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But their article today lays out exactly the kind of topology of dying that I covered in my book “Packing to Die: Suitcase between your ears…”  that I’ll be on George Noory’s Coast-to-Coast-AM talking about Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (depending on your time zone).

The article is must-read.

Specially, – and very much with where the data was pointing when I wrote the book – the Death Experience involved (in order):

  • “A separation from their body with a heightened, vast sense of consciousness and recognition that they’re dying
  • They “travel” to a different location
  • A meaningful and purposeful review of their life, involving a critical analysis of all their past actions — basically, their life flashes before their eyes
  • Going to a place that feels like “home”
  • Returning back to life.”

In my book, one of the main focuses is on how to have a “better game film” of your life for the playback and review.

In fact, in Chapter 9, I offer that everyone can benefit by understanding that the likely whole point of “living” a life is to be a kind of spiritual Go-Pro.  That is, working on self and learning in the process.

The takeaway from the book is to wake to every fresh day, embracing your OWN DIRECTOR ROLE and shooting “the best damn day, every day, for as long as you live…”

Near as I could figure it, that would grow you as a director – in the sense of having much more control and ownership of your waking hours.  And it helps others when you “kick others off your set” when they do uninvited “walk-ons” and try to bring their scripts into your film (of life).

Owning of Your Set and appreciating the role of the Studio Chief, Universe, the Creator, God or however you address it,  seems to be backed up by these latest scientific findings.

Grab a fresh cup and go read Glimpses of afterlife? ‘Near-death’ experiences aren’t hallucinations, scientists conclude – Brain Tomorrow.

You are the Director of Life and today is another episode of YOUR FILM.

Try to shoot something Great today, OK?

Write when you get rich,

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    • You maybe haven’t thought deeply on the science of dying, much. Let me help.
      Process by process, it all makes sense.

      When alive, our limited frequency response eyes are good for about 380 nm (getting into uv range) on the one end of visual spectrum. When we go down the other way, our vision rolls off pretty quickly below 700 nm. By 850 nm (a longer wavelength and well into infrared now) we as much feel (a slight heat) more than anything.

      Ure’s observation is that these may be thought of – just like the fidelity of a good sound system – as defining what we “see” the same way that heart-stopping bass is more felt than “heard” and same way the ears roll off around 10-12 KHz at my age and for the young (*still dog ears humans) the roll off can be up to the 18-20 KHz range.

      (One trick to knowing your aging is to take some good stereo headphones (Sennheiser or better) and use an audio generator and map out the frequencies you can here. As you age, the spectrum of sound narrows in on you Ditto the same with eyes. The color variances (tonals) can also be similarly mapped. Old people’s eyes can “gray things out” a bit and for sure, contrast clarity diminishes a good bit, as well. But I digress…worth mentioning a history of your hearing roll-off will sometimes give insight into general health and aging, though. “Higher intakes of vitamins C, E, beta carotene, B12 and folate have been proposed to reduce the risk of hearing loss.” from,the%20risk%20of%20hearing%20loss. is worth a read, though, since C, E, betaC, B12 and folate are also powerful anti-aging supplemen ts which gets into chicken or egg territory on that logical branch.)

      Back on point, remember that you’re “playing your spirit” on a limited response playback unit on a readlly fucked up planet. And the closer you get to dying, if not premature/accidental, then you’d expect something of a “blue shift shock” that comes in Tibetan and other traditions. It’s akin to an aperture opening up.

      The spiritual realms *(and livid dreams) have much better fidelity.

      Which I keep trying to remember to explain to people, but 1) no one has asked (thank you!) and 2) now that you KNOW this is why even blind can see with “spiritual vision” even absent the physical, most people will still put “Packing to Die” and deeply reflecting on their lives as all filming of their own “game film or life doc in the too hard pile because it may involve actual PERSONAL SPIRIT LEVEL WORK and hey, wasn’t there an awards show on TV we can go watch instead?

      There’s a reason people don’t give up addictions, you know. They slow down (evening out bumps) in butting up against the REALITY of the BIGGER GAME which extends past the boundaries of silly waking-state limited life.

  1. This is what Muraresku’s book was reporting when he made his investigation into the psychedelic Eucharist as reported in his “The Immortality Key…”. They, pretty much the EN-tire World’s civilizations on both sides of the pond but this is the Mediterranean version, had a saying that ended about 1700 years ago when Catholic Church finally all but stamped out the “religion with no name” – “If you die before you die you won’t die”. It was literally carved in stone and drove the pre- and paleo-Christian world until The Church started killing and bbq’ing everyone that disagreed with their dogma.

  2. “Grab a fresh cup and go read Glimpses of afterlife? ‘Near-death’ experiences aren’t hallucinations, scientists conclude – Brain Tomorrow.”

    what a great read…. I have been to brain tomorrow before but haven’t visited for a long long time..
    having worked in healthcare for well over forty years either as a volunteer or paid labor.. I can tell you that is really quite true.. my favorite story is the woman that was watching from the upper corner of the room as I messed up her bed.. LOL.. then came back to chew my butt.. My mother.. she told me before she left that DAD had come back to visit with her telling her that it wouldn’t be long before they were back together.. everyone that works direct patient care can give you those stories.. one young lady a few years ago that I met.. was assumed dead by emergency personnel.. and one of the emergency response team was telling me about this accident and everything and a few months later I met the woman.. who was in a despirate spot.. needless to say I was in a position to help her get back on her feet.. we are still friends.. she had seen her daughters struggles with out her there while in the crashed car..So she came back to raise her girl.. nice girl super mother..
    I also believe that spirits ( ghosts if you want to give them that description) stay around.. to.. we had an exercise bike that the original owner would peddle like crazy.. every night.. anyway they left the bike went into storage until the family could pick it up or donate it.. and every night that thing would fire up just as the original owner use to peddle it.. it was more obvious when an electrical storm was around..

  3. Dude – way worse has been the manipulations and screwups. Subject Women, keep Her suppressed, lest the Humans realize our legacy of True Power&NRG.

    “They” have long feared the Goddess”
    One ruler “creator” gave Humanity knowledge of the sacred feminine, knowledge sexual energy and the Sacred power of Blood… The other -Violently opposed.
    Menses diluted with water and sprinkled over Earth/ garden – magical”
    It’s all there in our Blood and is changing due frequency Response. Can see the Cleansing” start ..and there is No Stopping the Process- …trust the process and be very diligent or actively engage- embrace the living Planet – it’s integral part of Human , and we are integral part Her/Earth – need each other Badly at this seemly dark time… just the shadows, for in this realm shadow defines Light.

    • Up until The Church destroyed the previous understanding and practice of connecting to the “Other Side” through all night masses in the catacombs and graveyards (refrigeriums in the Latin) usually on the anniversary of the death of the person being memorialized with wines and beers prepared for these times the brewing of the beers and mixing of the”wines” was always, ALWAYS handled by the women of the society. It was a list of recipes handed down from mother to daughter or at least the next generation. These were finely crafted beverages of exacting proportions that would deliver the proper amount of hallucinogenic drugs without killing the participants. The Church’s demonetization of women, for this reason, is the source of our tradition of witches on broomsticks that has lasted to this day as a Halloween meme. Once the old knowledge of the elixirs, potions and unguents had sufficiently been driven out of sight it was then that the men, the priests of the Catholic church, became the exclusive handlers of the Eucharist.

  4. My NDE from drowning back in ’78 wasn’t the standard “life review” variety. Instead I popped out of my body as I had struggled drowning in the pool with at least 100 people attending the party. When I popped out all the terror and exhaustion ended and I was amused at my newfound ability to read the thoughts of others. The lifeguards who threw me in the pool were concerned about their liability in killing me; some of the attendees were empathic while others weren’t concerned with me at all. I’m guessing I hung around there for a minute or two, then realized I could fly. I made it high enough to see the curvature of the Earth and had decided to visit the Moon’s dark side when TPTB decided it wasn’t my time and reeled me back in. And yes it hurt like hell as my lungs were filled with chemical-smelling chlorine pool water. They put me in an ambulance and took me to some kinda medical clinic. As soon as I regarded full consciousness all I wanted to do was get away from these people as quickly as possible, and I drove myself home 50 miles away. I don’t remember much about that trip except I didn’t run into or over anything.

  5. Sounds like the kids have found an audio component stairway for their productions in the BT March 31st issue “Newest psychedelic drug – is sound? How people are using binaural beats to get high”. As with shades and far spectrum light, maybe don’t enter the purple haze without proper filters in place?

  6. “A separation from their body with a heightened, vast sense of consciousness and recognition that they’re dying… They “travel” to a different location… A meaningful and purposeful review of their life, involving a critical analysis of all their past actions… Going to a place that feels like “home”…”

    Kind of get the feeling that we are NOT our Earthly bodies, huh? Like Sages and Mystics have been telling us for eons.

    Quantum Physics has fully proven that there is virtually no physical substance to an atom. It is almost 100% empty space. And that minuscule portion that is ‘something’ else that remains is not even properly thought of as a ‘thing’ at all. More like a cloud of potentials that flashes in and out of existence. As all subatomic particles do. And everything in the ‘physical universe’ is ‘made’ of this cloud of energy and potential. Like trying to grab a hold of a piece of ground fog. There is no ‘There’, there to grab and put in a box.

    Why do things ‘feel’ solid? Energy. Energy reacting upon other energy.

    We are energy. That which appears to us around us in various shapes and forms is energy. Everything at its core is: Energy and Information. Everything. There is NOTHING ELSE.

    As for the Death Experience… on Earth we are basically living a lie. We are not what we have been taught by parents and traditional schooling and mass State Corporate media, etc.

    So when Death comes along… it is Universe firmly tapping us on the shoulder and saying, “Uh, HELLO. You there… You know that stuff you thought you were? Well, none of it is true. You’ve been living a Lie and Reality is stepping in to remind you of what ‘you’ really are.

    Even the dimmest bulbs around us know that we don’t take anything with us when we ‘go’. Which includes money and possessions. So what do billions of people spend the entirety of their lives pursuing? Money and possessions. Real bright, huh? When they could have been embracing the truth about what ‘they’ are and pursuing the spiritual path and working to evolve to become the best version of one’s unique personality possible. If only we would teach each other these things instead of ignoring them and finding ways to hate each other.

    And another thing we learn ‘over there’? Most all of the wrongs that have been done to us in Life are OWN DAMN FAULT. Our egos are so fragile that we seek to find villains everywhere around us when the biggest jerk in our Life is mostly our own self. But not to worry because the greatest guru of wisdom can also be found inside our Self if we only took the time to find it and embrace it. We are both our own Devil and Savior.

    Our cells are dying and being reborn every moment. So, we are always dying all the time. And also rediscovering Life at the same moment.

    Most people who have the full-on NDE experience don’t want to come back here. While we all value our gift of being alive on this Earth, the fact that these Experiencers are quite clear about where they really feel at home should tell us something.

    Yes, we are the writer, actor, director, producer, star, and critic of Our Story. That is the gift of being a Creator that THE Creator gifted to us in Its Image. We each have a canvass and a nice bunch of paints and brushes to make something with.

    If we only knew… If we only knew…

  7. George,

    The March 2009 global equity and SPX low concluded in a July 2006 9/24 month first and second fractal series which was preceded by a March 2003 nadir 6/14/15/10 month series. (The SPX’s nadir lows define the fractal groupings) Today US 30 year mortgage rates following the US 10 year notes hit 5.25%, the highest rate since Sept 2009. The March 2022 Fed minutes announced the Fed’s intent to sell an additional 95 billion a month of the Fed’s 9 trillion on-the-books debt. Interestingly, the March 2009 global equity low ended in an extended 2.5+x 102 week second fractal of a July 2006 39/102 weekly series. The end for the March 2020 low could be a similar 33/85 week first and extended second fractal with a final weekly decay of 5/8 of 10/7 weeks. Jeremy Granthum will likely be correct (again) regarding his prediction a massive stock market crash of a 100 year US superbubble event. As well, Standard and Poor proclaimed today a default by Russia on its foreign debt. The russian ruble has been loosing value against the US dollar since 2008. Within this long term trend, the dollar to ruble ratio completed a first and second fractal 12/31 day series last Friday.
    Within this series, the ruble’s daily third fractal collapse against the dollar should be spectacular and coindentally appropriately painful during the next phase of Putin the Impaler’s special military operation.

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