Too Bad for Celiacs, Trump Jr. Saves News Orgs

Wheat is our eye-opener today.

First comes word from Time magazine that The Vatican Says Gluten-Free Wafers Can’t Be Used for Communion.  Perhaps Catholicism doesn’t need celiac sprue sufferers or maybe they just missed the book Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health.  Wheat isn’t Rome’s only PR wreck: Vatican Cardinal returns to Australia to face sexual assault charges.

All of which bolster my view that churches do fine when comes to spiritual practice, but maybe the practice of medicine should be left to others and we seem to recall that celibacy was to avoid claims by offspring against property of the Church in the Middle Ages.  We, meantime, will be sorting the wheat from the chaff of an economic sort as we continue our own version of the late middle ages.

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On the topic of wheat, we notice that markets are still trying to waffle. Likely because there are claims that Donald Trump Jr.’s account of Russian lawyer talks may have drifted.  Near as we can reckon, this is another huge “So what?”  (The Russian lawyer’s pic is over on Heavy, if’n you were curious.)

Laughably, the (your adjectives go here) MSM is not admitting that there was nothing to meetings between Trump administration Russian interests (not the government).  With the NYT reporting Don Jr. was lured into the meeting with the Russian lawyer on promises of dirt on Hillary, ABC runs with “The Note: Fire peers out from Trump-Russia smoke.”

Hold d’ phone, bubba.  Say what?  Fire?

You mean after innuendoing Trump people were somehow party to Russian MEDDLING, that meeting with a lawyer claiming to have dirt on Hillary is a fire?  Well, FMTT.  If that ain’t twisted up, I don’t know what is.

This seems to me dysfunctional media at its finest.

Why aren’t the NY Times, the New Yorker, or other media which seem to be retaining readers via the continual Trump-bashing, demanding the server from the Hillary campaign?

Gibberthink….wherein the media will take yet-another non-event and blow smoke up our collective asses to pimp ad sales.

Donald Jr. has just saved the financial bacon two or three news operations for another few months.

What about the Hillary folks ties with Russians?  And the Foundation money…where’d all the investigative urninalism go on that stuff?

Other than giving the Collapsing News Networks something to fill up between ad minutes, hardly seems anything worth bothering with.  It is, admittedly, another opportunity to the anti-Trump media to drag another (pretend-he’s-a-perp) with the last name Trump through another pile of dirt.  Whether the dirt is real (or imagined) doesn’t seem to much matter anymore.


Well-respected (by someone) news operations like Reuters are touting how the Futures slightly up on optimism over solid jobs data.  Maybe, but we’ll hold our horses a bit.

Maybe they’re optimistic, but we aren’t.  Notice the lack of goods producing jobs versus services?

While the NASDAQ is, indeed, up a bit, reality holds that it’s a bounce from last week’s thrashing.

Unwarranted Optimism Dept.

We laughed heartily at the CNN headline: Congress returns for sprint to salvage health care bill.

Ever see a clown posse sprint?  Me either.

A more realistic view? Republicans debate Plan B if ObamaCare repeal fails.

Shock Jock Talk

Was the shooter of a congressman driven to act by a past-right radio talk show host?  The Washington Post seems to be marketing that idea.

Slippery Kids Dept.

I’m not sure what’s going on in Universe, but these two stories must mean something astrologically:

Boy who slipped while playing in water is swept into pipe and Child almost falls through train toilet floor.  Hmmm…

Depletion Marches On

I don’t know if you have followed our discussions (mixed in to the comment’s section and one Coping section column) last week.  But here we go:  Aramco CEO sees oil supply shortage as investments and discoveries drop.

The important thing here?  If you know someone (like Oilman2) you’ll understand that there is a gap between when oil is discovered and when it flows into a refinery.

The way we think this will work out is this:  We head up to the Market All Time Highs next month.  Then we crash this fall.

What happens then?  Well, the Treasuries are starting to nibble at the underside of their long-term decline line.  So picture a world where the Fed has to QE again and rates are trying to head back up at exactly the time the oil glut is ending.

So let me see:  The rates go up, oil and energy prices zoom skyward and there is no money for new infrastructure projects like those that saved us in the Great Depression…oh, this is gonna be soooo much fun, ain’t it?

I’m not the only one saying it now.  Last week, Bank of America’s Merrill Lynch unit was predicting a Humpty-Dumpty event this fall.

As you can see from the data and forecasts, there may be a shortage of King’s horses and King’s men to repair it…which is how we get to global war in 2024…but that’s another discussion for another day.

Climate Notes

It’s summer and we had 1.2 inches of rain in an hour Sunday.

Out West, meanwhile: California fires spread quickly, evacuation orders lifted in other parts of West.

Tornadoes in Florida (Forecasters confirm 2 tornadoes near Orange-Osceola line) and in Minnesota (Two tornadoes touch down in Blue Earth County; no injuries), too.

Climate Change?  No.  We just call it the Weather.

16 thoughts on “Too Bad for Celiacs, Trump Jr. Saves News Orgs”

  1. When members of Team Trump are in prison republicans will still be making excuses for Team Trump’s treason and sedition. Shameful.

    Your “story” would be different if it was Chelsea Clinton and her husband meeting with the Chinese in order to get stolen emails and hacked information to game the election.

    It’s an unbelievable disconnect from reality in order to put party over country. It’s more than obvious that the billionaire reality TV celebrity colluded with the enemy to game the election and what do they do – ‘clinton, obama, obama, clinton’.

    These doubters are the same folks who think that Hillary ran a pedophilia ring out of a DC pizza place, that Obama is actually a Kenyan and that Hillary and Obama are real life demons.

  2. I remain puzzled by the Conservative reply to this climate change stuff. I posited last week what to do if but 50% of the world’s reputable scientists thought it was man induced (although it is really 97%).

    Alluding to a town’s dam where 50% of the reputable engineers thought it was on verge of failure, wouldn’t one be a bit cautious about adding more water?

    I received back general carping, of course, and even some angry words, but no real plan.

    So what’s the plan? Best, Mike.

    • Go back and read the comments again, it is obvious that you missed something. You are the one carping and harping.

  3. George,
    It’s always been my contention that the Catholic Church’s escape-clause regarding celibacy lies in the strict definition of the word: “celibacy” does NOT mean someone who abstains from sex, but rather one who remains unmarried for life. It comes from the Latin “caelibatus” which meant “the state of being unmarried”. Abstention from sexual activity is more accurately called, “continence”. It is only in relatively modern times that celibacy has been commonly used to describe the avoidance of sex!

    This is why for centuries the Catholic hierarchy from regal Popes down to the most humble Friars have been able to rationalize the most carnal behavior while still maintaining their spiritual authority.

    “Chastity” is another misunderstood word. It originally meant to remain a virgin until marriage and then after marriage to remain totally faithful to your spouse. But -like celibacy- over the centuries the meaning was altered by the church to exercise more control over practitioners… whether cassocked, or not.

    SO: technically a Priest can take a vow of celibacy and still screw his brains out as long as he doesn’t also take a vow of chastity. If both vows are taken and later defiled only then does it become a serious infraction worthy of condemnation.

    Of course, the Holy See will never admit that this is the case… but when the chips are down and public scrutiny is tightly focused, notice how the Vatican will always fall back on the strictest definition of a word or term.

    They are the true survivalists, after all!

    • Wow…this is what we Catholics call picking and choosing your dogma, or in this case, trying to make words mean what you want them to mean. Just as a small FYI, the Church teaches all single persons are called to celibacy, and that sex is reserved for holy matrimony to bear children. Also, George, just this on your part about holy communion, that proclamation was made by a bishop, not by the Pope, thus the problem (ongoing) of “fake news”, only thus time it’s the Pope, which is almost always the case when something has to do with the Catholic Church. Have a great day! Thanks for all you do!

      • Jennifer,
        I deal in the etymology [the origin and derivation] of words and not definitions as they are revised by individuals or groups…including religions. Just because a word’s common useage changes -either deliberately, through misuse, social reformation or sheer ignorance- does not alter it’s pristine meaning!

        Here’s another great word for you to consider: “propaganda.”

        Propaganda is actually a word CREATED by the Roman Catholic Church in 1622 to describe the Holy See’s activities in converting heathen savages through it’s “Congragatio de Propaganda Fide” [Latin translation: “Congregation for Propagating the Faith”]. About 150 years later -perhaps because the masses were seeing how pervasively dictatorial the Church had become- “propaganda” began assuming the definition we understand and use widely today… the technique of spreading misleading information to promote a specific agenda. Ironically, modern usage of “propaganda” mirrors more accurately its etymology~~!

        As far as “picking and choosing my dogma”? Nothing could be further from the truth because it is your dogma and not mine. Further, your little “FYI” only supports what I wrote earlier… so, here’s another one for you- I didn’t define celibacy, chastity OR propaganda; your own Church hierarchy did that – and they are still the ones who continue to alter those definitions to suit themselves.

        Next I suppose you’ll try to claim there were no married Popes or that none of them fathered illegitimate children… [FACT: 39 were actually married and 13 others fathered Bastards] but, I wouldn’t go there if I were you.

        Currently, in the U.S. alone there are over 20,000 married Priests [there are an estimated 110,000 globally] and once again your own Church advocated this through Papal Edict: ‘…celibacy is not essential to the Priesthood’ -as published by Pope John Paul II, in 1993.

        So much for that vow!

        But, as I stated far above if nothing else the Church are the true survivalists – especially when it comes to massaging morality.

  4. All our society needs are “Gods(produced and consumed) % Services (rendered and appreciated).” All else is hokus pocus. For that part we’ll need executioners. No one wants to do this dirty job ;( .

  5. I see Paul Craig Roberts view of Trump seems to be in step with the Jon the contrarian re Trump can never improve relations with Russia when his own appointees oppose it inc tillerson and Nikki haley

    • Common sense would say that small fracking earthquakes relieve pressure so that large ones don’t occur or are of less magnitude. In a reasonable world we would be fracking the California faults a few miles at a time and letting them slip. Can’t do that though. Who would be willing to risk start the big one?

      When the big one hits in California it will be total mayhem. In six weeks they’ll be eating people.

      • Not Jon…he’ll be looking for a working charger outlet to get the hell out of there

  6. That article is about Trump not agreeing about ‘Climate Change’. Good to see the USA not being shackled by proven corrupt climate scientists.

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