Another Congressional Screw Job

Absolutely terrible what’s in the “stimulus” package – money for illegals and “gender programs” in foreign countries?  Seriously…WTF?

The VAST majority of which has  nothing  to do with Covid.

Shame on Congress – Throw ’em ALL out in 2022.

Click for the Trump video low-down on how we’re still being hosed by the Swamp.

Now let’s do some simple math:

Let’s say America has 330 million people (rounding).  And let’s say 250-million are entitled to a stimulus check.

That pencils out to$150-billion.

Pork and bullshit is the balance.  The stuff YOUR elected buffoons are too busy to even frickin READ.


This is outrageous.  This used to be America.

57 thoughts on “Another Congressional Screw Job”

  1. “The VAST majority of which has nothing to do with Covid.”

    SERIOUSLY…. did anyone expect the demoralcraps to do anything for the country..
    Our national budget is similar to that all the time. We spend close to a trillion on other countries but nothing on the needs of the people..

      • The vote is veto proof – he can veto but it will only delay the implementation. Now McConnell and the GOP now have to make a decision on the $2,000 – either way he loses or rather we lose. Also there is language in the bill that prevents the President from invoking the insurrection act.

      • Veto proof? Possibly not. It can be delayed and publicized. At the least, President Trump can refuse to deal with it for as long as permitted – I think it’s 15 days. Meanwhile, the actual bill can be published and circulated to all citizens. The outrage might be sufficient to sway some who would otherwise be inclined to vote an override.

        Introducing a competitive bill without 5500 pages of pork might also have a useful effect.

      • Lol now being the smart azz I know I can be….
        At this point… it cant be
        Give them what they want and more..push for it.. they have done so much damage to an already damaged system. So why not go all the way get it over with.
        My curiosity is.. if he did that.. would they flop the other way..???? It’s like stores saying have all the day old doughnuts you a short time it’s not very appealing anymore..
        I do that with the sd back tray. It’s full all of the crap a person Could want..all prepackaged in individual servings. Everyone got sick of em.. I spend less

      • @Mike

        “At the least, President Trump can refuse to deal with it for as long as permitted”

        Does da Prez no longer have the ability to “pocket veto?” ISTM neither the Legislative nor the Judicial can abridge the powers granted the Executive, without a Constitutional Amendment…

        FWIW I have heard considerable noise from clear across the political spectrum — everyone from neocommies to anarcho-Libertarians, and they’re all pissed about this bill. If’fn they could drop the socialism-fear and Trump-hate for one minute, they might discover we DO still have stuff in common with one-another, and our collective opinion regarding this royal shagging from Nancy Pelosi is at the top of the list.

    • “Even after four years Trump will generate almost as much debt as Obama”

      Same ratio Biden will have to “generate almost as much debt as” Trump over the next two years.

      Today’s can of fruit, on sale 4 for $5.00 will be 5 for $10.00.

    • Lol here we go again the endless party thing for I read that it was only 6 or 8 republicans who voted against it. Now just how do you explain that after all you have to take care of their partners in the business class. Now how’s that working out for you ?.!!

      • ” I read that it was only 6 or 8 republicans who voted against it. ”
        It really shocked me that from my view they basically are… SPITTING … IN THE FACE OF THE WORKING CLASS CITIZEN …
        Gave away hundreds of billions and left the working class. Taxpayers.. in the squalor of debt and frustration after the loss of income this past summer..
        Then gave hundreds of billions away..

      • I think you’re missing the reason that McCarthy et al blocked:

        We have no business giving American tax dollars to Central American countries, for example. Any foreign aid should be voluntary. Why should we as Americans work our assess off to support people who won’t fox their own screwed up countries?
        The term for what’s going on is “Bait and Screw.”

      • Now that takes NERVES of steel… from my perspective and what I think is that they assume it doesnt make any difference at this point. that after all their past activities.. that they can pretty much do anything they want to the taxpayers.. then paint it that they care about them lol lol..
        The Russians made them do it lol

  2. Hell George what did you expect wine and roses? Ever since the election of 1980 you have been seeing the greatest transfer of wealth the countries probably ever seen through the trickle down scam, as congress passed law after law against the working class, off times bills written by the business sector themselves gutting the middle class, creating the working poor and poverty and yes it’s still going on.

    First it was to kill the unions then the plants moved from the north with its better wages, benefits, etc to the south and right to work states, that went so well they decided to go whole hog and moved them out to Mexico which was only the first step on its leap to China and Asia, while the people were brainwashed that unions are evil they take away from the companies, corporations and other parts of the business sector which prevented their C.E.O.s from walking away with millions every year. Now me I don’t feel sorry for the American people in the voting sector that cut its own throat and now whine that well something just not right, help me out here holding out for their share of that helicopter money, good luck with that one.!!!

    • The part you left out was the bipartisan nature of the looting. Neither partisan gang is offering anything but progressive hoodoo economics, and continued looting. The kids will continue to suffer, and it will be the fringe leftist gangs who continue to pick up soldiers, not the labor movement.

      • “The part you left out was the bipartisan nature of the looting. ”

        Amen…. the whole bunch has sold out the american taxpayers..

        If they were on the street I think you could call each of them by other names..
        And everyone keeps bringing up how trump overpaid Stormy Daniels lol lol..

      • “they” (deepstate) have Looted ALL the Assets already -bush/bubba/retard jr./obumma..and its gone.

        The only thing left is Liabilities – basic Accounting principals – Assets & Liabilities..

        Now how do you get rid of the big liabilities – Medicare/Medicaid & Social Security ? think multiple/force multipliers..

        Lets see …floyd “cant breath”.. communist insurrections in leftitard ruled cities/states = Secession.

        Combined with an assault on US population with a ‘weaponized” conavirus – those weapons being 3 protein spikes (MERS/AIDS/SARS) – an unvaccinable chimara to “thin” out over 70 crowd.
        And now 2 wondrous scientific gifts/achievements from the Pharmaceutical Mafia to help usher in the transhumanist agenda.
        USA government, sans TRUMP – is a goddamed DISGRACE – look at the dollar..its toxic as the “ship” starts to circle the edge of the whirlpool – looks like shes going down..

      • “Now how do you get rid of the big liabilities –”

        Don’t fret ECU during the reboot everything will go start fresh .
        Getting rid of public school system will save our household a fortune.. then all those dam road costs.. since all we want to do is send it all overseas why pay anything..
        Even this stimulus says it all.. nothing for the taxpayers everything for the guys paying for their hobbies..

    • thats a really really well written post . makes georges yellow dog dribble stories look down right garbage . well done

      • this was a good post as well but i replied to bludogs great post . psyops? technique ? camel jockey stuff ?

    • “bills written by the business sector themselves”

      None of the Bill’s are written by congress bluedogg . And they will give you one hell of an argument as to why the don’t need to.
      Realistically with as little time that any of them spend doing anything at all.. they don’t have time..

  3. “”

    Would that mean they’d have to increase the funds that will be sent to illegal aliens…and the billions to other countries.

    • We really don’t want to have American citizens get more than everyone else.. what we ould this country do if we actually started to fix things for the taxpayers and our country.. instead of everyone else..

  4. Why not have President Trump simply write a one page bill and publicize it! Send it to the House and tell them to pass it, then on to the Senate. I’ll help:

    “Each and every American adult citizen shall receive $2000.00 with $400.00 additional for each American citizen dependent to be delivered in January, 2021 from the federal treasury via the same means used for the previous stimulus distribution. It shall be free from Federal income tax and treated that way by the Internal Revenue Service.”

    That’s simple enough.

    • “That’s simple enough.”

      That’s what you’d think…what was it..I think the waterfowl protection act…printed up it was like six semi loads of paper .. the last phase basically said the if you found away around the rest of it.. they still could do what they want..
      The thing took me a week to read..
      The Obama care bill was worse I made it through about six hundred pages before I tossed it aside..
      When the whole thing could have been written up in a paragraph..
      No borders.. a policy in the SW is good in the NE a company in England or any other competitive insurance could also sell policies.
      Pharmaceuticals.. same thing.. citizens pay several thousand percent more than anywhere else.
      No price gouging or discrimination. a policy sold for ten dollars is ten dollars across the board..if they need to increase the price then the price gets increased across the board. ( it does anyway and because of those that dont have insurance everyone’s cost increases)
      Negotiate for services.. you won’t
      get a price for anything here.
      I always thought they would push for a basic policy paid out of taxes .then sell supplemental policies..

    • How about those who are working and paying income taxes? Shouldn’t everyone pay taxes on the income or shouldn’t everyone get equivalent tax credits?

      • “Shouldn’t everyone pay taxes on the income”

        Absolutely in my opinion.. flat tax everything above poverty level…no deductions for anyone..
        Tax everything coming in from overseas and all services handled outside our borders. Tax corporations that outsource or move their companies outside the borders of the USA. Give a tax break to corporations manufacturing in the USA hiring citizens.
        Tax corporations…many of the higher paid employees keep their money and goods. Homes cars etc.. tied up with their business’s so they don’t have to pay taxes.
        Trump showed an income of what ten grand..he paid less in taxes than the one emptying the trash. That common ..secretaries pay several times the taxes the ceo does. So no deductions.
        Of course trump tried to tariff incoming goods, and bring back jobs. Congress did everything under the sun to stop it.. refugees.. no benefits that are meant for citizens until they become one. They pay all the same taxes then a non resident tax.
        I have read statements like..they would stop selling in the USA..yeah right we are the consumer capital of the world..

  5. George,

    Not that I am an advocate of what I am about to say, but I fear that it will come to pass.

    The “system” is so corrupt, so broken; that merely voting for a different bottom dwelling politician cannot fix things. My worst fear is that we will soon experience one of several undesirable outcomes.

    All out civil war could erupt, but the majority of those understand work and patriotism are 60 and up. Not what I call a world class army. Most of the generations behind us think it is all about “me”, and what is in it for “me”. They have had it too soft and do not understand that everyone does not deserve a participation trophy; simply because they can fog up a mirror.

    Another possible outcome would be that we devolve into a North American version of Venezuela. All these dummycrats who think there a free lunch are in for a rude awakening. As Margaret Thatcher said, “Socialism only works until you run out of other people’s money to spend”.

    We will most likely see the total collapse of the economy under the weight of all the debt. At such time, we will experience a complete plunge into anarchy. It will then be “every man for himself”.

    I am not looking forward to any of the above, but short of a superior race of aliens taking control or an act of the “Supreme Being”; I see no other outcomes.

    My advice is enjoy what you have it may be short lived, love family and cherish time with them, and be true to your own beliefs.

    • “My worst fear is that we will soon experience one of several undesirable outcomes”

      God I know.. makes you want to cry to see our whole system implode.. like taking a bandage off a hairy arm. Best to get it over with..

    • Do really think people under the age of 60 are the cause of the US collapsing to a degenerate model of socialism?

      • The cause? Do you mean “initial cause?”


        But they’ve only done stuff to accelerate our pending demise, which is causative, in and of itself.

        I’m not normally one for affixing blame, because when you have to deal with a bad situation, arguing about whose fault it is is incredibly counterproductive, and tends to delay a response until the situ is worse. With that said, any “cause” would be traced back to the “Progressive Movement” of the early 20th Century and “initial blame” to both Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson — the two most-prominent “Progressives” of the era. The “cause” for our current “pickle” is too many greedy, narcissistic, and self-serving politicians, serving at all levels, between 1920 and 2020.

        EVERYBODY (especially Leftists, who hollered the loudest) who was at-all politically savvy, called for the election of a “political outsider” or someone from “business,” after the 2004 and 2006 Elections. Then all the “Party faithful” (of both Parties) and back-seat politicos railed against Trump — even though he was exactly what they all had professed was “needed.”

        The pols don’t want anything fixed. They are perfectly content with a 2-tier social system that’s socialist in everything but name, because they’ll forever be in the upper tier. The young’uns, like the Death Squad, are more-honest than their elders, because they don’t hide their intent, but said intent still runs counter to our socioeconomic and political systems, and any semblance of common sense, so yeah, the “under 60 crowd” carries their own share of “cause” and “blame” for the current state of our affairs…

    • Point taken Lloyd.

      But, some of us find the not exactly world class army figure we got nothing to lose.

      Rather than drooling ourselves to death, there is a huge sentiment among us that “have been and done” that might reply, Bring it, but pack your lunch.

      The “me” generation and others are about to learn what ‘Suck It Up Buttercup’ is all about.

      You are right about the last paragraph “My advice is enjoy what you have it may be short lived, love family and cherish time with them, and be true to your own beliefs.”

      Roger that.

      Semper Fi, God, Corps and Country.

      Saddle up.

    • “Short of a superior race of aliens taking control or an act of the “Supreme Being”; I see no other outcomes.” – me neither. Unfortunately, the people that claim to communicate with aliens say they’re just here to observe – we have to solve our own problems. The Supreme Being, though, did promise to intervene at a time when the world was given over to more and more evil, yet people were still carrying on with their normal lives (as best they can, anyway). That’s a pretty good description of the situation we’re currently in. Your advice is right on – keep trying to preserve the things that matter as long as possible.

  6. Phew what a day….snowing… seventy mile an hour breeze… going to pick someone up at the hospital and of course they still had tests to do first in the process it started to snow… they will remain there at the hospital .. then on top of it all.. I wasn’t planning on using the CC so it’s at home locked up ..then they closed the interstate..and you aren’t getting a room without the card and no one is willing to let you use their restrooms.
    I took the beast so in it I dont have the disposable urinals or foul weather gear…( I won’t make that mistake again lol) I do have a load blanket and tarp..
    What a week … it could be worse though

      • Lol

        “Pretend you’re in SanFran — (no problem!)”

        I did… lol just opened the truck door and let fly… now unlike Sanfran… someone walks up to their door slips and face plants in this stinky Sanfran… they call it the cities relaxed ambiance aroma.. the sweet smell of successful people. Lol

  7. I have been voting none of the above for years —- How long is it going to take people to figure out that the “reps”we have are not worth voting for?????? For the money these reps spend to get reelected as opposed to the respective salary they get —– ????—– Do you need a calculator to figure this out —-????—- REALLY ???? AND it is ONLY the “simple” that think they are being served by the reelected “reps”.— yeah — more like “___________” (fill in the blank).

    • “How long is it going to take people to figure out that the “reps”we have are not worth voting for?????? ”

      It’s the dairy farmers delima. Walking to the cow you see several cow pies. No matter which way you go your going to end up with a foot ankle deepin cow shizt. Which one do you step in.. usually the one that has previous tracks.
      Unfortunately everyone has lost faith. Seeing this stimulus package says what everyone is afraid of..
      Theres little to nothing ffg or the people of the United states..and everything for those paying their personal interests.. sad huh

    • Voting “none of the above” solves nothing.

      How ’bout voting for quality candidates in Primary Elections, instead?

      If no quality candidates exist, take the time to find one, then encourage him/her to run. Be aware the Establishment (of both “major” Parties, but especially the Libs) will go to any length to destroy the public (and personal) life of any potential candidate who’s honest and “can’t be bought,” so you may find a candidate, but lose a friend.

      Reagan was the last candidate for whom I voted, where the choice was about “policy” and not “lesser of evils.”

      Trump was a pleasant surprise, but when I voted for him, it was still a “lesser of evils” choice, because of his known (mostly) very leftist (and not very “Constitutionally-grounded”) beliefs during his builder to pre-Apprentice time period.

      • “If no quality candidates exist, take the time to find one, then encourage him/her to run. ”

        That’s really hard to do these days as well.. our elected politicians are not our neighbors and friends like before. Today it’s the politician with money.. the backersthatpush the politician into office is seeking a candidate that they can control.. encourage through donations and security.. what was it Abramoff said.. offer them a lucrative job after their voted out.. so dumb and dumber gets the job..its the same in the business world.. it’s not what you know..

  8. the turd from snake tank kevin oleary now bullish gold . you got some great mates george . unbeleivable evil . wouldnt be surprised if mother nature unleashes some real hell on earth this xmas . yeah merry evil

    • Len,

      Thank you for your zingy tidings towards parsimonious Christmas cheer. Actually the children may be moved to tears because the Kevin O’Leary that pops up in my mind successfully made millions while bankrupting a toy company. But we all know that in the movie end, Scrooge turned out to be a pretty good bloke.

  9. covid bill arithmetic
    unemployment =~ 6mil @ $300 for 11 weeks = $19.8bil
    Your $150bil for $600 checks also includes handouts to folks who did just fine since February.
    $605bil goes to business owners still standing (probably to wealthy individuals) Does this go in the pork column or aid column?
    $82bil to schools (small local university fired & cut about $2mil payroll = remaining $1mil loss for the year. They are ran fairly conservatively @ very close to break even) How many schools in the country and what losses?
    $30bil for vaccine and test and trace
    $35bil for assorted cv2 stuff
    =$956.8bil. And that doesn’t include $26.8bil for paid leave, airlines and child care.
    It doesn’t help to break down the costs, the desired goal doesn’t appear to be balancing covid/lockdown damages and fixing problems. Besides, somebody got some bad figures, the total is not $900bil, maybe it was me. Maybe there aren’t that many getting checks. Dems got green agenda as a wart on the hog, Reps didn’t get anything unless it was continued oppression of the poorest.
    I won’t read the 5k+ pages since my opnion doesn’t matter anyway. Got the recap here:

  10. I find it funny ( not ha ha funny) that people argue about the merits of $600 or $1200 or $2000, and the amounts to be given to other countries and more propping up of things such as the Smithsonian. To me the only thing to be concerned about is the upcoming deluge of people on this nation. Tell me how things look in July 2021 and how are the floodgates going to be shut? I believe $600, $1200, or even $10,000 won’t be of much help to anyone at that point. The upcoming ” elected” administration will make sure a person like Donald Trump will never have the possibility of being voted into office. That’s the real issue here, keep your measly $600.

  11. Dear Santa G,

    All I want for Christmas is to have ONE of your posts Mark free in the comment section.

    Cindy-Lou Who

    PS: Merry Christmas to you and your family this year.

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  13. Wow wow wow !!!! ASX sheethole today. 2 programs ever running simultaneously. Mask program !!! This is getting sick . I have never seen an evil day like today here . You won’t believe but this is scary . Really really scary. And I have seen everything

    • “And I have seen everything”

      Everytime I think I have seen it all..something new and shocking comes along that absolutely blows my impression of everything to hell..
      Just consider the stimulus.. we ho wouldhave suspected after all the negative feelings the taxpayers have over congress.. that they don’t do anything for the people.. then toss them under the bus.. basically spitting in their face..while giving the vast majority of it to everyone else. then give illegals three times the aid lol lol..
      Who would have thought they would do that. Shocked me ..who would have thought they would do that..

  14. Here are a couple of links delving into the evolving virus events in the UK (and South Africa).

    This is The BBC describing a new South African variant that may be striking healthy young people.

    Here is a link to a “Guardian” report on the UK variant where a late Patient Zero’s extended treatment with blood plasma from recovered covid19 individuals eventually failed.

    Within that report is this link to the Cambridge researchers’ paper on their unfavorable blood plasma outcome case. Research funding is noted which includes philanthropy from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    By the way, an arctic cold front has descended on the region here with windchills in the range of -29 Celsius which I’d interpret as a good omen for maintenance of law and order. I took my car through the carwash today so it’s clean for Christmas before extended cold makes the wash too icy and it closes. Woot, woot. Everything will be closed Friday, but one has to maintain standards.

    Speaking of standards, one does not anticipate a soonish return of the 1%ers to indigent ‘hoods while the America’s Cup is being contested on the other side of the world in covid-light New Zealand. One could do an A to Z list like “A” is for “alphabet”, and so on. I don’t know if the shoe will be dropping on an empty Times Square this NYE. However the America’s Cup race organizers’ site offers a spiffy writeup inviting up to 15900 NYE partiers to cram into three Auckland harbourfront sites. Adult beverages will be served at two. The site also happily notes that “…there will be a heavy security presence on site, as well as Police and Emergency services…”, and, “…we encourage you to please scan any one of the many Covid QR codes throughout the America’s Cup Race Village…”.

    Okay….Toto, pardon the gallows humor, but I don’t think the inmates are in Oz anymore…

  15. Kevin O’Leary bullish gold . Little snivelling turd remember him from 08/09 . Just vomit gear . Don’t wanna miss out eh . Jump
    On board with the mocks . Tird is kind . Lowest denominator idiot fool in deck . Good on yah George your on the right horse with kevvy

  16. “How ’bout voting for quality candidates in Primary Elections, instead?”

    Obviously you haven’t observed the line ups offered to the people Ray..
    Theres a movie that summarizes the political arena of candidates..
    The police officer is symbolic of the people..

    • Oh, I have. I’ve also noticed each Party has its own “political families” from whom “candidates” are foist upon us.

      But I’ve also noticed that “outsiders” CAN win Primaries, and that that is the ONLY route within our system to vote the entrenched bastards and fools out. Pelosi will serve until she dies. Why? Because her District will always vote her into the General as the Democratic candidate. A Republican will never beat her, therefore the only way to get her out is for a Democrat to beat her in the Primary. I don’t believe there are no honest or patriotic Dems living in her District. Richard Lugar was a “forever lock” on “his” Senate seat in Indiana — until a Republican beat him in a Primary. How’d AOC become a Congressman?

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