After a Manic Bounce? Monday

Stock markets will be interesting this week on a number of levels.

On one, we may get some insight into how “News and Wars” drive markets.  As Germany goes for MONEY over PEACE as Minister: Germany won’t block Poland giving Ukraine tanks reports the Associated Press.

The Russians, of course, seeing this coming, have been bracing at home: Preparations for conflict with NATO: Anti-aircraft systems in every corner of Moscow-Kremlin fortified, V.Putin’s residence, government buildings, reports the Greek site War 24/7.

War is – like a deadly cancer – metastasizing in lower Europe.  As Ukraine up-armors, the Turks are trying to get some Cold War era British missile frigates to bulk up its naval forces in the short-term.  All while the U.S. is selling arms to both sides of the (energy-based) war pending between Greece and Turkey.  F-35s for Greece and F-16s for Turkey.

The war business is, pardon this: booming.

Walls Work

With demonicrats losing a bit of sway in the District of Corruption, we see evidence continuing to build about the effectiveness of WALLS to define and secure a Nation.

Previous examples we’ve pointed to include the Great Wall of China (one reason China has a 2,500-year history), the also famous Berlin Wall which until 1989 divided Germany since WW II.  And sensible Israeli’s have walled off Palestine; whose behavior has been so bad that neither Egypt nor Israel want the land and people.

All historical context for the story over here: Greece Expanding Border Wall, Calls for EU Help on Migration.  Which is a tale totally full of wall irony.  Especially poignant upon a review of the story on Filmmaker this morning that ““We Had To Shoot the African Scenes in Greece” | Anthony Chen, Drift.”

Irony never gets rusty.

Musical Chairs, Biden Style

Slow Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff is out. Jeff Zients to be named Biden’s next chief of staff, replacing Ron Klain.  I’m reminded of a song, now.. Thomas Dolby,  wasn’t it? She Blinded Me With Science.  We expect to be “Blinded by Zients” now…

Biden apologists are making the best of it Biden’s Cabinet is sticking around, bucking the turnover trend of his predecessors. We are told more changes at the Cabinet are coming as Joe’s Ship of Fools sets sail for the polls in 2024.

If there’s a world left.

I Didn’t Mention?

OK, there’s just one problem not covered so far.

As you might expect (since Ure’s been a reporter for north of half a century) I know a few people who know a few things.

As SOME of the people I (might) know have been real, by-God serious (as in working for Uncle) people of the Men Who Stare at Goats” variety yuou hear things.

What I’m hearing now is sometime between, oh, first week of April to about the 20th of April – somewhere in there – we are in for some massive “entertainment.”

Not sure what this means but picture a world that is gold on the inside and then expands out to white on the surface such that there is “no safe place.”

The term “divine intervention” is used.  Some see different colors (white to purple).  Thing is, while (sorry) we can’t be more specific other than to offer the proximate date range, something big…as in REALLY big…is 74-days ahead popping in remote seeing circles.

To paraphrase one (since we talked of other things) “We don’t need to worry about money, now.  It simply doesn’t matter….”

We have a number of very sensitive readers  so watch the Comments section for feedback and maybe Andy can inquire of The DUDE on our behalf.  HE is seen driving this.  (DUDE, not Andy, just so we’re clear…)

For Now, Money Matters

Eventually, we have to get to the subject of our headline:  For now, Money Matters, although perhaps to a lessening degree, depending on what the looking glass crowd sees and what you Believe in, if you follow.

Dow futures were down 26 earlier while the S&P was down 7.  Giving us a view ahead of:

So, the next pause should be down in the area of the white “3” in the lower right.  IF our intuition about such things works out.

But the commercial hype is in ahead of the open, so no telling – yet.

For Whom the Axe Swings

There was a hint of times ahead as the National Association of Business Economics issues its outlook Sunday:  January 2023 Business Conditions Survey Summary reporting that the “NABE Survey Panel Suggests Probability of 2023 Recession Remains Elevated; Continued Wage Growth and Weaker Sales to Put Pressure on Profit Margins.”

Right in line comes the latest HR grenade in tech as Spotify Seen Cutting Staff as Soon as This Week as Tech Layoffs Mount – Bloomberg.

Seeing a trend?

Tomorrow morning, we get Purchasing Managers and the Richmond Fed’s lookahead after the open.  Wednesday (spine-tingling stuff here) Business Uncertainty mid-morning (and Korea’s GDP if you care in the afternoon).

Thursday is Data Dump Day this week:  Durable Goods, GDP, new UI Filings, International Trade and perhaps the cherry on top will be retail inventories and the Chicago Fed National Activity Index.  Friday has Personal Income and Expenses scheduled, but these are always framed as “too little of the first and too much of the second…”

Silly Parties

With the demonicrats tearing down the Constitution and with repugnantcans putting up (at best) a half-assed defense, we look at the future of American Politics as needing a new Marketing Schtick.

We think it’s made a guest appearance as Fox reported VP Harris required people to sign ‘attestation of vaccination’ paper to attend her Florida speech: reports.

Clear?  Democrats are moving in the direction of being the Broke, Borderless, and Vaccinated Party.  Obviously, no ticky, no laundry at Kam’s hoe-down (a dandy, double-entendre, don’tcha think?).  This could go one of two ways for the repugnant’s: They could become the Real Border, Data, and Science Party, OR they could keep up the infighting and continue back-stabbing one-another to death.

The Repugnant’s incompetence continues to be a national embarrassment as Santos’s financial woes pile up, threatening his political career   | The Hill.  Which we view as another rerun of political expediency triumphing over morality, honesty and sanity.  You go, Pugs.

Digital Scrap Heap

10-dead from a Chinese New Year’s Party in Monterey Park this weekend.  Sad, but we’re not clear on a few things.  BERNAMA – Flags in US shall be flown at half-mast following Monterey Park shooting – Biden.  Have we just failed to notice national flag lowering’s for previous mass shooting victims?  Meantime, California lefties are selling the idea it “could have been worse except for our gun laws...”  Yeah, sure, you betcha.  “Don’t wake the woke to the fact Criminals and Crazies don’t follow Laws,” writes the man whose office is 160-feet from his shooting table on his 100-meter range and a Gunfighter’s Inc. Kenai holster…

Lights Out!  No, not an odd reference to my friend Delilah Rene from back in my broadcasting days.  Nope.  Talking about Pakistan suffers big power outage after second grid failure in three months | Reuters.  Things keep edging toward the shitter, over there:  There’s the possibility of a very hot religious war.  See last week’s post on Reddit: First pakistan map proposed by muslim league’s Rahmat Ali to divide India for Muslims : MapPorn.

Cryptomeria is still making the rounds.  As seen in Binance SWIFT partner to ban USD transfers below USD 100k – ThePaypers and as XRP price gathers steam for 45% upswing as Brad Garlinhouse prepares for landslide victory against the SEC (  Us?  Still no crypto (and no vax, either).  Feeling more Amish every day – not a bad thing, that.  With BTC knocking on $23,000 we wonder again why the CROOKED/WOKE movement hasn’t turned on this energy squandering, climate wrecking Ponzi scheme.  But again, don’t wake the woke.

ATR: ShopTalk Follow-Up

My friend, Dr. J, is sending me the plans for the 50 Cal. Ammo Can (tall) bug-out VHF ham station based on the Radioddity DB25 which will be cool.

I’d passed along the contributed Ammo Can kit from William of the Radio Ranch.  Dr. J’s very key point:  It’s not in an EMP proof can…

While we were talking, it occurred to me that an equivalent could be made for a low power HF radio, too.  So I’m working on that in background.  I’ve already got an HF Signals uBitX 6.0 and looks like it could be shoehorned in. (Measurements pending)

The idea would be to package the radio, mini tuner, a 4:1 QRP balun, and an 80-10 OCFD out of thin but strong wire.  Mini coax for feeding it (30 feet do?), mic, power cable, and Morse code key would round it out.

This leaves only the power problem in either case (the VHF or the HF radio can):  How much battery could go in a third can?  You’d want as much lithium ion as possible, charge controller and power leads.  Three ammo cans and a solar panel, or two, and seems like that would be pretty good coms.

For some great presentations on NVIS HF, search Youtube.

Toss in one of those cheap $100-class laptops that pop up on Best Buy deals now and then, ported over in advance to Linux, and loaded with FLDigi which then gives you voice, Morse, and all the main digital modes.  FLDigi is supported on Linux, Mac, BSD, and Windows.

(Tired of Ham Radio talk yet?)

Being into Retro Radio Restorations, I’m excited as hell about the scheduled delivery this week of an old BK Dyna Jet 606 tube checker I snagged last week on eBay.  Have an old Heathkit TC-2 and a Precision Apparatus Company (PACO) unit but the BK is simple to calibrate and handles a few transmitter finals, like 6146’s, for example.

OK, on that note off to work on what is quickly turning into an ebook on Future Forecasting with a HUGE amount of material contributed by G.A. Stewart of the Age of Desolation website. On Wednesday.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Inquiry:
    (Monday morning replay: Current roster at end. 16!)

    There seems to be a goodly number of ham radio ops on here.
    No, I don’t want your callsigns or phone numbers or anything else.

    I wonder just how many there are…

    I request you just say “I’m a ham,” and naught else. If you want to indicate very generally where you are — like “northeast,” or name a state – that’ll be quite enough. I’ll match up user names and see what we get, and put it on here. George has already outed himself, so that’s one. I’m one, so that’s two. Anybody else care to say? (See updated roster at end)

    (I might re-run this one more day this week, just so’s everybody hears the request.)

    No callsigns needed, no personally identifying information — just “I’m one,” will be quite enough for this purpose.

    – K –

    P.S. UPDATE As of Monday early A.M., I have the
    following, either directly or by reasonable inference.

    1 George (
    2 William of the Radio Ranch
    3 Random Mike
    4 Randy
    5 Jim in MO
    6 Stephen 2
    7 Mikey
    8 d’Lynn
    9 Ray
    10 T
    11 Hank in Hawaii
    12 Stephen B
    13 Bc
    14 ralph
    15 Timmyb
    16 Nancy Attaway

    P.P.S. 7.299 by day: 3.999 by night.
    No “HQ.” Self-organized ad hoc. With
    16 (or more) of us, this is probably an
    interesting “Village Green” for sharing
    information when the plugs go out. For
    example, one 75 meter insomniac net
    on 3.933 covers about half the country.

  2. Well George, interesting teaser about the future that you shared. I hope dreams do not always come true. Yesterday morning, my wife walked into the kitchen and announced that she had a really strange dream. Got my attention so I listened. As she described the dream, I could tell that it must have been a disturbing dream for her. (Just to note, she does not read your column so wasn’t influenced by some of your comments over the past week.) In her dream we were somewhere rural in the Northeast. She heard and then saw a mushroom cloud in the direction of a large city. We were far enough away that we were able to evacuate and go to another remote spot. I asked her if the dream was in color, it was. I tend to not dream in color. I wear a CPAP, she doesn’t. She said this dream content was much different than most of her dreams. We are in our late 70s and in her dream we were about 35. Just thought I would share this with you.

  3. “energy squandering, climate wreaking ponzi scheme”?..I’ve never heard Ham Radio hobby described as such, but if the shoe fits..

    April smapril..The Bloody Pedo King doesnt put St Edwards crown on till MAY, as in may the day never come .
    Understand the Ruskies are looking forward to getting their hands on some Dorchester armour, soonly.
    But I digress – Pedo Slo is done, and will be out soonly, what feeble mind he once had, be gone with the 10%s..Obummer will be implicated and IMPEACHED in due time as well.
    Amazeballz bowl of black oil, no black scyring mirror – just genius.

    Dam right no BTC 4 youse, 1/2 smart criminals know its trackable, cant have accountablity and Verification around hear now can we..?

    How bout dem Cowpies ?

  4. As always I enjoyed today’s article George. The part about “We don’t need to worry about money, now. It simply doesn’t matter…” resonated quite well with me this morning. I’ve been wondering what has happened to the enthusiasm I used to have when perusing the bullion websites. It’s just gone now, that is IF you think in terms of “money” as being the real thing rather than paper debt certificates. It’s like a fairly substantial fog of “Nope” just shows up between the ears when I’m looking at their sites.

    Here’s true gold, though. It showed up in my YT choices this morning. Andy would enjoy it and Chris would probably know all about it.

    Listening to this in the morning quiet after everyone’s gone to work and school caused so many thoughts to flow. It described a fact that had been buried in my mind for a long while now as to WHY the ranch was so important. Important WAY, WAY beyond money in a way that I’ve almost given up trying to communicate to the kids as they’re so covered over with their own cares and worries. It’s a place where so much become crystal clear so readily rather than well populated places. It’s my cave.

    • It is closer to Creation. I feel nature inside of me now, as you may as well. I’ve lived a life of near solitude for 20 years on a couple ranches and life here is far better.

      I gave up on money long ago, hope to still buy some things – but really just set for what is to come.


  5. GU: What I’m hearing now is sometime between, oh, first week of April to about the 20th of April – somewhere in there – we are in for some massive “entertainment.”

    JC: April 20th – Hitler’s birthday!

    • Martensen was a voice of Sanity in the chaos of PR Marketing during the worst of the Covid Panic … probably why he was BANNED on Twitter and YouTube even though everything he posted was REAL SCIENCE based.

      Martensen’s real business was Financial Planning, so he wasn’t doing those posting for making money, but because as a Phd in the Sciences, though no longer working in the sciences, he was upset with all the BS that the government, scientists, and the drug companies were putting out.

      • there was another one as well.. I can’t remember his name but put out the test results slides and documents.. after he put his findings from his research on youtube he died less than a week later..

        • the problem was I had read the patents on this long time before.. when they first started to predict a pandemic in nineteen.. I started looking at bio patents.. at the same time Oprah started giving away netti pots to her watchers and studio audience..
          It is kind of like the show renovation nation and renovation green.. when I started seeing people I knew and visited with show up on the show doing things like covering their homes with screen then siding it and putting in cisterns etc.. then I took notice.. if everyone is a scientist at a big govt. institution and they are doing those things.. something is usually being passed around in information that they are getting a bigger picture from it.. go watch some of the shows online.. count how many scientists there are making changes..

    • I followed him and posted a lot of his video links here back when it all first started. He lit his hair (what there is of it) on fire and mine caught, too. All we ever heard and knew was how deadly and devastating the virus was in China and much of Eastern Asia along with cruise ships being nailed shut until enough people either died or got over it and much more. But as time went on and things began to smell more and more fishy he changed his attitude and eventually came around to the antivaxxers’ way of thinking as evidence began to mount that The Jab was more dangerous than the virus itself. Since he’s mostly behind a paywall now I haven’t visited his videos but he does have a good b.s. meter that stems from his medical background.

  6. Wordslinger:

    Watching the SPX struggle at the upper descending trend line and 200 DMA. We are running out of turf in the contracting triangle. Soon we will learn whether a breakout or breakdown comes next. Why does Ag continue to be slammed in the $24/oz range?

    ATL (around the lake): gearing up for return of winter. Due to dense snow and below 32 temp this marks 2 more -0- solar gain days. I now think the template used to calc pay-back is off by 50% as to snow days.

    Pfew. Thursday data release looks crowded.
    blah, blah, blah …

    ps – best to the Mrs

  7. “We don’t need to worry about money, now. It simply doesn’t matter….”

    Hmm.. that depends…. I thought it would all fold years ago already..we live and die for a number.. we sell our souls for a number.. we destroy and give millions misery over a number just so a couple of hundred can keep control. they in turn play both sides of the coin how can you loose if you bet heads with a two headed coin.
    People prep but they prep with the thought that what we take for granted will be always available.. we buy chain saws and big trucks.. buy a cabin hundreds of miles away in some remote spot.. if and when it folds.. or we go to war none of that will have any importance and none of it will be useful without what we take for granted.
    My kids all think I am paranoid and reading to much into it.I keep telling them to get a solar backup system big enough to power the few absolutes and a gravity fed wood stove..they don’t see that those that developed our infrastructure did it for the number to be made not for security and can be taken down in a short time we devote our energies to destruction and war and have failed to work on the infrastructure we all depend on.. they think it is stupid.. I keep telling the boss we need to get the battery backup.. I got the stove..buying one piece at a time so I can have the thing installed..

    I tell them get a second battery along with it.. enough for the what if.. if it all goes bad you will need backup power.. I am working on the boss.. in time I pray she will agree with me and give the ok.. the other thing is if you don’t do that.. then get a backup generator.. you can make gas to run it..

    unfortunately they have not had the life experiences that I have had so they don’t know and they have no desire to look into such things.. they won’t know until it is upon us.. then it will be the toilet paper wars all over again..
    . they have been raised with good jobs great money and no struggles I worked hard and long hours to try to keep their lives stable so they wouldn’t have the struggles compared to those I have been through.. during the depression those that survived it made sure that they had what they lacked if they were hungry they had pantries and gardens learned to can and preserve. the kids today barely have a two week supply of food. We seen a sample of how it will erode with the toilet paper drama a few years ago.. guaranteed that everyone has a few rolls on the shelf compared to what they had then…IF war hits here the country only prepared for the few elites they deemed to good to loose the rest of us will be thrown into a world we have only seen in the movies… the rest of us are just disposable worthless eaters the country has not prepared for us just a few .. yet the worthless eaters are who they depend on to survive in their life styles..
    Here is a great book.. it is one of my most cherished.. the story of a man that questioned what is it all about.. then in visiting a foreign country seen the look of those in need.. the needless deaths and the struggles of those with faith and resilience.. I see this man as he stands a hero in my eyes.. god bless him and his may his heart stay true to our heavenly fathers .. He has saved thousands from needless death and misery..
    buy the book it is worth it sits next to my chair. donate a few bucks to the school they sure could use it and every penny goes to the school.

    IF.. the IF.. does happen.. we will know.. money won’t be worth the paper its printed on and all you will have is what you have been taught.. women use to sew knit and crochet.. today they run to the store.. most don’t even have a sewing machine.. lace was once made by the fire with a few needles and some thread today we buy it by the spools and sheets of it at the store..
    enough of me ranting.. it is the one thing on my mind right now.. is trying to get this household halfway prepared for what I see coming..
    the minute the boss says go ahead I will have the equipment coming.. even though I know she is right.. we still live by the number here and there aren’t enough numbers available in the event that everything is like the kids believe going to stay the same way it is…

    • Las Vegas has long been locally known as “The Ninth Island” of Hawaii, so many locals vacation and move there. I have half a dozen I know personally or are family.

      • Per the article, it’s economic pressure causing the move. (Hawaii has always been expensive.) Never saw that in the news before.

        Old philosophy: water slowly cuts rock. Wears it down, creates its own place on the rock. Doesn’t have to destroy it, it’s persistent presence is enough.

        • Hawaii is expensive, and so is Las Vegas(Nv). There are far cheaper places to live in the USA, but I’m sure Vegas has its own attractions. It’s also continental, unlike an island where you can’t just drive away.

  8. Attestation of Vaxx at Hoe-Down does not sound like an actual certificate, me thinks a work-around for really honest folks.  Schnarkk

    • I will attest that I have been ‘vaccinated’ with a live virus, and have now recovered with natural immunity.

      I feel really empowered now, and knowing I have the means of early treatment if I happen to catch another variant, I no longer fear the virus. Not being careless, mind you, but not living with fear, either. For me it has now become just another ‘seasonal flu’ that I have long been able to avoid also. I’ve never been one who enjoys ‘sharing air’ with a crowd, anyway.

  9. Radios in ammo cans on the shelf are reasonably safe from EMPs if not connected to anything. (Antennas, mics, etc.)

    It takes an EEE-NOR-mous EMP to zap a radio not connected to anything. Yes, it would be even (slightly) safer in a metal ammo can… But…

    EMPs result from combat nooks released just above or at ground level; but much better EMP weapons are detonated at very high altitudes — up to a couple hundred miles — when delivering an EMP widely is the primary motive. (Disrupting civilization.)

    Close-by nooks might give you enough to fry a radio in a plastic can, but not very likely. High-altitude EMP weapons won’t either. That amount of distance attenuates the pulse a lot.

    Yes, a metal box is unquestionably “better,” but my belief is that it’s a distinction without much of a difference. And a close-by nook will probably fricassee your ass to the point where the condition of the radio won’t matter much.

    As WHOPR said, “The only way to win, is to not play Global Thermonuclear War at all.”

    If you want a truly EMP-resistant ammo can, remove the rubber gasket seal, and substitute some steel or copper wool. First, scape off the paint along the lid’s inside edge and the lower rim of the can where the metal wool will be bridging the gap, electrically.

    A metal garbage can can be treated the same way — WITH a conductive metal gasket.

    Me? I don’t bother. The stuff I want to survive an EMP I just keep unconnected to anything. (And I hope not to be inside the Ten-Ring for the hit.)


    • William, thx irt EMP survival. I have a ham set but it’s in pieces. I keep considering just burying a disposable pre-paid phone along with other survival stuff (metals). But, how deep?

      Other: WWW is chatting about employee layoffs. Ponder this. If tech Cos. layoff 100k highly paid engineers and marketing gurus while fast food Cos hire 100k burger burners, are we even?

      Write when you get spring,

      • I have Icom 2m HTs in my trash can Faraday cage, along with GMRS HTs and a Midland base, a Kenwood TS 590S, a brace of new burner phones, solar panels, LED grow lights, CC & inverters, Sony Alpha DSLR w/lenses, batteries, charger,* power tools (w/charger & extra batteries), etc. and some other stuff I can’t remember off the top of my head. A real EMP won’t play nice with chipped batteries…

        * Someone will eventually die. Should civilization return, the survivors may be asked how/why/when — better safe than stupid.

        ” If tech Cos. layoff 100k highly paid engineers and marketing gurus while fast food Cos hire 100k burger burners, are we even?”

        In a Leftist world, “yes.”

    • I like the ammo can concept but don’t plan to buy / build a separate rig for my GOOD kit. I am repurposing my IC7300 for portable HF service and building it into a self contained aluminium(sp) cabinet with a lithium ion battery, cable and EFHW antenna. It might be a bit bulkier than the ammo can version but the plan is to have packframe and straps to at least give it enough portability to carry it up a hill and do POTA work until TEOTAWAKI is upon me. If I only have 74 days before the latter, well, it will make a good small boat anchor.

    • I believe that it depends on how far you are from the epicenter..with an emp.. the majority of the damage would be the cascade effect.. where the domino’s drop.. similar to the hundred year storm in texas .. that was felt way out in the wastelands.. five HEMP’s would take down the grid.. but in theory if your far enough away from the epicenter you more than likely wouldn’t have grid power because of the cascade event but you could have backup power if you have solar and battery backup.. and if the gas lines are still charged.. a generator would still be available for backup power…. in the hurricane of the NE a while back.. it took out the power and the power to push the gas along was cut as well.. so were the power at the pumps.. our grid was designed so some schmuck could make money and numbers not for the security of the nations infrastructure continuing on.. and all of our parts are produced from the people that we are trying to pick a fight with.. we were screwed by design..

      • If you want to understand EMP phenomena, go through some of Arthur Bradley’s Youtube video’s:

        Arthur has access to test equipment which allows him to debunk common misconceptions.

        The second best public source of info is unclassified material on the Homeland website.

        Most of my personal experience has been with lightning-induced EMP. At one time I was tasked for a few years with maintenance and upgrades for surge protection in a large Gulf Coast facility lightning EMP shooting gallery. Arthur has the best handle on the subject of any public source I have come across. He sells a few unique products, but you can always shop around, once you get a handle on what works and what doesn’t. I trust his hands-on testing more than I do the amateur radio folklore in this area.

  10. George
    In regards to your Remote Seeing / Remote Viewing comment please review the Greg Hunter interview of Mr. Bo Polny on 01-14-23.
    Go to
    Mr. Polny is regarded as a Biblical Cycle Timing Expert.
    His analysis of near term events is very pertinent to our lives.
    Other researchers have come to similar conclusions using other methods.
    Too bad there’s not a phone App that shows the current DEFCON setting so we know when it’s bunker time!

  11. I see it up close out there. Things have slowed down and the phone no longer rings all day. Contracts are on hold or flat out cancelled. Equipment is moving like molasses in subzero weather. Those with payments and large mortgages or commitments; are fkd. Assets are the only option right now. And real estate is questionable as it is tanking. Unless a steal comes along and you can handle the headaches tenants are like hemorrhoids. As long as they aren’t bothering you, you hardly know their there. But you need to be handy or paying contractors will be expensive for most small property investments.
    As for the sunshine event planned for our entertainment; the when is not the issue; it’s the where? But really even if we knew all that, what can any of us really do? Except worry. I’ve seen this bleak time coming for awhile now. One is either prepared or not. Preparation starts with the heart. Most people that don’t make it usually fail at heart. Too busy indulging in our entertainment system flowing smartly towards a falls. Once in the currents, it’s hard to get out. Mostly needs rescuing from an outside source if the victim even is willing to accept rescuing.
    I live in the middle of a very large population center. It will be very trying when the cities pour out the displaced and they hit the burbs looking for whatever it is they feel they need. True zombies flooding suburbia. The mountains are safer but smart folks with bad intent will pursue those areas as well. I know I know everyone thinks they’re prepared but lead and guts can’t hold off an armed assault in many cases. At this point, only divine intervention can preserve us from everything. Keep your prayer life and read scripture daily for food. Seek wisdom from above. It’s probably all you can do right now. ….. Blessings

    • “I live in the middle of a very large population center. It will be very trying when the cities pour out the displaced and they hit the burbs looking for whatever it is they feel they need.

      The mountains are safer but smart folks with bad intent will pursue those areas as well.”

      I assume you mean some place like NYC or L.A.?

      New York is easy. There are places in the Adirondacks where you could hide an army for years. I spent considerable time, trying to figure out how to “escape from L.A.” after an EMP. You head for the mountains — period! The best way is to drive, the worst way is to walk, both are doable, BUT you have to leave right after the world changes (like within an hour or two). While you’ll have about two days before the hoodlums figure out they own the City, after the first few hours, every minute you’re in the city or its suburbs, your danger increases and your chance of success (living) diminishes. From NY, Chicago, L.A. I’d want to be 30 miles out if on foot, but at least 50 miles out if I had motorized transportation; from Cleveland, Detroit, St. Louis, at least 30 miles out. These are “first day” numbers. You’re not reasonably safe until you are about 200 miles away. That’s still driving distance, assuming someone can siphon a tank of gas, but no one is going to drive 200 miles to visit you, unless they know exactly where you are, and that you have enough stuff to make the trip worthwhile.

      You should acquire a 1950s or ’60s “collector car” (a pickup truck is best). They are EMP-proof, simple & easy to work on, and there’s a bazillion used parts, for if (when) something breaks. Keep it maintained. Buy a couple marine fuel tanks and install them in the back as an auxiliary supply, buy racing or av-gas, and dope it with Power Research PRI-G gasoline preservative.

      When the poo hits the recirculation device, pile in and tell people you’re going to a car show.

      Get far enough into the mountains that you exceed the travel distance of “smart folks” and understand EVERYONE YOU MEET will have “bad intent.” If you live in a communist workers paradise and can’t own a gun (buy one anyway and cache it), buy several crossbow pistols (there are two kinds: “Toys” and “real ones.”) Toys cost 10-20 bucks, draw at between 15 and 50 pounds, have an effective range of about 20 feet, and hit, at best, like an air rifle pellet. Real ones start at around $100, draw at 90+ pounds, have a kill-range of 100 feet or slightly more, and hit like a 9mm.

      Even with nothing but the clothes on your back, you will survive much longer in the mountains, woods, or desert than you will in a major metropolis, and you may either get to friendly folks, or outlast the street rabble and be able to tap their supplies.

      • Thanks for the excellent info Ray. As always you are wellspring of information and I for one appreciate all you share here including the wise words.
        As for my situation; I would not be able to flee suddenly as I have contemplated it deeply. I am led to hunker down here approximately 40 miles from NYC and Philly. Right in between sort of in the perineum of both nastys. I also live near power lines and that’s a highway when the roads are compromised. But there really is no place other than upstate in the mountains as you had indicated. My battle is here and there are a huge amount of folks going to need some direction and help. Discernment as to who gets my help may be a challenge. Starting with my neighbors. But I put up extra stores for others as nobody but a small number has taken my warnings to heart.
        Thing is, I used to have a nice place on 5 acres upstate NY but had to sell it back in the 80s when mom got the big C. Medical bills can change everything.
        I keep challenging myself to attain to a better level of existence to be an example of how we should be living and we would not be under judgement. The first sign we are under judgement is the reprobate mind we have in the leadership of our society. In general they have all gone insane. Trying to convince us all that a man can be a woman and vice versa. We are in for a rough ride ahead as judgment gets more intense. I noticed already a much higher degree of wild animals roaming the woods near my house. I have lived hear for almost 20 years and have not seen a coyote until this year. Now we have a pack of them and I hear them killing animals at night in the woods. 4 judgments are War, disease, famine, and wild animals. Looks like we have the disease and the change in available land forces animals into areas of settlement. Famine is supposedly around the corner if we can believe what is being said all over the place. War is next. Our genius leaders want it for profit and cover up anyway, even though they are not exempt. Insanity. All of it. Blessings brother.

        • …Rock and a hard place.

          What you have going for you is the New Yorkers are going to go north and the folks from Philly are going to go north or northwest. What you don’t have going for you is the Somerville / New Brunswick / Trenton triangle is probably no better than Philly, once TSHTF. The area between Hopewell and Zion is probably the safest place within 50 miles, but that’s saying almost nothing.

          I suggest you go to Goodwill or some other thrift, buy a junk chest of drawers and a bunch of junk clothes with which to fill it. You might also acquire a junk table or desk lamp and a couple 50¢ trinkets. Also, acquire blackout curtains. You may still have to hide. The junk dresser ( is to throw through a window into your front yard to give the impression your place has already been picked-over. Blackout curtains are also insulating curtains, and some are waterproof. Along with the obvious, a blackout curtain can plug the window, in case you have to throw the dresser through a closed window…

        • I live in East Brunswick which is right next to New Brunswick. So I’m in the triangle as you call it. I am prepared to make it look like you mentioned should it become necessary. The people are the same all over the area. The towns you mentioned are fairly populated as well. I hardened my vehicles against EMP and same with the genset. Got extra diesel so I don’t need NG. Heat with wood and keep 2-3 yrs of cut/split and stacked wood. I have been led to prepare since 01. Started getting hard assets and away from paper. Only time will tell. I have no bugout place to go to. Blessings

    • fema wanted an emergency community plan..I helped write our community plan.. one person cannot do it alone.. everyone h!s value and are geniuses in their own way..some fish some hunt some sew etc…
      at the time the plan had everyone’s personal hobbies and career..
      as in the child’s story of stone a community your strength is huge..

    • the scumbag millionaire was up for seat at “the head table” – a competitive position of “illumined” ones…keeping in mind everything is backwards/upside down in that “world”.
      So the question might be with what are they “illumined”.

      Anyway must offer a Sacrifice to get on the final ballot…kinda thing runs in some/certain families..Hollywood is infested with em..or is that Invested with em? Gee I can only imagine who the judge assigned to that case will be..quick look surprised.

  12. “We don’t need to worry about money, now. It simply doesn’t matter….”
    – Is rather meaningless.., without the reason ‘why’. Just more scare tactics and doom-n-gloom. Tell me ‘why’.., and you’ll have my attention.
    – I didn’t take a position and hold over the weekend. The numbers said opening flat., but my gut feeling said up. .., and up it is. Strong up morning in all markets., but for what reason? No idea.
    – FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried hid $50 million dollars in a small, Washington State bank that has a total of three employees – the ‘bank’ specializes in small agricultural loans. Did he really think no one would notice??

  13. The description suggests Garabandal’s Warning and/or Miracle that’s (eventually) supposed to happen in the second week of April of some year. 2023 was shortlisted years ago as one of the most likely possibilities for it.

      • I do remember Brandt’s Cali quake dream. This might explain why I’ve had a very strong urge to move most of my funds out of a South Cali bank into something more central.

        Either it’s some precognition on my part or it’s the 3+% difference in the yearly interest rate I’m now getting elsewhere.

        • One other thing to keep an eye on over on G.A. Stewarts The Age of Desolation site would be the phrase Rare Ravens or Rare Birds. Meteors and impacts (ocean-a-slopping) has been linguistically hot a very long time and thus – it may be a very big deal such that it “makes wave” and might fit Clif’s “global coastal” outlook. Which circles back to the first part of our report on Scrying the Future on Peoplenomics tomorrow. Runs almost 9,000 words with much of that contributed by Stu. The second part of this report will go into the practical design aspects of building a device I call either a DreamTuner or DreamStalker. Ah – the good stuff on Peoplenomics!

      • I’m reluctant to refer to GLP as a source in normal conversations but a thread was posted there last April predicting “Magnetic Pole Shift – 11 months from now – March / April 2023”. The author claims to be former puddle pirate (USCG) with TS clearance.

        “Hence in appx 11 months from now – March to April of 2023
        Or maybe sooner the north magnetic pole will be crossing the 40th Latitude and once that occurs – all bets are off.”

        • A magnetic pole shift does nothing — as long as you’re not airborne when it happens. Earth’s magnetic polarity has nothing to do with Earth’s rotational polarity. Earth’s rotational polarity isn’t going to change because the rock we live on is a really big gyroscope, and the energy required to shift its axis even one degree would kill every animal on the planet…)

  14. “See last week’s post on Reddit: First pakistan map proposed by muslim league’s Rahmat Ali to divide India for Muslims : MapPorn.”

    Um, if I recall my geography correctly, Colonial India was comprised of what is today, India and Pakistan. Pakistan was created and “spun off” as a separate country, for (and to placate) India’s Muslim population. ISTM the Muslim League merely seeks the maximum amount of carnage from an Indian civil war…

    • ‘Thing is, the stuff she says in her twits is considerably different than the stuff in the translation of the video clip. Speaking of, my impression is that the vid was excerpted from a TV broadcast of a Russian version of “Meet the Press.” Margarita was from RT/TASS and might therefore be considered a propagandist, but two of the guys seemed to be from the Duma (AAMOF they seemed like hardliners), and the others — my guess would be two are academics and two are policy wonks but any or all could also be government “advisors…”

      I’m thinking they mentioned Tucker Carlson because he’s the only mainline, mainstream TV talker in the U.S. who’s both popular and honest.


  15. GALVANIZED Metal Trash Can and lid with WELDED ON handles … ie: NO HOLES in the trash can!!

    That is the old standard for keeping food in the barn so as to keep the rodents out … and they aren’t very expensive. If you are going to grow food and then need to store it for months … this is also what you NEED because of the rodent problem, mice etc. including racoons and skunks (at least where I live).

    Haven’t bought any for 10-15 years now … so hopefully they still do NOT drill holes in them so as to rivet on the handles but weld on the handles.

    Check them out at Lowes or Home Depo, at least when I bought mine those fit the bill but the ones sold at Wal-Mart were trash and wouldn’t work. IF you can’t find them at Lowes /Home Depo check out the Farm Supply Stores … Quality Farm & Fleet, Rural King, etc. … they should have them in stock

    • you know what they do in Alaska to keep critters out of the trash cans?

      set a metal trash can on an old tire and daisy Chain a couple car batteries together, then take some jumper cables and hook them to the handles of the can.

      trust me,
      one zap! and
      not even a 1200 lb grizzly bear will try to get in that can again.

      they will walk way way around it.

      hmmmm. have to read again later. I’m super busy and I’m fastly getting roped into a project that most men even on here would be OMFG!

      I don’t know how I get sucked into stuff like this sometimes.

      it’s a public post on my social media account now.

      you remember all them wild bunnies I saw a while back George? well I found all the people woman ones. and…. I am now an honorary judge for auditions.

      cowboy up!

      April has come up. I can’t directly remember the reference. I will ask DUDE.

      I’ve heard that many times lately. don’t worry about money. money doesn’t matter. be able to toll out on a moments notice. take only your clothes and books. that has happend like 4 times in the last month. time to go Mister. shit. I just unpacked.

      and im not the only one experiencing that. there is quite a few people in transit.

      hmmmmmm. I book marked and give me a day or so.

    • I was in TSC a little while ago. I don’t know if Behren’s lids are welded on, but the handles are not, any longer. They are slot & tab…

  16. “What I’m hearing now is sometime between, oh, first week of April to about the 20th of April – somewhere in there – we are in for some massive ‘entertainment’… The term “divine intervention” is used.”

    Universe seeks balance. This is a Universe based upon polarities and degrees of situs within. Up, down. ‘Good’, bad. Left, right, etc.

    How is this relevant to Mr. Ure’s idea of an April Vision? We in the former country known as America have been subject to some deeply traumatizing and negative events in our relatively recent memory and National history. In the last 100 years or so…

    The (Most) Feral Reserve created. World War One. The Depression Years. World War Two. Korea. The death of JFK. Vietnam. The Gulf Grossness Gambits. Nine-Eleven. And lately, the CovidCon… just to highlight a few of the cosmic atrocities we all have endured.

    These were devastating gut punches of death, pain, and suffering. With nasty, ongoing ripple effects. On an almost unimaginable scale. Tilting the Cosmic Scale way the hell over to the Heavy Negative Side of things.

    The point here? Where are the corresponding GOOD events that rise to the same powerful energetic level of these National Traumas? Are there any, really?

    A short answer would be… NO. Hell no, to be more specific.

    There has not been a single event on the Universal Scale of Polarity that rises to the level of any of these deeply negative National and personal experiences.

    A Universe in Balance would say after a while… This Sheet Has Got To Stop. It’s time for Something Good to happen for the benefit of these poor souls (My Sons and Daughters) who have endured so, so much. And not just good, but REALLY, really good.

    Sooner or later, this kind of balance must be restored to our experience of Universe. Our Cosmic Ledger is deeply in debt on the Bad Side and ache-ingly due for wonderful Account Deposits on the Good Side.

    Maybe it’s April. Maybe not. But with the grace of God… please… SOON. We sure need it.

    • “Picture a world that is gold on the inside and then expands out to white on the surface such that there is “no safe place.” GU

      “It’s time for Something Good to happen” RS

      EXPANSION caught my attention and tweaked my memory of a vivid dream from around a year ago. I dream vividly every night, in full colour so that is my personal baseline experience. But this was different, I woke at 430am in a cold sweat, my body vibrating. I’ve learned to pay attention to these dreams but can only make sense of them after the event or message that was being relayed has passed (and it can be 6 months to a year later). Hindsight is a wonderful teacher but not much use for predictions. But then are these dreams just a private conversation with our own consciousness or can we sometimes stumble into the collective consciousness? Is it a message for me, or a message for us?

      To the dream…. me and another woman are gliding over shallow dull water on stand-up paddle boards. I am told she is an international lawyer who works for prime ministers, royalty, world leaders. Her name is Robyn??
      Suddenly the scene changes. I am swimming in crystal clear blue water towards a white beach. There is a sudden sensation of lifting. I look back over my shoulder, expecting to see a huge wave or tsunami. There is no wave. The water, for as far as I can see is simply EXPANDING into a huge bubble of intense blue that consumes everything. It is un-survivable. In that instant I know I am dead and wake up.

      The sensation that I felt was indescribable, something I have never experienced in the waking world. Both terrifying and exhilarating. Now the doomsters would interpret this as an underwater nuke but I see it differently now. For me, water is consciousness. In our future is there a sudden expansion of consciousness that sweeps the globe and literally brings the death of everything we held to be true? Our beliefs, religions, origins, world view. It would shake society to the core. It may seem un-survivable to many who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

      Perhaps this is the Something Good we have been waiting for. Just checked my diary – dream was March 15 2022. Huh, the Ides of March.

      • Winter: “The water, for as far as I can see is simply EXPANDING into a huge bubble of intense blue that consumes everything. It is un-survivable. In that instant I know I am dead and wake up. The sensation that I felt was indescribable, something I have never experienced in the waking world. Both terrifying and exhilarating.”

        The idea of Expansion is critical. Your identification of the ‘water’ in your dream as consciousness is right on the money. It is the expansion of our minds and feelings (and our mind-set of ‘Love’ in the Universal sense) that reaches out and deep in to the Quantum Foam to connect with good developments and manifestations that exist as potentials. These things won’t necessary just come barging into our Reality on their own without some purposeful coaxing on our part.

        This may not necessarily occur on the mass Planetary level… but that may not be necessary as long as it happens to each of us on the personal level.

        None of us gets on or off this Earthly Trolley ride at the same points and stations. The World begins and it ends every single day for someone. It is our experience of our own personal Trolley Ride that constitutes an entire Universe for each of us fractals of the Grander Consciousness.

        Just be sure to have your ticket ready… and smile at the Ticket Taker.

  17. Yep this time we been suckered by everyone gurus , elites, facists even boggleheads as they call them .yep disgraceful. Yep America kings of tricks and lies : yep did you hear the one

  18. Yep next time I see a concentration of stories about crash , nukes , war , disease I’m swinging long . Guys have got it down to an art . What about Armstrong! A weird January off the charts . People making big bucks Marty . Long everything market

    • hahaahhaha -Ya know da coot went loooong this AM on the SPY .

      Like my old childhood buddies Jamaican housekeeper said to us teens when were pouring(shaking) out the last of a handle of Vodka (parents were pro’s) into some iced tea..”Squeez it Arry,squeeeze it!”. Squeezes and Bear market rallies – oh what fun it is to ride a squeezing market.

      By the by Lennster, whats up with that dude Jac in Kiwi land resigning all of of sudden ? whats the word from down unda ?

  19. Re: Manic Bounce Monday
    feat: THX1138


    Wow, did someone turn up the fahrenheit thermostat in here or is it just me? The coinkydoinks are rising up. This follows the Happy Chinese New Year video address at the Wizards/Magic basketball game at Capital One in Washington’s Chinatown on Saturday night by the newly appointed Chinese foreign minister. The team owner’s mansion on the Potomac affectionately called “Hindenburg’s Palace” by JFK was originally built to house the family of a Zeigfeld Follies dancer. The troupe founder’s second wife became Glinda the Good Witch in “The Wizard of Oz”. Power bills during the 50 year mansion tenure by the Gore family must have been something else.

  20. Holy Molasses G …. just found out what the new prices were for an X-Ray is here now….LOL..almost made me spit coffee out my nose again..
    I had a chest xray done when they discovered that covid did lung damage a while back… and today I got a statement from my supplement policy today on what the bill was for that xray….. take a wild guess what that puppy cost.. the doctors visit was the cheapest.. at two hundred.. the x-ray… ( they did get a new digital xray machine.. quite nice not like the old sine and dip and dunks that we use to use.. and someone has to pay for it right.. ) it was … are you ready…. 4500.00 phew.. thank god I had the supplement policy otherwise I would be in a panic right now LOL of course they don’t cover all of that bill.. but the portion they do cover was enough to cut it down some.. I remember when the boss had an accident and the auto insurance company was balking at a bill for a hundred and twenty dollars for an xray.. they didn’t want to pay the radiologist fee to read it and said that an xray done someplace else was way cheaper.. ( they said why was my doctor so incompetent that he couldn’t read an xray when any moron can read an x-ray.. I gave them yes but it is the law that a radiologist reads them in the wastelands..) and that they could get it done in california for twenty dollars..( on your auto insurance there is a clause that they only are required to pay fees at regular prices elsewhere.. )

  21. And no I have no animosity to George. It’s just the way things are . So swing long everybody everything. Let’s have a Davos rally and carry it into theFed . Gold 663 sell !! Yeah right !! Up forever . Must I say gann did pick it . Yep played off the break

  22. Purpose of virus and vaccines was to control already brain dead individuals and make them happy and confident to join the facist elites thru slavery and the great markets . Yep . Give yourselves a clap or the clap elites . Well done . Only .001 percent can see your real game . Jab on shed on

  23. Walls can be good/bad.

    Mongolia has been separated by the wall of distance. Is there a cost for this wall? “Today, outside its capital Ulaanbaatar, horses are still the main means of transportation in Mongolia.”

    Mongolians don’t know any different and who can judge?

    Fast forward to today and it’s about StarLink. Anyone can have a one to one connection. There are no walls. Mongolians are going to know the difference.


    It is expected to launch in 2023 but a lot is to happen before its launch.

    • Starlink may not sell in Mongolia because of the price. But even as far back as 2004 when I visited, remote gers (yurts) used by nomadic herders often had satellite dishes and solar cells they used to charge car batteries to power their television sets.

      One of several tragedies to befall Mongolia is that the capital (Ulaanbaatar) then had absolutely pristine summer air; now it is rated as one of the world’s most polluted cities because of coal stoves used to heat the 175,000 ger households. Development is a mixed blessing.
      One article I read quoted a physician as saying that he “no longer knows what a healthy lung sounds like.” It is trying to remedy the problem, but mainly by subsidizing better stoves and boilers. Coal remains king.

  24. November 2021 high looks to the top of Wave Three in the grand super cycle which began in the 1780’s – the founding years of the country. If it is.., the bottom of Wave Four is one hell of a long way down from here.

  25. What I’m hearing now is sometime between, oh, first week of April to about the 20th of April – somewhere in there – we are in for some massive “entertainment.”

    Not sure what this means but picture a world that is gold on the inside and then expands out to white on the surface such that there is “no safe place.”

    it’s funny you should say that George.

    I said many times in the last few days, “everytime I try to get out of the entertainment industry? I keep getting sucked back into it.”

    merch is big thing lately. that has many meanings. definitely a ton of environmental changes.

    honest disclaimer, at this point I have no idea what I’m doing next most of the time because everything keeps changing so fast. just when you think it’s one thing. it changes. I’ve never this happen so much. I can barely keep up with it. thank God for meditation.

    I even got out my level and compas a few times and just at there still for a half hour with each. just to gain balance and direction.

    I’ve asked DUDE what is going on????

    ****** you know what I find super interesting???? 3 years ago I distinctly remember Mexico City was the largest city in the world, and was just over 22 million people. now there is 6 other cities that are larger. Tokyo Japan is the largest at 39 million.

    that means in the last 3 years. because I took a picture on my 49th birthday, the same day someone told me Mexico Citu was the largest city in the world and I distinctly remember looking it up and seeing it was at 22 million. in 3 years. Tokyo alone has tripled in population. not only that 5 other cities populations more than doubled to pass Mexico city in population size.

    all durring covid. all these major cities massively expanded in population growth. all over the world. way way way faster than the decade of growth before covid.

    that is odd.

    I will get back to you on whether I hear back or not. usually I have some indicators prior to the event. long before it happens. and right now I don’t have much other than, store lots of fresh water, “July we set it on fire”

    I been seeing that “we set July on fire” reference for over a year now.

  26. California Democrats consider wealth tax — including for people who moved out of state

    California lawmakers are pushing legislation that would impose a new tax on the state’s wealthiest residents — even if they’ve already moved to another part of the country.

    Assemblyman Alex Lee, a progressive Democrat, last week introduced a bill in the California State Legislature that would impose an extra annual 1.5% tax on those with a “worldwide net worth” above $1 billion, starting as early as January 2024. As early as 2026, the threshold for being taxed would drop: those with a worldwide net worth exceeding $50 million would be hit with a 1% annual tax on wealth, while billionaires would still be taxed 1.5%.

    Worldwide wealth extends beyond annual income to include diverse holdings such as farm assets, arts and other collectibles, and stocks and hedge fund interest.

    I coulda sworn ex post facto law was banned somewhere.

    Also, this tax applies to “net worth,” not just income, so people would be taxed on unrealized gains.

    There is NOTHING in the communist State of California, that I want or need — not now, not ever. Their political environment overwhelms any possible advantages the natural environment may provide…

    • How could they possibly enforce it? They have no jurisdiction outside their state. And yes, ex post facto laws are illegal, though that never stopped a politician.

  27. this is THE DUDEs answer. —->>>>>>>

    I was sitting and watching TV. i got up and got a cup to have some milk. ohhh shit that just hit me like a wave……

    uhhhh ohhh.

    uhmm that was a bell ringer of dejavu and the biblical scripture hit me hard.

    I grabbed a cup. nope this is not an answer to ure inquiry. let’s see if me posting it, because is for me, alters it. I find at times when I personal stuff it alters my path. giving me the path is not predestined. which the road less traveled. alternative path is presented. hmmm.. I don’t under at times why a fella like me experiences so many miracles. so many mind bending things. reality bending things. Maybe I am the chosen one. but honestly think being the chosen one is a trap. it locks you into a chain of events that takes you to a pre established destiny. i like being more free than that.

    I opened a fresh jug of milk, looked in the cup, it was completely empty, poured a cup of milk, as I sat down with it and an unopened factory sealed box of double stuffed oreos. opened them up. as I dunked my first oreo. and sat back on the couch.

    a honey bee covered in milk flew of the cup and stopped on its edge. it shook its wings and body like a wet dog. looked right at me. then flew over and landed on me.

    the lady on the TV show at the same time the honey bee came out of the milk, said “April.” she was talking to a person.

    you know when you are in a car accident and time slows to a crawl. the whole thing was the same.

    as I was writing this in the begging. I rememeber the Pomis God made in the Bible to the Hebrews about the land of Milk and Honey and I was hit by a wave of devalue with the same impact as the Bible verse.

    as I typed those last two words someone sent me a text which flashed on my screen as a “thumbs up”.

    most times. this is how DUDE speaks to me.

    but I think this reference to April, is for me. hmmm

    • uhem beginning. not begging. not devalue. dejavue big difference.

      hard to keep track of auto correct when I’m being impacted by that much stuff. I’m constantly trying correct auto correct. It just changes words all the time and has no idea what I’m trying to say. LOL

      this is a personal reference for me in April. didn’t realize that until I was writing it and got that wave of dejavu and how that Bible scripture hit the forefront if my mind with great impact.

      so many dynamic forces at the same time.

      I was told to tell someone on here. sometimes the best teachers are not found in schools or institutions or church’s. sometimes one find the best teacher doing dishes.

      whatever that means and whoever that is for.

      I got alot going on. not sure when I will be back. that sure was alot of dynamics to make sure I got the point. I’m kinda getting used to that sort of thing.

  28. The Code of Hather deciphered: the disastrous half-precession cycle – Graham Hancock Official Website

    Published on that site January 14

    Patrick Geryl says:
    Hi Kris,

    I wrote 3 books about this.
    Can you contact me?
    I think it is for April 2023
    Found the whole sunspot theory which the Egyptians knew. I have a peer reviewed paper here.

    (1) (PDF) A Formula for the Start of a New Sunspot Cycle

    You can find the whole sunspot theory on my page.




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