America’s “Third World Slide” – Faster Now!

The Corporate-Government alliances now ruling three major global factions in the world continued to chalk up power Monday.  

As we reported to our subscribers, part of what’s going on is China has it out for Donald Trump.  The reason is simply that China had a plan to subsume America and Donald Trump stirred things up too much.  All dates from the dinner with president Xi in 2017 when Trump told Xi over dessert that he’d just let fly some cruise missiles in the Middle East – during their state dinner.

You don’t upset China’s plans for domination – and many of their top 30 leadership are engineers – and one of our key sources says the attack on Trump is being well-orchestrated by offshore interests trying to get China dominance back on track.

The Biden administration has been kowtowing to China in ways that seem to verge on treason.  American energy going to China, for example. Oil: U.S. Crude Back at $90 on China Buying; CPI Worries Restrain Rally is just one example.

The Outrageous Raid on Trump

You need only be “in China’s corner” as the Biden crime syndicate is to be afforded immunity from prosecution.  This is why Hunter Biden hasn’t been investigated in a public way.

On the other hand, the FBI’s unprecedented raid on Mar-a-Lago – Trumps Florida compound – led to coverage like Dan Bongino erupts over FBI raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago: ‘Third-world bullshit.”

Meantime, democrat party shills are laying it on Trump as hard and heavy as they can.  Especially because China wants it so.  Trump disqualified from holding office? Clinton lawyer Marc Elias raises prospect after FBI raid.  You may remember that as we remember it, Elias was a key lie-seller – promoting the fictional Russia collusion story during the Hildebeast’s law-firm based deceptions and deceit. Or not.

Bottom Line:  China hates Donald Trump.  He screwed up their world domination plans.  Now, through left-leaning stooges, China is going after Trump to ensure he’s not around in 2024.

Dems are running with the plausible deniability angle: FBI search at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home tied to classified material, sources say.  While the republican response is captured in McCarthy threatens to probe Garland after Trump FBI raid.

Even worse than all this?  Bernard Kerik Says Dems Next Step for Trump ‘Assassination’.

Again, we remind you that we’ve been hearing “something big” around August 17th for a long while now.  We have no specific knowledge, but the “date is interesting” in big data space.

August 16, 17, and 19 may – or may not – bring life changing events.  But, when you’ve been reading the news as long as someone around here, you look at holes (valleys) and hills (mountains) in data as places where Big Change could fit.

Productivity Train Wreck

Just out from the Labor dept:

“Nonfarm business sector labor productivity decreased 4.6 percent in the second quarter of 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output decreased 2.1 percent and hours worked increased 2.6 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.)

From the same quarter a year ago, nonfarm business sector labor productivity decreased 2.5 percent, reflecting a 1.5-percent increase in output and a 4.1-percent increase in hours worked. The 2.5-percent
decline in labor productivity from the same quarter a year ago is the largest decline in this series, which begins in the first quarter of 1948.

Unit labor costs in the nonfarm business sector increased 10.8 percent in the second quarter of 2022, reflecting a 5.7-percent increase in hourly compensation and a 4.6-percent decrease in productivity. Unit
labor costs increased 9.5 percent over the last four quarters. (See tables A1 and 2.) This is the largest four-quarter increase in this measure since a 10.6-percent increase in the first quarter of 1982. BLS calculates unit labor costs as the ratio of hourly compensation to labor productivity. Increases in hourly compensation tend to increase unit labor costs and increases in productivity tend to reduce them.”

We’d like to congratulate the Biden administration for creating a Soviet-style economy with their control of everything in Washington.  Way to go, Brandon!

More Tough Economics

Government inflation data (such as it is) comes tomorrow morning about this time.  No, we don’t think it even comes close to the basic six-packer’s family experiences.  Seriously?  Then to have the Fed fixated on prices less food and energy – well, quickly the layers of absurdity of Modern Life pile up, don’t they?

This morning, a taste of real people in the National Federation of Independent Business data just out.  Take a look:

Fewer Owners Raised and Planning to Raise Prices

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Aug. 9, 2022) – NFIB’s Small Business Optimism Index rose 0.4 points in July to 89.9, however, it is the sixth consecutive month below the 48-year average of 98. Thirty-seven percent of small business owners reported that inflation was their single most important problem in operating their business, an increase of three points from June and the highest level since the fourth quarter of 1979.

“The uncertainty in the small business sector is climbing again as owners continue to manage historic inflation, labor shortages, and supply chain disruptions,” said Bill Dunkelberg, NFIB Chief Economist. “As we move into the second half of 2022, owners will continue to manage their businesses into a very uncertain future.”

The most eye-opening stuff is found in the details:

  • Owners expecting better business conditions over the next six months increased nine points from June’s record low level to a net-negative 52%.
  • Expectations for better business conditions have deteriorated every month from January to June of this year.
  • Forty-nine percent of owners reported job openings they could not fill in the current period, down one point from June but historically very high.
    Seasonally adjusted, a net 37% plan price hikes, down 12 points.
  • The net percent of owners raising average selling prices decreased seven points to a net 56% (seasonally adjusted). The decline is significant but the net percent still raising prices is inflationary.
  • The net percent of owners who expect real sales to be higher decreased one point from June to a net negative 29%.
  • The Uncertainty Index increased 12 points from last month to 67.

Damn interesting report.

Fillers and Thrillers

Some morning’s I thumb through the NY Post headlines and all is revealed:

Cop Defunding hits the wall:  More people are figuring that Defund the Cops is a move by anti-America corporate communist countries after all.  Upstate NY residents say bail reform fuels crime there, too.  Corporate lefties like George Soros keep loading up the courts with Marxists.

Passings: Olivia Newton-John sold off real estate after stage 4 cancer diagnosis.  Dead at 73 now.

Urban decline shocker:  Rhode Island ferry brawl leaves multiple people injured.

In our worst EMP nightmares, a bunch of Tehran mullahs launch an EMP optimized weapon into space.  Oh look!  Russia Launches Iranian Satellite Amid Ukraine War Concerns.  Now it’s a “day mare.”

Chinese media are reporting harder exercises around Taiwan.  PLA extends ‘Taiwan encirclement’ exercises with anti-submarine warfare, showcases unrivaled area denial capability; ‘drills will not stop until reunification’.  Could this be an August 17 surprise?

Taking out another radical leader in AFG.  Pakistani Taliban leader killed in Afghanistan, sources say.  We’re not there anymore, right?

Check the Crypto con:  Crypto mixing service Tornado Cash blacklisted by Treasury Department.  And speaking of Iran as we just were: “Iran Places First Crypto-Funded Import Order, Worth $10M: Report.”

Where’s Breakfast?

Looks like the Dow and S&P will have a quick down flush at the open.  Those productivity numbers are really bad – especially when you look at costs.  Gads. Down day possible, but a turn is called for in some charts around mid-session.  We shall see.  Buy the rumor sell the news?  I think tomorrow’s consumer prices could come in better than expected mainly on lower gas prices.

Triple A had gasoline down to $4.033 this morning, so the cheaper on Tuesday adage may hold.

Mornings like this, a few extra pancakes may be in order.

Write when you get rich,

82 thoughts on “America’s “Third World Slide” – Faster Now!”

  1. Things are certainly getting spicy. I wonder how history, if anyone that knows how to read or write survives, will view this period?

    Speaking of big happenings next week, I have the dreaded over-50 procedure scheduled for Friday: The Subterranean Scope. I’m not sure what’s worse: the procedure, the prep or the anticipation?

    • The preparation is the worst. Peglite just tastes awful and……..I find it’s the best tasting!!!!! UGH

    • LOL LOL LOL I hear ya.. the first time I had it done.. it sucked the big one.. I was so nervous.. then sending in a garden hose to peek around LOL LOL…it really isn’t that bad..
      hint.. the drink.. mix one 12 oz frozen juice of your choice.. in the bottle.. it goes down a lot easier.. then I don’t know if they have you put in the suppository or if they have done away with it..
      I had to have the procedure done every six months for years .. now luckily it is every three years.. It really isn’t that bad..and I am a firm believer in preventive maintenance..I have seen so many that have died from cancer just because they didn’t get the routine pap smear or prostrate check… those cancers don’t show up until it is too late..

      • Like Loop I have know a couple of people who died WAY too young since they REFUSED to go in and have the “inspection” done. By the time it was discovered it was too late for them, though if caught early, which an “inspection” will do, it is one of the cancers that has almost a 100% recovery rate. Some people are just stubborn I guess. fwiw imo the Prep is the worst. The actual procedure is a nothing burger.

      • “By the time it was discovered it was too late for them, though if caught early, which an “inspection” will do,”

        exactly @Stephen 2….where a simple breast exam or pap smear.. the situation is not noticeable until it has already progressed to the critical stage..
        Its like telling a tobacco chewer about the dangers of chewing tobacco.. they won’t listen.. it always happens to someone else..

    • Ew. It’s great to have insurance to use for these things, just don’t let it use YOU. Second opinions always matter with docs you trust otherwise you’re just a cash cow.

      • absolutely.. the cost is way more than anyone can afford… and oh so needed.. the wifes mamogram was a couple of bills.. shortly afterwards we got insurance.. she had sprained her ankle.. you would fall over if you knew what just the doctors office visit was.. LOL LOL almost cheaper to fly up and go to the doctor in Mexico or Canada..

    • The prep is the worst. With good anaesthesia the procedure is a simple nap. But it is a lifesaver. Mine revealed a problem (diverticulitis) that quickly got worse and required a colon resection two months later. Yeah, I’ve lost two friends who refused to get it done… and died of colon cancer.

  2. FWIW, Juan O. Savin has been saying for a long time now that American is in for a “gut punch” as far as Trump is concerned. This raid on his “compound” could, very well, lead up to it if the DOJ concocts more charges from any “evidence” they may or may not have “discovered” as a result of this morning’s raid. He’s alluded to Trump being arrested and kept out of sight as things deteriorate toward the final demise of the Dims. Juan hasn’t given any dates but Clif and Penny Kelly have been sounding alarm bells about this month and going forward.

    As incredible as the events to date have been it goes without saying that we haven’t seen anything yet. The prediction of a coup by Christmas becomes more viable every day.

    • or they just make up evidence.. for almost the last two years everything has been flipped completely over so I don’t put it past anyone at all..
      You sure don’t hear anything from the conservatives either.. the closest thing was the guy from texas that flopped his boot on the table.. and brought up an interesting point.. why isn’t the Antifa or BLM logos on the watch lists.. even he has been quiet.. my guess is its the don’t rock the boat.. and for good cause.. with some of the laws that have gone through sneakily by putting them in other bills that no one reads.. it could be a dangerous position for a senator to rock the boat.. especially now that all reason morals and ethics have been thrown to the wind.. criminals walk free and those informing the people by showing the documents to prove their activities are put in prison or die mysteriously ..

      • Antifa and BLM are not on the lists because they are FUNDED and PAID by George Soros, the dual Jewish Hungarian/American citizen who pays the agitators in this country and others to sway the masses and thus the leadership.

        He and his Dad rounded up the non-powerful average citizen Jews, in Germany, and put them on the cattle cars to the camps, but he and his Dad stripped them of any assets they had on them. He was proud of his role in this.

        This is online under a 60 minutes interview.

        He also funds the NGO’s, Non-Governmental Organizations, that are behind the mass moving of populations around the world to destabilize the Western Civilization nations. He has single handedly brought RAPE to Sweden (the highest rape nation in the world), he has backed all the WEF (World Economic Forum) candidates and key players in ALL western nation governments doing their dirty deeds for the last 70 years and right now.

        You can bet who is on the payola list, just start naming some demoncraps, and RINO’s and your dart will be hit the bullseye.

        This constant agitation and destabilization is not a NATURAL FUNCTION of a country growing and becoming better, it is a TARGETED AGENDA HIT to take down these countries.

        The question is: Will O’Biden and his administration, including the RINO’s, will that be enough to SNUFF the USA? OR will they bring back Trump and collapse the economy on his 2nd term????

        The Eyes of an OverStressed Brainwashed Propagandized Nation Turn and Watch and Wait.

      • “Will O’Biden and his administration, including the RINO’s, will that be enough to SNUFF the USA? OR will they bring back Trump and collapse the economy on his 2nd term????”

        Hmm.. I beleive.. we are beyond the tipping point.. figure the interest on the deficit.. then add we just printed up six years of our normal national budget..
        On the other.. why do you think those people always pick another country than their own.. they can manipulate both sides.. they pay out very little for the out come and play both sides against the other.. The very best we have to look forward to is one of the worst depressions in history of nations.
        A lot would have to be done and right away if they even want to keep it at this stage of the game.. but then all of that is just the opinion of some old nutjob in the wastelands and ghetto lifestyle of the USA

    • Bill, as Clif predicted months ago, the war has broken out into the open for all to see. This crazy charade also blows the latest spending bill off the front page, as the looting of the US Treasurey continues unabated. Just ensure that 10% goes to the big guy…..

  3. The world we knew from many years ago is gone and probably never coming back and al I see into the future is BAD, VERY BAD.
    When it hits the peak LOW and the sheeple wake up to be flocked it will be TOOOOOO late and that is when the major riots will start!
    Stay vigilante and stay prepped, YOU ARE going to need it to survive!

    • “the sheeple wake up to be flocked it will be TOOOOOO late ”

      Sadly.. I believe that it already is too late..

      • Yes indeed, it is too late. It’s why I call Americans wildebeests, hiding in the herd hoping that when the (multiple) predators come by, they are not singled out.

        And then the dry season comes, the water hole dries up, the grass disappears, and the herd wanders for weeks hoping to find something before more than a quarter of them die.

  4. Snoozen Susans – time you be waking up and smelling the burning thermite..

    From the top – China is, and has always been a German client state. Mao didnt write the long march,”they” did, think that was really “charlie” flying those migs for North Vietnam, and not blonde haired, blue eyed jerry pilots?

    Ure gurl in SF – the mobbed up D’Alesandro THOT – IS A deep cover political asset of the CCP, along wit hunter & big guy” and nat. sec. advisor snake sullivan, and the hildebeast- da snake managed her campaign in 2019.
    Bbbbbbbbbillions in campaign CASH have poured thru san francisco bay area demoncrat branch..reaching tidal wave proportions in 2019 campaign against tRump.

    *nasty &snake signed and sealed dirty deal to hand over Taiwan.

    August was promised to be HOT, and right on cue it is heating up ! hooray!

    PopcornZ and a couple cold ones – order of the Month, curtain going up on the “next act” as I type..

    PS -Dont ask about the audience participation part – that comes later, and this “watcher” is just that…watching..methane bubbles up in the hudson river last couple of days/weeks – surly this has nothing to do with NASA huntersniffer flying around that area (see M.werx) this past week, or the recent earthquakes in NY -/ NOPE nothing to see here -Nothing at all – unless of course Ure living in that area and you happen to be a famous sewdish chef..


  5. As far as the latest of episode of the American Kabuki Theater goes, I suggest that we give it 48 hours for things to settle.

    However, I do offer this to think about: The FBI would have to had alerted the Secret Service beforehand to avoid an Agency-on Agency ‘event’. The FBI would know that the cat would be out of the bag and if there was truly anything to hide that it would be removed (theoretically). So, why bother? This smells like more political theater in an increasingly irrational timeline.

    • Completely agree.

      Being an ex-President means Trump has permanent Secret Service protection. When/if he is out of town , agents still stay behind to prevent any incursions on the property. Security of the property is on going. Agents knew of the raid , or had to be quickly dealt with on site prior.

      This does feel like a desperation move by the left and their private security forces.

    • More the reason for planting evidence. I doubt they will waste this opportunity if there was nothing there. Assassination would be way too obvious. This may be their big chance to just frame him. When you have the judges and media on the payroll you can get away with anything. I have a bad feeling about this

  6. Poor Trump, China doesn’t like him either.

    “She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways.”

    Trump very well may go to jail. Recall the pic of Tom Hanks standing in front of a “prison door”? Trump will be behind a real prison door.

    The best hope may be the January 6th rioters break him out. But they might not like him either after being left in the lurch.

    You guys up for risking life and limb for Trump? Only die once and all that.

    • What color pill did you take this morning? Red? Trump blah blah blah. Best fkn president since GW. Blessings

  7. I went to bed last night in what I thought was a free country, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, and have certain inalienable rights, and that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    This morning, I woke up to a dyspeptic and chaotic banana pudding semi-dictatorship of a certain proletariat.

    Overnight, it all changed.’

    “They” have no idea what they have loosed. blinded, as they are, by a zealous and purist ideology.

    It will start with wide and large-scale essentially un-organized (which is different from dis-organized) Civil Disobedience.

    If that doesn’t re-rail the train, then the Crystal grows dark, and there are no limits.

    I’m glad I’m old. (78) Won’t miss much.

    Beware the Ides of August + or –

    7.299 day, 3.999 night
    etc, etc, etc, etc.

    • This is what “compromise” gets you to – EVERY TIME! Little by little the Left moves you away from what ought to be sacred and unmovable truths until you come to The Edge and they push you over. For all those couch potatoes out there I’ve been screaming at for the past few years saying “I got mine” better look again when they turn your savings into CBDC units and take control of all of that, too, and cancel out any cash you may have on hand.

      There IS NO “Normal” any more to go back to. History is being made before our eyes and it will be WAY too long before enough of the general population has enough of this crap to take the fight to the streets. How many out there will revive Zapata’s response to tyranny – “I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees”? Great gallopin’ Apocalyptic Horsemen! Here we are at that time in history!

    • I have to laugh at folks that (hopefully) predict what is going to happen. Five years ago, you didn’t have a clue what the USA would look like today. But still you think you have a clue what it will look like 5 years from now. So there you sit opining, instead of getting the hell out, to where you had a chance to die a natural death.

      But you talk with someone who lived in the USSR 5 years before it fell, and they will tell you what it will look like. And you don’t want to hear it.

      • I have spoken with someone from the former USSR! At least she had the option to marry an American and get out of Dodge. She’s divorced now and no doubt she’s wondering what the next move might be. If you’ve got at least one person you’re close to in a foreign land, and have been there for years with at least permanent residency status, it can work. Ecuador seems like a decent place if you can fit in with the culture and are not alone. Perhaps too, the Land of Smiles, though both cultures require strong social skills. I’m not sure if there’s a safe place in the world for the next 10 or 15 years, and becoming a refugee is always a bad option. Good luck where you are – I’d considered it very carefully a decade ago.

  8. “something big”

    Any of you posters catch Art Bell’s ‘Somewhere in Time’ last few weeks?

    Two weeks ago the topic was space aliens again… the guest said ‘contact is imminent’.

    Week before last the topic was ‘Earth changes”. Earthquakes around 2003 – 2005. Three days of darkness. Mountains tumbling and seas heaving.

    Last week was ‘remote viewing’. One caller had an interesting question for the guest asking if he ever tried to remote view on LSD. The guest said no.

    Saturday nights. Just flip through the AM dial when you are driving or doing whatever you do. The topics are the same as today but 25 years old.

    • I miss crazy ol Art Bell. Crazy stuff, but really interesting at the same time. MUCH better than most of the current Talk Radio types. Like Art the current Talk Radio types talk about fantasies … but as if they are reality, and seem to believe each and every one of them. I jsut roll my eyes at their Stupidity (or like AJ they are just trying to milk money out of people like old PT “There is a Sucker born every minute” Barnum). I have to turn them off most of the time these days, or find an oldies music station. May ol Art rest in peace.

  9. In case anybody is interested in cutting back on electric bills. These work. When I lived by myself, my electric bill was next to nothing. True story …

    Then I got married, added 3 kids and the electric bill skyrocketed. Trying to get the kids on board with this stuff is next to impossible. Sadly, another true story. :(

    • Yeah everything a vampire for power these days, with most not having a physical on/off switch. I don’t like the idea of plug/unplug, because that will wear on the cord and the socket. If you really are going to “unplug” when finished, the use a power strip with an on/off switch. Realize that cable boxes, streaming sticks, TVs, computers, will take far longer to start up when coming up from power vs a sleep state. The convenience of the fast response is worth some extra dollars, but it also makes sense to seek out devices with low sleep state power consumption as you replace devices. Cable boxes are notorious power consumers when not in use (not low sleep consumption), but they are also normally extremely slow to boot from power off. A kill-o-watt type device can help track those vampires down.

    • Good info for those with only one account and the base charge is minimal. For those who must keep several accounts open with base charges(just for service, and no KwH), there’s little that can be done. Actual usage is dirt cheap vs the base charges. In some areas, having the juice off for six months means you need a clearance from a licensed electrician and an actual electrical inspection to get it back on. In others, lack of service for a year can revoke your C/O. The bureaucrats have it set up so you need to keep a live connection, regardless of whether or not you actually use it.

      • Here the Natural Gas Company has a pending application for a BASE rate of about $47/mo from $27/mo just for your gas connection … NO USAGE included. The Consumer Advocates are estimating that within 5 years they will be trying to bump that BASE amount with NO usage to the mid $80’s since it was only in the teens about 5 years ago. Sheesh …. (we already have HIGH base fees for electrical connection already, just for my connection to the grid my bill is usually 2/3 connection fee 1/3 actual electrical usage – blended rate at my usage amount being about $.185/kwh)

  10. Rooty toot toot – time for the bandicoot – to get you feeling fine..fine as frog hair.

    As was reco’d here – that state owned Brazilian Oil co PBR is on the move. Buypoint- yesterday, breakout has begun, perhaps a ticket to ride is in order. perhaps several tickets to ride – hell the stock is priced to pay a 47% yield to cost Dividend – going into a inflationary depression ?? Go ahead and shake a stick at that scheisse..

    Also really enjoying ringing the register on the XLE..apparently Satanic Arabia didnt have more WATER to pump into the fields..whats the “cut” these days ?? 65% water? Spread em and adjust accordingly as you laugh at the absurdity of it all on Ure way the coinbase bank.

    Except of course G-dog & Lennster – No BTC 4 U, as apparently the BCN has determined youse 2 to be NN’s (Neo-neanderthals) .

  11. I wrote this yesterday as a followup to my Post on Monday about the sorry state of affairs in our country. This was written before finding out last night about the FBI raid on Trumps home in Florida. It is now even more appropos based upon what the black booted thugs in our government are doing to persecute anyone that goes agains their lies and agendas and their fear of a Trump presidency in 2024 that will eradicate the problems being generated by Demo_rats in Washington D.C. It is time for biased weaponization of Lady Justice in the FBI, DOJ and IRS to disappear, along with their agencies as they now exist.

    The liars—Schumer, Pelosi and their gutless followers go after Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, and Peter Navarro for contempt of the clown Congress’s January 6th One Way Committee, but do they go after the real liars on their side of the demo_rat party?

    Real rats we have forgotten about by disinformational redirection like:

    -Lois Lerner IRS employee who refused to testify to Congress about Hussein Obama using the IRS to go after political enemies. Did Lois Lerner get prosecuted for Contempt of Congress for not showing up? Hell no!

    -Eric Holder-Obama’s AG that never testified to Congress and got a contempt of Congress. Was he ever prosecuted? Nope, get out of jail free card!

    -Brennan-Obama’s CIA chief and admitted Commie. Was he ever prosecuted for illegally spying on a Senate staffer who was a whistleblower and lying to Congress about it? Hell no!

    -Clapper-Obama’s DNI who lied to Congress about the NSA collecting data on Americans. Was he prosecuted for perjury? No way…Obammy and his male Mammy made sure of that.

    -Commie Comey-who covered up for Hillary Clinton by lying to the American Public about nothing there. The same Comey whose FBI came up and pursued the Soviet Hoax regarding Trump. Same guys who were taping Trump? Who spied on Trump? Comey who never spoke the truth about the FISA court appearances, Fusion GPS, the DNC, Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Steele Dossier, Hillary destroying evidence, Perkins Coie, Bruce Ohr’s wife, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, and Andrew McCabe. Why isn’t Comey wearing stripes?

    -Susan Rice-Obama’s National Security guru who was illegally unmasking Trump’s Transition Team—spying on political opponents. Meets Obama everyday when he is in town and then goes to the White House to try and control Slo Joe.

    And current demo_rats that lied to Congress and continually lie to the American Public such as:

    -Lying Alejandro Mayorkis Secretary of Homeland Security (SS) who stated: “The Border is Secure.” You lying globalist. It is not secure! And you are in violation of your oath to uphold the laws of the United States.

    -And one of the great liars, Fauci, the slick talker and liar who lied to Congress about not only funding a lab in Wuhan controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, but furnishing them with our technology. Never forget Lying Scarf Lady Birx who is now back-pedaling and stating they knew about the vaccines not being ‘totally’ effective. Karma–Fauci and Biden were vaxxed to the max and still got the virus.

    -Liars everywhere. We have a politically biased DOJ and FBI. They have gone after people that didn’t deserve their weighted boots on their necks with early morning SWAT raids of Bannon and Roger Stone, or a public arrest in an airport of Peter Navarro when all of them would have shown up at the FBI offices, but at the same time they let the real crooks go. Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, Swalwell, Pelosi, and now—LYING JOE BIDEN selling our STRATEGIC Petroleum Reserves to the Chinese Commies and the trail of money.

    -And don’t forget that Marxist Commie evil bastard Tedros who is the WHO (World Health Organization) Director in the U.N. and wants to declare global health emergencies where the world is at his fingertips and people must obey via U.N. troops. He is wanting to declare Monkey Pox as an international emergency. He was a major figure of and Capo in the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front, an Ethiopian Marxist Organization, which was one of the worst genocidal corrupt brutal regimes in the last 30 years. Get the U.S. out of the worthless U.N. and get the U.N. the hell out of America with it’s hive of spies.

    And the cherry on the cake is that the gutless people in charge out of the White House and Cabinet are allowing the Chinese Commies to buy land within close proximity of our military bases where they can put up towers to scramble or intercept our communications to these top-secret bases. Where is the law to stop that Pelosi and Schumer? Oh, wait it would affect to many slush funds.

    We should use imminent domain and pay $1.00 to the Commies. Let them lose billions—and send a loud message….Keep the hell out of our country! And take the over 400,000+ Chinese Commie spies going to school and working here in our Universities, Defense Industries, U.S. Bio-Labs, Ag Industries, and Energy Labs and kick them all the hell out overnight. Students come here from China to get advanced degrees, but before they leave China they are all run through the Ministry of State Security, which is the Chinese overlord of multiple Chinese Intelligence Arms. They don’t leave unless they are indoctrinated in Chinese spying techniques. Get the SWAT teams after these real crooks and spies, rather than Americans that served in the Trump Administration. De-list all the Chinese Commie companies from our stock exchanges and re-take any industrial purchases like Smithfield foods. No pork for the top class of Chinese Commies who consider pork a delicacy. Screw the soul-less bastards big time for letting loose a bioweapon that killed millions.

    And when they move on Taiwan, Biden will only give lip service to it. They have the goods big time on him and his rotten son. Pics, bank deposits, everything! Talk about Gun Control Joe, you have smoking guns everywhere from Ukraine to China. Talk about screwing the pooch, oh the Big Guy is going to have to resign to try to save face, or give them another strategic base like Bagram, and more oil out of our strategic reserves.

    Don’t think that our military will save us this time. We don’t win wars anymore. The great USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) Carrier Strike Group Five spent approximately two-years trying to figure out how a $100 million-dollar Swedish submarine made by a Swiss company, SAAB’s military division, could go undetected in military games and “sink” the Reagan on multiple occasions. The sub costs less than one (1) of our F-22 or F-35’s. So lost was the Navy on how their defenses failed that the Navy asked the Swedes to borrow it to try and figure out how a diesel-electric sub could beat the Anti-Sub units of the Reagan Strike Group. SAAB knows their stuff and also builds the best non-stealth fighter in the world, the JAS 39 Gripen.

    I was happy to hear that Maj13’s son is not on the Reagan any longer. Unfortunately, it is a sitting duck. The Chinese have diesel electric subs, although not as sophisticated as the Swedes unless they have also stolen that technology. Hopefully, the Navy is using newer technology to track Chinese signatures, which didn’t detect the Swedish subs for various engineering reasons in how the Swedes build and power their subs.

    While the Chinese Commies march through the Pacific (now in the Solomons and Guadalcanal), and the Middle East is getting ready to really light up, and Russia consolidates their gains in the ancient Khazarian regions, then all we have to deal with is the Marxist armies coming in through the southern borders now exceeding over 1.5 million this year so far. Is that the reason why Obama was buying hundreds of millions of rounds of hollow point ammo for mostly non-gun carrying organizations such as the Post Office and IRS? You don’t use hollow points for practice folks.

    Are the Latin/Muslim/African fighting age men Mayorkis is welcoming at our borders going to be given guns and all that Obama ammo eventually to go with their free travel, food, housing, medical that is being passed out to them when they illegally cross our borders so they can do the work of an invading army.

    The U.S. Postal Service has announced a new task force to manage an expected 40 million mail-in ballots. Why not…the Demo_rats and globalist slime like Soros and Zuckerberg rigged it once to put a senile old lying crook that stayed in a basement and rarely campaigned into residence at the White House. And the few times he did campaign, like at a drive-in theatre, less than 500 showed up. They think they can do it again. If it happens in November with the condition this country is in with rampant inflation, no fuel self-sufficiency, a coming winter freeze-up, man-made drought, water shortages, we will all know it was rigged again. And don’t protest or say anything or they will put sleeper cells of BLM and Antifa into your peaceful protests, pay cops to waive you in so BLM and Antifa types can generate broken windows and make it look like a riot, arrest you, and have a one-sided yearlong committee show trial to prove it was really you that was disagreeing with more of their Demo_rat lies.

    • I used to enjoy the writings of Ol Remus from the Woodpile Report.

      He is sadly gone.

      But now , we have your writings.

      Please continue.

      Much appreciated !

    • “Liars everywhere. We have a politically biased DOJ and FBI.”

      assholes and shit heads run the world.. they get all the bennies to.. now we have pedephiles and satanic worshipers to boot.. a justice system and agencies so concerned about hiding the activities they do .. and chasing after the innocent.. it is so shocking ..

    • WTHS … quite the rant today.

      Wish I could say it is all fantasy but I can’t. Thank you for the recap of the MANY ways the FBI and other agencies have shown that they are now opeating as just Political Police, enforcing a particular POLITICAL viewpoint by LYING and CHEATING and FRAMING those who they dislike.

    • West Texas, I don’t disagree with pretty much anything you said. However, in my view we have to look deeper, much deeper and fortunately we have one of our founding fathers that can help us do that.

      “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

      –Thomas Jefferson

    • Does it make you feel better to show off how wise you are about what is going on? You didn’t predict this 5 years ago, and you don’t have a clue what it will look like 5 years from now.

      It’s not going to keep you alive when the SHTF. You may be in west Texas, but the problems that will cause your demise will come from a thousand miles away.

      • But at least we stayed here in an effort to shake off the tyranny and re-establish our Constitutional Republic. You may have found temporary respite in another country, but have you considered that if the USA goes away, so does the rest of the world? Don’t come crying to our southern border wanting to sneak back in under cover of darkness.

    • “Students come here from China to get advanced degrees, but before they leave China they are all run through the Ministry of State Security, which is the Chinese overlord of multiple Chinese Intelligence Arms. They don’t leave unless they are indoctrinated in Chinese spying techniques.”

      40 of them leave on a Greyhound from the local University every Friday evening, and return on Sunday evening — different 40 every week. The personnel repeat on about a 10-week schedule. Where are they going? I dunno, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Chinatown…

      • Good info! I can guess regarding this. I’ve tried to learn the Chinese language and interacted with many Chinese students and they were always very quiet and nervous compared to those who are actually legal permanent residents of our country. Whenever I tried to engage them in conversation, they were very polite, yet reticent, as though they knew they were being watched. I noticed a similar attitude by hotel staff when I visited China many years ago. This is beyond normal fear – it’s quite strange.

    • ” The Chinese have diesel electric subs, although not as sophisticated as the Swedes unless they have also stolen that technology. ”

      A Chinese diesel sub “popped up” in the middle of one of our battle groups while they were running exercises, a couple months back…

    • WTHS: Get yourself in a tizzy already, the world will see Trump’s Taxes!!

      Trump preferred the circular file (flushing paper down the toilet), wonder if his docs at Mar-A-Lago will be (ahem!)…’contaminated’ (some were retrieved from the ‘throne’ and taped back together, LOL!)

      The CCP (Chinese Capitalist Party) can’t shoot it’s biggest customer (U.S.), right now we are their lifeline…

      Xi can’t keep his military and/or economy from falling apart (Great Leap Backward):

    • Well said West Texas
      Word is here in Cali Newsome has a billion rounds and untold quantity of weapons stashed underground in Sacramento, they are definitely planning something. Its definitely for unnamed forces because I can guarantee you my mail man has had zero range time.

  12. People are really going to be calling “3rd World” when Obama is sworn in for the third time. Wait and see. Mark it down as a pop-up calendar event before every ‘Barry come lately’ calls for Obama.

    Setup Obama and the 22nd A as an algebraic expression.

    Subtract one term from each side.
    Subtract one term from each side.
    Subtract the two years from the 22nd A.
    Now subtract the two year from Obama.

    Since Obama doesn’t have the two years in order to subtract the two from the 22 A you’ll have to add two on Obama’s side.

    Obama still has two years to go.

    • Don’t you think he should get 20 years? In supermax. Worst president in history. ….. Blessings

    • exactly.. I truly believe that Trump should not run again it would never be allowed.. and seriously I don’t want to listen to another four years of day and night condemnation of everything he does.. did you see that .. he farted on the podium.. what audacity.. and he patted the butt of a thirty year old.. all while they let all the other stuff go by everyones attention.. and with people having to work day and night .. all they have is the drive at five MSM news coverage…. that is possibly one of the reasons why they are after him so much.. one is to cover over and change the narrative to all the real criminal activites taking place and to keep the attention of the voters so that they can assure a re election this fall…

  13. The last the world heard of cargo ship Razoni sailing from Ukraine to Lebanon with grain, it was stationary just outside Turkish/Syrian territorial waters. The Ukrainian embassy in Beirut had told the BBC that the reason for the trip delay was unknown. At the moment public ais beacon information indicates the ship is presently offshore from the Turkish port of Mersin…

    And now, if everyone will please turn page to their Quran 5:56 for the official Hezbollah slogan:
    “Verily the Party of God are they that shall be triumphant.”

    Meanwhile under searing London summer temperatures, there was pandemonium at the Harrod’s food section. Vegan activists turned against Animal Rebellion protesters for food wastage. The latter interrupted bespoke shoppers by emptying containers of milk onto the floor. Security services attended to restore social order. One understands there were tears.

    • One other nudge, nudge, wink, wink from the Universe:
      The painted hull of the cargo ship Razoni mimics the Russian flag.

  14. Just before the last Civil War began,we had a President who was also born in Pennsylvania.

    • If I ever get an EV, I’ll construct it out of scrap, likely using part of the chassis from a former gas car. I can’t see spending much money for basic transportation. Besides, where I live a car needs some serious range.

  15. China is headed for bankruptcy. Default on US Treasury Bonds leaves the rest of the world broke & us debt free. That is why the USA is bringing business home. We are short on workers because of job demand from businesses coming home. Everyone thought it was the Covid economy. Covid was just a ruse folks. We will soon be self sufficient & need no one. Woe be a non USA citizen. If you can survive the inflationary blitz that is building steam, you will be golden. It is a good time to be a friend of the USA. China, Russia and the like will learn this the hard way.

  16. “Meantime, democrat party shills are laying it on Trump as hard and heavy as they can.”

    True, but the Democrat strategists are scared shitless. You can drop in on CNN or MSNBC and you’ll get the commie spin from their talking heads, but the experts who are (or have been) strategists say (para) “If there’s no ‘there’ there, words cannot describe how badly the 2022 election is going to go for us.”

    They liken it to Yamamoto’s alleged quote on hearing of Japan’s diplomatic timing faux pas regarding the raid on Pearl Harbor…

  17. Every time I read west Texas I have a warm feeling that one day the real Americans will take back their country from these evil vaginas . Old commies nazis facists with the new money elites . Soros schwab gates fauci biden . Those great founding fathers warned everyone. Gold my American friends destroy the FED and evil . God bless you west Texas you are like general Sam Houston riding over the Rio grande

  18. “Chinese media are reporting harder exercises around Taiwan. PLA extends ‘Taiwan encirclement’ exercises with anti-submarine warfare, showcases unrivaled area denial capability; ‘drills will not stop until reunification’. Could this be an August 17 surprise?”

    Could be.

    Taiwan began live-fire exercises a couple hours ago…

  19. From someone who knows.

    “With this militant raid on President Trump’s home, we have become Russia. The FBI is the KGB. I should know. I’ve seen them both in action and I see no difference at all,” he said

    And something George failed to mention from his sources above, is the belief that if nothing is found in the raid to keep Trump from running then he will be ass*ssinated.

    Just keep in mind the C*A has developed a method to infect someone wi5h a fast acting virulent form of cancer. It was used to remove Chavez in Venezuela. Healthy, then in six months gone.

  20. That Powell fella ! King of the camel thrives ! He look mighty nervous and the juice and little worms growing in his blood are giving his little pea head no cognitive function . That Eccles building looks a bit like the Bastille to me

  21. Re: “The Outrageous Raid on Trump”


    This is his Watergate? 48 years to the day after “I am not a crook” Nixon vacated the White House, Mr. Trump’s former Post cereal heiress-built Mar a Lago estate was eaten for breakfast by the FBI. Maybe he should have torn it down in the mid-80’s and subdivided for big money when he had the chance?

    22 years ago an Australian minor was assaulted for the first time by Epstein and Maxwell at Mar a Lago. She was one of the 4 key witnesses last year in the Maxwell trial. Last month msm reported that Ms. Maxwell had been transferred from solitary in Brooklyn to a minimum security facility in Talahassie, Fl with activities like counselling and yoga. Om, I mean um, msm noted the trial Judge had been specific that Ms. Maxwell serve time at the harsh Danbury, Ct. facility. As the Bard noted, faire is fowle and fowle is faire. There be shades of Lady Macbeth about?

    Right now the crooks from both sides are at the big table? Let’s see what cards Mr. Trump gets dealt. How’s his stack looking?

    Over to the studio and here’s DJ Ure at the ready to shred vinyl with another Fab 4 hit:

    “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”.

  22. Always read west Texas again . Better every time . Yep I’m Jim Bowie and he my Sam Houston. West Texas for president

  23. In other news, I got late crops (pots) planted yesterday of everything from basil to zucchini, and my latest banana, (Bearss) lemon, (Persian) lime, (Valencia) orange, Clementine, (Chicago) fig, kumquat, and Arabica trees/bushes transplanted (also in pots.)*

    FWIW I’m using Hyponex as a starter fertilizer. Hyponex is what my Mom used to encourage cuttings to develop a root system. It is 6.5-6-19 and no longer sold in the United States. Scott’s couldn’t duplicate its effectiveness so they bought the company, rebranded a few of the fertilizers under their Miracle Gro label, and ditched the rest — except for the original Hyponex, which is the absolute favorite water-borne fertilizer of native Bonsai enthusiasts.

    * It is August. “Normal” and “average” temps here are ~96/73; forecast temps are high-70s / low-50s for the next two weeks with the period high of 81° occurring tomorrow. Under this weather pattern, in 6 weeks the temps will be in the high 90s, but for the next 3 weeks, it will be too cold at night to support transplant-shocked citrus, so everything’s being made portable, early.

    ‘Got hawthorn, gooseberry, edible juniper, bayberry, blackthorn, etc. on the way — ‘wish it’d get here soon. Bayberry makes the best candles, juniper = gin and blackthorn is sloe, which = sloe gin. Hawthorn fruit is a natural cholesterol & high blood pressure regulator and its seeds contain hydrogen cyanide. The hawthorn and blackthorn are vicious thorn bushes. They make up the hedgerows in Britain and France and will form a nearly-impenetrable groundcover within just a couple years…

  24. I wonder why Taiwan seems so pressed to figure out the dna sequencing on the newly announced shrew-borne LayV virus in China? 35 cases in 4 years and no fatalities doesn’t a pandemic make?

  25. Five years to the day, it’ll be a breaker, breaker, 10-4 trigger warning: 2024? On October 3, 2019, the billionaire owned “Daily Mail” ran a fake news (?) story that fans were walking out in droves from the violent, anti-social “Joker” movie pre-screenings and it should be pulled. Instead it became a box office colossus. Recently pre-screen viewers of “Batgirl” exited screenings negatively. Hot on the heels that the studio canned the chaste “Batgirl” movie and her cute bike, the R-rated LGBT-friendly “Joker” sequel is game on for release a month before the ’24 election! The mental institute patient, Joker, will be prudently matched with Lady Gaga who will portray a psychiatrist detached from her moorings. Let the world set sail.

    Of course, somewhere out in the East Woods revealed only to Alfred and a few strays, DJ Ure tacks course from Lady Gaga. You know it:
    “Born This Way”.

  26. Wow !! Just saw a photo of slo joe whatever one pulling bongs !!! Yeah !!! And he had little kiddies around him doin things to him !!! Ohh say can you see the light of the yankee . Come on Obama come back !!! We need yah!!

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