An Open-Source Speed Crown

Since the U.S. markets are closed today, and we’ll skim through a few headlines first.  But then, how’s about we do some really far-fetched fun stuff?  Woo-Woo?

I’m going to explain a theory of “light pumping” and how a new “whole body light” technology may be just ahead.  I’m doing this mainly to “put it out there” as “open source” so monetizers can’t try to steal what ought to be free.  A reference to this article is appreciated, if you build any derivative devices, though (thanks!).

2-cups of Columbian, we’ll begin with a few Monday morning headlines to be…

Noted in Passing

We are again appalled by the double-standards of the Mainstream press after reading Massachusetts standoff: Authorities charge 11 people involved in standoff with police – CNN.   Reason?  I got a five-dollar bet that if the “suspects” had been White, the term “supremacists” would have been heavily sprinkled.  But, since the “suspects” weren’t… (Moorish, rather), well, you know how we feel about racial double-standards and division-enhanced reporting by now, one hopes.

As long as we’re on efforts to “Dis-Unite” America, though:  how about White supremacist marchers ‘ran away’ from Philly residents, police say (from  We didn’t see any gun references, but did note how these were branded supremacists?  Everything’s a Business Model, as we continually point out.  We live in a Nation whose main growth industry is hate and division.  Which really sucks, when comes down to it.  (Which is why we are living in the woods…want no part of Group Think, thanks.  Constitution is about equality and excellence which has served us well for 70+ years.

Seriously, watch how the left has tooled-up the American Demise.  Which future historians will refer to as A.D.  Such that reclaiming equality is branded racism by the Digital Uprising.  Marx, we’re pretty sure, would have a million followers on Social Media.  (Which is where dumb people write (free) content for the rich and piss away time…but hey, it’s Monday and I’m grouchy…)

Don’t mind our candor:  We’re still wading through search results [for “racist math”] and wondering has more than simple mind-bending fluoride been put in the nation’s water supplies?  We may be the only ones to read the literature when we have questions.  Here for example is a 2019 paper which says (in part):

“Fourteen recent cross-sectional studies from endemic areas with naturally high fluoride concentrations in groundwater supported the previous findings of cognitive deficits in children with elevated fluoride exposures. Three recent prospective studies from Mexico and Canada with individual exposure data showed that early-life exposures were negatively associated with children’s performance on cognitive tests. Neurotoxicity appeared to be dose-dependent, and tentative benchmark dose calculations suggest that safe exposures are likely to be below currently accepted or recommended fluoride concentrations in drinking water.”  (emphasis added for the slow -G)

But hey!  Let’s not ask hard questions, right?  Have another glass of water and go with Mob Rule and whatever’s behind Curtain 2024 for the next Round!  God, don’tcha just feel compelled to write something on Social now?

Instead, look at the data and how fame drives people and…well…read how Joey Chestnut chows down 76 hot dogs, breaks own world record at annual Fourth of July contest and see if you can put it into words.  Too early for me to even try.  (Mustard with that?)

Broken Web, II evolving!  Yes, I wrote the original book (Broken Web, Amazon) back in 2012.  But no, I didn’t get into the hijacking and criminalization of the web, nor the crooked digital money (BTC was around $34,750 this morning – on payoff demand we wonder?) which makes ransomware so profitable.  No need to write an update though since Joe Biden not only cures all that ails us, but must be a computer whiz as well.  Have doubts?  More water and a read Friday’s report Biden Says ‘Not Sure’ if Russians Are Behind Latest Cyberattacks (   Bitcoin to the moon, then, because it’s the crypto of crime rising!  (We are sooo f*cked!)

Tampa Blows:

Let’s see if we can find something positive to say.  How about ”
No need to water the lawn Wednesday if you live in Tampa-St. Pete?”

Of course, it wouldn’t take much to move it into Mississippi or ‘Bama so we shall see…

Real Brain Food

A couple of good articles on  the future of the Web  in First Monday this month.  Try Understanding cancel culture: Normative and unequal sanctioning | First Monday for starters.

Another interesting title?  I mean, if your world-view includes wondering about how Social Media was used by officialdom to promote acceptance of an untrialed drug and agreeing to never sue over it:  Friends get vaccinated: The power of social media groups in the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

(Repeat after me:  Everything’s a Business Model!)

Overnight Markets?

England Up, Germany down, France flat when we eyed it earlier.  Thing is, Japan and Hong Kong were both down half a percent, so if that carries into tomorrow, we don’t see a lot of reason for markets to move higher from here.

On the Tuesday agenda:  Some minor data (PMI and mid morning Treasury rates) but you’ll want to read the Fed Minutes out Wednesday afternoon.  A bunch more rate data points and the Fed balance sheet Thursday.  We’ll keep a pot of red ink stirred up for that.

Now to the fun stuff:

Monday Shop Woo-Woo


First, the Light Crown story and background

On the Peoplenomics subscriber site, you can trace back to some of my earlier (2014-2016) work involving “light pumping” of the human body.  In fact, a lot of material we are going to cover this morning was given to Peoplenomics subscribers back in 2018.  Here’s the intro to that article…

How to Make a Speed Crown

I wrote a fair bit about the Light Crown Project and my initial personal, favorable results using it.

The Light Crown is based on a very simple notion that is apparent when we look at the construction of royal crowns down through history.

They are devices, worn on the head, that seem to have been used initially to stimulate a certain part of the head with particular colors of light.

A first longish article appeared in this Peoplenomics report back in the fall of 2016.  The Light Crown Project – adventures in photobiomodulation.  Let’s pick it up from there.

The initial embodiment seemed to stimulate (non-gray, lol) hair.  Also, long-term mental acuity seemed improved, but this was purely subjective after 6-month use and longer.

Theory of Operation

There is a great deal of literature (primarily Indian – as in India) about Chakras and their stimulation via exercises and breathing technique.

What back when, it occurred to me that in the study of chakras there was also a rich tradition of specific colors associated with specific chakras.

The second device previously described (2018) on the Peoplenomics called a “Speed Crown”  site was very simple (in theory anyway) green semi-coherent light (low power LED) applied to the right temple (over the trigeminal nerve bundle) while a similar, also low-power, blue light was applied to the left temple.

The power is low (not much over 4.6 joules/, a level being trialed as “safe” in photobiomodulation eye therapy) so no skin damage was expected.

“Speed Crown” Personal results:  What amazed me (after 5-6 days of once-daily 10-15 minute sessions) was my need for sleep  became  dramatically reduced (down to 4- hours per night) and my physical energy (vitality) went through the roof.

In Indian tradition, the green chakra is associated with the heart.  The blue is associated with the throat.

Speed Crown Construction

Two major materials changes have occurred since the 2018 Peoplenomics report: these having to do with adhesives and with LEDs.

On adhesives:  I am now using a UV-curing glue to assemble the LED panels.

On the LEDs: Pre-fabricated LED panels are now widely available  as marker lights for atv’s, cars and trucks.  Here’s are some blue ones:

Key point: Make sure that any LEDs used in personal experiments are not white under a covered lens, right?

When joined, two six LED panels (to make a combined 12 LED panel) there was some difficulty with the rounded form factor.  This was resolved by running them through the band saw to “square things up.”  As a result, a good glue-up was achieved.  (Band saw and belt sanders are useful, much less tedious than sand paper!)

A couple of dabs of super glue (gel) were used to tack..  Once that was dry along came the Big Boy glue – a clear, hard photo resin.

When working with photo resin and high powered UV curing lights. be certain to wear eye protection!

After tacking, the LEDs are roughly equally spaced.  To this,  you apply a bead of  clear photo resin (front and rear) and cure under an appropriate UV source.

Since the panels come with pre-drilled holes, simply get an extra-wide woman’s hair band and attach one to each side.  Wing nuts (boy do we have them, right?allow for adjustment to fit.

Connect the 2 red wires (on each side) to a +12 volt source with the black wires going to the ground (common).  Current drain is low and an adjustable power adapter runs fine (and cooler) at 9 VDC.

Have fun with it.  10-15 minutes a day is plenty for me.  I use it at 9 volts.

THIS IS NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE AND NO CLAIMS ARE MADE This is a report on my personal experience with the units I’ve made and tested on myself… Not like it’s NZT-48, or something.

Does it do anything more than give me an energy boost?  Not so far (as I can tell…) but interestingly, after I get a week to 10-days worth of “hit” from it, I just naturally back-off use.  Like it’s that level of “peak performance” may not be sustainable.

Pretty interesting stuff.

It’s unlikely to work for all people –  but it sure seems to work for me.  Psychological effect?  Placebo? Hmmm…

A Bigger Project in View

What comes into view in this “light pumping” discussion is the possibility of “chakra pumping” of all identified points.  This is envisioned – in the future – as a series of lights, each keyed (and pulsed for best effect) at the tailbone, lower back, solar plexus, heart, throat, pineal gland region, and top of head.  In addition this device (trigeminal nerve stimulus) might also be incorporated.

The whole idea encapsulated as “LightYoga.”  Here, the idea is to use low power LED lights to “spin-up” chakras which would otherwise be stimulated by physical exercise.  The described light arrays could be applied as an alternative to form-based yoga, or they could be use combinatorically.

The one risk I see in this kind of research is (oddly) a financial one.  If everyone in the world were to adopt light therapy that halts (or even reverses) aging, then Social Security and government entitlement programs all go bankrupt.  (Yes, another Ure novel is in the works with this theme…)

Light Medicine Lags

Honestly, I was very disappointed as the Light Crown project evolved (mainly, so far) into a tool to grow back hair (which the application of low level laser light therapy (LLLLT) at modest levels to the head will do.

More important aspects, I believe, is the potential for treating serious aging diseases (like Alzheimer’s) especially when coupled with the 40 Hz visual flicker technology that has been developed at M.I.T.

I’m disclosing an evolution and embodiment of this technology today in order that future marketers will not be able to claim patent rights to the following idea in the future.

Let me describe a new kind of light-pulsing of monitors and televisions optimized for the 40 Hz rate which may have a salutary effect on preventing the advance of Alzheimer’s. The notion is to apply the flicker rate of 40Hz to all television and computer monitors.  With additional pulse forms (yet to be studied) which could operate in tandem with a 40 Hz refresh rate screen.

The idea is stimulating the visual cortex along the lines of the MIT studies via a simple setting of screen refresh rates. I will be sending this later today to both IRIS and F. Lux who make screen control software.  Hopefully one (or both) of them will incorporate the improvement.

Not Free Lunch, though:   this will only work on televisions and monitors with 60 Hz rates, since you can slow down the refresh rate from 60 Hz.  But you can’t “push 30 up to 40 Hz” without component issues.

In the event additional research finds that a specific pulse width at 40 Hz is most efficacious, then claim is made for a Complex Video Pulse technology.  This technology is foreseen as incorporating a higher-output portion of a screen pulse (at the medically efficacious frequencies) and a “back porch” of lower power but longer duration.  This would provide for accentuated pulse forming for Alzheimer’s while at the same time reducing risk of flicker vertigo and other effects possible with more complex waveforms.

Anyway, enough on that for now.

Yes, Real Science

At the U.S. Government site (Search of: photobiomodulation OR LLLT – List Results – you will see applications of light medicine now covering an increasing range of ailments.  Assisting in breast cancer recovery, dealing with autism and ADHD, not to mention the light uses which have slowed Elaine’s age-related macular degeneration (AMD) to effectively zero now for more than 8-years.

The use of photobiomodulation (red light and near infrared) in eye treatments is now well-established for people suffering from age related macular degeneration.  One of the leaders in this is a company called Lumithera.  (The link is to the less hamstrung European version of their website, rather than the more regulated (US FDA regulated) part of their site, lol.  When doing health research, we prefer non-US sites for this reason, BTW.)

There’s some very good data-driven science evolving and we’ve been actively using our home grown light therapy with no negative consequences since 2014-2016.

This is NOT something to tinker with unless you work with a healthcare provider who is knowledgeable in the field.  Over exposure to certain types of light (especially UV!) can result in permanent eye damage and the experience of a personal sunburn, or “welder’s tan” should underscore that it’s always Safety First.


Write when you levitate,

32 thoughts on “An Open-Source Speed Crown”

  1. Cool light crown. Now, if you want to experience a much better source of light, and you have some time, it does not get better than the sun.
    Get up early and get the first hour of so in the sun – it’s blue spectrum and will wake you up. The sun changes its frequency throughout the day – just try to ‘sample sun – even if 5-10 minutes – throughout the day. Never miss morning and evening – about an hour before sundown. Great time for a leisurely walk or run to get the more red spectrum which helps prepare you for sleep (if you do not stay up looking at a CRT until midnight).

    Mid-day is where you make your money on Vitamin D – especially this time a year. Where I live, we can get vitamin D all year since the UV is strong enough in the winter to give the vitamin D output. For others in northern latitudes – you may have to supplement. The sun is your friend as long as you do not bake in it at mid-day to late-afternoon.

  2. The first X-flare of the cycle occurred 14:29 UTC 7/03/3021. I haven’t seen any mention of a CME shock wave associated with it. Apparently the impulsive nature of the flare had an unusually high degree of effect on the upper atmosphere locally, according to a Norwegian source. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it.

    The thoughts on planning of professor Tyson (Mike) apply. And protect yourself at all times…

  3. Good morning George. Having had my cups (2) of local organic coffee, at $6.23 a kilo which includes delivery to the front door, this caught my eye. “Also, long-term mental acuity seemed improved, but this was purely subjective after 6-month use and longer.”

    According to my spreadsheet I have been working on ‘mental acuity’ for 100 weeks. Imagine my surprise when the spouse says outa the blue “your memory has improved”. WOW! I almost fell out of the chair. How did this happen? Memory improvement? At my age? Will be 78 next month.

    I was looking at time left in this universe or plane of existence and figured that I had al least 10 to 15 years left. Then comes the question of ‘what condition will I be in’? Will I be able to help my wife, if needed, or will I need help? With dementia on the uprise I looked into preventing dementia and found this Doc.
    I followed some of his advise and the spouse says “your memory has improved”. For me something worked. This led to Doctor Dale Bredesen

    He has some positive info on alleviating dementia or even reversing the effects of dementia. For my family it was well worth the reading as we do have one person with problems and they are now more positive. Not Medical Advice but info possibly worth looking at for some.

    For how long do we have left before the Banshee arrives try this site, provided by a friend. This site provides both Healthy and Unhealthy numbers.

    Enjoy life as it can be very good with a some effort.

    • Thank you for posting this Tinkerer. We have a lot in common. I am one year older than you and have a significant person in my life slipping away in cognitive decline. It is sad to see the one you love and have shared 60 years of your life with become someone you do not know.
      I will spend some time on the websites you provided. Appreciate it.

      One thing this pandemic has taught me is that life is temporary. The things you took for granted turn in to things that you cherish when they disappear or are taken away.

      As I watched the July 4 fireworks in Washington and New York last night, I had tears in my eyes. I still love America and Americans but it is not the same country I spent so much time in my business days years ago. I actually walked the streets of Chicago at night with my American friends.

      It all seems so transitional, doesn’t it? Here today, gone tomorrow. All we can do is hold on to memories of what was so good at the time and hope that we left a positive impact on the world we travelled. I was struck by a comment from LOOB on this site a few weeks ago when he talked about going to funerals where he was the only visitor. What value did that person’s life have if it didn’t affect any other human being except a stranger with a caring heart?

      This conservative Canadian living in a sea of liberals hopes you guys can pull it out for the sake of my grandkids and yours. You are the world’s last hope.

  4. “We are again appalled by the double-standards of the Mainstream press after reading Massachusetts standoff: Authorities charge 11 people involved in standoff with police – CNN. Reason? I got a five-dollar bet that if the “suspects” had been White, the term “supremacists” would have been heavily sprinkled. ”

    The articles below are quite common today.. with BLM and ANTIFA and the democrats drive to defund the police departments across the nation in the most vulnerable spots. Destroying what little protection they had….
    We find the crime rates drastically rising.. murder and violent crimes are up what a hundred percent plus in cities where the vilent crime rates were already horrifyingly high in the first place before the massive drive to do away with police departments designated to protect those living in the most violent and crime filled areas..
    with the if your Caucasian your instantly labeled a supremist. High crime areas were stripped of their police leaving the vulnerable even more vulnerable.. striping the honest people of their rights to bear arms.. what do I see coming.. those in the most vulnerable area’s will want protection.. from the white supremist LOL.. so I see marshal law will taking place eventually..
    You have to have law enforcement and the huge drive to destroy it will only reap fear and havoc.. then to let people in illegally that are living by old testament laws.. dam.. it could be very interesting .. anyway that is how I see it all playing out.. I should make a quick trip to murderapolis or killtroit before it gets to bad..

  5. There could be something to light and sound.

    Think of an ICE. Gasoline enters into a combustion chamber where it’s ignited. The ignition causes an explosion.

    Typically humans harness the heat generated from the explosion and convert it into mechanical power.

    Two other “things”are made from the explosion (possibly other unkonowns). Light and sound. We discard the light and sound as useless byproduct in terms of the ICE.

    There has to be a lot of light inside an engine’s combustion chamber when your flooring it. Even a four banger is noisy when the muffler is removed.

    Is the heat/light/sound some kind of energy pyramid or “equal triangle of matter” and humans only harness the heat portion of the explosion while 2/3 of the potential power isn’t even thought about being harnessed?

    Typically nature doesn’t make wasted functions.

  6. George,
    Sorry to be so dense, but what cuts does the bandsaw make on the LEDs? Seems like there’s not much room to cut w/o damaging the lights.

  7. A no eye deer – manual manipulation of nrg centers /Human body – unheard of..
    Any positive effects felt will be placebo effect. Visual aids do work well for many in practicing mental imagary – holding skills

    Our minds – placebo, soooo good & strong ,that it takes pharmaceutical companies vast armies of statisticians to “smooth” over all the placebo effects/ data from new drug trials – in order to suppress the placebo effect data.
    There is nothing more powerful than our brain/antenna – why everything is designed in modern society to distract U from really getting inside it. See cath church – No Mysticism – Suppressed.

    Ure solo mystic path – difficult – made specially hard w/o Teacher.
    The Partners path more enjoyable..- kama sutra like..
    Need practice – strengthen mental imagery skills – to the point of holding an image (full color) in Ure mind for minutes..looong minutes. not easy..

    Physically going thru the colors together in Ures minds (plural) with Ure partner (on top& in control) while engaged in “intercourse” – NO LEAK ! NO LEAKING ! ..talking thru color -vibrations at same time together ..”moving into Orange,slow downRELAXslooow down!” – the goal here is Not to “nut” either participant.. on up thru the color vibration “wheels” -imagine spinning em counter clockwise for Dudes.

    ..U R a “The Dude”

    Goal is overcuming the urges and experiencing the different vibration/color -deeply, 15-20 minutes minimum in each color frequency together.

    Till U both arrive at that blueish purpley lil pinkey w/ touch pearlessence “place” – need a skilled practitioner or written steps on a sweat proof cheat sheet U can both reference while working it..gonna get weird higher up U go.
    Just going from Red to Orange “zones” difficult without “leaking” – no joke. hell just going into the Red together and holding Ure fire is tough. Helps to to keep thinking – I am SOUL part of Source, Not a battery/body.

    Peeps who tell U they have “raised” their (Kundalini )- the NRG coiled up in bottom of abdomen/spine – R full of shit . ALL of them .

    Just like the “heavenly” spirits and angels = princes/principalities of darkness..? alwayz male ????

    Would have a discernible glow to them(halo effect), popping off florescent bulbs when too close proximity… call that kinda scheizze – Qi Phenomena – which sometimes can be described as “bad benefits” things that improve Ure mental and or physical health but are very uncomfortable experiences. Can count one hand the people I know who have achieved this in modern times – have met 1, and believe Shri Baba was another – funny Shri baba temple moved in down the street from NtY several yrs back – cowinkydink no doubt.

    Frequencies chief – Colors R Frequencies/Frequencies R Colors – and are best experienced at that feel it – give IT time – like Bird Watching -Stop moving from where you R – and just Observe for a long while.

    Prior to any mind exercise – a 20 minute mind clearing meditation( Not XY QiGong) is a must 4 moi.
    – trn off lights, closed eyes, deep, slow breathing – holding breath after inhale, after exhale – barely discernible, ignoring All thoughts/ideas as they float on by in Ure mind – good mantra to accompany exercise as spoken outloud – chasing away any&all thoughts – is SHA-NEEM – MA – NAH ..keep repeating out loud – thinking mind clear with each utterance. After 20 minutes of this – mind will be quite – enough to begin real brainwork..OBE, remote viewing, telepathy or working on raising –
    Og v MAog = the harmoinic inclusive

    Isnt Ure ancient dragon? – like URU = of ancient dragon blood = outing our progenitors..

    …if we could just figure the frequencies – frequency generators (crystals) of the ancient and modern “spinning wheels/wheel in the sky/vinamanas/chariots of fire/Gigirlah = silvery spinning disk space craft.

    – the ancient computers/tablets & interstellar craft utilized/utilize crystal technologies – “bio energetic” connection with “captain/pilot”..
    – utilized in biomedince to the point of regulated irradiation cycles to specific crystal lattice workx – to create new matrixs – needed – for which to focus micro burst electricdigicals thru a molecular “host” – thus creating brand new novel genes/cells..rough process,tough 4 layman to describe. not to mention the legandary Sinisars -crystal matrices for growing Life – full grown when they emerge ..just like lord Lao story (lao tzu). how they made Annuna – Warriors aka the annuaki of old.
    None of our Science, Technology seems to bee for or by Human development, none of it !
    Why ? ask Nathan r jr or David r jr – big time adversary’s – to the Hu man race ..aint that right bergoglio – a maddly forfeited1.

  8. My thoughts as to why they (liberals) are defunding the police.
    To bring in NATO forces which dont uphold the constitution or its ideals.

    • Interesting Mike.. twice I’ve seen NATO units driving on the interstate going for drills..wgat happened to the national guard.. during the time I seen one set.. our local guard was overseas in active duty .

  9. I will offer an improvement to your flicker rate discovery. It has long been recognized that the 40 or thereabouts hz flicker of screens when combined with 60 hz flicker of florescent lights will rapidly induce eye strain, with associated headaches, blurred vision, etc. simple solution: specify high frequency ballasts in you florescent light fixtures so no close frequency conflict occurs. There, you are welcome.
    Just include me as a contributor.

  10. This is off topic but I find it interesting ….

    I’m sitting here looking at my rose bushes, which have an incredible amount of thorns on their stems. Of all the flowers I have ever grown or saw, roses have this natural protection.

    I was wondering, why are roses so precious that they need protection? Hmm. I had heard their petals were edible … so I looked it up. Interesting …

  11. As per usual brilliant analysis by George of a very interesting topic. I know this stuff had its origins in torture and mind altering stuff . Interesting it could be put to good use. Even bears ? have positive thoughts

  12. LOOB, your posted guardian article says that 1990 was a more dangerous year than 2021, but do not waiver from the myths you chose to believe, here’s a list of 7:

    Myth #6: Police do not need college degrees
    (75% of police with disciplinary action have only a high school diploma)

    Biden has opposed defunding the police (but go ahead and chant your fake news about how Antifa, BLM and Democrats wanting to destroy us all)

    • You are right the average police officer has only a high school diploma.. it’s a low wage high risk job.. in California a prison guard makes what seventy grand a year in a state where eligibility for food stamps is just shy a quarter mil and the average home is 6 times the yearly income..
      And yes now that the damage has been done.. everyone is announcing their support for the police.. but with changes.. statistically there aren’t that many individuals that are abusive and those that are should be fired on the spot. If they commit a crime then they to should face charges..
      Why would anyone want to go into neighborhoods where kindergarten children are shot walking to school is beyond my scope of thinking.. you and I would never be able to walk those sidewalks. Studies have been done on the dangers of the area’s. Now that those that bravely patrol those crime filled area’s are leaving for more prosperous career fields where the adrenaline rush from danger isn’t a factor those neighborhoods will eventually have to seek their security from someplace else.

      • Looking out of the box
        July 6, 2021 at 08:57
        You make good points regarding police and their methods. Along with your points, is a necessary consideration for problem officers. That would be DECERTIFICATION OF OFFICERS -that are fired or forced out for excessive violence or caught lying or doing crimes.
        Currently many fired officers just move on to other venues and continue their un-acceptable behaviors in new jurisdictions.
        Gotta bring that to a halt. Regarding police work,”FIRED” should mean “find a new line of work” because you are disqualified from any sort of police work in the future.
        This is intended to weed out those police with hair trigger tempers or those that like to bully or fight as their first response to perceived resistance. Think before acting out first in brutality. No normal person will support that sort of behavior in America today.
        By the same token, in almost every one of the confrontations escalating to the death of subjects or cops, if the subject person would NOT have resisted and remained COOPERATIVE, kept quiet with any insulting language or behaviors of their own and just stopped doing what they were doing ( or just signed the ticket) the escalation in most cases would never have happened. Who wants to be injured or die over smart-ass remarks when it is show time on the streets?

      • “Currently many fired officers just move on to other venues and continue their un-acceptable behaviors in new jurisdictions.
        Gotta bring that to a halt. Regarding police work,”FIRED” should mean “find a new line of work”

        Boy am I right with you on that one.. AMEN.. you sure wouldn’t want a pedophile working at a daycare or as a teacher.. a violent and sadistic police officer should not be working anyplace that they can misuse the authority..
        The seriously sad thing is to find an officer willing to patrol the really bad area’s the ones they find are usually those with a lot of the same traits as those they are protecting the neighborhood from..adrenaline junkies..
        I knew a security guard once forty years ago that was an officer at a juvenile detention center.. he would brag about how he got young women to do his bidding.. and eventually ended up as chief of police.. he should never if had a position around children and he should have been fired and prosecuted. I think the guards here start out at ten or twelve dollars an hour right now.. to get an employee to take the job with such potential risks is hard..I sure wouldn’t do it.. not that long ago I knew one and he was only making 9.50…he quit to make more at McDonald’s the only thing they had over the McDonald’s job was insurance and 4 weeks of vacation..

  13. And agin . 4.10 AEST in the sheethole of oz . Destroy USD and ramp yellow dog . You ain’t gold bulls . Your greedy turds like the fool hiding in France . Tell him to try some ego sheet and fly thru the Eiffel Tower again . Hopefully the old fart won’t get lucky

  14. And that my friends if you look at theUSD chart is the power of the USD . The greatest currency ever . Yellow dog is a commodity don’t forget that . Fark greedy pigs viva la system

  15. I am a firm believer in the light crown.. I am a firm believer in chakra stones to.. how many thousands of years ago leaders adorned their heads with crown jewels..
    Gor my.mother she had stones hanging in the windows do that the illumination through them would bask the room.. I have rose quartz in my pocket our drinking water like my mother use to flows over rose quartz..
    Now .. could the fascination be because the creators used crystals as a form of memory.
    We on the other hand transfer data and sound on light waves..

  16. Tourmaline. I think it’s because it’s one of the very few crystaline minerals that is piezoelectric, diamagnetic, thermo-electric, and magnetostrictive — all four.

    All four effects are present, all to only a weak degree. The balance of equaly weak responses may be a factor — none dominate. “The Effect” is seen best in those kinds of Tourmaline that contain some — but not a lot — of iron. Not all Tourmaline variants contain iron. The deep purple, nearly black, ones work best.
    I have some samples that also contain a few teensy diamond-looking inclusions. Don’t know if it IS diamond, but it sure looks like it.

    22:20 July 7.

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