A Pretty Good "Get Rich" Scheme

There are only two things the average American wants, these days:  To be “famous” and to “get rich.”

The problem with famous, of course, is that it doesn’t pay the bills.  And the benefit of “rich” is that you can buy fame – if you have enough money.

So this morning I lay out a pretty good “get rich” scheme. 

No, it’s not fast, but is has a very good chance of working – since most people don’t even bother trying to get rich; most sit around waiting for it to happen.  Then they get disappointed when it doesn’t.  Go figure.

So we’re off to the realities of “getting rich” after some coffee and a few significant headlines. Oh, and a check of our Trading Model, too…

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A Pretty Good "Get Rich" Scheme — 6 Comments

  1. George. are you OK?? Tell me you did not test fly the plane without first assuring the prop was firmly in place. (thats really not a joke. I’ll explain someday) At least send out a simple note that you have inharited a fortune from an african prince and have gone to Africa to collect it?? and wont be doing the daily posting for a while. JJ

  2. Hey George! “They” are at it again! Have to refresh to get current posts for last couple of days….

    • I’ve noticed that too . . . though I thought it was just my computer!