going to buy my regular Canadian pilsner beer kit..they can’t get it…the guy told me what’s on the shelf is what they have and when it’s gone its gone..
    There are other brands .. my curiosity is are they having the same difficulties in obtaining the necessary ingredients..

  17. Sayings for Algo s . Can’t put toothpaste back in tube.. water only goes under bridge once. Water can drip on stone and make hole . And payback is a bitch

  18. Ja, social media blitzkreiged me me with ads for a free-to-play tri-axis powered world war strategy game. Players invest in options to gain speed and competitive edge over their competitors are appearing to be a pandemic-infused profit bonanza for Maltese domiciled game companies drawing on the public purse. Icing on the bundt cake is that at least one Swedish intermediary company steered from Hamburg by former students of cognitive science has recently bankrolled in the 9 € figures from investors to continue its good works.

    Earn your iron crosses and rule the world from a smartphone. It’s the modern trench warfare for sitting ducks?

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