American Penny-dreadfuls, Life in Wave 3 Down?

What, oh pray tell Mr. Ure, are the meds you’re on this morning with such consummate blather?”

Not necessary.  Headlines are providing the insights.  You see, we are watching a whole slew of “penny dreadful novellas” play out in real-time.

We’ll get to the list, but first – for the Great Unwashed (the undipped sheep) the Wiki explainer is baseline:

Penny dreadfuls were cheap popular serial literature produced during the nineteenth century in the United Kingdom. The pejorative term is roughly interchangeable with penny horriblepenny awful,[1] and penny blood.[2] The term typically referred to a story published in weekly parts of 8 to 16 pages, each costing one penny.[3] The subject matter of these stories was typically sensational, focusing on the exploits of detectives, criminals, or supernatural entities. First published in the 1830s, penny dreadfuls featured characters such as Sweeney ToddDick TurpinVarney the Vampire and Spring-heeled Jack.”

Almost 200-years later, technology and ENG chains have moved penny dreadfuls from cutting down forests to occupying front and center in American Cyclops television.  And your phone, of course.

People, lacking an encompassing feel for history, fail to notice that our media delivery systems deliver bias and contribute to mass over-consumption, electronic dependence while killing free-ranging inquiry.  But I digress.

Life is a lot easier on the digestion, blood pressure, and fewer headaches if you just organize everything into Books.  To wit…

Our Dreadfuls of the Day

Envelope please, (and pass on the slap):

A Detailed False Peace Note

Speaking of said King:  I mentioned to a couple of colleagues (friends with brains, if the word’s new to youse):  “What are the odds that we are seeing this week a locking in of the tumblers Nostradamus talks of in his discussion of the Black King in Sixains?  Broker of the “false peace” before we blow up the planet and such?

Over on G.A. Stewart’s subscriber side this week, the savory timing of the Orban Election and the Obama return to the castle were tied up neatly in “B-52s over Hungary.”

I don’t think Stu would mind if I shared this snip because it really puts the bullies of Europe into perspective, referring to 48 Hours After Orban’s Landslide Victory, EU Launches Punitive Rule Of Law Mechanism | ZeroHedge. Kind of like a “It must be illegal if one of our stooges didn’t win” kind of deal.

Odd little cluster – Orban and Obama.  Call Five-Oh, Dan’o?

Plotting Ahead

Now to the long, hard, thinking point of how the plot of this dreadful MIGHT roll out:

Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III,
G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 840

“The great one of Hungary, he will go into the bark [the Church]” the war between NATO and Russia will come to Hungary and Hungary’s leader will go to the Vatican to seek peace.

“The Black [King]”, “For three years he will keep his people arrayed” means that the NATO and Russian armies will faceoff on the border of Hungary and the rest of Europe for three- years.

If we follow Brother Anthony of Aix-la-Chapelle’s timeline, this means that the war in Northern Europe and Ukraine will be waged for almost a year before the war comes to Turkey.

Therefore, Israel must fall before The False Peace is signed.”

Yes, if you are lining ’em up, looks like the war will simmer and bubble, then spread south into Turkey, which will blow up the Greedster plans to run gas pipelines from off Syria (site of the Leviathan gas fields) to Europe which is why Syria is key and in the end times (from memory) isn’t this about where Damascus is glassed over?

Of course (seems the old noggin is firing today, after all) if you read Isaiah 17 (KJV) you get to:

“…Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city,
And it will be a ruinous heap. The cities of Aroer are forsaken…

…which then means (since modern-day Aroer is part of Jordan) the dust-up over Syria will be of the NBC-type (and we don’t mean a network…).

Of course, what Isaiah doesn’t bother mentioning is that if you look at prevailing winds in the region (as in this World Bank study on Sandstorms, page 16, Figure 4) it’s pretty clear that an NBC-type mess in Aroer (Jordan) could just as likely be downwind from a nuclear attack on Israel.  But, since such an attack would likely be contemporaneous to an attack on Syria, we won’t quibble with prophets.  (At least today. I have things to get done around the house.)

Of course, this is just one of the mutha-giant of all penny dreadfuls which people have been working on for a long time.

The Moving Finger Wrote

The Book is still being written, in a sense.  When you look at a history of Maronite Christians in Syria, and then look at the Russian Orthodox Synodal Bible, you can get the idea that there is a who OTHER level of play going on which NO ONE in media wants to bring up.

Again – which makes this a kind of stand-alone penny dreadful – we notice how when the Russia Bible was being solidified in the 1800s:

“…The Most Holy Synod entrusted the completion of the translation to four Orthodox theological academies, in MoscowSaint PetersburgKazan and Kiev. “

Seeing why Russia has an interest in, oh, UKRAINE?  But even more interesting (to me, anyway) is this part:

The complete (Russian Synodal remember) Bible was published in 1876 and included the 1820s translation of the New Testament with very few changes, as well as the Old Testament, whose translation reflected the work done both before and after the period of reaction. The final editorship was performed by Filaret, Metropolitan of Moscow.

The translation of the Old Testament is based on the Jewish Masoretic Text, while that of the New Testament is based on the Greek printed editions of that time.[2] This decision was grounded on Filaret’s 1834 note “On the need of the Russian Church for a translation of the whole Bible from the original texts to the modern Russian language” and reflected the growing acceptance in the Russian theological community of the contemporary Western standards of Biblical scholarship of the time.

Official permission to use the Masoretic Text as preserved by the Jews (rather than relying on the Septuagint and/or the Church Slavonic translations as preserved by the Christians) was granted to Filaret by the Synod in 1862, even though technically the translation was already mostly completed by that time.”

Of course, the Masoretic texts gets to another deep dive into Wikipedia:

“Referring to the Masoretic Text, mesorah specifically means the diacritic markings of the text of the Hebrew scriptures and the concise marginal notes in manuscripts (and later printings) of the Tanakh which note textual details, usually about the precise spelling of words. It was primarily copied, edited and distributed by a group of Jews known as the Masoretes between the 7th and 10th centuries of the Common Era (CE). The oldest-known complete copy, the Leningrad Codex, dates from the early 11th century CE.”

This gets us to a frequently debunked series of books  by Anatoly Fomenko, a Russian mathematician, who wrote a whole series about the “writing religions” warfare that occurred in the Middle Ages.

Seems if you had a little money, argues the Fomenko approach, the people “retooling” and doing translations could ‘write in a name, or rhyme of it’ or some such.  Sure…everything was a business model, even back then.

It’s just we don’t like to admit that. After all, these texts are the supposed basis for tariffing human souls into the afterlife as advertised.

I’d better stop here.  Except to maybe note that Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and others, are very interesting interpretations of what these piles of historical (and hystericals) mean.  A bit more, perhaps, on Peoplenomics this weekend.

Back to Breakfast Data

About all that really matters is that Dow futures are down 50 but the S&P is about flat with data just crossing.  Which includes the latest new unemployment claims:

weekly u.i. filings

Since the MACD looked to us like it was trying to advance a bit after this week’s beat-down, the Dow down early and then Big Rally would make sense.  Not advice, of course.  Just a wild-ass guess and which way the die are loaded, is all.

ATR: Taxes, Major’s Wife

One word for it all:  Done.

Taxes got done this week and filed. A small refund, but not a new car.

The Major’s wife (who exploded her appendix in Puerto Vallarta) is home from her second hospital adventure and resting comfortably.

Gardens are mostly in – another raised bed maybe as time permits.  But the Garden Room is coming along and all that remains in the Big Garden is maybe some welding to raise the bar for deer a bit on the gate.

Can’t believe the new HF TIG welder is still in the box after arriving almost a week ago. Too much else to get done around here.  Still on sale at Amazon with a $40 off coupon here, though.

Self-discipline?  Hell of a curse.  But there are worse, I suppose.

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Write when you get rich,

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  1. A comment!!! Yada yada yada !! Daboyz and gurus smokin !!!strap in for the greatest sheet show on earth the Stockmarket of the USSA . The facists that bag everyone else . Built a country shorting gold now the kings of yellow dog spin(even though commercials
    Massive short) and got a new president now Obama from overseas. Wow such a honest mob . Ready , set, robot!!!!

  2. Shhhh – the hunt is ahand, er no its afoot..

    evil,rabid, sick & dark, – Lt Gen Coultier..who ? You know the fat bald commander allied command (LANDCOM) – got caught in giant steel works azov – with couple US army special forces staffers. doubtful Poooteen makes public announce – more than likely will hold over brandons head for leverage. WH and Pentagon brass said to be in bit of panic – PROUD to be an American yet? army strong = fight,supporting and killing for banderist nazis !

    YES in F-ing deed – luv me some scum of the Earth nazi’s .
    Yep – us Army has done us proud again. army strong = hiding the basement of old steel factory with a bunch GAY/homosexuals/ nazi’s.

    SPIRITUALLY f-u-c-k-T the US bee.

    Stick a fork in this republic, sinking process is about complete, soonly to be resting on the bottom..laying in the bottoms in “good company”.

    Sayz here Pooterz forces the mumbling idiot to stay in office …we need another psycho zIONAZI (kaMANala) in the WH like we need another central bank- FMTT!
    z is calling for new israeli homeland in hell hole that is Ukraine..

    those dam dots…

  3. “ If we follow Brother Anthony of Aix-la-Chapelle’s timeline, this means that the war in Northern Europe and Ukraine will be waged for (almost a year) before the war comes to Turkey.”

    Hey George, I put the parentheses there because it stands out to me.

    When I first read the article I posted here yesterday …

    The first paragraph says …

    “April 5 (Reuters) – The World Health Organization said on Tuesday it will supply thousands of doses of life-saving antiretroviral drugs to Ukraine to cover the needs of HIV patients in the country for the next 12 months.” —> (a year)

    After posting it, I wondered if that mentioned was some kind of time-line?

    A lot can change/happen in a war … a lot can happen in a year … unless it’s scripted, somehow. And someone seems to think the Ukraine will need those HIV drugs for, at least, a year.

    Personally, considering it’s Russia fighting the Ukraine, the war wouldn’t drag on that long. But that’s just me.

    Just thinking out loud. Maybe in about a year, Turkey will be the next to get HIV freebies. Sad to think.

    • The question PFB is whether the mandatory JoeShots can trigger a vaxHIV reaction.
      But covering, of course, means no one is liable.
      Just a matter of time and data so sort this one out. The “one long round” will tell us when it has crossed the Rubicon, I ‘magine.

  4. The brainless democrats in Congress called the CEOs of the Major oil companies in yesterday to testify and blamed the oil industry for the current high gasoline prices. Such brilliant Democrat Reps like Debbie Dingell from MI who wouldn’t know a bottle of crude oil from a bottle of cheap makeup was asking questions and making accusatory statements to these CEOs.

    These ignoramuses in Congress don’t know anything about the oil business. They couldn’t tell you the difference between a Balance Sheet and an Income Statement and really think we, the American people, are as stupid as they are and buy into their and Lyin Joe’s Bullshit about the oil industry and Putin causing the highest prices ever at the pumps. Problem is those stupid democrats are either there because of stolen votes or the people that voted for these fools really are that stupid.

    And these CEOs are supposed to sit there and act respectful to these idiots? They should have treated the committee like Howard Hughes did one time…He called Senator Ralph Brewster of Maine a liar and told the committee that he would only answer questions if they answered his questions.

    • The oil prices cited in the news are SPOT prices. Oil refiners buy their oil under long-term contracts with fixed prices, not from spot market. They raise gas prices when shit happens not because their costs increase, but because oil is a global commodity and market demand allows it. They charge more because they can.

    • I don’t know but Scholz tried to make vaccination mandatory in Germany for those over 60 – fortunately voted down. I see where Psaki said the reason illegal aliens have been provided with smart phones is so the Gov’t can keep track of them – does the citizenry understand what she really said yet?

      • The citizenry is brain dead but, the illegals will figure it out in short order. Sell their gubment handout phones to the nearest rube, pocket the dough and buy an ID. Psaki said there were three tracking paths for ‘unusual immigrants’; the phones, ankle bracelets, and facial recognition on phones and tablets. WTF is the plan? When the plantation gets running we’ll call you in for your assignment? She says 80% compliance currently. Let’s see, 20% 0f 3.5MM is somewhere around 700,000 lost in the wind. Hmmm. That’s quite an army for a game of whackamole.

    • No stretch here Ralph. but development candidate # 2 modRNA is missing the “e” between the letter d and the letter R. You cant make this moronic eh hem omicron stuff up.

  5. “(friends with brains, if the word’s new to youse)” Brains, brains? As my friend in Belize asked, ” is any Critical Thinking going on”?

    It seems like, to me, that most people just do not engage their brain. They just believe what matches their opinion. Facts be damned!

    How about a look fo the Russia/Ukraine war from another point of view?

    Yes, we do need propaganda from multiple sides in an attempt to understand reality.

    Happy Hour yet?


  6. Ya but George I will remind you that Dr Ivan Panin (a Russian who lived in the PNW) New York times challenge to the world to replicate the numerical structure of The Bible remains. $1000 challenge back in the 1920’s to any writer who could emulate the numerical structure of the written text in The Bible.

    “The last book in the Bible is the Revelation of Jesus Christ which has exactly 888 Greek words”

    Triple infinity right side up.

    “Let us examine the first part of this genealogy.

    Its vocabulary has 49 words, or 7 x 7. This number is itself seven (Feature 1) sevens (Feature 2), and the sum of its factors is 2 sevens (Feature 3). Of these 49 words 28, or 4 sevens, begin with a vowel; and 21, or 3 sevens, begin with a consonant (Feature 4).

    Again: these 49 words of the vocabulary have 266 letters, or 7 x 2 x 19; this number is itself 38 sevens (Feature 5), and the sum of its factors is 28, or 4 sevens (Feature 6, while the sum of its figures is 14, or 2 sevens (Feature 7). Of these 266 letters, moreover, 140, or 20 sevens, are vowels, and 126, or 18 sevens, are consonants (Feature 8).”

    More at the Hypertext.

    I’ve only managed to write this far in Fibonaci sequence and Krystal Spiral sequence.


    Summus Fortuna!

    • CCB – the numeric codes are “worthless”2 Ure “Spirit” – REAL Codes exist in the sentient Life on EARTH. Every plant, animal, rock..,is alive and Holds Codes for Humanity to “download” and grow into becoming one with EVERYTHING.
      Imagination is the Key to Unlimited potential and NRG. Imagine in Ure head you are talking the Plant, Animal, Rock – touch it if you can. Say Hi, You here,You are ready for the Codes “it”holds, and you are Ready to Spread that particular Codes/NRG to the World…Suble yet mind blowing.. Say it out loud as well
      I was fishing (Belize) yesterday- and I was thinking about bottlenose dolphins all day- hard to use mental pictures when drinking &toking. Stoped at bar on water over Placencia anchorage area on way back to port. I just thrown down 1st T&T, when the smokeshow bartender exclaims Dolphins!”. A pod of 4-6 with baby. Immediately stripped off shirt -threw wallet on bar an dove the F in. It was epic! I asked for Codes…better half and fishing Buddy got some awesome pics and vid’s of my interactions – another old dude of big sailboat jumped in too. Numeric codes like Tel-Lies- Vision/ meant to keep us depressed from Our OWN dam Spirits.

      There are No Limits 2 Ure Imagination – like a Muscle..must workout so as not to be a WEAKLING.

      • -Placencia Yacht Club – on social has a pic up of the ever ungovernable..bottle nosers posted to FB by a partner in Fun.

        That may or may not be a shirtless ECU in pic…the guy with smile and really white skin…just got back to pairadice, dammit.

  7. I think projecting specific CURRENT places and personalities onto Bible prophecy (or any other for that matter) is likely to lead to error.

    (See: The Millerites.)

    We all WANT to know the future for various reasons — both positive and negative — BUT prophetic things are best recognized in the rear-view mirror. Some think prophecy exits primarily “as a witness,” to the larger truths and principles it’s embedded in. Think of it as a Verification or an Authentication. A “signature,” if you will. If I make 75 dead-right-on predictions, and then I make a 76th, chances are you’ll believe it. Credibility has been established.

    Such as horoscopes use such generalized language that it’s easy to back-fit later happenings.

    So, take the degree of specificity, and especially timing, with some salt.

    Be edified. Be warned. But don’t measure for new drapes, or order them, till the checks all clear.

    • And for George, It would also be nice if, when discussing Nostradamus, one also adds the Century and # being discussed. Otherwise, your babbling brook runneth over with biased misinformation as usual!

  8. Hey, Ray! Looks like George is coming to understand the centuries-old religious/cultural underpinnings of the whole Ukraine thing. Should he consider the seminary as well?

  9. Guys, guys. You have to take ALL your meds as prescribed. It’s estimated that many (some estimates to 70%) of out-of-hospital psychotic and schizophrenic patients fail or refuse to take their meds. Meanwhile, they’re living among us, driving cars, operating heavy equipment, carrying guns, writing comments to web posts, etc.
    Have a VERY nice day.

    • Damn shame our doctors don’t have to sign off “OK to Vote, is taking meds on sked, peeing clean, no pending criminal charges…etc.”

      (There’d be no liberals left!)

      • Good idea, don’t trust the medical establishment. I guess they’d have to be anti-vax docs.

  10. Dear Mr Editor,

    I am a current subscriber to Ure PN published weekly on WOW (Whipem-Out-Wednesday) and Saturdays. In an effort to keep my subscription unbroken as to not miss any juicey tidbits – I would like know what PN subscription price will be in 2022 denominated in Yuan. The current trajectory Us Financial system is clearly Earth directed with impact set occur any day now.
    Obviously,to Stu’s readers, Yuan will act as temporary script until the white hats finally get their scheisse together – then it will prolly be RUbles. So requesting pricing options in Yuan,as well as Ruble. I understand Ure Ludditian philosophy – No Bitcoin payment options…??? What about Ure favs – shiney beads, seashells and trinkets ? How many seashells (specific), beads/colors?, metal trinkets?
    What about Food stuffs – 1 duck & 1chicken-cleaned for 1 yr subscription.
    Could always issue Ure own currency – Ure Bucks, backed with________.

    I need something better than green TP – where art thou PN customer service?

  11. No sooner had Chinese media promised “strong measures if Pelosi visited the Taiwan region” as soon as this weekend, than the penny dropped. Mrs. Pelosi has apparently just been diagnosed with covid19.

    A penny for your thoughts?

    • it makes one wonder when all of these get positive tests but not all are symptomatic, humm, are they just communicating a message about their Durham experience? China virus or Durham virus code talk? Covid has diminished among the general population, but the democrates seem to have an outbreak, but why not the republicans
      IET 17 ??????
      Updated: COV-Indicment positive

      Merrick Garland
      Hillary Clinton
      Barry Obama
      CIA Director Burns
      Debbie Wasserman Shultz
      Adam Schiff
      Psaki Psaki Fye Dolla
      Muriel Bowser
      ** Nancy Pelosi **

  12. G.A. STEWART has removed the password protection for the UPDATE INDEX. Too many technical problems and he doesn’t have the time or money to solve them. Link below, read it you want to know about the future of the Desolation site.

    “Nuclear war is coming. People should grab hold of this fact and get ready. I feel like I have gone as far as I can go warning people. It should be self-evident to everyone now.”

    • Cool! My password was really wonky — worked on some pages, not on others, and not on his latest post.

  13. To GA Stewart.

    GA, I bought your “NOSTRADAMUS AND THE THIRD AGE OF MARS: THE COMPLETE PROPHECIES OF WORLD WAR III” via the web and see that it is now available as a Kindle download: (I need to check wrt your Compendium)

    #1 … thank you, I am going to buy it again for my Kindle

    #2 … it is WAY UNDERPRICED, particularly on Amazon for a Kindle download. Amazon charges a pretty penny commission, not sure what it is but it may be as much as 30%, and YOU need to get more money for your wonderful book than that.

    Personally I think the Kindle version should be at least $15 and even $20 would be more than reasonable since most Nostradamus followers ARE going to buy it and for them the cost as long as it is reasonable is NOT relevant.

    #3 Have you looked into one of the specialty book publishers putting it on their publishing list (ditto with your new Compendium)? You know the one of the new internet publishers who basically “Cutom Print” an actual book when the order comes in and then binds it (either softback or hardback)?

    The cost for your long books as an actual book may be high to the buyer because of their length – ie: $50-$95 but then they would have an actual book for their library. Certain buyers WOULD seriously consider adding a Hard Copy Book to their library if you could add that option.

    I have no idea how the arrangements for those “Custom Print” books are but since they are never in stock, NOT printed until the order comes in and is paid for, and those “Custom Print” shops are geared for that type of business, printing and selling books one at a time, the arrangement for the author may be reasonable.

    PLEASE check into the “Custom Print” potential for your book. I for one would be interested in a hard copy for my library IF one becomes available.

    Stephen 2

    • Stephen 2, I thank you very much. Sadly, Amazon gets the lion’s share. I get 10% or 30% depending on what country.

      My friend tells me to sell $1.99 books on Amazon and hope for volume. Personally, I say f**k Amazon. My Nostradamus Compendium will never be sold on Amazon. However, maybe my friend and George’s Penny Dreadfuls idea are the answer.

      My last Amazon royalty check was just over $21.00. That does not get you very far.

      For me, this website/book stuff is all secondary. Time is running really short. Everyone’s Business Model will fail when the first nuke goes off.

      Frankly, George does everyone a great service here by providing daily content for free, and he is not selling vitamins, gold, or Bitcoin, just George’s view with a little Woo Woo. Somewhere in the “Realms” is where we all reside. This physical life thing is temporary.

      Some people want George to go to seminary school. It’s actually George who is the teacher here. You cannot fit square pegs into round holes. And so the indoctrinated must learn to open their minds in conjunction with what they have learned.

      Some of the answer is in the King James, but not all of it.

      And please, no quotes from the Q PSYOP or Clif the Web Bot bullsh*t artist.

      I can only understand some of Len daquino’s comments, but when he’s commenting on gurus, I am not sure if he is talking about George, me, Clif, or Q.

      Blockchain is what they will stamp on your hand and forehead, and you will need THEIR permission to open your wallet and your smart refrigerator.

      George is the real deal, because his greenhouse is in and producing, and he’s already where he should be with wife and family. Some of you are already there too.

      I tried to build the same thing over a decade ago, unfortunately, there is too much “I, Me, Mine” in the world, especially in America.

      Few of you people know what I do in the real world. What I hear now is that my view is correct. This isn’t coming from website commentary, but from the people who count. (Not that some people out there don’t.)

      Several weeks ago, I made some suggestions to these people about what we should do before Taiwan is invaded by China. This is the sales pitch that counted for you, me, and everybody in the West. Hopefully, that conversation carried far.

      That was more important than selling books.

      Unfortunately, we are led by bean counters and not warriors, and this is not going to end well for America or NATO.

      People need to go deep and get passed the BS.

      I suppose we could call President John F. Kennedy, Mad King John for wanting to take on Russia when they put missiles in Cuba.

      Walking in another person’s shoes is the only way to move in this world, otherwise the selfish tend to piss people off. Loving your brother and sister as yourself is one of the two commandments that Christ gave, the other one is optional.

      • G.A. Stewart says “there is too much “I, Me, Mine” in the world, especially in America.

        Back in the 90’s, driving on the highway, a girl passed me and her car had an interesting bumper sticker.

        “It’s All About Me.”

        I found that very disturbing.

      • “I, Me, Mine” in the world, especially in America.”

        Fortunately when the right path comes your way.. it is WE. US, and OURS… Your work on the translations are absolutely amazing.. keep it up Stu..

      • J.C. … I have found your work fascinating, and unfortunately scary.

        Also unfortunately it matches up fairly closely, but with many more details, than my own work of long ago that approached the upcoming situation from the dynamic of the cycles of human behavior.

        Because I was looking at the “BIG” picture only I could only get the general outlines of what was to occur, but I did get timing (by year), participants (as in countries), and intensity forecasts – and very very unfortunately they are ALL coming true in the here and now. (my work was done 40 years ago fwiw)

        From my work, if it comes to pass, it indicates that the actual current personalities are basically merely reading from a Prepared Script, and have little actual control over the overall development of the situation, though they may be able to do a slight nudge here or there as to minor timing changes or minor target changes wrt to parts of countries /locations. If my work is correct there is nothing that they can do to change the broad outlines of what is to occur. Those dynamics were determined long long ago – centuries? eons? I just don’t know but definitely longer ago than decades.

        Your work, and that of several other visionaries, is much more tight on the details and timing issues than my own work, which does give me some good insights when combined with my own work. The most basic concept I come away with wrt dealing with what is coming down the pike is to NOT be wedded to your THINGS, or to a specific LOCATION, yep even if you are in a place you think is going to be OK. Be flexible and adjust as needed when the BIG events start to occur.

        Those few Jewish people who abandoned their things and Germany /Eastern Europe as Hitler reached the point of implementing his overall plans had a chance to survive. Yep abandoning even wonderful houses and wonderful careers. The earlier they abandoned them the greater chance that they would survive what was to come.

        Thank you for all of your wonderful work!! I would still be interested in ordering up a HARD copy of your two books if you can find a place to have them printed one at a time (I may try to look around this weekend also – one acquaintance has had a book published that way, so far sold about 180 copies, I will check with him too).

        Stephen 2

      • Stu, I E-Mailed George a link to a POD (publish on-demand) book maker, publisher, seller, from India, years ago, when I was trying to talk him into publishing a print copy of the Millennial’s Missing Manual.

        ‘Looked reliable and could do everything from pasteboard to cloth or leather bound with gold leaf.

        This is not a recommendation or advise, merely information.

        With that said, if you’re curious, he might still have the info…

    • Pretty pricey. Keeping with today’s theme, I think the book should be offered as a PENNY-dreadful? Worth every cent.

  14. Yep she’s all over. When satanic facists worldwide can rig Stockmarkets and kill people by fake poison and stay in power it’s over . I think the only option is lost real remote . Good luck yada man

  15. In this year of the tiger, “The Daily Mail” has been swift to note the bombshell dropped by Mr. Woods as an approach shot failed to find green on the ninth at The Masters. His golf club perhaps “sways to the mood of what it likes or loathes” if the Bard were his Caddy.

    Meanwhile the windswept, historic Aintree Racecourse in north England welcomed the Princess Royal festooned in ankle-length raincoat with a favourite horse broach previously seen in 2019 at Cheltenham Spa made famous by a 1788 King George III visit to its curing mineral spring waters. With their tip of the hat to decorum completed, it certainly does appear from the remaining 100+ data points in the “Daily Mail’s” Aintree Day One Punter’s Pal gallery that hemlines are rising with interest rates. One imagines a further outlook will be fashioned at Royal Ascot commencing June14th. The spectacle should prove fascinating.

  16. Today as high noon soared like Icarus above the Acropolis, a man who could mistake himself in the mirror for Solon of the Seven Sages addressed the Greek parliament. Of course Mr. Zelensky received a standing ovation from legislators. Maybe it was on your evening news. Regrettably due to some sort of editing gaffe in the stream, a Greco-Ukrainian member of the Azov Battalion introduced Mr. Zelensky to the assembled that would have done a führer proud.

    The Greek opposition party is apparently in a rage!

  17. 450GB Of ‘Deleted’ Hunter Biden Laptop Material To Be Released Within Weeks

    A whistleblower has vowed to drop ‘450 gigabytes of deleted material‘ from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, which he says he also gave the the Washington Post, New York Times, and Sen. Chuck Grassley – all of whom he says sat on it for months.

    Super Spreader: Over A Dozen D.C. A-Listers Served COVID At Posh Gridiron Dinner

    Every year, the elite members of the media gather with lawmakers for a debauched night of frivolity called the Gridiron Dinner. The white-tie event — big-time off the record — features much wine and expensive food, along with comedy routines and songs in which journalists join up with politicians for a weird incestuous dance.

    Speaker Pelosi, Sen. Collins test positive for COVID-19 as outbreak spreads among officials in DC

    WASHINGTON – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, GOP Sen. Susan Collins of Maine and President Joe Biden’s sister became the latest Washington figures to test positive for COVID-19, announcements that came Thursday after two cabinet officials and others tested positive the day before.

    Pelosi kissed Biden, but somehow that’s not “close contact” or of any concern. Personally, I’m concerned as hell…

    • “450GB Of ‘Deleted’ Hunter Biden Laptop Material To Be Released Within Weeks”

      Nothing will ever come of it… Look at Jullian Assange and the bombshells he dropped onto the people.. the serious stuff was all decided it was fake.. So it all to shall vanish.. and if it ever did go to trial.. there is a guaranteed one hundred percent chance that there would be a Pardon no matter what is found.

  18. Rep. Herrell introduces bill to use foreign aid to deport illegal immigrants, stop migrant caravans

    FIRST ON FOX: Rep. Yvette Herrell, R-N.M., on Thursday introduced legislation that would see the U.S. use foreign aid to pay to deport illegal immigrants, as part of an effort to push back against caravans of migrants coming to the U.S.

    GOP candidate to launch border force to curb migrant surges if elected New Mexico governor

    “We’re going to create that border enforcement force that will do two things,” Mark Ronchetti said. “Number one, they’re going to go after the central flow in the state, and then number two, going to go after human trafficking here.”

    Democrats’ election nightmare now is coming true in Texas

    A significant number of Hispanic women are poised to represent the Republican Party in Texas as congressional candidates in the upcoming midterms, creating a potential nightmare scenario for Democrats as they attempt to reverse GOP gains.

    IMO it’s going to be too little, too late, to keep us from going off the cliff, but at least the recoil against the communists and fascists is coming.

  19. Oh, and guess who needs to be on the patriotic Americans’ hitlist next:

    Mitch McConnell Donates to Liz Cheney

    The ringleader of the establishment Republicans, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), announced on Thursday a donation to Democrat ally Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-WY) reelection campaign. McConnell and Cheney apparently believe the Wyoming member may lose her seat to Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman, a strong threat to the establishment Republican order in Washington, DC. With Hageman catching momentum heading into the August 16 GOP primary, former President George Bush has also donated the legal maximum amount to Cheney. McConnell and Bush are joined in their support of Cheney by failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney (R-UT).

  20. I thought I wouldn’t live long enough to see legalized paedophilia — I could be wrong:

    David French Likens Grooming Kids to Adults Appearing in Playboy

    Grooming-enabler and Never Trump grifter David French compared grooming little kids to an adult appearing in a Playboy video.

    The Dispatch writer, whose favorite pastime is explaining to Christians and conservatives why they are not True Christians and conservatives is comparing teachers talking to five-year-olds about sex behind their parent’s back with an adult appearing in Playboy.

    Oh, and it ain’t just in the Colonies:

    • “I thought I wouldn’t live long enough to see legalized paedophilia — I could be wrong:”


      2Years ago if anyone had said the disgusting crap I read about going on in our administration and congress would be heralded as the good.. I would have never believed it.. every day you read a little more that shocks and disgusts you even is absolutely amazing and extremely disturbing..
      I did however get the biggest tickle over Texas.. they are going to do something that I would do.. instead of letting the president send the illegal refugees all over the country and plane loads of children to the NE.. send them to the capital and at fifteen thousand a day.. since congress since they won’t be back till the end of the month just before their month off holiday.. send a few buss loads to each of the congreemens homes.. let them out there.. How does that line in the song go… Drop EM off in Delaware

  21. Bernie Finn SLAMS sexual homework given to 10-yr-old school girls

    Victorian MP Bernie Finn read out a letter from a constituent who shared a worksheet given to their 10-year-old daughter at school.

    In quoting the letter, Finn said, “Part of her homework was to discuss his erections and ejaculation with her father. I find this very disturbing and sickening. I have complained to the school and was told it was just part of the curriculum.

    Finn then turned on the Chamber and furiously added, “Well, so say all of us. What the hell is going on in this state when 10-year-old girls are told to go home and talk to their father about his erections and ejaculations? What the hell is going on here?!

    “How the hell are we supposed to protect our kids when this sort of perversion is in our schools?

    From now on, when I say America is fuxx0rd, be it understood that I’m not just referring to that part of North America which lies between Canada and Mexico…

  22. If this story was doom porn from the usual list of suspects, I would ignore it:

    For some reason, I am starting to give ZH authored articles more credence than MSM or alt news sources, just because their coverage of taboo subjects tends to be fearless, and on the whole, more balanced than the rest of the journo riff-raff. I also can’t help but notice that they are talking Ure talk. As to whether they walk Ure walk remains to be seen.

    The tornado topped out the 3′ diameter cedar elm that was partially shading my most readily irrigated garden spot. I’m not a big wood burner except as back-up, but I now have a surplus to deal with. The monster(s) rolled up to my fence line, and began lobbing my neighbors limbs and trees over the fence. Very little soft wood was tossed at me; it was mostly cedar elm hardwood. The fence is still standing. There was maybe one large limb fell on my property beyond 50′ from the fence line, and 90% of the wood on the ground was from the upwind neighbor’s trees. Neighbors on the downwind side got severely mauled. Go figure.

    • “Go figure.”

      I can’t. I’ve been storm spotting for 18 years this month. I have yet to figure out what will make a tornado blast the hell out of one house and not touch the one next door, even though the track obviously went through it, or eat someone’s trees and break nary a branch, next door. I’ve seen where one drove straw into a brick house wall and adjacent trees like 16″ spikes, and not move the “Little Tikes” tractor left in the yard.

      You got lucky, or were blessed…

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