This is almost surreal:

I have mentioned several times to readers that I was long the SSO but when it set up for a suspicious move strongly up on Thursday my alarm bells went off.

As readers know, I developed a very simple spreadsheet that takes possible Elliott wave 1 moves and projects them to three and five wave outcomes.

My lowest target for my SSO  long trade was 67, but because of BRECIT uncertainty, well, sometimes let’s just say intuition is important.  Hopping up to 67.32 was just too good to be true.

Thursday, my spider-sense kicked in, along with the old adage “Buy the Rumor, Sell the News.”

What you are waking to this morning is the “Sell the News” part.

Let me run down some of the (way overdone (financial hand-wringing for you.

First, Gold popped up more than $50.  We like that.

Silver was up more than 40-cents and we have hopes it will breach the $18 line shortly.

The downside target for this reaction (and maybe over-reaction) is into the 2040 down to 2020 area of the S&P.  I haven’t decided whether to re-enter the trade, or not, but do remember the world hasn’t ended – not by any stretch.  This vote is advisory, takes two years to implement, and is more psychological than anything else.

On the other hand, I know of a guy on Pennsylvania Ave. who has not had a very good past 24-hours:  He not only was slapped back on immigration, but his personal grand-standing/campaign to defeat BREXIT is also something of a slap.

On the flip side, I would expect (if he hasn’t done so already) Donald Trump to be posting or tweeting that this is what happens to bad trade deals in the end – people revolt.

Keeping You Personal Financial Grip

Now, a further observation, or two, about the reality of where we are:

For one, a decline of 500 points on the Dow today would really amount to a 270 point decline.  Why so?  Well, that too frothy for my tastes blow off to the upside Thursday – before the results were known – took the market up +230.

A long-term reader who has been waiting for our 2040 down to 2020 levels to come in might be seeing them between now and perhaps next week.

The Calendar matters hugely right now.  Think not only quarterly inflows next week, but also the Central Banks of the world are NOT going to take this sitting down.

I have referred many times in the past to “global, synchronized inflation.”  I would expect that within two to four weeks that the Fed M1 number, already blowing up 17 percent annualized, will surpass the 20% mark.

With the dollar down overnight, it’s actually good for the Dow and other major indices.  It means it will take a bigger pile of money to buy the same underlying values in stocks.

Could this be a failed fifth wave?  The start of the global depression?  We’ll ponder that for our Peoplenomics subscribers tomorrow.

In the meantime, no “Coping” section this morning.  I think there’s plenty to be “coping” with in markets – so we will focus on exactly that with additional updates as the day goes on.

Time to roll out one more saying among the uber rich:  “Buy when the blood is running in the streets.”

I might be the guy with the checkbook again, today.  We’ll see…

Is it time for our total collapse?  From a longwave perspective, it should old off until the first year of whoever the next president is.  But there’s a reason we live on a well stocked (and armed) survival platform.  Sticking to the fundaments always provides us with a great deal of comfort when the problems of the world’s “paper economy” try to come home to roost.

Another Key Point:

The Dow closed a week ago around 17,675.  Uf we whack 500 off the Dow in the midst of panic today and look to bring it back up again, around the close, the BREXIT action could, on a weekly basis, provide fairly insignificant.  Just something to think about about…

17 thoughts on “BREXIT ON, MARKETS SHAKEN”

  1. I see the market futures down 3% while USD index is up 3-4% against the basket of currencies. It looks like the stronger dollar is about the same as the market futures change. In my view, this is a good buying opportunity. I will be selling some OTM puts today (10% lower strikes, one month out on a few good dividend-paying stocks).

  2. “Is it time for our total collapse? From a longwave perspective, it should old off until the first year of whoever the next president is.”

    right on track for my spring of 2017 prediction..
    this is a little early for the drop in the stock market I was really expecting the very end of june and first part of july.. that way the 1% can buy at huge discounts to propel themselves to the next universe after the collapse.. Leave it to the lobbyists to sway our legislators.. for all of this.. OH did they do a fast track vote yet.. that way they don’t even have to show up for the what month they work out of the year.. LOL LOL LOL why not let the lobbyists do all the voting or get rid of them just have the top 1% decide.. easier less votes they are running the shebangs anyway..

    • Ideally, Q2 2017 though could be as late as Q4…which would work better with our survival gardening plans. Which the PTB would just issue the freaking memo.
      No one but the astute would believe it, anyway…

  3. Marketwatch “BULLETIN: “Fed says it’s prepared to provide dollar liquidity after BREXIT vote”.

    Can the magic of instant dollars save the world?

    Why did the NIKKEI go down almost 8% because of BREXIT? I don’t get it…..

  4. As the Masters of the World contemplate…
    Heads we win, Tails we win. In the meantime
    you the surfs loose big! Don’t complain to loudly or its whack a mole time for you.
    Remember laws are for the little people.

  5. There will be 4 years of prosperity from the date posted st the lunitic place as per the agreement made between thr divine and the angel in ‘the garden’ decision to buy humanity more time to prepare. You dont have to believe me…but i do have a proven track record. As you know.


    • Why do you else do think im soooo quiet. Lol yes there will be events.. but there is always events that happen.. i dont say all i see. No need for that anymore. I dont need to prove anything to anyone anymore. Yes, that is three Any in a row. Any up!

      Thought about joining the dream place… may do so in a while. However long a while is…

      I dont feel the need to teach anymore.

      Hope you and ure’s are well.

      Infinitely NOW!


      • O, can you be more specific? What are the 3 in a row? So you think we have 4 more years??? 4 more years to what??? Have you been on here teaching or preaching before? If you have, the majority of us have missed it.

      • I have been around for a looong time. My old glp user id was in the 10,000 not millions. I am a christian.

        Here is the deal. There will be no collapse of the economy for 4 years from the date of 1/13/16. Which this year it would have collapsed. However things are in play that are unseen.. the game is a foot. The powers that be you think are the powers that be are not the powers that be. The bankers follow orders.. im talking about the elite hidden hand. On person was given a choice. To allow the collapse and 1/3 of the population of the earth would starve to death.. the collapse language was there.. this year. But the person who uses a handle (the name of an angel) decided to post pone the collapse. The choice was his to make. So no f*cking ecomonic collaps for 4 years. Everything has been delayed. Will there be events within this time frame? You bet! I used to nail them over and over and over before they happend. BUT that is not my position anymore. It becomes self serving.. and i am done with that.. plus people become dependant.. on you to tell them the future.. and i am done with that too.


      • This much i will tell you. Japan has held its interest rates neer zero for a looong time. Now they are running negative interest rates.. when you see them shift into hyperinflation.. you know the US will follow shortly. What they dont tell you is this. Edgar Cayse was not talking about a natural eartquake. He was talking about a financial earthquake. It is within his own language you find this. Japan wont fall into the ocean. That is a metaphore. California will be the start of our economic earthquake. There will be a division in the US financially at first. Between the coasts. Poor on one side and not so poor on the other side. But the “time line” has shifted because of the “Angel in the garden” decision. There is always a choice to be made. Some one has to make it. I didnt pick this person. God did. Lol so take it for what it is worth. 4 years.. then the rolling waves of japan will start coming home and sake the planet.

        Take care.


      • That puts Ure right on track of the 1929 event. 2017 your butt is kicked, then 3 years it is worse. Just pointing it out.

  6. The astrology of this vote was interesting. As time built toward the Brexit vote, Pluto, Planet of Transformation, had been discharging the energetic that the British Empire and what it stands for was about to change.

    As the time for the vote came, Pluto was discharging the release of constraints, restraints, and restrictions. What has been inhibiting has been dealt a severe blow, just as it was the last time Pluto was discharging these degrees — the time of the American Revolution.

  7. Kept my powder dry this go around George. My fixed portfolio was up 1.5% instead of it’s usual near static relative condition. Will wait and see what the close looks like on Monday to start thinking of any kind of entry. Too many people were thinking the “fix” was in and the cycles and waves had a lock on the outcome. OOPS!

    I am suspicious of the Powers that be though. I am of the mindset that nothing is an accident when it comes to the world economic system. Controlled chaos with a move to the predicted “New World Order” may be in the cards here. This just may be the threshold. If so, as a perceived necessity, the EU will be a blip on the pages of history as they are sucked into the World Union.

  8. “Brexit” to be followed by Grexit, Departugal, Italeave, Czechout, Oustria, Finnish, Slovakout, Latervia, Byegium, Swedone, Noland.

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