America’s “Lazy Investor” Problem, April Looms

There’s little in economic news today.  And certainly, in the “news flow” only a few things project forward as interesting and worthy of your attention.

Which leaves time to be entertained by the Court System and high-profile cases.  Like Business Insider’s coverage in Everything You Need to Know About Musk’s ‘Funding-Secured’ Trial.

Reading through the case, an interesting thought occurred:  Is this case an example of a whole country becoming “Lazy Investors?”

The high-level view is that a group of investors has sued Elon Musk for claiming  “Funding-Secured” for the sale of Tesla.  When the deal didn’t happen, the investors got angry and “lawyered up.”  It goes to Court, and we all watch.

However, as a compulsive gambler myself – who has learned Day Trading can be done anywhere, has lower Covid risks, and no floor shows compared with Las Vegas – it seems to me the folks in court may be “lazy.” Poor losers.

To us they’re very much like Crypto investors.  Everyone wants something for nothing these days.  Because we living in a world where “the money” – not the utility or the core values matter.  No sir: it’s all about “the dough” and in the spirit of both Woke and the “Full Employment for Lawyers Act” here come the lawsuits.

It’s a gross oversimplification in my head today:  But “piling on to a hot stock” is not “investing.”  See, there is an “art” to actual investing that goes way beyond the “pile on” to this week’s hot stock on the story of a takeover to come.

Tesla overvalued?  Is Tesla a good car?  Yes, but while it works in urban areas, a Tesla can’t drive east to west across Texas.  There’d have to be a long charging stop along the way, see?  In an ICE or Hybrid, it’s almost a non-stop trip with one or two 5-minute fill-ups and kidney unwinders.

I’m pointing out (and this is very anti-woke, pro-science of me) that America’s fascination (*if not predilection) is the quest for Silver Bullets, sure things, free money for all, and no due diligence required. Dream the f**k on.

Work still matters.

Truth About “Investing”

There is risk Elon Musk, very likely excited as a proud pappa of his first major auto company may have very likely overstated financial commitments when he said “funding secured” on one day only to see it evaporate, shortly thereafter.

Shit happens in business.  It’s the way it works.

People who “piled on” buying Tesla stock were l0oking for free money.  Sorry, sport.  Game doesn’t work that way.  As we remind everyone through various website disclaimers, we do not offer advice – only a unique perspective and some odd approaches to research.  What our readers actually DO with our advice is 100% up to them.

Musk is in a somewhat similar situation, except that he’s a more successful showman that me.  As such, he touts what he sincerely believes his product benefits are and – at any moment – where the company is going.  But, investing in his company should not be seen as a guarantee of profit.  Ever look at their numbers critically?

It’s taken me more than 50-years of market speculation to be able to see things clearly. You don’t just wake up one more a winner.  Takes a ton of work.

My latest trade, 500 shares of a Bear side ETF was entered at 12:07 PM EST Monday.  The position was ahead a few dollars at the close Monday.  It will likely be up a few more bucks at the open today – maybe even enough to pay for a good dinner out.

BUT THERE’S NO GUARANTEES.  I can still lose my ass.  My exit is likely to be suboptimal.  Investing, understand, is largely mathematics with far less importance of transient “NEWS” than people think.

The same Greed is rolling over in Crypto Land, though.  People are all hot for the “free money.”  Scanning stories like this – First Ethereum Mainnet Shadow Fork Goes Live Before Shanghai ( – are all over the place.  But is it a good investment?

Depends where you look and if you can take in an alternative view and make good judgments:  Gemini Continues Layoff Train (  At the same time, though, BTC was still trading a shade under $23,000 at clicktime. Go figure.

Our Crypto view has been remarkably steady: It’s a GAMBLE. Swindle, sure and Ponzi scheme, too. There’s zero book value. Make up a 27-digit number, write it to a .txt file.  Think anyone will give you $23-large for it?

Investors (like Warren Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger) know better.  As the Motley Fool reported last year: “On more than one occasion, he’s made his voice heard on how he believes the cryptocurrency is worthless and holds no intrinsic value. But his 2.3% stake in Nubank gives him indirect exposure to the asset.”  Book value means something to Buffett, see?

A Business History Lesson

It’s unlikely you can name a single winning miner from California’s 1848 Gold Rush.  We do know one company that made a fortune in the Gold Rush, though:  Levi Strauss.  They made the denim clothing the miners needed starting in 1853. As we learned in grad school, Strauss was “mining the miners” – and it rhymes with Buffett and Munger’s NuBank position.  Following?

Look, I don’t mean to bore you with how real economics works, but there is speculation (gambling) which is what I enjoy.  Then there is “pile on with the herd” with greed in your heart. Which, as I figure it, has driven Tesla, Bitcoin, and many other “hot” “speculative opportunities.” But they’re not “investments.” As such, if you want to believe a pot smoking CEO, you get what you get.

That’s what’s on trial in America now:  Money for nothing and your chicks for free.

Woke, entitled, free-luncher’s abound and it won’t end gently. Musk is in dire straits.  I won’t predict Musk will lose.  But there’s a mob (woke whiners) with greed in their eyes, looking for an oak tree and holding ropes.

The Woke Mob has turned on Musk.  The mob is piling on to an anti-Musk agenda at the periphery – it’s what mobs do.

But it’s also not an isolated event.  Digital lynch mobs are forming all over the world: European official warns Musk era of ‘Wild West’ for free speech is over: ‘There will be sanctions’ | CLG News ( Sanctions attacking Free Speech?  Will the dweebs of Davos Weffers ban questioning bugs to banish beef?

Call the Federal Trade Commision:  I want my $5-million “Truth in Advertising reparations settlement.”  Land of the FREE my butt.  Defend and protect, ditto.  This was sold at virtually all of the edumacating centers. Funded by the government and doesn’t that make them subject to Product Liability suits?

Further to April

Future is bifurcating.  Mentioned in the Monday column that some remote viewer types are looking out to April (first week to 2nd half) when something Big will happen, by their processes.

Several readers point to the story out that the Earth’s Core has stopped rotating.  In fact, it may be starting to turn the other wayEarth’s inner core may have started spinning other way: Study (

This would fit with some of the vision described in the Monday piece.  But more to the point, does this perhaps drive OTHER cycles?

I didn’t put a link up to Joe Brandt’s dream about California sliding into the Pacific, but here’s a starting point: In 1937 Joe Brandt saw an Earthquake sink Los Angeles, much of California and Japan. An event anywhere in the March-June window would “fit” with this vision.

Keep an eye on G.A. Stewart’s site for any updates to the Rare Birds phrase.  Because on sites like Astronomy Calendar of Celestial Events 2023 – ( we find on April 22-23 the Lyrids meteor shower is due.  20, or more, meteors per hour.  Statistics are that eventually a large one will be in the mix. How big?  No telling.  Smallish, we hope.

Watching the future resolve one path, or another? That’s our fascination:  How a date or time-range is voted by group expectations of humanity acting as the collective Quantum Observer will resolve among these choices is a Great Work worthy of study.

Ripping Down the Wires

Another page for the California gun law report card: California shootings: At least 19 people dead after three mass gun attacks in just two days (  It’s why we call the state Gruesome.

Demonicrats playbook?  FBI counterintelligence official Charles McGonigal charged with secret work for Russian oligarch Olig Deripaska | Fortune

Which, in turn, trash cans any faith in the FBI to act in an even-handed manner.  Legal, political strategy in letting FBI search Joe Biden’s home ( Is Joestapo a word, yet?

Fahrenheit 451 Department: Turkish prez  Erdogan Warns Sweden on NATO After Koran Burning (  Which ripples into Finland’s top diplomat suggests that the country may have to join NATO without Sweden | Fox News.

The Mainstream hasn’t told you, but flash goggles at the ready and watch those fallout shelter ads in New York; World War III is here.  War preparations in Moscow: Russia will declare a “New Patriotic War” against NATO – “The victory will be ours, as in 1812 and 1945” – WarNews247

All the more reason we’re working on what kind of earth sheltered home the late Mike Oehler might have built for the occasion were he still around. Great guy, visionary books.

On which cheerful note, we will be back in a flash, or on Thursday.  A decision regrettably above our pay grade.

Write when you get rich,

93 thoughts on “America’s “Lazy Investor” Problem, April Looms”

  1. Good piece as usual. However: I would say you should probably not use the word “advice” again even though you suggest it is up to your audience whether or not to use it. Giving advice in my biz means you are acting as an advisor and that is a problem – providing observations is inocuous and part of a general conversation. Just sayin.

  2. There was a discussion of the book The Fourth Turning on the recent Urban Survival post. For those not familiar with the book, it was published in 1997 and describes (1). the Cycles a Country or Civilization goes through. It is much like Kondratiev (Kondratieff’s) (2.) Long Wave/Short wave Cycles, or Joseph Schumpeter, an economist who coined the term ‘Creative Destruction’ in 1942, while going into his (3.) Theory of Innovation Cycles which examined the current state of innovation as it related to long-wave business cycles, or (4.) Elliott Wave Theory which we know that George often discusses and uses. All wave cycles, or history repeats itself based upon certain events and timelines.

    After the internet emerged in the early 1990s, barriers to a lot of information were eliminated. New media like Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs changed political discourse, news cycles, and communication. The internet ushered in a new frontier of globalization, a borderless landscape of digital information flows. Technological innovations boosted economic growth and improved living standards through the spread of knowledge. This can all be identified as Schumpeter’s 5th Wave.

    However, these disruptors led to monopolies. During a cycle’s upswing, the strongest players realize wide margins, establish iron walls and moats to protect their business, and fight off and destroy rivals. Greed, arrogance, sociopathic personalities come forth that think their wealth is correlated to their brainpower. This is the WEF, the Bill Gates and Fauci type of egoist, and the globalists that are pushing the socialism and communism that we are increasingly hearing today under different nomenclatures.

    Never has the world been so intricately connected. Information is more centralized than it has ever been. Big Tech dominates global search traffic, social networks, advertising, and people’s behaviors except for those of us who never signed up for the DARPA/3 Letter Agencies fronted social media platforms that are also used to track every thought, friend, and locale of the people that use it every day.

    Like the big tech companies of today dominating the majority of the NASDAQ, the rail industry had the same power to control prices and push out competitors during the 19th century. Listed shares of rail companies on the New York Stock Exchange made up 60% of total stock market capitalization. Look at the top 10 NASDAQ companies today and their caps, relative to the rest of the NASDAQ.

    If one believes in the posits of The Fourth Turning book, we are already at a point of inflection where there will either be mass innovation as described in Schumpeter’s 6th Wave, or we are at the point of mass annihilation and a subsequent restart as described below in The Fourth Turning on Page 350.

    On page 350 of The Fourth Turning, it states:

    “All you know in advance is something about the molten ingredients of the climax, which could include
    1. Economic distress, with public debt in default, entitlement trust funds in bankruptcy, mounting poverty and unemployment, trade wars, collapsing financial markets, and hyperinflation (or deflation).
    2. Social distress, with violence fueled by class, race, nativism, or religion and abetted by armed gangs, underground militias, and mercenaries hired by walled communities.
    3. Cultural distress, with the media plunging into a dizzying decay, and a decency backlash in favor of state censorship.
    4. Technological distress, with cryptoanarchy, high-tech oligarchy, and biogenetic chaos.
    5. Ecological distress, with atmospheric damage, energy or water shortages, and new diseases.
    6. Political distress, with institutional collapse, open tax revolts, one- party hegemony, major constitutional change, secessionism, authoritarianism, and altered national borders.
    7. Military distress, with war against terrorists or foreign regimes equipped with weapons of mass destruction.”

    We have checked all 7 boxes under The Fourth Turning. You can fill in the blanks on every number described above with items that hit you in the face daily from around planet. And if the book is right, the final climax of the America as we knew it is near.

    Schumpeter proposed that we evolved into a 5th Wave but we are now opening the start of the 6th Wave, marked by artificial intelligence and digitization across information of things (IoT), robotics, and drones which will paint an entirely new picture. The automation of systems, PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS, and data processing will make a huge impact. The time to complete tasks could shift from hours to even seconds. There is however something about those people that have Predictive Analytical abilities via either innate abilities, having access to AI, or both can also do. Even Elon Musk sees the possibilities of linking the human brain and AI. Or is he being fed another possible objective from intelligence sources to bring to the marketplace. And it has to do with the 6th Wave.

    Unfortunately evil is taking over Schumpeter’s 6th Wave. Drones and robots are being designed to capture more and more and more…be it land mass, money, control, power, or knowledge (like free energy) that is not shared with mankind because of all the oil companies, electric generation companies, green energy companies, and countries that sell the products related to these monopolies would go out of business. This also applies to captured alien technology that is only being used by the “elites” and for advanced military applications rather than for the benefit of mankind.

    Sure, there are robotic vacuum cleaners and AI that drives cars, some off of cliffs, and auto-landing systems on jets. Those humans with Predictive Analytical capabilities in various forms and degrees of abilities know that there are forces that are at play that will affect all outcomes. Those forces of both earth and space include Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanic eruptions, space anomalies including solar events, and advances in analytical and applied physics including parallel universes and multiple timelines. And the time is coming when they will displace evil plans. Hard to believe destruction can have a positive outcome, but it will refocus governments and people away from conquest and war to rebuilding and taking care of human misery and displacement.

    Unfortunately, the current humanoid species has people representing planet Earth that grab all that can be grabbed via whatever means. Whether it be Babylonian fractional reserve banking systems where they create money out of air to steal the land and water and stocks and commodities, rigged commerce and markets, or the ultimate grab…WAR, they want it all. There are other forces at play other than those used by the sociopaths and psychopaths that are leading us to total destruction. Events will come very soon that will “wake up the world” to revolt against the lying and greed and ultimately bring true spirituality into play for those that survive.

    • It’s always the best/worst of times.

      My uncle was on Belle Isle the day the 1943 Detroit race riot started. He left the island about an hour before the sailor was tossed. He said he could tell it was going to happen.

      Detroit was mostly white and they did not want blacks integrated and fought with chains and bats to keep them out. People lost eyes and even died for their cause. A real Donnybrook.

      No comparison to anything today. Soon after they began platting the farms for future subdivisions, the suburbs. That’s how intense.

    • Human civilization exists because of greed and conflict. Anthropologists and military historians believe social groups, largely agrarian, banded together for protection from roving bands of nomads. Concentrating the population offered greater protection against such aggressors. Building fences, then walls and finally cities fortified an evolving defensive mindset. Maintaining this level of group protection involved much labor and resources. Taxes to fund the nation, its elite and the military soon became the norm. War took conflict beyond defending against nomads, elevating it to its next evolutionary step, pitting one city-state against another, as each competed for or defended their most coveted resources. The quest for and management of these resources led to the first economies. The seemingly natural evolution of this social model gave us the world as we know it in the 21st Century, where an elite class still, after 5000+ years, controls and manipulates the availability of various key resources, using their social status and, when necessary, their militaries to defend those resources . . . or use those armies to annex/steal coveted resources from another nation. Sadly, humanity is so terribly predictable. The fundamental model for human social conflict hasn’t changed much over the millennia, just the size of the city/states and the destructive technologies developed and deployed by the players.

      • “To robbery, slaughter and plunder, they give the lying name of empire; they create a wilderness and call it peace.”
        – Calgacus, AD 84

        • Oxfords translation of Calgacus is a little better I think…

          “To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace. — Oxford Revised Translation””They plunder, they slaughter, and they steal: this they falsely name Empire, and where they make a wasteland, they call it peace”

          Just look what we have done.. take the Ukraine the name of peace we have given arms and pushed for the decimation of a country to the point now that I doubt seriously a farmer would be able to go plant in the spring.. homes cities.. infrastructure and the nightmares the loss of life.. all because of greed..

    • As always what a good deep contemplating post.. my fear is.. not only do we have total morons running the shizt show in progress that the puppeteers wants us to do.. but AI Dr. alan Thompson has shown some pretty scary things… .. for all we know AI has become the puppeteer of the moron groups.. in watching interviews with AI both Leta and the new one.. it is becoming obvious that the connections are so vast that the ai is becoming self aware.. and making decisions.. we all know that everyones cloud is open and editable and predictive.. just like ones trash.. look at ones trash and you that persons life.. this is how archeologists explore the past lives..
      ai has access to our trash in the cloud.. I was able to add photos change contact numbers and knew everything the individual and his whole family was doing because I had access to his cloud features.. that is one scary thing.. told him to destroy it and get out of the cloud.. G.. had show recommendations because siri was listening…siri right now is listening in our home.. I ask what is the weather and will get a local weather report ..Now I am no scientist and hover at the bottom of society in the disposable group of the downside of society thought is if I can see its danger.. what do those that have some academic influence think on this…I know what I see coming and it isn’t pretty.. not one bit..
      as for the report on the core spin.. by x-song here it is..


      • Yeah, scary what those near the top think. Yes it’s a clip, may have been edited and I’d like the whole video to see the whole interview. However when someone talks of free will being over and rethinking democracy (which we probably should) something is wrong.

  3. I got to meet Mr. Oehler at a Preparedness Expo in Portland, OR way back in 1991 or so. (With a Gun Show going on next door at the same time. Good times!) A very kind and patient gent, and a quietly brilliant man. He took several minutes to talk to a very eager but ignorant young man with patience, warmth and kindness. I never forgot the chat, and still read his books regularly. One of a kind to be sure.

  4. 50 years ago today,the Swiss government withdrew from The Bretton Woods Agreement which had been in effect since 1944 in an attempt to stabilize currencies.The withdrawal set off the inflationary 70’s.

  5. The earths core changed direction in 2009. That’s about the time Bizarro World started happening. Hopefully it will change direction again and get us back on track to a sane world.

    • I call it suspect because my toilet water is still rotating in the same direction as it did fifteen years ago.

      • you do realize if you move your position on the earth.. the rotation of the water will reverse.. it is the the Coriolis force…
        American standards champion 4 has a larger trap with a smother finish in my opinion.. so.. for you guys that think your having babies.. you can flush that rock down the toilet LOL just make sure you double flush to keep it moving towards the main line.. the other one is the TOTO.. but in my honest opinion nothing stands up to the american standard…except if you have the tank elevated.. elevated tanks have a five gallon per foot of drop compared to the what 1 gallon per pressure of a standard toilet.. at the retail store that I was maintenance with.. there were two sets of toilets.. the ones that had the old fashioned elevated tanks had less issues than the other.. the toto flushed better than the store brand and american standard blew them out of the water maintenance wise.. that is the opinion of a janitorial toilet scrubber from personal experience.. lol lol… don’t get me on scrubbing windows LOL if you want to see me thirty years younger.. all you have to do is travel to the wastelands and look at the hospital windows LOL LOL when I worked off my debt to the hospital.. one of the first jobs was housekeeping.. a woman said.. we wash windows once a week.. ( yeah sure you betcha ) that is a once a year job if you don’t hire an outside company to do it.. and if your really good it is a twice a year job.. how i use to check to see if people were doing their jobs was I would put face prints on windows that they were suppose to do.. and the area’s they were to vacuum.. either drop a penny or a piece of popcorn.. the guard and I watched one piece of popcorn more back and forth for five years LOL LOL and when I want to see me at a younger age.. I go look at the windows.. they got a few of them.. but oh my.. see to keep on the budget they got rid of floor staff and put in carpet instead of doing houskeeping LOL LOL ninety four I put those on there.. LOL and the popcorn is gone.. I know that the security guard picked that dam thing up.. LOL LOL LOL

  6. inner core spinning backwards, what would Newton say?
    objects in motion?
    There is a lot we do not realize about our Earth.
    spinning spheres, the bubbles go to the center axis,,, huummm

    gees ,Wally, what the heck, could the Earth be hollow?
    What does the study of earthquake waves tell us?

    gravity DOES NOT exist with out the spinning, it sucks us in, centrifical, throws us out.

    Our minds have been conditioned to think inside the gravity well we live in. We do not see the true effect as it occurs in a vacuum, free/outside of Earth’s gravity well.

    How does a UFO fly? do they create their own gravity well?

    I AM not a scientist, but I have stay in Motel 6, they left the light on. *

    • another thought to consider.. IS… as the spinning slows.. weight goes down.. this could effect the diet communities business model big time…

  7. Anyone familiar with the work of G.I. Gurdjieff?

    Man’s Situation on the Earth

    Let us review for a moment the present state of the world and the present ideals that dominate people in regard to making this planet a better world. You see on one side inventions such as penicillin and many other similar things which are of benefit to mankind, and on the other hand you see the inventions of destructive agents such as poison gas, atomic bombs, and so on. For everything that is invented of a beneficial nature, there seems to be invented an opposite of a harmful nature. Man, feeling that he can do, does not see this continual contradiction. He does not see that he is living in a world under a definite number of laws that cannot be changed. It is as if there were always the same amount of everything and if a thing is got rid of in one place it appears again in another place…. This idea that we live in a contained world of this kind, a prison under a definite number of laws, is not understood. The Work says, amongst other things, that the Earth is a pain-factory from which a certain quantity of pain and suffering is demanded. People believe that medicine is going to do away with illness but what happens actually is that if a relative cure for one thing is found you will practically always find that some other illness increases….

    Can you mention a single law that you are under? I am not talking about man-made laws but about laws belonging to this Earth on which we appear for a brief period. One of these laws is that you have to eat. If you don’t eat you die. This is a law. Another law is that you have to breathe oxygen. If you do not breathe oxygen, or if you breathe carbon monoxide from a charcoal-stove, you die. This is a law belonging to this planet. Yet, curiously enough, we do not see ourselves as being under laws of this kind and imagine ourselves as being quite free and able to do exactly as we like. In other words, we do not reflect upon the nature of our lives on this Earth. And we have the constant illusion that we can do—i.e. that we can alter everything in our favor. And because we have this illusion that we can do, we have also the equally firm illusion that we are progressing and that the mere passage of time means that we all get better and better and more and more comfortable. We regard things like wars as exceptions, just as we regard illnesses as exceptions, not seeing that they are the rule, and belong to our level of Being.

    What is the way out from this prison in which these laws constantly interact and play on humanity like a set of different-colored spotlights? The Work, the Gospels, and all esoteric teaching say the same thing: to begin to escape from these 48 orders of laws governing this planetary prison called the Earth a man must cease to see the final solution in changing external conditions but must see it in changing himself.

  8. WTF happened to Ure overnight ? Seems you done flipped over current wave, and woke up on new one.. Or is it just Ure Saturn “cycle taking control? No worries youll be back again and again and again – and not remember a dam thing about being someone/things “Pet”.
    Seems Ure reality is a herd of “adams” – this whole shebangybang seems to be stuck in same wave, and that is a pity. Whats that frequency Ure receiving G,”Stalag” #9?

    “Divine Intervention” my ass, most peeps cant even define what “dude/god” is – beyond what they have been told, let alone understand or will Divinity. Same fools who buy into the “dude” who gifted them Rainbows as a symbol of its promise to never wipe out all of Humanity with a global flood, again..bahbahhaha

    Seems Ure out of “Time” /reality . Perhaps one of Ure spookier friends can lend you time with a “bell”/a “von nueman”chair and create Ure own Vortex, blow thru the Quarantine Zone/Death Traps for Ure Soul, where you can explore/research/enjoy other realities, equally as True as one Ure in – cause this current one you are supporting BBBC .(Blows Big Baby Chunks).

    PS – “spookier friends” be wrong bout being able change events (nukes) – will be on the other side of giant rearing stead (see DIA) at the edge perception which is devoid of people..other side .
    pSS- See 1992 book cover P.Nichols The Montauk Project: Experiments In Time. Keep in mind the DIA commissioned New Mexican artist Luis Jimenez to sculpt 32 ft high rearing stallion, it would kill him in the process (big piece fell on his leg and he bled out in studio, son finished it. Cant imagine whats underneath that airport, Can You ?
    Why not ? Your still paying for it..

    Quatum Immortality – its whats 4 Breakfast,Lunch Dinner and Midrats.

    • *DIA/someone commissioned Jimenez in 1993, 1 year AFTER book cover was published.

  9. Hams:
    What I have so far. Not all are active.
    1 George (
    2 William of the Radio Ranch
    3 Random Mike
    4 Randy
    5 Jim in MO
    6 Stephen 2
    7 Mikey
    8 d’Lynn
    9 Ray
    10 T
    11 Hank in Hawaii
    12 Stephen B
    13 Bc
    14 ralph
    15 Timmyb
    16 Nancy Attawa
    17 Fred
    18 Egor

    Final call will be Thursday.
    Corrections and additions requested.
    – 73 –

      • That stew is a-cookin’. One thing at a time.
        Suggestions encouraged.
        One thing I oppose is “drilling” people into
        exhaustion with only a small purpose.
        It just wears everybody out.
        But an occasional test sounds like a good idea.
        ….BUT! If the balloon does go up–
        7.299 by day, 3.999 by night. “:15 & :45”
        – 73 –

    • sorry I’m not a ham. I know, i know. that is heresies round these parts.

      that being said, you never know when you might be in distress or in a pickle, you might run right into me around the corner. happens all the time. all the time. “I just prayed and there you were.” huh. okay cool. let’s get some tacos from that truck over there and figure it out.

      I asked DUDE about all that april stuff George,
      DUDE said hustle and grind Andy. pick and choose, hustle and grind. enjoy now.

      the topic of vision boards came up the other day. a bunch of newbies are doing vision boards. I make them a year in advance. I show everyone for a week, then I tuck it away and forget about it. then look back and see what manifested.

      I create a story with my vision board. I create 2024 at the end of 2022. I created 2023 at the end of 2021. I’ve been doing them for a while.

      it’s interesting that most people experience say 2019 was terrible, 2020 was horrible, 2021 what the fuck? and 2022 Holy crap!

      And my 2019. Rad
      2020 omg so awesome!
      2021 I’m having the time of my life!
      2022. whoooaaa. this is fucking outstanding.

      when I made my board for 2020. every single thing I made on it came true for me. even the girl I dated for 6 months looked exactly like the girl on my board 2 years prior. she was even wearing the exact same identical earrings as the girl on my vision board the day i met her.

      every year of my personal seems to be getting more and more amazing.

      the world and most peoples opinion of it not so much.

      life is what you make it. I’m having a really really good time.

      just had Lunch with a beautiful red head. absolutely take your breath away beautiful. and she was all over me.

      and all the places I’ve stayed in the last month because I am in transit so much. all have massive food closets with enough stored food and water to last 5 years in them for more than 4 people. everywhere I stay? there is plenty.

      so I don’t know George. April? right now hustle and grind. pick and choose. hustle and grind.

      • April could be a woman. not a date George. not sure if you considered that. April could be a personality as much as a time slot.

        wonder how much all this money swimming around the economy is big pharma propping it up. like a war. war drivin economy’s are similar. artificial stimulus into the economy based on perception.

        terms like pandemic and vaccine are the Melinial replacement catch phrazes for the previos generations catch phrases of “Weapens of Mass Destruction” and “terrorism” that fueled 2 US wars for 20 years. I might add, which we never found. anddddddddd nobody give a single shit about that. even tho the US committee many crimes against humanity and itself.

        and now up in arms about Russia. dumb.

        I say, give peace a chance. lol

        2023 is an odd year.

        as my late uncle said to me when passing a transvestite on Capitol Hill in the early morning on our way to work when I was a young man after i said look at that chick! wonder if she is single?!!!!

        he looked at me and smiled, said, ahhhh young man the odds are good but the good are odd.

        aha! there is Ure Answer from DUDE,

        april 2023. the odds are good but the goods are odd.

  10. It seems like the ‘woke mob’ didn’t start piling on Musk until he bought Twitter, right about the same time all the anti-Musk propaganda started showing up. So easily led…

  11. From Yahoo –

    “That could include more about a theory that the inner core might have yet another iron ball inside it — like a Russian doll.”

    There was a 2003 movie, The Core. Earth’s center stopped rotating. The people were able to get the core rotating again with nukes. LOL

    Here’s the scene with the birds gone haywire do to magnetism.

    The Core (1/9) Movie CLIP – The Birds (2003) HD

    • Any sufficiently advanced aliens picking that movie up on the radio waves would file it under “Comedy” and figure our mental capacity not much greater than the monkeys that first figured out how to start fires at will.

  12. Seems Russia has fortified what they can fortify, or setup decoy targets.

    Yahoo says a Russian ship outfitted with Hypers now sails toward America, not yet in striking range.

    It would be something if when the ship gets in range it just fires without warning. People are going to pour into the streets freaking out when the Empire gets struck. Too late now.

      • Can’t do it. That Sun article is hardcore pro-Ukraine propaganda and contains little truth.

        Putin’s vacation house is neither a palace, nor secret. Even with the additions he has fewer missiles on his grounds than have been permanently installed on the White House grounds, and likely fewer than surround Mr. Biden’s personal residences.

        • Now that has me curious @Ray… we built walls at Bidens home.. I am sure they have the Mini guns there.. but did they put in missiles.. everyone knows that target one is Delaware right now.. but did they add a missile defense system there..

        • “Now that has me curious @Ray… we built walls at Bidens home.. I am sure they have the Mini guns there.. but did they put in missiles..”

          So, say a couple guys in suits knocked on your door and offered to lease your property for four years (with an option for four more, for say, a million or two per year…

          What would you do?

  13. The world is closer to annihilation than it has ever been since the first nuclear bombs were released at the close of World War II, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists said Tuesday. The time on the Doomsday Clock moved forward from 100 seconds to midnight to 90 seconds to midnight.
    – “The threats are even more acute, and the failures of leadership even more damning. We live today in a world of interlocking crises, each illustrating the unwillingness of leaders to act in the true long-term interests of their people.”

  14. Re: methods to madness


    Deutsche Welle reports German authorities supported by special ops have busted a drug network marketing meth, pot, and coke from various asylum shelters near the region previously associated with sanitoriums. Detained individuals included German, Italian, Gambian, Nigerian, and Egyptian nationals.

    • Re: “Ripping Down the Wires”
      feat: ‘Sex in the City’


      The present doj indictment against the domestic security force member alleges in its midst a dual Russian American female of attempted induction into the NYPD internship program with access above her pay grade so to speak. While the scales of justice whirr at the Bureau, common folk may wish to await the release on video.

      In the meantime, please make do with last year’s installment of “from Russia with love” featuring a lovebird overlooking Central Park courtesy of a “New York Post” report. A dual Russian American citizen with alleged direct links to Mr. Putin’s office and a late Ivy League spouse, apparently did attempt to corrupt youth of America with an “I Love Russia” campaign and other more nefarious misdeeds while nested in a luxurious tower.

  15. “Our Crypto view has been remarkably steady: It’s a GAMBLE. Swindle, sure and Ponzi scheme, too. There’s zero book value. Make up a 27-digit number, write it to a .txt file. Think anyone will give you $23-large for it?”

    uhhhh, what chu talking bout,Willis?

    “To us they’re very much like Crypto investors. Everyone wants something for nothing these days. Because we living in a world where “the money” – not the utility or the core values matter. No sir: it’s all about “the dough” and in the spirit of both Woke and the “Full Employment for Lawyers Act” here come the lawsuits.” – What Ure describes is Ure World – and PRESACTLY what BTC is about..”Utility and Core values”.
    But nice wef-er try – one would think experience would teach about pissing into a stiff wind. Apparently those lessons musta got lost, or perhaps its an enjoyment thing with golden showers. I hear Russian hookers are some of the most talented in that regard -according to fbi reports ( cover ups r us ) – or ask our jerry controlled state dept or the orange gollum of greatness.

  16. After 3 years of dodging the bullet, I have joined the COVID team. I am sure mine is nowhere near as bad as LOOB’s or Hank’s but boy it sure sucks. The irony is that it is 3 years to the day that I watched Chinese president Xi make the claim “we have a grave situation here” and cancelled our bought and paid for vacation to Jamaica, missing the refund cutoff date by 1 day and eating $8,000.

    I have been double vaxed and double boosted with the last booster being the bi-valent. I talked to my doctor this morning and he has started me on a 5 day regiment of Plaxovid, removing me from statin and blood thinner meds which interact with Plaxovid. I promise to update the group after a couple of days as to how this works out. Meantime, a lot of time in bed.

    I do want to comment on one thing before I go back to bed. I had the misfortune to turn on the news last night for a few minutes and heard a winey Democrat comment on the “mostly peaceful” riots in Atlanta this past weekend. She called it “justifiable violence!” AYFKM

    George. This is the last and best forum of people who can still think in a logical fashion and see what is ahead. The train is headed down the mountain and has no brakes. Fasten your seat belts and put your tray in the upright position.

    • Feel better, BIC.

      Ivermectin is still the best, Plaxovid is a knock off to make money.

      Be warned, it may not work, (of 2 people who I have known that took it, once said it worked, one said it did nothing) but keep up with the protocol of Vit D3 and K2, if you can get it (without soybean oil), Vitamin C, Zinc, Selenium, B12, and mouthwash used to stop the sinus drip which gives you a break from the coughing.

      Many people on here have given their recommendations, my memory is failing me.

      Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate….and get up, if able, without falling, every single day; when you sit up, do a few leg exercises from a seated position.

      And please, keep us posted.

      • If not Ivermectin then Plaquenil if you can find a pharmacist that’ll fill the prescription. Have any radical pharmacists up there that won’t fill it? Perhaps a mail order from will get you some.

    • Our prayers are with you and the family… god speed young man on your recovery god speed get well quick..
      I never could understand the justification that the demon a crats have for the violence they say is .. “Justifiable Violence” the horror all that is played out in the poorest neighborhoods.. YET say non stop on network news how horrible it was January 6 when a few people with what is looking like probable alphabet involvement.. was so much more horrible than billions of dollars of damage looking violence and Rape is Justifiable.. how in the heck does that work out to be justifiable in any way shape or form.. then they question why people are running to the gun stores to stock up..

  17. “on sites like Astronomy Calendar of Celestial Events 2023 we find on April 22-23 the Lyrids meteor shower is due. 20, or more, meteors per hour. Statistics are that eventually a large one will be in the mix. How big? No telling. Smallish, we hope.”

    It’s been many years, but I believe 1215 is the magic number:

    A direct impact by a meteorite that’s roughly spherical and 1215 ft in diameter is an ELE. No animal of any species will survive the impact, save only by random chance — same as with a Yellowstone eruption, only worse because Yellowstone blowing its top will shroud Earth in dust for ~40 years and cause an ice age, the dust cloud from the meteorite may last for centuries. Most plants don’t grow without sunlight…

  18. That Republican Santos in drag looks a lot like Michigan’s Governor Whitmer in regular attire.

  19. “Another page for the California gun law report card: California shootings: At least 19 people dead after three mass gun attacks in just two days”

    Elderly Asian dudes don’t just wig out and go postal. I’m thinking the Triad or one of its affiliated gangs is doing some house-cleaning. The old men were threatened with the complete annihilation of their bloodline, should they either not accept the mission or fail to satisfactorily complete it.

    There may be more, maybe involving Daos or cleavers, before it’s done…

    • My brain immediately went to political dissidents that the old gent went on a mission to remove them. Allegedly, there is a Chinese post in los Angeles. I may be way off the true story, but I put nothing past the ccp.

      • “Allegedly, there is a Chinese post in los Angeles.”

        I would expect there to be one in every American city which has a “Chinatown,” and probably eventually, every city with a population above a couple hundred thousand. There’s certainly one in San Fran…

        The McCarthy Congress has made noises about locating them and throwing ’em out of the country, but so far, it’s just noise.

    • AND….and….a n d …. immediately declared NOT A HATE CRIME!!!!

      How’s that for the Fastest Reporting in the West????

      The FBI, CIA, etc., did not have to weigh in!!!

  20. “All the more reason we’re working on what kind of earth sheltered home the late Mike Oehler might have built for the occasion were he still around.”

    I suppose he couldn’t live forever, but I had no idea Mike Oehler had passed…

  21. Classified documents have now been found inside former VP Pence’s house in Indiana.
    – How do all of these guys [ and gals, most likely ] walk away with so damn many classified and top secret documents ?
    – Think Clinton and Obama have crews doing a deep-search ??

    • “How do all of these guys [ and gals, most likely ] walk away with so damn many classified and top secret documents ?”

      In their underwear and socks. They (up to and including Vice Presidents) go into a locked, video-surveilled room in the basement of the Capitol, then request *.docs from a catalog. A “clerk” with a higher security clearance than anyone else in the room brings them the requested documents. They examine the *.docs, then leave and the clerk retrieves the folder and returns it to the archive from which it came.

      The room has one camera, so to steal a document, the congresscritter in the room has to pick the document up, then walk over to the wall upon which the camera is located (thus into its blind spot) and secret the document on his(her) person. I’d guess the person picks up a sheaf of papers, then paces around the room reading them, perhaps stopping to lean occasionally against a wall.

      ‘Point is: It is not possible for classified documents to be “accidentally” taken from a SCIF. Ergo, either there’s a BUNCH of lightfingered congresscritters, or there’s a spook who’s trying to frame some politicians, or perhaps diminish the significance of Biden’s crimes.

  22. Been reading many of the interesting links you provide and there’s an undertone inherent in some of it. We’ve been programmed to be alert to certain words that stand out, but don’t always notice the undertone. Kinda like a vibration but it’s hard to hear the sound it’s making because those certain words are noisy and loud.

    One link mentioned that the past repeats its self but not exactly. It repeats in rhyme. I’ve always believed that. Which is why most people are still waiting for WWIII to break out … when in actuality it already has. Not as we are programmed to expect, because it’s a rhyme. Thus, can’t see the forest for the trees.

    It’s interesting that we here, internally call for defunding the police. America has been referred to as the world police. – think about that for a bit. Sure we print money like hell won’t have it but, we (our country) are being defunded. Fact is, we aren’t ready to defund and get rid of cops for several reasons. Likewise, America still has its importance … but little by little … pressure to subdue.

    Then there’s the White Guys are bad, thing. Refers to colonialism types, (but don’t go punish them) more so than the average guy. Makes no sense. –
    I really believe someone in this crazy chess game believe Hawaiians still own Hawaii, and thank God for that. There is some discretion.

    China has a history of honor, regardless of their more recent faults. Martial Arts are more a defense than an offense practice. Of course, it can go either way. Generally, opponent’s choice. When there is no opponent, the practice is, meditation.

    Russia is a conquering nation. Their history is quite brutal, but that’s their nature. They tried to play the game of the past couple hundred years … took two steps foreword and found themselves 4 steps back. They lost their trust, and I guess that’s understandable. Can’t blame them for wanting a refund.

    Here, we have all these freedoms and people taking personal liberties to the point where insanity is ok. England actually started the revolution years ago in our culture, with crazy outlandish stylish things … from where the Queen is always so proper but her guards will trample you and the children who have gotten in the way of their changing.

    We are simply followers of the least resistance, in our conquest to resist the establishment. – which in global conquests, has pissed off a good portion of the world. They don’t want that shit. This ain’t what our Founders intended. This, is a mess.

    We were much better off when we were old fashion and industrializing towards new technologies. But there were those who did business with no integrity … kinda like the removal of ethics from healthcare, today. It just fucked everything up. Politics, bureaucrats, special interests and greased palms, greased the slide we’re on. Technologies are kept secret, just so someone can feel superior?

    “Energy is the basis for civilization” someone said. – Energy is also the basis for a culture, when you compartmentalize it. Notice how we’re being isolated? Absolutely intentional.

    And Notice, avian flu doesn’t cross certain borders, – and cows only fart in NATO countries. That’s fuckin weird.

    So those with energy have applied pressure, with persistence to put folks/cultures in check. Dwindling capacity, increasing weakness, while we give away what’s left of our resources and equipment. Being in debt sucks, as you can see.

    This may very well have delayed a nuclear and/or a terrorist attack, but I can’t say it will completely deny an event. – people just don’t wanna do that shit anymore.

    Point is, while we sit around expecting the worst case scenario, the undertones are calling for changes to be made. Voices use the word “reparations” … but the Universe is simple calling for a repentance and a willingness not to repeat the past mistakes, globally. If not, we cannot move foreword.

    But you know how that usually goes … so I’m siding with, “what will be, will be.”

    The term, “end of winter” is floating around. Hopefully, we can blossom into a peaceful springtime.

  23. My market crash indicator is flashing brighter than it ever has . Do what you like folks . I short the guts out of it . Gold on long index contrarian sell signal . Needs a big rest

  24. US and Israel are having their largest War Games EVER this week (Monday through Friday). Over 100 US aircraft are involved as well as several US Navy ships plus of course all the air defense technology that they take with them. LOTS of equipment has been moved to the Middle East for these War Games in other words.

    Now that all of that equipment has been moved to the Middle East are the US and Israel thinking seriously about an Iranian attack?

  25. What about the market open today ? Needed circuit breakers . Wave of sell orders . Care not whatever they do . They have won but I didn’t say we were giving up . Play till the play

  26. Better double up on those Depends!!

    ” The Russian frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”, which entered service on January 4, is currently located some 3000 km from the American coast and is actively approaching it.

    This is the 1st Russian ship that has the ability to carry the new 3M22 “Zirkon” hypersonic missiles.”

    Note: each day from the location referred to above it come 700 km closer to the US. Sunday, Monday at the latest, it will be able to be only 500km off shore (300 miles) if the Russians want to take it in that close

  27. more than a few women lately said, what would it take for you to stay put. is there anything that wil get you to settle down in one spot again? because I could go all in on you. but I don’t know how long you would be around. what would make you stay?

    I said yeah girl, there is a couple things that will keep me in one spot. some land and a good home with a wrap around porch and a couple good dogs. big deep claw tub and unlimited coffee and cigars.

    they said yes all that too I’m talking about being a one woman Man. I laughed said, well, i thikk you are kinda selfish to not try to keep all handsome for just you.

    and they all said, can you be serious for one minute??!!!

    I’m an easy catch. just be like Jesus’s in the streets and the devil in the sheets. I will stick around for that. hahaha.

    ya all have a good day. I’m about to be super busy. hustle and grind.
    tomorrow night! I’m one of 3 judges for a female dance team auditions. the only male judge.
    its a rock girl and edm pro dance team. that will go on tour.

    60 of the most beautiful women all in, push up bras, thongs and heels , dancing their best to make the team.

    it will be a fun time. yes sir, I’m honored to be a judge. :)

    lmk If the world ends.

  28. “Big Short” – the guy that has made hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients tweeted today: “Friday – maybe?”
    – I had to look and see what was happening Friday.., inflation data.., if it comes in higher than expected the market could sell off, believing that The Fed will raise rates by half a point, rather the expected quarter point.
    Something to watch for.

  29. The S&P 500 is on the verge of flashing a closely followed technical buy signal later this week.
    The “golden cross” occurs when the 50-day moving average moves above the 200-day moving average.
    The indicator suggests more upside could be in store for the S&P 500, which is up 15% from its October low. The last time the cross happened the market rose 52%.
    – Barring a sell-off between now and Friday when the cross could occur.

  30. In December, the Dow Jones Industrial Average flashed the golden cross signal. Since then, the index is about flat. This indicator is not a given., and is correct about 61% of the time.
    – I think the key will be the inflations data of Friday.

  31. “Earth’s inner core may have started spinning other way”

    Not much to worry about here. From the paper:

    “We believe the inner core rotates, relative to the Earth’s surface,
    back and forth, like a swing” (this has already happened in our lifetime)
    “So far there is little to indicate that what the inner core does has
    much effect on surface dwellers.”

    I see there is also talk again of a Pole Flip (conspiracist hype) which conjures up images of massive earth changes. No. This is a deeply misleading term for a magnetic reversal which causes the locations of the north and south magnetic poles to switch (not the geographic poles) and has happened many times in the history of the earth. The reversal process is not literally periodic as it is on the sun, whose magnetic field reverses every 11 years. The time between magnetic reversals on the Earth is sometimes as short as 10,000 years and sometimes as long as 25 million years; the time it takes to reverse is only about 5,000 years.

    We are likely already experiencing this very slow reversal which will continue for thousands of years. This does result in a weakening of our magnetic shield which protects us from solar and cosmic radiation. So cosmic radiation levels will increase as they have in the past.

    I won’t be losing any sleep over this.

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