Breaking: Consumer Prices & the Wuhan Willies

Consumer Prices are just out from thge Labor Department:

“The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) rose 0.1 percent in January on a seasonally adjusted basis, after rising 0.2 percent in December, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 2.5 percent before seasonal adjustment.

The index for shelter accounted for the largest part of the increase in the
seasonally adjusted all items index, with the indexes for food and for medical care services also rising. These increases more than offset a decrease in the gasoline index, which fell 1.6 percent in January. The energy index declined 0.7 percent, and the major energy component indexes were mixed. The index for food rose 0.2 percent in January with the indexes for both food at home and food away from home increasing over the month.

The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.2 percent in January after increasing 0.1 percent in December.

The main “newsy thing” here is to ,look at the spread between the All Items CPI and the All Items Less Food and Energy because the latter is what drives Fed Decisions.

With All Items up 2.5% for the year and Less Food & Energy up a like amount, no reason for the Fed to change it’s self-admittedly unsustainable Making Up Money regimen.

One feature of which, this morning, was to throw a mere $78.85  -billion of repo’s on the first.  With futures down how much?

This will be fun to watch.  To see what they’re up against, go down to the beach at low tide.  Now, start writing checks and write like a sonovabitch and let us know if it slows the tide’s behavior…  We will see how much they toss in to the afternoon to prevent “disorderly conduct” charging into the market.

COVID-19 Jumps

Besides uncertainty about how this morning’s consumer price report would lay out, the Biggie in background is the latest corona virus numbers.

Huge jumps overnight: 60,349 infected and body count up to 1,370.

My consigliere, who has a friend who got out of Wuhan safely (and educator) has been all over this.  While we wait for iPhone make Foxconnto return to work, (see: “Foxconn says recent Reuters reports on factory resumption in China were not factual”)  we’ve gone to wondering about product quarantines.  Reports that the virus can remain alive on surfaces for perhaps 10-days, or longer, we’re wondering about air cargo shipments of phones to the USA?

Will the US Gov run the risk of letting in phones, not certain of their surfaces, which might spawn some pop-up cases of COVID-19 in the USA?  Or, will the phones be quarantined and ozoned and UV-C’ed for a couple of weeks?

We know the answer, of course.  Corporations need money and phones in inventory won’t kick up revenue.  The phones must get through.  “No Risk” mantra at the ready.

That said, I trust you also saw reports that the methodology used by China to count cases has been changed and that’s why the short-term decline rate-of-increase in reported cases the past few?   Decepticons in the newsrooms?

Sure…like I hinted earlier this week, best time for the rich to sell off is after THE LAST claim that there’d be no recession this year and the market was going up.

1929 Replay Complete!

It’s not perfect – yet – but let me share one subscriber-side morsel:

“Spoiler Alert:  We could be here a good while. But the Replay of 1929 is effectively complete!

Just because the market has mostly completed the manic rally, it doesn’t mean that we might not have another 10% – and maybe more – upside left to go….

As of this morning, our Aggregate Index (an equal dollar summation of multiple markets) looks like this::

Yum…cash and shorts…may have to get out the Scrooge McDuck suit, eventually, but way early for that.

The Tentacles of Mitt?

Long read, but worthwhile, methinks.

The half-hearted, lackluster Mainstream Media is often (OK, usually.,..) wrong in their implied conclusions.  Let a 71 year old news-geeze walk you through what to us in OBVIOUS.  You can’t help but learn a few things in half a century of dot-connecting.

Let’s begin with the story about how Attorney General William  “Barr takes control of legal matters of interest to Trump, including Stone sentencing.”  The subhead to the story is “Attorney General William Barr’s intervention in Roger Stone’s case wasn’t the first time senior political appointees reached into a case involving an ex-Trump aide, officials say..”

Gimme a call on the (Vince Foster Memorial) news tip line if you want to talk politics and investigations, some time.

While the wild-eyed Trump-hating Left may take the bait to shout “abuse of power” a quick search of the OpenSecrets website reveals the reportedly demoted at DoJ shares the same name as this database search report shows.

And that report, over some years, shows donations (if accurate) of up to  $10- thousand dollars to Anti-Trumper Mitt Romney over the years!

You know…Mitt Romney who was the one key republican (in name only) who grandstanded (um…grandstood?  Where’s my OED?) against Trump at the Senate impeachment vote?  None other!

This particular campaign contrib search of “the name” du jour shows apparent support of Marco Rubio, John McCain, and George Bush.  10-large for Mittens?

Which means nothing, until it does.  You see, there is not ONE Republican party anymore – you’ve been hoodwinked again, sappling!  There are TWO. Let’s call one wing the Swamp Drainers and the other the Swamp Fillers. Mittens fills, Trump tries.

Not to be too conspiratorial here, but by the dawn’s early light, it appears to us that Donald Trump is not only trying to clear out a well-orchestrated Deep State on the Left (that made-up the Russia Collusion fraud, fed bullshit to the left-infiltrated media swine, and followed with an impeachment fiasco by some Schiffty characters) but that this same Deep State is likely to have crossed party lines to “get Trump.”

You’ve got three parties in America now:  Commies, Corporates, and Swamp Drainers.  (Two out of three want your gun rights…)

The DoJ failure to promptly prosecute Andrew McCabe, and perp walk the other third rail FBI perps, *as we review “how the Deep State plays”) reveals to us an unwritten   “gentleman’s agreement”  – a kind of cocktail-hour MOU – between the two legacy parties masquerading as representing The People.

Lefties offer to play with Mitt – and Mitt is an “influencer.”  Friends in high places, you follow?

Meanwhile, since the DoJ attorney in reports was linked to the slam-sentence of Roger Stone, we’re wondering if there was any influence between any Mittens loyalists and due process?

We do not expect any of this to see the light of day, especially in the MSM.  That’s because corporate back-scratching pays very, very well.  “You bury my story, I’ll give you something juicier” is how it’s played.  Made much easier by propaganda-filled Marxist indoctrination of the newsroom stooges in so-called J-schools, where the real Junior Journo brain-washing takes place.

Five W’s and an H are toast.  Situational advocacy (see open borders for examples, or sanctuary lawbreaker excuses) rule the day.  Picture of a sobbing kid, a distraught young girl…suddenly law-breaking if a stupid people rallying-cry.

A little too direct?  Tough shit.  We gotta believe our instruments or this plane will crash. (It may, anyway…)

Big picturing then:  Having failed with a frontal attack on Trump by the Obamanista’s set-up, implants, and (still not prosecuted) abuse of the national security apparatus, it seems to us the second of the three party-system has gotten onto the dance floor with the first.

You’ll need Inspiration, or FreeMind, to keep your “mind-map” of this f/u’ed “pseduo-Reality”  up to date.  Inspiration 9 works for us, but if you want to cobble up an database connector, FreeMind is better and you can get it on Source Forge here.

(If your conspiratorial mind envisions Chief Nostracodeus Programmer Grady, sipping wine on early spring days in Alberta, while pondering how to write a compact connector to the database, with the idea of mapping the money and outputting it into a 3-D display, that would be wholly unfounded.  What’s more, if you think he might pick up the phone and see if we could scopre a free development copy of ThinkMap – which is the 3D visualizer underlying VisualThesaurus, you’d be completely delusional and wrong.

On the other hand, since “long-chain application processing” is interesting, using the core Nostracodeus code to scan the net and process, connector to OpenSecrets for financials along with some other online sources to delineate power and money influencers, displayed in ThinkMap and then ported into an autostereoscopic 3D presenation platform – like Alioscopy – would be totally bitchin-cool and within reach.

Sadly, living in an attention deficit world popped with single-concept sheep, at age 71 and check-out time on the horizon somewhere, it’s not the scale new project I’d like to take on. my limits aside, it ought to have been figured by the soon to be dying legacy news world which can’t see the PR Brick Wall ahead.

REAL news – in the future – will be migrating to the cross-correlated data sets variety and those who don’t get it will prosper only briefly until disrupted (like us?) as DBNS (data based news sets) comes along and offers deep (and useful)  drill-down analysis for non-sheep.

For now, the world meltdown is in slow motion because, as revealed in Warren Buffett’s lower-key genius sidekick “Munger Tells His Newspaper Company That Papers Are Finished..”  (Note to average ewe-alls:  Charlie and Warren are rich because they a) spot trends and b) put their money on winners.)

If Munger gets it, Buffett gets it.…and the transition from “the news” to “the data platforms” can begin.  More this weekend in Peoplenomics for subscribers rich enough to pop $40-bucks a year for what’s coming, not “what was” or a micreant series of delusions under “our corporate agendas” – which is what’s behind most paywalls, but I digress… )

We COULD offer some “informed speculation” about how the Left in Washington, and the RINO Right have an alignment of interests to put extra pressue on Trump while he “going hard on Trade.”  But, that would lead to more speculative computer runs.  And absent an impartial grand jury to “follow the money” we don’t see the point.

But, the question lingers:  Who’s “doing” who?

Ah, my little yearlings – back you go to the Drudgery in the “flat news” world.

Just telling you in advance that within 10-years, there will be a new kind of news and just like the  Johns Hopkins view of COVID-10 in ArcGIS. if you’re not remodeling your mental space to accomodate other than “rip and rewrite” flat-lander pap, you’re on a one way ride to the digital slaughter house.  Digital Victimhood, orchestrated by the Digital Uprising enroute to Digital Mob Rule.

Your need go read some old books.  Like Daiel Yergin’s 2002 book “The Commanding Heights : The Battle for the World Economy” because the answer has been apparents for 20-years.  The code is still closely held, but let this be enough of a hint for how as to who the power players are (informationists) and who the sheep are (ewe).

The rest of the flow this morning – beyond panic going “viral” and CPI kicking up it’s heels – and will iPhones be quarantined…what else really mattrers but love and taxes?

I apologize to  Peoplenomics subscribers for doing “Peoplenomics-like” content here.  More coming, though.

Write when you get smart,

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79 thoughts on “Breaking: Consumer Prices & the Wuhan Willies”

  1. Not to give you any ideas George but I would pay $40 a year for Urban Survival let alone Peoplenomics.

    Thanks for your hard work and clear thinking. Makes my day every day.

    BIC (Bob in Canada)

  2. George

    “and will iPhones be quarantined…”

    And now for something different:

    ” Samsung Galaxy Fold – The Official Samsung Galaxy Site

    If Samsung’s phones are not made in China then their market share should increase big time.

    I saw a preview on Fox yesterday. The product is way cool but the price is not! $900+ to $1400.

  3. They are going to keep printing money, until they can’t print anymore. So look for higher highs and no limits to which this market will go. But the crash will be ENORMOUS !!

    • How many digits can the Fed and other CBs main frames handle? We may not be burning FRNs in our fireplaces and bbq pits because they’re, for the most part, digital but we’ll be revisiting Weimar sooner rather than later.

    • Yes, now with the ‘Corona Virus’ or whatever they are calling it these days, the printing will have to go even more exponential to keep the game going! It’s just plain scary now!

    • Easy solution. Go to one world currency and then devalue it to make room for more growth. Eat the countries that resist.

  4. Since 1997…

    Maybe this time, George, maybe this time.

    Still enjoy your insights on most stuff, but market timing, not so much.

    Keep on pluggin’ away.


  5. George, regarding almost half of today’s column:
    What is it with Conservatives that when someone calls out rank crime, they think the person hates the criminal?
    Why are Conservatives so willing, nay eager, to coddle these obvious low life criminals?
    Best, Mike.

    • Again, your lack of reading skills shows. I referred to three corporation party factions:
      Left, RINO, and conservative. The conservatives are not coddling – they have a (John Durham) grand jury at work. And to us, looks like a Miister was calling shots on the Stone-slam and on McCabe getting “easied.”
      Can you rethink and restate in something…oh, you know…COGENT?

    • The new Golden Rule:

      He who has the gold makes the rules.

      History is always written by the victors. Things have gotten quite messy. Just imagine what’s going to happen when the other party regains power and tries to undo the undoing. Instant headache coming…

  6. A question I am not educated, experienced, or quailified to answer:

    is it possible — “possible” — for the market(s) to NOT ever crash?

    Is the “thumb on the scale” of Kontrol sufficient so that The Big, Big Mother Crash of All Crashes never happens?

    Could it (them) simply spiral jaggedly upward — essentially forever?

    I know sounds intrinsically counter-intuitive. “What goes up, must come down,” all Practical Common Sense and Wisdom says.

    When “everybody” agrees a certain something is inevitable, it’s not always correct. Usually, yes: but not always.

    …just blue-skying here–

    • It’s Monopoly. Periodically change the rules to free up some more money and play it until the bank dries up, then change the rules again. The money isn’t any more real than the shares of equity it is buying.

      The real money in the markets is moved by the big investment companies and banks. During the 1929 crisis, the billionaires of the time pumped their own money into the markets to stem the crisis. Now, deals are being made behind closed doors to stem the bleeding. I believe the worse case scenario will result in market closures, and then rules to control the amount of daily movement allowed.

      So, my thoughts? I don’t think a crash will happen. I do see a suspension of some sorts for an extended period.

    • William, an honest question! Experience is the best education one can get on their own. The tuition for this education is Failure. Its as simple as that.

      Can markets go up forever? NO!!! If they could, it would have been done long ago. Governments, banks in the past have tried and failed. History is littered with such attempts.

      A lot of studies on the causes of German inflation were carried out. Many conclusions are made that obfuscate (cloud make dark) reasons for it, but as far as I am concerned, the main cause was “the disconnect of money from the tangible good its value is based.”

      A good read on the German inflation can be found here.

      A somewhat more scholarly read at,

      The suspension of German currency convertibility to gold seemed to be a main “trigger.” As long as German military could “kick Ass” every one accepted the situation.

      Come to think off it, is there something similar here? President Nixon suspending Dollar convertibility to gold in 1971 to pay Vietnam war debt. Perhaps a replay of an old meme.

    • I look at it like a bottle of beer.. you drink two ounces but you still want a full bottle.. add two ounces.. drink three ounces ..then to keep the bottle full you add three ounces.. how long can a person do that before there isnt any resemblance to it being a beer.
      Minimum wage from the seventies if it had kept up with the inflation or dilution of the dollar would be thirty dollars an hour.
      The big what will it be replaced with..
      What will the conversion rate be..
      Some areas of the world a sandwich is a months wages..
      It was that issue that brought adolph into power after the weimer depression.. and the great wealth grab.
      It’s just my opinion that theres no blue sky.. there is a ceiling.. for.myself we are at the point where income doesnt match the costs of standard services..and it’s not just our household that’s in this position

  7. Why George you know as well as I that there is only one party in the country and that’s the corporate party which owns every other party,turning it into a corporate dictatorship.

    We are still in the Mid-East wars and yes there will be another war coming, for that’s where corporations go to to increase the bottom line,now we have a big scam going as to which candidate they prefer, as the media tries to cut down one and raise the others as the medias are again corporations because they are all in bed with each other.This election if the bottom don’t fall out before that time comes is going to be a dandy,it will remind you of Chicago when they had to call out the N.G.!!!

  8. What gives with this news. How long can this last? Not seeing this being discussed on Fox…

    “The shortfall of $389.2 billion of the US deficit in the first 4 months of fiscal 2020 is a 25% gain over the same period last year and already about 40% of the total deficit for fiscal 2019. Over the past 12 months, the government has spent $1.06 trillion more than it has taken in. All the red ink has bought the total national debt to $23.3 trillion. Receipts came in at $1.18 trillion through January compared with $1.1 trillion a year earlier. The rate of spending is adding to the shortfall, with outlays coming in at $1.57 trillion vs. $1.42 trillion for the first 4 months in fiscal 2019. (CNBC)”  

    • In plain English, it’s a CEO bankrupting his company. In Goodfellas, it was torching the restaurant.

      In plain English, spending more than is being taken in means tax increases are coming. Russell Crowe did make a wonderful Robin (the) Hood.

      Or it could mean the movie “2012” was not fiction, or maybe the aliens really are coming.

      The real story is behind the numbers. Where is the money going?

    • Maybe you should pry yourself away from the boob-tube and find a source of actual news?

      Those of us who don’t depend of FoxNews knew this stuff two days ago…

    • This is a staged and false reporting to make the little minds of Trump feel good about where they live. I sell multi-million dollar homes…and do you think for one second, I would have multiple offers per home sale if any of this were true? Get a grip. Are there drug users in the streets? Yes, just there are in Kansas City, Memphis, Nashville, Dallas, Houston, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Mike Pences Indianapolis. Mitch McConnels Louisville, Knoxville and Lexington Kentucky. Could there possible be poop in those cities? Possible. There are homeless people in every city and in every state. Is it Mitch McConnells fault that there are 7,000 homeless in Louisville? Way more per capita than San Francisco…who also has 7,000 homeless.

      This is a perfect example of the digital mob George alludes to. You are being swayed by your emotions that were fed to you by a fake news organization in Fox and other right wing nut job entertainers. That’s lazy blpg. And one of the reasons that if Republicans don’t get off of their butts and get someone else in the White House…the Republican party will be swept in November. Level headed Republicans that need the fiscal/tax friendly policies of a Conservative party like me have had enough.

      • ” I sell multi-million dollar homes…and do you think for one second, I would have multiple offers per home sale if any of this were true?”

        At the rate people are leaving California I wonder how long you will have offers on any property?

        I lived in Napa from 2003 to the end of 2005. The city ran a night hostel for the homeless. Every year the number of people coming to Napa increased because of the free services. They were coming from everywhere. Good weather and free goodies draws those who are not achievers in life. I saw the same increase in street people in Santa Clara where I worked. Free services were provided there also. As the Bible say “There will always be the poor”, we just should not encourage it!

      • Mark face it you’re just plain lazy when it comes to picking up your own s*** out there ain’t you ,you don’t know how to go about fixing the damn thing ,all you care about is selling to the highest bidder no matter what the cost to your community, that’s why people are fleeing because of people like you ,who make a mess out of things ,all you care about is how much you can sell it for, you don’t care about the people next door.
        Again every time you make a sell you throw another person of your community into the gutter, I don’t respect people like that but just throws people aside to the gutter all because of a the need to make the biggest Almighty dollar that you can no matter what cost it is ,
        you sell out your community,
        As long as you’re part of that corporate structure communities don’t need people like you just like Amazon they run people into the ground just like all those big corporate structures where you’re at they run them into the ground they advertise for the highest dollar and then they throw you out in the streets you do know corporate structure is the real evil and you do support that, unlike Trump who cares about people that’s why he ran for president ,wasn’t for money it was the straighten up all those messes that people like you make,

        May all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it may all beings be financially fulfilled so be it may all beings be readily fulfilled so be it.

        What’s your motto mark
        Make it a good motto mark because when we leave this spirit realm we get plenty of time to see the mess’s we made and the effect it had on our all neighbors
        . Thoughts have wings and thoughts make things.
        What do you want to be known for ?

      • Is this Fox?

        San Francisco isn’t first, but it’s in the top 5. And an interesting thing to note, is toward the bottom, look at where homelessness rates are going down versus up. Those red states are showing improvement, while California is getting worse.

        This isn’t Fox News either. Maybe you should get outside those nice gated communities.

        Are the editors at the NYT also a bunch of mean right wingers that just hate SF?

        How about The Guardian? Mean, Trump loving Republicans, I’m sure. According to them, “Chris Herring, a sociology doctoral candidate at UC Berkeley, analyzed 3m 311 calls in a paper published in the American Sociological Review, and found that calls regarding the homeless increased by 781% in San Francisco between 2011 and 2017.”

        Maybe you should get out of your bubble more. Not only is this a big country with lots of great people, some of who, believe it or not, don’t live on the coasts, but outside of your precious multimillion dollar residential estates, there are a lot of people struggling in SF. You pretending it’s all a big Trump/Republican conspiracy doesn’t help them, and it makes you come across as a tool.

      • BPLG, get your facts straightened out (your accusations of classism at Mark should really be directed at your Hero, Mr. Trump):

        Trump is the one screwing the Poor, and aiding the Rich, not Mark

        Even the Disney princess is saying the Republicans are ridiculous:

      • Mark,

        My company has an office on Market. Every single person who works there would set fire to Fox news if they could. Every single one of them tells me it’s worse than the news says and can’t believe it goes on. Poop everywhere, needles all over the train, people naked masturbating in front of restaurant windows. These are reports from actual people with no reason to make it up.

        Contrast with a weekend in Seattle. I was all over north Seattle, University, Aurora (hwy 99) FFS! Not a single tent, cart, poop, needle to be found.

        It’s funny how obvious you are. Your commissions are at risk, so of course there is no problem. Money talks, yours is talking for you.

      • Like I said a couple of weeks ago – this is the horse that keeps Mark in Teslas and he won’t get off of it for any moral reason until it dies of its own accord.

        Keep the faith! We MUST believe that it’s all OK! That’s not poop – it’s Big Bird signs! Don’t believe those 10,000 mainstream news articles with pictures and a dozen Internet sourced Poop Maps! Watch the Glengarry Glen Ross speech until you can recite it in your sleep!

      • Mark, you don’t sell multi-million dollar homes! You sell expensive houses on some land that people are willing to pay those prices for.

        You can never sell a home. You might be able to share it. You can sell a house and it’s land, along with various features and accessory structures. The house ceases to be a home the moment the residents depart.

    • When that happens, ALL of the plates on Earth will adjust, and most of these plates have boundaries close to shorelines. Most of the world’s major cities are near shorelines.

      Like a dog shaking off its fleas.

  9. “WooWoo on February 10, 2020 at 22:45

    Has anyone read Dean Koontz’s 1981 novel “Eyes of Darkness”? Apparently a Wuhan400 virus is lethal to humans. Thank goodness it’s fiction.”

    Thanks for the suggestion…. I dont usually read dean koontz and didnt remember why.. stuck in the auto shop I figured I’d just read it quick..then I remember why.. lol he talks about food to I’m always hungry lol..
    Great book and I agree thank god it’s just fiction

    • In 1981, a 16 year old kid read “Eyes of Darkness” to pass the time because he was a nerd without friends. He decided at that moment he would become an archvillain. Several years, and many biology and chemistry courses later, he becomes a scientist in some government lab and has a chance to fulfill his dream. The rest is history.

      The same scenario can be found in “Twelve Monkeys” (Earth cleansing), a Mission Impossible movie (bio-terrorism), and a Tom Clancy novel (weaponizing Ebola).

      Tell me where the reality stops and the fiction begins…

  10. “Your need go read some old books.  Like Daiel Yergin’s 2002 book “The Commanding Heights : The Battle for the World Economy” because the answer has been apparents for 20-years.  ”

    Thanks for the suggestion George..I’ll jump in it as my next book …

  11. Tee, hee…

    I’m starting to appreciate the YEARS I spent in the ’90s, learning how to conduct Internet searches to give me the data I sought without burying it in 10k irrelevant links and 30mln spam links. One of the biggest crimes in the history of technology was the elimination of the Alta Vista search platform (I’m sure it’s not gone, but has merely been bastardized and incorporated into googl.) People under about 45 have no concept what it’s like, using a search tool which accepts the full range of Boolean operands, and which, by accepting E-Mail searches — NOT “searches of E-mails” (send logical E-mail query to A-V, A-V E-mails you back search results) allowed users to fine-tune, then hone their search abilities.

    I’m leery of Open Secrets and its parent, the Center for Responsive Politics because of the huge number of left-wing and globalist-socialist donors (yes, Soros is one of the big-ticket contributors) who keep their doors open. ‘Still, a very useful tool if’fn one back-checks…

    • I believe that AltaVista was bought out by Yahoo, not Google. Either way, it disappeared off the radar and it’s really hard to do a pure boolean search today. The only site that seems to give some lip service to it is Google Scholar. Even that site doesn’t use conventional operators and to force a pure AND function you have to quote everything. Quotes on multiple elements are a real PIA – no doubt that’s why they were chosen.

      Consider that writing a pure boolean meta-search engine is potentially a business opportunity. Most who can do so are already overcommitted, but perhaps a much younger person will have more free time.

      • “I believe that AltaVista was bought out by Yahoo”

        That is correct.

        There were two types of “search engines” back in the days of “AllInOne” (pre-2003), “web crawlers” and “web indexes.”

        A “web crawler” or “spider” is a pure software bot which endlessly crawls the web, sending a report back to it’s host server whenever it finds a new page, or a changelog whenever it finds an updated page. The flaw to the crawler is it must follow a link to find a page. A “web index” is a skim of crawler data, and is “searched” as a database text search.

        Altavista was a crawler, created and hosted by Digital Equipment Corporation ( was it’s original html URL (I believe the server ran Mail, Gopher, telnet, ftp, and possibly Archie daemons too.) By the time Compaq bought DEC, Altavista was hosting many thousands (maybe millions) of bots and running a crude, but surprisingly-accurate primitive AI coupled to a huge multilingual thesaurus, which was “Babelfish,” the first “online translator.”

        Yahoo was the largest and most-comprehensive of the indices. Yahoo skimmed the data from both Altavista and WebCrawler to build its catalog, so it always “knew” more than either, but always knew it days or even months after the crawlers gathered the information. The folks at Compaq were not serious about owning a search engine, so eventually sold it off to Yahoo, who was thrilled because it would bring “immediacy” to Yahoo Search.

        What eventually made Google the defacto standard is it was they, not Yahoo (Yahoo had the whole shebang dropped in their laps and were too stupid to see), who actually coupled the crawler to the index to create the hybrid that Google is today.

        TBH I stopped following Internet development in about 2003 or 4, so I don’t KNOW that Google acquired Altavista and Babelfish. They may have merely reversed and cloned them. However, if I were forking out 8 or 9 digit licensing fees, I’d sureashell not do it for longer than it took me to either buy or clone the tech…

      • These were the operands and features available to Google users in 1998:

        Google offers basic and advanced Web searching, an editor-driven directory, and dozens of specific searches – for images, news articles, Usenet newsgroup messages, street addresses and phone numbers, stock quotes and information, as well as online catalogs and Web sites for products to buy.

        You can also narrow your searches to specific
        government and university sites

        Google also automatically corrects your spelling.

        A Few Google Assumptions

        Searches are NOT case sensitive

        Automatic AND queries

        Google doesn’t recognize punctuation or accented characters unless the word is preceded by a + sign (+marché)

        diet needs = dietary needs

        Google automatically disregards certain common words such as “where”, “how”, and “what” as well as “a”, “and”, “the”, and digits [use + sign]

        Entering a Search Query

        These are the examples we all know…
        * translation project (same as: translation AND project)
        * Translation +project (same as: translation OR project)
        * Excluding words from your results: virus
        * Exact phrases (quotation marks) “we hire
        translators” or “monty python and the holy grail”

        Some Search Techniques You May Not Know

        You can use a tilde (~) to search for synonyms of a specific word translation ~agency (term + synonyms)

        Wildcard: book*
        = books, bookstore, bookkeeper, etc.
        -Google also allows whole-word wildcards
        within a phrase search: “i * a dream”

        Show sites with one word between terms:
        English * German

        Narrow your search to specific file types:
        [To eliminate a file type: -filetype:pdf]

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        safesearch: sex education

        convert: helps you convert currency and measurements

        I guarantee many have gone away or changed syntax, but I posted this to show what a good search engine would do, BG (before greed…)

        I excerpted this from a *.pdf at American Translators Assn. The folks at ATA play fast ‘n loose with punctuation (sorry…)

      • i have noticed when i look up some words in a dictionary and then ask google also for the meaning,they give or makeup a meaning to fit their agenda at hiding truths , something like mark does, and i noticed videos more and more people are making videos of google taking over the narrative and engraving in the people, yes google is controlled ,politically,and has a gambling sweepstakes arrangement that benefits a few.and mark hasn’t woke up yet to the actors that are guiding him.

  12. George, you are the only paid subscription I am buying at this point in time. Money well spent.
    You are sound like you have been Q’ed in. I found the site shortly after it started.
    It is a long long list of postings over about 3 years now. If some one wants to learn , they can go back to the beginning and read, I recommend , turn the POTUS on/off switch to off for a shorten version, Many initials can be identified by holding the cursor over them
    It is why we buy popcorn (to watch the movie), we know what is coming, The Storm and for the deep state ers, PAIN

  13. Re-Animated Corpses !

    “oh no, Roombies! Run Wraggy run!” – Scoobydoo where are U

    Why do U think they are burning the the bodies of the Infected-Dead in China?

    Same reason US epidemiologists/research teams have Not been able to access ground zero in Wuhan..

    Resident Evil – the movie with hottie w/kurkuri’s versus Biologically Enhanced Humanoid Soldiers – and Zombies created/infected with weaponized Virus loosed on the population of mythical Racoon City – which was Nuked in the end to incinerate/stop Zombie Virus spread.

    So far majority of fatalities is in Asian Male Smokers who contract WARZS (Wuhan Acute Respiratory Zombie Virus)

    So connecting all dots leads this deplorable to inevitable conclusion that the Chi -Coms are creating/building a Army of Angry/Sexually Frustrated/Smoking Zombies.

    Might want to consider laying in some cheap smokes in your supply storage prep.

    Anyone wanna buy the Dip?

    • “Might want to consider laying in some cheap smokes in your supply storage prep.”

      OH MY ED… say it isn’t so… Smoking could be dangerous to your health….
      get some mints or something.. but smoking..

      • also there isn’t anything that is cheap anymore. Not like the old days when you cold get a carton for a buck and a half.. I started to smoke because you didn’t get a break and had duties in the service if you didn’t smoke.. the smokers got the break.. the same thing when I first worked the floors.. the smokers got the breaks the non smokers had to watch the floors.. today cigs are not even alowed in a couple of hundred feet.. LOL.. I quit smoking when cigarettes got to five bucks a carton three for the cheap stuff.. now your looking at thirty bucks for the cheap stuff and up to seventy five a carton for the name brands… amazing how it goes like that.. you could grow your own.. if you have any room.. except for the damage from the tars.. that is cheaper and easier.. just when you hang it to dry..put a pan under it to catch any of the nicotine that drips from it.. ( use that as pest killers ) then chop it and dry it then soak it in water bath( the same thing with the washed nicotine keep it for pest killers.. funny how gmo plants have been fused with the tobacco plant to keep pests away) then dry it again.. package it.. for smokes.. and you have enough ten plants would give you enough for close to a year.. easy to grow to..( its a weed..seeds are really small use a dampened cotton swab to gather them then flick them off a couple at a time. )

  14. Yo Jeffe –

    can U plug in 5 million into the Ure Computational Machine – thats how many residents of Wuhan left to go visiting during Chinese New Year Holiday celebrations.

    This was Before the Quarantines were put in force.

    So of the 5 million who left Wuhan for the holidays – safe to assume 40% were Male?

    Tricky part is factoring the Infection Rate amongst these 2 Million Men – if they were exposed..we calculate a 80% Infection Rate. At that this rate only 50K are likely to die from the virus..wait – what

    If 1.6 million possibley infected people traveled around China from Wuhan – the infection numbers are WAY OFF!

    Figure each infected Wuhanian interacted with at least 4-6 different people in their holiday travels – and those poor snooks that were interacted upon and got infected – and then interacted with 4-6 more different peeps..

    How comes nobody else is looking at these kinda numbers – must be a flaw in the coots math/dot connecting.

    No matta its just a little splatta! buybuybuy till the repo’s stop!

    • Which is precisely why Peoplenomics Wed went into such mind-numblingly deep discourse on Agnorisis.

      Coot Rocks it. Ure has it. The market just ain’t as bright as us and that should scare the living shit out of every piped out there!

      Coot – don’t look now, but the planet IS in trubble –

      • Rocket Mike,
        People are not leaving California. That’s another digital mob Untruth to make you Trumpsters feel good about yourselves.

        People leave every state. We have a surplus of people incoming vs people outgoing. The people outgoing are retirees with a million dollars or more in accrued equity leaving and buying a cheaper house and living off the wealth they made here. The people incoming are the best of the best engineers and scientists filling the thousands of available jobs that open up here seemingly every day. We are building yet another 40 million sq ft if office space in the Bay Area alone. Someone has to fill that space!!!

        You are all like groundhogs. Afraid of if the shadows, burrowing back into your holes.

        • Mark ignores the fact thatr population isn’t declining because? (all together now)

          Open Borders and Sanctuary law-breakers!

          Normal people leave, others come in illegal.

          Meantime, the biggest state for immigration from California is?> Texas!

          And we’re pretty sure it will be screwed up next.

      • The latest statistics I have seen show that Cali had a net loss of residents in the last couple years. Some are predicting after the census they will lose one or two Reps in the House because of population shift.

  15. blpg,
    Again, another uninformed person that is too lazy to research the realities of how the world works.It’s people like you that elected a numbskull like Trump.

    Hahaha. I as a realtor have nothing to do with what people pay and demand. I am good at what I do, but so far haven’t noticed any superpowers that make buyers purchase $2 million homes.

    I present metrics and possibilities…I then market the homes to give them unprecedented luster and appeal.

    It’s the engineers and tech workers with millions in vested Stock units and desire for ownership that drive up the prices. It’s their money, their desire and their low debt to income that allows them to make those purchases.

    Blaming me for the high prices is like blaming an auctioneer for the outrageous sale of an antique piece of art or collection. He just says numbers, he isn’t making those people raise their flags to bid.

    Of course the most outrageous comment you made is that whenever I make a sale, I end if throwing someone into a gutter. Ha. It sure isn’t the person whose home I sold.

    Last week, I sold a home for $1,850,000. The elderly couple who owned it had it all paid off and they are using that to buy a 3 bedroom cabin with acreage near Yosemite…for less than $500k. I’d say they are doing all right. I helped them realize their dream.

    The people that bought it (for cash) are going to spend $400,000 in upgrades (the house was 1970’s original) that will employ dozens of craftsmen. The new purchase adds to the tax base of the city and county to pay for services and schools. I could go on and on about the virtues of our robust real estate market.

    The reality is that real estate is a major driver in this economy. You are way off base!

    • yep you did it again mark you just increased the value of a property and threw more people in the street, is any of that money going to help fix the problems instead of going to the greedy, see when a billionaire invest in properties they have a value or profit that they perceive, and when the rich buy up all the available properties ,normal people cant buy in ,the monopoly game is leaving more and more people out and the only things owning anything is corporations which are right now by only a few who the majority of voting shares, for instance that house you sold will probably double in less than 10 years ,no community here folks just more people in the streets, next mark will vote for rounding these people up and putting them in mass grave sites, i want to see you do good things mark, not bad things that your google controller wants,and the only way you do that is by stepping out to help these people, Yea be more like trump

      • Be more like trump? He and his daddy were the biggest slumlords in New York…His son in law Jared Kushner is the biggest slum lord in Baltimore. Get your facts straight..

        And…I am involved in over a dozen initiatives that address affordable housing and am an investor in a first responder/educator/teacher housing project. We are a city/metro paved in Gold…but that doesn’t help the third grade teacher, firefighter or day care provider. I and a large group of investors are trying to change that.

    • Mark,
      You are so stunningly brilliant that I don’t know why you waste time trying to force-feed your gems of wisdom to the besotted Trumptards on this blog. You’re squandering your divine talents! So why don’t you gift your goodies to a larger, possibly more appreciative, audience by starting your own blog? It would be an incredible gift to humanity to share your genius with them! And it would alleviate the mental pains of the neanderthal peons on this blog who constantly struggle to find any semblance of reality in your blather.

      Or could it be that, as a clone of the infamous Jon, you have been blocked from most thoughtful forums and this is the only one remaining that allows you to spew your venom?

      • OMG. LMFAO. Laughing so hard I choked. For quite some time I have thought Mark is actually Jon, and originally he was posting on here as Jon and now has to use his own real name. I tangled with Jon, I don’t post much here anymore as my own life is complicated with my elderly father.

  16. bulls and bears make money pigs get slaughtered .. I have figured out the algorithmic programs.. truly sick .. like sick in head .. pig farm USSA .. oinkers everywhere from central hq new York to showtime la

  17. ‘Lest we should ever forget why we’re better than they are…

    China’s Hubei, Wuhan Communist Party chiefs removed amid epidemic

    The removal of Jiang Chaoliang, the leading Communist Party official of Hubei province, and Ma Guoqiang, his counterpart in Wuhan, follows the dismissal of two provincial health officials on Tuesday, and is part of a wider effort by Beijing to remove bureaucrats it accuses of shirking their duties.

    North Korea ‘shoots dead coronavirus patient’ after he’s ‘seen at public baths’

    A North Korean official has reportedly been executed after breaching the country’s strict rules surrounding coronavirus.

    Hint: It’s the farking manual…!

    • I still can’t believe that there aren’t any dots in Central and South America but it all depends on what’s reported and what’s not. Lots of Chinese down there.

  18. “Our greatest fear remains the damage this coronavirus could do in a country like DRC.”

    WHO Media Briefing, 12 Feb.

  19. Y’know, if they find out that silver is the key to destroying the Corona virus it’ll finally explode in price. It’s known for doing things like that primarily to bacteria but known to be anti-viral, too. Colloidal Silver anyone?

  20. yada yada yada .. they have won .. they have got everything covered .. wait for your mandatory and compliant vaccination to make sure they drain dead all .. there aint much left anywhere so numb em all I say .. woo hoo !!

  21. Swalwell: Impeaching Trump Over Roger Stone Is Not ‘Off the Table’

    Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) Wednesday on CNN revealed that the Justice Department’s reversal on Roger Stone’s sentence after President Donald Trump’s tweet could be an impeachable offense.

    Host Jake Tapper asked, “Might you impeachment him over this, over Roger Stone and the sentencing?”

    As far as I know, a Chief Executive, whether Governor or President, has an absolute right to commute or pardon. Since Stone was kangarooed anyway, I fail to see where there’s any possible offense in letting the Obamanista judge, prosecutors, and jury foreman know their dishonest attempt to make Stone a political prisoner will not be tolerated. I suppose though, there’ve been so many conservatives leave California for free States that many of the Cali Dems will never lose an election, no matter how despicable their actions, until they’re Censused and redistricted out of a job from the population exodus…

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