Amnesty: Political “Fix” in, or Economics

No, you’re not alone:  A LOT of people are asking  a bit WT(actual)F is going on with the political parties in America on this child amnesty disaster of the administration’s making?

One outfit wondering where has the real GOP gone is Investor’s Business Daily which wonders on the site:

“Instead of sending them back home to their parents, Attorney General Eric Holder made it a priority to hire taxpayer-funded lawyers for them. Why don’t we hear Cantor, Ryan and other GOP leaders shout that Democrats are exploiting children to further their political agenda?

Moreover, this whole crisis is of the administration’s making. Its Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program two years ago prevented minors’ deportation for two years, and now Obama has added two more years. As the immigration system becomes overloaded, disease and hygiene issues are coming into play.”

Is it a corporate/government conspiracy to rob us of an America that we knew, by brining in tons of people who historically out-produce the majority races in America by 37%?

As I noted yesterday,  perhaps.

But something else is going on, methinks and it is something so bad, so ugly, so terrible, that no one in government – on either side of the aisle – is talking about it.  So let me take a whack at it for you:

Let me remind you of what Forbes included in this 8/28/2013 story “How accurate is the concern that Social Security will one day run out?” (Emphasis added)

The Simpson-Bowles Report of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform had a large section on Social Security, and a chart that showed this effect, was projected to happen in 2037. Now, only three years later, the new guess might be 2033.

Now, let’s look at the Simpson-Bowles report itself which is summarized (in part) over at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

What most people don’t realize is that starting in 2020, there will be reductions in the benefits for maximum income Social Security recipients.  So the people who paid the most in will get the biggest penalty.  How’s that for fair? 

THAT in turn depends on who you ask:  All of my liberal friends will spew a cleaned up version of “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need” while the rabid conservatives will be screaming “Socialism” but that’s really a cover for “screw the needy.”

None of this stuff is simple.

But the point this morning is to suggest that the government likely knows more than it is telling us – which is likely why Ryan, et al, at turning turncoats and rolling over on amnesty.

Oddly, that MAY not be a bad thing.

Here’s why:  Assume for a moment that the latest research over at our site is correct and that the economy really is doing a replay of 1929.

Further, let’s assume that this was not clear in 2010 when the Simpson-Bowles report was created.

What IF  something absolutely horrific is about to happen in America to our economy and both parties are complicit in that they all know that the arrival of negative interest rates means a tax on savings and that prosperity in the country (long-term) is not possible if the seniors are whacked.

Remember, seniors vote like crazy – and they think a lot about politics because honestly, there’s not a lot else to do in the nursing home, yeah?

So what IF there is some unpublished Simpson-Bowles (or later) data that says “If the economy blows up in 2015 or 2016 (when our parabolic market rise will necessarily end), then revenues to government will fall catastrophically and we’ll see Social Security broke around 2025 –2028.

What is the “quick fix?”

Answer: Right now – TODAY – bring in as many 8-year old and up children as possible because by 2024 they will be working and that means paying Social Security taxes.

Whether such a report actually exists is a matter of conjecture.  But what we do know is that both parties are lining up on the immigration issue and there are not enough Hispanic/Latino voters (except in Mexifornia, and soon Mexazona) to swing elections.

No, I think there’s a demographic problem with collapsing wages when automation, 3D printing and virtualization of business run their course and the people “in-the-know” know about it already.  A crash and followed by the deflationary Grim Reapers of jobs running wild.

The only solution to this crowd of nitwits?  Bring in as many 8-years olds as possible because in 10-years when the problem shows up, they  will be working for “the Man” in the fields, but paying taxes and not asking questions.  Unstated is that we will all be converted to “field hands” by what’s coming…and the parties in office likely see it clear as day.  They just don’t talk about it being self-serving…er…..

That’s what I’d bet on – again:  Government having an unpublished agenda which would lead to massive revolution or at least the wholesale replacement of both parties when the majority of Americans find out the degree to which we have been lied to and misled this time. 

Astroglide is not an option.  Both parties have signed on for political bestiality and to prove it, you can see them screwing the pooch on border security if you just look closely and run the numbers.

Now, you tell me if this isn’t a carefully selected ad block:


Which Brings Up a Curious Prepper Question

By the way:  Has anyone done the definitive article on how much of the above products you will really need when the SHTF? Without electronic devices…uh…..where were we?  Oh yes…

To Market, To Market…

With the market holding up through the traditional “sell in May and go away” period, we are looking for things to take a minor breather at the open this morning.

The Dow is likely to open down 20, but you can go look (before the open) over here.

The underlying dynamics, however are unchanged and it simply works like this:

Interest rates are low, so huge piles of private equity have been piling up in bank vaults.  And with the arrival of negative interest rates in the EU last week, which is really a tax on savings, the “smart” money will be looking into value holders beyond taxing.

Consequently, we see headlines line “World stock markets up near record high, low yields help.”  (Gimme a big hallelujah, brothers and sisters of the Church of the Almighty Dollar:  someone else finally gets this inverse interest relationship.)

That means the stock market is going up even more.

So the market is going up, and as I posited earlier, this ought to be a 1927 style blow-off, but just “how far up” is remains to be seen.  The Baltic Dry Index is back pressing up against the 999 level, so that’s coming around to my bullish view, too.

I’ve set my snooze alarm to go off next week when Tuesday’s Consumer price report ought to prove deflation is about, except at the grocery store and gas pump.  Like there’s anything else?

Freddy Krueger.JPGWholesale inventories at 10 this morning have little Freddy Krueger potential.

A JOLTS job openings report today is also not expected to shake things loose to the downside.

And the Treasury budget, mortgage numbers, and oil inventories will all pale in comparison to the retail sales figures.due Thursday morning.

In the meantime, if you pass on the stock ticker channels and catch up on the latest episode of Halt and Catch Fire, no one’s going to miss you.  Except’n Freddy, o’ course.

Stupid News = Stupid Americans

imageI’ve written much in the past about how the Kardashians have become something of a media fixation point, but now I’m pleased to report that a growing number of media (except here, of course) have started a new sport in reporting the place on Amazon sales of Hillary Clinton’s book.

If the Google Trends view is correct, that little ‘A” doesn’t bode well for her presidential aspirations when you plug in their “forecast” outlook.  But, we shall see.

In my check this morning, it was Hillary + Amazon coming up with 38,900 hits.  Read Book trashed by Critics. This is versus 15-million 900 thousand for Kardashian

Why Kim is not running for president is beyond me.  The name of the game in this world is to monetize, monetize, monetize…which is what people run for office beyond a certain level, I figure.

The Search Engine Oracle knows all, sees all, and sidesteps a great deal of the usual media bullshit.

Life’s a Killer

As in…

Off to work on Peoplenomics and try to scare up some consulting work…man’s gotta eat.  More free stuff Thursday and Peoplenomics tomorrow, of course.