Book Preview: "The Mad Scientist’s Notebook"

Oh no!  George has roughed out another book idea. And subscribers will vote the project up or down.  I hope it will be a harder choice than the choice in the fall election.

Before that, a bit of pre-holiday news to go over and the market charts, of course as well.,..

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44 thoughts on “Book Preview: "The Mad Scientist’s Notebook"”

  1. well another one bites the dust .. rick ackerman .. used to like the bloke .. now its free money and born in the USSA all the way to 30000 . well the only bloke left is George .. I think he is tempted by the big bucks of patriot blogging and dow moonstuff .. but I still respect his mind .. the rest pack em up and send em to CNBCCUSSA

  2. George,
    After reading your future chapters, I have always thought that we hand down snippets of our memories to our own offspring. So, when you hear about people accessing past lives, is it the memories of past generations?

    Yesterday, I wrote about the instincts that dogs have handed down to them. Without training, a lab will retrieve, a border collie will herd etc. What are instincts? Are they memories of our relatives? Or are they our relatives consciousnesses that still reside in us? My son has the same mannerisms as me. Would he have had those same mannerisms if he had been separated at birth from me? Is that where our souls go when we pass? Are they divided up and passed down to future generations? Do large families have stronger ties to their ancestors past life experiences? Do small families feel detached and does that string of memories die or get weakened when one couple decides not to bear children?

    On Trumps Pandemic…Listen, CNN has been my TV choice because they are telling the truth about masks, distancing, and preach it everyday with Dr Sanjay Gupta and frequent appearances from Dr. Fauci. They get the rap of politicizing when Trump Says something off the rails in contradiction of the science. And, they call Trump out on it. And, he does that often. He doesn’t wear a mask in public. He lies about the stats. Says everything is “perfect”.

    So, let me ask you this…Is it politicizing to condemn him when he wants to hold a rally in Tulsa, pounds his chest that a million are coming…prepares for those million people with overflow crowds venues…and doesn’t put the proper rules in place to require PPE?

    On June 9th in Tulsa, when Trumps event people came to Tulsa to prepare for the rally cases identified on that days in Tulsa were 158…these are daily numbers, not an accumulation…a week later on June 17th, they were 259…On the day of the rally, the numbers of cases rose to 331 and yesterday there were 585 cases…That’s 3.7 times more cases per day than pre- rally prep. . People outside of Tulsa on the Trump campaign trail descended upon Tulsa. Of those campaign staff, 9 were diagnosed with the Coronavirus…Tulsa numbers spiked thereafter…Who is held accountable for that?

    You can’t blame the media for calling this Trumps pandemic, when he himself won’t play by the rules you and I adhere to everyday.

    • No, no, no! You begin with brilliance and then take it to politics. My post was NOT ABOUT TRUMP.
      (Let me repeat that, in case you missed it ‘MY POINT WAS NOT ABOUT TRUMP!!!”
      It was about Morphing of a medical (and defense) situation into POLITICS. Systemic monetizations are ruining America!

      If you insist on holding Trump accountable for results in Tulsa, so we hold BLM accountable for a rise in cases everywhere there was a riot?

      I mean, the whole country has lost its mind, doesn’t understand equality of thought and action for shit…and you’re not – using simple extensibility – holding Antifa and BLM accountable while you do Trump.

      Selective equality?

      • I feel like I am talking to a brick wall! YOU miss the point. IT IS ABOUT TRUMP! IT WILL ALWAYS BE ABOUT TRUMP. 1,000,000%. And I won’t stop until I see it from your own written words. You are a brilliant man. I am originally from Missouri…Show Me! Act like it!

        When Trump doesn’t wear a mask, his idiot followers don’t either. They take without cue from him. Even though they didn’t wear masks…Thank goodness only 6,000 showed up at the rally… Can you imagine if 1,000,000 showed up without PPE? Trump is not leading the way, he is diverting the way!

        And yes, BLM protestors that weren’t eating masks? Shame on them. Although, I attended a few in San Mateo, Redwood City and San Francisco and EVERYONE was wearing a mask. Bad actors and opportunists that decided this would be a good time to loot? No, they are to blame as well. And believe me, they were shamed at those marches. Anyone not wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and being respectful of others is to blame.

        But the fish stinks from the head…Wouldn’t you think that we could hear a word of encouragement that masks are a good thing every once in a while from President Fish Head? We never will. He just wants to pack arenas and get back to spewing nonsense words

      • When anyone believes that there is only one party responsible for all that is wrong in the world, then it is time for that person to have a talk with a good therapist, or check in for a tune-up. Enough said.

      • I am reminded of Pappy Ure’s wise advice:

        You will find the size of a person is proportional to the smallest thing that irritates them.”

        Takes mighty big issues to offend might Big People.

      • Mark says
        “And yes, BLM protestors that weren’t eating masks? Shame on them. Although, I attended a few in San Mateo, Redwood City and San Francisco ”

        told ya markie is a traitor,,,BLM is a George Soros back anti American movement
        He is a Soros stooge to the bone, and is very worried about his future well being, knowing he is neck deep in it. mommies little commies, want to destroy our way of living, our country
        this is how sorass feels about America

      • Crimany, George! Are you so enamored with Mark-o’s business acumen that you will put up with his conceit this long? Hell, even I know when to quit b*tchin’ on your comments section about the money mongering snobs that mirror Mark’s point of view around my parts. When TSHTF around here I’ll be pointing the mobs straight to their McMansions to pilfer and pillage.

      • Mark,

        Where do you get off claiming that all Trump supporters “take without cue from him”? I know Trump supporters who wear masks and Trump supporters who don’t wear masks. In general, the Trumpsters I know don’t march in lockstep with ANYONE, unlike my many Democrat friends who are blindly following traitors over the cliff, just as you are so umbilically tied to TDS’ers that you’re incapable of forming an original political opinion.

    • The problem I have with the media, is no matter what Trump says it is bad or evil. The mainsteam media (CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc) has no authority any longer to say what is the truth. Yes Trump can be an idiot on some topics. His complete focus on the economy and the top 1% is a huge flaw. But we could agree on illegal immigration? I see NY wants to limit travel from some states, but they never want to limit illegal travel from other countries? Recall when Trump limited travel from China, many media outlets mocked him and said he was racist. Did they apologize? Do you think the democratic run cities should be letting the looters run wild? Do you really believe the US is systematically racist? These are all things the media, including CNN, MSNBC supports. Until they have some footing in reality that both sides can make good points, half the country will continue to ignore them. And yes I completely agree the US response to CV has been poor from community government up through national government. Part of that reason, is the US citizens just do not trust the government nor the media to provide us honest, data backed information. I was personally preparing because of the info from Peak Prosperity youtube presentations. His information was so much better then anything from our politicians. His opinions are based on data and logic. Even with Trump being an idiot and trying to stage rallies, look at all the people attending, they also should have also known better. Same with the mass protests/riots, we the people have to take on our share of this poor response, because we just don’t care.

      I cannot think of any leader on the political stage that could bring us together on even this one topic. I think we are fractured beyond repair as a common people pulling the country in a common direction. We are split between those desiring freedom from an onerous government and those desiring that same government solve all life ills.

    • COVID, and most pathogens will follow an exponential infection curve. “Flattening it” will only fractionally reduce that exponent and it will still have a hockey stick appearance. We’re at the bend of the hockey stick and can expect scary increases in numbers of cases(unless we don’t test, etc.). The good thing is that presently, the pathogenicity appears to be lessening, though the infectivity is increased over the original SARS-COV2. This is all in alignment to what a smart pathogen does – infect everyone and don’t kill the hosts.

      Unfortunately, every politician and pressure group is trying to use whatever they think they know for their own selfish ends. Where this goes eventually is anyone’s guess.

      IMHO, there will never be a safe and effective “vaccine” against this thing. We might be ready to develop one after we’ve successfully vaccinated against the common cold and had 40 years experience with it. I do worry about the 30 and 40 somethings that think there are no serious sequelae for them and say they want to get the disease so the can recover from it and be immune. I was actually told this by someone in my family! Full recovery in anyone is dicey, to say the least. This is a systemic disease and often includes random disseminated intravascular coagulation leading to unpredictable multiple organ failure, including stroke. It’s not to be trifled with. Getting it far down the road when it’s become relatively passivated from many generations through hosts is far preferable to getting it now.

      • “We’re at the bend of the hockey stick and can expect scary increases in numbers of cases(unless we don’t test, etc.). ”

        You are right MIKE..

        As a bottom feeder that similarly to a catfish that depends on the crumbs offered to them from above..
        Since it’s not covered because of the suspicion that it is man made. With an average number in a family considered to be three members.. and approximately 30 percent without insurance..testing will be the last thing that will happen..
        Clinic’s now refuse to see people if they are uninsured if they dont have the pocket money to pay up front. They are directed to the ER ( which the stupidity absolutely amazes me.. since those costs reflect on their costs lol)
        Until our hospital became self insured 76 percent of the employees weren’t even offered insurance. Even now because medical workers continually work short shift. (Ghost techs..I was on the daily schedule for five years after I left lol) medical facilities grown heavily on you missing a shift. Techs housekeepers cooks will go to work rather than loose a job.. even in non medical labor positions they frown on people calling in sick. ( I totally get that though. I use to run a department gave everyone a colored star place one on the wall calendar the days they would miss.. i could predict the days young kids ( young adults living without responsibility)would call in..)
        Many companies go by a point system allowing sixteen points .. people will go in sick passing it on.. making it a pyramid in progression.
        The answer is catch it quick and treat it. Because of those reasons it won’t happen


      I am curious.
      The country was already in dire shape before DJT got in office..
      The majority of the people wanted to see change. Someone anyone to actually do something anything..
      It was obvious that corruption in the bubble is rampant and almost every college has done a study and published reports on it..
      So my question is this..
      Where do you think the USA would be if the opposing candidate would have won?

    • @MARX

      this is…… in YOUR own Words YOUR trusted source of info..

      “On Trumps Pandemic…Listen, CNN has been my TV choice because they are telling the truth about masks, distancing, and preach it everyday with Dr Sanjay Gupta and frequent appearances from Dr. Fauci.”

      I REST MY CASE……

  3. I find reports from the mad scientist out in the woods to be inspiring as well as informative.

    At the semi-annual meeting with my financial advisor yesterday, as usual, I laid out my goals for the meeting. While we share much the same outlook it is necessary to outline our discussions first to make sure we cover everything in the time allowed.

    As we were finishing up he made the comment that he enjoyed our reviews as it was a lot like sitting on the front porch drinking PBR with Clint Eastwood while yelling at people to get off the lawn.

    Stay safe. 73

  4. G-Dog – U go old man – trippin the light fantastic!

    Think U might find Rudolph Steiner and school of Anthroposophy to be very Interesting/Educational and Enlightening.

    In the coots world – “we” caution against being too tranquil – after all should Ure level of tranquility reach a certain Degree, U may Dissolve Ureself like the Buddhist method..

    Must always pay attention to “RETURN”; should move when Transforming and stress movement while doing tranquil Sitting.

    Or better yet – consider the Theory of “refining the spiritual energy and returning to the void”

    How do U return to the void? What is Void? is when Spiritual Energy dissolves throughout Ure whole body and Ure whole body Starts to change.

    This does not mean U will no longer exist. Books Journey to the West and Conferring the Spirit contain the art and technique of Qigong.

    Some peeps say the stories are not real – I at least consider them references.

    coot needs/needed a teacher to help guide the path, of which there are many..U do not find Teachers, they find U.

    Keep scratching poops, keep scratching..

    Still cant fathom why nobody else sees POTUS as one the GREATEST Comedians/Entertainers of our times.

    Dude is down right HILARIOUS, and is filling arena’s – only a left coast DPer would not laugh at suggestion of drinking Disinfectant. Killin it everyday he is..

    Hey didnt someone say ThirtythouontheDow around here? Hedged everyday & paying the price.How do those PM Miner and Streamers look now?? – Not advice, U would have to be a leftcoast DPer to follow any thing the coot says.

  5. I really like the non-fiction books you’ve written and I’m looking forward to having a genuine Mad Scientist Handbook available! The non-fiction books have info and jumping off points that allow me to extend and expand my own understandings. I do like the tentative table of contents.

    I enjoyed the David Shannon approach, but I’m less able to find actionable info in it. I also admit to a bit of personal envy for such a lifestyle, though I don’t lack for physical things. My own attempts to gainfully explore “the realms” has run into the “ring-not-pass” phenomenon.

  6. I hope everyone here remembers all this Covid mess in 2-3 years.

    The curve is following the same basic trajectory as many previous flu outbreaks, regardless of mask, no mask, distance, no distance.

    FYI to readers – my neighbor is an ER doc at a nearby hospital, a large one. Yes – ICU is at 90% capacity. But then again, ICU’s are designed to remain at 80-90% capacity or they are not profitable. There are exactly zero Covid patients in their ICU, and none in CCU. They do have 2 elderly Covid patients in the hospital, but both are problematic due to COPD and asthma.

    That’s a guy 2 doors down from me – who, BTW, is not overly worried about this except in the case of asthmatics and other people with lung issues. “But then we would be worried about ANY flu with those types of patients, especially as it can lead into severe pneumonia rapidly.”

    “I have never seen so many directives coming down from management about communication – we are not supposed to speak with anyone about any of this – just hospital admin. Never seen the politics this bad; not like we don’t have enough issues with being forced to work for hospitals thanks to malpractice insurers disallowing most of us from opening a private practice!” But that was a whole other diatribe I listened to…LOL

    Being a nutter from the burbs and from the woods, the amount of misinfo out there is at the highest levels I have ever seen, and it is from every single news source. You literally have to go and try to parse data and research where the data came from and what was included/excluded and then dig into the actual things.

    I’ll say this again – my brother owns a funeral home. When all this was getting kicked off, he had an MVA body hit his freezer. The COD listed by the county coroner was Covid-19, even though the female in the freezer was nearly decapitated and had a ribcage that was only about half-size from the accident. He has since seen other amazing Covid-19 deaths per their county coroner.

    I am of the opinion that this entire Covid thing is manufactured, from the ‘release’ and on into the present. It is the perfect cover for the central bankers to skim to their hearts content, and I am not just talking about the market.

    And absolutely no reader of this site can tell me they know an honest politician, and unlikely they even know an honest CEO or similar elites.

    So yea – call me a “denier”, because it will NOT be the first time I have been called that. I don’t inflict myself on maskers or denigrate them – to each their own. But that quote from WarGames really feels apt to me; ” An interesting game. The only winning move is not to play.”

    We need a much better game to keep this plebe interested…

    • Oilman2,,I concur. The propaganda is the weapon being used to make us yield/submit

    • Oilman, your posts here are valued as much as George’s.

      My question is about the difference between the virus’ effect inside China vs. its effect on the rest of the World. Was it simply the way China reacts to things or was the mortality and subsequent body count really that much more devastating than it was outside of China? I mean, seriously, if the exhaust from the mobile crematoriums was effectively displacing the usual, and substantial, air pollution in the hardest hit areas of Wuhan and other places in China while people were dropping on the street in Korea do you think the virus was specifically targeting Asians or was it that China’s population is still inherently less healthy than the rest of the developed world based on old traditions that have yet to go away? This is the information that was coming to us back in January and I still believe, based on that, Dr. Martenson had every reason to run around with his hair on fire about it.

      We all know, here at George’s gathering place, that the term “advisor” in the current administration (ANY administration?) doesn’t come close to being equated with the term “patriot” but the above information was what was being given to the decision makers in D.C. at the time. Given multiple agendas along with the mounting body counts on the other side of both ponds I’ll ask again as I have in previous posts a couple of months ago, what was a person (politician) to do in the face of all that? Just say “It’s a virus people. There’s no vaccine, never will be, so just deal with it and lean on our modern medical infrastructure (that steals you blind).” Heaven forbid that they talk so plainly to the public!

      That being said, however, I also think there is every reason to believe TPTB saw an opportunity to deliberately crash the economy at a specific time vs. wait until the scene of the crash appears in the front window on its own which would probably have been at a much less opportune time. In the midst of all this I do believe we are on a programmed shut down of the economy. There are definite incapacitating weaknesses in the banking system and “common people” are waking up to the fact the “money” in our wallets and accounts isn’t real. The game is just about up.

    • “absolutely no reader of this site can tell me they know an honest politician, ”

      What about honest phil…lol lol lol lol lol OTFLMAO

      I remember going to one of the dinners to support a friend.. I sat at the wrong table and was sitting at the candidates table.. one of the candidates running asked a senator that had been in office for decades.. ” what should I talk about” his answer ” tell them anything a 1,2,3 speech. They will believe anything. They are all dumb as sheep.” The sad part about that is he was right ..
      98 percent of all of those in office will be reelected..

      • Reelected even though they have a long record of doing nothing..

        If they had any other position in the labor force they would be fired.
        The other thing is when they leave they are all guaranteed a big money job huge retirement funds and free healthcare..
        Make everything go through SS and Medicare all govt. Employees get the same as the laboring americans. Right now around here older healthcare workers try to get in the govt. Just for the golden goose healthcare insurance.. school loans forgiven and a healthy retirement fund.. azz nd they get holidays off and vacation time..

  7. Mark:

    Well, I guess count me as an idiot then. Am having real trouble getting past your posts Sir.
    Please read links below, hope others do. Freeze and thaw, freeze and thaw.

    GeorgeUre, me and the kin almost visited you back in the first admin of Bush43. Probably shoulda.

    Will not go into my background. I am finding it increasingly difficult to believe the shape this country is in. Mind boggling and depressing really. My grandfathers fought in every major battle in the Revolutionary War. Some of the young ones run under the seas now in nuke power. Some have been to “Six Mile” then to Normandy. There have been several movies made about my “kinfolk”. Am Hicktown? Sure, proud of it. I have seen both sides and have made a free will choice to be what I am. Thank God. More than one relative has been in the “OvalOffice” in one capacity or another since the Civil War. My mentors warned me years ago.

    I just do not know what to say… Have you ever broken up a rape? Stood there while someone kicked your door in with a gun in their hand? And stopped them? Hypothermia? Heat stroke? Snake bitten? Blood poisoning? Shot at some one? Had someone shoot at you? My doctors think I am a joke medically :)

    Me? Am going to sit back and be a Watcher. It no longer pays to play. Just need to turn it off, shut the hell up, ghost and wait till the ashes clear. That is the bargain I made with my relatives.

    • “My grandfathers fought in every major battle in the Revolutionary War. ”

      AMEN THOR…. mine to.. I am betting they are all doing somersaults in their graves…

  8. Wow.. I had a different morning.. I rarely read a book from cover to cover.. I am always researching the stuff I read.. so I read a page or a chapter until I get to something that makes me curious then I look that up.. today it was different. I read two books cover to cover while I waited for them to fix the car…. one is inspiring and it is an oldie and a goodie.. I have read it before.. but it was well worth reading again.. the movie is on amazon prime this month but like all movies the book is ten times better..
    the Ultimate Gift.. what a great read about the basics that everyone should know and experience…. Just like Tuesdays with Morey its a show stopper..
    the other one was an old book on wilderness tools..
    I know it doesn’t have a dam thing to do with the president or anything else.. but I would suggest everyone read the book.. scribd is a great place to just pick up a book and read..

  9. Dear Comrades,

    Not a month has passed since the statue of the 17th century Royal Africa Company investor partnered with the ruling monarch of the time rather uncerimoniously “walked the plank” into Bristol harbour. Police report the first arrest in the case “for suspicion of criminal damage”, and apparently are searching for 14 more suspects.

    When the private investment firm active three centuries after the “philanthropist’s” passing is perhaps worth £250million, justice will be served.

  10. Well of course, as the Old Man Labs ‘research assistant’, I vote for the Mad Scientist’s Notebook! More of this, please!

  11. How can They formerly known as the duke and duchess of sussex possibly make a splash in America when “The Daily Mail” has gone full Fleet Street on the absconding father of the British PM. The 79 year old senior Johnson posted a selfie replete with upside-down non-medical mask enroute from London to Athens via Sofia in violation of the Greek suspension of air travel from the UK, and against recommendations of the British Foreign Office. “The Daily Mail” further educated its readers with its supplied photo of Mr. Johnson in the affectionate company of 25 year old Conservative Party stalwart and ITV series 17 “I’m a Celebrity” on an Athens layover. Mr. Johnson was apparently on his way to “covid-proof” his mountain villa in Pelion, known to historians as the birthplace by Greek goddesses of the Trojan War.

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