A Note to the Kids: On Growing Rich–Slowly

This morning, we lay out five simple rules for young people (40 and under) which – if followed – will almost guarantee that over time you will rise to the top of net worth individuals.
Oh, sure, it’s popular to be young, full of piss and vinegar and be anti-establishment and all that happy young radical crap.
But at some point in life, you’ll want a new Lexus or that Audi A-8, or that cruise to Europe, or that exciting new…err…fill in your own blanks.
If you’re ready to see through the political demagoguery, getting rich really isn’t that hard, if you start on the project early enough in life.
Rich isn’t bad and it beats being poor six-ways to Sunday.

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3 thoughts on “A Note to the Kids: On Growing Rich–Slowly”

  1. But do they listen? Kids being kids, and all…
    You’ve done a good job of leading the horses to water. If they don’t drink… they learn to go thirsty. I was late in Mid-life before learning some serious economic lessons. When I started a serious retirement plan, I got aggressive and learned the sudden disaster of ‘market manipulation’ in the commodities sector, lost everything & indebted to the point of bankruptcy. Starting over in the second half of life shortens your TIME frame a lot. I’ve got a house, paid-up, to retire to, and an inadequate Social Security check & small pension. I do wish I had started earlier and smarter.

  2. An excellent way to achieve wealth is to forget about the Lexus, A8, cruise and trip to Europe.

  3. I had both boys Knucklehead #1 & #2 read Saturdays report. #1, who works for a bank and has come back home rolls his eyes when we try too get him to understand the coming employment picture and automationpocolypse was more interested in his tickets to Comicon wearing his $300 Chewbaccca costume. All I could say was, “Dude your rent just went up!”. While #2 surprised the crap out of me and was more interested in the chart pack and was pointing out his agreement with the numbers. He is looking at some kind of medical fields like big sister the RN after graduation. Hmmmm. One can only hope. Can’t raise his rent yet but I really want to see that damn Xbox go away.

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