Back in Channel

Despite all the “Fed losing it” hysteria, we are awed by how nicely the market opened and promptly moved back into its “trend channel” within minutes of today’s open:

So, for those playing the home version of  Replaying 1929, we continue to look forward to next Thursday which would be the modern-era approximation of the 82-trading days from the market low to the (then) all-time high in early September (3) 1929.

We offer no advice, but we should all be marvelously entertained…

8 thoughts on “Back in Channel”

  1. Now heres a woo woo…

    I don’t know or can say that one of the kids isn’t playing with my they did with my coffee cup..poked a tiny hole in it so every time I took a drink I it would drop a drop on my shirt. Lol


    The cabinet door is opening from the opposite direction.. there aren’t any holes on the other side.. so just in case theres a child Involve I will switch it to the way its suppose to open and see if anyone says anything..

  2. The million dollar kid…..

    I was talking to friends and the subject about strange illnesses came up..
    A kid.. started running a fever went to the doctor the diagnosis pneumonia.. nothing worked .
    He went in to the ER.. it’s not pneumonia… is it infectious.. series after series of tests ..specimen after specimen is coming up as a possible highly infectious yet nothing comes up that is definite.. all the govt departments are involved.. they’ve given over a million dollars worth tests to determine what it is.
    I have seen a few of the big cases that all have come into the USA from people here from some other country where we haven’t built up immunities to diseases that are common there.

      • I know.. and the kid is someone I know to.. which is sad.. I hope the kid makes it.. I have seen several through out the years.. a surgical nurse.. that didn’t wash her hands or change clothes before she went home.. died two months later that was last year.. this kid.. was a care giver to refugees and immigrants another was a coworker.. caught something from an immigrant she made it but hasn’t walked good was in isolation for a year..One lady was the wife of a surgeon.. he either didn’t wash good enough or didn’t change clothes and brought what he had home with him while in Africa he was volunteering his time in Africa at the time she went with.. his wife caught it and it eventually did her in he was so upset over it he couldn’t look at her there was just two of us that would go in for her cares…
        So when we started to discuss crazy stuff and it was mentioned that another caught some rogue disease.
        Its crazy .. I almost asked G2 what his thoughts were.. he is a wealth of information..but then it is best I sit back and just hope for the best.. all the alphabets disease control people are involved and from what I know are doing the very best for the kid…

      • what really bothers me is I can’t even tell you how many times I have told that kid through my knowing him.. WASH YOUR HANDS… wear gloves… change your clothes.. that is why hospitals and all locker rooms have showers in them.. use it..bag your clothes then take them home and bleach..
        I just hope he makes it… it isn’t looking that good though at this point..

        the good news is I don’t have to take that idiot doctor to the wood shed and give him the uncle Jake lecture.. .. LOL.. he left.. thank god.. they called me to make an appointment.. I asked.. said he went to california.. thank god.. let them idiots deal with a real winner like him LOL

        the medical industry is always.. I mean ALWAYS short staffed.. you have to work rotating shifts.. and your weekends.. I was doing a hundred hours a week at the end.. wash your stupid hands if your a doctor and you don’t want to be bothered at three am.. then by god don’t write some dumb ass order where the nurse on staff will have to give you a call.. always write let the on staff doctor deal with it as he or she sees fit and then deal with it in the AM.. .. when around infectious diseases.. don’t touch your face my god keep those hands to yourself…. wear gloves.. and wash.. if dealing with MRSA or some other gown.. CRE… stay away if you have to then.. look at how it is being dealt with in other area’s and use the safest of them all.. the equipment is there to help you use it.. the hospital or facility could care less about your health.. remember STP… stabilize and transport patient…. I have my suspicions on what this is.. but I am not a doctor.. so better to keep my fears to myself and pray for the best…

  3. “Despite all the “Fed losing it” hysteria….”
    The reintroduction of the Fed’s repo operations to inject money into the banking system doesn’t mean that the Fed is “losing it”, it means that Others are, and the Fed is having to intervene to shore up the banking system. Rather than hysteria, it looks like the Fed and the financial press are going out of their way to downplay the move. That there has been no real attempt to explain the liquidity problem by either officious or less-than-officious sources tends to make one wonder what we are not being told. These sort of situations tend to be harbingers of bad news which only gets outed when the insiders have covered their butts.

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