An Important Reader Note and Peoplenomics Update

A kind reader (Julie, thank you) pointed outed out that we had somehow slipped a bit and had links in articles opening in the same page this week – causing lots of back and forthing which I fixed this morning for the Friday post, if you haven’t read it yet, and if should be back to opening in new windows from here on…until it happens next time, of course!

OK, on to the next topic…Peoplenomics this morning if important for people trying to save a little money for a rainy day – or retirement…

The Most Difficult Market Judgment of the Year

This morning, as we will discuss in some depth in our ChartPack section, there
looms one of the ugliest cash and account management decisions of the year,
thanks to Syria.  Plus, along with that, we’re also starting to see some of
the more unexpected impacts in other areas starting to come into view as well.
But before Mr. Jolly gets into these light-hearted topics, we’ll do our usual
Mrs. Olson’s with two eggs over easy and a side of death, doom, and disaster

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OK, more Monday, then!  Or if I feel so moved to write more this weekend.  (Damn, I love to write….)