An Overlooked Statistic

Starts our quest in the Focus section this morning.

After a few bends and twists on the road tracking down the future, we are gob-smacked by a mutha-giant of a fact.
The Information Age is over.  Right there in the data. 

Which we’ll get to after coffee, headlines, charts and a discussion about my “shorts.”  Which maybe should begin with “Gee thanks, Gary!”

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26 thoughts on “An Overlooked Statistic”

  1. George or anybody, have you heard about this order recently signed by Trump creating military tribunal courts? Heard about it on a podcast with Greg Hunter as mentioned by Catherine Austin Fitz, another Coast to Coast guest, as George has been. Its not on any msm newsites that I’ve been able to find, but there are links in the doc to the site that gives details.

    • I forgot to add the most important part, those courts are “domestic” military tribunal courts.

      • It’s tied in with the Human Trafficing Executive Order he signed in the December timeframe.

        That’s the extent of my knowledge.

    • Take a deep breath, and relax…

      I’ve been looking at this stuff since 1990. It is a specialized segment of the “conspiracy theory” genre which I call “what if…”

      Basically, someone (or several someones) reads a piece of legislation or an Executive Order, then extrapolates the most liberal, extreme, possible application of said bill or EO with respect to existing Law or to society, then writes a “what if” piece describing this potential application.

      Most conspiracy theory is based on a fact or anomaly which people see, then extrapolate possible causes, irrespective of their probability. “What ifs” differ from these because they’re extrapolations of concrete fact.

      “What ifs” are things of which to be aware, but not taken seriously until one learns of actual application (or mis-application) of them… ALWAYS FACT-CHECK a purported misapplication thoroughly before wigging out, to ensure there’s a reason to do so. Life is too short to invest physical, mental, or emotional overhead in things that don’t, or won’t affect oneself. I like Jerome Corsi and CAF a lot, but would never trust their stuff without doing a fact-check, which I sometimes do during a c2c broadcast, as they’re speaking.

      I’ve seen “what ifs” attached to GHW’s EOs, also Clinton’s, Bush’s, and Obama’s. So far I’ve yet to see an egregious misapplication of any of their EOs (Obama’s “Dream Act” is illegal because he didn’t have the Constitutional authority to do it, but its application has been consistent with its parameters, therefore it has not been “misapplied.”) There’s always a potential though, and also the potential for a succeeding President to misapply an existing Order.

      FWIW, I slugged through the pertinent sections of the UCMJ before I typed out this reply. Did I mention: “Fact-check EVERYTHING…?”

      • Robert, Did it say what kind of Virus I’m not picking it up as being a infected File or Website. Running McAfee protection.
        Old website was.
        This Site has Moved!
        The Github team kindly but urgently asked me to move this site from their hosting platform.

        This site attracted TOO MANY VISITORS and consumed more than 600 times the amount of resources that Github normally allows.

        That’s why this site has migrated to another platform with a brand new beautiful url:

        Or you can go to
        for decoding and research by anons.

        Sorry you had problems with it, last I heard a couple of weeks ago 20 million people following Qanon.

  2. I”m an Info worker at a huge Telecom/Tech company. 12 years ago we had 150 people. Then we outsourced half of all positions to Bangalore six years ago. Then we automated 25% of our work, and lost another 10 people.
    We sell ‘Automation as a Service’, and this year an executive priority is to ‘accelerate innovation in automation’, in the context of imminent job change. My company is providing fantastic educational opportunities, if you want to learn about coding, data science, SDN, IOT, 5G, etc. If you don’t want to learn these things, ‘well, it isn’t mandatory, but we know by 2020 this company will be a very different place’ (with about half the workers).
    I’m a lifelong learner, but I hate that once digitized, ‘it’ can be manipulated, stored forever, tracked and collated, used against you, automated, given to the GenAI to hash outcomes. Digitization is the prison we’ve built. Information is going away as each bit is digitized, and given to the algorithms to manage.
    Different from standing the midnight to 2am watch halfway to Hawaii from SF, when the water changes, and you can smell the warm jungle of the tropics blowing in behind you.

    Conan, what is good in life?

    • Sno, I forgot to include that item in my missive above. We have a huge push toward automation as well, both to “take the load off” (and unsaid reducing of staff) but I feel ours is mostly driven by Audit and Compliance. They hate to audit anything manual, and they tell every C-level that will listen that we need to automate as much as “humanly” possible. As you might be able to tell, my industry is financial and the Auditors definitely own the place now. We spend 30-40% of our time now making sure everything is compliant in such a way that there is no doubt to an auditor that proper process is followed. Efficiency, creativity and even customer satisfaction take a distant back seat to pleasing the Almighty Auditor. I never have seen people with so much perceived power. Excepting maybe a Texas Game Warden. :)

    • “Having non-digital backups for mission critical activities is best”.

      Oh and the looting and pillaging stuff too.

      • Being compliant for auditors has added half a person’s work to my farm and being so small, it’s hard to comply. Pushing many small farmstead cheese operations out of business.

  3. George, being deep in IT myself, I see the falling off of personnel as you show. So much has gone overseas, and precious little is coming back, despite some spectacular failures with the job-jacking that I’ve seen. The Cloud initiative is also really hurting many IT departments, as it’s much easier to outsource daily IT problems to cloud providers.

    I’ve had my CIO say out loud that he’d rather have 6000 admins in the cloud than 2 in-house. Many industries are pushing hard for that, despite again what I see as a “really bad move” for many types of sensitive data. You just can’t vet out those thousands of admins all over the world that are now holding your company’s precious eggs in their basket, despite written contracts and monies paid out.

    Thing is, it usually cost more to go the cloud. But, many providers in the cloud are resolving IT managers of a lot of responsibility, and I think that is a driving force too. Fail a SOX audit? Put it in the cloud and let someone else mange that stuff. If it goes bad they’ll just point to the cloud vendor. I see more of this being put into place daily. System performance for the customer has become secondary to Compliance and unshouldering responsibility to other entities. I could go on with this but will stop her for now. Heck this would be a small book in itself if examined closely. Maybe I should. :)

    • Your sensitive date is secure in our cloud, ‘trust us’.
      Wasn’t it Bill Gates that came up with this concept back in the mid-1990’s?
      Surely, we can trust Bill!

  4. Re the “marooned on earth” topic.

    From the referenced abstract: “Much of this increase is attributable to relatively low-energy ions, which can be effectively shielded.”

    So this impacts the design of ships to require more crew shielding. Water makes an excellent radiation shield and it never hurts to have extra water when you’re going away from “civilization”. Yes it adds more weight, but true solar exploration needs constant thrust drives anyway. Which we have demonstrated on a small scale.

    A typical American is already taking a yearly radiation dose of 300-600 milli-rem just living their lives. Cosmic rays, radon, granite countertops, etc.

    Commercial flight crews who run transcontinental and transoceanic routes get more radiation from cosmic rays that your typical nuclear plant worker.

    So is it an issue? Yes, but compared to antibiotic resistant bacteria? No.

  5. Seconddary comment:

    It appears the biggest issue with space travel is in fact microgravity itself.

    Long duration crew on ISS have experinenced vision changes after their return due to changes in the eye/retina in microgravity. This is not seen in short duration crew.

    So the rotating carosel to mimic gravity that can be seen in the movie 2001 a space odyssey may in fact be nessecary.

  6. Overlook statistics if I let my big white dog loose by itself and then I go outside and call a and if she doesn’t come to my call well there’s probably a two-mile perimeter where she’s exploring.

    And a roundabout way to the get to the point of this is if we’re allowed to use our imagination and Loud information that were being kept from by being on a chain then we find things out the Explorer and that’s what we’re doing and have been doing since The Internet’s been introduced But Here recently all the main Facebook YouTube Twitter Instagram I guess all saying no you don’t have freedom to roam you’re to my area you have to stay chained on this dog chain and we ain’t letting you loose the wrong because we don’t want you to know what’s really out there and we just want control so.

    Are you going to get your dog chain unhooked and loud to go see the perimeters and expand Beyond places in your imagination that are real

    • This for Bryce’s Lazy Porch Garden:
      I see your observations are typed without punctuation and yet you do use capitalization for some of the names and some proper nouns.
      Why not abandon spacing between words and just type a string of connected letters? Then You could claim complete laziness and no one will understand you at all.
      You seem to pick and choose some of the rules of writing and yet still choose to garble your views by running them together. I don’t know if you are lacking education or really are so lazy that you intentionally do this. Understanding your point is much more enhanced when you properly punctuate. Otherwise, it is too tedious to bother with.

    • BLPG:

      Have you ever read your own posts? (And do you think they are intelligible to the reader?)

      Have you ever noticed how many posts you make per day?

      Are you suffering from lack of attention and therefore must fill up the blog space with incoherent jumbled words?

      p.s. you are part of the reason I cancelled my subscription.

  7. 1966-67 my high-school science teacher invited me to an evening lecture at the university by a rep from Bell Labs (AT&T). He showed off a He-Ne gas laser and how they could modulate voice on the light beam. Pure magic for that date. He said that Bell was working toward individual phones… possibly as small as Dick Tracy’s wrist-TV and that each child would be issued a telephone number for life. You will be able to call anyone directly, anywhere, to their personal phone. I think this may pre-date Craig McCaw and his TelPage system. It has long been a Bell System dream.

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