A Global Tax-Grab Appears; Trade and Housing .DTA

Remember this above all else, this morning:  The Right to Tax is the Right to Govern.

And, so, as we read the  Wall St. Journal  story “Corporate Executives Try to Assess Potential Impact of Tax Change Proposals
Companies are studying suggestions by the OECD that would mark a departure from current international tax rules, but details are murky” it was very clear that Banksters are making their move.

They are only murky to MainStreamMedia suckas.  To people who’ve been reading this site for the past 22-years, the move is all too plain.  Look for it to play out like this:

  • Trade will, for the short-term, perhaps year’s end, look OK.  Even if it isn’t?  Happy-talk stories like CNBC’s “China’s top trade negotiator Liu He talks to Lighthizer, Mnuchin about ‘resolving core issues’.” Reason for the high market and hype?  Well, simply to ensure as much money comes out of  your pockets, and onto bank receivables ledgers as possible.
  • The next thing would be for the OECD to lay out a few details over coming months.  According to their website, the OECD is “The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an international organisation that works to build better policies for better lives. Our goal is to shape policies that foster prosperity, equality, opportunity and well-being for all. We draw on almost 60 years of experience and insights to better prepare the world of tomorrow.”  You can read more about them here.
  • According to The Hegelian Dialectic, socialists, communists, and global corporatists (which are a special class of socialism for the rich) a problem is proposed (*thesis, such as “World will end without this new global tax scam.”).
  • Then, the antithesis will be hauled out.  (Antithesis in this case will be the Globalist Tax Plan Details, which will promised everyone more Free Lunches.)
  • Finally, the Global Tax plan will be implemented and the Corporate Socialists will have achieved global government – which is as stated at the opening of this morning’s note, actually the power to govern.

To make this happen, the Globalistas will need a problem.  One that will impact (more or less) everyone on the Planet.

The specifics of implementation will be easy.  We expect the OECD details will roll out either in response to a great market decline in coming months, or absent that some “global threat” perhaps from space of some “high credibility climate scare.”

The citizens of individual countries would be powerless to halt it.  That’s because, here in the US for example, the Tax Agreement would be signed with an externality and would not impact citizens directly.  In other words, it’ll be over our heads.

At first, the global rate will be low, but then as tax-hungry regions like the verge-of-imploding European Union sense “free lunch” they will jump right in.

And then comes a period of Global Tax Madness.  The EU, for example, could argue for a piece of the tax on US-China trade, arguing that jobs in China take away jobs from Europe.

In the end, it’s not a Bad idea; it’s a horrible idea.  Because once the OECD has powers to coordinate tax policy, they will be able to install a global currency, as well.

From there, it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump to the implanted biometric “Mark of the Beast.”

The Dangerous Migration Path

Oh, it’s also the end of human freedom.  Because, on inspection, you will see the trend underway would be to tax everyone, cradle to grave.  And all newly born will be “tax chattel” and “born in debt.”

The tax theory?  “Everyone who is born avails themselves of a long human history of medical evolution.  To be born is to use that and that’s a taxable event…”

Same with Education.  Right now, education is paid for mainly by working parents in America.  But, in this hyper-extensible version of the Rent Your Life corporate business model, everyone would be born with a “balance sheet.”  You’d be debited for the hospital costs (and at whatever compounding rate The Powers declare).  Later on in life, you’d have to “work off this social debt” and that’s where China’s Social Credit schema becomes a plug-in font module.

Freedom disappears when you are saddled with debts you didn’t agree to, yet it will be so in time.

In many ways, this schema is a spin-off on what Churchianity was after through Medieval and up through current times.  That is, everyone is born flawed (which is a kind of onboard balance sheet, if you think about it).  So to redeem themselves (working off the Debt) they need to bow to Authority (or a religious figure, or in the new schema to whoever implements the OECD Global Tax schema).  Oh, and do work as told (a lot like penance but with more sweat and suffering than in most religions, save those heavy into self-flagellation.

Buying Off Religions

What will also be instructive in the coming year to five is how the corporate-socialists deal with competition from the religions that are in the same business model.  The is, telling people they are born in debt, need to tithe and do penance to redeem themselves.

There are two major paths through this theorectical problem.  The first is to incorporate into their global tax regimen, some economic agenda items of a particular religion.  For example, a ban on payment of interest in some fashion.

The other method, more sure, but more time consuming, is the gradualistic takeover.  If the Global Tax is sold as a specific “medicine for a global ailment” (such as global market crash, global trade lock-up with no resolution coming, or as an “answer” to a near earth asteroid or climate emergency), then it can effectively be a “time seed.”  That is, a business model planted which will later bloom and take everyone by surprise.

Time seeds like this are critical in business.  It’s how Facebook grew so remarkable.  They planted a “time seed” (as a database for egoistic me-me’s to create content.  They they invited corporations to move their audiences off company-specific discussion groups and onto Facebook.  Finally, when FB went public, they shut the slaughterhouse gates.  People (me-me idiots) keep creating free content for FB and with the gates such, FB can rent-back  access to what were once proprietary customers and clients.

A Global Tax regimen can be “sold” in a similar way. 

But not until we get past this blow-off and that gets us nearly back on track to look at the trade figures just out…

Trade .DTA

Advance International Trade in Goods The international trade deficit was $66.5 billion in October, down $4.0 billion from $70.5 billion in September.  Exports of goods for October were $135.3 billion, $0.9 billion less than September exports. Imports of goods for October were $201.8 billion, $5.0 billion less than September imports.

Advance Wholesale Inventories Wholesale inventories for October, adjusted for seasonal variations but not for price changes, were estimated at an end-of-month level of $676.1 billion, up 0.2 percent (±0.4 percent)* from September 2019, and were up 3.9 percent (±1.2 percent) from October 2018.  The August 2019 to September 2019 percentage change was revised from down 0.4 percent (±0.2 percent) to down 0.7 percent (±0.2 percent).
Advance Retail Inventories Retail inventories for October, adjusted for seasonal variations but not for price changes, were estimated at an end-of-month level of $668.7 billion, up 0.3 percent (±0.2 percent) from September 2019, and were up 3.1 percent (±0.7 percent) from October 2018.  The August 2019 to September 2019 percentage change was unrevised from the preliminary estimate of up 0.2 percent (±0.2 percent)*.

Worth Knowing

Who’s painting the tape?  90-minutes before the opening, Yahoo Finance was reporting Dow Futures were up just 16 points.  On the other hand, FinViz was showing the Dow futures +193.  Someone’s going to be disappointed!  Sure looks to us like hype of the Dow is going on.  Probably, because it’s the mostly widely reported number (but not nearly as useful as the S&P 500) it’s a mood setter.

The Trade Hype story earlier is just that:  Talk about talking, but splashed large, sure, WTF…Bubble ho!  Oh, wait” Futures Fade After Algos Sell Latest Burst Of “Trade Deal Optimism”.

Foot-dragging Fools: Democrats “within range” of improved trade agreement with Mexico and Canada.  Remember, this was sent to Congress in May-June, wasn’t it?  The House  con‘s will do anything to throttle-back Trump.

There goes the Hunt’s Point neighborhood in Seattle: French billionaire Bernard Arnault overtakes Bill Gates as world’s second-richest person.

Climate change, anyone?: Expect travel delays as more than 55 million hit the roads, rails and skies for Thanksgiving.

Be sure to check back at 8:15 for the Housing report from Case-Shiller.  Ahead of it:” Rising House-Buying Power Accelerating House Price Appreciation, According to First American Real House Price Index.

Black Friday is one thing, but tomorrow isn’t it almost “Green Wednesday” and yes, also called Weed Wednesday: “What Is Green Friday And Weed Wednesday? Black Friday Sales Allow Marijuana Smokers To Save On Pot Products.”

Special Note to our house guest who went for a walk down by the creek here at the ranch in East Texas without a side arm: Feral hogs attack, kill Texas woman, authorities say.  That’s east of Houston-Baytown.  Feral hogs here are just as ornery.  Nothing to oink at.

Electric Woo

Is Mercury rising This has been one hell of a week for electrical things here in the Outback.  And so much for “signs and portents” theory of Monday.

Recall that Saturday morning, Elaine headed for the store, only to discover the cell phone wasn’t on the charger right.  Figured to charge in the car, but the car battery was dead.  Open door does that.  Then a ham radio electrical issue ate two hours of mine Sunday.

And the capper (so far!) was when I fired up the recording studio Monday only to find the power supply inside the  Presonus 16.0.2. mixing board had gone to lunch.  So here comes a 2-day air replacement board, but that pushes time machine project back…certainly disappointing!

Not all bad, though:  My consigliere has earned his “Furniture assembly” certificate and today we will repair one of the inverters which needs a new A.C. transfer board put in.  Oh-oh…electricity again.  Hmmm…

Write when you get rich (or something shocking occurs)


25 thoughts on “A Global Tax-Grab Appears; Trade and Housing .DTA”

  1. “You’d be debited for the hospital costs (and at whatever compounding rate The Powers declare”

    In the end.. everything we have will go to the hospitals and doctors… the going interest rate now for any debt on medical is… .000054 percent daily..Hey.. that is the same interest the USA is paying for the national debt isn’t it LOL… adds up quick.. and prices going through the roof.. so far everyone I know has been saying they aren’t buying stuff for xmas.. the local store that is part of a national chain said even they got in a fraction of what they normally get…

    the thought I have.. is .. theres a lot of truth in all of this.. but.. there is the wild card.. what if.. anytime you think you have control you are reminded that you haven’t got any control.. look at greece and argintina.. the plumber still is a plumber.. the carpenter still a carpenter.. etc.. with no cash moving goods don’t move.. but to survive you resort to barter .. that is why there were people carrying bushel baskets of gold and silver during the weimer depression.. to get vegitables..

    now on a more serious question from a five year old.. a news story on vaping. why was the question..
    I don’t know why was my answer lets find out.. out comes the mason jar.. drill two holes in the lid and two hoses in it.. one to the bottom like a straw the other on top.. hot melt them in place.. then put filter cotton in the jar close the lid…
    first a nebulizer.. with sterile water in it.. and a bulb syringe to act like you are inhaling…
    take the cotton out.. put in fresh.. then the cigarette..
    then the grandsons brothers vape pen… the cotton turned out tarry.. the vape clear.. but after setting out for a bit.. the cotton with the neb was dry … the cigarette was sticky and gross.. the vape pen was hard and crystaline with some sticky from the antifreeze.. ( because of the sugar in the syrup and the antifreeze) so the results for a five year old were.. they are sucking cotton candy in their lungs.. the poisons from the antifreeze will cause all kind of issues..
    Not that that is totally accurate but for a five year old.. good enough they are sucking cotton candy in their lungs.. wouldn’t you rather eat the cotton candy than breath it..

  2. OK Boomer –

    Still cant see the forest thru the trees..no worries forest bout to be burnt down anyway – first Solar Outburst is on the way this December late – offending spot should be coming into view any day..

    Our duly elected PRESIDENT is exposing &destroying the globalist money grabs – Paris Climate Accord attempt being latest fraud.

    “its going to be Biblical” – Q
    U dont think Adam & Eve Schiff have anything to do with massive Ukrainian Pay for Play scheme under Obama Admin..?

  3. George

    “Be wary of strong drink, it can make you shoot at the tax collector…and miss.”

    ? Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

    “Oh-oh…electricity again. Hmmm…”

    When’s the last time you Smudged your abode?

    Sounds like evils spirits are infesting your equipment!

    Don’t feel alone! One of my invertors recently went belly up. $400 for a new FET Power board.

  4. “Climate Change” (formerly known as “Globul Warming” but not so useful since we’re headed into Solar Minimum) fills the ticket to launch “Globul taxes”.
    Hurry! Limited time offer and we’ve got just 10 years!

    This entire charade reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode where the girl is lying in bed sweating like crazy and even the paint melts and starts running down paintings….cars have an extra radiator on the roof due to the extreme heat, etc. And THEN we learn the awful truth; Earth’s orbit around the sun has changed; everything on Earth is freezing and we’re all gonna die!

  5. Yup… the microwave oven went dead. Apparent HV power supply problem. I salvaged the power cord and big glass rotating tray inside. The rest goes to scrap metal recycling.

  6. I doubt the great American financial illiterate even understand the DOW futures or that it indicates the market will be positive or negative on the opening. Most don’t even realize they are invested in the stock market in their 401k. In today’s world over spending by the millenials is the road to their financial collapse. The banks freely lend them money so they can spend, spend, spend. The banks constantly remind them to Refinance their home over & over to get the equity out from price increases to pay the credit cards down & then start spending again. When the next recession comes, and it will, all this free money will disappear in the bankruptcy courts & home foreclosures. In the meantime, enjoy the bull market & continue to borrow because the banks won’t say no in today’s easy money environment. If you go bankrupt, make it worthwhile.

    • NC, you are speaking my language now! I always have been a huge opponent of predatory lenders pushing more debt to pay off more debt. But not all millennials are like that.

      I will say this about the foreign born engineer millennials from China, Korea, Taiwan and India in tech. They know the value of a dollar and do not spend unnecessarily. Yes, they spend millions on houses, but that is an asset that appreciates dramatically here. The homes they buy are pragmatically furnished.l and the opposite of lavish. That type of austerity had spread to include the rest of us. When things are this robust…the chances of the “ro” in that word vanishing is always in the back of our minds. It’s happened twice since I have lived here during the dot com bust and the 2008 debacle…can’t be fooled a third time.

      But, that said, housing is on fire here. With interest rates in the low 3’s to high. 2’s for jumbo loans, they are practically getting free money.

      • And as long as the keys in lieu of foreclosure doesn’t result in a lifetime of debt if it doesn’t work out, then hell yeah. When loans are 2.9 and the 1913-president average annual us deflation is 3.1%, it really is “free money” as Mark sez.

        (see why he didn’t get blocked???)

      • “Korea, Taiwan and India in tech. They know the value of a dollar and do not spend ”

        You forgot the biggie there…lol lol lol…they rent a kind bedroom apartment o r.c buy a home and everyone moves in..grandpa grandma aunts uncles brothers and sisters etc..and all the income goes into one account the patriarch and matriarch make all the decisions .you marry one you marry the whole family .
        I have three nephews that married into oriental.. they do really well but it was a serious learning curve for them..

    • “over spending by the millenials”

      The Baby Boomers benefited from the GM bailout. The new hires in the UAW – the new hires are now the Millennial crowd – pull $15.00 an hour to start.

      The Baby Boomers had no hope of collecting the pensions without raping the young. Maybe hiding under desks fearing atomic war made them balls-out greedy. I don’t think Baby Boomers should burn in Hell as that’s the world we live in – but they did do it.

      Maybe you don’t get a pension, you’re getting screwed too. That’s what Howe & Strauss was trying to explain when they discussed returning Vietnam vets being spat upon by the stateside hippies.

      At my last work, there were people at the age of 60 refinancing their houses. Now that’s over spending…. or reckless intent.

  7. Come on George first the yellow hard hat guy, now 7 ads in today’s article for Razer Kraken X headsets. I think the problem still exists! Just a heads up!

    • Chuck… if you notice google ads follow your shopping patterns. .
      George doesnt have anything to do with the ads your seeing..
      I nm like th o play with it as an inside joke..so when the ads pop up I get a chuckle out of it..

      Start scanning for odd stuff and watch the ads start popping up..

    • You, or somebody on your device, clicked to view a set of headphones or buds. Google gets a bigger kickback from Razer this week for the Kraken X than they do, other headphones, so their “analytics” tells their adserver to blanket you with the ads…

  8. Sir,

    It has been noted by MSM of the realm that Uber’s licence to operate in London will be at the mercy of a magistrate as the PTB has ongoing concerns about Uber drivers’ safety to the public going forward. Since the authorities do not have the same conclusion directed to other London ride apps hailing from India, Russia, Israel and France one might be perplexed.

    Fear not, it seems the Transport for London authority “public consultation” two years ago on ride hailing operators recommended that the operators over 1000 vehicles (ie Uber) pay an annual licence fee of £33,000+ pounds plus a £14 per vehicle charge. At risk of creating mirthful outburst, may I query that Uber perhaps currently pays the London transport authority £565 per annum? Rest assured such a paltry sum does not a Civil List keep!

  9. The system is being rigged in favor of wealthy partisan political patrons and their corporate brown-shirt buddies:


    It isn’t just about pay-for-play with the lawyers anymore You not only have to have money, but you and your case must be consistent with the partisan narrative before any lawyer will touch it. And the judges actively retaliate against anyone who bucks their system. Everyone throws rocks at the politicians for corruption, but I sincerely believe that the judges and their gatekeeper lawyer pals are far worse. And they have the paid muscle to back up their control.

    The idea that the average American can have their day in court against partisan psychopaths and their sociopath legal teams is an urban legend

    What does this have to do with global taxation? Simple – the partisan legal system needed to support the global tax system is already in place. The courts are just waiting for the politicos to light the fuse.

    • @n…..

      ” The courts are just waiting for the politicos to light the fuse.”

      this global tax scam….WILL make the ‘Stamp Act’…..seem irrelevant in te sense of a revolution again in tis country……with TRUMP…….Washington will look ‘weak’……’Death to the tax man’

  10. Serfdom does not work. History bears this out over, and over, and over again. You may not be interested in participating in the revolution but who’s to say what forces influence your children and grandchildren?

  11. What I saw coming back in the early 1970 period is the reason that I chose not to bring children into this world.

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