Bordering on Thoughtless, Durable Goods

I happened to catch a “news commentary” on WOAI out of San Antonio Monday and I was shocked at how the border crisis is being morphed into a “mush-headed economic marvel.”

The station news director’s commentary pointed out that if president Trump indeed closes the border in order to deal with the unchecked, illegal immigration, it could cause huge economic damage in the San Antonio area.

No question, he’s right.  What’s more, the numbers being bandied-about – like $50-billion in damage/loss of business – could be a major economic hit at a time when wee don’t need it.

Couple the commentary with reports like CNN’s “Trump seems inclined to close border despite potential chaos…” or USA Today’s “Trump border closing? Republicans, Chamber of Commerce question …” and an economically rational behaviorist  might be inclined to agree.

However, here’s a different way of looking at this battle royale of political ideologies and it contains a key lesson in how globalists are trying to “take-down” American sovereignty (oh, and exceptionalism, too).  And I suspect the Left is crying “Economics!” on border issues is based on what?

Consider the sources cited.  We know how and where this latest “left hook” is coming from.

The way it works is simple aikido. Unbalance your opponents. With apologies to master Morihei Ueshiba, the trick of the left is now to take the bleeding-hearts and the middle-of-the-roaders and explain that if a policy is bad for the economy, it therefore must be bad policy.

Plus, making republicans think it’s their idea, when it’s really an economic  proposition, OMG how slick is that?  We’re awe-struck at the crooked-craftiness of it all.

Therefore, if the new-gen of wanton socialists are to succeed, they cannot be honestly critical of capitalism  (like grandpa Bernie, they lie about socialism & capitalism being able to peacefully co-exist), they are instead now selectively embracing Money Over All in order to tear down the Mexico border and replace it with “Son of Border 21” – an idea which has been pressed by the New Democrat Network and is marketed as their “21st Century Border Initiative.”  (Politics is all about selling something…especially bad ideas…)

In essence, the liberalistas of the left believe that something like a European Schengen Area might work if it were to include North America and be rolled out with Mexico.  The Great leftist dream of a North American Union is far from dead.  It’s actively in play..

In case you don’t know how Schengen works, the high-level may be found on Wikipedia:

“The Schengen Area  is an area comprising 26 European states that have officially abolished all passport and all other types of border control at their mutual borders. The area mostly functions as a single jurisdiction for international travel purposes, with a common visa policy. The area is named after the 1985 Schengen Agreement.”

Sadly, the diminution of national borders has been a boon to the Muslim invasion from Africa and the Middle East.  Which is why after losing the Battle of Tours, the Second Muslim invasion of Europe has been pulled-off with little organized opposition.  Not current on the Battle of Tours?  Wiki it and you’ll find:

“The Battle of Tours (10 October 732) – also called the Battle of Poitiers and, by Arab sources, the Battle of the Highway of the Martyrs marked the victory of the Frankish and Burgundian forces under Charles Martel over the invasion forces of the Umayyad Caliphate led by Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, Governor-General of al-Andalus. It was fought in an area between the cities of Poitiers and Tours, in the Aquitaine of west-central France, near the village of Moussais-la-Bataille, about 20 kilometres (12 mi) northeast of Poitiers. The location of the battle was close to the border between the Frankish realm and the then-independent Duchy of Aquitaine under Odo the Great. “

And yes, the French/Franks turned back the invasion:

“The Franks were victorious. Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi was killed, and Charles subsequently extended his authority in the south. Details of the battle, including its exact location and the number of combatants, cannot be determined from accounts that have survived. Notably, the Frankish troops won the battle without cavalry.”

My point is not to be critical of the Muslim take-over of Europe which is now well-ensconced, which will, within 50-60 years, result in a majority Muslim Europe, just as the seeds of Islam are sprouting nicely in unlikely places around America.

From the analytical side, in many ways, the Muslim theocratic model is a more resource-adaptive than pure capitalism for reasons we will get into in an upcoming report.  Long-term interest bubbles always get their “mark-to-market” whether it’s the South Sea Bubble, the Long Depression, the Great Depression, or whatever comes next.

For this morning, however, the main ideas to be linking-up in your thinking on the border collapse are:

  • Borders are military, political and economic boundaries.
  • The new strategy of the Left is to embrace economics to argure for open borders.  Fear of loss…
  • The “American Middle” has no clue as to the either the historic importance of borders (though the Franks obviously did).  Thanks, Common Core.  Let’s “respect one-another” right into slavery, shall we, infidel?  All part of the plan.
  • Nor does the Dumb America see how the Schengen passport-free area has not only enabled the rise of a modern technical socialist hybrid in Europe, but also…
  • The Schengen area ensured that once breached at a few critical southern points by invaders, just are Greece, Italy, Turkey, and so forth, the Gen2 invasion of Islam into Europe would be unchecked.
  • The Left won’t call anyone an invader, though.  They are “immigrants.”  You bet’cha.  All designed to make your heart bleed, Frankly speaking.

As a result, the Trump administration has a mother-giant problem that the Left has already seized the high ground on – they are stealing the economic angle in order to advance the already articulated 10-year liberal democrat ideal enshrined in the NDN border proposal.

Analysis any further is really more a Peoplenomics topic, because “Adaptive Capitalism” (an economic model of free-market capitalism that doesn’t implode into periodic longwave economic depressions) hasn’t been built, yet.  On the other hand, the Schengen model has failed and the corporate socialists have seize the EU which will find some way to profit shortly from the coming implosion of Turkey where the lira is going down the tubes as we speak.  See “Turkish Assets Seen in Limbo as Erdogan Loses Key Cities in Vote” for details if you need ’em.

This morning’s bottle line:

Our view is that the American Public has been educated in such a manner that we will not longer be able to properly formulate even a simple national policy agreement to the Main Question Globally, which is the new model of war and international conquest:

“Do you want to live in a country subject to foreign invasion and domination?  Or, is the short-term benefit of some additional revenue sufficient compensation for the longer term loss of rights and freedoms to opposing systems?

I think the NDN, the AOC’s, and the Schiffies have already answered the question on your behalf.  Because, tragically, at its core, the Democrat Party is anything BUT  democratic.

Enjoy the distractions, denials, and obfuscations to come.  Freedom, as we have experienced it so far, is an antiquated notion (along with privacy and state-control) and the Mexico border is just another mid-game move on the path to globalist control.

Have a nice day.  (Please:  Send this to everyone you know, especially your dumb friends who can’t frame the critical question for themselves without coaching.. or, get this on Mr. Snerdley’s reading list…)

(PS, there is a non-conflict answer to the problem, but we’ll save that for  PN subscribers.  And while we’re at it, any side bets on how my “organic search” traffic will drop now?  Search engines are key set-pieces in the battle…)

Durable Goods

How good, how durable?

New Orders  New orders for manufactured durable goods in February decreased $4.2 billion or 1.6 percent to $250.6  billion, the U.S. Census Bureau announced today.  This decrease, down following three consecutive  monthly increases, followed a 0.1 percent January increase.  Excluding transportation, new orders  increased 0.1 percent.  Excluding defense, new orders decreased 1.9 percent.  Transportation equipment,  also down following three consecutive monthly increases, drove the decrease, $4.3 billion or 4.8 percent  to $86.0 billion.

Shipments  Shipments of manufactured durable goods in February, up three of the last four months, increased $0.5  billion or 0.2 percent to $258.6 billion.  This followed a 0.4 percent January decrease.  Computers and  electronic products, up four of the last five months, led the increase, $0.3 billion or 1.1 percent to $28.0  billion.

And for the reading impaired it looks like this:

One of the best skills I ever picked up was learning how to “chart numbers in my head” because sometimes even Excel is too slow.  To make it into the C-level, you need mental agility, visualization skills, and a finely honed ability to lie…but  only for good, of course, lol.

In the Shorts

The US department of one-liners is now open:

Bitcoin’s Value Suddenly Surged, But Nobody’s Really Sure Why.  $4,804 this morning, but a whiff of the ammonia ampule, please.  This kind of move happens in penny stocks every day, depending on stock.  GAFG.

When liberals embrace Sharia Law, ask ’em to explain how this story is a good thing:  Brunei’s crackdown on homosexuality: Why Kingdom is implementing draconian Sharia law.

We weren’t sure what Green meant in this story: “Why some green investors are passing on Uber and Lyft” – so Green as in newbies or Green as in AOC stealing Canadian environmental bullet-points?

The ultimate “Hot Car” deal? Feds open probe into reported Hyundai and Kia fire risk that could affect 3 million cars.

We got to wondering, on learning that NYPD investigating sexual assault claims against magician David Blaine whether he and Joe Biden could work on making their problems “disappear?”

Yesterday’s Dow spike of 329 points was hard on Ure’s bottom line since our read on the future of the economy is more in line with “Trade slowed in fourth-quarter, WTO says; auto tariffs, Brexit are 2019 risks” than the bubble machine.  After durable s,, markets rallied to flat to up a bit. Which, in our Global Aggregate work approximates to World shares perch near six-month high, oil chases $70 a barrel.

More tomorrow – on the Peoplenomics side, a interesting discussion of Nostradamus for subscribers.  Head to G.A. Stewart’s Age of Desolation site here and read this article as required reading beforehand.  On the free side,some pointers on “Personal Habits” as part of your prepping and life success plans…

Moron the ‘morrow, then…

39 thoughts on “Bordering on Thoughtless, Durable Goods”

  1. Bitcoin: The bottom may be in and a bull market starting. Millenials think of bitcoin as the new gold. They would rather buy bitcoin than gold, & there are 93 million Millenials in America alone. With interest rates steady & low, a finite supply (21 million), & an increasing # of millenial buyers globally, equals an increase in Bitcoin price. There are 21 million bitcoin available, 17.5 million have been mined, so only 3.5 million are available & @ 1,800 are being mined a day. At some point when the supply of cheap bitcoin is sucked upped, then when the demand comes in, prices will skyrocket.

    This would apply to Bitcoin only. I haven’t researched the others.

    I will miss the bull market because bitcoin makes me nervous, sort of like Tesla. I like the stock but Elon Musk makes me nervous.

  2. George you know both parties love the open border policy,after all the republicans have always been the party of big business,and of course the orange clown with his endless b.s. and lies keeps pretending that he really reallywants to do something as the labor market is flood with the endless horde from south of the border,then top it off with the closing of the Lordstown plant in Ohio, the closings of plants in Michigan dumping thousand of workers onto the street.Now if he really wanted to do something he could fine the people employing them, slap tariffs on those running to Mexico and China instead of whining that its all someone elses fault, seeing he has a republican congress to go along with the powers of the office he holds,which tells me its nothing but a dog and pony show,with the American people being the looser’s.!!!

    • The border is not really open. It’s an open gate for anyone SOB, and they seem to have a right of return, but God forbid a normal American try to get unimpeded access to Mexico!

      Yes, we can go there with passport in hand, subject to normal border controls, but if we just walk south or drive over the desert, we’ll be felons in their realm. This is simply not acceptable. If Mexico was simply an American territory with a hard border at its south, the arrangement could work. Without that hard border somewhere, we invite the worst of the worst. Rumor has it that nations to the south are emptying their jails and sending their felons north to save their money and effort. I have no idea if it’s true, but it’s a good way to soften up our nation for anyone that wishes to take over. If this continues, there will be no way to control anything short of a hot war on these largely unarmed civilians. I’m sure that’s the intention.

      I’ll be awaiting tomorrow’s report. It sounds very interesting.

      • You do know you are preaching equality and “do unto others” of course?
        What do you say we start a gang and bring drugs into Mexico? Did China beat us to it?

    • You all know, that most of the heroin, is coming through Canada, right? Like 80% of it, comes through Canada. From Afghanistan to China, then from China to Canada and into the US.

      Sure back in the 80’s and 90’s with the Columbian cartels all the coke used to come through mexico and weed. But states where its legal are growing weed hundreds of times stronger than Mexican dirt weed.

      And MS13 guys run meth, nit coke much anymore. Its way more addictive and way cheeper to make.

      Sure its double the price for heroin in Washington state than San Diego where its $40 a gram. But the stuff thats in San Diego is super super cut by the time it gets there.

      Thats the word on the street. Lol

  3. Good-God-Almighty! The Battle of Tours! Since you are bringing up history – the next major act in European events was Charlemagne taking over Everything in the North (current Germany and France), crowning himself Holy Roman Emperor (second Reich) and more importantly to this discussion, crushing and dominating all the peoples in the region (including anyone who wasn’t Christian – Germanic and Celtic – forced at pain of death to become ‘saved’.)

    Remember the victors write the history!

  4. Have we forgot in 1803, The Bashaw of Tripoli and his sailors captured the USS Philadelphia and renamed her “Gift of Allah”?

    “That it is founded on the Laws of their Prophet. That it is written in their Koran. That all nations who should not have acknowledged theit authority wete sinners. That it is their right and duty to make war upon them where ever they could be found and to make slaves of all they could take as prosnoners. And that every Musselman who should he slain in battle are sure to go to Paradise” ~Thomas Jefferson’s testimony to the Continental Congress explaining ghe justification given to him by the Barbary Ambassador to England 1786

    • Nah dog, i aint that book smart. Dont have to be, yo.

      Just have to be attentive to my environment. :)

      And so begnins my “Good luck” journey.

      Just like i found/saw a paperclip laying in the ground at the Basketball court on sunday, so i picked it up and put it in my pocket, went on to play basketball. Which i havent done in years, super super fun! Then a couple hours later my daughter got a piece of rice stuck in her charger port on her phone. So i pulled the paper clip out and whalah, worked like a champ.

      I just happen to stumble upon Clive Cusslers book Corsair yesterday and George popped into my brain, when i picked it up. Lol

      Not sure where it came from. It was just in a box of crap i was moving to storage. Lol

      Also saw a fingernail on the ground yesterday and i thought that is a weird place to find a fingernail clipping? About 2 hours later i went to go put my socks on after i took a shower and i stopped and thought best check my nails, sure enough i had a partial broken to tail that would have caught on my sock and hurt like a b!itch, so i clipped it off and slid my sock on just right.

      I like this “Good luck” bucket much much better. Ha ha ha.

  5. Great article this morning thanks Me 67 has seen this border thing with no plan Say one thing do another politically crap. Just like we have a budget line of sh() Time to be responsible Close the. Border

  6. Hey G, did you know that Black water security symbol is a bear foot print? I didnt know that till yesterday. May have something to do with all them refrences i been seeing about a wicked bear attack?? Hmmmmm.

  7. What a perfect time to be a criminal.. There is no way 12 people could agree to convict anyone.

  8. WHY THE STOCK MARKET WILL GO UP IN 2019. Recession fears are over, US economy grew at 2.2%, interest rates are low & mortgage rates are back down to 4% from 5% (should be good for Mark in SF). FANG type stocks will again be the winners in this market upturn. Apple although is not one of them. Apple is not fulfilling its devoted fans obsession for new tech & the change over to services is looking weak. Amen.

  9. George

    While purusing the news yesterday I came across a photo of a “migrant” caravan. It showed a very large mass of people following a fellow who was holding a large blue and white flag as if he where leading this mass of ragtags.

    Do not armies march behind someone who is holding their national flag?

    I submit that this caravan is in fact an army under camoflague of being migrants.

    With this simple fact our President has the authority and duty to call out our military to stop this invasion.

    It’s no longer a police action at the boarder, it’s WAR!

    But then again I’m only a simple fellow who barely understood calculus and differential equations.

    • I totally agreed with everything.. Mike.. the leaders of ISIS actually came out and said they were going to send in soldiers posing as refugee’s..

      “”the legitimacy of deception with respect to non-Muslims is the following account. A poet, Kab bin al-Ashruf, had offended Muhammad by making derogatory verse about Muslim women. Muhammad exclaimed in front of his followers: “Who will kill this man who has hurt Allah and his prophet?”

      A young Muslim named Muhammad bin Maslama volunteered, but with the caveat that, in order to get close enough to Kab to assassinate him, he be allowed to lie to the poet. Muhammad agreed.

      Maslama traveled to Kab and began denigrating Islam and Muhammad, carrying on this way till his disaffection became convincing enough for Kab to take him into his confidences. Soon thereafter, Maslama appeared with another Muslim and, while Kab’s guard was down, they assaulted and killed him. They ran to Muhammad with Kab’s head, to which the latter cried: “Allahu akbar” or “God is great” (see the hadith accounts of Sahih Bukhari and Ibn Sad).

      The entire sequence of Quranic revelations are a testimony to taqiyya and, since Allah is believed to be the revealer of these verses, he ultimately is seen as the perpetrator of deceit. This is not surprising since Allah himself is often described in the Quran as the “best deceiver” or “schemer.” (see 3:54, 8:30, 10:21). This phenomenon revolves around the fact that the Quran contains both peaceful and tolerant verses, as well as violent and intolerant ones.””

      all anyone has to do is look and see what has happened in other countries that have opened their borders..

  10. George, the Russian invasion of the US is a far bigger problem than brown people seeking jobs and peace. Was ultimately the difference in Trump’s razor thin victory. Obviously Trump needs continued foreign felonies and other cheating in order to have any hope of re-election.

    Which, BTW, immigration could be solved via the addition of far harsher penalties on employers hiring illegals and significantly more immigration judges. Not see the Republicans lifting a finger to actually fix anything. I explained all this to you long ago.

    But then who would maintain Trump’s golf courses and hotels at cut rate wages? Ditto the rest of Republican businesses. Do not forget that the murderer of beautiful Mollie Tibbets worked illegally at a Republican’s dairy farm for 3 years.

    Obviously the Mueller report (400+ pages) implicates Trump. Otherwise we wouldn’t need Barr, another career Republican, to do the explaining — and hiding. Rather it would have been released in a N.Y. minute. But you have to take your hat off to Trump and the rest of the Republicans — the grand masters of propaganda. Best, Mike.

    • I will remind you of your bleeding heart outpouring when la revolucion absconds with your home, lol. Socialists are all leeches at heart singing sweet songs to the stupid.

      • George.
        Since you resort to name calling, the true leeches are the Conservatives that just looted the Treasury of another $2 trillion dollars, overwhelmingly for rich guys.
        You complain incessantly about the lost value of the dollar.
        Where were you? Best, Mike.

      • George, need I remind you of who just leeched the Treasury out of $2 trillion overwhelmingly for rich guys? Paid for by adding 10% to the national debt. So much for the value of the US dollar that you are always complaining about. Where were you? Best, Mike.

      • Mike, inflating the currency to help the Allies win WWII is forgivable. Perhaps even the unconstitutional programs of FDR in the depths of the Great Depression. Creating the Great Society and all the subsequent welfare schemes that have destroyed our country’s social structure and currency is what isn’t. Politicians, largely Democrats, create these handout programs and the net results usually aren’t apparent until they’re out of office or dead. That cushion of time is all but gone now as things are falling apart faster and faster. Buying people off with largess, at first, funny money in the end, from the Treasury gives us all the problems we have today. They’ve sucked the soul out of America just as they’ve sucked the value out of our dollar.

      • So, Mike, who was it, leeched (as you put it) nearly $13tln from the treasury? Here’s a hint: It’d be the Prez between W and Trump.

    • Mike

      Did you know that the letters and numbers on the back of traffic signs are secret instructions for the Russian army when they invade.

      Your lack of knowledge about the presidency is breath taking.

      IMHO Lyndon Johnson makes DJT look like a fine upstanding citizen.

      Follow Eric Hoffer’s example and go a public library, read, be informed.

      • LOL.. they got hold of one of our drivers manuals.. LOL… dam them..
        your probably referring to operation Barbarossa.

        The federal Interstate highway numbering system is a grid overlaying the nation that uses a system similar to what the US highways used prior to the Interstates, except it is flip-flopped.

        in the event you are ever lost or confused about where you are.. no satellite no gps but you have a map.. you can pin point exactly where you are if you have a road with a road sign next to you..
        If.. and I mean IF.. Russia or China decided to invade.. more than likely they would soften up america first.. let nature do the killing..
        an EMP grid down.. a devastating earthquake.. all likely targets.. the best way to take america is just let our legislators do the job through stupidity and greed ..
        First we prep for invasion.. constantly invading someone else’s home lands.. so that a few precious people can get more in the quest for more..
        Where just about every other major country preps for the survival of their people the USA preps for the survival of a very few chosen people.. let everyone fend for themselves motto.. no one is thinking about my future if a SHTF scenario hits.. they will run to the nearest bunker and hide..
        its even mentioned in the bible..
        Not for sure but my guess is the best way is to take it without a fight.. as an example from recent history.. lets take the ukraine.. They asked for Putin to get russia to help them.. he of course would like to have that port.. so the way I understand it from what I have read and heard is he goes in and helps the people to try and protect them.. the people there see Putin as the savior and the UN as the evil invading forces.
        Do the same here.. let a horrific earthquake destroy .. or some other natural catastrophic event.the people would die off via environmental reasons.. the US hasn’t prepped for taking care of its population.. the chosen ones of course will go deep into their bunkers..
        then after a while.. come in as the saviors.. bring food water security to those left standing.. they have control not one bullet fired.. where today we have militarized our police forces our cities look like bomb torn cities from other wars deep in violence.. stories of those protecting shooting those that should be protected.. open corruption.. Nope Russia isn’t going to march down the street.. if they are they will be bringing crates of food and water..
        all by letting the greedy bunch have their way.. I forget where I read it now.. but I had read an article once that was saying just how much money is spent by other countries and by drug cartel’s to influence out political system to get the laws in place that they want.. its all about money..

  11. G – how about a O’Rourke/Harris ticket in 2020 ? Gay “cat” of a man as POTUS with a gay First Ladyman, sounds vaguely familiar, no? Open borders, MMT, Free Healthcare for ALL – man does sound awesome!
    Slo Joe looks like he might finally be outed as one of the creepiest Pervs to ever disgrace the Senate, and office of VP. There is very good reasons why Interns were always advised to NEVER get on an elevator the “Creeper”
    I wonder when we can expect to see Clapper and Brennan wearing orange jumpsuits, who is higher up than those two “rockstars” that would order such operational behavior – recorded testimony..hmmm no deep state here.
    The Bandicoot would take profits here at $4800-5000 level in BTC – bulltrap territory. Take those profits and ride the S&P higher..
    BOHICA – Uncle Sam gets his tribute this month,or gets it in installments – dammit!

    • Slo Joe is a creep? How many sexual harassment lawsuits is Trump dealing with right now? How many porn stars has he been with? How many wives did he cheat on? Slo Joe is a saint compared to Dumb Don. And Beto O’Rourke isn’t gay…You are thinking of Pete Buttigieg, who is extremely charismatic and may be the smartest guy in politics right now. I have listened to him and he seems to be more moderate than most…Kamala Harris, O’Rourke and Buttigieg would kick Trumps butt in a debate…so, be careful what you wish for.

      • Mark…. wanna have some fun… LOL…
        the next time you sit across from someone a co worker or a friend.. ( someone that won’t smack the snot out of you ) keep the conversation light keep it going.. but all the while as you eat.. shuffle stuff around the table.. the salt.. the pepper.. just casually and without drawing attention to you doing it move it a few microns closer to the other person.. LOL LOL the water glass.. just when you set it down.. set it a half inch closer.. the plates etc.. it won’t take long before you see then start getting fidgety and irritable… more than likely they won’t say a word.. but they are definately uncomfortable..
        Now take Saint Joe.. do what he does.. when you go see your secretary.. lean over and sniff her hair LOL LOL LOL or pat her shoulder rub her back..
        that is Creepy.. the ladies Dapper Don had sex with well they had sex back with him.. and it was because they wanted to whether or not it was just to sleep with someone of his magnitude or for money or hopefully to become the next Mrs. Trump.. it was mutual sexual gratification.. and I personally don’t care who has sex with who.
        From experience.. Those truly being abused.. don’t complain.. they suffer in silence.. the guy that I helped that delivered his own kids.. he was so scared and the mental image was so horrific that he failed.. that when I helped him get the help he needed they thought I was applying LOL LOL LOL LOL…
        the two little girls that would stop by .. play with the kids.. eat take naps.. they didn’t know any better.. that was just how life is and they didn’t deserve anything more..

  12. My understanding is the “open border” also allows American staff to get lower cost dental/medical work and pharmaceuticals by going to Mexican staff.

    If the border does close, use google maps and scout out publicly traded medical clinics that have locations along the border. Go long Medical Clinic stocks.


    • Steve: Never play hunches that pop in your mind or a friend gives you. Could be a good idea, could not, mostly not. Who knows, & lots of money has to flow into the stocks to make them go up & I doubt clinics on the border will attract the needed money. Also, what happens on the border is a wild card.

      Invest in stocks that are in demand like semiconductor stocks in blockchain, AI, internet of things. Money is flowing into these stocks.

      Also, China/US relations are in good shape. Yum China YUMC is at $45. It is a leading indicator.

  13. The most valuable of commodities to the NWO peeps is a substance far,far more powerful than LSD or Schrooms.It is derived from human Adrenal Glands, and it comes across the southern border in very raw form. See Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas with Johnny Depp to get a idea how potent this stuff is, and how to maximize yield when extracting.. These people are very SICK.

    Andy U seeing a single bear attack or multiple BEAR attacks?
    Blackwater/XE whatever they are called have been doing ALL sorts of work on Govt. contracts lately
    – hell they assisted MBS extract tribute payments from House of SAUD rivals last year inside the grand hotel NOTELL.
    I got to see a class rival (BUDS class) get whacked hard in Iraq working for E. Prince. They dragged his dead body thru streets, before hanging it up on bridge and burning – talk about going out in a BLAZE!
    Now that ChiCom troops have arrived in Venezuala to join Russian anti aircraft units and Spetsnazties – time should be right for lighting off the replacement War to Syria/Trashganistan.

  14. Justin Trudough(sic) took a vaca from his legal kerfuffle to blast Mr. Trump on his hardline border stance. Among other tidbits, Pierre the Never (as bad as his dad was, Justin apparently has dedicated himself to trying to outdo the old man) has rechristened the term “undocumented” into “irregular,” ordering Canadian BP to refer to illegal aliens as “irregular immigrants.”

    He has handed Trump the solution to the Southern invasion.

    USBP, ICE, INS, etc, don’t even have to mess with the influx any more. We just bus them into Canada and let Justin handle it. Perhaps after a few weeks of Kaopectate cocktails, he’d grow up, shut his face, and start worrying about keeping his behind out of an RCMP gulag…

  15. Biden has the best chance of beating Trump in the election, but has little chance of winning the primary, because only hard core leftists vote in Democratic primaries. None of the corporate brown shirt leftists is going to pay for air time to spread a message that the only way to avoid a choice between Trump and a single-party leftist psychopath is to get out and vote in the primary. This makes a Trump rerun much better than even odds. As for Biden’s character, or lack thereof, if he was normal, he wouldn’t be fronting for partisan a political gang, same as Trump.
    On the southern border, that situation is being exploited by all partisan political gangs, religous gangs, and all the privateer gangs as well, both domestic and international. Shutting down the entire southern border for a year would send all manner of gold diggers looking for another situation to exploit, somewhere else. But otherwise, the overall net economic impact of a short term border closure for American citizens is likely to be very limited. The greatest damage will be to the gangs.
    If you really want to do something of lasting economic value for American citizenry, then shut off the flow of visas for professional corporate scabs coming from all corners of the globe, and save the American middle class. I repeat, cauterize the corporate scabs, and save the American middle class. The single-party leftists seek to destroy the American middle class with the help of their corporate brown shirt sponsors and their diversified international scabs. Hungry, underemployed, and angry American citizens make good comrade converts to the revitalized left.
    I will state for the record that I am not a Union man, but having American jobs handed out to international workers like leftist candy is just !!*.$!! unacceptable. That includes professional jobs as well as craft and semi-skilled labor.

  16. Ok, i gotta get for REALZ, but this is too good to not share.

    So i ran into this lady i dated for a min. She got a blood transfusion when she was 6 years old fdom a car accident back in the 70’s and caught a virus from it. Long story short, it stayed dormant until last year then all the sudden became active and basically swiss cheesed he heart. So she ended up getting a mechanical heart installed a the UW hospital. Mechanical hearts are only good for 5 years but it buys her tome until she can get a transplant.

    Anyway, i ended up giving her and her girlfriend a ride down to the UW so she could check in with the doctor. We cranked up some old tunes from the 70’s and had fun and sang all the way there. She ended up having to stay the night.

    While we were in the elevator heading out so her girlfriend and i could have a smoke and grab some of her stuff out of the car. Like 4 handi capped dudes got on the elevator. One of the Handi cap dudes looks at me and says, Hi God, how ya been? I said what? Smiled and said excuse me, did you call me God? He said yep, because that is who you are. I chuckled and said thanks! I am not God. Then the other handi capped dudes said ohhhhh yes you are! I looked at the girls they started laughing and said He is! He is! One of the handi cap dudes looks at my friend and said ohhh woman, you have no idea. He is kust playing possum. I know God when i see Him. I said, thanks man. We have never met before im sure. He says, uhmm yeah we have! I saw you when i died back in 2000. Im 100% sure it was you. Same smile. The other dudes start chiming in and saying the same thing. I chuckled and smiled. we go to get off the elevator and they each all say Hey God, Have a great day. I said thanks you too! Then one of them says, Hey God? I said yeah boys? They said next time i would like it if ya send me back here and ya set me up with some super hot girls and a bigger package. We all started laughing and i said, ill see what i can do. He says thanks God. The others say yeah! I want a bigger package too! And the girls all bust out laughing.

    So it doesnt end there. We get out to smoke and some black dude comes up to me and starts chewing my ass. I said what are you talking about? He said dont play dumb God! Your God! I died 4 years ago and i saw you! I told you i didnt want to come back and you sent me back. I said i think you have me confused with someone else. He said I saw you when i died. I talked to you! I said well, we each have a part to play. Do you your part. He then says, Next time you send me back??? Can i go to a desert island with some hot chick? I said, sure if thats what ya want. He says thanks God! Then fist bumps me and walks off.

    So, now both girls are calling me God and laughing like crazy. The whole way back to drop my friends gielfriend off she is asking me questions like a little kid. Then she try’s like hell to make out with me. ha ha ha

    People are crazy! Ha ha ha

    Ok, have a great week. All the best! I have books to read. ;)

    • I Do NOT think im God. Ha ha ha.

      I found this book from 1803 Called Joseph in Egypt, its super super cool. Its a translation from german book written i. The late 1600’s. Talks about the Egpytian Aristocracy and The Gods when they actually dwelled among the people. Traditions and rituals performed in the temples and rites and all that. Super in depth look at the life of Potifers wife and how she was an extremely High class woman and all this stuff about how the material form is created from the moon and all this crazy stuff. It says the Gods clothed themsleves in woven air to be among us, as eas their custom. Woven air? Weird! And yet cool. And the Daughters of Wese! And how their fingenails and toe nailes were like porcelain and they used this special paint to dye their eyes and pupils to shine like brillian gem stones.

      Anyway, see ya all around.

  17. While we at it can we get the records of all the pollies that used the rape protection plan. Paid for by America to pay for senuts and conuts for their in priorities. Voted by same Wtf

  18. Ok, just had a conversation with a friend who has familial ties to people in Del Rio. He said that, up until now, they had no real feeling of fear for their safety regarding all the “refugees” being released around there until one family member who lives just outside of town walked in on two Hondurans ransacking his house. One was captured, the other escaped. I think they’re changing their minds on the border situation.

    My friend also said that they’re busing people from the border to cities North and just letting them go. I’ve heard of this going on back in the 2000s but he said San Antonio, alone, has had fifty one THOUSAND (I printed it out to let you know there’s no typo there) people released within its city limits and more are coming every day. Boarder Patrol buses bring them North and many have already been released in our city now. New Mexico is shutting down its 20 or 30 mile checkpoints North of their Southern border because they’re pulling the BP officers off to the border cities’ points of entry.

    Ol’ Chuck Norris made a movie ‘way back when named “Invasion U.S.A.” I don’t follow him but I wonder if he’s thinking about it again? Sooner or later we’ll be like the land owners in South Africa that were toting full auto weapons as a matter of course when out and about on their places. The Democrats are counting on all these “newbies” to start voting because all they have to vote FOR are insane characters like AOC, Creepy Joe and Beto who don’t mind killing babies out of the womb along with every other policy that totally violates every Christian social contract that has held us together since our Revolution.

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