Anagnorisis & the Wuhan Workout

As the death toll worldwide continues to mount – passing 1,116 on 45,204 confirmed – , we eye the next set of personal escalations.  This morning a look at what we’ve done already that you may wish to implement ahead of further events.

After, some morsels of data – and perhaps a Celebration of Lunation as the markets have now *(at yesterday’s highs) approximately equaled the  minimum 1929 Pre-Collapse Bubble.  We wonder how high is up, after all?  Projections follow.

Unlike Carol King, I won’t tell you ” I feel the Earth, move, under my feet...”

I do, however, have a sense of  slaughter ahead as the “mainly liberal” financial engineers of the NY stripe may soon be “burning down the house” to Stop Trump.

With J. Powell saying “this is unsustainable,” Who needs Molotov’s from the Bernunist when you have Miss March in the wings.  Repo’s Galore is her stage name, I think.

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38 thoughts on “Anagnorisis & the Wuhan Workout”

      • “Money?”

        No silly… if you listen to what BCNazi says.. its the BITCOIN… LOL LOL LOL
        sorry just being a smart azz there..

    • I actually have thought about that Ray… cost of living is similar and medical expenses a lot cost of medications would drop considerably.. then of course I could do like everyone else and travel to southern texas and just run over to mexico.. there is a program now where you can make a once a month trip.. the yearly cost is four hundred dollars get your medications… I have been trying to talk the wife into moving she just doesn’t want to.. I had a friend tell me I should move to iceland where he lives.. cost of living is actually less than here..
      the same with sweden.. in some countries I had read about retired people living like Kings in some of the countries..

    • Not really. I looked into moving there back when Cheney-GWB were on their world domination tour. Canadian immigration basically said I was too old ( only under 40 need apply) and not rich enough. They didn’t want people who would burden their govt. healthcare system. This was 2005. Now they’ve opened their doors to immigrants and refugees from the Middle East and Africa. What a difference an administration makes.

  1. As always thanks for the thoughts on preps. While prayers and religious icons may be of comfort when the pale rider swings by, not sure you were trying to provide a link to religious icons available at…

    • I have a Burkey and it’s paid for. I’ve been using it for years. If there’s something significantly better, it’s worth investigating. It just has to have the capacity as well as the fine filtering, along with longevity and robustness.

      Per usual, what you have is generally better than what you’re dreaming about. We do have the supply chain to consider.

  2. I can save you a few bucks with the paper towel thing.

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    before they need laundering.

    Our paper towel consumption dropped by easily 80% or
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    It’s not a question of cheapskateness: it’s a matter of,
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    Buy yourself something nice with the savings.


  3. You mentioned that Bloomberg doesn’t have any delegates..That’s because he isn’t seeking delegates until Super Tuesday…from wire services….

    The Bloomberg campaign looks at Super Tuesday as 165 congressional districts, each of which may require a different approach based on the delegate rules that apply there. In addition, Bloomberg is invested heavily in states following Super Tuesday, especially in critical battleground states for the fall, among them Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Bloomberg has made a separate commitment to spend $20 million to register 500,000 voters.

    Bloomberg’s ad campaign has a robust Spanish-language operation, especially in Arizona, Texas and California. Unlike some other campaigns, Bloomberg also recognizes a growing Hispanic presence in North Carolina, where they have a strong outreach program.

    Bloomberg did not get to be rich by spending money indiscriminately. While it seems like money for his campaign is unlimited, the campaign does operate on a budget (a big one, of course) where expenditures are expected to produce something of value.

    He didn’t make $64 billion by being stupid like his upcoming competitor. No inheritance…just brains, diligence and immersion into his craft…His success is a model to be followed, not abhorred like mob boss Trump. And Bloomberg has shown he can actually mutter the words…I am sorry, unlike the Dolt we have now.

    • $64 billion? Has he made $10bln since he declared his candidacy, or you exaggerating?

      Just think if he were Prez, how many Black and Hispanic kids he could have his storm troopers throw up against the wall… :-)

    • Mark does not like the NY Post, he likes Mike Bloomberg…NY Post Oct 9 2016 quote:

      “Last year, The Guardian reported that Epstein’s “little black book” contained contact numbers for A-listers including Tony Blair, Naomi Campbell, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Bloomberg and Richard Branson.”
      Mark likes the pedos, human traffickers,

      Wake up people,,birds of a feather,,,,

      and while I am here,,how about the dems being dumb enough to call Bill Barr to the house judicial committee, they are just asking for a public beating, game on. Why does Bill always have that knowing grin?

      By the way Joe M,, Mark throws stones, we just like to return them, from fly over country

      • No Salt. No large sodas, And stop and search went from 90k to 600K under Bloomberg. Talks republican and operates Stalinist
        Mark will give up his rights to gun ownership, though, I’m sure…leaving only criminals armed, right Mark?
        Meantime, almost down to the part on the prepping list to talk to our FFL-3 about making some suppressors and getting the “tax stamp” – those that can pay can still buy a few Rights…

      • (Trump claim redacted, not related to content here – g)
        And to George…Bloomberg will not be taking your guns, just adjusting the right to own one on equal basis as owning a car. To drive frickin car, you need tests, renewals, records check…yes, because cars don’t kill people, stupid, distracted, and drunk people cars kill people. Same with guns…rules and regs should be the same. And yes…if you want to fix health care, ban ALL sodas. I haven’t had one in 18 years and counting.

        • Guns, unlike cars which are NOT called out in Founding docs – were not considered subject to “conditional use” requirements for 240+ years. People would have to be idiots to swallow socialist pap that “we’re too stupid now” and so we need government to go Nazi/communist with gun roundups.
          What part of creeping (and creepy) bureaucracy don’t you get?

          See Bill Whittle’s classic comparison of the Free State (or Texas) versus the once
          Golden State

      • And there you have it,,,Mark wants to adjust our rights to own a gun!!!!
        Now imagine if we adjust his rights to suck oxygen,, you know, we will use a rope and just tighten it a little around his neck,,not enough to kill him, just make it hard to breathe and when he gets used to it, we tighten it a little more next go around, and on and on,till he is done
        I AM NOT advocating to harm Mark, just using this as an example of how the azz holes among us want us totally disarmed,, like the slaves, before the Republicans called bull crap,
        How about it Mark, trade me a little your oxygen for one of my guns? Now, do you want to trade some more air for another one of my guns?
        Our fore fathers DIED for our rights. Traitors want to remove the Constitution, slowly step by step, the stupid sheep wont notice

      • @MARX

        “SHALL NOT INFRINGE”….or is it your educated definition that I and others must endure…since simple English…is all that is ‘required’ to own a weapon in a FREE AMERICA UNDER OUR CONSTITUTION…….equal arms to that of the government forces one may encounter as we the people try to REMAIN FREE….your opinion of Bloomberg is NO guarantee he will not take my guns….MY guarantee is that MY guns will be used to stop such behavior by ANYONE….even you, if you want to lead from the front on that event….as the 2 nd A is a GOD given right to be protected by the GOVERNMENT…not ‘tread upon’ as many think they can…I say YOU and others can not and ANY law against the Constitution is ILLEGAL…a word that far too many in this country have redefined to suit their needs and agenda’s…my definitions on such subjects has not and will not change….and I will defend that principle as I have in the past…with my life …if it comes to that…only leaving this ‘earth’ feet first NEVER on my knees…Semper Fi

      • More on that tree and rope comment:

        Lynch Journalists! No Gun Legislation needed (redacted]

        Ure reminder:

        This comment is redacted because of two major faults.

        1. (and this was enough): The title of the post has to do with news “presentation space” and an attack on Trump [supporters] is no responsive to the post.

        2. the post refers to “a Trump supporter’s T-shirt” Unfortunately, the poster missed the apostrophe and instead of A (por a few) Trump supporter’s…
        it was generalized to “Trump supporters” (as ‘in general’ or (as a class’)

        We pride ourselves a high level of mental acuity but also staying on point.

        Therefore, my redactions stand.

  4. The “Dead letter” is something I’ve been procrastinating on! Who do you trust? How much info should people have and how much temptation should you inflict on them? How can I be sure that they will get it and act accordingly when they get it? How can I be sure that different people will act together in ways that are most beneficial to all?

    These are some of the reasons for my procrastination, though past 70 there are no guarantees of anything. The job is partly done, but far from complete.

    • “The “Dead letter” is something I’ve been procrastinating on! Who do you trust? How much info should people have and how much temptation should you inflict on them? ”

      unless you have cash coming out of the wazoo… you don’t have to worry about it Mike…
      I have seen millionaires go out pennyless.. and if you give it you have to give it what is it.. five years in advance.. otherwise they go after the ones that got it..
      don’t sign anyone into a facility either.. I knew a guy that lost everything because he signed his daughter into a hospital..our new friend here lost it all same thing except it was his wife..

  5. Mark you’re not convincing anybody but yourself ,you keep digging the hole deeper for yourself so when the final Day of Reckoning comes it’s going to be hard for you ,really hard I wouldn’t want to be you. But that’s your Swaziland.
    In the meantime Trump is going to keep producing, and we’re not talking about soft drinks,
    Think more along the lines of metempiricism

  6. Now if we can just get George to think more about the future that he doesn’t think is possible in his lifetime,
    In the meantime his wife thinks he is secute.
    But me I think George is an educator and a Critic.
    And me people think of me as derisional.

  7. After your first prepping article I went on eBay and got one of those Hi output Ozone generators. Great tool to have when I live in a tropical wetland that grows a lot of mold and mildew everywhere! Thanks for that.

    • No problem, brother – I am using a few of those small kits from Chinese electronic sources. And, as a precaution, not only am I bleaching them, but also leaving them open in the airflow from the OH Ozone machine for a day or two in order to speed along oxidation rates.
      On a different topic, a small audio oscillator may be all that’s needed to pulse your light crown at 40- Hz – use the audio to trip the gate on a series fet…Don’t know how that end of your research is doing.

      • Good points. I like the idea of getting electronic kits and components from China at the best price(if they ever arrive). I bought my first high power O3 generator as a working unit from a source that had already imported it, since the priority was to have a working unit. With a bit of effort, one can be made from local materials and sources – even from scrap. I can see value even without the virus scare since I can use it to freshen a house or unused/unheated spaces and discouraging mold.

        Regarding a light/speed crown: I like the idea of triggering LED’s generally at 40hz rather than 60hz(or 120hz depending on the driver). Of course, 120hz is a multiple of 40hz so it may not be all that bad. For a light crown though – I definitely like the idea of going with the fundamental. The circuitry is straightforward with many approaches, but even simple things take time – especially with having to order everything online.

      • Yes, I have a small (chinese kit) function generator that I use in Square wave mode to drive the gate on the LED driver circuit I showed you for the light crown. I don’t have alzheimers, so when I experimented with 40hz it was a bit disturbing for me. “Flickering” I felt like I was going to have a seizure so I didn’t pursue that particular frequency. Need to consult with my EEG guru what other brainwave frequencies might be desirable to tune in.

        • That sounds like the KK Mon $19.96 kit of the Zon.
          Could you resend me that email? I misplaced it somewhere in the 500+ emails I get a day.

          Meantime, on the 40 Hz light, I suspect the “method of action” of the 40 Hz may be a result of one of the multipliers of the 40 Hz frequency.

          In other words, if a virus (associated with Alzheimer’s, such as Herpes Simplex) has a resonance at 400 Hz which would destroy the cell, then a 40-hz 10th harmonic would do the trick, except for the “maximum flicker speed” of NIR/660/700 nm LEDs…

          If you find anything related to the maximum flicker speed, or virus resonance frequencies of coronavirus and HJSV’s that would be damn interesting toi share on the PN side.

  8. well George looks like its time to censor the ex great gold bull .. no bad language just look after the good old ussa .. anyway ill keep trying .. but the club in ussa is strong .. say hello to all of em mate

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