Since we haven’t been invited over to your place for Thanksgiving, we will be spending most of the day in the studio here working on the “time machine” project.  A bit of “personal woo” on that in a second.

Since you won’t have Elaine or me sitting around to prompt you, here’s a short list of conversation kicker-offer’s for the Thursday table.  (Sure, print it out and bring it along…)

  • “I think, Bitcoin will collapse in 2020.”

I don’t know if you noticed it, but this weekend it was down into the $6,800 range.  Although it has clawed it’s wave (barely) over $7,000 earlier today, it sure has the look of a soon-to-complete “dead cat bounce.”

  • “I think the market is due for a decline of 5% before going to the end of the run in either January (mid month) 2020 or in the May 2020 range…”

You can see why this isn’t just cockamamie ramblings here:

Those other lines include the 17 day moving average, the 50, and the 85-day average.  The latter being the shortest one, middle-right.

Dow futures were up about 73 when checked earlier.  We will know shortly how much gasoline the NY Fed Repo Depot will throw into the Blow Off Top.

On to the table planning:

  • “The plot to oust Trump will last forever…”

Yeah… latest “shocker” is Emails reveal effort to find justification for Ukraine military aid freeze. Well, except for one thing:  It’s the President’s Job to conduct foreign policy and except for a little executive maneuvering – which all execs in the real world have – who gives a rat’s bottom?

There’s a Deep State in the State Department and the blue bloods who are better than we peons have staged a successful coup that’s been running America on Autopilot and look what it’s gotten us!

  • “Climate change is crap.”

We were (when temps really did go up) in a Modern Maximum.  However, we’re now in a Modern Minimum.  And you better pray that the Sun heats up, or we will all be eating Soylent Green.  Supporting data in Millions of holiday travelers facing weather warnings, though not one of the fund-raising climateer;s will be able to connect the dots.  Just too obvious, I ‘spose.

  • “We’re doing Instant Thanksgiving this year…”

Sure.  Who cares for the two or three days a year when processed food sneaks into the house?  Got a 12 pound “freezer to oven” turkey ready.  Frozen whole kernel corn.  Stove Top Turkey stuffing.  And for dessert?  Whatever looks good on streaming.

  • “I bet you didn’t know the GOP got its beginning as an abolitionist party…”

My (our really) consigliere explained over cocktails Saturday that the main supporter of the GOP in its formative stage (1800’s) was the railroads.   What people don’t realize is that railroads brought in huge numbers of immigrants (Irish and Chinese and other groups) and they wanted to ensure they would blend into a harmonious country.  Oh, sure, and keep those 10-mile wide rights of way that ensured rail fortunes…

These are just a few “table topics” – if you’d like to add to this list, there’s a million of them…so post a comment.

Stuff and Such

Just because we have short columns this week doesn’t mean we’re any less oblivious than usual to “real life.”

If the smell of turkey and stuffing doesn’t set off “the munchies” check Marijuana Business Daily Marijuana reform legislation.   They also have a podcast over here.  (We also wondered about their site’s “cookie policy” – because in that line of business you just know what our cookies would have in them…)

Another day, another hat. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg enters 2020 presidential race.  His age may work against him, though I’d bet on Mike over Bernie in the next senior marathon – which this promises to be.  Fittingly, the good part of the NY Times, their Biz section’s DealBook: Will It Be Billionaire vs. Billionaire in the 2020 Election?

Life in a “worker’s paradise:” Moscow Deputy Asks Putin to Block Homeless Shelter.

Shades of long-ago Seattle car dealer Dick Balch, we see how Elon Musk Tweets That Tesla Already Has 200,000 Cybertruck Orders—Breakable ‘Armor Glass’ and All.

Whose name on the checks?  Since both offer brokerage accounts with checking….Charles Schwab to buy TD Ameritrade for $26 billion.

Got your VDA’s fired up? Virtual Digital Assistant Use Cases Expand in the Enterprise Sector, Driving Software Revenue to $8.9 Billion in 2025, According to Tractica.

Around The Ranch, Some Woo

History, economic long waves, and installing the delay-line for the audio-based “time busting” experiments today.  Where to begin?

Consigliere and I changed out two carbs on power equipment Sunday and got about half the leaves off the yard.  Lawyers don’t seem to get enough “shop time.”  Not sure if he can claim mastery of Poulan carbs for continuing ed credits with the Bar, though it’d be nice.

Already this morning we’ve been discussing the similarities between Trump’s use of Tweets and the Roosevelt fire-side chats.  Both “jumped over the MSM” and resulted in press hatred.

Had a nice email from the world’s top expert in sound recording/sampling.  (Hint: Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 and Garritan World Instruments) and he was kind enough to pass on a couple of additional “reality bending” sources I hadn’t seen yet…

The woo part?  Well, it’s like this in my life rather often:  I will spend some amount of time in research, getting parts, and all that and yet there’s just  something in the gut that says “Time is not right, yet…”

Then (almost like signs and portents) a curiously-timed (sync-wink, perhaps) from the Universe says “OK.  NOW the time is auspicious… ”  And so, the email arrival today and additional research ideas, it was easily taken as an indication of “auspiciousness” of the plan…so we move forward…

But, like an army, we move on our stomachs…so off to chow and then into what lurks for Monday.  Bailey’s & cinnamon French toast with a slab of center cut bacon….we suffer greatly here in the woods.

Fed Repo Depot only laid on $68-billion in the one days, so not too much bubbly, at least just yet…

Write when you get rich,