BBT/WOJ (Big Bounce Thurs, Waiting on Joe)

Slow is good. OK, a little grating sometimes.  But overall, slow is sometimes the best course.

BBT (Big Bouncy Thursday)

Big Bounce Thursday is our beginning example.  The Dow sold off more than 300-points Wednesday.  Mainly because the Federal Reserve didn’t cave-in to the habitual panhandlers on Wall Street who always want something (like a rate cut) for nothing (they don’t need it).

Early today, ahead of the Challenger Job Cut report (in a sec, be patient!) the Dow futures were printing a dismal 10-point bounce.  But the other indices – like the S&P which was set to pop almost 17-points higher at the open; a third of a percent – revealed the other side of the Fed hike.

We think what will come into view over the next 24 to 48 will be the slow dawning on the market that the Fed is saying “It ain’t looking that bad.” But that’s Crazy George, writing.  Other students of Elliott Waves are more worried. Like reader Egor who pointed to New York Community Bancorp Stock Plunges 38%, Reigniting Fears for Regional Banks – WSJ as meaning maybe more downside to come.

Maybe. But we shall see how it looks after the opening. For now, bouncy-bounce should be fun to watch.  (We’ve always been fascinated with big bouncy things…hmm…)

‘Bout Them Cuts

Just out from Challenger, Gray, and Christmas which counted HR grenade tossing last month and came to this:

Job Cuts Announced By US-Based Companies Surge 136% to 82,307 to Begin 2024; Financial, Tech Lead

U.S.-based employers announced 82,307 cuts in January, a 136% increase from the 34,817 cuts announced one month prior. It is down 20% from the 102,943 cuts announced in the same month in 2023, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

With the exception of last January’s total, this is the highest number of job cuts announced in January since January 2009, when 241,749 cuts were announced in the first month of that year.

More working grist in today’s Unemployment data:

And the experience of it all in the various states.

Pinocchio Does Jobs

Well in advance of tomorrow’s Geppetto and Nose Boy Jobs Report from the federales, we thought we would “presplain” (which really ought to be a word) how the wool’s going to be pulled next.  We begin this by holding up the snip out of the Labor Department’s Database showing the Actual Number of People Working – which, when you think about it – is the simplest (and toughest to spin) statistic we have about economic health.

Just to sharpen the point a bit, the two lower-left boxes clearly report that 684-thousand fewer people held jobs in December.  But the crack-heads in the BLS press office explained in their hype-sheet last month how this wasn’t really the case.

“Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 216,000 in December, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.7 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.”

The (communist-style) half-Truth filter is the “total nonfarm payrolls” phrase.  One of these days, we expect a press release to begin “Employment increased 273,000 among privileged overweight White men…” or some-such blather.  Fewer people were working in December, but of those working, more were on nonfarm payrolls?

(Exsqueeze me. I need a rehab moment.)

Don’t mess yourself.  Cover your eyes with Charmin or Cottonelle because we fear similar shit tomorrow.  (We will roll with quilted, thanks.)

Still, be ready for [whatever] to drive the market higher. Since we have a Trading Box that could begin to fill now, nothing would surprise us less.

Well, except maybe reestablishing a border with Mexico.

Where Goes the Market?

On the Peoplenomics side, we’re all about making money the old-fashioned way: Minimal mistakes and reliable gains.

Huge gains mean less than small, reliable gains.  While this year’s first month in our Lunch Money Trading Account (LMTA) was up on 5.24 percent (for the month) we think that’s a sustainable pace to target for the year.  Compounded – monthly – that should run out 2024 in the 84 percent annual gain category.  No point being greedy. Besides, that’s only trading a handful of days.

The Big Picture – if you’re playing the Home Edition of this – looks something like this:

This chart is based on a proprietary way of looking at the generalized U.S. markets. Since individual indices can be very misleading. But if you take a little blue chip, a little tech, some surviving manufacturing?  Soon you have a different way of thinking.

This reduces to an (ever-changing) outlook of what to expect next.  Which is we may waffle around in here, but higher “one mo time” is likely to fill a suspected trading box in the upper right in this chart:

These “trading boxes” help us keep in mind the (likely) Elliott wave fills to anticipate.  They don’t always work, but better than a poke in the butt with a sharp stick, or whatever that old saw was.

WOJ (Waiting on Joe)

The market may also rally if the Border-Bungler-In-Chief can restrain himself from launching his “pay-back’s a bitch” on Iran until after the markets close for the weekend.  That would indicate good sense on his part, although as we explained on Peoplenomics Wednesday, “thinking things over too long” is not something you want to make a habit of in a world running on Internet Time.

The headlines aren’t coming right out and explaining how “the clock” on retribution for killing American soldiers is likely tied to Wall Street’s workweek.  But if you trade a bit – and follows the news for that “buy the rumor” or “sell the rumor” stuff, it’s not hard to see how stories like Kataib Hezbollah Should Take US Warning ‘Seriously,’ White House Says ( – especially from state-sponsored media – is nothing more than “running the clock.”  We’re pretty sure the demoscrap’s Big Donors appreciate the delay.

Our (admittedly cynical) read is that the target package will be on ice until closing bell tomorrow.  But how predictable is Biden?  Aye. There is that. But for now, just warm-ups, looks like in US Strikes Houthi-Controlled Areas in Yemen After Imminent Threat.

Meantime, a larger National Security concern involves China hacking critical homeland infrastructure which we’ve lost sleep over for years: US says it dismantled China-backed hacker network ( A few more deets in FBI director: Chinese hackers targeting US infrastructure — Radio Free Asia ( to help context this.

Woke the Titanic

Remember the term “Cause and Defect.”  Because we are seeing those mental midgets of Wokism scoring some really frightening shit that should drive you to hide out in the woods like we do.

Two lessons if you flunked both Trotsky 301 and Lenin 209: Mounting pressure from US city councils for Gaza ceasefire likely a factor for Biden ahead of election (

Now toss in California introduces first-in-nation slavery reparations package. Which, sure looks to us like state-sponsored racism, but then again, it’s just another way to reopen the Civil War, which then gets us into Mao’s Red Book, Rules for Radicals and other Third-Term-of-Ogenda items.  Sheesh.

Speaking of CivWar2 there’s an absolute must-read is the tie-in outlined this morning on G.A. Stewart’s Nostradamus site – The Age of Desolation – which not only lines in how CW2 shows up but also hints toward the (still pending) “Blow of Steel” which may be from one (or both) North Korean satellites overhead….

(Be sure to read his Epistles discussion about lost power, too.

Bigger War, Bigger Money

People seem anxious to forget that before the War in Ukraine, we had the Biden family taking money out of the place. Lots of it.  But put that historical fact aside and pay attention to how the multiple monetizations of Ukraine are continued.

We begin noticing that the U.S. is not involved in the “International Court of Justice” so we don’t need to consider Russia Ukraine war: ICJ finds Moscow violated terrorism and anti-discrimination treaties.

As a result, the monetization continues as the EU will fail to deliver 1 million artillery shells to Ukraine by March deadline ( perhaps feeding into EU agrees unanimously on €50 billion financial aid for Ukraine.

Dandy.  Plus, overnight, there were reports of a “massive attack on Russian forces in Crimea, but more measured reports like Newsweek’s Crimea Airbase Attacked as Russians Bemoan Fighter Jet, Troop Losses, leave us wondering how much of the attack was real (surely a good bit) but how much was over-wrought hysterical neoliberal press efforts with visiting neolib royalty (Nuland, et al) in region?

Ure’s Taxpayer Relief Act: Don’t allow military spending of US Taxpayer money unless there’s been a formal declaration of War.  (Isn’t this what the Constitution intended? Are we at war with Breakaway Ukraine or with Russia?  I know…give it another couple of months…)

ATR: Take Heart & Time Machines

Been meaning to mention a recent article on World Health Net that you might want to take a look at: Potassium-Enriched Salt May Be The Missing Ingredient | Anti-Aging News.  We’ve found WHN very useful since it’s aligned with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and Dr. Ron Klatz’ great work.

Using either a lite (sodium and potassium) or potassium-based salt substitute is only one of four tracks I’ve been on.  The other three are weight control, two-drink limit for ETOH, and use of liposomal vitamin D. My weight’s stable in the 215 area and the BP typically is running 124/63, or so.  Pulse is still slow (50 BPM resting or writing) but holding up OK for 75  this month.

Time Machine work is starting up again.  You will remember this was based on my book Dimensions Next Door where a lot of empirical data was reviewed.  I hung the project up for a while (Elaine had hip replacements and there’s been much to do around here). But now, some fresh insights have lined out some additional areas of inquiry…so looks like a couple of hours per week will be allocated this summer to that field of interest.

Post ‘Maters: Looks like all but one of our indoor greenhouse tomato plants made it through the super cold spell last month in East Texas.  The one plant that failed was very close to the greenhouse plastic and that’s where it’s coldest.

This year that lean-to greenhouse project will be undergoing a major change-up.  All after reading the Dan Chiras book “The Chinese Greenhouse” which I think I mentioned on the Ultra-Make site, as well.

Basic idea is the “Dutch Greenhouse” (all open, all glass) looks great but it’s an energy pig.  My “being revised greenhouses” will feature well-insulated north walls, knee-high well-insulated partial walls. And new double-glazing plus swamp cooling for the upper (dirt garden) greenhouse.

This weekend, we will be starting the first round of in-house hydroponic seedlings.  These will move out in a month to the two 8-bucket hydroponic systems (Vevor units run $140 for an 8-pot system).

Planning to spend a lot more time growing this year, with a focus on inside growing because no telling when the nukes will come out.  Which is the kind of “look-ahead” thinking with covered in Peoplenomics yesterday in the book chapter titled “Nexting.” EMP protected solar and such.

Write when you get rich,

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48 thoughts on “BBT/WOJ (Big Bounce Thurs, Waiting on Joe)”

  1. Be careful of black buckets and afternoon sun. Can raise solution temps and hurt plants. I do Kratky method hydroponics and have had good success making sure they are shaded from direct sun in the PM during the summer months. With no plumbing involved, the 4 gallon cat litter buckets are easy to move on the smaller plants. I suppose you could shade just the buckets with some multi-layer shade cloth.

  2. Good morning George.

    I have been recovering from inguinal hernia repair surgery the past couple of days and it has been a very painful experience. Some really strange dreams but maybe just the after effects of general anaesthesia. In one dream I was in a drone flying over a large city and witnessing major destruction and an old college school mate (now deceased) calling out to me. Weird.

    I wanted to comment on your health points this morning. I have followed the potassium chloride salt seasoning program now for over 3 years. I also take 10,000 units of Vitamin D daily and several other supplements. I can’t recommend Vitamin D any more strongly for everyone. It is truly a miracle supplement.

    Following a similar diet pattern to yours, my resting heart rate is close to 50 and sleeping heart rate is in mid 40s. When I woke in the recovery room after surgery Tuesday, my HR was 58, BP 124/67 and O2 level 95.

    It is hard now to not think about the terrible mess the world is in and I do expect 2024 to be a major calamity and like Stu, I expect no presidential election in the USA and serious civil unrest. I am glad I am 82 and not 22. I think I lived through the very best time in human history until the last 3 years. All I have left now are good memories.

    Happy 75th to you in coming days.

    • To quote Joe Walsh (Eagles guitarist now):
      “It was more fun being 20 in the 70s than it is
      being 70 in the 20s”
      Time travelers.. one way tickets only.

    • Right on the supplements, BIC. Vitamin D is the immune system booster rocket. It takes the chances of catching ANY disease down -40%… which is huge! And I learned about potassium decades back when arthritis began to show it’s ugly joints. One researcher claimed arthritis was a ‘lack of potassium disease’. In the early years, I found that potassium supplements were better at easing aches than anti-inflams like Tylenol. And don’t forget magnesium, too. I get muscle cramps without it… and lots of water.

    • Sorry to hear of the surgery. Been there, done that, burned the T-shirt. Hope your recovery is swift and painless.
      I agree on the vitamin D to a point. 10,000 units a day is good for getting you up out of the doldrums, but please have your vitamin D levels checked periodically. I try to keep mine around 70. My wife hit D level 103 recently, and I cut us back to 5,000 units every other day.

      • My doctor seems to be ok with mine at 169. Do you have any info that shows this might be too high and for what reason? Spec range shows 75-250 nm/L.

        • No, nothing specific. Just guidelines from my former doctor. He was among the first in this area to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin for Covid.

  3. Mr Ure,

    I am troubled by Ure citing/usage of newsweek article..very troubled. MSM is a vicious Enemy of the “Patriots” everywhere in this F-up World. They have repeatedly Lied and mislead for years now. Helping promote the KILLING, neigh Murder of millions, that’s correct MILLIONS.

    At this point in birthing of Global Revolution 1.0 – anyone who uses,reads or follows the lamestream media Deserves to Die. Yes deserves DEATH. I don’t think you are one, but citing that dreck is worrisome to this revolutionary.

    You will know them by the information they spew and display.

    Thankfully, I don’t seem to know you at all.

    • My, what a sleep revoluttionary you are. For you see, good sir, that…
      “The New Testament Greek word for the devil, satanas, which occurs 38 times in 36 verses.”
      A reference now and then to all sources is not a “information they spew and display.:
      Rather, it’s giving both the devil – and Newsweek – their due.


        It’s ALL in there regards the “devils playground”=kraine..main reason us southern border child sex trafficking is overflowing, Citlon/rothchilds losing bbbbBillions in lost income from adrenachrome harvesting and simple trafficking of women, children and ORGANs from the “devils playground”. Thank you Mr Pooteen, thank you Mother Russia.

        Sick does not begin to cover these entities, not even close.

        • if you hate the states so much and love russia you really should move to russia. they’re having an “election” soon. maybe you can vote for putin as he changes the constitution to allow him to be “prez” for life and his political opponents wind up dead, poisoned or in prison. you’re no american patriot.

  4. We have had success using 2 Greenstalk stacking planters for a few years mostly for herbs, greens and some flowers. 4 new ones arrived yesterday Last year I switched out the grow mix in one for my secret recipe hydroponic mix. Since these are watered/fed from the top the medium tended to dry out too quickly so this winter I have been testing a mod on one of the planter tiers in the top-secret old rancher lab aka kitchen sink when Diana isn’t looking. I stuck a chunk of rock in the drain holes and timed the draining between potting mix and hydro mix. That prototype worked so v 2.0 is now a rubber stopper fitted in the bottom of each drain hole with a smaller drain hole bored in it. And yes I did get busted when Diana came home early one day and went into Tasmanian Devil mode about the huge bucket of dirt in her kitchen sink where we wash our dishes and fix our food. Didn’t help when I told her it wasn’t dirt but hydroponic plant support medium but she finally calmed down when I told her she was beautiful when she got hysterical like that.
    With the new units, we’ll have a total of 168 spaces in 2 rows using an area 8′ X 12′ or about 1/3rd of the hoop house. Been working on a spreadsheet of proposed plants used to forecast the expected production from these units.
    Off today to pick up some shade cloth and a few bags of vermiculite and perlite. I was afraid to call ahead for pricing.
    Stay safe. 73

    • Jim, congratulations on your skill at wording and no doubt properly inflecting your response to Diana!

      Not all of us have that ability, especially in the face of strong emotion.

    • “…,but she finally calmed down when I told her she was beautiful when she got hysterical like that.”
      I just have to comment on that line. Made me laugh. Picture this – when my misses gets mad at me for breaking a ‘house rule’., she will slam her fists onto her hips and plant her self directly in front of me. Which translate to “stop what you are doing and listen-up!” She knows me and knows that I do not respond to someone yelling at me.., I am watching their moments, not listening. With my cowboy boots on, which I wear 90% of the time, I am roughly 18 inches taller and after a cheeseburger, fries and chocolate shake about 140 pounds heavier. Seeing her confront me like that always makes me smile and sometimes laugh out loud – which is a very wrong approach ., one of these days I think she will throw that punch, I doubt it but it will be hilarious. [ we both turn 75 this March – which makes it even more ridiculously funny.] She knows its an over-blown response to my “mistake” and usually starts laughing herself – but she can’t help it. She is one feisty little critter.

    • Rifle patches.

      I started using cotton rifle cleaning patches about a year ago to cover the drain hole in terra cotta pots. It doesn’t kill the flow but it does slow it down to where the medium in the pot acts more like sandy clay loam and less like a vacuum siphon.

  5. Behold, The Black Swan is arriving [right on queu]. Note the timing of the anouncement soon after PBOC stopped bail outs for Evergrande. Meanwhile Powell is pulling the SHTP funding window for institutions in US… no escape hatch.

    All of a sudden the only liquidity left will be via the On Demand Liquity feature of certain crypto currencies.

    Got Blockchain?
    Not advice, do your own homework.

  6. I was just in the Post office… in there was a long line.. of refugees.. one was looking for a govt. check.. the others getting information on how to get an Id…
    I usually go in once a month and get a money order to send to you young woman.. she was put in prison because she wouldn’t give testimony on the people that were human trafficking her.. she had been trafficed since she was like twelve.. she tried to escape their grasp they found her and beat her to within an inch of her life.. she was terrified.. she will be just shy forty when she can get out.. amazing how someone like agency heads can refuse.. but someone that is truly a victim cannot..

  7. “toss in California introduces first-in-nation slavery reparations package. Which, sure looks to us like state-sponsored racism,”

    the good news is… California is going to get plenty of new residents to take their places.. what five to ten thousand a day.. go ahead and move if you want… we are getting the people we need.. I have said this before.. we should have an even exchange.. ten thousand in .. ten thousand out.. the wealthy are taking off.. why not the laboring wage earners paying taxes to..

  8. I’ve been going overboard on Vanilla Orchid studies, dreaming and planning long-term for the Volcano Ranch here. I have run across many island ‘hobby growers’ here and around the south Pacific. Tahiti grows it’s own variant of vanilla now, and I have some beans steeping in alcohol extract. Found a video of a lady in Samoa with a nice vanilla garden with shade cloth spread above and vines growing up the support poles every six feet or so. She sprays the vines with some organic nutrients from a Korean formula and they look great.
    I’m planning on getting Pompona cuttings from two different sources in Florida after the weather warms up enough so that shipping does not put them at risk. Planning three buckets with a climbing stick each that I can move around to shady areas as needed. This is going to take years to fruit. Retirement gardening. Eat your heart out, LOOB. This is all your fault, you know.
    I hear your suggestion to add simple syrup to the extract, and I plan to take it a bit farther using KARO dark syrup. Corn syrup (NOT HFCS) and molasses to pair with the vanilla glucose ought to spread the volatiles around nicely. It should be ready just before Christmas for me to gift the bakers among friends and family. I like the Tahitian vanilla… has a richer, earthy flavor than the Madagascar Planifolia.

    • That will get you a nice vanilla extract..but if you want one that’s gonna wow you.. put on cup of simple syrup with it…

    • Yo Hank,

      Just put in , yesterday, 2 Vanilla Anamica plants in around the “shady orchid tree”. I have orchids of all types;ground orchids, tree orchids, orchids hanging in coconut shells. We have established 6 orchid tree growing gardens around property.

      My plant lady up in the Cayo gets em for me, I WhatsApp her with ideas and she gets em hunted down. Thankfully we have a really good relationship, and she provides me mature beautiful plants that have never failed…fingers crossed.
      Two Nila’ s I put in yesterday have about 6-7 foot vines, so will post about again when beans start setting.

      PS – App Store, Picture This, an easy to use plant/shrub/tree identifier with all sorts data related to each particular plant you id. Don’t leave home with out..

  9. I had a dream a U.S. Navy ship was sunk and the number associated with the ship in the dream was prefixed with “AN” and a vivid “171001”. Shrugging shoulders but I thought I’d report here.

    • It is ‘unrelated’ items like this that always catch my attention. You never known what it might actually mean., or relate too.
      – As far back as 1939 – just before the last Big One., there is and never has been a U.S. naval vessel with hull designation starting with “AN”. And currently under construction, or ordered there is no “AN” hull designation.
      It just doesn’t exist – at the moment.

    • Go watch the close
      I was in before the open in extended hours with
      Buy 150 UDOW Executed @ $76.24Feb 01, 2024 9:16 AM ET
      Always the nonsubscribers who are the critics
      Mmm…lunch money!

  10. DeSantis is sending hundreds of National Guard troops to Texas to help with border control.
    – That should get a few comments from the Feds., don’t ya think ??
    – This is the first time I have ever heard of anything like this.
    – Fascinating !

  11. Seems to be a growing sentiment against some in israel …

    Biden imposes sanctions on Israeli settlers accused of West Bank violence

    I think Washington got a little too deep in this conflict and they’re starting to realize it.

    What was it Blinken said, “things haven’t been this bad in the Middle East since 1973 … and arguably before that.”

    • Nein, nein, nein, US troops are on standby for deployment -Gaza.
      Patience Loobatude, Bibby already falseflaggedUSTroops-AGAIN – on Al-Tanf/Tower base in Syria. That be reason our guys thought it was friendly drone..

      Standard Operating Procedures for the israHellies. Always get USA to fight their battles-wars for them -died in wool COWRDS by nature…see latest cease fire and withdraw Kahn unis camp. Cowards always fight behind Terrorism .

      Too late

      By the 20th of this month the first shots in AmRev 2 will have been herd.

  12. re: “rehab moment”
    feat: Ivanwyld & Potomac Point


    Prepare to enter The TwiDwight Zone. Today marks the first year since Ike that hosting of Washington’s National Prayer Breakfast has transcended to the “National Prayer Breakfast Foundation”. Previously the event was under the umbrella of Congress members and the “Fellowship Foundation”, known lovingly to its membership as “The Family”. Apparently the Family genealogy traces to circa 1935 in the then- bountiful eden of Seattle.

    Let’s segue to DJ George ready to press needle on vinyl with a west coastie reprise of today’s brekkie confab at the Washington Hilton. Here’s Gerry & the Pacemakers from “It’s Alright” –
    “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

  13. With all the wars overseas immigrants come to USA. Cities which are inexpensive can take them in if funded to pay them to get trained… To date no Taiwan folks into SF, Calif.

  14. Garden question
    “Crazy Chicken Lady” called me yesterday – asked where I got the seed for the cantaloupe I gave her last year. We had a bumper crop, and handed them out to a lot of people. I told her that I didn’t buy any seed, those plants were started from seed from lasts years’ cantaloupe.., and they were from the year before that – going back eleven years.., which is probably why they were so big and sweet. Told her I’d give her a few the next time she stops buy with the eggs and chicken.
    – So.., the question is: Does anyone else constantly use seeds from last years harvest? Generation after generation in the same soil and sun and end up with stronger plants and better vegetables ? [ My acorn squash are fantastic – 12, or 13 years now.]

    • All starts with the soil. Healthy soil = healthy plants. I don’t save all the seeds I use. Tomatoes, melons, corn and beans mostly. I never have luck trying to grow those in the hoops or hydroponic,

    • Increased CO2 from global warming or you just have green thumb, but whatever, just keep on doing what you’ve been doing.
      Selecting the largest and sweetest will encourage large and sweet. How I select my watermelon seed and muskmelon instead of cantaloupe since we find them sweeter.
      Also good fertilizer and soil amendments and weeding help

      • I have a pet theory about what D’Lynn is doing: He is helping a “plant family.”

        I hold (this will sound nuts) that the more plants are grown, year after year in the same location, that they will self optimize to that. So, up in Chelan Co. Wa -he gets amazing results. His plant have lived, died, and have family there. Were he to move to Texas? All would likely die, or at least decline coming here. They are for that place.

        Nutty? No as crazy as nuclear weapons, maybe…

        • Generational / climatized. Year-after-year in the same climate / soil / water.., does that get passed down – genetically – by subsequent generations in the seeds they produce and that each generation gets stronger and better at what they do, every year. Which brings-up GU’s point. Would my generational seeds do as well, if grown in a very different environment? [ different sun, different soil, different water.]

        • Not nutty in the least. The plants which survive to maturity will be the ones best-attuned to the specific soil, atmosphere, and sunshine characteristics. The seeds of these will, through natural selection, be those which carry the most-successful characteristics of the plants which bore them — they’re naturally “tweaked” to survive and reproduce in the environment in which their parents survived and reproduced.

          There are things the grower can do to “help things along.” For instance, George, next time you or E boil potatoes, save the water and once cool, use it to water your ‘mater patch. The residual starch and iodine in the water act as a tomato aphrodisiac. It’s not a fertilizer, per se, but a natural growth stimulator. The resulting fruit will be “keyed” to the soil and environment in which the plants which produced them, were grown.

          For more info, read Atlee Burpee’s work or L. H. Bailey’s Cyclopedia of Horticulture and Cyclopedia of Farm Crops…

  15. i really wanted to contend with them.

    however as some one pointed out, it is a fruitless to battle with anyone who hasnt quite figured out the basics: Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.

    not worth fighting anyone who hasnt figured out that much yet.

    its not that i dont want to stay on urban survival and all these places,

    im to journey and enter the circle of the elders. the jedi councel. and The Desisty of The Golden Pyramid.

    Its a really Big Honor.

  16. Here’s quite a dandy interview with Dannion Brinkley, he had a near death experience in 1975. He has had a few more near death, and out of body experiences due to many years of reoccurring health problems from being hit by lightening.

    Things get a little feisty at times.

    What I noticed is that the interviewing team did NOT do their homework, and they missed an excellent opportunity to interview Dannion.

    He tried a few times, to tell them what was coming, but he was cut off, so he stopped talking. A few chirps that he did get out sounds like there is some really rough and tough stuff coming.

    So, think….He says we are at Box 4, but he also references Box 12 and says there is no escape.

    He also says we are in year 3 of the 7 years of tribulation.

    So, IF YOU had one of the wisest most experienced near death experiencers, and researchers on the planet in your interview space, do you not think that you would have at least read his books?

    Do you think that you may have thought of some really great questions so that he would open up to talk about the things that he has NOT yet revealed in his books?

    He is a very knowledgeable person about ancient civilizations, religions, cultures, peoples, and they can’t even ask him IF he is a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim or a Buddhist (but they jump all over and around him on the Jesus topic – just ASK – let him answer) because they are too hung up on THEIR beliefs. This was not supposed to be about THEIR beliefs, BUT HIS BELIEFS based on his own personal experiences.

    When you interview a person, it is not about YOU, it is about THEM.

    He also holds a top secret security clearance – STILL.

    He has vast important information that he COULD impart IF he were asked the right questions. But, interview after interview after interview, all I hear is a bunch of repeatable stories of his life, or interruptible great points that he is about to make because someone of a small mind cannot fathom when they are in the presence of a superior mind.

    He also said, (paraphrasing) “hey, Jesus may not come back right now, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO IN THE MEANTIME???”

    Has it occurred to anyone that God still speaks to human kind? Is it possible that there are Prophets walking the earth right now? I didn’t call him a Prophet, but I sure would have asked him if he is one, or sees his role as a modern day one?

    There is so much tap dancing around topics in this interview it is hard to nail down anything of substance, like details, and maybe it is vague so that it is not blocked from youtube, however, the P that has already been played is the forerunner of what is to come! As many of you, on here, this website, with George, already know.

    From what I could glean between the lines, something big and bad is coming this way.

    It’s worth the time viewing the interview.

    He recommends going to his website:

    Boxes 4 and 5:

    BOXES 4 & 5: Strife & Hatred in the Holy Lands

    Boxes 4 & 5 were scenes from the Middle East, showing how this area of eternal strife would reach a boiling point. Religion would play a large role in these problems, as would the economy. A constant need for outside money fueled much of the anger & hatred that I saw in these boxes. In the first of these boxes I saw two agreements taking place. In the first, Israelis & Arabs were agreeing to something, but what was unclear to me. The second accord was one that I could see in some detail. Men were shaking hands & there was much talk about a new country. Then I saw a collage of images: the River Jordan, a settlement from Israel that was spreading into Jordan, & a map on which the country of Jordan was changing color. As I watched this puzzling collage unfold, I heard a Being speak telepathically to me & say that the country of Jordan would exist no more. I did not hear the name of the new country.

    This agreement was nothing more than a front by the Israelis to create a police force composed of Israelis & Arabs. This was a very harsh police force, cruel & unyielding. I saw them wearing blue-&-silver uniforms & having a tight grip on the people of this region. So tight was their grip, in fact, that world leaders became highly critical of Israel. Many collaborators on both sides kept an eye on their own people & reported their activities to this police force. They served to make everyone suspicious, causing trust in these societies to disappear.

    I could see Israel becoming isolated from the rest of the world. As things worsened, there were images of Israel preparing for war against other countries, including Russia, & a chinese-&-Arab consortium. Jerusalem was somehow at the eye of this conflict, but I am not sure exactly how. From newspaper headlines that appeared in the vision, I could see that some incident in that holy city had served to trigger this war. These visions revealed Israel as being spiritually hollow. I had the sense of it being a country of strong government but weak morals. Image after image came of Israelis reacting with hatred toward Palestinians & other Arabs, & I was steeped in the sense that these people as a nation had forgotten God & were now driven by racial hatred.

    Box 12:

    The 11th box was gone & I was into the 12th box. Its visions addressed an important event in the distant future, the decade of the 90’s (remember, this was 1975), when many of the great changes would take place. In this box, I watched as a biological engineer from the Middle East found a way to alter DNA & create a biological virus that would be used in the manufacture of computer chips. This discovery allowed for huge strides in science & technology. Japan, China, & other countries of the Pacific Rim experienced boom times as a result of this discovery & became powers of incredible magnitude. Computer chips produced from this process found their way into virtually every form of technology, from cars & airplanes to vacuum cleaners & blenders.

    Before the turn of the century, this man was among the richest in the world, so rich that he had a stranglehold on the world economy. Still the world welcomed him, since the computer chips he had designed somehow put the world on an even keel. Gradually, he succumbed to his own power. He began to think of himself as a deity & insisted on greater control of the world. With that extra control, he began to rule the world.

    His method of rule was unique. Everyone in the world was mandated by law to have one of his computer chips inserted underneath his or her skin. This chip contained all of an individual’s personal information. If a government agency wanted to know something, all it had to do was scan your chip with a special device. By doing so, it could discover everything about you, from where you worked & lived to your medical records & even what kind of illnesses you might get in the future.

    There was an even more sinister side to this chip. A person’s lifetime could be limited by programming this chip to dissolve & kill him with the viral substance it was made from. Lifetimes were controlled like this to avoid the cost that growing old places on the government. It was also used as a means of eliminating people with chronic illnesses that put a drain on the medical system. People who refused to have chips implanted in their bodies roamed as outcasts. They could not be employed & were denied government services.


    I only have posted the two boxes that he references in his interview; his information is freely available, and you don’t have to buy his books to learn about them, however, his books (and some of the information) are easily available in half-price books stores, online, etc., if you want further details.


    Now, let’s post Andy’s experience with the Angel Gabriel, taken from this website:

    Those who know who I am, will know it is me.

    My words speak true.

    The entire world trajectory has been changed. It has been by decided those far above. Humanity is given an extension.

    A Great Being of Bright White Light visited me last night.

    i was half awake and half asleep. It said Greetings, I am Gabriel an Ambassador of Lord of the Spirits. You have found Great favor with the Lord of Spirits and Heavenly Hosts.

    He said, The entire world trajectory has been altered. You will convey this message in place. it may be linked elsewhere. You will convey it only once.

    He took me out of the material realm and pointed to the Swiss Flag. He asked me,. What does the White Cross represent? i said it represents Purity of Christ. He said you are correct. He asked me, what does the red represent? i said it represents both The blood of Christ and the blood on the Battle field. Again, you are correct.

    The Angel Gabriel said it has been decided, because evil men and women have met under this Banner to establish their plans.

    The Plans established under this Banner Christs Purity and Blood, will start the largest Christian Revival the world has ever seen.

    over one Billion people will turn to Christ and find salvation including a large population of the Muslim religion converting to Christianity.

    Trump will serve his second term as the 47th US president. Trump will endorse Vivek Ramaswamy who will serve two terms as US president. The United States will return to its Prominent Status. There will be no democratic party member in any position of power in the United States Government for a period of 25 years. The United States will return to Wholesome Christian Family Values. The emergence of prosperity will usher in the ability of Americans to provide for their family and the return of the stay Mom along with affordable housing. The entire economy of the United States is already balancing out.

    There will be a great revolution in China. Even now China’s economy has begun to collapse. Many will flee to Mongolia and Russia. under a new government and currency China will rise out of the ashes as a nation.

    India will replace China as the Manufacturing hub of the world. After 25 years, India will surpass the United States and become the greatest Nation in the world. It is The True eastern star.

    It has been decided that with the Advancement of AI, it will aid humanity in ushering in a 25 year period of Prosperity and establish a cure for Cancer among many things. AI will also assist in reducing national debts across the globe and increasing every single nations GDP.

    Humanity will advance in mental acuity, spirituality, psychic ability and power faster than the rate of computer technology.

    The world economy has already began its correction.

    Due to Covid shut downs, the Earth has has already begun to heal itself. The Earth Climate will be restored to its middle averages throughout the entire globe.

    Mexico will become second only to India as manufacturing hub in the world. There will be great prosperity in Mexico.

    The Port of Tel Aviv will become the largest shipping port in the world and will rival the city of Dubai in elegance.

    A Product of The Greatest Christian Revival is the dismantling of the dome of the rock and the return of The First Temple, established by David.

    it does not matter if you believe me or not. this is the message i received last night. it has been decided by Lord of the Spirits and conveyed to me though the Arch Angel Gabriel.

    Again, The world trajectory has been altered. After a period of struggle, which causes The Greatest Christian Revival will begin and everything as it is written will unfold. The Lord of Spirits and Heavenly hosts have postponed the world calamity finding that larger than 75% of the worlds population is Good. The world will not face the refiners fire.

    note: my replacement has been selected. It has been a Great Honor to serve Greater Good of humanity. i’m unsure if it is a Man or Woman but i do know this person frequents glp and will at some point read these words.

    as i descend in power, this person will rise. it is way of things. where God selects the most unlikely human and makes them everything. I know that this person is good.

    i will continue to live out my life along with those who are mine prosperous and protected. I am fortunate to live long enough to see my replacement rise to power and see their decent and their replacement rise. Once i leave this life I will no longer return to this world.

    As predicted, I will no longer post on this site or any other. another has been selected.

    Will Glp be around in 25 years? Of course it will. It has done well as a platform to serve the greater good of humanity.

    As always,

    Infinitely NOW!


    Thanks, Andy.

    A lot to think about, pray about, and be about our Father’s business.

    • good post …
      Do I believe there are prophets or angels walking the earth..YES… my belief.. working in the halls of medical and nursing facilities.. you can feel the presence..

    • Brinkley – His nonprofit organization that helps veterans – The Twilight Brigade., has always been fascinating to me.

      • Yes, he named it CIA, Compassion In Action.

        I have a t-shirt from the mid 90’s, with it on it, and I met him then.

        Friendly, wise, and he is able to send an electric shock from his neck to your neck when he gives a hug which increases the recipients vibration level.

        Yes, he has put his money and his time and effort where his mouth is.

        So, I am thinking, he is seeing the big earthquake.

        That’s one of my guesses.

        Which will lead to big Tsunamis.

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