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Been asked by a new subscriber to explain how Elaine and I came to Texas almost 20-years ago.  Pretty good tale, turns out.  Very Monty Python:  “And now for something completely different…”

After all, why would a couple in their early 50s walk out on five of the hottest cities in the country? Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Boca Raton, and Burbank?

It’s a useful story from the investment standpoint, of course.  But more so from the “What do we really stand for?” aspect.  The “How does it grow us the way we’d like to be?”

Turns out, this “adaptive lifestyle” has also become a marvelous  defensive way forward into future, as you’ll figure out as we go.

Would we do things any differently in 2021?  We review some of the long-term data which has, of course, changed a bit over time.  But a lot hasn’t.

Tales to be told after we roll through some headlines. Sucky inflation. And the still bubbly ChartPack. Because some news – like the CPI data just out – does matter.

Although, so does “Flee the City! They’re unaffordable and will eventually collapse under the weight of their own spending!

(Pardon the length of this morning’s discussion…bit long but I hope you’ll pan some nuggets from it.)

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65 thoughts on “Adaptive Lifestyle Planning”

  1. George, a quick note on the impeachment column from yesterday (I agree).

    The U.S. Military’s survivor benefit is a maximum of $400k. Under the SGLI (Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance) the minimum amount is $50k which is automatic and from there the servicemember can elect up to the $400k in $50k increments. When I first joined up when Ronald Reagan was the president (in a completely different reality from today) the maximum amount was $100K. It got increased to $250K sometime in the early 90’s and then was increased to $400k in the early 2000’s.

    The problem with paying separated ‘families’ is that, other than the glaringly obvious illegality, is that many of these ‘families’ weren’t families at all. Children were sold to the highest bidders in order to take advantage of the border entry rules at that time. Once across the border the children were either abandoned or sold to child traffickers. Washington knows this. The promised $450k is to entice even more invaders to come here. It’s all part of the plan.

    • MAJ13, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!
      The evil and horror of child trafficking is beyond what a normal person can fathom. When one tries to tell others about it, they just plug their ears and make repetitive noises to block you out, it is not a dinner topic. Most will not be able to handle the truth. I have read stories about hardened detectives having difficulties after viewing the Weiner laptop. I don’t know if they are true. The border situation sure looks like someone is rounding up children for market,(old west cattle drive) kind a like Haiti, free kids for the taking. They play on the people’s heart strings, save the children, but where do all the children end up? Some are saved, some disappear, $ or I should say Bitcoin

      • You’re welcome. Human, and especially child-trafficking, is big business on this planet and the governments of the world are in on it. The reality of what is going on is almost beyond belief and it’s just frosting on the cake for the people involved in this whole mess.

      • ” The evil and horror of child trafficking is beyond what a normal person can fathom. hardened detectives having difficulties after viewing the Weiner laptop. I don’t know if they are true. The border situation sure looks like someone is rounding up children for market”
        I hear ya Maj…
        That stuff really really bothers me… When the allegations of a pedo ring in the NE first came out.. I thought its something they’ve been searching for but the depth of evil they brought out publicly didn’t seem believable at all.. unfortunately as you dipped deeper into the websites of those implied were involved the deeper you went the uglier and more believable it all started to become.
        I figured that it was probsbly a disgusted investigation team member that released it all to the general public hoping the people would want answers.. you did notice that the gent that released emails was killed.. .I’ve personally been all over beneath DC and can say it was impressive fifty years ago I can only imagine what it’s like today..
        Look at all the alleged criminal activities.. and how all of them are justified and buried over..
        It’s totally shocking and outrageous.. what ever happened to human decency and seriously if it’s all true then what N the F@@k is wrong with these sick disgusting inhuman deviants.. and for what gain..a few sheets of paper,some metal or a cartoon coin..all of which when it happens will be worthless..
        When I read that one of the sick bastards was really sick.. I thought least Karma’s still around..
        At this point I I don’t know what to believe..

      • There is a movie coming out that Jim Caviezel was either in or helped put together about Child and Human trafficking. I can’t believe that they’re releasing it to movie houses because it won’t be a “fun” movie at all but a deeply disturbing one. Everything I’ve heard about it says that it’s something we all need to see as it points fingers at some very sensitive areas of modern society.

  2. Sunday evening shelter Island = “lights out jazz SanDiego”
    – one of the coolest, chill, fun loving, relaxing music scenes I have ever experienced & been part of. Man I miss that scene..
    A super fine-fun cure for Sunday night “scaries” – if you dont know Sunday night scaries – prolly didnt have much in the way of work pressure (s) & stressors in Ure job- career. Friday and Saturday nights in the waters and around shelter island – a whole nother kettle-o-fish.

    Have tried to live my life and my families in an adaptive lifestyle mode – pushing out as far I can on the bleeding edge. Been cause for ridicule, snide remarks and such over the years, but as the great football coach Bill Parcells once said – U are what Ure record says U are .
    My record as a Father/Husband/ Head o Household wage earner – speaks for itself and me alone. “Suck It World !” I Win…again.

    Stop with gaslighting bs, please. Really unbecoming and tedious at this point in the “war”. Ure been pumping the “yellow J” from day one of the statistical fecal matta you were Shitpotomous spraying all over Urban Survival in early days of the scamdemic. Lael Brainard is the new chairperson at the NOT federal reserve bank. The only qualification needed ? being a member of “that” tribe…check ! done deal, onwards and certainly upwards..
    ? -Source for commie revs. breakout in Un United Socialist States of America –
    the senior guys in EU commission in Brussels? nah they just like ordering little girls like Madeline Mc for sexual abuse entertainment and disposal. ever wonder why cabinet ofc blocked rescue mission ? whatwhatwhat.

    No – take a peek at those fine folks at the Caritas Internationalis – the vatican unbrella org. for 160 catholic aid and dev groups – The leading member International Council – The governing body of the World Social Forum. WSF provides revenue for blatently communist activity, promotes abortion, and is major advocate for LGBT activism. whatwhatwhat
    ? Did you see that selfish prick Newsome? guvnure Kali-fornia ? neither has anyone else, not even on the tell-lie-vison. Story on the needle littered streets of LA is 2 people have seen gruesome in the last 2 weeks; a Mr Guillain, and a Mr Barre’ – they reported that gav was little confused as to how he ended up in lala land. But as my towlhead Arab friend Hamy. once said of his home land – just deserts.

  3. George,
    I thought that like everyone in Texas, you and Lady E were led by the Lord to the land of milk and honey. Pharoah’s army got drownded in the Mississippi.
    Wherever you’re at, there you are. And I’m glad you’re there and living full – and I hope mostly happy – lives.

    • Yeah – I thought a lot of people would be surprised by the utter logic of it.
      Then again, when we talk about rural living, it’s pretty dang nice out here. But the business logic of the move was compelling.

      • Half-way through my 22 year military stint, we decided to. build in our home state. Hailing from the industrial/urban Pittsburgh PA, we knew that wasn’t the place for us to raise our two girls. We serendipitously invested in a few rural acres (now semi-rural), building our home in the early 90s about 30 miles north of ‘The ‘Burgh’ in farm country. We have not regretted it one bit. We have a deep well (220’) as we’re on a hilltop, and a ‘perc septic’ system, something a city boy needed some getting used to. Since we are at the end of the power grid, we had a Generac whole house generator instatlled. We already heated and cooked with propane, so this made total sense. We garden like no tomorrow from spring to fall, canning as much as feasible, and I actually harvest the hickory nuts that grace my back yard, enjoying them with my granola and yogurt after a lot of work picking out the nut meat. We are not 100% self-reliant, but could be in needed. I have deer, turkey, squirrel and rabbit right out my back door. Once the propane runs out, our Vermont Castings wood stove and Big Green Egg grill will give us all of the cooking space we need. The wood pile will provide the fuel. The entire perimeter of my property is old growth hardwood – hickory, oak, red maple and beech. I have rain barrels on every downspout of the house and parking pavillion/shed. And reading George’s column for 20 years plus had helped me insure I have all my survival based covered. Oh, I’m retired now, thanks in part to following George’s sage financial advice. Leave the city. Sooner is better. Chaos is soon to come, guarenteed.

      • “The entire perimeter of my property is old growth hardwood – hickory,”

        Dam.. I love Hickory I am jealous.. prettiest kitchen I ever seen was made from hickory..
        A neighbor took down an old ash tree. Then had it run through the saw mill.. after he planted it and put it together he had one nice kitchen..
        To bad you can’t have a tree or two harvested and cut for projects lol..
        I totally love the wild grain patterns of hickory.
        When I was laid up everyone would take turns hauling me to the sawmill so I could smell the fresh cut aroma I totally love..besides sage or alfalfa lol

      • Warhammer; right there with ya. Been reading George’s site since 2009, also, and have tried to make wise, over the years, moves to provide stability for later on.

        Nothing happens, all good.

        If something happens, plenty ready.

        Thanks George and Elaine Ure.

        George, I wish you would write your book starting from the beginning when you were born and bring it up to now.

  4. Consider a metal roof for your next replacement. After putting 3 roofs on the ranch in 25 years finally said enough and went with steel. This version is 14 years old and shows zero sign of wear. Went with green since the rest of the buildings are grey.

    stay safe.

      • My insurance company refused to give a hail-resistant shingle discount because I left the old shingles on. Contact your insurer, or you may get a very expensive lesson.

      • Yes sir. Went on right over the old. And it’s true what they say about the calming effect of rain on a tin roof.

      • I did and ran a grounding cabledown to aground rod..
        If there was an EMP my guess is it would be from 500 miles in outer space so would you need a complete faraday cage? How the grid would be taken down is from a cascade event..since all of our business models are designed around profit and control instead of security the grid is pretty fragile..
        On a show green renovation. I started to see people that I knew starting to put grounded screen beneath their siding and cisterns gray water recycling etc.. well it all made me think. Why did you have all these high positioned engineers. Aking these changes..

      • “On a show green renovation. I started to see people that I knew starting to put grounded screen beneath their siding”

        Yeppers. ‘Thing is, a Faraday cage’s function is to protect an individual person’s toys, not their neighbors’, and not the grid…

    • I’ve thought about this time and time again but have only put one roof on our house since ’83 when I got out of the Navy. The main reason I haven’t put a metal roof on is because I can’t walk around on it when I need to. I did replace some metal panels on the ranch house roof recently, though, and if it had not been for my son on the other end of a rope on the opposite side of the house I’d have never been able to scale the panels to screw them down. They ought to last forever, though.

    • LOOB- Metal roofs and siding provide some EMP attenuation, but windows, doors and seams spoil it. Go to the empdoctor website of Youtube if you want to learn about EMP shielding and testing:

      Bradley is a NASA electronics guy, and this is his side hustle. I know how much you love NASA.

      You still need 1 nS or so surge protection on all electrics for surge protection. You kinda have to make it a lifestyle choice.

      • I am a fan of NASA lol lol.. I do have surge protection on..
        I will check out the site..thanks.

      • What I am considering as their action if that’s the route that will be more of a directional attack..if that is what they want to do it is one of our weakest points. Since our whole system is for a few to have controls and make more numbers rather than having s system of security.last year a simple snow storm and cold spell just about took out the core of the USA.. an emp on the northeast a few years ago from a coronal mass ejection took out the NE..since our system is designed the way it is five or six would cause the whole system to have a cascade failure as substations collapses..
        Since replacement components are all made outside the USA and back ordered.
        Then wait out the winter.. since they’ve made preparations for the people . The citizens of the usa would have to fend off the weather..
        Considering that multiple countries are aligning themselves away from the usa.. we are in my eyes isolated from repair supplies and assistance..
        Of course I’m not an analyst or anything but it’s what I see.. and that doesn’t even take into account we have been flying in thousands daily ..even though opposition was very blunt and straight forward by telling us that was exactly how a jihad against us would be dealt out..take iut infrastructure, weather then.let the warriors snuck across the borders via that kammyJoe express..go ugly on us while we are defenseless..

    • Either now – but more likely figures consig – Turkey weekend. Logistics – watch the logistics but the short side lunch trade is doing fine on inflation horror

    • Most conflicts begin during a holiday when DC is vacant or out on vacation..
      And usually they give special forces a few weeks off before a planned event. So far those I still know are not getting a longer than average vacation.. so I don’t personally expect a planned deployment.

  5. Sorry George, I gotta chime in again.

    Above, the discussion mentions human trafficking. It’s beyond nightmarish and most people are kept asleep with other dreams so not much mention about it.

    We all hear the term used but don’t really know how much of an abomination it really is. For those who are somewhat unaware, human auctions were held in Libya and word and video got out several years ago ….

    Rumor has it, these types of auctions continue, I’m many places.

    I ran across this when doing a search after reading a comment in a group text … a group I was not a part of. The comment read, as I copy and paste ….

    This podcast is spot on with the transhumanism aspect of the jab! I was taught this in my training when jabs 1st started coming out. That’s why there was a Supreme Court case on patenting DNA. They could not patent nor own you unless you were altered DNA which is what this jab is doing. Not only that, but when you become transhumanism you loose all your rights as a natural born citizen! We must stand up and fight!! Please make time to watch this clouthub segment.”

    I read that and my only thought was “WTF??”

    I don’t know if that’s conspiracy theory or real, but the person who originally wrote it, is otherwise credible. But anyway, that’s when I found out about Libya.

    Dude, I really do try to live low key and I don’t even have to leave my house to hear all this (sh*t) I like knowing what’s going on and I’m just a regular guy … but this (info?) just pours in. Don’t even have to look sometimes. It’s like Poof !! There it is. – wish it wasn’t.

      • George, personally I feel the solution to the pedophiles and child trafficking is rope… and tall trees. In public! This so no one is left with any misunderstandings over what happens if one strays over to the dark side with children. Gutless facilitators of this behavior should also be on the next rope. As Robert Heinlein wrote, “Any society that fails to protect its children and elderly won’t be a society very long”.

    • I knew a man decorated for heroism. Anyway he deserved two..while stationed in the middle east he wanted a maid..only to discover women were not allowed to work or get an education..the only way was to buy a woman at an auction. He got his maid and they became friends got married and he insisted she get an education.. she became one of two hundred most influential female doctors in the who’s who book of women doctors..
      He rescued her .. he is gone now and I don’t know if they even told th er ir kids the story.. I don’t know if his wife knows I know the story.. and I won’t mention it..he told me out of confidence..
      I worked with a guy that came over to america to earn enough money to buy twelve wives..he thought the two of us men working should be killed because we let women tell us what to do lol..
      It is very much real and active in the world.

  6. “answer – to the Housing Bubble collapse was comparatively simple. Lower interest rates far enough and fast enough. A conventional answer. ”

    Heres another idea..give a half million to every man woman and child. Heck if they can do it for millions of illegals why not real taxpaying citizens..

    • The next group of people will be the x-slaves ,they needs their reparations . Couple of million ought be a good start . Oh ,I see myself as black .

      • Auction #2919125 – WGN – cardiac science defibrillator with case

        We have for sale today a cardiac science defibrillator with case. Does not look like it was ever used, it shows the last inspection it ever had was in 2015. There are four bolts holding it to the wall, bring tools to remove it.

        Current Price $400.00
        Time Left 20 hours 13 min
        # of Bids 0
        Auction Started Oct 28, 2021 4:02:21 PM EDT
        Auction Ends Nov 11, 2021 12:00:00 PM EST
        Pick-up Location
        West G / Newbury School District
        14775 Auburn Rd
        Newbury, OH 44065-9702

        Eastern suburb of Cleveland.

        I didn’t send you this because I thought you had one…

      • “Got the O2 and the AED is on the Q1`list for 22”

        Speaking about that my wife’s probably gonna shoot me lol..
        We have 2 AED’s one ffg or the house and one for the shop..thats one tool I hope I never have to use..
        Anyway.. I have contemplated having one for the cars to..a week ago a young lady I know coded four times from a house fire. And i thought I’d check to see what used ones were going for not expecting to actually get one. There was a zoll that had a ridiculous low bid on it so I thought hell why not..plunked a low bid..dam it if I didn’t get it.
        Now I have one for the car to.. so I had to buy new pads and batteries..

      • “cardiac science defibrillator with case”

        I have 2 cardiac science.. live them the biggest issue is the cost of batteries.. now I leave bv the batteries out.. they have a count down chip in the battery.. once a month I check it..but I dont put the battery in until I check.. I got the zoll cheaper.. picked up adult and child pads..


        The rechargeable have come down a considerable amount. They use to cost 600.00

        It’s quite a bit like Microsoft..every couple of years they come out with a new operating system. Forcing you to buy their new program toss out the old computer get new components and new programs etc.
        For a tool like an AED except for those in hospitals and even them rarely gdtused if used at all..since the companies want to generate sales they have the same return battery and pad sales but to keep new sales of the equipment.. they change the box and battery case just enough..inside the battery case theres 5 – 3volt batteries .. the g3 has batteries with rechargeable batteries.
        If you buy a new battery and don’t install it but check it.
        The recycling place and I visited and they said that rarely do they get one returned th as t doesn’t have a full charge. They replace the count down chip test them replace what needs replacement and sell them..
        The zoll batteries are only twenty dollars give or take and can be bought locally in most areas..

  7. U see . Just kicking the can down the road on lies . Turkey weekend? What guru lies .talk tough impeach market collapse then join in for some little lunch money. Admit corruption then join in for some peanuts.DSI 95 and you want to play little lunch games

  8. Comrades,

    Ah, the country life…

    There is a new “music of the spheres” in play. The American msm coverage of last month’s society wedding of the year at the 120 acre equestrian farm purchased by the Wellington Trust seemed muted. Stepping into the void, Britain’s Daily Mail served up a right Royal expansive coverage of the nuptial weekend for the commoners. Certainly the reach of the father of the bride and co-founder of Microsoft is on display when the published image of him alighting from his private jet for the week in a public setting at Newark Airport has the aircraft registration photoshopped out.

    While the American media tripped over itself on the lavishly set out Saturday civil ceremony with some couple of hundred who’s who guests, the Daily Mail took opportunity to report the Friday evening gathering of a scant two dozen selected for attendance at the muslim wedding ceremony. No amount details were mentioned of the groom’s mehr.

    The reception set list of Coldplay or if they were supported by BTS through hologram is unknown. One imagines the hit single “My Universe” released the day prior was offered in which case the glass backdrop walls would have served well the scrolling intro:

    “Once upon a time, many years from now,
    music is forbidden across the spheres.
    On three different planets, three different bands defy the ban.
    DJ L’afrique on her alien radio ship unites them via holoband.

    All the while they are hunted by the silencers.”

  9. They may not like or pay u if u tell honest folks to put it on like hair oil and short the guts out of everything

  10. The only think inflated are guts bank balances and egos from theiving market rigging and lies. But hey karma is a bitch. You only get what you give

  11. For those considering following the Ure cure for shelter, please consider pouring concrete runners 18″ wide under each beam of the mobile home (2 for a single, 4 for a double), BEFORE moving the home onto the site. For a double, a 5′ wide runner down the center (marriage wall) eliminates the need for two of the 18″ runners and makes a handy place for crawling to work on plumbing and wiring projects. A mechanic’s creeper eases damage on the knees. The concrete runners eliminate the inevitable uneven settling you get when concrete blocks on square pads are used to support the house.

    If you’re buying new, go ahead and spring for all the upgrades you can afford. Going back and upgrading plumbing and electrical after the fact is a pain. ESPECIALLY the plumbing. Sinks, tubs, and showers are downsized for use in a mobile home, and the average lumberyard/hardware store doesn’t sell anything that will fit as a replacement. My wife wanted to add a tub wall for the guest bath, and I had to buy a full-size tub wall kit and cut it down to fit our tub. Pain in the butt!

    IF you can find a doublewide that does not use flex duct under the house to move air to the other side, by all means buy it. Otherwise, get a metal-covered flex duct to keep unwanted guests from chewing into the duct so they can stay warm in the winter.

    As Jim in MO said above, a metal roof is a great addition for a doublewide. I left the original shingles and added untreated 1 X 4 strips over the shingles as a base for the metal. I did that 12 years ago, and no sign of wear. Some discoloration of the paint due to UV, tree debris and creosote from the chimney.

    We also added decks to three sides of the house and had brick perimeter walls added at the same time to close off the underside of the house. From the outside, our place looks site-built.

      • Yep, Quonsets are cool. I had originally planned to dig into the side of a hill and put a Quonset in the hole. Then I was going to cover it with wire mesh and spray gunite on it before backfilling with dirt. Figured that would make a decent underground house. Unfortunately I found out our water table around here is too shallow. I’ve had fence postholes fill with water before I could get the post in.

    • Or.. reframe.. a kid just reframed a door and window to fit standard sized doors..
      If your going to do a drop and go.. then buy precast foundation..
      Otherwise mount it on a foundation.. with modern pre-fab homes they take the axles and frame.. it’s not like it was forty years ago. The insulation is as good or better than most stick built homes and the cheap cabinets can be upgraded th o whatever you desire the same with wall coverings electrical etc. The big difference is they are made in an assembly line..
      When I built this house.. I was working 2 full time jobs and a part time job. I built the house in my spare time. To speed up assembly being one man I had to keep the components manageable by one person.. so I drew up my plans broke it down to panel sizes. The longest is 10 foot.. the heaviest is an 8 foot..
      I have an extra wide hallway.. so two kids could race down the hall on trikes.. except for running electrical etc. Its all build similar to how a mobile home is build on a framing table.. numbered and stacked for assembly.

  12. oh and sheetcoin fell !!! the new US treasury !!! bought to you by your local central bank and guruictic CNBCCC. ohh mr market i will huff and puff and blow your ponzi up and up and up then BANG!!!! fast ! violent down !

  13. I was fortunate to spend my first five years out in the country with a forest and ‘hobby farm’ of 10 acres that my big brothers worked a bit. Mom had a huge garden and she canned a lot of stuff every year. So country life was ingrained to my early childhood. We moved into a small city during my ‘education years’. When job wanderlust took me to Hawaii, I was (culture) shocked by the crowded big city. My first year took me to Hilo and rural Hawaii island to build a radio station, and I said way back then “I could retire over here.” I spend the next four decades working in the big crowded city so I could finally have a house and yard big enough for some decent ham radio antennas, always worrying if I would get there before the inevitable coming collapse. Mission accomplished. Bring it on.

  14. $450,000 @ $15.00/hr will take years and years of work for the old-stock American to catch the newcomer.

    The American Native natives learned gifts don’t work:

    “When Columbus and his sailors came ashore, carrying swords, speaking oddly, the Arawaks ran to greet them, brought them food, water, gifts. He later wrote of this in his log: They … brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things, which they exchanged for the glass beads and hawks’ bells.”

    • At one time.. glass beads were worth more than jewels and gold..
      People were paid with salt because of its value .

  15. I’m excited to read this! I bookmarked it. If I have the time? I will get to it tonight.

    I skipped passed all the comments so I can read it first.

    BTW, someone i know, who reads your site every so often but has never Commented. I talked to today and said very nice things about you Brother. I didn’t even know they read your site. They said. By Chance, You the same Andy that comments on I said due what? And I thought oh shit here we go. HAHAHAHAHA!

    I said ya. You know about they said I go there time to time said a bunch of really good stuff about you George.

    they said you that Andy? I said nah I’m not that cool. Hahahaa. I go by Cosmic Chicken Bunny. Then they said. Now I know your him! And socked me in the gut lately. I said how did ya know? They said when I asked ya how you were today, you aaid I’m truly blessed and Highly Fortunate! Thanks for Asking. How about you. And I knew I seen that before somewhere.


    small world.

    I guess someone likes ya George besides me. Huh. Go figure.


    Get to that reqd. As soon as I’m able. Thanks for writing it. Means alot to me.

  16. Pathfinder Bob
    Don’t know about what you quoted above about loosing your rights as a natural born citizen but Transhumanism was a new word for me recently. I just heard the word a couple weeks back when watching Gregg Braden being interviewed. No one I have mentioned the word to has heard of it. Seems there are few ethical limits in place. It was an interesting interview. Think it was with Merridith on Gaia TV

    • Hey Debb

      I’d never heard of the term before either, until my friend showed it to me. The author says, “I was taught this in my training …” – that’s even more disturbing.

      The groups I refer to are not small. Different views to the same perspective point: resistance. As if Tribal in nature, from both sides of the political wings but one flock of birds. (Make sense?) – from all stations of our society.

      There’s a vibe, like ants when you disturb their nest. Lots of anxious activity, with sheep dogs trying to keep everyone focused through the chaos. – that’s the only way I can describe it. – I’ve never seen anything like it. Underground Railroad(s) on steroids.

      • Entertaining times to say the least. We readers here for the most part are some of the very blessed few who have time to observe, read and think.

      • They have been around a long long time, and they are called The Destroyers. They have honed their craft and embedded themselves everywhere and they are the gatekeepers. Their primary goal is to destroy the Caucasian race which is so interesting since they claim there is no difference in the races!

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