Basic Charting Technique

Over the years, the two simplest and most rewarding charts I’ve used have been trend channels and Elliott Wave counting.

This morning, by request, an expanded ChartPack which will deal with how – and why I draw those lines on otherwise perfectly inscrutable charts…

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17 thoughts on “Basic Charting Technique”

  1. “Should Drug Companies be Nationalized”
    No, and reasons are simple, we are supposed to live in free society. Where poeple are free to make decisions on their own. I start a business, let say selling my comments for 40$ per year. Who should decide except for me at what price I will engage in free trade for my product. Yes some of these companies seem skummy, but they should be private companies free to make their own decisions. I would agree the government though keep their noses out of other parts. Like the company chooses to sell its product to Canada for 1/2 or a US cost. In my little brain the US government should have no rule against a Canada company from re-selling to US consumers. Makes a slippery slope of other needs being regulated profit, food, housing, entertainment etc. For generations people took care of their own health needs, or not, why now, is government control required. Maybe if I am forced to subsidize through taxes or stealing my companies profits, I can demand limited coverage for smoking, drinking, eating not healthy, risky sexual practices?

    • I don’t think drug companies should be nationalized either.. what I would like to see is the ability to openly purchase the product from whoever I want to. just like the grocery store. you run in to buy some hamburger..but they say no you have to buy that hamburger from store A even though store B has it for two dollars less per pound. the same thing with insurances.. my sister was telling me of an insurance policy that they have. wouldn’t you know it but that policy isn’t available where I am at. I have just a handful of policies that are. so open the borders for insurances and medication years ago I was on a medication the cost per month was 1250.00 a month from Walgreens and costco.. but I could run over to the other side of town and there was a pharmacy called the Canadian pharmacy. I went there they faxed off my prescription and I got it in two days. the difference in price from the USA to here the cost from there was under 250.00 and if I had been a canadian resident I could have gotten the generic for seventy five.. that included shipping and having a doctor rewrite that prescription in canada.
      so charge what you want for any item just give me the option of where I want to shop and who I want to shop with.
      the same thing with surgeries.. they wanted to do a specific surgery on me.. this is a radical and at the time new surgery only one place that does it in the USA at that time and it was very expensive. My insurance company was sending me literature from India, and a few other countries. a friend of mine had to have facial reconstruction. he knows the surgeon that teaches the course at one of the top colleges. instead of getting it done here he went to south america to have the surgery done by the same surgeon that taught the classes. so open the doors and let us shop an insurance policy in texas should be available in new york or florida an insurance company like Loyd’s of london should be able to market their products here as well and as long as the pharmaceutical companies want to target american citizens we should be able to compare prices and shop where we want.
      another point we give these companies millions and millions to do the research and never get a dime back. well loan that money to them as long as they want it just like a bank. Or they can fund their own research.

      • Oh it wasn’t long before congress made it illegal to open a pharmacy for canada in the usa. If I want to get them there I have to be like the rest and make the winter jaunt down to texas or the summer jaunt to canada to buy my years worth of perscriptions.

      • Some of the Canadian internet pharmacy operators were scooped up some time ago by US law enforcement. The official story is that fake drugs from Indian and similar suppliers had been entering their supply chain.

        Why stop at solely nationalizing drug companies? Go all in with the needle and create a fair, just safety net of public health care for all. The noisy, dwindling subset beating the bejesus out of the tired old drum for private health care are simply reiterating the “I’m alright, it sucks to be you” refrain that is so corrosive to the long-term health of a nation.

      • There are so many leverage points on the drug companies if anyone had the political guts to implement them.

        First, change the drug patents such that without a generic on the market, the patent is void, or expires in three months.

        Second, limit prescriptions to only known dangerous drugs. Most drugs can and should be OTC.

        Third, let Americans buy most drugs from anywhere in the world OTC. Just sign a disclaimer when buying saying that you have consulted a doctor or chosen not to do so, and you take all risks, known and unknown.

        Fourth, put the FDA back where it belongs – certifying the purity and clean labeling of a product, and not passing judgement on anything else. Abolish the DEA and its powers to unilaterally erase access to entire classes of drugs. There is no known legal intactogen on the market even though such a thing would be incredibly valuable. Those that exist are all classified as controlled substances, even though they’re relatively safe.

        Obviously, insurance companies should write policies based on known risks and be legitimate anywhere in the country. Having states bar commerce is just nepotistic and fraudulent.

      • your absolutely correct Observing an empire in decline, there are some unscrupulous companies out there making counterfit drugs and just about everything else on the market to.. for me the script I received came in the same box that the one I received from walgreens with the same lot number same date it by all observances was made the same date and time that the one made in america was made. most of my medications that I presently receive are made overseas.
        I forget for sure where I read it but I think Canada only allows a couple thousand percent profit margin and receive something like a four or five percent of the profit from generic.I am not to sure what the profit margin in the usa is but a few years ago one of my doctors was telling me that when they went home to india they would pick up a supply of items needed by patients to hand out to some of their patients without the means to pay for them at the local pharmacy. the reason they could pick the items up in india for a dollar a unit in the usa it was over a hundred dollars for the same item.

      • the one I received in america.. LOL both of them had the same lab and manufacturer on it.. very few of our medications are made in the us.

  2. George, I always enjoy reading your techniques on investing. Today was no exception, with your “Basic Charting Techniques” instructions. They make you think & become a better investor. Charts did make me think that we may be in a market downturn.

  3. Today I was watching a cartoon with my Grandson about Fairyland. All the King’s Men came into Fairyland to protect & make it safe. First, they banned sitting on walls because Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall & was injured. Next they banned tumbling & fetching water because Jack n Jill fell & tumbled down the hill while fetching water, and so on. They ended up banning everything that made Fairyland tales possible with the purpose to make life safe for everyone. The problem was that they ruined the fabric of Fairyland. No one was happy. Where was Humpty to read? He liked reading while sitting on the wall & was willing to accept the consequences. Also, Jack n Jill were concerned on how they would get water to live on.

    The same thing is going on in our country. Politicians make law after law to protect us without looking at what it is doing to our country. Of course, the goal is to control us & take away our rights.

    Benjamin Franklin said something like “Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither.”

  4. It looks like the wheels are beginning to get loose on the recycling residential trash business model. I’d read some time ago of how the main buyer, China, no longer wanted its Western recycler suppliers to offload the amount of garbage particulates attached to recycled materials that was previously the norm as well as no longer accepting harder to recycle materials altogether. The you know what has now flowed downhill to the extent that the local recyclers want to charge cities surcharges to clean the material to higher quality levels. I figure between these surcharges and the costs of cities generating public service messages for people to recycle only cleaned material, the recycling programs will shift to being debt rather than revenue generators.

    I would conclude that it will increasingly make sense to place recycling where it belongs: in the trash.

  5. Your first chart looks like a descending triangle… which if so then the next thrust down is 10 days out, give or take as i am simply looking at your graph and done have the time grid numbers.

  6. So if you haven’t already finished your project by the time of my comment this is what I think you should do go ahead and put the plywood that’s resistant to water and it but make the whole bathroom floor that and then put on top of that the tile and have it go up along the edges like 6 inches of soul with a common drain or in your case it may take to drains so that if there is anything coming from a sink or a toilet or shower it can take the appropriate outward maneuvering away from all things that are subject to disintegration because of water so toilet overflow problem religious problems and then of course the bathtub shower structure what you have to do and put an actual drain in the bathroom with a gooseneck so that it will drain or and it won’t allow Little Critters to come back up into it without drowning.

    I had a trailer once where I had to replace a lot of things in the floor so what I did is I beefed it up super I made the trailer floor super beefed-up and I beat it up super under the tub so that this trailer bathroom would last longer than a traditional house but with an escape for any water overflows pull out the toilet pull out the tub and redo everything so that if something does break or doesn’t work it’ll go down into a drain gooseneck into the ground underneath or you could go into the waste system

    • You should do the same thing in your kitchen because every trailer has water problems in the bathroom and the kitchen under the kitchen sink under the refrigerator and any other pipes anything’s that comes up it’s going to go down and the trailer wasn’t designed to handle those leaks so if you’re going to redo a trailer to the last long time you have to redo it so that all the leaks fall tile or concrete Basin with a drain underneath

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