BRI & Soft World War

Understanding China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” is key to understanding the shifting sands of planetary economic warfare.  Although it gets little mention in the American Mainstream, it will likely join other monumental forces at work shaping our future; such as anti-gravity, artificial intelligence, and resource depletion as the Grand Strategies.  Together, these “new forces” will likely have a huge impact on humankind’s prospects for survival.

Because while there’s a good bit of press about China going to the moon (as a first colonizer), they’re are going a great number of other places as well.  That’s the point of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

America, meantime, is hopelessly distracted by minutia that has little long-term impact.  One example?  The headline-grabbing Mueller dissent letter to Barr being waved-around today.

This “larger context” is on the “thinking list today after headlines and our view of markets in the ChartPack section….

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23 thoughts on “BRI & Soft World War”

  1. America became hopeless the day it decided to give away its manufacturing base,America became hopeless as it destroyed its middle class,America became hopeless the day it decided that wars would become our greatest export.Rove said America makes it own reality and that reality is poverty.!!!

    • You reap what you sow, or we are just growing as a country. Unfortunately we have uninformed, greedy, useless leaders in most cases. PT is trying to fix the problem, but they would rather send him to jail. Sounds like a pathetic political novel. Enjoy It while it lasts. People always find a way to survive.

      Another problem, the rest of the world is worse than us. They just have caucuses or communities to gather sympathy & support to take away your rights. Once they get the power, they will destroy you. For example, the new Democratic Congress is trying to destroy Israel, & the old timers won’t say anything because they are afraid of them. I wonder is the American Jewish population will turn to the Republican party. Most are democrats for some reason per Glenn Beck.

      • Ah, Israel can take care of America to take care of Israel, don’t you worry about Israel. No little Georgie Soros funded congressional hoodlums are gonna hurt Israel. President Trump’s has shown his love and loyalty for Israel. Israel, USA, UK, France, and Germany, et al, are getting ready to wipe Iran off of the map. Those outliers in Congress will come in line like lines of coke, with or without a declaration of war, and then the media will follow nonstop. You gotta admire the teamwork and coordination when a CON gets rolled out on the country!!!!

  2. George – the indicators/charts/eyes are all showing the way higher, but emotions seem to be clouding & blocking your trading senses. Higher for longer as the Fed gets ready to start cutting rates..again – got Gold?

    A “living stone” from before the “dream time” has spoken recently (early1990’s) regarding human origins/earth history. Said Off World types, very advanced had agreement with resident Lizards/Reptiles to conduct scientific experiments on Earth. Lizards were not original to Earth ,had agreed to finally leave/move. Huge “grown” crystal ship is treacherously “zapped” with EMP type weapon, and ship explopes over Antarctica – debris field stretches stretches from Antarctica over AUS, to Laos – where biggest chuncks of 80% silicate tektites can be found. Escape pods supposedly crashed straight down onto Antarctic continent – tech everyone is searching for down there now. Surviving crew missing all equipment/tech still decide to carry on with Geonomic experiments on the “small hairy ones” – modern science just recently found “small hairy Hominids” in SE Aisia..hmmm how did stone “know” about these guyz in early 90’s?
    Geneticists found that something was fused/switched in our human genome (over 45 times) starting about 800,000 years ago..fused #2 chromosone- everything else has 48, humans 46 – this type of “change” never lasts in nature -it did in humans. Also designed to dominate, homo sapiens once created/switched on only created homo sapien offspring no matter who they were banging..always a homo sapien offspring – frigging amazing engineering that.Amazing knowledge of genetic switches and engineering.
    So geophysicists found a layer of strange silica covering large portion of planet, centered around AUS/SE Aisia/Anarctic. Stone spoke about recovery/rescue missions and directing Asteroids (tractor beams) at the offending centers of Reptos…where did all asteroids hit 780,000 years ago?Mexico land of the feathered serpent is one location..

  3. “America, meantime, is hopelessly distracted by minutia that has little long-term impact.”

    Can you imagine what those Idiots on the Hill could actually accomplish if instead of focusing on crap that doesn’t make any differences.. and focused on The Real problems facing our country to fix them..
    Actually go to work and do their jobs.. boy .. I think that we would see huge improvements..
    instead of throwing good money away.. lets say.. put it on education and the one and a half trillion dollars that our college graduates are faced owing.. ( where what almost half of them are defaulting on the loans because the money isn’t out there in the job sector)
    or fix roads and bridges and gas lines that haven’t been touched since the middle forties.. aquifers.. water sewer.. Healthcare..
    Instead we hear about how they didn’t like the investigation report and are going to waste two more years … maybe they should go out and…. on a sparkplug…

    • See, it’s all working out like planned. They make our kids pay for an education by getting into thousands of dollars in debt, but they educate foreign kids for free. Then they lobby our government to bring in more STEM visa holders to put our engineers out of work all the while saying they need more American engineers but don’t educate them or fund them. It’s a CON game going on ALL the time up on the hill. Making sure America’s kids get stupider and dumber and left behind WHILE they are screaming white privilege and racism from sea to shining sea. Hate on Whitie!!!! Oh, my, what a bunch of end-of-the age scheming Babylonian federal reserve note suckers. They are all feeding at the trough as they ride this old country down. Poor dual citizenship senators and congresspersons. They look in the mirror and they vote to fund their escape hatch! Has anyone noticed that Schumer is starting to look like a gargoyle? His corruption is shining from the inside out!!!

  4. Time times time and time, again. Grampa had a sayin, when asked, ~springs~ to the mind, “half past a monkeys ass! a quarter to his balls.”

    Lovin by proxy. Livin by proxy. Spin that disc Dj, kalifornia is shakin.

    Use to take my gramma to
    Bee eye ennn geee ohhhh! And Bingo was his name ohhh!

    I was always her favorite and she made no bones about it. Oldest out of 58 grand kids. They all knew. Im the 7th oldest boy from the 7th oldest boy.

    Stubborn old woman wouldnt die till i prayed over her,

    Her last words to me was, ”if ya play, I’ll help ya win.”

    #winning! ;)

  5. George, U R so correct about China, I was taught that their strategy was ” Death by a thousand cuts”, a much longer timeline on the grand chessboard.

  6. This is what I find ironic about collusion..

    Supposedly The Democratic party hires some joker to investigate DJT during his campaign to get the dirt on him so another candidate could have an up on him during the campaign dealing their goal of getting votes in.
    They hire Russian operatives to dig up dirt on him for campaign ammunition giving them a heads up.
    DjT wins and they decide to go after him over what this dossier they got that from Russian operatives…
    Now after two years and a lot of money
    no one can find where he did anything illegal .

    Now in my mind who was really in collusion with the Russians..

    Why do they keep dragging this crap around I personally think it’s sad.

  7. Thanks for your analysis of the China business model. This article should run on the front page of the WSJ and NYT. I have felt for many years that the Chinese will be in full control of the world without firing a shot. This will come about with time but they seem to manage time better than most.

    • If you really want to learn what the Chinese are up to, read Michael Pillsbury’s excellent “The Hundred Year Marathon”. He writes and speaks Chinese, I think Mandarin, and cuts through all the bullsh*t. Long and short of it? They’re out to beat us, and are doing so without a whimper from our Fedgov.

      • What FedGov?

        You mean the piss-fer-branes on the Hill?> The ones play side-show Bob for a country that gives more creds to GOT than Scientific America? We are hopelessly screwed…it’s a dman shame, but that’s the real of it

      • Our Federal government sells our secrets to China, Hillary and Bill just gave them away, our trade agreements strip our American companies of their edge. Gee, I am not so impressed with China as I am with the globalists knifing America in the innards and allowing China to feast on it. That 50 billion dollar trade deficit going on for 30+ years is noticeable as in it never changes!!!! Must be meant to be!!!!

  8. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. hahahahaah! ;) harder than a husband on a good day.

    Its a #’s game.

    Luckily for me, Im never counted out. Why? “Cause the chicks dig it.” Im not too concerned bout that fisher, gurrrl. She just wants to wrastle. I called her Ms. Divine for a reason. All good.

    Catch ya on the flip side, MBC’s.

    I got a plain to catch. Urr ummm uhhh boat.

    • Just the other day I’ve noticed that you’re half a year older than my son (we’ve had him very late in life), and I’m happy about that. When He speaks I mostly listen while I realize what generation gap is all about.

      Anyhow, at least I know where you are comming from?! Ain’t easy, unless you’re lucky, and it seems you are ;-).

  9. Hello George,

    Regarding China, in the book published in 1976, The author, devoted a chapter to a very long cycle 200 or 400 years long. he pointed out back then that China was set to become the dominate world power.

    That the baton of power was passed to the country to the west every so often, to wit The British Empire, then the USA and next was China. Excellent book. I was living in Houston at the time and the author appeared on a local TV station for an interview. I was impressed by his grasp of cycles history. Bought the book and have used it as a big picture guide ever since.

    And to Warhammer, appreciated your reply yesterday.

    Thanks George and Warhammer.

    Roger in Tucson

  10. George, I really appreciate your focus pieces. Today’s article was great, if rather depressing considering the drones we have in congress and the bureaucracy.

    China recognized its chance back in the 90’s and the people had a national pride reborn. That pride is even greater now, with a long string of successes behind them. What has the USA done to merit pride for the last 30 years? Really? What are our dreams? China has national dreams and every citizen can articulate them. Yes, growing up Chinese is very hard work and highly stressed, but each Chinese person recognizes that they have a role to play in the greater game. Americans have not realized that as a group since perhaps WWII. Every Chinese knows that if you’re not born Chinese – You will NEVER be Chinese. It’s an ethnic pride – for better or worse. In the USA, anyone can immigrate if they simply provide a minimum of value and are not a criminal. Anyone can become an American. We used to have standards through the 1950’s or so and they’ve been essentially done away with.

    It’s hard to believe that the chronic waste of all our resources supporting idiocy like “equity and inclusion” and what sex someone is or might be will ever lead to progress in anything. I really don’t care about whether or not there was “collusion” with anyone – I care about results and the costs to get those results.

    That one is easy – there are no results, and the costs are the demise of our entire nation. I’d love to find a better place to be and there are a few contenders – not many. An American will have a hard time making his way in China unless he’s married to a Chinese and has valuable and marketable skills(and is young). Other Asian countries are easier to navigate, I suppose. Learning the Chinese language to fluency both verbal and written is probably a 20 year project for a western adult. It’s considered a critical language by the State Dept., yet we’re not teaching kids Chinese in elementary school. Instead, we are teaching them that kids can choose to be a boy or girl, and that our president is bad.

    I see a very pessimistic outlook for our country unless we demand that our “leaders” get their acts together immediately and present proper plans for a national direction and get on with implementing them. If that can’t be done, then we’re done.

    China has a population four times the size of ours and bureaucracy for thousands of years, yet they can explore the far side of the moon and provide transportation networks to the world. We can do if we choose to, yet we don’t. Why not?

    • Gosh, NM!!! You and everyone that reads this site and the comments should know the answer to that and those questions. Follow the well laid and lawyered up trail. It’s a fine road beginning with the creation of the Federal Reserve, and then the income tax, and then the military industrial complex and the lies getting our money to support WW1 and then the lies getting us into WW2, and then the 1963 murder of JFK, then lies getting us into Vietnam, and then the Johnson immigration act with Teddy Kennedy’s lies, then we get OPEC, and all those lies, then we get the offshoring and dismantling of our factories and we get vaccine company immunity, and we get Reagan amnesty. And, then we get the raid on Social Security trust fund. Then we get the elimination of Glass Steagal, and then we get NAFTA, then we get all hospitals must care for everyone that shows up, then we get our schools must educate everyone that shows up, then we have social security, medicaid.and Medicare going to illegals and refugees, and then we have big pharma and their highway robbery prices, and then we get 911, an inside job demonstrating that your billion dollar defense can be infiltrated by a guy in a cave with a cell phone. Then we get the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, then we get the exacting inability of the VA to care for our veterans while the house voted to keep giving Five billion dollar in illegal refunds to illegals each year and not funding veterans. Then, we get the PPACA, Obamacare, which destroys all the affordable plans and confiscates 30 percent of our GDP giving insurance companies 20 percent overhead monies, (Canada only charges 4 percent), and backstopping them with taxpayer money if they don’t make a profit, and then we get the destruction of Libya, and Syria. We get to see our Republic create, train, and fund Al Quaida, ISIS, and ISIL which is leading us to a war in IRAN, while we have sanctions against Russia and Iran. Meantime, our border is wide open and we are re-homing and fully paying for and providing for 50,000 + Invaders a month and there is not a dam thing we or the USA can or will do about it. Yes, the UN aligned with the Pope and the Globalists are nashing their teeth and licking their chops!!! Yeah, our country is being ridden like a junk yard dog all the way down to the graveyard. The globalists have tied it up, shackled it, put a ring in it’s nose and is getting ready to turn on the grill. What’s for dinner? Sheep!!! In the meantime, the food supply is being tightened, the laws are tightening up on those brain destroying vaccines, and the coming repeat economic decline is gonna make communists out of most of us as we give up our private property. Hope this helps with the mysteries of what ails the USA.

      • All true, but WHY do we allow this? People get the government they deserve(for better or worse) and that doesn’t say much about we the people. We need to stand for something or we’ll fall for anything.

        As an individual, I have and will continue to walk my own path. I implement my own dreams and encourage others to do so. I’ll do what I can to get TPTB to get their act together, but that’s not my strong suit. Some people are natural leaders – and we need more of those with integrity. President Trump has definitely delayed the decay of our country by four years at least, but he’s only one person.

  11. Mueller Bombshell?


    Intense play by the MSM to keep everyone’s eyes on “impeachment” and off the ROW, and also off the collective “right hand” of the CONgressional illusionists…

    Barr had Mueller read/edit his summary before he submitted it to Congress. Mueller had no issue or dispute with the released summary. His complaint was with the way the “Press” and certain members of Congress spun Barr’s summary of his work. At election-time Mueller was a “never Trumper,” so both the battle between his integrity and his bias, and the eventual “press” spin of this “letter,” are yet to be determined.

    Oh, BTW, the letter was delivered on March 29th, so why is it “news” now?

  12. ‘Been China-watching for more’n 20 years now. I concur with your analysis. When I bought Rosetta Stone, I didn’t get Spanish, like seemingly everyone else, I got all three Mandarin study-series. I also told my kids to choose, and become proficient in one essential skill, and Chinese.

    WE think of “war” or “fight” in terms of an armed conflict, generally utilizing vastly-superior technology and firepower, to utterly overwhelm an adversary with a minimum of time and effort (this is one of the “techs” that has filtered down from the military to local policing authorities, BTW.)

    Ethnic Chinese (they’re ALL ethnic, now ;-) had 150 generations of philosophers, contemplating war, peace, life, and love, before Western “Civilization” became so. They know there are many ways to wage war. They have learned patience, and that full-scale combat is generally the least desirable means of conducting the business of War. Despite the excellent education provided by our military schools and academies, Chinese philosophy is either not taught, or not taken seriously by the kaydettes, ’cause we still run with the “earning glory on the battlefield in my lifetime” model left over from The Crusades…

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