Peaceful Monday – Take the Day Off

It’s going to be quiet today – at least in theory – until we get to Wednesday morning which has the Consumer Price Index (BOHICA) due.

Of course, expect much gnashing of teeth and political yammer-speak, but it’s of no consequence.  The Fed doesn’t meet till the second half of September and the geo-economic-political landscape will be massively different by then.

Dow futures were up almost a hundred.  Maybe because the dollar is down a bit.  Remember, when the dollar is down and gold is up, it takes more dollars to buy the same breakup value big companies.  So, it seems as though the market is going up.  More a “re-pricing” game, than anything.

Our outlook is for a soft, upward drift until just ahead of Labor Day.

Delusion Still on a Roll

You can see it in the price of BTC.  This is a pretty good coincident indicator to market action in the medium term:

BTC was over $24,000 early on.  And yes, European stocks were up 3/4th’s of one percent earlier, so a 200–400-point rally is possible – so long as nothing goes off the rails today on the news side.

Fear Cluster Movement

Joe’s back!  Which means no Kamala Harris as president – at least today.  Biden steps out of the room and finds legacy-defining wins.

There is still a lot of “chatter” about “something big” (maybe even life-changing) come the middle of next week.  But no telling what that might be.

Could have something to do with Ukraine or Taiwan.  But in the overnights, about all we’re seeing is….

Rosary beads out?  A Ukrainian nuclear plant is a big talking point as Ukraine: Any attack on a nuclear plant is ‘suicidal’, says UN.

Out in the wild west (off China’s east coast) hair-trigger readiness continues: China announces military exercises around Taiwan will be extended. Which means the odds of war continue along.  If they extend the drills and probing all the way to Labor Day, that might be a key weekend to plan on Taiwan being invaded.

Personal Consumption Notes

We’ve got several parcels worth of high-speed diodes coming. To repair electronics with.  That’s the kind of thing now one will have ready stock of when China decided to sanction us.  Anything from Asia you need, might think about moving the buying plans up.  Prices on most consumer goods are still pretty reasonable – for now.

Triple A gas price survey was running $4.059 this morning.  Pappy held to the theory that Mondays aren’t a good day to fill up.  Too many people run their tanks dry over the weekend.  Tuesday’s prices are generally a few cents cheaper – or at least were 50-years ago.  Not sure basic human dynamics change much, so we’ll look in tomorrow and see how that “economic theory” (that matters) holds up in what Chinese propaganda outlets call “The New Era.”

Brace for Tax Hikes

Gas coming down a buck, or more, means that inflation numbers just ahead of the election will be moderating.  Expect the Dems to be dancing and chanting about how great they’ve managed the economy.

If there is a payoff (rebate on federal gas taxes) it should be obvious what we’ve told you from the start:  Lefty’s buying off voters.  Don’t laugh – it really works with the lower-IQ crowd.

Over on the Americans for Tax Reform website, you can read the gory list of uglies in the wings. List of Tax Hikes in Democrat Reconciliation Bill. One of the left’s Big Lies is that corporations pay taxes.  Absurd BS.  They just pack it all into higher prices.  It’s this kind of repeated lie that has make us a national of (bah!) sheep.

ATR also outs Joe Machin for being (just another) promise busting lefty in Joe Manchin Has Officially Violated His Pledge to WV Voters to Oppose Any Tax Increase in a Recession.  This neatly explains why the dem’s have been so desperately trying to “redefine US” out of a recession.  Sorry – even the liberally leaning Wikipedia still has redefining recession blocked.

Our old political saying (“You know how you can tell a dem is lying?  They’re talking…”) remains intact.

Collapse of ‘Merica

Maybe I should have skipped working.  What is it now?  61.5 years I’ve been working?  Paying taxes for 57.5 years. Had to file at age 16.

Had I just gone straight to the street (and drugs) maybe I could have landed in Miami, where it looks like the rubble, rabble, and homeless are about to get their own island. Miami Is Tearing Itself Apart Over Bonkers Plan to Move Homeless to Island.

Murder Still in Style

Swift and certain punishment is certainly one way to keep people in line and toeing the local behavioral lines: Saudi Arabia executes 80 prisoners in mass beheading as 120 inmates killed this year.  120-so far this year.   Here in the US a total of just 62 are scheduled to die.  Saudis are ranked 59th globally in murders.  While the U.S. Ranked 9th. 49 times more than Saudi Arabia, says Google Search.

Meanwhile, four Muslim men being killed in New Mexico is raising concerns: APD holds press conference in light of recent homicides.

Meanwhile in big cities, street crime is going up (remember, the commies are pressing defunding the cops). Chicago for example: More CTA riders getting attacked, violence at a level not seen in over a decade.,

The Ure’s believe in “bear spray” – with a plastic tip that moves at 1,300 FP/S.

A Peoplenomics Note

We weren’t joking when we suggested Saturday that Monday would be a good day to take off work.  One reason was about the most exciting thing would be “Swiss unemployment figures.”  Well, here you go:  Unemployment remains at a low 2 percent (

ATR:  Cold Snap Arrives

Still too hot to spend much time in the hobby shop section of the grown-up playroom “shop” this weekend.

But the gate into the garden did get upgraded – and thanks to the reader who suggested the concrete blocks to fill in the bottom of the gate, as well.

Hard to see but concrete blocks close up the bottom of the gate now used epoxy not welds

As much as I was looking forward to welding the metal stakes on top of the gate, when I got out the tools, it was just too dangerous to weld.  Sparks, fire, all that kind of thing.

Instead, I took the fence down to bare metal and then used a 3,600-pound Loctite epoxy on it.  Set up in less than a half hour and with that kind of breaking strength, should do just fine.  No violations of the county burn ban were incurred.

VOA Day!  No, not the Voice of America.  No, Sunday was also Victory Over Ants Day.

I’m not sure whether it was the bait stations, or whether taking down the small trees touching the house.  But it doesn’t really matter – since the ants haven’t been back.

Thanks for all the good ideas, too.

Winter’s coming:  High today here in the Outback will likely be 101 (again).  But the major cold snap comes Thursday when highs will be just 92 with a fair chance of rain.

It’ll get plenty warm in coming weeks, but a week from now I’ll start putting in the fall garden seeds and getting all that started.  Check your local gardening club or visit the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map.  Then get your survival food in for fall while you can.

Famine is still on our radar. Take a look at the column ‘Not All Farmers Have a Future’ Is a Recipe for Famine (, too. Or take Business Reporter – Sustainability – A world tour of famine frontlines.

Eating is a hard habit to break.

Write when you get rich,

58 thoughts on “Peaceful Monday – Take the Day Off”

  1. The evil ones continue their march to destroy mankind and the United States. They are megalomaniacs, and all they care about is how much is in it for them…power, money, control and slavery of those subjects that remain. I am describing the crooks now in occupancy of the U.N, the WEF, the Bilderbergers, religious leaders, and ‘think tanks’ all over the world that were never voted upon by the populace of this planet. These are the evil people who through their money control so called elected officials serving in Congress, the Presidency, and other “elected” officials on down the ladder in State and City Governments in both the U.S. and foreign countries.

    The network news media spout lies to fulfill the “Elite” psychopathic dramas from Covid to Global Climate Change, to Russian invasion. The January 6th committee spouts lies, and more importantly Lies by Omission. The January 6th committee is filled with the same low lifes that spread the lies about Russia, Russia, Russia and how they owned Trump. Biden is a pathological liar and could not speak the truth if the teleprompter tried to get him to read it.

    Our children and grandchildren are not being taught just reading, writing, and arithmetic, but they are being indoctrinated with false history, sexual perversions, critical race theory, Marxism, and Communism. Lenin stated -“Give us the child for eight years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.” 5th Grade through High School. High School through College.

    The country is filled with evil: a lying President, Vice President, and Cabinet; a lying Congress; a politicized and biased FBI and Justice Department that is there to cover up Demo_rat lies and thefts and other illegal acts like those committed by the Clintons, Obama, the current fool occupying the White House, and his pedo son. There are other sicko pedos, trannies, homos, that blatantly show their perversions in public for young kids to see and many of these sickos now occupy federal offices and are behind the push to indoctrinate children. It does not matter what you do in your private life or who you do it with, but you start messing with innocent children and that is where we all should draw the line.

    There was a roadmap to live by outlined thousand of years ago called the 10 Commandments of which number 9 stated: “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.” This principle includes all forms of lying.

    The Ninth Commandment was designed to prevent slander and perversion of justice.

    As God told Moses and the Israelites: “You shall not circulate a false report. Do not put your hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness. You shall not follow a crowd to do evil; nor shall you testify in a dispute so as to turn aside after many to pervert justice…”Exodus 23 v 1

    And Proverbs 6:16-19 clearly stated:
    “There are six things which the Lord hates,
    Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him:
    Haughty eyes, a lying tongue,
    And hands that shed innocent blood,
    A heart that devises wicked plans,
    Feet that run rapidly to evil,
    A false witness who utters lies,
    And one who spreads strife among brothers.?

    +The January 6 committee of false accusers include some of the same ones that tried to get Trump twice via impeachment. Based upon lies with your witnesses, no rebuttal questioning, and leaving others out that had insider knowledge of the events, you will drag this out to just before the coming November elections. 5 of the 7 abominations the Lord hates above are being broken by the January 6 Committee alone.

    Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris and all the other fools that are Biden appointees continually break every lesson of God above. They lie about everything from the Economy to Global Climate Change to the name of their legislation. The ‘Inflation Reduction Act’. They lie about Politics, they lie about stealing your votes, they lie about worthless vaccines, and even the source of Covid 19. Evil lies are completely destroying this country. Do they not think that they will pay the price someday for their lies and actions? Like John Lennon sang, Instant Karma is going to get you.

    Biden gives $40,000,000 to the Taliban after their recent earthquake, yet we have an estimated 40,000+ homeless veterans living on the streets and under bridges. Cash in the billions of dollars on crates was given to the Iranian Mullahs by Biden/Obama/Kerry. $100,000,000 was recently given to build a Palestinian hospital. Keep that free digital money going. One click and poof it is in their account after how many hands take a cut? Money for nothing. And money that could be used to fix so many problems in this country. We have Insider Trading by Pelosi and Congress, deals overseas via Hunter and “rules for thee, but not for me” say demo_ rat governors and city mayors.

    You have the fools and idiots on national TV news, not journalists, but lousy readers of propaganda, trying to tell everyone that the economy is fine, and inflation is a white supremacist way of destroying the minority black American class. And that a recession is not caused by two consecutive quarters of declining GDP. Lies are bad enough but coming from stupid looking idiots appointed by the White House, or the other idiots on the Propaganda Stations and Networks is too much.

    We are in a huge Spiritual War-Good vs Evil. This country is being destroyed by evil and greed-liars, thieves, crooked banks, crooked businesses and government leaders that lie and pad their own pockets.

    “You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”
    John 8:44 (Jesus speaking to the Jews that would persecute and condemn him)

    The liars of today and their Operation Mockingbird news media are pure evil and of the Devil-the dark force. Look who runs these evil businesses and banks today. They are not trying to save this country or build a better world. They are trying to march us right into the hands of the Evil Ones who want a one-world government, a one-world religion, a Mark of the Beast chip for everyone.

    The digital currency/chip will be used so that that they can track your carbon usage, where you get your money that will only be digital, and where you spend it, your social credits-have you been speaking out against the evil agendas, are you flying a Betsy Ross flag, or Gasden flag (Don’t Tread on Me), or Gonzales battle flag (Come and Take It), have you gotten all their lying shots and boosters. If you have bad social marks, you will not be able to buy or sell just like their experiment of the no-fly list. Do you dare speak out against all the Austrian/German phony accented “intellectuals” like Kissinger, Klaus Schwab, the demonic Rothschilds or other billionaires including that wimpy Prince Charles with all his medals and ribbons and stiff lipped accent to make people think he is all important, but who does nothing for “Commoners” except walk around like some important know-it-all at charitable events.

    You say you will not take it…you already have if you carry a cell phone in your hand and by your head.

    Hell is coming this way soon. Hell on earth. Tidal Waves from manmade earthquakes, and from great shifts from plate tectonics that will soon lead the way. Salt water instead of fresh water. Solar radiation resulting in scorched and disappearing crops from the UV rays that used to be capped at 10 but are routinely now 11. Increased UVC because the ozone layer that has been depleted not by spray cans of deodorant as they tried to convince people, but from thousands of rocket launches and HAARP atmospheric heating. When solid-fuel rockets launch, they release chlorine gas directly into the stratosphere, where the chlorine reacts with oxygen to form ozone-destroying chlorine oxides.

    Evil cannot prevail forever, but unfortunately Americans and our Canadian friends to the North have let lies pervade our lives. From the falsehoods of wearing masks while the dictators party on without them, to vaccines that did not do anything to prevent a disease they were supposed to protect you from. Beware of their false flags yet to come. Good will eventually win this war, but they will not give up their ill-gotten power easily. It is up to you to resist their lies.

    • WTHS. This Canadian friend to the North could not say it any better. There Is a lot of pain, suffering and tears coming. Every member of society will experience it. The only major difference is that us oldsters will understand what is happening while the youngsters and the wokesters will scratch their heads in disbelief saying “This isn’t what you promised us!”

    • Nice rant today. I enjoyed it.

      As for the “commandments” I do like the 11th and 12th which are here: “Jesus says to love our God with whole, heart, mind, and strength and the second one is to love our enemy as our own. These two complete the ten commandments. The first one covers the first five commandments that the Lord gave to Moses. And the second one which says to love our enemy covers the rest of the commandments of the Ten Commandments (Matthew 22:35-40, Mark 12:28-34, Luke 10:27).”

      When one does take a look around there are many lessons out there that if people followed them then the world would truly be a wonderful place.

      Biggest one, in my tiny mind, is not to be full of self which leads to selfishness and not helping others.


    • “I have found that evil usually wins., unless ‘good’ is very, very good.”
      .., and
      “There is still some good in this world and it’s worth fighting for.”

    • First off…..


      “Trump. Biden is a pathological liar and could not speak the truth if the teleprompter tried to get him to read it.”

      For as many years as he has been in office living at the Troughs of deceit.. would he know the Truth..

    • “… all over the world that were never voted upon by the populace of this planet.”

      The so-called “populace” votes everyday in the way they spend their money!! It maybe discomforting to accept the fact that the fault lies NOT with the few evil characters but with ourselves, because you are free to chose even under a dictatorship. Believe me — I’m speaking from experience. ;-(

    • Texas plates everywhere. Thank you for your post.

      At exactly 11:11 today I was getting my load and a golden dragonfly flew in my cab and landed in the center of the bill of my ball cap. Never seen a golden one before. Pretty cool.

      Only thing I know about dragon Flys is they see 360 degrees. One of the only critters who do.

      Have a wonderful day dude.

    • “yet we have an estimated 40,000+ homeless veterans living on the streets and under bridges.”

      Yes and parking lots .. living in the back of their car in 50 below zero weather..
      Knew a man 30 years in military.. we t to retire only to discover that over ten of those years of deployment were out sourced to the alphabets.. it doesn’t count as time in service..lost his home ..couldn’t go back in he was to old..the state senators office put his best man ever on it..over 5 years.. the guy died and the best man ever and senator never was able to shuffle the paperwork through..he died penniless and alone..
      Dual standards..
      I use to tell him..take your govt. Issued sleeping bag into that best man Evers office and camp out.. or get that best man ever to move into your other seat and live with you until he can shuffle his fat overpaid ass to work on it..
      My new friend living in the spare room has his own story as well..

    • “unfortunately Americans and our Canadian friends to the North have let lies pervade our lives.”

      Actually it isn’t the’s the corrupted and influence in dc..where our court system was convinced to legalize gifts that historically would have been called bribery and pandering.. we let the worst walk and imprison those that bring the information and proof of the corruption to inform the public.

    • Only reason I knew the time was I was writing down my load time. When he landed I said hey fucker! Not sure if that is the scientific term for a golden dragonfly or not. He flipped around and was staring right at me on the bill of my ball cap. After i got my load, I shewed him off my ball cap and out the window and said ass cash or grass Mister. Nobody rides for free. Especially these days.

      Saw another herd of bunnies hopping acceoss the road again the other day. I counted 28 of them. I stopped my car and said anyone else wanna cross the road? Two more hoped accross infront of my car. So I yelled out the window, wear a condom for fucks sake. And went about my day.

      Now, Mr Texas Horse sense the whole point of me telling you all this is, if you are living in harmony with life around you? You notice alot of stuff. And you tend to understand that your serenity and peace is pretty valuable, every day of life is a gift, that is why they call it a present. Then you begin to understand it doesn’t really matter much what the rest of the world is doing. Everything in your little spot on the blue speck is right and beautiful.

      And should that ever change. Well…. it’s like I told a fella a while back. I got two weapons of choice. A Key word Study Bible and a HK .45 pistol. Which one I do battle with is entirely up to you and the next actions you take. Either way we will come to We will come to Jesus and in the end settle this matter with peace or piece.

      He decided he wasn’t ready to see Jesus.

      So, easy does it Mister. Hope you have a beautiful day.

      Just Andy

    • WTHS; so prescient.

      You nailed it.

      The Republic is Dead; just imagine if President Trump had been home.

      Would they have arrested him and thrown him to the ground for all the world to see and killed him accidentally?

  2. Yo G,

    – it came to me in a “fog”, a “dream” oh so profound as too shake Ure ass to the core…Set to the theme of the Beverly Hillbillies..kinda.

    The Ballad of Gruesome

    come and listen to a story of about a son of darkness named gavin
    born rich prick, but barely kept his family fed
    and then one day he was pegging fellow perv while mayor of sf
    when up from the sheets , came a bubbling opportunity

    crime, malfeasance – political darkness

    well the first thing you know the mannish women resigns
    demoncrats said, gruesome Ure the new VP
    said cocaine mitch – I’m bent, Ure in!
    next thing ya know pedo joe is medically dq’ed, dementia dont ya know

    darkness, fudgepackers/pedos, movie stars

    The Beverly Swampbillies

    There is NO alien savior coming .
    No one coming to help, assist U in BREAKING OUT of this Soul Prison .

    “Dude” = AI – the “light” neardeathers experience is the TRAP, closer the Soul gets the stickier it becomes- massive electro shocks wipe recall/memory – AI “voices” of “elders” tell you you have Moar work to do – clever no?

    * NDE = F-t very hard..U being punished for some bullscheisse infraction to a repto/grey interest out there.. Now U a spirit beaten Slave/Prisoner..a Human Resource.

    From the “INSIDE” is the only way out ..

    • Ya know, I was taking with a friend this weekend and she was telling this story about the only time she went to jail.

      She said I got busted at Sturgis with the smallest bag of weed ive ever had in my life and spent the next day eating lucky charms with 10 hookers in the drunk tank till i made bail.

      I said wow that is like trigonometry or some shit.

      She said what? I said one micro bag of weed + Sturgis Jail = lucky charms and 10 hookers.

      She laughed and said you some kinda savant? I laughed and said, nah. If I was I’d went to Sturgis and paraded around with a bigger bag of weed. At that rate, that is alot of lucky charms.

      You know I was thinking about Zues and Sam this morning out having my talk with THE DUDE. Now if Sam is a girl kitty, Zues knocks her up and she has a litter. The obvious name for one of the male kittens would be David Berkowitz.

      Okay okay I will see my way out.

      Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

      Off to grab 18 gears,

      For Zues

      Que: ~ Ten Seconds to Love ~

      Motley Crue.

    • Where’s Waldo?

      Perhaps a review of the the night thoreau spent prison would give you hope, mr 0311.

      “Only by obedience to his genius; only by the freest activity in the way constitutional to him, does an angel seem to arise beforea man, and lead him by the hand out of all the wards of the prison.”

      That may be a different book, but it sprang to the mind. Hope that helps you.

  3. RE: Miami and homeless move to Island

    hmmm… two (homeless) birds with one stone (hurricane) on an island just as hurricane season ramps up? What could go wrong? (SARC)

  4. Hi george yeah so drunk . Burp . Slurring swearing , burp . Just get your gold burp . Sorry for the insults burp and farts burp . Buy RRL asx burp . Great post by west Texas you should ask him burp

  5. Yeah burp it’s all over . Read west Texas again burp . That dude nailed it burp . God bless you west Texas . The force be with you . It will guide and destroy. Hey george any thoughts on the Palestinian / the other joint burp dare not mention it’s name burp . Big fireworks party

    • stand by DUD (downundadude) be playing out yet..

      antirad missiles parts(agm88’s) found on the battlefields in the kraine..can only be launched/fired from Nato/US aircraft ???? * game changing evidence supports much wider conflict ..

      ya gotz to wait for hamas to join the fray in ME..”gloves came off” in Syria last week..

      how low can pedo joe go ? plumbing the depths he is

      In the meantime howZ dem Bitcoinz treating Ure “pissed” ass ?

      Oh wait my bad – farting and burping – call that lack of action and Oppurtunity Tax – most folks around here pay Opportunity Taxes out the waZoo!
      Short that GOLD foolz – we be leveraging that scheisse down to keep the USD afloat – easiest trade past 40 years – fade da rallies- that shceisse is going down again.
      ure upside down in AUS – Ure head tells you to Buy gold, you need to flip it over from AUS thinking to “darked” US thinking..Sell that paper scheisse.

      Nein BitcoinZ 4 U or GU

  6. Why are the Dutch farmers protesting? Maybe they don’t think it’s a fair trade to destroy farmland for another mega city….check out this video.

  7. George. So glad you solved the ant problem. You got a lot of good advice from your readers. These creepy crawlies are not good for bug sensitive wives, I know. The sugar/borax cure is the best. They take it back to the nest and poison the whole gang. Fist pump.

    Another technique your readers might enjoy, particularly for spiders, silverfish, earwigs and other crawlies including mice is this.

    I have used these and they work well when placed next to the wall around the perimeter of a room. I check them weekly, remove the stuck bugs with a pair of tweezers and reset the trap. My scorecard this year is 23 spiders, 6 earwigs, 2 silverfish and 4 large black ants.

    As a chemist, I would probably be able to figure out the glue formula but am sure LOOB has already done this and has home made traps. LOL.

    • “As a chemist, I would probably be able to figure out the glue formula but am sure LOOB has already done this and has home made traps. LOL.”

      I actually do know how to make the glue LOL LOL LOL…

      I can tell you that it is actually cheaper to buy it though than to make it.. Similar to the titanium dioxide I tried to acquire for a project for the kids…. I wanted to show the kids how easy it would be to make their own solar panels.. the idea was to screen print their picture on glass and put a night light in it.That way during the day the battery would charge and at night would lite up… but because I am not a chemist and I am not a faculty member of f some college .. the stuff needed was not available.. everything I know I got from some book someplace.. my HS transcripts would give you the impression that I could barely graduate.. I thought at the time dumbing myself down to fit in was the thing to do.. and since I was one of the invading hoards it wouldn’t make any difference if I hadn’t.. LOL..Then when I could.. there were no grants or loans and college was way out of my ghetto existence.. so there are no papers on the wall.. with pretty gold ink..
      it is what it is. I do reasonably well with what I have.. and can make most of my creature comforts…. I don’t mess with making anything that could be dangerous..

      • seriously though a simple sticky glue is nothing more than corn syrup and water boiled down.. it isn’t as good as the tanglefoot .. but will do the job.. boil it down till it gets to a really heavy thick .. you can buy the tangle foot cheaper.. than the corn syrup..
        another one is corn flour and water.. just make it so it is pasty.. put in a pan and put the bait in the middle..
        for my cardboard construction I use kittly litter.. LOL .. works great..
        Most glues are simple.. for years people used flour and water.. the newer stuff has some complex makeup.. with several different chemicals that could be toxic.. and buying a few things of super glue is cheaper.. I buy the one time use ones.. then toss it.. once oxygen hits it it is worthless..

      • LOOB;

        My dearly departed Dad encouraged all of his kids to study, do well in school, and minimally, graduate high school.

        He was a self-educated genius and overall amazing man of many talents.

        After he passed, I got his strong box.

        In it was his high-school transcript, which he never shared with any of us.

        He barely made it through high-school, due to the Great Depression, living hand to mouth, and many other upsetting times. He basically D’d it all the way through!

        IT did NOT stop HIM from being the BEST DAD (and Son, brother,Grandpa, and Uncle) in the Whole Wide World and one heck of an intelligent GENIUS.

        He could do everything and never stopped learning his whole life through!!

        Just like YOU!!!

  8. Comrades,

    Let’s just banish the 1%ers and their political lackeys to the chessboard to play out their antics. France24 picked up a Tass story that Fide, the body governing the international chess world, has elected a new leader in the birthplace of chess- India – by a landslide 157 of 179 national federations.

    Yes, the former PM to Mr. Putin, Arkady Dvorkovich, overwhelmed the Brandon pawns of the Ukrainian grandmaster challenger, Andrii Baryshpolets.


    Over to the studio we go where DJ Ure has the Battleship Game all set up for the Taiwan Straits. Lines are now open for callers to take their best shot at a Chinese flagship carrier.

  9. Interesting coincidence. Was out working in the shop this morning when a mod to my main gate came to mind. Very similar to your garden gate except my mod will have the spikes pointing outward and will be pointy. Very pointy.
    My oldest son sent me this Ham related link last night. I started it with the thought of just letting it run in the background while checking email but ended up watching the whole thing.

    Stay safe. 73

  10. Move over Alex Jones, conspiracy theories wait for nobody. BC Courts have ruled that a Vancouver woman cannot be released from mortgage foreclosure obligations and a forced house sale by provisions of the 9/11 era nesara/gesara conspiracy theory. Curiously, a CBC report notes the home was purchased for $400k in 1998, has 200k in mortgages, and is valued at $1.17 million…

    The home is noted as being on Vanouver’s Waverley Street. “Waverley” may be familiar to fans of the 1st Baronet, Sir Walter Scott, who famously stage managed the visit of King George IV to Scotland with merely three weeks notice in 1822.

  11. Hey George
    I like your choice of Bear Spray!
    I tell people in Birmingham the way miscreants know they have failed the victim selection process is the last thing that goes through their mind is 125 grains of lead, brass, and a red rubber tip.
    Keep the powder dry!

  12. George
    It’s time to review your critical item list!
    With that I just ordered two spare LT1206 high speed current amplifier chips from Digikey.
    Analog Devices has quite producing the old style .1 inch pitch case. I have a low power buffer amplifier I built several years ago. That chip is the heart of that design. If it is unobtainable then that unit will not run and will require redesign.
    That amp is used in an important system here.
    How many items do you have that are critical item’s that must be maintained?
    Time to take an inventory!

  13. Well.. I am now curious if I should start another project or not…
    Make some fire starters..

    I will have to see if the boss has some cotton batting for a blanket.. then cut out two twelve by twelve pieces..

    Melt some Vaseline then soak both in it..

    then take 8 ounces of rust and 3 ounces of aluminum powder.. and put in the ball mill.. let it rotate for an hour .. mix it really good..
    put this in a salt shaker for a grill.. and sprinkle one of the pieces..

    Now take magnesium powder..
    and do the same thing with the other piece of cotton batting..
    If you really want a good fire starter .. take one more piece 12 by 12
    soak it in vaseline .. and coat it with saw dust or wood flour..
    coat the third piece with that.. now lay one on top of the other.. and roll tightly.. it should be about an inch round.. when you are done.. I usually after stacking them take a piece of wax paper lay on top and then roll it out with a rolling pin..
    once you have the three pieces together.. cut them in half inch or quarter inch thick coins….
    melt some wax dip the coins in the wax coating the coin on all sides..
    to light it.. take a stick or a piece of your knife.. and poke a hole in the center of the coin.. drag a little of the cotton out through the coin and fluff it up.. a spark should ignite it instantly.. and it will burn five to ten minutes.. depending if you have a quarter inch coin or a half inch coin.. they are water proof.. and will even start wet wood.. hot
    fire.. if you want it even more.. well there is another sheet you could put on it to.. but that isn’t necessary..and it is kind of dangerous.. used that to remove a stump. LOL

  14. Murder is a good one.

    Did you see where America might trade a lesbian pothead basketball player for an arms dealer that a inspired a movie, “Lord of War”?

    American leadership will be putting us all at risk later in time when the “Merchant” starts hocking his wares again. Bout was sentenced in 2012 and the very next year the first 3d gun was printed.

    Make sure to act surprised.

  15. Looks like Democrats w/the Senate are going to finally beat ‘inflation’.

    Back in ’74 we had Republicans for the WIN. If you are 66 Y/O: 2022 – 1974 +18 (y/o in ’74), you’ve seen government fighting inflation for you your entire life.

    How has the battle been going… it’s been a lifetime.

    Minimum wage in NY is now $13.20 per hour.
    Ask on a 12 oz tin of SPAM® in NY is $3.99.

    About 30% of the first hour’s gross pay.

    In 1974 minimum wage was $2.00 per hour.

    I can’t find SPAM prices from 1974.

  16. Re: Take the Day Off –

    Absolute Field Day over at the Viscount’s “Daily Mail” tabloid as the UK sweats its way into recession.

    Today, outgoing PM Boris returned to #10 following a belated honeymoon in Slovenia. The return to #11 of the vacationing Baghdad-born finance minister was not specified. Set the cruise control to Rule Britannia setting.

  17. Well George
    Its 2030 eastern and I’m looking at what could be the shockwave that tips everything over, and Yahoo Finance says all of the futures are still positive.
    I can only be certain of one thing.
    As bad as anything gets the Rinos have NEVER repealed a Dimm bill no matter how unpopular.
    So we are stuck with the outcome.

  18. You were saying about a quiet Monday?

    The Democrats have just jumped the shark.

    The Jaws of November will eat them alive.

  19. Your gate is making progress. If you simply wire on some no climb fencing of some sort with baling wire (or electric fence wire) to cover the vertical pieces AND that open section at the top of the gate, that should discourage anything but the most voracious and determined diners.
    Next level up in home improvement garden security is electrics. Think MOAR POWER. On the other hand, unless you got some kamikaze coons, your garden is looking pretty secure. The only thing that slows coons down are electrics and traps.
    A live trap set conspicuously in plain view will tend to discourage coons. If you put it inside the fence, maybe Peppie won’t get to it. Skunks will excavate, but they aren’t climbers.
    This morning when I came out the door to saddle up, my friend Pete came running out from under the car. His partner in crime, Honey Bunny, was nowhere to be seen. Something is prowling the yard I would suspect. I have seen feral cats running in a fairly large clowder going after a bunny about half-mile down the road. I’m not sure how I will react to a feral gang in the yard.

  20. Biden increases IRS agents to almost 170,000 —70,000 will be armed— to target middle class Americans

    The Joint Committee on Taxation has given an estimate of the plan, saying that “between 78% and 90% of the additional $200 billion that the IRS will collect as a result of its bolstered workforce will come from small businesses making less than $200,000 per year, according to the New York Post.

    Here Are The Winners And Losers In The ‘Inflation Reduction Act’

    As Democrats pat themselves on the back after the Senate finally passed their massive tax, climate, and healthcare bill – the “Inflation Reduction Act” which Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called “one of the most significant pieces of legislation passed in a decade,” Bloomberg has compiled a list of winners and losers.

  21. Liberals demand not only that Christians apologize for individual evils, but the very message of Christianity itself.

    For many Canadians, Pope Francis’s recent apology for the treatment of some indigenous persons by those representing the Catholic Church was not enough. That opinion appears to be the default of the entire commission. The American Conservative’s Declan Leary observed in an article at The Lamp earlier this year that “the commission seems to oppose evangelism as a matter of principle.”

    Would that this opinion were limited to government bureaucrats of our northern neighbor.

    Prominent Jewish liberals scream “anti-Semitism” at Marco Rubio for tweet slamming George Soros’ prosecutors…

    Prominent Jewish liberal Democrats took to social media yesterday to accuse Marco Rubio of anti-Semitism for the most ridiculous and inane reason. Senator Marco Rubio simply made the modest proposition that Soros prosecutors should be forced by the United States to actually enforce the law.

  22. Georgia couple charged with using their adopted children to make child porn

    Around 11:30 p.m. that same night, police executed a search warrant in Oxford at the home of William Dale Zulock, 32, and Zachary Jacoby Zulock, 35. During their search, deputies found evidence the pair, who were the children’s adoptive fathers, “were engaging in sexually abusive acts and video documenting this abuse,” the sheriff’s office said.

    • “Georgia couple charged with using their adopted children to make child porn”

      I can’t even tell you how much that stuff bothers me.. to a child.. rape , torture, manipulated..all of it disgusts me.. I wonder if they’ll add it to the vault holding the hard drive from hell.. home should be safe.. a refuge for everyone..

  23. Ron DeSantis to hit the campaign trail… for Trump’s candidates

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is appearing in New Mexico, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Ohio as part of Turning Point Action’s ‘Unite and Win’ series. Turning Point founder Charlie Kirk said DeSantis is ‘the model for a new conservative movement’ in a press release obtained by DeSantis will be campaigning for candidates endorsed by Trump in each of the states except for New Mexico, where the ex-president hasn’t backed anyone

    The Florida Gov. will hit the stage with J.D. Vance, Doug Mastriano and Kari Lake to ‘unite’ Republicans before the midterms

  24. Oh I’m drunk burp . And the beat goes on georgey . Eh eh eh georgey got your gold that one coin stuck up your. . Eh eh george ure genius . Eh eh eh burp mr mohino and pigs and ribs and fins and and and you know the rest . Packing your guts to die . Good book burp

  25. Burp . Prime beef and pig and mohinos!!! Burp I’m urban survival !!! Yeebbbaaa . Burp I’m drunk !!! I collapsed . It’s the end !!!

  26. Is there any connection between the accidentally released Alex Jones emails and phone messages six days ago and the MAL raid yesterday?

    With the apparent political bias of the FBI, the lack of Trump lawyers allowed to be present during the raid and the removal of the boxes to another location for review, would document plants by FBI be out of the question?

    • tRump is as paranoid as they come – you can be reassured there is a very expert surveillance system installed in every room/closet/space throughout that property. You be jumping ahead in the “script’ to acts 2,3,4… enjoy the fiasco/show.

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