As Goes Housing?

This morning’s report will fly in two pieces.  The first is the usual parade line-up of passing lunacy.  The second, about quarter after the hour, will be the Case-Shiller housing data.  Like we say in middle America: Dew Drop Inn, again, yah hear?

Spot the Loonies!

In Canada, this is an easy task – find TrueDope, point at Ottawa and Bob’s your uncle.  In the Colonies, it’s a bit harder.

Though politicians are mainly cut of the same cloth and suffer the same weave and weft…

To the point: Nikki Haley Is Starting to Look Like a Real Threat to Trump.

But, Trump is also a threat to Trump: When Will Trump Be in Court? These Are the Dates to Watch.

And the Financial Times (paywalled) goes on an “Orange monetization” as we call it, headlining a story Putin, Trump and the meaning of a mafia state. Suggesting Putin and Trump have “godfather-like” similarities demonstrates the lack of news and enterprising that besets journalism today, generally.

Pessimism Expanding

We are not the only ones to notice, and begin to make lists of what’s going wrong, however.  Comes today a good overview piece: Post-pandemic, world facing gloomy stew of debt, trade wars and poor productivity.

Amazingly, the day after our 60 percent annual energy inflation math lesson in the Watercooler Psychic’s Monday epistle, here’s another echo of the same notion: Rising Gasoline Prices Hit Inflation-Weary Americans.

And it’s not just us wee peons who are sniffing foul times ahead:  Buffett Expects Recession, Burry’s Big Short a ‘Good Move’: Steve Hanke.

What is missing from many reports is the “tie-back” to the clowns in power.  At what point does inflation which Biden owns (killing energy, emptying the SPR to China, fighting a mindless meat-grinder in Ukraine, and loading Taiwan up for our next proxy war with China while spewing nonsense from government agencies about “freedom” in Niger which coincidentally has 7 percent of the world’s uranium), come back into the voter’s mind and rightly screw him out of a second term?

To us, that’s really the point...  What we fear more than anything is a high enough level of bullshit – and maybe even another bioweapon’s release if not nukes – in order to give Slow Joe a flag to wrap himself in.  Like the two-bit impression of FDR, Biden’s another bad  socialist who needs to be amended out of office.

I’m thinking the 25th Amendment more so than FDR’s 22nd Amendment.

Not joking about Biden’s “split personality” issues since it’s a matter of public record that  National Archives acknowledges 5,400 Biden pseudonym emails, faces lawsuit for their release.

The related Tuesday bombshell?  Exclusive Emails: Weiss Colluded With DOJ To Thwart Congress (

It’s sometimes hard to see – in stories like Trump Shrieks At GOP To Go After Biden: ‘IMPEACH THE BUM – where the American Uniparty in crack-up mode ends and the dyed-in-the-wool Trump hate begins.  All to be clarified in time, we surmagine.

(No, it wasn’t a word before, but surmise and imagine overlap, so WTF, let’s use it. Surmagine.)

Stormy Weather?

People in the Tampa area are glued to the weather channels today because of a major tropical storm due to come ashore this week:  Idalia bearing down on Tampa and the inner panhandle while Franklin is lounging east of the Bahamas…

Plus, there’s plenty of grist for conspiracy theorists as Contaminated gas in Florida found with diesel fuel as Idalia looms.  Coincidence?  Occam’s Razor says yes, but let’s not be bound by statistics, shall we? Why, without runaway narcissism, what would happen to social media?

Besides, aren’t there nuclear power plants in the storm track to be thinking about?  Did any of them get contaminated fuel for their backup power systems?  See, how a much bigger story could be planted in front of all of us without notice?

Tearing Down the Wires

Covid coverup, anyone?  EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower Who Disclosed Myocarditis Spike in Military After COVID Vaccine Rollout Goes Public | The Epoch Times.  Not that we’re surprised, of course.

Vivek has a problem: Eminem asks Republican candidate to not use his music in presidential campaign.

Speaking of expropriation: UC Riverside professor accused of claiming false Cherokee heritage resigns.

Remember the song with lyrics “You talk too much, you worry me to death”?  That’s playing softly in background as I read China, U.S. set to hold fresh talks on trade disputes – Raw Story“You just talk, talk, talk, talk. You talk too much….”  God,, Joe Jones was great!

Next, talking about Big Talkers: Kim Jong Un: Nuclear weapons to be deployed to North Korea navy.

Any bets on Taiwan being seized by China over Labor Day?  Taiwan warns of surge in tensions as Chinese planes cross median line. Meantime, the Biden administration plans to send weapons to Taiwan have brought more speculation: Taiwan Believes Domestic Next-Gen Fighter Could Lead To F-35 | Aviation Week Network. But seriously, you don’t really think president Xi’s Central Committee of Project Planners will just sit around and wait for Taiwan to go on a U.S. taxpayer supported up-armoring spree, do you?  Seriously?

Around the Ranch:  The Pomodoro Gardener

That’s the topic on Peoplenomics tomorrow.  Because, when I started working on it, the more it became obvious that we need to transition America From Fitness to Foodness.  All of which is going into the brain bucket labeled “America Reinvented.”

Other than that?  (Which is threatening to turn into a book because there is more on electroculture and all that.)

Heat’s off – but still no major rains in the forecasts and 100+ temps have returned to the forecast after Labor Day.

Back at 8: 15-ish with the Housing report. Write when you get rich,

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26 thoughts on “As Goes Housing?”

  1. Well done Wordsmith, “Creating” -its what makes Humans most special, most special indeed. I surmagine you already have an understanding of this phenomena.

    Blue Moon over USA – can you feel the Water ? Best keep an eye on the Water around this perigee Moon, nowadaze called a “super” moon. 8/30

    ..Water water everywhere – dangers hidden underneath..dont take much to float a vehicle..just a couple inchs of water to Stall a Car, a Foot to float the bad boy…dont be that “hero”.

    Also goes for drinking Water – keep it clean, what goes over Ure lips, Lifestraw, boil if youse must, but make sure its clean Water before consuming.

    * health note – Luvele yogurt making machine with cutting edge cultures L.Ruteri and L.Gasseri is AMAZEBALLZ! Better half and I are running the machine almost non stop now, we enjoy it that much. One year old Granddaughters’ favorite treats- frozen L.Ruteri with squozone backyard Blackberry, “Pops”.

    You get a “feeling” when consuming either one, but more so L. Ruteri. Synergies going off in Ure Body are off the chart, and it gives a Body a sense of well being. Not to mention all the super healthy (read powerful) benefits of Ure Gut Biome rebalancing, and thus recharging the WHOLE.
    Ure Gut and GI system will thank you for the new Bacteria’s, in their own special way…Ure results may vary.

    ** BTC- looking at its future price and saying H___S___ kemmosabe – that is some serious Resistance coming up at around $28,000.00 All my MA’s converge in this area of chart and will be very tough going getting thru “meatgrinder”. Further consolidation around $26k is not encouraging, on the contrary $20k looks like next stop before powering higher. Timing is tricky as September promises to start solving/resolving some missing puzzle pieces – So we get good picture of “things” going into SHOCKTOBER.


  2. My relatives that live in SC and are conservative have told me for several years, don’t trust Nikki Haley. She is a RINO at heart and will stab conservatives in the back the first chance she gets. Just passing along what I was told.

  3. “Vengeance is best served cold.” And for this USMC vet, it is in the form of cold, hard cash, and lots of it.

    She called out Booz Allen for massive contract fraud and Uncle Sam rewarded her with $69M. If I’m not mistaken, legal awards are exempt from federal and state taxes. This is a rare case where investing in a little integrity provided serious financial returns. Semper Fidelis, Marine!

    • “That’s the topic on Peoplenomics tomorrow. Because, when I started working on it, the more it became obvious that we need to transition America From Fitness to Foodness.”

      From Fitness to Foodness?
      Is that correct?
      Or Foodness to Fitness?

      • Great question JC – because while America is damn short on fitness, rather than have a whole monetization/industrialization off making unproductive and over-priced sweat in a gym, we need as I see it a way to transition people from pointless (rental sweat) to useful (paid) sweat.
        So instead of spending money on a gym, a few bucks in seeds and basic garden tools and you can turn sweat into foodness. Instead of wasted “fitness.”
        Because when the shit hits the fan, a kettleball will be useless. But a shovel and knowing how to use it? Priceless.

        Forget “fitness” we’re rolling with foodness!

        • George,

          My grandfather had a vegetable garden. Tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, peppers etc. He lovingly nurtured that garden.

          Eventually, the neighborhood changed and my father convinced him it was time to move.

          About twenty years later and I took a ride back to the old neighborhood and I passed by my grandfather’s house.

          Sadly, what was once a vegetable garden was resurfaced with blacktop and transformed into a basketball court.

          From foodness to fitness.

        • Useless..?

          Oh contraire mon frer, hung/suspended at height of arc/pendulum swing on a tree, held back with trip wire, positioned to swing thru trail line, at about average head level….

        • Greens cape cities… co2 filters on every streetlight …..
          three sided solar towers with an inner catwalk for maintenance.. v shaped cell arrays with an inverted trapazoid reflector in the center accordion style..

          god I love this video.. he obviously hasn’t gotten the memo lol everyone I know has already told me that they have been informed that there isn’t going to be an increase of wages on the board..
          we just got our notice that garbage services is going up almost 40 % next month..

  4. Q
    post40 says
    4,10, 20

    d=4 j=10 t=20 scroll down a little and see trump’s license plate in the above link

    Q post 2347 says the “picture will be the signifier”
    The Don’s mug shot

    time frame between the two posts?
    4 yr 10 month and 20 days

    but lettuce read the yahoo boo hoo news links instead, that is corporate owned by the deep state that brags up haley the war monger

    we have been given a future proves past,,, a satellite view is better than a valley view when an avalanche is in motion,,, look out below I do not believe they have a fifth,,, indictment
    there is no step 5

    the deep state is being evicted, expect them to trash the place on their way out. they are trying to destroy the US Constitution, they hate US claiming our God given rights.
    THEY HATE US and treat US like shit. Got Covid? Got a tainted vax? Got taxes out ure ass? Got Sodom and Gomorrah ure schools and libraries? locust invasion at the southern open border? got ure money dissolving by inflation?

    I got to go find a Trump Mug Cofefe mug, with that picture, that was seen around the world,,, stupid demons thought we would abandon Trump,,, their attacking him makes US stronger
    Mean while we wait for Bribes impeachment, that he himself admitted to using his office for Hunter’s profit,,, 10% to who? anything you say can and will be used against you in court,,, as evidence

    put a copper bare wire vertical coil in a potted pepper plant , ran a second wire to ground, we’ll see, if speedy growth follows

    elections are rigged and so are casinos and the stock mkt

  5. Is anyone else disgusted by the fact that the gummint is sending trillions out of country while the number of homeless and hungry HERE is skyrocketing. Fix us first, then squander trillions on other countries. But first take care of our own.

  6. Yo OBD,

    what you washing Ure pocornz down wit ? inquiring minds..

    ..needed the fourth to complete the “operation”

    – See date of GA booking – corresponds with 2 other former presidents who made the cover of TIME mag (not good behavior) on same date – different years obviously.

    Da numbers be important, and precise..just like BTC – wait what – GBTC ? Say it aint so?

    Not only GBTC – but lookey lou @ AZ and Ms. Keri Lake – not so fast mother wefers, not so fast.

    SC – lettuce review October and bronson bros..tic,tic,tic

    Connedgress..sssseeya, wouldnt want to be ya!

  7. social media ,,, well I stumbled on this today, in social media,

    “The Solfeggio Frequencies are a set of 9 electromagnetic tones said to have the ability to HEAL.
    Each solfeggio tone comprises frequencies necessary for keeping the mind, body and spirit in Harmony.
    The LOVE frequency 528 Hz miracle tone is known for its powerful effects on the body helping to reduce the stress hormone cortisol.”

    Ure part of my social media,,, I like the buzz, the high, the feel good stuff, a good vibration,,,,
    the negatives can go to ground, a good grounding copper rod should go 6 ft down and power up daisies,,, I wonder if my elec box grounding rod should be surrounded by my garden? grow you little vegetables, brainless but yet they grow

  8. Folks,

    Yesterday “Deutsche Welle” posted a Ukraine report which is disappearing into the ether. Mr. Z. would like to hold elections in the Ukraine next year providing the US (and allies) ante up funding for the purpose. No amount was specified. The article included an image of Mr. Z. in a mao suit standing beside a building mural of a soldier. The image looks like it was first used by the presidential office last week on IMGUR celebrating Independence Day.

    The chief of military intelligence, a graduate of the Odesa Institute, offers in the posting writeup that the fight has actually been going on since 1917. Then he includes mention of the early 18th century exiled Cossack guerilla leader Pylip Orlyk. According to Wiki he was apparently financed by the King of Sweden and the Ottomans against Empress Catherine of Russia. 300 years hasn’t seen a whole lot of progress?

  9. Re: loaves not bombs


    “Reuters” offered an update a few days back that a second cargo ship, Primus, had left Odessa for Turkey through the Black Sea compassionate corridor. The good news is that it’s final destination is Dakar, Senegal. Africans chafing at the bit asking “where’s the wheat?” may be disappointed. The ship is apparently carrying “steel products”. No advice was given as to whether or not the cargo elements fire projectiles.

  10. i move some things when i did my big trip the first time. placing the stone the hopi elders didnt know on top of the turtle stone in the center of the divine labrinth. tore the button off my pants and threw it on the ground in san fransisco. and a few other things to see the effect on creation over time.

    this last trip, i moved different objects to see if it produces a differernt response over time. or effect..

    until we meet again george. thanks for everything

  11. uhem. eagle facing north, lion east, ox west, likeness of human facing south.

    and how that all ties to the 3 previous cataclysms, and the 4th as it relates to the 4 corners symbol of a circle with a cross in the center and the 4 dots in each piece of the pie. how if you draw a line connecting each of the dots vertically and horizonatlly the 4 corners symbol becomes the i-ching. if you connect the dots to the cross. it makes a swastika.

    how all that connects to the 4 horsrman of the appoclypse and the prophacy of Danniel. how all that intersects along with the 72 keys of solomon, the jin and the rulers and watchers mentioned in the book of enoch.

    its all connected. how the 5th word is the hidden dot where the lines of the cross inside the circle in the 4 corners symbol intersect and how that is a refrence to the all seeing eye. how all that intersects and relates together with the globes, cycles and root races found within the merkabah as representations. and all os reflected in the stars and planets above. and astroglogical signs.

    yeah driving ore trains teaches ya a lot.

    but i dont know what do with it. but the language of creation taught me all that.

    anyway, —–>>>>> eagle north, lion east ox west, likeness of human south. wanted to clarify that. lol

    the sun rised in the eaat and sets in the west.

    lions east and ox west. ox represents lamb. how the sun is a symbol of the lion. where the lion lays down with the lamb. book of revelations yada yada yada, 7 days a week, corispondong colors spectrums, the two thrones of the merkabah working as one justice and charity, both the sun and the moon yada yada yin and yang and and how it all intersects. brhamam and pana. all intersecting. the 5 elements yada yada yada. the holon and the mondad. yada yada.

    when you really think about it. all the symbols and ancient scripturs from the myan pap vul to the talmud are just puzzel piece that aranged in a certain way dont conflict at all. but compliment each other in a grander image and tapastey. they are not opposing forces they are colaboration forces working in concert.

    its almost as if the entire universe is moving within an even greater merkabah. hmm.

    honestly, i dont why the language of creation is teaching me all this and what to do with it. like okay cool. thanks! but….

    im just trying to find a comfy lawn chair on a sunny beach with a super cute girl with great legs and a large glass of unsweetened ice tea with a lemon in it. hahaha.

    ding ding ding. tell him what he won Bob!!!! a brand new caaar! the sign flashes and everyone applauds on que. lol

  12. “Nikki Haley Is Starting to Look Like a Real Threat to Trump.”

    Jeb Bush is gonna win the election, yet…

  13. “Plus, there’s plenty of grist for conspiracy theorists as Contaminated gas in Florida found with diesel fuel…

    …Besides, aren’t there nuclear power plants in the storm track to be thinking about? Did any of them get contaminated fuel for their backup power systems?”

    No, it is gasoline that’s been contaminated with diesel fuel, not diesel that’s been contaminated by gasoline. The NPP backup generators are diesel.

    I could not find how much diesel (by volume) is in the petrol. If it is less than 1gal diesel per about 20 gallons of gas, there should be no lasting issues. A car will run like crap, AND after getting good gas, the car will still run like crap until the diesel gets burned off the sensors.

    FWIW, people intentionally contaminate their diesel with gasoline — when they can’t get kerosene and cold weather hits before the refiners roll out the winter blends. Up to about 15:1 diesel:gas is perfectly safe.

    I mention that because tonight’s low temp will be in the mid-40s (Fahrenheit) which is damn’ near the gel-point of summer diesel. Of course the day temp will be at or close to 100°F again, in two days.

    The REAL conspiracy is that the corrupt petrol all came from CITGO, which is majority-owned by the Venezuelan communist government.

    {Now conspiranuts — go with THAT!}

  14. UC Riverside professor accused of claiming false Cherokee heritage resigns.
    So what’s the problem, the guy was just “identifying ” as a Native American??? (Indian for those of you over 60)
    No problem there? Lizzy Warren did it for years and she did not have to resign from congress??
    So what happens to this guy, if when buying a gun , he clams to be (identify as) , a Native American or African American on the federal form?? No harm no foul?? After all the goobermint has made it clear that a person is who or what they say they are.

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